Enquirer: John Travolta likes to bone dudes in spas


John Travolta’s alleged big gay secret covers this week’s National Enquirer. Unfortunately, the Enquirer hasn’t released anything formally, so we’re just stuck with summaries and the odd detail here and there. The basics: a book is about to be published called You’ll Never Spa In This Town Again (clever… not really), by Robert Randolph. It’s all about the “gay spa” culture, or rather, the “secret gay spa culture” in Hollywood. Randolph claims that Hollywood closeted dudes go to the “spa” for some mani/pedis and get some hot gay action on the side, I suppose. Here’s what I could pull from assorted sources:

According to the National Enquirer, John Travolta is cheating on his wife of 19 years, Kelly Preston, just months before their baby is due.

“John Travolta has been cheating on Kelly for years! And when the details emerge, he’s gonna make Tiger Woods look like a boy scout,” said Robert Randolph, author of the memoir, You’ll Never Spa in This Town Again.

Apparently, Travolta has been a participant in Hollywood’s “secret gay spa subculture,” where the actor has engaged in “lewd sex acts with other men” on several occasions.

Robert said, “I met John in 1998, after he had married Kelly. I believe the marriage is a total fraud because John is totally into guys and has been having sex with them behind Kelly’s back for years. He came on to me a number of times. I always turned him down. But there was always some guy who was willing to have sex with him. And John didn’t stop cheating on Kelly after either of their children was born. John’s a cheating dog. It’s just been wrong, because his wife seems like such a sweet woman.”

Robert, who passed a lie detector test for his interview with the Enquirer, also said that John’s “secret gay life is one of Hollywood’s worst kept secrets. He blatantly cruises guys, and doesn’t seem to care who sees him. I saw him with his lover and he couldn’t get enough. And when the details emerge, he’s gonna make Tiger Woods look like a boy scout. John should come out of the closet already and stop living a lie. His wife Kelly deserves so much better.”

[From Perez Hilton, Dlisted]

Shocking. Oh wait… we all knew that Travolta loved dudes, right? I actually think he might be bisexual, honestly. I know that’s a bold theory, but I do think he loves his wife and I believe he must have had sex with her on occasion. But, yes, in general, Travolta might prefer the man-meat. ALLEGEDLY. As for the whole “boning dudes at spas” thing – I guess spas are the fancier, A-List version of bathhouses? Could these closeted dudes come up with a cover story that actually doesn’t sound like it’s already a gay meeting place, though? Like, “John Travolta caught up in secret gay golf club culture.” Or, “John Travolta cruises bears on the refrigerated toupee circuit.”

Here are some extra photos of John and his lace-front, for your secret gay spa enjoyment:



Enquirer cover courtesy of CoverAwards. John and Kelly on March 23, 2010, John in June. Credit: WENN.

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  1. Bonfire Beach says:

    No comment on the gay thing. I just want to know where his neck is.

  2. irishserra says:


  3. wonderful says:

    Sigh. He used to be the hotness.

  4. Electric says:

    it’s interesting that the Enquirer doesn’t mention the work gay on the cover

  5. Rita says:

    God I hope this isn’t true. WTF is wrong with men. The next story will be about his royal hotness Eddie Cibrian and his spa “treatments”.

  6. sassenach says:

    Lainey had a BI about this years ago. I remember she said that John came on to a masseuse while getting a massage and was quietly kicked out of the spa and told never to return. She said that he had been cruising spas for years. I am sure Kelly knows and does not care.

  7. Marjalane says:

    Not even remotely surprising or shocking.

    I will always think of him as Edna in Hairspray.

  8. pebbles says:

    Okay, but I don’t think that the cheating is being done “behind Kelly’s back.” Sadly, I believe that she knows about it, and is staying because of money or fame or family. When she married Travolta, she became more of a household name than she was prior to the marriage.

  9. a says:

    isn’t this a scientology thing? paring folks up in faux marriages who are gay, since scientology thinks it is wrong — when really it is natural? so forces folks to get it on the side because they are already living a lie?

  10. lilred says:

    Why assume Kelly doesn’t know. Maybe they have an “agreement”.

  11. guesty says:

    well that’s tacky. poor kelly. why would she put up with that?

  12. Tia says:

    Leave his alone.. he is still grieving over his son.. LEAVE HIM ALONE. Who knows they may have some type of understanding. Who knows you better than your partner? I am sure she knows… She probably dates women and they are fine with it being open in their marriage. Different strokes.. not my thing to cheat on my partner, but it may be theirs… we are all adults and have the right to whatever agreement we make in a commitment.

  13. mslewis says:

    So this is what passes for “news” in the National Enquirer?? HA!! Desperate much?

    Everybody knows this and, surprise, NOBODY CARES!! There is a photo of Johnny T. passionately kissing a man, right out in the open. Did the Enquirer miss this? John Travolta likes men. So what? Let’s move on now. There is nothing to see here.

  14. mojoman says:

    hmmm well, DUH! after I saw the pic of him kissing a guy on the tarmac of his private plane, isnt that kind of obvious? I dont even care if he is gay..in my eyes he is always Danny “grease lightning”

  15. jen says:

    This is OLD news. Are we supposed to be surprised by this?

    • Marcia says:

      Seriously. I am 53 and remember when his personal trainer accused him of sexual harassment in the seventies. This is such old news

  16. 678a says:

    HE IS GAY not bi. Everyone knows it and his wife is in it. In Hollywood there are no genuine relationships. They are all about covering sexual orientation and profit they gain from family image.

  17. The Hamm is My Dream Man says:

    Yea I’m pretty sure it’s the most open secret in Hollywood. If Kelly Preston doesn’t know, then she’s dumber than a sack of rocks.

  18. sharylmj says:

    it’s not cheating if your partner knows, right?

  19. NancyMan says:

    Several years ago, I was at a wedding in Dark Harbor Maine where the Travolta has a house on the north end of the island. At the only grocery store in town, one of my friends introduced me to John Travolta’s boyfriend/ trainer at the time. It wasn’t much of a secret.

    Does Scientology encourage these shorts of marriages or do celebrities still feel the need to conform to the expectations and limitations of middle America?


    I wonder if Will Smith summers in Maine too?

  20. canadianchick says:

    I’m cool with him being gay, but with his infidelities he’s putting her at risk if they have unprotected sex. This “arrangement” they may have is going to screw up their kids and baby on the way. He should come out and live the single life-if he’s flaunting it and being so careless sounds like he wants to be caught.

  21. Missfit says:

    Wow, I never heard this one before, it’s actually new to me,lol…I feel silly, oh well,lol. Well, he did have it down in Grease. Kelly is such a beauty! ;)

  22. Lway says:

    Another Bullshit story ……

  23. Bam says:

    I think the the Enquirer is waging an all-out battle with scientology, just look at the other stories on that cover. Pretty interesting.

  24. SolitaryAngel says:

    There have been BI for years concerning this. I find it so sad that, because of religion or whatever, people cannot just be themselves in this day and age.

  25. Stan says:

    yep, i heard that, its old news…no comment …

  26. Jess says:

    Great point, Bam! I’m glad you picked up on that because I didn’t.

  27. Linda says:

    I smell a lawsuit

  28. Michelle says:

    Uh, John Travolta used to fly into a private airport in Hamilton with his jet when he was filming Hairspray here in Toronto. He got banned from the private club there because he kept requesting male “masseuses” and then he’d come on to them sexually. Freaked a few young employees out, so the management banned him from the club. Don’t you remember the picture of him kissing his “co-pilot” on the steps of his plane? That was at the Hamilton Airport. The guy was also the same “trainer”/”nanny” that was around when Jett died.

  29. WTF? says:

    I think that this is disgusting. This man just lost a child. Even other celebrities that have worked with him say that he still breaks out into open sobbing. I never feel sorry for celebs being put on blast, I feel like it’s part of the job, but i think losing a child must be the worst thing that could ever happen. If he needs a little man loving on the side and his wife is cool with it STFU and let him live.

  30. Tia C says:

    @ Bam: Sure looks that way, doesn’t it?! The Enquirer better beware the wrath of Xenu…

    I’ve also heard the rumors about JT for years. I don’t understand why, in this day and age, movie stars are still forsaking truth for their public image. And if he really is gay, I also don’t understand the hetero marriage, which gives the appearance of being solid. Confusing story! Wonder if the truth will ever be revealed.

  31. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    SHOCKING! (not)

  32. mln says:

    I think this is old news, I kind of think that it’s almost cruel to expose his life because he has been through alot and he isn’t hurting anyone. And yes I am sure his wife knows and is fine with it.
    However it would have been brave of him to come out and say yes I am gay, I think most of the public would love him for it.

  33. Poopie says:

    remember : Bud DID CHEAT on Sissy !

  34. christie says:

    I agree, STFU and leave the man alone with his grief. If the story is true, I am fairly positive Kelly is in on it, but even if she didn’t know (which sounds preposterous to me), people should leave them alone to deal with their son’s death and their lives in general. I guess no one ever accused the Enquirer of being classy.

  35. Lem says:

    she’s not pregnant, jeez don’t you people read gossip ???????????????

  36. Poopie says:

    remember : the enquirer broke the tiger woods debacle

  37. Cam says:

    Oh, leave the man alone! HE JUST LOST A CHILD! Besides, I’m pretty sure that his wife knows and is cool with it, so… why do we care? Let him do what he wants, it’s not like he’s hurting anyone, is he?.

  38. Trillion says:

    OMG! I commented a couple of years ago about this. I own an on-premise massage company (100% therapeutic, people) and Travolta sexually harassed one of my male employees, asking him if he wanted to “go to the sauna” with him prior to his massage. !!! Also, he “rented out” the entire spa for his one hour massage. Creepy. Poor therapist. He was kinda shook up over it. Prior to that, another employee of mine told me Travolta was banned from a spa in Pebble Beach for similar behavior. Just come out, John! Or will Xenu banish you? What is it with religions hating on sexuality so much that it pushes it into weird corners of repression, creating creepy behavior???

  39. Anti-icon says:

    Interesting development with Enquirer and this book author. It’s been known for years that JT is gay. Can’t determine by this if Sci is behind outing him now (because it has been rumored that JT is unhappy with the church) or if Nat Enq. is out for Sci —finally.

    I think this is a fake marriage, agreed to by both parties. I hate shams of any sort, but I do think JT should be able to be himself and I don’t think the public would reject him at all.

  40. JustBe says:

    I think that now that NE has someone (seemingly credible) willing to go on the record with this info, they are now finally running the story, open secret or not. I am now anxiously awaiting the NE story about the non-pregnancy.
    Michelle, your comment made me smile with joy over the juiciness!

  41. original kate says:

    these rumors have been around forever. the travoltas are believed to have an open marriage, in which case he isn’t “cheating.” i don’t think she is really pregnant – there have been BIs all over the place about a closeted star and his wife faking a pregnancy.

    he was gorgeous back in the day, though. who can forget the sight of him in black pants & black t-shirt, dancing with ONJ in “grease?” *sigh*

  42. christie says:

    I was still pissed after posting, and have gone and sent the Enquirer a nasty email, breaking up with them, so to speak. What a stupid choice for the editors to have made, and how gross to have picked such a picture to run the story with. Awful.

  43. Wilhelmina says:

    So everyone is just believing the National Enquirer…one of the most notorious fabricators of news on the planet? This Randolph dude may have passed a lie detector test, but unless you know what questions were asked, the result is meaningless. Regardless of whether the acusation is true or not, this is a marketing ploy to sell books and I’m not buying.

  44. Stronzilla says:

    Poor Vinnie Barbarino. Busted by the Spafia. Any cheatin’ going on is more likely in back of someone’s behind rather than behind someone’s back!

  45. Poopie says:

    i’m BUYING !

  46. TruTru says:

    Soooo because he lost his son, he gets to go all over town and sexuslly harass gay men???

    I’d be terrified to see him coming, and naked, YUCK..

    a fat bald turkey w/ a wife that is faking a pregnancy–its NOT normal!!

    RIP Jett

  47. dread pirate cuervo says:

    Spafia!!! Loves it! Also, toupees have to be refrigerated?

  48. Tazina says:

    He is not aging well….I hope these rumors are not true, but after reading all the comments, looks like they might be….I’d never heard about any of this before….I’m surprised his wife is still in the picture when her health could be compromised by his behavior. Condoms are not totally effective.

  49. Toe says:

    Well, ..I would’nt mind if I marry a bi-guy. I can see live man on man action!!! THAT would be awesome!!!

  50. Snarf says:

    While I think John dioes guys on occasion, I think this is the first part of an attempt at a shakedown along the lines of Rachel Uchitel.

    Don’t forget John was caught at um…full mast with a male masseuse while filming Hair-Spray in Toronto.

    Depending how the uestion was phrased, it would be easy to pass a lie detector test.

  51. Praise St. Angie! says:

    kudos, Stronzilla, that was brilliant.

  52. she's pregnant says:

    I just gotta say – kelly preston is most definitely pregnant. There is no faking the physical changes her body is going through in each pap. picture I’ve seen.

  53. Relli says:

    A point that no one seems to bring up and maybe because he is immortalized in our brains as a young man, is that he is OLD. Like not that far from 60, and not that much younger than my parents. Just like Tim Gunn stated, homosexuality was not viewed in the same manner as it is today. Sure we still have religious zealots who denounce it in the name of family values. But we are talking about some hardcore guilt, like the catholic kind. While i do think Xenu has a lot to with all aspects of his lifestyle i think his lack of shouting from the roof tops that he loves men is equal parts “church” shame and personal shame.

  54. Dizzybenny says:

    what I like about the story is that he says ”He came on to me a number of times. I always turned him down.”HA!yeah right!BULLLLLLLLLSHIT!!
    he’s trying to show himself as a good person because he cares so much for Travolta’s wife?
    If he is gay or bi I dont give a flying sh*t!!All I care is,if I pay to see one of his movies will I be entertained.

  55. vibius says:

    Up next: The sky is blue.
    Up later: Ice is cold.
    Following: THE MOON IS NOT MADE OF CHEESE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  56. Anna says:

    I used to have such a crush on him as a kid….

  57. Ursaline says:

    I really wouldn’t care if John was bi or gay, but I strongly suspect that after all this time, Kelly knows the truth one way or the other. I have always thought that he seemed like a fairly sweet kind of guy, and even if he had “needs” that Kelly wasn’t equipped to fulfill, hopefully he’d be honest with her about it even if he didn’t publicly discuss it.

  58. Kelly says:

    I believe he’s gay, which is 110% ok by me. However, I feel very, very sorry for him that he seems to feel so badly about it that he feels he has to be “undercover” and not live his life freely. I have no opinion on whether his marriage to Kelly is a sham – it may or may not be, and it could be that he’s married so that he can have a family; but if he really is gay, if he was truly honest with himself, he could do that with a male partner.

  59. Gigohead says:

    When I was a girl, the National Enquirer would advertise on TV and I recalled a big story on John having a male lover at the time of the big AIDS news so it was so scandalous at the time. Hurt his career for a bit too. But no one really cares today. Don’t think it will matter this time.

  60. JuiceinLA says:

    well I assumed John was gay because of the strong scientology connections….but I don’t really care whether he is or isnt, as long as he’s happy

    Still If the Enquirer wants to tell a truly shocking story, the rebirth of the LA bath house is SUPER LAME, and not nearly as relevant without Bette Midler.

  61. Sumodo1 says:

    I’m going to the grocery store later. I live in that town in Florida where John has that huge house on a runway, and his 707 parked outside.

    He is a sacred cow here. They go nuts for him. I want to see if The Enquirer is sold out a few stores.

    BTW, everywhere he and Kelly go here, they are hand-in-hand and smiling.

  62. kim says:

    He is gay. Who cares. Many people in Hollywood who know him well concur.

  63. GatsbyGal says:

    Not shocking. He’s totally gay.

  64. LindaR says:

    Who cares if he’s gay? He’s a great actor and by all accounts a decent human being. And maybe Kelly’s gay too and they decided this is how they want it to be. What business is it of anyone to pass judgement on their lifestyle. Clean out your own closets first. I can’t stand the National Enquirer. Even the paper it’s printed on looks cheap and sleazy. I wouldn’t wipe my ass with it.

  65. lilred says:

    Gay, Bi or straight what does it matter and why do others feel it’s their place to “out” someone?
    What ever he and Kelly have going is between them and noody’s business but theirs.
    I see movies with him in them because I want to be entertained not because of his sexual orientation.

  66. CandyKay says:

    I agree that it’s a generational thing – think of how long he’s been hiding his sexuality. It makes it difficult to do anything else. Look how long it took Richard Chamberlain to come out!

    In looks and (younger) build, Travolta reminds me a lot of Ricky Martin – who was able to acknowledge his sexuality in time to build a family as an openly gay man, instead of in an “arrangement” type situation.

    But Ricky is 17 years younger, and there’s been a lot of change in public attitudes towards gay men, and in gay men towards themselves, during that time period.

    I don’t blame Travolta for remaining closeted, but I don’t find him admirable, either. I see a parallel with Al Gore, sexually unsatisfied in a long-term marriage, and taking it out on some poor working girl/guy masseuse instead.

  67. Leticia says:

    He is starting to resemble Al Gore…

  68. Cinderella says:

    And this is news in what country?

  69. Obvious says:

    THe most upsetting thing to me is how Danny Zuco became Edna Turnblad(or whatever the name is) that was a heartbreaking transformation to me.

    I miss my Danny! =(

  70. Moreaces says:

    I think Kelly knows, and is ok with it, like an arrangement, also do you remember the picture of him kissing some guy friend on the lips, as the guy friend was boarding a plane, Most men just dont kiss on the lips when saying goodby.. Just my opinon

  71. California Surfer says:

    Well, I guess if Kelly hooked up with a nasty mean dude like Charlie Sheen when she was younger, it kinda makes sense if she would end up marrying a nice gay dude?

  72. Annie says:

    I’ve long believed Travolta is gay. I think he has always acted very fairy.

  73. Crash2GO2 says:

    No duh National Inquirer.

    I would say leave them alone, but if John is sexually harassing men, that’s not right. I don’t care if he just lost a child. Someone needs to bring him up on charges for that.

  74. Tia C says:

    Just in reading some of the (very interesting) comments, I’m surprised that any masseuse would be shocked by someone sexually harassing or coming on to them. I mean, hello, you touch people for a living, what do you expect? There are a lot of stupid, immature people out there, it’s bound to happen.

  75. Camille says:

    Not a shocking story, I buy it 100%. And I agree with most of the comments here, nothing more to add.

  76. Uh says:

    Totally 100% accurate. He hit on one of my dad’s friends at a spa. Uncomfortable.

    It’s rumored that Kelly’s PRegnancy is the work of a very skilled hollywood effects person, prosthetics and all. They’ll adopt when the time comes, so they can do the interview$, sell the baby pics, etc.

  77. Mingo says:

    $cientologi$t$ aren’t gay! It ju$t can’t happen!

  78. Flipper says:

    Nothing new about this story, Google John Travolta Gay and you will come up with a story the Globe published in 2001 on exactly this, of course Kelly knows, she has always been a Hollywood social climber, first Clooney before he was know, left him for Sheen because he was more famous and then onto Travolta who was at the height of his fame and fortune

    By all accounts John is a sweety to everyone it’s a pity he is trapped in the Sci-to closet. Come out John and be free, no one really cares.

  79. Ruffian9 says:

    “John Travolta likes to bone dudes in spas…”

    Old news. He did this in Toronto at least, many years back.

    Michelle, you beat me to it.

  80. wunderkindt says:

    Fake Hollywood marraige, gay spas, refrigerated toupees. . . Yes, it all makes sense.

    None of this is a surprise.

  81. Crash2GO2 says:

    Why is everyone so intent on disbelieving Kelly’s pregnancy? What would they gain from faking a pregnancy?

  82. Dee Vine says:

    I’m sure it is an open marriage and Kelly Preston is not in the dark. She was “accidentally” shot by Charlie Sheen when they were engaged, so John Travolta would have been a massive upgrade!

  83. JC126 says:

    Probably true, and I’m sure the marriage is more of a friendship. But I like John Travolta, so who cares? And I do feel bad for them losing Jett – I have no doubt they love their kids and were utterly devastated, like any decent parents would be.
    What I find intriguing about Kelly Preston: Charlie Sheen “accidentally” shot her, she supposedly had a secret child with actor Kevin Gage whose existence was wiped off IMDB.com, and some people think she’s faking her pregnancy. Fascinating.

  84. CB Rawks says:

    Can someone explain why toupe’s need the fridge? Do they wilt like a lettuce? Is there *Ick* human skin involved? Eurgh!

    @Crash, well they would get to keep the hydroponically spawned alien kids, and it’s easier to pass them off as their own if Kelly wears a pillow. ;)

  85. honestly, who cares if he’s gay? whatever. sure, she knows and whatever they’ve worked out is between them. i can’t hate on a guy or his wife who have gone through the grief and suffering they have. i wish they could just have their baby-and it shouldn’t matter if kelly is carrying it or a surrogate- in relative peace. i wish them well.

  86. trashaddict says:

    Enquirer has broken some pretty interesting and ultimately true stories in the last few years: John Edwards and his mistress, Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky I think were first on their pages. So not everything they publish is complete bullshit. And if he doesn’t file a lawsuit, well there you go. Doesn’t matter if he’s gay but the hypocrisy sure does.

  87. Stronzilla says:

    To throw out a conspiracy theory, of all the tabloids the Enquirer has been known to be the most sympathetic. Not long after the death of Jett there was a rumor that JT wanted to finally come out and leave the CoS and voila, all of a sudden Kelly is trumpeting that she is pregnant, with all of the relative theories about that, foremost being that it was a plot hatched by the CoS and Kelly to keep JT firmly in line and in the closet. He did not seem happy about it. What if he gave his blessing to the Enquirer to print this story? They wouldn’t have gone ahead with it without first informing his PR people. In the face of such overwhelming evidence maybe it is the only way he felt he could come out, live the life he wanted and outmaneuver the CoS and the twisted reproductive machinations of his wife.

  88. Tess says:

    Mucho complicated. Doctorate degrees could be awarded for unraveling Travolta’s pychological makeup.

    Why join a cult…err church that prohibits homosexuality, marry a woman, and spend a lifetime pretending to the public that you’re something you’re not?

    He’s tied himself up in knots for something that nobody really cares about.

  89. michele feliu says:

    I think JT needs to think of his family and explain to them of how he feels. The public need not know if he is gay or Bi. I just hope John does not use his power and money to harrass men. I think that is the real problem. What he does in private is his business and his wife. If Kelly is alright with it, then I feel it is none of our buiness.

  90. NotBuyingIt says:

    Gay/Bi it’s not for me to judge. Thats between him and God. The cheating thing, that bothers me, but as other posters have said… Kelly may very well be aware and doesn’t care. Either way, I think it’s wrong that people have to worry about their sexuality being exposed.

  91. lyn says:

    Maybe Scientology is a gay cover-up…look at Tom Cruise..remember a man said he had sex with him and Will Smith..a man said he was gay…ummmm..just wondering…and now John..I heard this in NY back in 1980′s….at fire island…just come out of the closet already..who cares..but your wife and any disease you can give her..but maybe she did IVF…

  92. Trillion says:

    Looks like Scientology and Catholicism have something in common! ( I mean, besides brainwashing their followers with false promises and fantasy-based threats).

  93. Truthzbetta says:

    Sigh. Another hunk of my fantasies down the drain. My loss is many men’s gain, I s’pose.

  94. timmlehh says:

    i rememe=ber in my school we did grease for our musical. lol,

  95. RB says:

    I really believe if he were boning as many guys as he’s accused of boning, someone would have come up with a photo by now.

    I mean everyone has a camera on their cell phones nowadays, so how difficult would it be to snag one???


    Think of his daughter before starting rumors like this, OR come up with a photo of him doing it with a guy.

    God bless.


  96. Anj says:


  97. littlekitty says:

    Isn’t it a violation of privacy to take pictures of someone and show them without their consent. Surveillance cameras are just to be viewed for security only. Like the boy at Rutgers. His privacy was violated and he committed suicide. Isn’t it illegal to show photos of John T. in a sauna for the soul purpose of embarrassing him and is wife. I would rather not know about this and if it bothers the spa owners, they should ban him.

  98. this person has nothing on john travolta but HERESAY.if john travolta has REALLY beed going to a gay mens’ spa for sex THERE WOULD HAVE BEEN CONCLUSIVE PROOF OF IT YEARS AGO.you may say that the men who go there are all all closeted and wont talk.BUT THAT’S A JOKE.it would only take ONE uncloseted gay man to exposet the WHOLE BUNCH OF THEM.i’ve seen the so-called photographic evidence against john tracolta.IT LOOKS PHOTOSHOPED.now it’s posible to create VERY REALISTIC photoshop pictures (you can find them online).jett travolta is obviously john travoltas’ biological child.the child he’s just had is likely his biological child too.they also have a biological daughter.if you know anything about gays & i do,you’ll know Tthat MOST GAY MEN CANT HIDE THAT THEY’RE GAY.MOST OF THEM GET OUTED LONG BEFORE THEY’RE THIRTY YEARS OLD.IT WOULD TAKE ONLY ONE UNCLOSETED GAY MAN VISITING THOSE SPAS TO EXPOSE THE WHOLE BUNCH OF THEM (WITH CONCLUSIVE PROOF).THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED TO TRAVOLTA YEARS AGO IF HE WERE REALLY CARRYING ON THIS WAY.A LIE DETECTOR CAN BE FOOLED.IT TAKES AN FMRI OR MRI FOR CONCLUSIVE PROOF TO KNOW IF SOMEONE IS LYING OR NOT.