Peaches Geldof amuses herself by planting engagement stories


A few days ago, Peaches Geldof announced that she and Eli Roth were celebrating their six month anniversary. She announced it on Twitter – ha. Anyway, that little piece of news had some people (including me) waxing on and on about how we didn’t think it would last, and how they might make it work for the long haul, all of that good stuff. Now, surprise, surprise, they might be engaged, for real. Peaches and Eli were out last night, and it looks like Peaches was wearing a rock on her important finger (I don’t want to know what she does with that finger, I really don’t).


There are tons of photos of Peaches flashing the rock last night, as she and Eli went to two celebrity-paparazzi haunts in London, The Ivy and Bungalow 8. However, when The Daily Mail contacted Peaches’ rep (that poor bastard), the news came down that Peaches is “100% not engaged.” She is, however, 100% press-hungry famewhore. I really believe this is their dynamic at this point – I used to think Eli was way more into Peaches than she was to him, but now I kind of think that Peaches is pushing Eli to make a commitment while he’s all “Um, no, you’re just the girl that I can be a freak with. I’m probably going to end up married to a nice Jewish girl, not some famewhore English muffin.”


Peaches & Eli in London on Sept. 1, 2010. Credit: WENN.

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  1. Eileen says:

    She is just weird looking. And I’m not even sure who she is or why she is on here.

  2. LindaR says:

    Maybe I’m missing something but this person is interesting enough to get some time on celeb websites because………?

  3. Sumodo1 says:

    Eli Roth is great friends with Harvey Levin. TMZ will break it first, if it’s true.

    PS, Peaches? That diamond is awfully small. Eli can afford much bigger. Nice try!

  4. Kittypants says:

    Well, it’s not like she has anything better to do. Accomplished journalist my arse.

  5. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    It doesn’t look like an engagement ring. Its hideous if anyone would consider giving such a ring as an engagement ring. I would never ever say yes to such ring, I would say do you even f*cking love me, WTF is that?

    I wear rings on all my fingers, it doesn’t matter which to me. Sometimes I buy really pretty rings that will only fit on a certain finger. You can’t really make a judgment call of an engagement because a woman wears a ring on her finger once when out and about (unless its like clearly a f*cking engagement ring, its princess cut, a nice sized diamond, you know its obviously not an average ass ring, its THE ring). If Peaches was wearing that ring, all the time, on that finger maybe you could speculate but this is just jumping the gun like tabloids always do.

    Eli always seems to have good taste and would hopefully get her a princess cut engagement ring. Diamond of course. A big one.

  6. mikeyangel says:

    You sound terribly shallow Love Angelina.

  7. funnygirl says:

    I’m wondering whether she’ll go awol again when/if Eli Roth dumps her..hopefully not but I think she’s only on the “straight and narrow” due to his influence. I agree with you Kaiser-Eli will marry a really conservative girl, not Peaches.. I don’t think Eli is this “big catch” though, he seems a bit odd too tbh!

    She needs to just go back to the UK and go to college like every other 21 yr old is doing

  8. Dhavy says:

    WTF is that on her leg in the 2nd pic? yuck!

  9. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    @mikeyangel I am a little materialistic. I am not really shallow, I promise. :)

  10. mikeyangel says:

    Sorry Love Angelina. I am less than 2 weeks from giving birth, I am just a bit cranky. Guess you were an easy target ;)

  11. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    @MikeyAngel OMG Congratulations on the baby. How exciting. Awwww you can be cranky as you wanna be I don’t mind at all. :D

  12. mikeyangel says:


  13. Megan says:

    Completely agree with your assessment of what he’s thinking about being with her.

  14. Liana says:

    Its hideous if anyone would consider giving such a ring as an engagement ring. I would never ever say yes to such ring, I would say do you even f*cking love me, WTF is that?

    Looks a lot like my engagement ring, only mine is in a brushed platinum setting. Oh well. Guess John doesn’t love me. Divorce court, here I come.

  15. normade says:

    They don’t have the same style, they don’t match imo

  16. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    LOL Liana I bet your engagement ring is beautiful and its perfect you which is why your hubby brought you the ring. You ever see that episode of Sex and the City when Aidan purposes to Carrie and she had accidentally seen this fugly one he brought her based on advice from Miranda but when he does purpose to her he has the perfect engagement ring for her. Aidan loves Carrie and he knew her so he got her the perfect ring for her. Thats why I would question a guys love for me if he brought me the wrong ring.

    I probably sound like a crazy person referencing a TV show to make point but…

  17. serena says:

    She’s becoming more cute-err- slutty, yes but she dress up and make-up better.

  18. Heather says:

    I wear a plain white gold band that matches my husband’s, guess I should be calling my divorce lawyer…

  19. minnie says:


    good grief… so liana’s “hideous” ring is perfect for her? hmm…. what does that make her, in your estimation? hideous, too?

    you sound just as silly and vapid as the celebs covered on this site. good luck finding ANY man who would give you ANY ring with an attitude like that.

  20. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Of course I don’t think she is hideous Minnie. How did you come to that conclusion?

  21. Carrie says:

    Oh, let’s all leave Love Angelina alone- we need her for the Brangelina/Aniston posts.

  22. DetRiotgirl says:

    Aw, this post made me a little sad. Not because I give a crap about either of these obnoxious people, but because Kaiser’s last comment reminded me of my own situation with my boyfriend. His father is hardcore Jewish, and I am hardcore nothing. I’ve got a lot of Czech and Hungarian Catholics and some Irish Protestants mixed in my background. But, not a drop of Jewish anything.

    My boyfriend isn’t religious, and I know he loves me exactly as the atheist mutt I am. But, his dad? He won’t even meet me, and I’ve been dating his son for two years. His dad recently got remarried and, not only was I not invited to the wedding, he apparently tried to push some “nice Jewish girl” on my boyfriend during the reception!

    Ugh, I hope Kaiser is totally wrong about that last part because I would hate to have any sympathetic thing in common with a waste of space like Peaches! Lol

  23. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    DetRiotGirl Maybe you can convert, lol don’t let me make another Sex and the City reference but I will, coughCharlotteYorkGoldenblattcough. Isla Fisher converted for Sasha Baron Cohen. Is that something you would be interested in?

    I think Peaches would convert for him if came down to it. I would. Especially since I am not very religious myself and my family wouldn’t give a fu*k, and even if they did I wouldn’t give a fu*k. Thats just me though.

  24. mojoman says:

    Aw, Detriotgirl, so sorry to hear about your situation. Not that it will help but my then-fiance (now husband) is Jewish with a conservative hardcore dad, while I am a liberal muslim with conservative parents. We came to his family gathering for the first time and I swear you can hear crickets when I entered the room :-) . My parents literally didnt talk to me until 1 month before the wedding. So yeah, there are hurdles but if you both love each other, you will get through everything. And ever since we have 2 boys, both sets of parents cant leave us alone *roll eyes*

  25. raincoaster says:

    I love how that one shot totally catches the bruises on her thigh. She’s just effortlessly elegant, isn’t she?

  26. Stronzilla says:

    She is following the same path as her mother, Paula Yates, and it is surprising that her father, Sir Bob Geldof, hasn’t stepped in to straighten her out. She has been coasting on her parentage since she was old enough to realize that it meant something to people.

  27. tuscan sun says:

    Why does this girl always have bruises on her legs? There were bikini shots of her earlier this year in LA and she had bruises then, too. WTF?

  28. Liana says:

    hmm…. what does that make her, in your estimation? hideous, too?

    Well, without makeup, maybe. LOL

    LA, gotta love your passion :)

  29. aenflex says:

    Why is she always bruised?

  30. cruiz2 says:

    I don’t get the buzz! Is this a rich young British girl’s coming out? New teeth, makeover & guy… do we really care? What’s up with her writing, is she any good? Someone explain the interest in her. I knew a poodle named Peaches from childhood.

  31. cruiz2 says:

    Hey! I researched and see the potential fascination, or not!

  32. Girl says:

    Umm,”Eli has always had good taste”?!

    Exhibit A: have you seen anything he has directed?

    Exhibit B: please see above. He f$&ks Peaches Geldof.

    Case closed.