Sarah Larson is declared an “it girl” by Harpers Bazaar

I guess the answer to the question “who did Sarah Larson screw to get on the cover declared an “it” girl by Harpers Bazaar?” is obvious. George Clooney’s girlfriend and event arm candy, a 29 year-old former cocktail waitress and Fear Factor winner, appears on the cover of the June edition of the magazine. She wears a brown gown with a tulle underskirt peeking out as she sits on a motorcyle. It is perhaps a reference to the way that she melted Clooney’s bachelor heart by breaking her toe in an accident they sustained on his motorbike.

Larson didn’t accompany Clooney on the European leg of his Leatherheads promotional tour, and I know that I was hoping she was out of the picture, but it wasn’t so. The petite brunette with the perma-grin was seen out with Clooney at the Costume Institute Gala on Monday night.

There’s a definite slow-down to the gossip as many of us get spring fever throughout the world and start to enjoy the sunshine again. Since there’s not as much to fabricate lately, why not focus on Clooney’s girlfriend and her deep thoughts? That’s probably what motivated Bazaar to feature her on the cover, although they’re likely to have a reason for wanting to suck up to Clooney too.

Larson dished in the accompanying interview on such riveting subjects as George’s “funny and sweet” personality and she seemed to half-admit that she’s with him for his celebrity status:

“If George had been on a reality show, I don’t think I’d have talked to him,” Larson says in the June issue of Harper’s Bazaar. “It would have been like, ‘That’s nice.’”

Good thing it didn’t deter him, though. “He still wants to date me, and I ate a scorpion [on Fear Factor]” she says.

“I see him as a normal person, like anyone else,” she says. “He just happens to have a well-known face.” Still, she cautions, “You realize who is good for you and who’s not pretty quickly.”

And while the story of their meeting in Las Vegas – where Larson was a waitress – is well-known, she tells Harper’s Bazaar that she and Clooney struck up a text message relationship after meeting again in June 2007. “We just started talking. George is funny and sweet, and he’s good to be around,” she says.

“I think getting him a pair of True Religion jeans would be a good joke,” she says of her boyfriend’s no-frills taste. Jokes Larson: “I really want you to wear this, and please put your hair in a fauxhawk.’”


It all sounds so lame to me, but I guess I can’t judge until I have a chance to read the whole interview. Surely Larson can come up with a better practical joke than to try and get George Clooney to look like a fool. He’s already doing that by dating a young former cocktail waitress and having her talk to the press.

Update: I was fooled by the photo of Larson with “Harper’s Bazaar” written over it. Nicole Richie is on the cover of next months’ issue, and Sarah Larson is featured in an interview. [Thanks Eloise!]

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41 Responses to “Sarah Larson is declared an “it girl” by Harpers Bazaar”

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  1. Ade says:


  2. Kolby says:

    She is an “it girl” because….?

  3. Megan says:

    I personally would be ashamed if my only claim to fame was my boyfriend. It’s such a pathetic way to make a career for yourself.

  4. kate says:

    she reminds me of a younger, sluttier kathy lee gifford. and that’s not a good thing.

  5. h says:

    She starts to get on my nerve. I don’t know why….perhaps because she is a gold digger, and is a little too proud of it?

  6. Granger says:

    I liked her until she started talking about their relationship a couple of months ago. I wish she’d kept her mouth shut. Keeping quiet made it all seem so much more romantic, in some bizarre way. Now that George has given her the okay to talk, she just sounds silly and star-fuckerish.

  7. brent says:

    A woman a golddigger, please! No one believes this.

  8. okay... says:

    Who is making this girl a celebrity? Why would anyone really care what she has to say?
    She’s a fame whore plain and simple.

  9. ayatolla_of_rocken_rolla says:

    is she half chinese? her look is weird……not pretty but no ugly either.

  10. hugo says:

    She’s not even his girlfriend, just a cheap ugly escort

  11. Trashaddict says:

    Her face says, “Look who I snagged, Look who I snagged….”

  12. Mel says:

    W H Y ?

  13. lola lola says:

    Maybe she’s just nice but I have yet to hear her say anything remotely interesting. Maybe that’s why he’s dating her? No controversy?

  14. mazzi says:

    I see a disconnect from his private and public life. He wants to save the world publically, but what is he about privately? Why is this woman going on and on about this? She goes into the “she is famous because?” camp. What on earth do they talk about, she does not seem to be intellectual at all, but maybe they don’t talk much. George seems to be going through a mid life crisis or something.

    I hope he comes to his senses soon or this could end up like Paul McCartney and his ex all over again.

  15. headache says:

    She keeps talking about it because people keep asking her about it and I really can’t think of anything she’s said that was inappropriate. I don’t know if they are in love but the genuinely seem to like each other and relationship seems good for both of them.

    I really don’t see why everyone is getting their panties in a wad over her.

  16. Ruby Tuesday says:

    “I don’t think I would have talked to him”. Umm … Ok. What, like you’re waiting for a better gravy train to pull in? God!

  17. snappyfish says:

    she is a star-fucker….the girl is a cocktail waitress in vegas.

    she will go the way of all the others, and they were smart enough to keep their mouths shut.

  18. bros says:

    she has some mongolian heritage. at least thats what she told people magazine in the ‘most beautiful people’ issue.

  19. journey says:

    well, she’s a gold digger, but at least she’s an honest, up-front gold digger. wouldn’t even have talked to him if he weren’t the wealthy and famous movie star? at least geo knows where he stands with her.

  20. Syko says:

    There just aren’t really that many “it” girls. And Sarah Larson is not even in the running.

  21. Debra says:

    Get these words of wisdom from Sarah L., If George had been on a reality show she would not have talked to him ?? Well, yeah, duh, because only A***holes are on reality shows !! Just like you, Sarah !

  22. kim says:

    so tired of people trying to be famous or people exposing themselves to “celebism” just because they’re fucking someone famous.


    fame is not what it once was, and most people famous now days are retarded and have no talent.

    don’t support those bitches. Besides she looks like a slim tranny.

  23. Diane says:

    This is so strange you guys act like George is up there with Royalty. Hello he is only in movies. He can date who ever he wants, the girl taking tickets at the local show, or car wash. What is the big deal.

    I think they look awesome together. Matter of fact they look pretty damn happy. Who would you guys pair him with? Oh I see nobody is good enough? You people are some pretty sad characters, can’t you be happy for anyone? Life is way to short to be so unhappy.

    I say go for it Sarah, and just keep smiling that smile. mmmmm he must be worth it..

  24. Ashley says:

    I think she’s definitely a good looking girl, and that they both look good together, although she looks a bit young for him. Hopefully she matches Clooney in intelligence, (He’s seems to be fairly smart)so far I’ve yet to see that coming from her in interviews she’s given. Her comment about not dating him if he were on fear factor made her sound like a goldigger or just stupid. Maybe Clooney’s just using her as arm candy?

  25. Ashley says:

    I like her dress in that shot.

  26. Kristle says:

    I have had the pleasure of knowing Sarah (for a long time!). She IS beautiful AND very intelligent. She is picky about whom she dates, and what woman shouldn’t be? She found someone, good for her! She is an “it” girl because she is all of these things, shame on you who think only a “celebrity” can be “it”.
    It is despicable that some feel that it’s okay to slam someone they don’t know. Especially since that cocktail waitress likely had an income more than your whole family. She’s no slouch! So to all of you: Way to be a good contributor to society. Maybe your kids can grow up to be assbags too.

  27. Granger says:

    Kristle, SERIOUSLY? I agree, it’s weird to slam someone you don’t know — but to say it’s especially bad because Ms Larson “likely had an income more than” somebody’s whole family is the most fucked up thing I’ve ever heard. So what you’re saying is that rich people are more important than the rest of us? Wow. I don’t even know what else to say to that.

  28. Kristle says:

    You sure took something WAY out of context!!! I’m referring to the comments that she is a gold-digger. She isn’t. She never had to be. People are forgetting that very important part. If you had read the rest of it, then you’d realize that no, I do not think rich people aren’t better than anyone. They also aren’t worse. They are just people. Which is why it is shocking that the average non-rich person finds it acceptable to say awful things about them. There’s no relativity going on here. It does seem that the average person sure gets up in arms whenever they aren’t the one that “makes it” though, don’t they?

  29. Jody says:

    I believe Kristle on the income, I’m from Vegas, worked at a nice hotel for a while after high school, and met a number of cocktail waitresses– it can be a very lucrative career… as demonstrated by Sarah herself.

    I hated Fear Factor, I also detest Joe Rogan. The UFC would improve immensely if he were removed.

  30. trash for trash says:

    There is another article about George and how Roseanne wanted to make out with him.

    Roseanne was one of the worst show to ever glamorise white trash. George was getting along with the cast famously.

    People seem to forget that he always has liked white trash and childish immature jokes, and this is just one more proof. He is probably very at home with her.

    The classy IMAGE came way after and clearly this is all it is an IMAGE and it can not hold the run.

  31. Charlize says:

    Kristle : just for you to know that there is a gang on the website who hate Sarah , they decided two post on every forum and website with nastiness comment against Sarah.
    They are just jealous since the beginning of this relation, they are frustrate because she succeed on her relationship with GC and hate her for that… they start rumours just because she was a cocktail waitress.. they believed that she will have her 15 min famous and will disappear soon.
    So Long life to this couple and Bravo to Sarah Larson, I find her pretty , funny and look so cool. I hope she will stay cool… :wink:

  32. jan says:

    Charlie, is that you? Do you work for Sunshine, or what? Your broken-english ass keeps popping up everywhere.

  33. Elizabeth says:

    Clooney’s MySpace page still describes himself as “single”.


  34. Terriann says:

    I think that everyone is intilted to their own oppion but come on you guys are acting as if he is your brother, father and that this woman is taking something from you. Or that she is hurting your family memeber. Yes it is disturbing to see that this man has no clue that he is being fucked in the ass royaly but who r we to say anything. we all have done things that are crazy and that we regret but we live and learn. so please let this be. there are way more important things in life to get this upset. yes it is pretty fucking weird that we all get this and he does not but who r we to jump in and say shit. maybe things are great between them and we have no idea.we have to think of him and think what is he thinking when he reads these things we r saying about maybe his future wife, how does that make him feel. maybe some people dont like to be in the spot lite. i know his girl does plenty of that for him lets give him a break.

  35. thunder says:

    She wasnt a cocktail server.. She was a VIP Bottle server, that make over 150k a yr. She also started her own business to get out of the night club world. Don’t believe everything you read before making snap judgements..

  36. Maudie says:

    After all this, the naysayer were right! George wised up after he started thinking with his big brain…or maybe his little brain pointed him in a different direction…whatever!

  37. katie says:

    fyi. sarah larson graduated with a B.S. The Evergreen State College after working in a pseudomonas bacteriophage lab for a year. she is by no means unintelligent.

  38. Mary (Not my Stripper Name) says:

    Just because you have a degree- it doesn’t make you smart. And in Sarah’s case- it certainly didn’t make her sound smart. That article in Harper’s was sad. Here she had a chance to SAY something- and she said nothing.

    If she were any kind of a respectable woman- she would have a REAL career right now- and use her degree to help the world. Instead- she chose the easy route of cocktail waitress, VIP bartender- whatever any of her friends want to add here to make her sound worthy.

    She didn’t even hold a job while she dated Clooney. Even worse! She was ALL Cinderella. I like the reports that she was DEVASTATED by the break-up. Laughable. Clooney is a confirmed bachelor and it’s funny that this wanna-be-a-famous-model thought that she could land him.

    You can take the girl off of the stripper pole and put her on a runway… but at the end of the day- she’s still a stripper.

    Her intelligent choice of pet names for her cats “Animal Cracker and Lippy Doodles” says enough to me about her “intelligence.”

    I’m glad Clooney dumped her. Her fame is ticking… she’s got about three minutes left.

  39. charlene says:

    Sarah Larson got herself too high on the pedestal with George Clooney that she talked so high and mightily on Bazaar It magazine and got herself carried away because she thought she had captured her man George Clooney but little did she know that her antics didnt carry her far nor well off with George, who is such a pro and a fox in the dating world. George is no new comer in the dating women industry and who is Sarah Larson???

  40. charlene says:

    Sarah Larson who is such a gold digger doesnt deserve George Clooney