Suge Knight gets punched out

Rap producer, co-founder and former CEO of Death Row Records, Suge Knight, likes to flex his muscles and pick fights with people. When I say “flex his muscles,” I really mean that he gets to stand there flexing his muscles while his bodyguards to do all his fighting for him- which was the case this weekend. Knight is probably famous for dangling Vanilla Ice off a 20-foot balcony to persuade him to surrender royalty rights to Suge for his hit “Ice Ice Baby.” Knight likes to pass himself off as a tough guy, but it turns out he can’t take a punch- even after his bodyguards have beaten on the guy first.

Suge was at Shag nightclub when he began arguing with a man he had been talking with. Our spy overheard Suge say, “I want my money!” Suge and his peeps beat the guy to the ground, but the man landed a right hook on Suge’s face, knocking him out for around three minutes.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ after Suge Knight was knocked out at a club last night, he refused to deal with cops.

We’re told after Suge was taken into a nearby SUV, a woman got in the driver’s seat, pulled forward and hit a car, then put it in reverse and hit another car. She was taken from the car by security, and someone else drove Suge away from the scene.

Suge was taken to a hospital, and LAPD officers arrived shortly thereafter, but Suge was uncooperative and refused to file a police report.

Wonder if it had to do with the “money deal” that apparently triggered the fight.

[From TMZ]

TMZ has photos of Suge in the moments after the punch landed. He does not look well – he is disoriented and his head is bleeding. It must have been some punch! And then, to make matters worse, the woman driving him to the hospital hits another car. If Suge Knight wasn’t such a jerk, I might feel a little sorry for him on that one. But since he’s a macho shithead, I have one thing to say: HA!

Note by Celebitchy: Knight filed for bankruptcy protection in May, 2006, claiming he had only $11 to his name. That might explain why he’s getting into fights over money.

One thing that bothers me in the comments for the DMX post is that people are using the word “rapper” as a derogatory term. While I don’t think anyone’s comments or our post about that animal abuser were racist as one commenter charged, it is not fair to use “rapper” as something negative. There are incredibly talented rap artists who aren’t getting into trouble and it’s not fair to paint everyone with a wide brush because some people are idiots. That’s like using “actress” as a negative term because of Lindsay Lohan’s behavior.

Suge Knight is shown on 12/11/07 after the Mayweather vs. Ricky Hatton boxing match, thanks to Splash News.

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  1. headache says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Suge has some culpability in the murders of Tupac and/or Biggie?

  2. Sasha says:

    Yes, I do Headache.

    *Makes plenty of room for our resident ‘that’s racist’ guy Carenio in this topic*

  3. For sure he had something to do with the Tupac murder! That guy is bad news.

  4. notprfect says:

    I agree with Celebitchy(or was it MSat?) on the fact that we shouldn’t use “rapper” to mean “piece of crap”. Just because some pieces of crap happen to be rappers doesn’t mean all rappers are pieces of crap.

    Too bad it seems like the crappy ones are usually the ones that get the most attention. :|

    • DrewDizzle says:

      There is also the fact that Suge Knight is not & never has been a rapper… The man is an executive producer/ceo who has had very little to the music his label has out out… He’s simply a hoodlum who managed a record label that was initially put together w-funds he & his crew extorted from other ppl (ie Vanilla Ice & etc…)

  5. kate says:

    i thought he was dead, which explains why my first thought was “why is somebody punching a dead guy?!”

  6. Kevin says:

    No telling what Suge had on him that he wanted to get rid of before the 5-o showed up. He is definitley shady. When Keyshawn was here in Tampa playing for the world champion Buccanneers,, he was seperated from his wife. Who was knocking the bottom out of his estranged wife? None other than Suge Knight. Keyshawn was keeping his distance until Suge was done with her because “Suge wasn’t the kind of man you want to cross”. They have since got back together. I’m glad someone bitch slapped that big waste of protein. Now if I was that guy that got that lucky punch in, I would make myself very small and invisible,,,because “Suge isn’t the kind of man you want to cross”. He may not do his own fighting,,,but I’m sure his fighting gets done. Kinda funny he’s hollering broke,,,I don’t buy it.

  7. headache says:

    Kevin, I don’t either. I find it hard to believe Vanilla Ice’s dumb ass is the only one he shook down for royalties.

    Ice Cube practically had to sell his soul and sleep with one eye open to get out from under Suge.

    If Tupac wanted out . . .

  8. THA REALIST says:

    you stupid fool would you have someone shot at while you where sitting in the car beside them? about biggie i really dont know!

    FUCK ALL YOU HATERS!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Bornking says:

    LOL… So funny to see how one is handled when its not Rappers(fake Gangsters), but real body baggers who can put a 52 block down on a perpetrator in a sec.

  10. Goku says:

    Why did suge killd pac? why he tried twice (thats my opinion) its the same reason why bush went to iraq. go war = money. East coast/west coast war means what in ur opinion? suge probly thought he could get rid of pac and keep his songs + get snoops/dre and other big rappers to win the figth. When it turned out to be not so sure, he ordered a shooting over biggie. Some people already said they transfered money for him, that they saw the corrupted police officer who shot biggi and Many also saw that police officer. the guy who passed the money as well as a friend of biggi. for pac, he held him down while bullets were fired at the bottom of the char… how strange… how strange that a doctor stated it wastnt a bullet that dazzed suge but a piece of window. Strange the bodyguard who saw 2pac killer was killd soon after? How come suge said(many times) that he will never talk of 2pac death if he aint paid for it. that dude is a money whore who will do anything to get more money. he ownd too much cash to pac and it was all to his advantage since pac was leaving and that he had the best rappers in his label, to make him disapear. sad but true.

  11. Severo says:

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