Ashlee Simpson to represent… Victoria’s Secret!

A little plastic surgery can go a long way. It turns out that it was a rumor that Ashlee Simpson was offered $4 million to pose for Playboy and turned it down. It’s stranger than fiction, though, that Ashlee is going to be the new face of the Victoria’s Secret “pink” line. She is also moving in with her boyfriend and guitarist for her band, Braxton Olita:

West Coast spies say she’s selling her Encino home to move in with boyfriend Braxton Olita. (Young Braxton, who plays guitar in her shows, has also graduated from sleeping in the band tour bus to bedding down in Ashley’s own private coach, I hear.)

She ought to be able to afford some flashy new digs. It will soon be announced that the 21-year-old will front the campaign for Victoria’s Secret’s new line, Pink. She beat out finalist Kelly Clarkson to become the face (and hips and legs and … well, everything else) of the new line of younger, “cuter” lingerie.

Finally, anyone with a ticket to her sold-out concert at the Borgata tonight is in for a special treat: Plans are afoot for her big sis, Jessica, to join her onstage for a “surprise” duet.

I could see her getting naked, but someone is paying her to model lingerie? That’s too much. Everyone is saying that she’s hot now that she looks just like Jessica, but she’s still an ugly little girl to me.

Ashlee started her U.S. tour last month, and little girls in Chuck Taylors are eagerly awaiting her arrival in their city. She told concert-goers in Washington, DC that “It’s OK not to be perfect”:

“The biggest lesson I’ve learned this year is it’s okay to not be perfect,” Ashlee Simpson told a crush of young girls who came to see her at the Warner Theatre on Friday night.

Wait a minute — is that an old speech left over from the great lip-syncing debacle of 2004? It’s likely, since Ash’s 2006 has been more about striving for bland cookie-cutter perfection than accepting perceived flaws — as evidenced by her alleged nose job.

It might be ok not to be perfect, but she must have learned that lesson too late to take back her plastic surgery.

Here is Ashlee in July’s Marie Claire and in Elle UK. [via]

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  1. ChaCha says:

    [quote=]Plans are a foot for her big sis,Jessica to join her on stage for a “surprise” duet.[quote]
    Oh no poor people everyone better cover their ears’!