Did Tony Romo finally break up with Jessica Simpson?

Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo share cake at his birthday party last month
The rumor mill is fast at work again, this time saying that Tony Romo has (finally) broken up with Jessica Simpson. At this point it’s technically wishful thinking, until we get some sort of confirmation from a publicist. Which should read like this:

“Dear World:
Tony Romo has come to his senses. Thanks.
Peace Out,
Tony’s Publicist.”

Unfortunately we’ll probably get some crap about how their busy careers keep them apart for too long, they’re still best friends, and wish each other nothing but love and happiness and kittens.

Tony Romo had a bachelor-style hard partying weekend in the Windy City these past couple of days and now we know why. We exclusively have learned that Romo and girlfriend Jessica Simpson have broken up! Romo partied with several of his college buddies from his alma mater Eastern Illinois over the weekend and he told them on Saturday night that him and Simpson were on the outs. “They’re broken up,” according to a pal of the Dallas Cowboys quarterback. “He told us they broke up and that was that. We’re guys so we didn’t talk about it much.”

“He was surrounded by girls,” according to an eyewitness. “We had to restrain some who forcibly tried to make their way to his table.” Apparently, the girls at da club weren’t enough for Romo and his friends. They sent the nightclub’s bus to pick up more girls from the Hard Rock Hotel where Romo and his friends were crashing.

Romo’s night entailed a bevy of beauties, including one blonde in particular he spent a lot of time talking to, and an “impressive” amount of alcohol. “He zeroed in on one blonde all night,” a source said. “That blonde wasn’t Jessica Simpson.” We’ve placed a call to Simpson’s rep and are waiting to hear back.

[From These Boots are Made for Stalking]

The next day Tony threw out the first pitch at the Chicago Cubs game, and then serenaded the audience with a truly horrendous version of Take Me Out to the Ball Game. While everyone’s mocking his singing, I just listened to Jessica Simpson’s A Public Affair (I’m not going to bother trying to explain why) and I can still guarandamntee you that a hung over, recently broken-up-with-a-girl Tony Romo still sounds better than all the audio technicians in the world can make Jessica Simpson sound. For the sake of both their careers, let’s hope they really have broken up for real. Tony has some football to kick ass at. And Jessica has some… well… I’m sure she’ll come up with something to bide her time.

Note by Celebitchy: since this rumor originated with a blog we’ve never heard of until now, I doubt it’s true. I kind of hope it works out for them, though, because they seem really happy and oblivious.

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  1. She's a great girl says:

    Why the hating?
    She has never done anyone any wrongdoing.

    She is a sweet, down to earth, beautiful girl, who has never taken herself too seriously.

  2. journey says:

    yup! besides, didn’t our mommas teach us it’s not nice to make fun of stupid people?! (hangs head in shame)

  3. Jody says:

    Holy Cow! Tony Romo certainly did suck it up at the Cubs’ game, luckily there were several times when he stopped singing all together. He was booed when he walked onto the field, and booed before and after the stretch. Poor Tony. Chicago fans can be quite discriminating at times.

  4. Kittah says:

    She had to go into the hospital for repairs after only a few weeks of partying with and loving from him. She hinted at marriage and kids too soon. She is deficient in common sense, obsessive with drugs and booze and cost too much.

  5. Cici says:

    deficient in common sense? whatever. the girl was in love with him and said as much. SO WHAT? oh right. i forgot, it’s so much better to walk around with an “i don’t care” front about you all the time. SIGH. that’s just old, tired, and jaded. but hey – have fun!

  6. paris herpes says:

    She couldn’t keep up with his slutting around like a pseud-star so she’s OUT!

  7. anonymous says:

    she’s a terrible person and crazy too. when he realizes it he is going to dump her.

  8. Lysa says:

    awww, I dont understand why people are so mean to her either. I think she reminds me of one of my best friends, sweet, and goofy, and beautiful but not prissy. Why do so many people make fun of her? :?

  9. _sigh_ says:

    Not prissy? She defines priss. She’s not very bright, can’t sing, can’t act, yet somehow she’s constantly in the public eye. Her ship has sailed. And so has Tony. Good for him. I can’t imagine any guy looking forward to the prospect of having Joe as an inlaw. gack.

  10. Hitler says:

    jessica is only famous for being a slut and sleeping with different guy every month. Tony might be a smart man after all–that is if he dumps that horse-face, dumber-than-a-cow, slut.

  11. kmoney says:

    Jessica Simpson didn’t do anything wrong. Its “Poppa Joe” who is the douche bag. Jess & Ash just get caught up in his shit. Anyone ever think about that. Look At them… Jess could’ve still been married to Nick if it wasn’t for Newly Weds.. Which was Set up by none other than ” Poppa Joe” He is just a money hungry scum bag who went from preaching to making everyone look like fools.
    The girls need to get away from him and people need to see that they are beautiful young women who are being steered in the wrong direction. He’s like a cult leader.

  12. Devilgirl says:

    I hope they broke up because I am sick to death about hearing about the two of them. They are both marginal talents in their respective careers and have no real value as far as anything news worthy. I only wish her sister and Pete Wentz would break up and then all of them could fade into the obscurity that they all so richly deserve. :twisted:

  13. Manor private bus rider says:

    haha…I was on the the bus from the Hard Rock hotel!!

  14. Jean says:

    If any of this is true, I suggest that
    Jess throw this one on the pile with Nick “beer bongs with coeds” Lachey. In a year, she’ll be counting her blessings.

  15. dlskfjhg says:

    Dude, why does everyone hate on her so much? She’s really gorgeous and she also has a nice voice.

    I find her annoying, but come on…

  16. mollination says:

    I had a dream I met Tony the other night, and now I have a huge crush on him. I don’t even know why I just told you that.

  17. bussest says:

    Were the girls on the bus hot?

  18. blue frosting is not cute says:

    as soon as I heard about this birthday party I knew their relationship was doomed. never waste cake! that being said jess seems nice. I read her glamour interview. though she says she loves him she also says even if they are broken up when the issue comes out she still appreciates him helping her to be herself. or something like that.

  19. gg says:

    I like Jessica shes seems like a good person…maybe shes frigid thats why guys don’t stay w/ her…but i hope she finds “the one”soon if this is even true about romo :mrgreen:

  20. Mr. T says:

    Chestica can’t act to save her life. Her singing is pretty pathetic too. She strikes me as a desperate woman who wants to land some guy that has a lot of money and fame in order to bolster her so called ‘career’ as an ‘artist!’

  21. Perl says:

    I cannot believe the pathetic comments that some people make about Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson’s relationship. First of all the’re’s lots of football players that have relationships, and they are not treated like they owe there private lives to the public. Second, I happen to think that they are a beautiful couple. I don’t think that Romo is that hot anyway. I prefered Nick, but that is diffrent story.If they broke up leave them alone. If they didn’t I hope there love prevails and that they fine happiness. Thank you

  22. rock says:

    i think jessica needs to get back with nick lachey they are a cute couple

  23. Rico Sandi says:

    Hey, I love your site, keep it coming!!