Liam Neeson, 58, has a new, young, 36-year-old blonde girlfriend

The cast of the A Team attends the premiere in Berlin, Germany on July 29, 2010. Pictured: Liam Neeson Restriction applies: USA ONLY  Fame Pictures, Inc

According to British and American sources, Liam Neeson has a new girlfriend. This is likely the first girlfriend he’s had since Natasha Richardson passed away in March of last year, and the indications are that Liam hasn’t been dating this woman for very long. Her name is Freya St. Johnston, she’s very blonde and pretty, she’s a businesswoman, and she’s 36 years old (Liam is 58 years old). I think she’s British? She lives in London. You can see photos of her at The Daily Mail here – they’re calling her a “Natasha look-alike” but she strikes me as more of a Uma Thurman-Chloe Sevigny hybrid.

When his wife, actress Natasha Richardson, died in a skiing accident in March last year, Liam Neeson was devastated. But now it appears he has found solace with another woman, who bears more than a passing resemblance to Natasha.

The 58-year-old actor was seen leaving London’s exclusive Nobu restaurant with businesswoman Freya St Johnston on Friday. The couple looked relaxed and happy, romantically holding hands. Blonde Freya wore a pink silk dress and beige jacket, while Neeson was in jeans, a navy jacket and a tan baseball cap. Later the couple were spotted going into the upmarket Dorchester Hotel.

It is believed Neeson met Freya, 36, through friends in the film world and has visited her modest flat in North-West London. The property is a marked contrast to Neeson’s multi-million-pound home in New York, where he lives with his sons Michael, 15, and Daniel, 14. Recently, neighbours have seen huge bunches of flowers regularly being delivered to Freya’s address.

Asked about her relationship with Neeson yesterday, Freya said: ‘I am not saying anything whatsoever.’

However a close friend said: ‘I am not aware of that [any relationship], but I would not be surprised, she moves in those circles. She said he’s just an old friend. They have not seen each other for ten years and went out to dinner on Friday night.’

Freya – who had a ring on the third finger of her left hand – is believed to have two children, including seven-year-old son Ned by her ex-partner Matthew Winton, 37. The couple ran a retail clothing business for three years called Ned Trading Ltd, named after their son, but it was dissolved.

On Facebook, Freya lists her status as ‘single’ while on Twitter she boasts about her links with celebrities, dropping the names of Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom.

Neeson was last seen in London in July at the premiere of the A Team movie, though there was no sign of Freya on the red carpet with him. But by taking her to the celebrity haunt Nobu, where he knew he would be spotted, it appears he is happy to make their relationship public.

[From The Daily Mail]

Eh. The portrait of this woman… she seems a bit famewhorish, just from that bit about her Facebook, and the fact that her “friend” was very eager to confirm their date. Plus, Nobu is a trendy place. Still, if this is what Liam wants, so be it. He’s entitled to some happiness. I won’t even say anything about how she’s a bit too young for him and that she sounds like she could potentially be another Heather Mills. I swear I won’t.

Photo by: KGC178/ 2010  7/27/10 Liam Neeson at the premiere of The A-Team . (London, England)  Photo via Newscom

Actor Liam Neeson attends a photocall for the Joe Carnahan's film 'The A-Team' on the Champ-De-Mars in Paris, France on June 14, 2010. Photo by Giancarlo Gorassini/ABACAPRESS.COM Photo via Newscom

Liam Neeson posing at the photocall for 'The A-Team' held on the Champ-de-Mars, Paris, France, on June 14, 2010. Photo by Nicolas Genin/ABACAPRESS.COM Photo via Newscom

Actor Liam Neeson attends a photocall for the Joe Carnahan's film 'The A-Team' on the Champ-De-Mars in Paris, France on June 14, 2010. Photo by Giancarlo Gorassini/ABACAPRESS.COM Photo via Newscom

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  1. truthSF says:

    I wish Liam all the best.

  2. denise says:

    She does resemble Chloe, but more haggard looking.

  3. SammyHammy says:

    If she is what makes him happy, then more power to him. He deserves a nice woman in his life.

  4. Tiffany says:

    Has it really been a year since Natasha’s death? WOW! Well, whoever was to be involved with him in his first relationship after her death is going to go under the microscope.

  5. Stronzilla says:

    She looks like Heather Mills! Run, Liam, run!

  6. tuscan sun says:

    Sadly, “Heather Mills” is the first thing that popped into my mind after I read this story. I truly hope this is not the case. I truly wish nothing but happiness for this dear man.

  7. brin says:

    I wish him well, just hope he doesn’t rush into anything.

  8. Lisa says:

    I feel buckets of sadness for him. Natasha was one of a kind. No other will compare to her. This woman hopefully will be gentle with him but I guarantee, by the looks of things, she definately is a famewhore. *Sigh*

  9. chris says:

    That’s the oldest looking 36 year old I have ever seen.

  10. geenie says:

    There is definitely a similarity. I think it’s common to be attracted to people that look like your ex or a specific type. He seems like a great guy. Good luck to both of them.

  11. Melissa says:

    Is his hair colored in those last photos? It looks weird.

  12. Eileen says:

    Liam NO! I’m a 36 YO red head! Pick me pick me!!

  13. angie fan says:

    She looks a little like Heather Mills to me. He’s a lovely man and I’m glad he’s found a companion.

  14. fifi says:

    what’s with his hair? hairpiece or bad dye job?

  15. Kait says:

    She’s 36, it’s not like she’s fresh out of high school. I agree that she sounds incredibly fame whore but come on, 36 isn’t really that young.

    ETA – 36 isn’t old either but it’s a lot more age appropriate.

  16. RobN says:

    Please, Liam, just go gray. It’ll look good; I promise.

  17. geenie says:

    He got a bad hair dye. I think it’s the color that is the issue. It’ll look good if it’s done right.

  18. KJ says:

    He’s probably just getting his feet wet at the idea of dating again. She does seem a bit famewhoring, I agree, but I’d be blown away if this actually lasted. I’m sure Liam will continue playing the field, slowly and steadily, to try and move on. It’s so sad that Natasha died but I’m glad to see he’s not wallowing in depression. It takes a strong soul to realize that they had their time together, and no matter if it was cut short, it was a blessing. I hope he either finds someone who can be a rock for him like Natasha was, or he finds happiness being single and caring for his family and career. Whatever happens, Liam seems like a stand up guy, so I wish him the best.

  19. Mairead says:

    This story has been around for a while – the Independent covered it last week I think.

    I wouldn’t base any character judgments on this woman on the say-so of The Daily Fail. They couldn’t even be bothered to spell one of his son’s names right, it’s Micheál not Michael. Same name, different language and pronunciation.

    I wish him all the best in any event.

  20. Julie says:

    I have a facebook friend who met Liam (and Alex Skarsgard and Taylor Kitsch) on the set of “Battleship” yesterday. She said they were all so incredibly nice and better-looking in person, haha.

    Liam is awesome and I wish him all the best. People move on in different ways. His has obviously been to find a new lady friend and say yes to every single movie he’s offered. An as Mairead said, I hope you don’t really believe the Daily Fail.

  21. sickofit says:


  22. JM says:

    She does resemble Heather Mills. I just hope she’s not as vicious or money hungry. Losing a spouse is one of the hardest things one can experience especially if it’s unexpected. My heart goes out to Liam and I hope he finds happiness again.

  23. Manda3 says:

    She is not as pretty as his ex. I think everyone should leave him alone. Very hard times. Still hard. A little easier as we see him with a new girl.

  24. Mandhy says:

    I can only wish him the best. I had a head injury last year and am lucky to have survived without any longterm effects. It was a nightmare and you don’t realize how important helmets are in biking and skiing until it happens to you. PLEASE, everyone, be safe, don’t worry how you LOOK, just put on the helmets and survive for your family! I hope Liam can move on and find love again, I think Natasha would want that, I know I would for my husband if I had not made it through….

  25. jay says:

    Interesting on the younger woman moniker; if she were dating a younger man she’d be called a cougar. I don’t find it nearly as questionable when a man his age dates someone her age as she’s in the “beyond finding yourself” stage and it’s different than that age gap occurring, say 48 and 26. As to her personality? Who knows; his is fairly well known…nice guy, tragic circumstances in even being in the dating market again.

    I always liked him and Natasha R. Quality, classy people. Wish he and his family the best.

  26. original kate says:

    i hope she makes him happy – he seems like a really lovely man.

  27. Lauri says:

    “I won’t even say anything about how she’s a bit too young for him and that she sounds like she could potentially be another Heather Mills. I swear I won’t.”
    I will – she didn’t remind me at all of classy Natasha Richardson – when I saw her Heather Mills was the first person that came to mind. I think Liam needs to talk to Paul McCartney ASAP!

  28. JBarry says:

    OK, one of my friends was a friend of Freya’s on Twitter and she told me the so called comments about Johnny Depp and Bloom were not as the Mail said – they were a joke from someone Freya was friends with about who would you chose, or something! Was about as much of a name drop as we are doing here! My pal is furious with all this as she said Freya, apparently, lovely!! The Mail hate him, it’s well documented, and any way they can belittle him, they will.. Best of luck to both of them, I say!

  29. zap says:

    thats fast , his wife has only just gone cold

  30. Nicky says:

    OK! I Love Liam Neeson wish him happinness. I Also tweet his name regularely. He was wit a 20year old on the set of A-Team. A 30 year ols on the set of unknown whiter male, and another 20 year old in August in NY. This women that I can not find on Facebook or twitter is on LinkedIn listed as a PR and communication manager. Don’t you find it strange that he was able to keep all those temporary hook-up on the lay low and now he goes main stream at Nobu? I smell trouble with a 20 year old.

    Still love the actor he is and wish him well.

  31. hairball says:

    No one knows what he went through and is going through. No one knows what he feels or goes on in his mind. I have only thought Liam was a kind person and a good person. I don’t care if he wants to start dating a Care Bear, it’s his life and I wish him the very best. Leave him alone paps!

  32. Claire says:

    Sorry people, but famewhore? I’m lucky enough to have met him several times and I seriously doubt he’d be taken in by someone who wasn’t genuine. And this is all supposition anyway – the paper printed that story, not her or him – and someone above (who actually SAW the comments in question) pointed out she didn’t actually name drop at all! Let them make their own decisions.. I for one hope he is finally getting some happiness, been a hell of a hard 18 months on that family….

  33. Lynnie says:

    Can’t this lovely man find a nice, age-appropriate 50-something to date? I’m 36 and can’t see not being weirded out dating someone that much older. Just being honest. I seriously wonder about women my age who go after guys almost old enough to be their dads.

  34. Kiska says:

    I’m happy for him. He needs to get on with life and I’m sure Natasha would want that for him too.

  35. Crash2GO2 says:

    @zap: Are you serious? It’s been a year.

  36. wunderkindt says:

    The woman looks like she was 36 about 15 years ago!

  37. Cruisin Through says:

    Good for him, if she brings him some happiness. On a catty note, as far as looks, she’s no Natasha.

  38. DoMaJoReMc says:

    I think she is absolutely HOMELY. Sorry.

  39. Jello says:

    I think it’s great that Liam can find some happiness after such a tragic loss. But I also know if a 58 year old woman were dating a 36 year old man, everyone would be criticizing her.

  40. Kelly says:

    @KJ, I totally agree – Freya is probably a rebound. He can do whatever the hell he wants! Date a 50-year-old, date a 20-year-old… who cares. It’s not like he’s going to marry any of these women. Eventually he’ll find someone as great as Natasha, who will be a great stepmom; God bless him!

  41. birdgherl says:

    What the hell kind of name is Freya St Johnston??

  42. Amy says:

    My parents were married for 30+ years and the best of friends but my dad started dating again pretty quickly after my mother’s sudden death.

    Some men can’t be alone and I wish Liam the best. People shouldn’t hold it against him.

    As for the age… Liam is a good looking guy and doesn’t look his own age. If he attracts someone younger, what’s the big deal? She isn’t 19 or anything!

  43. Claire says:

    None of us know exactly what is going on… stop belittling, judging, defaming and generally attempting to pass judgement on people you do not know.. He may be an actor in the ‘public’ eye, but you haven’t a clue what kind of man he is in private. I’m hoping you critics are teenagers who know no better – otherwise you have no excuse for such ignorance.

  44. Tia C says:

    Good for him! No doubt she’s a perfectly lovely person. We can’t always believe everything we read. 😉

  45. Cheekemunkey says:

    Love the close up of their hands (leave it to the British!) I noticed she’s holding HIS hand, but he doesn’t seem to be recipricating?!

    If it looks like a photo-op…

  46. funnygirl says:

    he didn’t wait long did he? I had a funny feeling he’d move on quickly..

    It does remind me of Paul McCarteney/Heather Mills II..eek!

  47. bitca says:

    Good for him (& thanks J Barry for the Twit-Perspective ;-)! Lost an amazing mom in ’08 & stupidly avoided/extended the grieving … So to me this sounds like healthy ‘what the deceased would want’ behavior (partner, parent, whatever–a good one would be miserable to see you moping 12 months after they’re gone). And he doesn’t seem the needy, living-within-a-bubble sort of figure that wd be appropriated by a H Mills type.

  48. Tazina says:

    She reminds me of Heather Mills. Heaven help him.

    Yes he’s 22 years older but he’s wealthy. That is a very powerful attraction to many women. If he was a postman or had some blue collar job she wouldn’t look at him twice.

  49. jamie says:

    where is the pic of her? I only see pics of him??????????????????????????

  50. bw says:

    Jamie, the pics are on the Daily Mail links within the article Kaiser wrote. And actually, when I looked at them, I too immediately thought “RUN!!!!”. I sincerely hope she’s a nice person, but I’m not feeling it. So ditto the Heather Mills vibe comments. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

  51. nina says:

    In those pictures she is holding his hand so tight like if she wants to break his fingures,,, but his hand is relaxed and is not holding hers at all..this body language says that she really wants this relationship but for some reason he is reluctant to show his feelings(that is if his feelings are as strong as hers is).

    I do think he moved on so fast but then as someone mentioned some guys just can’t stay single. Well his dear wife is not coming back and alive ppl should live their lives the way they want too. Wish him all the best.

  52. Ann says:

    Why are people dissing her looks? Neeson doesn’t look so great himself.

  53. TeeTee says:

    I hope she makes him happy, he deserves it.

    she looks like Chloe for sure.

  54. JBarry says:

    Just spoke to pal who knows Freya – I kid you not!! !! She said pics are not like Freya at all! Much, much prettier in the flesh, silly tall and not so blonde??? Think it was flash or something? – also, as for money whore, she apparently has money and looks after her kids alone, financially too!! Though people want to hate her, she’s supposed to be “pretty damn cool’ (to quote my friend!!)! Not suprised, Liam’s too cool to go for an eejit!! Love that my friend knows her – though apparently Freya’s saying absolutely nothing about Liam at all to anyone!! DAMN! Come on Freya, I want details!! Is ‘it’ as big as the rumors say it is????

  55. becca says:

    I see a cross between Chloe and Heather Mills *shudders* Natasha was by far more bright and vivacious-looking (hair included).

    I pray that she’s nothing like Heather (she’s got a job, fortunately – unless Heather was a businesswoman before she met Paul?) and that Liam continues to move on. It’s what Richardson would have wanted, I’m sure. The last thing she would have wanted was for him to be absolutely miserable. If he needs another woman in his life, then he should go ahead and look for a rebound girl – like this one here.

  56. Truthzbetta says:

    Agreed, wife’s very sad death included it is just so desperate looking when a man can’t find a cool, age appropriate woman.

    It ages the man. Puts his judgment in question too because the woman almost has to be gold diggery to not want a hottie her own age.

    Yep, he’s really pulling a McCartney right now.

  57. Angel says:

    If I ever had just one true love in my life and they died, that would be it for me. I would need no other. How do you get past such a rare occurrence and move on? Life baffles me. I hope their children are okay. Such sadness.

  58. Zelda says:

    Who calls their kid “Ned” outside of a Nancy Drew mystery?

  59. Jaxx says:

    She looks nothing like Natasha. Natasha was beautiful and this woman is….not.

  60. JBarry says:

    One picture? One ‘date; is apparently all they’ve had – for all we know they were drunk and holding hands to stand up!! Can’t make this into something it isn’t! The most we’ve really heard is they are friends – and don’t believe he’s been to her house – He’s only been in London twice the last month, and once was for A Team thing where he was with press all night with the film Maybe she is just his friend (he is know to have lots of girl pals!! Just pals!!) and unluckily they got snapped – not much of story here really….with them both having kids, they wouldn’t want this nonsense all over the press.. Think this has been blown out of all proportion, totally.

  61. Peta says:

    God you lot and your ridiculous Heather Mills comparisons! You only make this comaprison because of these both men ‘losing the love of their live to death’ apparently. Not forgetting of course that Paul left his first wife (with a tiny baby!!!!) for Linda!! And there was always toalk of Liam and Natasha’s marriage being a very rocky one, privaty. it DOES NOT make EVERY new woman a famewhore or whatever you said. Maybe’s he’s just having some fun – he bloody deserves a smile and some love! I’m 37 with 2 children and my second husband is 57 and successful and I love being married to an older man who over his ‘questions of life and settling down’ nonsene age, who I can have an intelligent conversation with and who is at peace with who is in life now. The fact he’s older than me means zip – it’s an idividual thing – Freya is nearing her 40’s and already had her kids, and works – she’s a GROWN UP!! I recommend an older man every time!! I hope WHATEVER the relationship between Liam and Freya – friendship, sex, fun or love- it brings them both happiness – and not an avalanche of biased criticism which seems to occurring..

  62. JSarah says:

    Oooh, some nasty people on here – going to hve to correct two, just for the glaring ignorance – do people not read book anymore?

    @ Zelda – Ned is an old English name, derived from Edward – hugely popular here too…. My nephew is called Ned – I know there was a witch called Zelda in story I once read….??

    @Berdgherl – Read some hIstory books. What a puerile comment to make…

  63. Camille says:

    The last thing the world needs is another Heather Mills, so I hope this woman is nothing like her.

    I wish Liam all the best.

  64. Chris says:

    Can normal 50 something guys get women that are 20 years younger than them or do you have to be famous?

  65. Krista says:

    Definately a famewhore, I can’t see it lasting more than a few months. I don’t see an issue with 10 to 15 years younger but when a man is dating someone who could be his daughter… that’s weird. My age is constantly guessed as being 27-30 and people drop over when they find out that I am 47. That is what he needs an educated, sparkling green eyed brunette beauty with a great sense of humor, high moral values and looks 20 years younger than she is…Liam..give me a call. 😉

  66. MLF says:

    You DO NOT KNOW HER. I know her well and she’s fantastic. You are commenting with jealousy – it’s the reason things like this even make it into the papers..

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