Megan Fox tries to appeal to women by talking about marriage, kids


It seems that now Megan Fox is a Sadie, Sadie, Married Lady, that’s all she can talk about. She already farted out something to Elle about how people “roll their eyes” at her because she got married so, so young (she’s 24 years old). Now Megan tells People Magazine that marriage to Brian Austin Green is so, so fulfilling – and BAG even talks about her too! This is a new era in their relationship – they rarely walk red carpets together, and BAG rarely, if ever, discusses Megan. Maybe she’s just trying to sell her movie, but I find this all interesting. And of course I’m rolling my eyes.

Months after their romantic sunset ceremony on the beach in Hawaii, Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green are still reveling in married bliss.

“Getting married was the best thing I’ve ever done,” Fox tells PEOPLE at the Toronto International Film Festival premiere of Passion Play on Friday. “I married my best friend. I’m so lucky to get to be with him every day, and he’s my protector. I feel so safe and happy and completed.”

For his part, Green, 37, knows that Fox, 24, was the person he was meant to marry – even if it took a while.

“[Marriage is] the one thing that I was really specific in waiting for until I was with somebody that I knew that I would be right with and she’s the one,” he tells PEOPLE. “She makes me happy and a better person. She’s everything.”

After dating on-and-off for years, why did they decide to tie the knot in June? “We’ve been together for six years and it was just time,” says Green, who will be guest starring on Desperate Housewives this fall. “We were like, ‘Let’s just make it official.’ ”

“There’s nice stability that comes with getting married,” he says. “It’s a nice thing to know that I’ll come home to her and she’ll come home to me. It’s not the paper so much – it’s saying the vows and meaning it.”

As for raising the actor’s 8-year-old son Kassius, Green says Fox has been playing that role for years.

“She’s a great mom,” he says. “She’s helped me raise him since he was two. He loves her to death and she loves him to death. They have a great relationship. That’s all I can ask for.”

Fox thinks parenthood suits her, too. “I’ve been a stepmother for six years and it’s amazing,” she says. “I really enjoy it. It’s a lot of work but I like it. It grounds me. I like being domestic.”

Could there be another child on the way? “I would love to be a biological mommy some day,” Fox says. “That would make me very happy.”

[From People]

I think we’re witnessing Megan’s newest transformation. She’s left The Early Years Angelina Jolie and now Megan is trying to transform herself into Jennifer Garner or something. Alba, maybe? Megan is now the actress who talks about her man and how she’s a great step-mom. There will be no more interviews where Megan tries to pretend that she’s bisexual, and that she just wanders around, covered in oil all day. Honestly, I’m looking forward to seeing how this transformation plays out – I think Megan’s fanboys have already pretty much left her, so she’s looking for a new fan base – women. But if she’s really trying to appeal to women, she should stop with the Botox and with the porn star kissy-face. She looks rough. Also – is it just me, or is BAG looking damn good?



Megan and BAG in Toronto on Sept. 10, 2010. Credit: WENN.

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  1. bizzy says:

    yeah, women aren’t gonna pay to look at some other woman’s jacked face in a movie.

    she was so pretty before hollywood ran all over her.

  2. Delta Juliet says:

    She looks soooo much older than 24.

  3. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    LOL Megan Fox is 24 she doesn’t need botox. I don’t think she had a ton of plastic surgery done. I saw Jennifer’s Body over the weekend on HBO and it wasn’t half bad.

    Also marriage and babies don’t appeal to all woman, blah, her age group isn’t really gonna care if she got saddled with someone’s elses bart. Although shocking to me, there are alot of early 20s people with like 2 kids and a common law husband or actually married to the guy. Its bizarre. Throw away your 20s why don’t you.

  4. Wisteria says:

    “[Marriage is] the one thing that I was really specific in waiting for until I was with somebody that I knew that I would be right with and she’s the one,”

    Wow…profound! As opposed to what? Just marrying any stranger off the street like the rest of us did???

  5. LisaMarie says:

    It isn’t just you, Kaiser. He’s looking damn good.

  6. Tiffany says:

    I never disliked Megan Fox, if you want to choose the lesser of two evils, I would go with someone who is a motormouth than someone who is getting high and getting behind the wheel of a car and could potentially hurt someone or worse. I like to read her interviews because they are damn funny. Never got the ‘slut’ vibe from her because she has been with the same guy since she became a fanboy’s wet dream. So she’s talk about her marriage and being a stepmom, would you prefer is she was still saying that stupid stuff about men and relationships while going home to a husband and stepson?

  7. Mare says:

    I think they really love each other and that’s lovely.

  8. Kaiser says:

    LMAO @ Wisteria – great point!

  9. mimi says:

    Her face is freaky

  10. A.K.A. says:

    “She’s left The Early Years Angelina Jolie and now Megan is trying to transform herself into Jennifer Garner or something.”

    Actually no, now she’s entering the “Angelina Jolie do-gooder and mother of children” era! She caught her Pitt and now she’s going to settle down and have babies and be a mom and rave about how her life has changed into something so amazing and how lucky she is!

  11. Chicoulina says:

    They look great together!!She’s stunning and I think he’s very good looking!!

  12. serena says:

    BAG looks like he’s in pain, but I agree he is hot, he always was.

  13. Megan says:

    shes right! i am rolling my eyes right now!

  14. fizXgirl3114 says:

    it’s just you.. :-p

  15. DJ says:

    I can just see her in 20 years sitting on the front porch of her singlewide, sucking on a chicken neck bone, wearing a cut off t-shirt that reads “jammin”.

  16. original kate says:

    she needs to stop doing stuff to her face. whoa, nelly.

  17. Kittypants says:

    I can’t look at that Marilyn tattoo without wincing. What possessed her to get such a hideous tat?

  18. Ligeia says:

    o yikes her face is looking catlike plastic. megan, girl, quit while you’re ahead….before you take off on a trip to heidiland.

  19. Ruffian9 says:

    blah blah blah…is all I’m hearing.
    You’re still a run-of-the-mill Maxim girl, Megan.

  20. tripmom says:

    You’re right, BAG does look good here, and you know why? He looks matured. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen him look not like a boy, but a MAN.

  21. *bRaZiLiAn* says:


  22. Sally says:

    Wow, her face looks more jacked every time I see a new picture of her. Is that actually possible!?

  23. Mistral says:

    I know a lot of women who think BAG is hot… I can’t see him as anything other than David Silver, though…

  24. Kiska says:

    She is one of the most stunning women I’ve ever seen.

  25. Mouse says:

    Daaaayum, she looks as old as he is and he’s had a lot of plastic surgery too. I don’t know Kaiser, I have a hard time getting past how hard and plastic his looks are. Too manufactured for my taste.

  26. Confuzzle says:

    They must get a bulk discount on plastic surgery.

    He really needs to come out of the closet.

  27. Isa says:

    ““[Marriage is] the one thing that I was really specific in waiting for until I was with somebody that I knew that I would be right with and she’s the one,” –But he didn’t wait to have a kid which is an even bigger commitment. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to say his kid is a mistake, just that his comment was stupid and weird.

    I also think that she has moved onto the Saint Angie phase.

    Love Angelina- Although the idea may not be appealing to you, there are some (like myself) that does not think that by devoting my twenties to my husband and child(ren) I am throwing away anything. My husband and I have been together since I was sixteen and I’m 22 now. We’ve been married since I was nineteen. It’s not right for everyone but we love each other, bring out the best in each other and grow together. I wouldn’t want it any other way. 🙂

    And Megan Fox would appeal to me more if she would keep her mouth shut and just look pretty. Oh and no more tweeking her face!! The recent ps looks like it’s finally settled and it doesn’t look weird anymore!

  28. nsfw says:

    shes aged herself badly with all the work shes had done especially when you think about her peers like Ellen Page, Amanda Seyfried, Kat Dennings,Carey Mulligan who are around the same age set and so freshfaced…..

  29. viper says:

    The only thing that girl had left was to get married. It’s not as if she invested in her education or planned out a career. She’;s box office poison and it’s not as if Brian is much of a celebrity either.

  30. curious says:

    She is a Pure Beauty,,,to all haters out there,,,, a very rare thing ,,,

  31. anon says:

    i dont know her but I just dont like the way she looks-maybe if she toned it down a bit but she just looks too…slutty and trashy. get rid of the bright makeup and the tattoos and you got a good looking woman