Angelina Jolie is due to have her twins on August 19, blabs Dustin Hoffman

Angelina Jolie is doing press in Cannes for her upcoming animated film Kung Fu Panda. Somehow all of her co-stars are leaking the details of her pregnancy. Yesterday Jack Black let it slip in an interview that Angelina and Brad “would have as many as Brady Bunch when you have these” and Angelina laughed, got a little embarrassed and first said “we’ve confirmed it already [twins],” which may have been an attempt to make Jack Black feel better because he got all wide-mouthed after he realized it was news to the reporter. Then she added, smiling “well, Jack’s just confirmed it actually.”

Angelina said that all of her kids have seen Kung Fu Panda except her “little one, because she wouldn’t sit still” and that they loved it. It is out in theaters on June 6th.

The interviewer, Natalie Morales from The Today Show, mentioned to Matt Lauer that “we were told in a separate interview with Dustin Hoffman that she is due on August 19.”

Jack Black is expecting his second child any day now. Morales also said that Angelina told Black that “a good way to introduce their siblings to the newborn is to throw them all a sibling celebration to make sure that the whole family feels involved.”

If I was Angelina I would be pissed that my due date was out in the open like that. It’s hard enough when you have friends and family waiting for your baby to arrive and bugging you about it. I can’t imagine having the entire world interested and getting all eager for pictures and details. Brad and Angelina never even confirmed the pregnancy and were probably hoping to have at least some mystery about it. When she was pregnant with Shiloh she went all the way to Namibia, rented an entire hotel, had a big tent erected outside, and had her bodyguards threatening photographers hanging around. Now she’s in France where she’s frequently photographed, and we all know supposedly when she’s due along with the fact that she’s having twins. Look for Brad and Angelina to move on again in the next few weeks in order to get some privacy before she has the babies.

Thanks to WENN for these photos from the photocall of Kung Fu Panda at Cannes today and to People for this video and story.

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  1. Syko says:

    Very cool! August 19 is my birthday!

    Extraordinarily wonderful people born on that date. πŸ™„

  2. AC says:

    she’s so big already i can’t imagine waiting till mid august to pop when you’re already looking 9 months preggers. woof.

  3. headache says:

    If I look half as good preggers, I should be so lucky.

  4. Kolby says:

    August 19th probably means sometime in July – isn’t 34 weeks considered full-term for twins? I’d be surprised if she made it to her due date.

    She’s looking lovely – I saw the interview this morning and she’s definitely glowing, although it could have been preggo sweat, lol.

  5. Bodhi says:

    She’s gonna be MASSIVE!! Twins usualy come early (I think) so I bet they’ll be born before then. Sorry Syko πŸ™‚

  6. czarina says:

    Well, I have to admit, I thought she was only having one because she didn’t seem twins-big (I was thinking of JLo and how huge she was even early in her pregnancy), but if Angie is due in mid-August, then that makes more sense; I would have placed her (size-wise) as being well into her third trimester if she were only having one.
    Congratulations to the entire family!!
    I think if Brad and Angelina adore children and have the means to support a big family, why not?

  7. Anni says:

    i think itΒ΄s only one baby and sheΒ΄s due sooner. itΒ΄s a fake story to give the family some private time with their newborn. why else do all these intimate details surface so suddenly. i think angie fools us all. but hey, i am just a conspiracy lovin x-files geek.

  8. Syko says:

    That’s okay, Bodhi, I still share a b-day with Davey Crockett and Bill Clinton. πŸ˜€

  9. elisha says:

    Someone needs to rein these two in after they have these babies. Seriously. She’s going to be like one of those church people in the south who has twenty kids.

  10. MommyLove says:

    i can’t believe dustin hoffman would even be aware of her due date. i barely remember my own-i totally think he made this up.

  11. Syko says:

    Many many church people in the south have smaller families. All southerners are not fundamentalist religionists who refuse all birth control. We’re not all ignorant, either.

    If Brad and Angie want 20 kids, though, it’s certainly their prerogative and their business.

  12. sandy says:

    whatever the gender, size, due date of their baby (ies), we all know he/she will be gorgeous like shiloh!
    i just wish angelina’s mom were alive to see their beautiful family πŸ™

  13. Right on, Syko!

    I live in the south and while I don’t attend Church, I actually managed to graduate from High school, college and a graduate program!

    I is edumacated.

    Seriously, please don’t generalize. I may be a southerner, but I’m niether white trash, nor a racist, and I don’t have ten children, either.

    generalizations can be very dangerous.

  14. Bodhi says:

    Ditto Syko…

    I share a b-day with Johnny Depp. its how I know we’re soul mates! πŸ˜‰

  15. headache says:

    Bodhi, it must be a soulmate menage a trois, mama because that’s my birthday, too.

    And Natalie Portman’s and Michael J Fox.

  16. Syko says:

    Does that mean I’m Bill Clinton’s soulmate?

  17. Enonymouse says:

    WHO CARES and disappointingly her looks are GONE, now she looks like an average person (and I am being nice here) with just quite nice make-up and dress. Her beauty has been sucked out of her and I do not think it will come back even after the pregnancy.

  18. Mama says:

    Well, if she did the whole pregnancy thing like Cate Blanchet, the whole world won’t need to hear the news from tabloid.

    She wants the privacy? Are you sure?

  19. Bodhi says:

    Thats hilarious headache!! Geminis abound!

    Syko~ Do you want to be Bill’s soulmate? πŸ˜†

  20. Sasha says:

    Regardless of wealth, having more than two children simply isn’t healthy for the parents or the kids. There’s a huge empty hole inside Angelina’ s pyche and she’s trying to fill it with children.

  21. JennGush says:

    I think this is all a bit retarded. If she wanted to KEEP it a secret that bad she wouldn’t have blabbed it to the ENTIRE freaking cast. It’s either being “leaked” on purpose or it’s a bunch of shit. She just plain irritates me…. QUIT IT WITH THE FUCKING KIDS ALREADY! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! πŸ‘Ώ

  22. shayna says:

    yeah all this info came by accident. what a joke!! πŸ™„

  23. Scott F. says:

    Jesus, look at all the people who think it’s any of their business how many kids these guys have! It’s not like it’s some welfare mother with 12 kids and two more in the oven, they can actually afford to give these kids a future.

    Family size in general has NO connection with how your childhood will be. I know a lot of single children who had fucked up childhoods, and considering I am from a predominantly Catholic area, I know a lot of families with 4-8 kids all of whom had wonderful childhoods.

    Having fewer kids doesn’t matter if you’re not a good parent to begin with. And seriously, what is with all the bias against Southerners on this site lately? God, it must be comforting to look down on everyone who was born below an arbitrary geographical designation.

  24. Syko says:

    Scott, I could not have said it better.

  25. no big deal says:


    I agree 1000% with the last part of your statement. angelina has made it clear that her father cheating on her mother ruined her family. So I think what she is trying to do now is fill a void in her psyche and prove to herself and the world that she can take care of her accessories and not fail them like her father did to her.

  26. no big deal says:

    I have never seen a woman eat up the attention she gets for being pregnant like angelina does, in some ways it is pathetic.

  27. mithcy says:

    August 19th is my b-day, however I doubt she makes it to august at all!!! Probaly more like mid to late July. πŸ™‚

  28. Bodhi says:

    cott~ hear hear!!

  29. Syko says:

    no big deal – I don’t know why I didn’t realize this sooner, of course she has conceived and is carrying these babies just to get attention! I’d forgotten how she does that constantly! That’s why she doesn’t talk about them or make pregnancy announcements or hold press conferences, she KNOWS she’ll get more attention! That wily rascal!

  30. Kait says:

    Filling a hole in her psyche or not, this woman gave homes to three kids that would otherwise be orphaned. Having visited orphanages (admittedly, only in Haiti and Brazil) I can assure you that even the best of orphanages is still no match for a home.
    Obviously they are not abusing their children. They are all well fed, loved, and well taken care of. Why do we feel like we can judge the way they raise their children or the number of children they have? Have you spent time with them and seen how the dynamic works in the family?
    And of course she’s taking the attention. It serves her well to have attention on her – when she decides to divert it to another country, people will look and pay attention. You can’t tell me you knew where Namibia was before she took off and had her baby there.
    Love her or hate her, she’s bringing focus to places in the world most people are ignorant about.

  31. Syko says:

    Well said, Kait.

  32. Mairead says:

    My old landlord is Nigerian and thought that having Shiloh in Namibia was a splendid idea – they would have looked at them (or any other famous actors) as American royalty and seen it as a great honour which they repaid by protecting the family’s privacy. So I do think Kait has a point.

    But then again, as Syko points out she’s always plotting plotting plotting and is therefore manipulating Kait into thinking that. πŸ˜†

  33. Bodhi says:


    & I second Syko, very well said Kait

  34. Kait says:

    Well of course she’s manipulated me in to thinking and saying that. She’s like a fembot – I have to say nice things about her or else she’ll shoot me from her nipples.

  35. Granger says:

    Loving Kait and F. Scott. πŸ˜€ Especially the fembot-nipple thing. Although I think it’s more like that Saturday Night Live episode from years ago when Kirstie Alley played an alien from another planet who had eyeballs where nipples are supposed to be, because men on earth spend so much time looking at boobs anyway. πŸ˜†

  36. headache says:

    Abuse occurs in all family sizes.

    I wonder is people focus so intently on these two being crappy parents to avoid seeing the abused, neglected and unloved children around them.

  37. Kolby says:

    It never fails to amaze me how so many people think they know SO much about what’s going on in Angelina Jolie’s head. I can’t remember a single occasion when she behaved like an attention whore. Every picture of every pregnant celebrity I’ve ever seen shows them accentuating their belly – why should Angelina hide hers? And if she’s lost her looks, then I need to get my eyes checked, because she looks radiant and content in every photo of her lately.

  38. countrybabe says:

    She seems to be out there now. When she was pregnant with Shiloh she was hiding from the press. I think having 6 kids together in 3 years is a bit much. I feel sorry for the kids.

  39. no big deal says:

    I never said that the kids are abused, but having six kids in the span of three years is a bit over board and it seems like angelina wants more. It is only logical that as time passes these kids are going to be fighting and competing for their parent’s attention and that can leave emotional scars.

  40. Syko says:

    And again, it’s none of our business. It’s their kids, they can get a new one every two months if they want, or have twins every year. Certainly they can support them, and the kids seem happy and well adjusted.

    These people do not work 8-5 every day and come home tired to deal with their children and housework and everything else in their personal lives. They have nannies, housekeepers, managers, assistants – and often they do not work at all for weeks at a stretch. All they really have to do is enjoy and guide the children. I think they can manage that with no problem.

    And if they couldn’t, it’s none of my business.

  41. no big deal says:


    I did know where namibia was before angelina decided to give birth there, i am part africian so i take personal pride in knowing where my father came from and the continent as well. Do not insult peoples’ intelligence by implying that angelina educates people about poor african nations just by giving birth that is just stupid.

  42. Kait says:

    No Big Deal, I’m glad you did but you’re in a minority with that knowledge. Statistics prove that Americans tend to be ignorant about the rest of the planet.

  43. Uh says:

    I can’t remember a single occasion when Angelina behaved like an attention whore, either. Except that one time when she had her tongue down Billy Bob’s throat on the red carpet, right after he informed some journalist that they had just fucked in the limo. And then there was that other time when she made out with her brother at the Oscars, and all those other times when she spoke publicly about sex, knives, baths, etc.

    But otherwise she’s been totally solid.

  44. MonicaBee says:


    How long has Angie been in the public eye? Years, no? And all you can come up with is three lousy attention whorish things? Other celebs do that many things in a week (or a day!).

    Give her credit where it’s due.

  45. Sasha says:

    Last child of seven kids here, with room to talk about excessively large broods. My dad is a distant workaholic and Mom’s a overly protective loon who avoids the outside world as much as she can whether she’s aware of it or not. She raised me and my six older brothers while Dad was in the Navy and now working for the railroad and the house is her entire existence. No nannies, no million dollar trust funds or bank accounts. We didn’t want for a lot, but there’s those unspoken issues in the family that might not have come about otherwise.

  46. headache says:

    It seems to me bad parents will be bad parents no matter how many kids they have. And I suppose if you are going to have inattentive parents you should at least have some siblings to commiserate with.

    Besides, they don’t look nearly as miserable at Denise Richards’ kids.

  47. Anni says:

    word. my parents made a LOT of mistakes and i only have an older brother. so the number of kids does not implicate on wether the paretns do a good job or not. i know families with lots of kids and they grew up happier than i did. it goes either way.

  48. shelby says:

    she looks so much like her mother in that photo

  49. Juli says:

    I think she looks great. yes her tummy is VERY big, but twins do that to you. she’s tiny every where eles. her arms look like toothpicks, i can’t get over people’s comments saying she’s huge. she is ALL belly.

    and as for having several children if you have the money, and actually take care of your children[like her and brad do], then why not have a bunch. it’s not hurting anyone. [i’ve been trying for 3 years just to have one baby] i hate how people who can’t raise children have them anyways, by the tons, but Angie does a great job. she can have as many as she likes.

  50. Trashaddict says:

    What anorexic idiot said she’d lost her looks, she looks great with a little weight on her.
    But if she’s due in August, I’ll eat my hat.

  51. Indie says:

    Love or hate her, you just cannot ignore her. She is one of a kind and the knee jerk reactions to stories about her is always amusing.
    It is interesting that people have to go back 7 years when she was 25 to find things to criticize her about, there seems to be this resentment that she grew up into a well rounded, aware woman. When she was lost, it was easier to make fun of her and feel good about your lot in life, but the accomplished Jolie makes people insecure so they lash out at her, but the beauty of it is that she is in such a good place that it shows on her demeanor. She has figured out how to live a fulfilling life, it behooves her critics to find meaning in their own lives maybe then they will not be trying so had to bash a kind, beautiful woman.

  52. Dollshort says:

    Great advertisement for children born out of wedlock. Hope all young people run right out and follow Hollywood’s example, all those who HAVEN’T yet. Who cares? Maybe those little ones when people start asking them why their parents didn’t care enough about each other or their children to make a permanent and legal commitment. I think it’s a case of overactive hormones, both of them. She’s got a great looking sperm donor and he’s got a willing sex partner. They’ve got it made! And rich, to boot!

  53. nicka says:

    very nice shoe, mr.hoffman πŸ˜†

  54. SJD says:

    Juli: Angelina is all belly. It’s not difficult to imagine her carrying twins. Generally twins show up considerably sooner than their due date but like all babies, they come on their own time schedule, not that of everyone else’s.

    BTW, having babies does not ruin your figure forever. You never fully snap back but you don’t come out looking hag-like either. It takes time to get into shape after childbirth. I have two children, 10 years apart in age. Both were high-risk pregnancies & I nearly lost both of them during the pregnancies, particularly the last one. Pregnant mommies need as little stress as possible so if Angelina and Brad opt to leave for parts unknown to give their family a stress-free existence, kudos for them!

    Angelina’s biological clock is already ticking away wildly if she hopes to have children before the risks for birth defects come into play. I’m glad she having her children now rather than waiting only to find that the wait brought about a birth defect that was avoidable.

    As for Angelina’s life, I believe she has gone the extra mile to be herself, open, and free without really giving a damn what people think. She is happy with herself and her life; I’m glad she doesn’t seem to need the support of the public to find her own happiness. This is an intelligent, beautiful, woman that still has a bit of that lingering adrenaline junkie wild-child spirit. That’s not a bad thing. I still retain my wild-child spirit from my younger days as well. I think it makes for interesting conversation and memories…

    Be it a single birth or twins, congrats to Angelina and Brad. Enjoy the babies while they are babies. They grow up so fast – speaking from experience with one child already 20 years old…

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