Tim Gunn: Taylor Momsen is a “pathetic” brat & a diva


Not content to simply bash Anna Wintour, Martha Stewart, Isaac Mizrahi, all of Conde Nast, and the Real Housewives, Tim Gunn is now taking on our beloved HARDCORE pantless brat Taylor Momsen. And he really doesn’t hold back! There’s no “Oh, she’s only 17 years old, maybe pants aren’t for her” wishy-washy hedging. Oh, no. Tim tells E! News that he met and worked with Taylor when he filmed a cameo for Gossip Girl, and he was less extremely unimpressed by the little jackass. Here’s his take, plus his thoughts on Tareq and Michaele Salahi being “sociopaths” – love it:

A few weeks back, Gunn, who’s making the rounds at Fashion Week to tout his new book, Gunn’s Golden Rules: Life’s Little Lessons for Making It Work, shot a guest spot as himself on the fourth episode of this season’s Gossip Girl. And he found Momsen to be “sad” and pathetic.”

“What a diva!” he told E! News of the 17-year-old Taylor Momsen. “She was pathetic, she couldn’t remember her lines, and she didn’t even have that many. I thought to myself ‘why are we all being held hostage by this brat?”

Gunn said he is all about taking the high road, but that if he was a show regular, he’d take her aside in her dressing room and give her a good talking to. The main problem, he says, was her constant BlackBerry use.

“I’d say, ‘You know young lady, there are hundreds of thousands of girls who are just as attractive and even smarter than you. Why are you acting like this show is a huge burden on you?’ She was on her phone during every break, I wanted to tell her, ‘If you weren’t on your BlackBerry, you can retain this stuff.’ ”

Gunn says that he’s not trying to assassinate her character, but that she annoyed the director and the entire crew.

“I learned from teaching to stick with the topic, I don’t get involved in character appraisals,” Gunn explained. “I’d just ask her ‘do you want to share with me why you’re always on your phone?’ At one point the director leaned in and whispered to me, ‘this is day in, day out, my life.’ She annoyed the entire crew.”

The Project Runway mentor did have kind words for Momsen’s costar Penn Badgley though, calling him a “delight” to work with, along with the rest of the cast.

As for that battle with Vogue editrix Anna Wintour, Gunn laughs it off.

“Of course I’m scared of her, who isn’t?” he chuckled. “But life’s too short to navigate through like that.”

Gunn also admits he’s reality-TV junkie and weighs in on the The Real Housewives of D.C.’s most-hated couple, Tareq and Michaele Salahi, along with the batty cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

“The Salahis are sociopaths! They believe their own lies,” said Gunn. “And It’s like we’ve gone back to ancient Rome,” he says of the near-nuclear fistfight between Danielle Staub and Teresa Giudice during the RHNJ reunion show.

“We’ve gone back to the Colosseum where we watch people rip each other limb to limb. I want a DNA test—how far are these women from wild animals? What do they take from this behavior? My advice is to take the high road. You’ll never regret it. I’ve been pushed, but I discipline myself and an hour later I’m so grateful.”

Right on, Tim.

[From E! News]

I want a t-shirt that says, “Why are we all being held hostage by this brat?” It’s perfect, isn’t it? And she’s “pathetic” and a “diva” and she’s not smart at all. Figures. If Tim says it, it must be true. And if Tim like Penn Badgley, I guess I have to as well. Penn is my new favorite. All hail Tim.


Tim in Chicago and Taylor in Paris, both on Sept. 13, 2010. Credit: WENN.

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  1. Samigirl says:

    Not putting Tim Gunn down, but I’m pretty sure we all knew this. Taylor Momsen is self important and takes her “success” for granted. Maybe when she is a bit older she will realize how idiotic this behavior is…then again, maybe not.

  2. LB says:

    I’ve met some of the Gossip Girl people. Penn – by far -is one of the nicest actors I’ve met. He’s also incredibly articulate; I don’t why I expected him not to be though. Sad that the character’s annoying-ness made me think he would be a jerk.

    I know Tim’s only talking about deplorable behavior that people willingly exhibit to others; time for someone to shine a light on it. But I’m scared for Tim’s safety.

  3. Zombie Nurse says:

    Oh Rock n’ Roll Racoon, now you’ve done it. You pissed off Tim. Bratty and pantsless is no way to go through life. (Well, actually it’s probably a pretty lucrative way to go through life . . .but still.)

  4. Jenny says:

    I want Tim Gunn to be my life-coach! I would probably have the most fabulous life!
    And imagine the glouriousness of getting tipsy and talk crap about annoying people with him!

  5. Laura says:

    Everytime I see her stupid face, it makes me want to hit things. i really try and at least appreciate her talent, but she has none.

  6. bb says:

    Weak jawed brat.

  7. Lola says:

    i love tim, and i agree he is of admirable restraint on the face to face.

    but talking about this after the fact – is that really the high road? b/c there’s press involved i wonder. I’d say it’s more like “be civil and speak true.”

    Not that i’m not lovin every minute of seeing these people get nailed, cause I do.

  8. Snarf says:

    Oh well, in a few years when she’s a WUA (washed up actress) that no one will work with she might get a clue. Then again, she might not.

  9. Lisa says:

    @Laura.. LMAO!! “Every time I see her stupid face, it makes me want to hit things” So Funny!! I feel the same way…

  10. Lydia says:

    Enough already with bashing everyone! At the rate he is going, no one will want to work with him. He should no better than anyone how to conduct himself in this world. We all want to bash some people but we don’t (at least not in public…)

  11. Bella Mosley says:

    She will not age well – already looks hard and old. So pathetic at such a younng age. Well, it’s pathetic at any age to be so trashed

  12. ViktoryGin says:


    It’s not as if he’s “bashing” her. I suppose that for me the word carries the connotation of unsolicited, vapid trash-talking. He was ASKED by E News about his experience guest-starring and he gave his honest opinion. More over, it’s what he does as a living. He’s a fault-finder by profession. And his assessment of her is largely congruent with her public image. It’s not as if he’s going after “America’s Sweetheart” Taylor Swift. Her reputation precedes her. If you put a red target on your forehead, expect to get shot.

    Go Tim!

  13. marge says:

    just like Hot Guy Friday we should have a “Tim Gunn Day”
    he’s so faboulous!!!

  14. Sophie says:

    oh god, that was priceless!!!

    is it possible to love him any more?!?

  15. jen says:

    Attn: Gossip Girl Producers,

    Little J being mugged, stabbed & dying would be great for ratings.

  16. Mara says:

    Okay, I love Tim and I dislike Taylor. But I have trouble considering an adult man calling a seventeen year old (that he met once!) pathetic anything to applaud. He needs to go back to picking on Anna Wintour and the like IMO.

    Besides, since when is keeping your mouth shut about a problem to the person’s face but talking about it to others around them and then talking about it to the whole world later considered taking the high road? I was always taught that was in the low classy handbook.

  17. Julia says:

    Considering his “bashing” of SmokeyEyesFromHell consists of his accurate depiction of unprofessionalism/sore need of a reality check (a la Lohan), I don’t think he can be criticised for veering from the high road. It would be different if he called her stupid flat out, or criticised her in a different personal way. All he is saying is that she doesn’t try and needs to perhaps realize that there are lots of girls/women who could replace her, so it would behoove her to actually work at work. If that’s taking the low road, then more people need to take the low road. 🙂

    Plus, he didn’t “keep his mouth shut” to her about it. He says he asked her, diplomatically and as a kind teacher might why she wasn’t working (on her phone constantly). He basically says that she didn’t know her lines because she wasn’t focusing, not that she’s a total moron (though that’s what I would say based on her behavior). Team Gunn here.

  18. im awful says:

    at 17, i wonder what happened to her to make her like this at such a young age. shes so damaged and nasty that i wonder whether there was abuse in her childhood.

  19. lola lola says:

    “Take the high road. You’ll never regret it.” Oh that is my mantra now. Love tim! Can’t wait to read his book

  20. Garvels says:

    I don’t think Tim shared anything with the public that wasn’t already known about Taylor’s work habits. Tim addressed Taylor directly with his observations and constructive criticisms such as;Put blackberry away and focus on work at hand, be prepared for work, and have consideration for the cast and crew’s time. Taylor should appreciate Tim taking the interest in her career to critique her work,(in most cases clueless actor’s contracts are just not renewed with no explanation as to why.)This sounds extremely cliche but this could be this young, naive 17 year old’s AHA moment. She should heed his criticism which in turn, would only elevate her career.

  21. mike says:

    Taylor Momsen is a pathetic brat and a diva, eh?

    Taylor is 17.

    Tim Gunn is what, over the hill, heck, let’s say he’s older than Taylor Momsen’s grandma.

    What’s Tim Gunn’s excuse for being a pathetic brat and a diva?

    P.S. Why is it always the women who’re the most sexist? If Tim Gunn were Tammy Gunn, so many women on this site would fall on him like vultures feasting on a rotting carcass, but no, because he’s a bitchy queen, he’s “fabulous,” she’s a brat.

  22. Jover says:

    Team Tim all the way. Yes, Laura, she has no talent to appreciate we’ve all heard her music and she’s not the second coming of Janis Joplin, Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, Selena etc. Just a self-absorbed idiot thrown up by a 15 minute junk pop culture. Since she struts around as an adult all criticisms of her are merited and within bounds. Funny thing is she has almost no actual fan following, except for those delusional voices in her addled head.

  23. TaylorB says:

    17 is too young to qualify as a ‘diva’.

    Here is my version of the spoiled brat conversion to diva FABULOUS!! breakdown.

    1. Teens and 20’s if you act like a self important sh*t, you are simply an obnoxious brat; you have not earned the right to Zsa Zsa behaviour.

    2. 30’s through 50’s you act like a self important sh*t, you are simply a b*tch; and you still have not earned the right to go all Zsa Zsa on people either.

    3. 60+ yrs old if you act like a self important sh*t… you earned it!!! You gals (and Tim Gunn) have put in the hours and the attitude, and have finally earned the right to be finger pointing, needy, FABULOUS, cop slapping, bitchy old Divas and you should wear that badge with honor.

  24. wunderkindt says:

    Tim Gunn, I’m voting for you in the next election!

  25. iKat says:

    ha ha I love him for calling her out on this.

  26. Mistral says:

    Another “checkmark” for Tim.

  27. Kat says:

    This makes me love Tim even more…

  28. kelle quayle says:

    Sounds like she self-absorbed herself up her sphincter and right throw her intestinal wall. Someone enema that girl.

  29. Andrea says:

    Taylor Momsen was in an issue of Nylon a few months ago. I read her article and threw the magazine away. I cannot stand her thatt much. She’s so pretentious and immature i just cringe at the sight of her. GO AWAY

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