Drew Barrymore’s new face: weight loss, aging, plastic surgery or Photoshop?


Drew Barrymore is the cover girl for the October issue of Harper’s Bazaar. They Photoshopped the hell out of her face for the cover, right? And yet the rest of the photo shoot is rather lovely – apparently, Drew had the concept of doing it all like a Playboy photo shoot from the 1960s, with a little Sharon Tate thrown in. This look kind of works for Drew, I have to admit. Anyway, I guess Drew is the cover interview because she’s promoting Going the Distance. Meh. Since I don’t care about that or about her whatever relationship with Justin Long, you can read the full piece at Bazaar if you’d like – I’m just going to do the highlights I’m interested in. The gist of the interview is that they’re doing it like an eHarmony questionnaire.

On losing her “baby fat”: Even though she’s in sweats, Drew looks pretty dreamy. She is lightly tanned from a solo trip to India, and her bone structure has popped. “I feel like some of my baby fat is going away,” she observes, “and that’s not just physically, it’s psychologically. I think that your body is in tune with your mind and your spirituality and your heart. If things are going better, I just think you look better.”

Describe yourself: warm, clever, dominant, ambitious, outgoing, agreeable, modest, submissive, lazy, introverted, aloof, quarrelsome, cold, gregarious, arrogant.
Drew Barrymore: “Not ambitious, arrogant, or cold. Lazy? No, I’m not lazy enough. Dominant—more so than people would think. I’m a total control freak and love to participate in the design of every single aspect of life.”

Impulsive, stable, energetic, spiritual, adventuresome, frugal, predictable, affectionate, organized, intelligent, compassionate, attractive, loyal, witty, neat.
DB: “All of the above, apart from frugal. I can be frivolous more than frugal.”

On being alone: “I was good in my early teens, and then I got really bad at being alone for like 10 years. And then for the last decade I’ve developed such a love of my independence that I have to go, Okay, you’ve had dinner by yourself three nights in a row, now you have to see your friends.” Howard Hughes rising? “Oh, yes. I’ll be peeing in jars momentarily.”

On healing herself: “Oh, I would love to be a motivational speaker,” she says. “I have pulled myself out of a million potholes, and I can see the potholes ahead of me. That doesn’t mean that I could always do that so perfectly for my own life. I totally fall in potholes. Sometimes I fall so goddamn deep, I’ve got broken legs and I have to mend myself in the well and crawl back out.” That would be especially tough if it was a hole full of pot. She chuckles and says, “Well, I like those holes.”

I enjoy work for work’s sake.
DB: “No, I enjoy work because I am a fanatic about it.”

I enjoy mingling with people at social occasions.
DB: “Less and less.”

I am satisfied with my level of emotional development.
DB: “At this current moment? Yes. I have not been proud in the past, and I assume I won’t be proud in the future, but right now, goddamn it, yes.”

I like to spend my spare time being physically active.
DB: “I actually really love to lie in bed, watch TV, be a total sloth, and eat my favorite food: Kraft macaroni and cheese. Last night I was watching The Next Food Network Star, eating mac and cheese, and feeling grand. And that was after I wore a sequined Givenchy gown with giant holes cut out of it.”

On exercise and body image: Drew’s “two or three hours of exercise” a week is paying off. “But,” she cautions, “there is some lighting where I absolutely resemble Shamu. People have to know that you pick the best pictures where the lighting is beautiful and the angles are right and the body positions are gorgeous. And then, guess what, you turn, sit, hit the wrong light, and your belly flaps over and we all look human again.” Drew won’t be giving Jillian Michaels a run for her money anytime soon, though. “I can apply myself at my job 20 hours a day, seven days a week. But I can’t apply myself to my body more than a couple hours a week. I have no passion for fanaticism. The psychology when you just forgive yourself and enjoy what nature gave you is so liberating.”

On being 35 years old: “For me, it’s very magical,” she says. “It’s funny, because whenever they parody me on Saturday Night Live, they always say the word magical. But 35 is an incredible year for me. It’s just a very auspicious time.”

[From Harper’s Bazaar]

Yes, she’s very cute, in a cloying hippie-dippy way, but still, I can’t really bash her. I still can’t believe Drew is 35 years old – in my mind, she’s still in her early 20s. That’s the way she still acts, honestly. But I buy Drew’s girlish act, because I really do think she’s that bubbly and vivacious and silly, although she definitely has a strong work ethic. Now I just want her to make better movies, you know? Going the Distance looks like a turd of a rom-com.

Also – I totally think Drew is right about “losing her baby fat” – look at those cheekbones! Her face doesn’t look tweaked, it’s just aging and losing weight and stuff. She looks lovely.



Bazaar photos (by Mark Seliger) courtesy of Bazaar’s slideshow.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Plastic surgery and photoshop. Absolutely.

  2. Riley says:

    Oh No not Drew. Let’s hope photoshop. Her upper lip area looks weird. What is that devit between your nose and lip called? That is what looks messed up.

  3. scotchy says:

    photoshop, without a doubt.
    perhaps surgery on her face, but she does not look that ab-tastic in other photo’s so its the shop all the way.

  4. jen says:

    I think she’s just lost the baby fat in her face. But wow, she really is Sharon Tate-ish in these pics.

    Would love to see a Valley of The Dolls remake!

  5. saintdevil says:

    Photoshop & good docs.

    If you want to know what effects aging has on a woman’s face, look at Lohan – she’s doing it express.

  6. Jean says:

    On the Bazaar cover, she resembles Julianne Moore.

  7. K-MAC says:

    I don’t care what it is she is stunning! I mean, my God, what a beautiful woman!

  8. Praise St. Angie! says:

    I vote photoshop for the top pic, because she looks WEIRD in it but looks like herself in the other ones.

    I’m all for brushing out blemishes and such for covers, but I HATE it when they photoshop to the point that it doesn’t even look like the person anymore. I see it more and more, sometimes to the point that I go, “who IS that?!” and I have to read the caption to be sure.

  9. l says:

    in the cover photo she kind of looks like Marla Trump. Why did they use that photo? weird

  10. bb says:

    I don’t think she got surgery, I think they just photoshopped her jawline and cheekbones to look sharper.

  11. caz says:

    I feel like Drew should be way older because I grew up with her and I feel like she’s been around forever and even though she is only a few years older, she always seemed way older than me.

    Anyway, yeah, the baby fat is going and she definitely has a more mature look to her. She looks good… but I can’t take the flower child emotional mumbo jumbo from her. She’s always been like that, and maybe I’m emotionally stunted but, I’m always uncomfortable around hippies who talk about “spirituality and crap man’. And most of her movies are crappish.

  12. jessiee says:

    Totally agree with Praise St. Angie. The first photo is wierd. the rest? not so much.

  13. SammyHammy says:

    No, no surgery-that’s obvious. Weight loss and photoshop is all it is.

  14. BethL says:

    @Jean, I couldn’t agree more about looking like Julianna Moore. This is definately photoshop. Based on recent photos I don’t think Drew has had surgery.

  15. iKat says:

    She looks BEAUTIFUL!
    Ok, not on the cover. That is just freakish… It looks like they made her eyes bigger or something.
    Looks like she has lost quite a lot of weight and it suits her.

  16. I Choose Me says:

    Definitely photochop – that barely looks like Drew. I saw Going the Distance (she looks like herself in that just more mature) and I thought it was a funny, sweet movie that avoided some of the usual cliches. It suffered from pacing a little bit but I enjoyed the movie and I hate, hate, rom-coms.

    Edit: Wow! She looks fantastic in those magazine pics very va-vavoom. I love it when she’s all glammed out.

  17. LindaR says:

    She looks lovely and considering her childhood, addictions, really lousy mother she had, she has done so well. But “I think that your body is in tune with your mind and your spirituality and your heart”. Everyone from the western world says that once they have paid the obligatory trip to India, gotten in touch with their inner self(ish) and decided they have it all figured out. Shut up already. You aren’t the only person in the world to have had an insight.

  18. original kate says:

    photoshop and weight loss.

  19. Olderbudweiser says:

    She’s always had a fantastic, classic profile. She could just be getting older. However, anytime I see Flotaki rugs, I always remember waking up in them, smelling like stale cheap beer and dirt, surrounded by broken Nacho-Flavored Doritos™. Lovely high school memories.

  20. Lady LaLa says:

    She has the classic ” Barrymore Profile”
    Leave it alone!!

  21. Iggles says:

    Photoshop and surgery!

    I saw a picture a few years ago with make up. The girl looked ROUGH!

    I guess all that hard partying and drinking from age 9 really did a number on her skin.

  22. spanks says:

    I dont think she had any PS, you can tell its just an unflattering photo-shop they did on her. Not sure why b/c she looks great just as she is. Always liked her.

  23. angie fan says:

    Yeah, photoshop and weight loss. They made her features too sharp, especially the nose, and her jaw-line looks different. In some photos, I barely recognize her. Always loved her lopsided smile though.

  24. chasingadalia says:

    Photoshop and weight loss. The cover looks so strange, and Drew doesn’t strike me as the type to get plastic surgery. C’mon, they didn’t cover up her tattoos.

  25. Granger says:

    LOTS of photoshop on her body!!!! Look at her arm in the picture where she’s holding the mirror. Having seen recent photos of her at a premiere, I can say with all certainty that her arms are NOT that thin! And I think her waist has been thinned out in the pic where she’s standing in the doorway. Girl is just not that slim, which is why I’ve always respected her even though I think she’s a crappy actress — she just doesn’t seem to care about the whole Hollywood Thin Machine.

  26. leuce7 says:

    I agree with most others, combo of photoshop & weight loss in the face due to aging.

    I remember getting to see her in person from when she won the Hasty Pudding Woman of the Year award (ten years ago now!) and thought it was awesome to meet a Hollywood actress that looked like regular-sized woman in person (in good shape, obviously, but I think she was a size 6, maybe?).

    I got to see Sarah Jessica Parker and Natalie Portman the following year, and they are both TINY women (and, SJP is surprisingly pretty in person–being on camera actually reduces her allure–but both her and Natalie are ridiculously petite).

  27. Jover says:

    Isn’t she supposed to be an actress, then act and leave the covers of fashion mags to fashion models not these wannabees. Anyway, hasn’t she collected enough from her covergirl gig that she needs more exposure. No wonder these mags are losing circulation – same 10 or 20 lame celebs recycled over and over. This is why great fashion photography has declined – how can you get great images when you’re stuck with zeros like Drew Barrymore. End of rant.

  28. hellen says:

    OMG, she does look like Sharon Tate, especially in that mirror photo.

  29. la chica says:

    photoshop, excellent surgery (she has admitted to breast reduction but i think she also did her nose, jawline, and eyes), weight loss, and some toning up.

  30. Team Bethenny says:

    “Weight loss, aging, plastic surgery or Photoshop?”


    And hair extensions.

  31. chris says:

    @Saintdevil, so right on the aging with Lohan. I’m old enough to be her mom (okay if I got started REALLY young!) and I have fewer lines on my forehead than her.

    I think Drew looks good. The cover is just bad photoshop, but she’s been in other things recently and doesn’t really look like that.

  32. Kitten says:

    Definitely ‘shopped but isn’t she so gorgeous? I think so…

  33. wunderkindt says:

    Tons of photoshop and plastic surgery.

    Honestly, I have to admit the truth:I think a slightly plumpish Drew is really adorable and prefer that to a bone thin Drew who looks too haggard.

  34. OC lady says:

    I hate it when they photoshop the uniqueness out of someone’s face. It’s beyond ridiculous. What’s the point?

  35. Shawna says:

    Drew always looks good in high fashion shoots. It’s the lighting, the expression on her face, the blown-out hair, gold-toned makeup.

  36. Crash2GO2 says:

    Boy she really has slimmed down. And been tweaked and photoshopped of course. But she looks very pretty and still recognizable.

  37. Mistral says:

    WOW. Drew is looking absolutely beautiful. I don’t know how anyone can hate on her goofy, free-spirited ass. I think she’d be great to hang out with.

  38. LBees says:


  39. Sumodo1 says:

    Photoshop, lipo. Nose job! Lips done. Yes! Nose job!

  40. albeli says:

    The cover shot is bizarro–Photoshop.

  41. Ruffian9 says:

    Now, I do like myself some Drew…but there’s no way that’s an accurate representation of her hips or waist in the pic where she’s standing in the door frame. She may have lost some weight, but she’s not runway model thin (this is a good thing!).

  42. gg says:

    OMG that lace dress is stunning. Wow.

  43. Camille says:

    That cover looks weird, however the rest of the pics are the best she has ever looked. She looks utterly gorgeous. Love the 60′s vibe.

  44. Maritza says:

    Who are they kidding? These magazines always photoshop.

  45. Carrie says:

    I have no idea if she’s had work done- but for about the past year (maybe a little longer) every picture I see of her on a carpet looks fantastic! Her fashion and styling is still hit or miss, but her face and body are the best she has ever looked.

  46. coup de grazia says:

    wow, i LOVE the fashion in her shoot. each pic above – fantastic clothes.

  47. Isa says:

    I’ve been screaming plastic surgery for months now! But I also think there is some weight loss and photoshop added in now. A few months ago she didn’t seem this slim but she had lost weight in her face already.

    Anyway, I think she looks great and these pictures are beautiful!

  48. Sally says:

    Love the chartreuse dress – it’s normally such a hard colour to wear! However, I think she was prettier when she had a bit more weight on her :(

  49. Kiska says:

    Her Covergirl ads are stunning. I almost didn’t recognize her. I figured the ad was photoshopped.

  50. GT says:

    She looks absolutely gorgeous!! I think she would be super fun to hang out with as her personality always shines.

  51. mollination says:

    Ah, damn. I hate that you find her cloying – like in a personally insulted way, haha. I really think Drew and I might be too similiar for words (and this isn’t even because I’m a drew superfan…I just like her OK actually. But I can’t deny how similiar we seem) and one of my biggest hurdles in life is perception. Sometimes I think people mistake my effusiveness or enthusiasm as disingenuous or…. “cloying”.

    I don’t think Drew ever “tries” at all – I think she just is. And I really love that aspect of her. I hope I’m actually right about my perception of her in real life…sigh.

  52. mollination says:

    p.s. I understand that “cloying” and “not genuine” are too different things — I just re-read my comment and realized it seems like I’m using the two ajectives interchangeably.

  53. jemshoes says:

    I call weight loss and Photoshop (really hoping it’s not plastic surgery!) …

  54. Shay says:

    Everything is artificial. This is Hollywood, where looks -unfortunately- matter more than brains. It’s part of her job and I’m thinking she has all the time to perfect, hone and exercise, as well as employ a personal chef and trainer.

  55. So much hard to guess her age but she looks so young & beauty, grate one is her long dress match with her hair color.

  56. Stephy2485 says:


    Also, Julianne Moore called…She wants her face back.

  57. Lex says:

    It’s photoshop. Badly-done, I might add.

  58. frances quinn says:

    definitely got the sharon tate look right in these from hair to clothes. love the pics.

  59. jmflynny says:

    Barrymore has a rather weak chin but here she’s sporting a Salma Hayek. I’m going to guess that she’s photo-shopped because I can’t imagine her letting someone do that to her permanently.

  60. Why are people so happy about losing their baby fat? Drew looks like another skinny stupid model in these photos and not like a strong and crazy Charlie’s Angel we all love. Drew, love, gain some weight and never let anyone to photoshop you!!!

  61. Herbal Diet says:

    She looks beautiful. I think this is surgery and photoshop for sure

  62. mc says:

    she looks gorgeous, much more than she did.

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  64. cats says:

    what is drew barrymores hair colour called is it blamonde or something???

  65. I’m very glad to I initiate this post. Thank you over the extent of sharing us gentlemanly info.

  66. Rewq says:

    Plastic surgery: drew barrymore has had face lipo then cheekbone implants, chin implant and mandibular jaw implants to totally restructure her face. drew barrymore had a ‘stepped on’ face before and now it’s symmetric. she had no fat to lose on her body and you do not loose chubby cheeks ever, look at kirsten dunst or amanday bynes, with the stick body and lollipop head.

  67. Rewq says:

    drew barrymore has bought the right to the movie where she will play Sharon Tate, that’s why she got the surgery, she’s the spitten image of sharon tate.

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  69. Meanchick says:

    She looks absolutley gorgeous! She nailed the ‘Sharon Tate’ look!