Kate Walsh wears a sushi dress after getting bashed by Lady Gaga fans on Twitter

Private Practice and Grey’s Anatomy star Kate Walsh wore a dress adorned with sushi and sashimi on The Tonight Show on Friday. Walsh said it was in homage to Lady Gaga, some of whose fans went after her on twitter for making a comment about the meat dress that Gaga wore to the VMAs. On Twitter Walsh wroteJust saw the meat dress…dunno. Love her, but her argument for wearing it is lame and doesn’t track…” which is an accurate assessment but of course Gaga’s “monsters” went after her. That doesn’t jibe with how she explained the Twitter controversy to Leno, as she made it sound like she just joked that it looked like prosciutto that she could eat with some melon. Walsh says that she also wore the dress to bring awareness to the Oceana organization. Unlike Gaga’s real (but cheap!) meat dress, Walsh’s sushi was all fake, as she later admitted to on Twitter.

‘Private Practice’ star Kate Walsh paid tribute to Lady Gaga’s meat dress with an alternative for seafood lovers everywhere. “It’s a sushi and sashimi dress,” the “Private Practice” star told host Jay Leno on Thursday.

Walsh’s dress included a lobster-tail shoulder piece and was packed to the gills with maki rolls, bits of yellowtail, tuna, salmon, and edamame, and was accessorized with a maki-roll ring and sunglasses, and peep-toe Louis Vuitton heels with a prawn across the toes.

“It’s an homage, if you will, to Lady Gaga,” Walsh explained of her outfit. “I was inspired by her meat dress.” The actress added, however, that she and the superstar singer recently hit a rough patch.

“I was on a plane during the VMAs and one of my Twitter fans said, ‘What did you think of Lady Gaga’s meat dress?'” said Walsh, who hadn’t yet seen the show since she was in transit.

“They sent me a link, I opened it up, and I was like, ‘Oh!’ The first thought I had was, like, ‘A nice plate of prosciutto with melon,’ thinking that’s kind of witty,” she told Leno. “But oh no, no, no, no! It set off the Little Monsters [Gaga’s fans]. It opened up a whole can of whoop-ass.”

The pair have since patched things up, and Walsh decided to pay tribute to the “Alejandro” singer with her ensemble and also raise awareness for her favorite charity, Oceana, which aims to protect our planet and its waters.

“I’m a huge fan of Lady Gaga. Whatever her statement was with her meat dress, I thought, Why not give a shout out to one of my charities,” Walsh explained.

“These are all totally sustainable fish, by the way,” she noted of her dress. “There’s no bluefin on here. You want to stay away from that.”

[From Popeater]

You can watch the full interview on NBC.com and there’s a segment below, thanks to AOL’s popeater. Of course that old perv Leno made some dumb jokes about the sushi and said “this is the first time I thought I [would] really enjoy having some sushi.”

Walsh got flirty and asked “you feel like going fishing?

Yeah I don’t mind going fishing. Actually, I like deep sea fishing.”

Walsh said that Amy Brenneman got her into tweeting, and that she resisted at first thinking “No, that might be the end of Western civilization.” She said she’s really into it now and enjoys interacting with her fans. “There’s no other way to kind of do that. [Talk to fans] I love my fans.

She seems nice enough and the sushi dress was kind of funny. It’s clear she doesn’t take herself seriously, and you have to admire that. She’s not above using the same tactics as Gaga to get some press, but at least she’ll tell you where she got her inspiration and not make up some muddled excuse.



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  1. Sumodo1 says:


  2. Samigirl says:

    I always thought she was kind of high strung, but this is kind of awesome.

  3. mojoman says:

    Hilarious! dang, now I am craving for them sashimi!!

  4. RHONYC says:

    ok…i’m super slow on the uptake i admit it, but…was gagita’s dress really made out of meat?!?!

    i was sure it was fake.

    *doh!* 🙁

  5. Jean says:

    I love Kate Walsh.
    She’s the reason I endured two seasons of Grey’s Anatomy.

  6. chasingadalia says:

    Haha. Melon.

  7. xxodettexx says:

    love kate walsh, i cannot watch private practice but loved her on grey’s anatomy! i miss dr montgomery!

    and yes, i love that she doesnt take herself too seriously

  8. malachais says:

    See, this was a very easy and resourceful way of proving her a point or displaying her beliefs. The idea of “being attacked on Twitter” or people “attacking” each other on Twitter is pretty stupid.

  9. Liana says:

    I’m so glad I’m no one’s “little monster.”

  10. BethL says:

    I love Kate and I really enjoy Private Practice.

  11. flutters says:

    This = win. Very funny and very clever. Good job by Kate & team!

  12. K-MAC says:

    she is pretty damn funny! I like her a lot…..

  13. im awful says:

    i wish more people called lady gaga out on her bull. the fact that she couldnt explain the meat dress is proof she doesnt have a “cause”. she just wants attention.

  14. Johnny'sGirl says:

    That is priceless.. Love it when an actor surprises me.. This definately had me surprised.

  15. JustBe says:


    A radio show said that there was a story either in Nat. Enq. or on one of those annoying celebrities stalker shows (The Insider, Extra, etc.) where a supposed Lady Gaga insider ‘admits’ that LG’s wardrobe/personality is just publicity spin because her record label people didn’t think she was attractive enough to be successful as a pop star. What’s your take on it? Have you heard the story that I’m mentioning?

    I have to admit that when first saw her, this was the assumption that I made.

  16. im awful says:

    @ JustBe

    oh yes, shes quite hideous. no doubt.

  17. Solveig says:

    Hope the dress didn’t stink.
    *I’m so hungry for japanese food these days I almost feel sick :(*

  18. Just a Poster says:

    Love Kate!

  19. Conando says:

    Little monsters should be sterilized for the good of mankind.

  20. GaGa and her fans should learn to laugh.

  21. Pretty1908 says:

    funny i love when real talent strikes back.

  22. original kate says:

    lady gaga fans need to lighten up. this is funny as hell.

  23. wunderkindt says:


    Where’s the wasabi?

  24. womanfromthenorth says:

    Yes real meat! Like Kates take on it… the shoes! To cute

  25. HotPockets says:

    @ Conando. Your comment made me laugh.
    Made me think of that movie, Idiocracy.That was the premise of the movie, what happens when all the stupid people reproduce and damn, it’s scary.

    Lady Gaga’s little cacas

  26. Manda3 says:

    Haha. Yes. Bring it on. Hahahahaha thats great.

  27. Jover says:

    FYI justbe I’m surprised no one on this site has mentioned the article in the USA Today 9/14/2010 that reviewed Maureen Callahan’s unauthorized bio of Caca. It’s accompanied by a photo of caca and her Sacred Heart schoolmates circa 2004 showing CaCa as a completely normal chick dressed in a blue track suit AE or American Apparel; not wacky or couture in the least. Further its well known Rob Fusari in the spring of 06 or 07 retooled her image, wrote essentially many of her songs and even gave her her stage name ( a gloss on a line from a Queen song); Remarkably, he recently sued her for something like 30 mil for his proceeds in helping create her, the suite was settled out of court, and yet there hasn’t been anything about it in the press. Caca’s pr machine has kept it out of site. Among other tidbits, the article mentions that her father used his connections to get her gigs and her mother talked doormen into letting then underage Caca into clubs. Remarkably, also this bio by Ms. Callahan hasn’t gotten much pub. Bottom line Justbe she’s fake, contrived, and corporate; her little monsters are monstrously deluded.

  28. jemshoes says:

    @ 9. Liana

    I co-sign.

    “Little monsters” seemed like an affectionate nickname she gave to her fans; now it just sounds condescending.

  29. knotstu says:

    So where did she put the miso soup?

  30. bb says:

    I’m glad people are finally starting to see CaCa for what she is.

    This Kate Walsh thing is funny, but perhaps she shouldn’t have done it. It helps CaCa delusionally think she’s actually influential.

  31. Genevieve says:

    HAHA! So funny…I can’t believe no other female celebs have done something like this before. I hate lady GagGag!

  32. hjsplit says:

    Thanks for the info, I must bookmark your website for my reference