Anthony Hopkins explains how he dropped 75 pounds in two years


I had noticed that Anthony Hopkins had lost a great deal of weight in the past few years, but I always assumed that he was sick and that we would find out at some point what terrible illness he was fighting, and until then, we should just respect his privacy. As it turns out, however, Sir Anthony was actually on a diet. He wasn’t sick. At least that’s what he claims. He’s promoting his supporting part in the Woody Allen ensemble, You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger, and he did an interview with NYP’s Cindy Adams. He tells Adams that his wife put on a diet and made him go to the gym six days a week (Jesus), and that he lost 75 pounds in two years the old fashioned way – through hard work. Just so you know, I find this whole interview charming, and I would hit it:

Sir Anthony Hopkins. In Woody Allen’s delicious new film “You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger” — about how after you get older, des perate, divorced, Viagra and so sexy you marry a hooker, it all goes lousy. Said Hannibal Lecter:

“Comedy is not my usual role. I’m not Dick Van Dyke, but this was a good part, and I enjoy offbeat New York Jewish humor. I can play any situation. My character is ‘afraid of being alone.’ I know one divorced Hollywood guy in his 60s who got into hookers. He died, alone, in six months. They can have it. I’m in my 70s, and I know.”

“For seven years I’m with my third wife, who’s 18 years younger and a nurturer. I’m a loner. Very few friends. None actors. She has her Spanish lady friends around, and I love that. We have a ball. I’m not looking for women, but I do love the ladies.”

Said newly slim Tony Hopkins: “I lost too much, 75 pounds in two years. But I gained a little back in Europe. I was addicted to bread, cookies, whatnot. I love all the bad stuff. My wife’s no dictator, but she said I must stick to a regimen. So I’m in the gym six days a week, I power walk, live on 800 calories a day. No pasta. No seconds. A sandwich occasionally. Now I’m a health nut. I can’t get back into my wardrobe. I gave it all away to some mission. I tried tailoring the pants but they look ridiculous.”

“I can’t do anything but act. I stumbled into the profession 55 years ago. I’m careless. I go astray. Misplace things. As an impractical kid I was hopeless. I’d do odd jobs. If I weren’t an actor I’d be a burglar or seafarer.”

[From The NY Post]

“She has her Spanish lady friends around, and I love that. We have a ball. I’m not looking for women, but I do love the ladies.” How much would you love that? To be one of his wife’s girlfriends and get to go over to his house and flirt with him? But it does strike me that he probably is more comfortable being around women – he seems like that kind of man, doesn’t he? I love those men. As far as his dieting and exercise – he’s 73 years old! I understand that his wife wants him to be healthy, but let him have a cookie, for the love of God.

TORONTO, ON - SEPTEMBER 12: Actors Anthony Hopkins attends the 'You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger' press conference held at the Four Seasons during the 35th 2010 Toronto International Film Fesitval on September 12, 2010 in Toronto, Canada. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

TORONTO, ON - SEPTEMBER 11: Actor Anthony Hopkins attends the Sony Pictures Classic Dinner held at Cr me Brasserie during the 35th oronto International Film Festival on September 11, 2010 in Toronto, Canada. (Photo by Toby Canham/Getty Images)

TORONTO, ON - SEPTEMBER 12: Actor Anthony Hopkins arrives at the 'You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger' Premiere held at the Hyatt Regency during the 35th Toronto International Film Festival on September 12, 2010 in Toronto, Canada. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Actor Anthony Hopkins and his wife Stella Arroyave arrive for the Toronto International Film Festival premiere of 'You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger' at The Elgin Theater in Toronto, Canada on September 12, 2010. UPI/Christine Chew Photo via Newscom

Header: Hopkins at TIFF on Sept. 10, 2010. Credit: WENN.

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  1. dorothy says:

    He’s a little too thin, but really..he’s like Sean Connery. Love the accent, love the distinquished gentlemen. Hard not to swoon over those guys.

  2. jane says:

    I love him, but 800 calories a day is not anything! Eat a biscuit every so often, Sir Anthony! 🙂

  3. nnire says:

    800 calories per day doesn’t sound healthy at all, especially with 6 work-outs per week!

  4. eja102 says:

    life should not be about 800 calories a day.

  5. PD says:

    I love him dearly and I’m only 24. Haha. He’s fabulous.

  6. Isabel says:

    800 calories a day!? If he were a 25 year old woman, we’d be screaming bloody murder about anorexia!!

  7. wunderkindt says:

    Wow! Awesome that he is taking such good care of his health while in his 70s. His efforts obviously show.

    This is the extreme opposite compared to much younger yet very unhealthy people like Lindsay Lohan. Maybe they can learn a thing or two from ‘vintage’ stars like Sir Anthony!

  8. AlaskaJoey says:

    800 calories a day might qualify as elder abuse. That is not enough to sustain someone who’s working out that much. Even if he’s not doing hardcore cardio. One of my grandfather’s greatest joys was a bowl of ice cream every day in his life in later years. I would never have dreamed of taking that from him.

  9. Feebee says:

    I think he could afford to go to 1200 calories a day. If he has a heart attack and is in hospital, he won’t be thinking, thank god I didn’t have that pasta!

    That said, he’s looking good and if he feels good then good for him.

  10. BB says:

    As others said, 800 calories a day is really unhealthy. Even without the gym, an average woman shouldn’t consume any less than 1200 calories a day on a diet!

    I hope he is exaggerating….

  11. Johnny'sGirl says:

    1200 calories are just fine for him. I love him too.. He’s great!

  12. Anne says:

    He’s so good. I am glad he is still acting.

  13. xxodettexx says:

    love him! dont know how healthy 800 calories are [maybe for his age its appropriate?] so i will just assume for now that his wife wants him to maintain a “healthy” regime in order for him to stick around a while longer

    my mom recently put my dad [a sergeant with the army] on a very restricted diet, but she followed the recommendations of his cardiologist and her reason was “i need him to stick around with me for much MUCH longer” [aww, yeah, my parents are disgustingly cute in their love for each other, 30 years and counting so far]

  14. Tazina says:

    2000 calories a day would be about right, especially with all that working out he’s doing. How I do it is have Saturday as my “treat” day. I always have it to look forward to as I’m dieting the rest of the week. It works great.

  15. TeeTee says:

    she’s trying to keep him around, good for her..maybe the 800 calories was a mistake..

    Good for them!!!

    I love Sir Anthony Hopkins!!!

  16. MrsOdie2 says:

    I’m relieved it isn’t cancer. It looked like cancer.

  17. original kate says:

    800 calories for an adult man is waaaaay too little. he needs to put on about 15 pounds and stay there. in any case, tubby or thin, i love sir anthony. great actor and an interesting guy. and the panty-melting voice always helps!

  18. PrimeO says:

    800 calories a day is not enough to sustain even the body’s basic daily functions… there’s no way he could sustain such a diet for long. He would soon collapse.

    Especially with working out several days a week…

  19. umm says:

    Isn’t the cutoff for an eating disorder 1200 calories a day? His body must be in complete starvation mode

  20. Jill says:

    When you’re older you don’t need the calories, you need good Nutrition! Sounds like he’s very well looked after.

  21. Bodhi says:

    Let the man have some cookies!

    Anyhoo… my dad is like that, he would rather hang out with women than men. He doesn’t give a damn about sports (other than tennis) & just thinks that women are more interesting than men!

  22. Sumodo1 says:

    Beautiful wife, healthy, happy. It’s good to be Sir Hopkins.

  23. kelbear says:

    Loved him in Fracture.

  24. Leticia says:

    I think he looked better before his eye job.

  25. a says:

    800 per day doesn’t sound like much but if you are trying to lose weight from being clinically overweight, you have to go down to 800 to lose the fat. the key is once you are down to normal weight, bringing it back up to 1200.

  26. Crash2GO2 says:

    ‘If I weren’t an actor I’d be a burglar or seafarer.’

    Gawd he’s fabulous. I love how adoring his wife is looking at him. Clearly they have a very loving relationship.

  27. Cam says:

    I don’t think it’s possible. I mean, only 800 calories a day with all the work out he’s doing? I really hope that’s not true.

  28. jc126 says:

    I wouldn’t say it necessarily qualifies as elder abuse. He might be slightly exaggerating for effect and it’s really like 1200 calories or more. And old folks, at least a lot of them, have less appetite and cut down on food intake naturally.
    He looks and sounds very happy, so it seems this regimen is working for him, I think. If he can handle 6 days a week of exercise, that’s great! Stave off the grim reaper a little longer, keep the mobility longer..

  29. Camille says:

    @Bodhi: And yet when a woman likes to hang out with men there is something ‘wrong with her’. Funny how there is a double standard about that isn’t there.

  30. Daisy says:

    He’s adorable and doesn’t look underfed to me. I’m sure he gets whatever he wants whenever he wants it. No one tells this man what he can have. Not even his hoochie mama. I’m sure he humors her but give it a couple more years, he’ll be wanting something different. What a funny old man!

  31. Beeb says:

    800 calories is too restrictive. He says he’s lost too much…so there’s no need then to stay at such a low caloric intake since something like 800 would be for weight loss and not maintenance.

  32. Katie says:

    I LOVE him! He is so charming and adorable. His wife needs to let up a little on that diet though! =P

  33. AJ says:

    Overrated SNOB.

  34. LisaMarie says:

    800 Calories?! Good grief, I’m only 5’2″ and I can lose weight at 1400 cals/day. No wonder he lost too much!

  35. Maria.Sato says:

    Should it be 1,800 calories a day, instead of 800 calorie a day (not reasonable).

    ‘So I’m in the gym six days a week, I power walk, live on 1800 calories a day. No pasta. No seconds. A sandwich occasionally. Now I’m a health nut.’

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