Life & Style: Angelina Jolie “manipulates” Shiloh into being tomboy


For. The. Love. Of. God. Life & Style seems to think they’ve got a winning tabloid recipe by continuing the “Angelina Jolie is evil, and a horrible mother, because Shiloh is dressed like a boy” cover stories. I’ve lost count of how many covers they’ve run on that theme – this might be the sixth, maybe? It’s beyond ridiculous. Life & Style’s editors seems to think that Angelina and Angelina alone is the “reason” that Shiloh wears pants. According to their sources and experts, when Angelina isn’t sending messages to the gerbils via carrier pigeon, she’s barking orders at her stylist to find some cargo pants for Shiloh. “Yes,” Angelina says, rubbing her hands together. “It’s her fault for not being born a boy, I will rectify the situation by giving her a bowl cut.”

While Angelina Jolie has always insisted she has nothing to do with daughter Shiloh’s controversial boyish behavior, insiders close to the family tell Life & Style that Angelina’s actually the one dressing Shiloh like a tomboy. “She’s been dressing Shiloh in her older brother Maddox’s hand-me-downs, including making her wear boys’ boxer shorts, for years,” the insider tells Life & Style.

“It definitely doesn’t look like she dressed herself,” Children’s stylist Zoey Washington tells Life & Style, referring to Shiloh’s trendy ensemble on Sept. 14 at LAX–an Old Navy Pique Polo boys’ top, shorts brother Maddox wore in 2007 and unlaced combat boots. “Maybe her mom had her stylist throw the look together.”

“Angelina has an idea that each child should have a specific personality that she picked out for them practically at birth,” the insider says. “She’s the tomboy.”

In fact, she even gave her daughter a boy’s name. Of Hebrew origin, Shiloh has meanings including “his gift” and “he who is to be sent” and is traditionally used for boys. And she’s come to prefer boys’ names: Shiloh asks to be called John or Peter, Brad once revealed. And a second insider tells Life & Style she’s added the name Gregory to her list.

“It’s normal for a little girl to explore the opposite gender,” notes psychologist and parenting expert Jonathan Alpert. “But if a parent is trying to defy a cultural norm at the expense of the child, that’s a different story. Parents shouldn’t push their agenda via their child.”

[From Life & Style]

I thought they named her Shiloh because Angelina’s mother Marcheline loved the name “Shiloh Baptist” and Marcheline always wanted to name one of her kids that? And “Shiloh” was a name that was used by both Angelina and James Haven at various times in their lives, and it had great significance to them? As far as wanting to change her name – yeah. A lot of kids do that. I wanted to be called “Diane” for years when I was a kid. And now I write under a completely different name too. And I wear pants ALL THE TIME. ZOMG!!! Angelina has forced me to become a lesbian too!!!

So, basically, I wish Life & Style would eat a big, burning bag of d-cks. F-ckers.

38647, VENICE, ITALY - Tuesday March 16, 2010. Angelina Jolie holds onto Shiloh and Zahara in between filming for The Tourist . Earlier, she was spotted filming scenes with co-star Johnny Depp on a boat wearing a beige scarf and elegant ivory dress. In between takes, she's Mama Jolie! Photograph:

38338, VENICE, ITALY - Sunday March 7, 2010. Angelina Jolie carries daughter Shiloh, with Pax leading the way, after visiting director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck at his home in Venice. Angelina, along with Shiloh and Pax, visited the director of her upcoming film at his home in Venice. Photograph:

39558, VENICE, ITALY - Friday April 16, 2010. Brad Pitt's parents, William and Jane, go for an outing with grandkids Shiloh, Pax, Maddox, and Zahara in Venice, Italy. Maddox and Shiloh take turns jumping around, with Shiloh looking adorable in her striped sailor outfit (complete with white jeans!) while the equally fashionable Zahara is seen holding onto a Hello Kitty clutch that looks a little too large for her tiny frame! Pax holds onto grandpa William's hand as the family enjoys a nice day in Venice, with mother Angelina Jolie filming scenes for The Tourist. Photograph:

UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie talks to local press during a press conference in Islamabad, Pakistan, on September 8, 2010. Photo by Tanner-UNHCR via Balkis Press/ABACAPRESS.COM Photo via Newscom

Life & Style cover courtesy of CoverAwards.

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  1. gillie says:

    i wish it were illegal in the us for tabloids to run stories about any celebrity’s child/ren.

  2. truthSF says:

    It was too quiet in gossip land for a few weeks, so I knew the Angelina is a bad mom story was about to pop up.

  3. neelyo says:

    Geez, that UNHCR pic is terrifying. At first I thought it was Octomom, then Powder.

    That mag should be boycotted for targeting kids. I’d do so but I don’t read it.

  4. S_____ says:

    I love you. and my tomboy daughter would love you too, if she could read.

  5. Samigirl says:

    Or maybe she just really loves her big brothers and daddy and aspires to be like them. My 3 year old little boy LOVES my MAC eyeshadow pallets and is especially fond of some pink peep toe stilettos, despite the fact that his daddy and grandpa buy him tons of trucks, cars, and trains. Some kids just like different things 🙂

  6. jen says:

    That Mother Teresa pic is hilarious!

  7. geenie says:

    Angelina gives her children the freedom to express themselves and form their own identity then she’s deemed as ‘manipulative’ by the tabloids – yeah, okay.

    I actually applaud her. She probably let’s her kids pick-out whatever they want at the store. Nothing wrong with that.

  8. anonymous says:

    And Shiloh doesn’t have a dad namely Brad Pitt who stands by silently and do the Saint Brad Angel thing. Angie broke up his marraige to Jennifer Aniston,a grown ass man soon to be 50,later on you would find out that after Mr and Mrs Smith he chased after Angie all the way to Europe, wasn’t Brad Pitt the one in Italy who took his daughter shopping for hundreds of dollars worth of boy’s clothes?

  9. hanh says:

    Victory for all the tomboys everywhere. Just because we like boys names (some of them are pretty cool, lots of boys names over the years have been used for girls and are now considered girls names) and prefer to wear pants doesn’t mean we’re automatically lesbians!

    people are seriously crazy with the gender separation.

  10. Tess says:

    I’m beginning to think that the price of celebrity is too high and is absolutely disasterous for any kind of family life.

    Yet, people will line up willingly, happy to pay any price and sacrifice everything for the chance to be a celebrity.

  11. Tinks says:

    I totally believe that Angelina is a master manipulator. I understand that some girls are tomboys – I was one myself – but my mother would never have let me out of the house in combat boots and FILTHY pants.

    Angelina is not a good mother – maybe she was when it was just Maddox, but she’s in way over her head at this point. Her kids look miserable being dragged all over the world with no stability – and I agree that she imposes the ‘personalities’ she has chosen for her kids on them.

    It was obvious her agenda and image are priority number one when she invited People magazine into her hotel room with a confused and terrified Pax immediately after his adoption.

    This woman is mentally unstable and I feel so sorry for her traveling circus of children, not to mention Brad. He knows she’s a psycho and he’s stuck pretending to be her partner, probably desperate to protect his kids from her insanity.

  12. Cheyenne says:

    The Triangle is played out so now they have to make an issue out of the gender separation.

    Their bottom line must be in deep doo-doo.

  13. RHONYC says:

    i think she wants to be just like her daddy. nothing wrong with that. 🙂

  14. BethL says:

    As far as I know all parents pick out their kids’ clothing. A kid will tell what they like and don’t like but a parent would make they are dress appropriately and matching. Does anbody believe that Kingston and Suri dress themselves? They are considered stylish. Which leads to why doesn’t anbody bash Kingston’s painted nails or Suri expensive, fancy clothing? I don’t get why people are insisting that Angelina beats Shilo into her clothes. Kids make it perfectly obvious when they hate something. If she hated these clothes she would be ripping them off. Also there were pictures of Shiloh in Italy or France looking at boy clothing and checking herself out in a mirror. Angelina wasn’t even there so there goes the “forced into these clothes” theory.

  15. Feebee says:

    So over this stupid story angle. My two daughters had short hair for years, 1) they suited it and 2)they hated having their hair brushed anyway so it was easier. Same reason they wore pants most of the time… because all kids like playing around and being comfortable. They still loved their dolls and princesses and now they’re wearing longer hair and lots of dresses.

    Not every little girl wants to look like Suri Cruise every day.

  16. Me1st says:

    Why is it that everyone thinks they know what Angie is doing to her kids when truth is we will NEVER know since we don’t personally know the people…come on, just some more gossip people!!!

  17. P.J. says:

    Jolie’s barely recognizable in that UNHCR photo! Interesting that given the expression on her face, she should have frown lines, but doesn’t. That forehead is really Botox-frozen.

  18. M. says:

    And now if someone starts moaning about how unnatural and Botox-ed Nic Kidman’s face is I’ll start screaming! 😀

  19. Liana says:

    I just told my husband that since I dress in pants and combat boots a lot, I’m a lesbian. He blamed Angelina.

  20. jc126 says:

    I don’t buy it for a second. Especially the part about how she thinks they all should have a specific personality she picks out for them at birth – remember her saying how having a newborn was so different than adopting an older child because the newborn was kind of a blank slate and the personality wasn’t apparent yet?
    Life & Style – I can’t imagine what kind of sleazeballs write these stories.

  21. bizzy says:

    She’s been dressing Shiloh in her older brother Maddox’s hand-me-downs

    except, y’know, maddox was always more urban-skater-surf-punk. i love shiloh’s euro-trash-chav-playboy thingie, but maddox wouldn’t be seen dead in it. so not him.

  22. AMY says:

    …well, my daughter tanya wanted to be called Catherine… coz sometimes kids imagine they’re somebody else

  23. bizzy says:

    @Liana: you might just be a marine. and i’m not sure you can blame angie for that.

  24. Jennifer says:

    Ok, I’ve always thought Angelina dressed Shiloh like a tomboy on purpose, so this is really no surprise to me. The whole “personality at birth” crap sounds a bit cheesy, even for the chick who french kissed her brother at the oscars… That last picture is TERRIFYING though.

  25. Bored says:

    Did they forget The photo op of brad shopping for boy clothes in paris with Shiloh and zahara? Anyway, they Do this because of the crazy brad Pitt fans that buy The tabs. They will never not hate angelina and her kids. If they realised that Shiloh actually looks more like jolie did when she was a kid they would really hate her but they’re obsessed with Shiloh because they think she looks like their idol
    Brad Pitt. Lol

  26. WhiteNoise says:

    Bad evil Angie raising a happy, contented – not to mention totally cute! – little kid.

    Off with her bad evil head. At the very least. And then shove it on a big stick somewhere prominent so it can be a lesson to everyone about what happens when you let your kids be themselves.

  27. Cheyenne says:

    @Anonymous: You still bleating that tired “Angelina broke up Brad’s marriage” bullshit? How does anybody break up a “grown-ass man”‘s marriage? If Brad was a “grown-ass man” then he made his own decision. Jesus, give it a rest. Maybe it was all for the best anyway. Jenny-poo will marry John Mayer by Christmas, have seven children with him and live happily ever after.

  28. chi chi says:

    angelina used to be a real weirdo, remember? let’s ignore wearing bill bob’s blood around her neck. that could be explained. but who the hell makes out with their brother? F’IN DISGUSTING!

  29. Johnny'sGirl says:

    You mean all these years, I have been a lesbian and didnt know it??? I was a tomboy and wore pants and that makes you a lesbian? OMG!!! I didnt know!! AAHHHHHHHHHAHHHHHH *Running around the room in confusion* I gotta call my mother and tell her!

  30. hellen says:

    “i love shiloh’s euro-trash-chav-playboy thingie”

    It’s Montenegro style!

  31. Po says:

    Very small children who are not far from being toddlers don’t pick their clothes, their parents do. I don’t know what mom’s motivation is when it comes to any of her children and I don’t necessarily think dressing a child more girly or tomboyish is going to make that huge a difference. However, I don’t believe for one second that Shiloh picks all of her clothes herself.

  32. bellebeesting says:

    @ cheyenne. jenny-poo? really? how old are you? or is that just a kneejerk response to other little girls on the playground who say angie-ho?

    lol at hellen @ 30 and moving on…

  33. spinner says:

    I do not think that Shiloh dresses herself like this at 4 years of age. That is utter bullshit!! And…speaking of shit…Angie looks it.

  34. Beth says:

    I love the way Shiloh dresses. Today my fifth grader wore a lime-green tutu skirt over skinny jeans and a pink Adidas jacket with white stripes. I had nothing to do with it, but by this article’s logic, I better hope the school aides and teachers don’t think I was the mastermind behind her look.

  35. Kim says:

    So for the people who believe she decided to make her into a tomboy please explain all the dresses she put her in until she was 3. Offhand I can remember seeing Shiloh in over 20 dresses the last one in LI at the grocery store with Brad Zahara(in the same dress) and Angie in Spring 2009. BTW There are several pics of Zahara wearing Maddox’s tshirts What is your theory on that?If Shiloh doesnt pick her clothes I guess Jessica Alba, Brooke Sheilds, Salma Hayek, Gwen Stefani, Katie Holmes are all lying when they claim their toddlers pick their clothes.

  36. xxodettexx says:

    for those saying that children do not dress themselves, umm: HAH! i call total BS on that based on my and my brother’s experiences ALONE… i was a very stubborn child and went through a phase where i wantd ONLY red, black and white stuff; then another phase where i wanted ALL purple, and another phase in my later childhood [7-11] of wanting to dress like my brother and his friends… my brother was notorious for wanting to wear my shirts and sometimes skirts and play dress up with me to wear mom’s heels…

    my parents just chose to not make an issue of it and instead saved their battlegrounds for actual important things like making sure we ate healthy and went to school and had our medical check-ups… why deal with a tantrum over clothes, is how my mom looked at it

    edited to add: yeah and i totally love the penis and my brother, while being pretty unhomophobix, is pretty much a vagina-chaser..

  37. whatever says:

    Jolie needs to learn to zip it, regarding her kids. She is the one that opened up that can of worms..even Pitt opened up about how Shiloh wants to be called John.

    They want privacy for their kids..then stop exploiting them!! Stop talking about them in interviews…and stick to the subject at hand, their movie roles, or humanitarian exploits…and Jolie needs to stop calling the paps, every time she steps out of the mansion with 2 of them at a time! There are other actors/actresses that keep their children out of the spotlight. It can be done!

  38. Whatever says:

    So, basically, I wish Life & Style would eat a big, burning bag of d-cks. F-ckers.

    Awesome. My sentiments exactly. These stories are so freaking stupid. Oh I also remember her in dresses as a baby and toddler on the covers of magazines. She just decided she likes boy’s clothes. So what? I have a daughter who went through a phase of browsing the boy’s department for shirts and hoodies. She is athletic and HATES pink, purple and anything with flowers, butterflies or hearts on it. In some sizes and stores, 90% of the clothes in the girls department had one of those things, making shopping a nightmare. Letting her pick out shirts in the boys department was easier and we all left the store happy.

  39. Zoe says:

    Oh yeah? How come she doesn’t do that with her other daughter then? What a load of BS. Leave Shiloh and her tomboyish ways alone, she’s clearly a happy kid.

  40. dovesgate says:

    My kids have both picked their clothes out since they were toddlers, especially my younger one. My older one leaned more towards sporty looks while my younger was more dressy. The only thing I insisted on (besides chests and bellys being covered and shorts to their fingertips or longer) is that the clothing mostly match (which I taught them how to do, although I have let them wear what they want when it didnt if they really, really wanted it) and that it be appropriate for the function they are going to.

    Oddly enough, there is still lots of room for self expression and my kids dress better and more appropriately for their ages than alot of kids at school and even their cousins do. Even if you think Angelina is some crazy control freak (or that shes too lax), you have to hand it to her that her children don’t dress like pedo-bait. Obviously there are *some* rules.

    BTW – the picture of Shiloh in the boat neck striped shirt, white jeans, and blazer? Thats feminine. I’ve never seen a boy dressed like that.

  41. Liana says:

    Today my fifth grader wore a lime-green tutu skirt over skinny jeans and a pink Adidas jacket with white stripes.

    I want your child.

  42. k says:

    Come on, people. Clearly Ellen Degeneres made her wear those outfits, not Angie.

  43. Lucky Charm says:

    @ Whatever – seriously, it would be much easier if the entire childrens department was just organized by size instead of gender. Not all little girls like the frilly girly stuff.

    My daughter often wore (and still does) her older brothers’ hand-me-downs. I would wear my dads, my cousin’s, and my husband’s clothes as well. Boys/mens clothes are just made more comfortably than girls clothes are.

    And we have seen plenty of pictures of Shiloh with her dolls, and Angelina said that she likes to nurture and take care of the family, so she sounds like a girl to me. When a toddler who spends a lot of time playing would rather be comfortable in boys clothes, I don’t see what the problem is, or why anyone else who is not raising these kids would have a problem with it.

  44. Moreaces says:

    Such BS, Im sure just like I did when I was her age, Shiloh is picking out her own cloths, and wears what she like and is comfortable in.. When will they leave Jolie alone.. And though I love her, She does look like the devil in the Passion of Christ in that picture..

  45. Juliebaby says:

    The real Mother Teresa didn’t break up any marriages!!!

  46. Leticia says:

    I think AJ is beautiful, a loving mother, great humanitarian, etc, so I am not at all an AJ hater.

    When Shiloh was a toddler, many people were overreacting to her beauty and also to the fact that she was a biological combo of her two beautiful parents. At this point in time, Shiloh was receiving more attention from people than her siblings. I think that AJ intentionally encouraged Shiloh to dress in a way that does not best showcase her physical beauty because AJ was probably concerned that all of the extra attention that Shiloh was receiving might make her crazy or harm her relationship with her siblings. Basically, I think that AJ did not want Shiloh to stand out so much from her siblings so she intentionally dresses her in a drab fashion.

    I’m not saying that Shiloh is cuter than her siblings, I am just saying that she was receiving a lot more attention from the press and from the public that her siblings were receiving, and the attention was due to the fact that she was the biological one, and people are so nuts about AJ and BP.

  47. Moreaces says:

    @ TinksAngelina is not a good mother – maybe she was when it was just Maddox, but she’s in way over her head at this point. Her kids look miserable being dragged all over the world with no stability – and I agree that she imposes the ‘personalities’ she has chosen for her kids on them

    You know thoes pills, in the medicine bottles in your cabinet, are not going to take themselves

  48. Kim says:

    So AJ is exploiting her kids when she talks about them. Is Courtney Cox exploiting Coco when she talks about her incessantly on talk shows like Ellen.So Every celeb mom can talk about their kids except AJ? Is Reese allowed to say Deacon likes karate? Is Mark Walgberg allowed to talk about his girls crush on Justin Bieber?AJ should talk about her kids rather than let tabloids make up more lies about them. They don’t need to call the paps. The paps (esp X17) sit outside their home 24/7.If they were exploiting the kids we would see them daily or weekly not monthly.Maddox and Pax haven’t been seen in over a month. There is a demand for certain celeb kids and very little for others,For example Johnny Depps kids went to Disneyland with their mom and only 2 tabloids bought the pics because there is no demand for them in America At celebrity baby sites the popular kids are Suri,Affleck girls,Rossdale Boys, Spears boys,Beckham boys, Nahla,Heidi and Seal’s Kids,JP kids and Nicole and Joel’s Kids.Letitia – IMO Shiloh gets twice as much attention from blogs/sites now ,than she did before she started dressing as a tomboy.The gossip sites/tabloids rarely mention the other kids including the twins unless its related to Shiloh. I’ve seen sites take pics of all the kids playing in the park and crop out everyone but her. She will always be The Golden Child

  49. She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named says:

    @Moreaces: 🙂

  50. Leticia says:

    By the way, Shiloh does not dress like a tomboy, she dresses like a grown man.

    And I don’t care, and I am not making a values judgment, and I don’t think that it makes a difference anyway. I am just saying that she is not wearing cute little overalls, she is wearing combat boots. And no, I am not being critical, cause it is none of my business anyway.

  51. skibunny says:

    The kid is super cute and who really cares what she wears but the boots are a little weird. I cant see a kid picking those out but whatever. I think constantly being dragged all over the place with no consistency or routine is hard on little kids.

  52. Kitten says:

    Gah. This (non)story again? I insisted on wearing ONLY my brother’s hand-me-downs growing up. My parents were ok with this because they never put an emphasis on superficial shit like clothing. Also, they were poor and this was probably a bit of a money-saver. Anyway, my point is that who cares?? Shiloh looks adorable and happy.

  53. fugly says:

    i am not an angie hater, but i must point out-why is it that her nose job is so obvious when she is sporting the burka? her face does look hacked into. hope she doesn’t do anything further to her face.

  54. Holly says:

    If the kid’s a tomboy, it’s FINE. Who gives a damn. But anyone with children will tell you that they aren’t picking out navy blazers and chino pants for themselves. To the person who mentioned that their child picked out a tutu, an adidas jacket, etc and wore it together, yeah, that sounds about right. They like mixing and matching different colors, patterns and styles. Four year olds don’t have “montenegro style”. Why can’t you people see that somebody is pushing this behind the scenes? There’s nothing wrong with it, but Angie clearly has some sort of agenda.

  55. Kim says:

    Good point she wore the Blazer and chinos when the Pitts took them sightseeing in Italy.A few days after Brad took her and Zahara shopping. Angie was filming maybe Grandma Pitt or Brad helped her with that ensemble(smile)This is all much ado about nothing.OT its official JLo and Steven Tyler or the new Idol judges

  56. Maria says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me.

  57. Jezi says:

    As much as I despise Angie for breaking up my favorite “it” couple, I’m gonna have to side with her on this one. My son likes to pick out his clothes and he’s not even 3 years old yet. Of course I direct him to the clothes that actually match but heck, kids have their own minds and choose what they want to wear. However, I do disagree with Angie on how babies aren’t born with personalities, that is bs. My son had a strong personality the minute he was born and nothing has changed.

  58. bb says:

    @Leticia – that’s exactly what creeps me out about it. Shiloh is not being dressed as a “Tomboy” she is being dressed as a mini man. She’s often dressed like a mini Scott Disick for crying out loud. No way does she pick out all her own clothes – gotta either be the work of a stylist or Angie herself.

  59. Crash2GO2 says:

    While the half unlaced combat boots aren’t quite as bad as kitten heels, they are still not appropriate for a very young child to be wearing out and about IMO.

    Oh well, everybody’s a critic. *sigh*

  60. Green Is Good says:

    L&S: Leave the kids out of your rag-mag. It’s straight up wrong. Shiloh is NOT a celebrity. Nor are her siblings.

  61. mary jane says:

    I’m so lazy. I’m just going to agree with Holly #54. The whole post.

    This “image” has nothing to do with being a tomboy. That’s an idiotic comparison!!

    I have 4 daughters, teens and tweens. Minds of their own. I am laissez-faire about clothing.

    But this thing that is going on between Angelina and her daughter reeks of manipulation.

  62. Cheyenne says:

    Juliebaby: The real Mother Teresa didn’t break up any marriages!!!

    Neither did Angie, honey. Brad dumped poor Jenny-poo because he got sick and tired of her. I mean, don’t they all? Just deal with it.

  63. mary jane says:

    @leticia #46 I would not argue with your theory at all.

  64. Kim says:

    Well up until 2 months ago Brad hadn’t worked since 2008 on IB so he has been w/ Shiloh more than Angie. With the exception of the Blazer outfit she dresses like him so maybe he is the ‘manipulator’. He did let her shop in the boys dept for clothes .GMAB

  65. original kate says:

    “my mother would never have let me out of the house in combat boots and FILTHY pants.”

    @ tinks: shiloh was most likely clean when she left the house. you never got dirty as a child? maybe your mother sprayed you with teflon before you went outside, but my sisters and i would leave the house clean and get filthy as the day went on. we played rough & tumble, even my little sister who was very girly would come home looking like something the cat dragged in. my mother would check us over for injuries, wash our hands and faces (sometimes with spit on a hanky) and then go on her way. we all turned out just fine.

  66. mymy says:

    I can understand liking someone so much that you have blind spots about what is obvious. But the excuses via that is just what your little kids did is beyond stretching it.For the record I was a tomboy. I liked comfy cloths. Did my mom get me boy cloths? No. Being a tomboy is being a girl. Not being a boy.I mean next you’ll say she should get a sex change operation. If you think Shiloh picked the combat boots out. And the laces loose. You are beyond gullible.Angelina Jolie has spoken enough about her children. To see a pattern of defining her children long before they had a chance to define themselves. I have met mothers like this. And it is very harmful. She is just the type to want a pretty girl to be a tomboy.Heck she loves playing against her looks. Bad ass and all.
    Stop denying the obvious

  67. Maritza says:

    Well if they take a 4yr old girl to the boys clothes section and tell her pick anything you want then she has no other choice than to dress like a boy. The kid has been brain washed to think she is a boy because that is what Angelina wants. Sorry but I believe kids need guidance, Shiloh needs to be told that she was born a girl. I doubt very much Angelina would let Maddox or Pax walk around in skirts and pink blouses.

  68. BethL says:

    I’m just really baffled that hatred for Angelina and her kids are making people brainless. Nobody is saying that Shiloh puts together her outfits (although some outfits she clearly did) but just that she prefers wearing boy clothing. Obviously an adult puts together her outfit. Kids get their shoe untied all of the time. Amusing how people think Angelina untide them to make statement. Doesn’t it say something that Brad had to take Zahara and Shiloh to two stores so that Shiloh could get something she liked. If Shiloh desperately wanted girl clothing why wasn’t she trying on clothes like Zahara was? If Angelina was abusing and brainwashing her, don’t you think Brad and his parents would be doing something? I don’t get why everybody seems to think Brad and his family are non-existant. If Angelina was abusing Shiloh Brad would have left and taken the kids.

    Also Angelina didn’t start this. These stories and bashing came out months before Angelina did that interview.

  69. Majosha says:

    I can’t believe people are still arguing about this crap.

  70. Kitten says:

    Wow, the crazies are out in full-force today huh? “Conspiracy”? “Manipulation”?
    “Exploitation”? “Sex change operation”? Really? It’s just a little girl wearing boys clothes. Get a grip, people…..

  71. daisyfly says:

    I’m tired of people saying that she’s making her daughter into a tomboy.

    I have two daughters and two sons.

    My oldest daughter only wanted to wear her older brother’s clothes when she was at this age. She hated dresses, skirts, sandals, etc… I would rather she wear what she want than spend money on clothes that she’d just destroy in a mad attempt to rip off of her person.

    Parents have a responsibility to see that their children grow up to be decent human beings; what those kids wear while doing so should be inconsequential.

  72. original kate says:

    “Shiloh needs to be told that she was born a girl.”

    @ maritza: so i’m assuming as a girl you never wear pants? or chunky, comfy boots? no short hair for you, i suppose; no, as a girl you must wear makeup at the gym, frilly pink skirts to work and high heels to the 7-11 to buy a quart of milk. anything less and you must be a big ole lesbian, right?

  73. Hannah says:

    I have nieces but no children of my own. My older niece has always been very particular about what she wore. However, she could only make choices from the clothes already in her closet. Somebody did buy the stuff Shiloh wears. That said, I find the intense psychological examination into the clothes drama (as opposed to mere gossip)to be odd as none of us know these people.

    With respect to wanting to be called John or Peter, people are forgetting the genesis of that statement. Shiloh loved PETER PAN and wanted to be called by the character’s names!!! I know someone will ask why John and not Wendy…at her age? Please!

    And I may as well throw in my tomboy story as well. I was a total tomboy well into my teens. When I first started wearing bras I got the plainest ones and ripped off anything decorative. These days? I’m a (still straight) Victoria’s Secret girl all the way.

  74. Crash2GO2 says:

    “I doubt very much Angelina would let Maddox or Pax walk around in skirts and pink blouses.”

    You do have a nice little point there Maritza. Then again, maybe she might.

  75. Crash2GO2 says:

    @Cheyenne: Are you capable of making a point without condescension or name calling? Like ‘Jenny-poo’, you are too old for that nonsense.

  76. wonderful says:

    They might as well come out with their real story: “EXCLUSIVE – TABLOID WORLD HATES ANGELINA AND WANTS HER TO FAIL.”

    This is weird, is it even a common belief that a female child dressing as a boy is a bad thing? News to me. Maybe we all shouldn’t be getting so angry, the Hollywood machine has nothing to do with reality.

  77. Jenny says:

    When I was a kid my mum would often buy me stuff from the boys department or dress me in my brothers hand-me-downs because boys clothes are simply more suitable for childrens activities. As a kid I hated dresses and would always run and climbe in trees and get into fights. Oh, and I wanted to be called Harry. Today I’m a classically trained ballerina (and wear a pink tutu to work every day:) and engaged to a MAN…

  78. lucy2 says:

    This AGAIN? Tabloids should NOT write stories like this about children, regardless of who their parents are.

    Whether she intended it to or not, I think Jolie commenting on it has only added fuel to the fire. Time to start saying “my kids deserve privacy, I’m not going to engage in this nonsense”. @Kim – IMO, the tabs focus on Shiloh, and Suri Cruise, WAY more than celeb kids and have turned them into celebrities themselves, which is horribly unfair. When that’s the case, I think the parents need to recognize that and do things differently than others do, to protect their kids’ privacy.

    Yeesh, at first glance on the main page I thought that was Octomom too. :O

  79. Maritza says:

    @Original Kate – Of course she can wear pants all she wants that not the point, but the fact that she wants to be called John or Peter means that she wants to be a boy. If the parents encourage this than she’ll live her life as a boy. Parents need to guide kids.

  80. Liana says:

    @original kate: I am loving your posts today.

  81. albeli says:

    At this point, for whatever reason, Shiloh seems to like dressing this way, and whatever, she looks pretty cute in her little ensembles.

    I did notice, though, that in the very first published pic of Shiloh (as a newborn), she was wearing black pants and a grey t shirt that looked very boyish.

    Also, the rags at the time started saying how Brad’s mom wanted to buy frilly dresses for Shiloh, and Ang supposedly would have none of it.

    And then she adopted Zahara and that little girl has always been all girled up.

    It’s just odd, you know?

    Shiloh’s been dressed/dressing boyish since she was an infant, and none of my kids were able to let me know they’re fashion preferences from birth.

  82. lala in nYc says:

    Shiloh looks cute! And the look is in for the Fall/Winter 2010, laced/semi-laced combat boots.

    Laced boots are making a comeback, ladies!

    I need to get a pair

  83. hmm says:

    I think everybody should pull out their old family photos if they were girls under the age of 8 during the ’70s. There were a lot of us running around in weird “boyish” clothes and had haircuts exactly like hers. And now, we wear dresses sometimes even with heels, and some of us have long hair and a lot of us gasp…GO OUT WITH BOYS!!!!!

  84. DD says:

    Really? Another front page dedicated to Shiloh? Because of her drab wardrobe? Really? If another rag-mag is going to put this kid on the front-page she better be like Beth’s child and be wearing “a lime-green tutu skirt over skinny jeans and a pink Adidas jacket with white stripes”… because at least that is SERIOUSLY CREATIVE and will actually deserve our attention.

  85. teri says:

    This subject has been beaten to it’s last breath. For the life of me SHILOH HAS A FATHER AND HIS NAME IS BRAD PITT. This man took his daughter shopping with Zahara, she (Shiloh)insisted to acrossed the street to the boys department for her clothes.Brad bought her clothes! Why are some of the same haters of 5 years still bashing Angelina? We get you hate her for Brad falling in love with her, you dragging your nasty hatred to the children is disgusting. Brad is a full grown man who fell out of love, happends all the time all around the world. Jen didn’t look to hurt humping Vince on the balcony while still married to BRAD PITT. I guess Brad buying her boys clothes is Angelina’s demand also.

  86. Tess says:

    @ albeli

    I don’t follow AJ, BP, or their kids that closely. But if what you say is true, then it sort of sounds like she’s (or they’re) intentionally creating a recognizable brand for each of the kids.

  87. My2Cents says:

    Im not reading this story nor any of the comments. I just came here to say:

    CB – STOP PUBLISHING THESE STORIES ABOUT A CHILD. ITS SICK! By publishing these pics your supporting child exploitation. There needs to be laws about this. Its sickens me to my gut.

  88. Emily says:

    I agree with My2Cents. Please stop writing stories about this non-issue. The comments are always the same: Angie haters, Angie lovers, a few sane people getting drowned out by the first two groups.

    Not to mention that it’s disturbing to see so many people speculating on a child’s sexuality and gender identity.

  89. WhoDat says:

    Sick twisted freaks.

  90. mln says:

    I agree with the people who say that acknowledging L&S is in a way condoning their actions. However I do wish that someone would call them and all the Bonnie Fullers & Chelsea Handlers et al out for their ignorant attacks on a 5 year old little girl just because Mom is an easy target.

  91. H says:

    If people want to have crazy conspiracy theories, then have at it, but FFS the child has TWO parents how do we know its Ange and not Brad. Could we blame Brad too please.

  92. Tochick says:

    Angelina has to make her a Tomboy , Shiloh would be competition in about 14 years

  93. Isa says:

    I don’t think it’s Shiloh that’s being brainwashed, rather our society as a whole-Girls should wear dresses and boys should wear cargo pants and boots! Girls wear pink, boys wear blue!
    People should be allowed to wear what they like, no matter what their age.

  94. original kate says:

    “Of course she can wear pants all she wants that not the point, but the fact that she wants to be called John or Peter means that she wants to be a boy. If the parents encourage this than she’ll live her life as a boy. Parents need to guide kids.”

    @ martiza: but you made it the point when you objected to her wearing boy’s clothes. so should she wear dresses every day? and i guess unisex names are out, right? i just want to know, because i’m going to a baby shower next week and i want to tell the mother-to-be what to avoid so her daughter doesn’t grow up sexually confused. for god’s sake, don’t name your baby girl any of the following: jo, charlie, toni, bobbie, sam, dani, ricki, or andie. no boy clothes, boy hair or boy names!

    my niece rose decided at the age of 7 she wanted to be called “robert.” when i asked her way she said she thought it was the prettiest name. she signed christmas cards that way, would not respond to her real name at home or in school, etc. she is graduating from high school this year and is known by everyone as robert, or robbie. she is a happy, healthy girl who has not expressed any interest in being a boy.

  95. Cheyenne says:

    albeli says: the rags at the time started saying how Brad’s mom wanted to buy frilly dresses for Shiloh, and Ang supposedly would have none of it… It’s just odd, you know?

    What’s odd is that you believe anything you read in a tabloid. They also said around that time that Brad’s mom absolutely hated Angelina. You believed that too, right?

  96. teri says:

    It must be Angelina fault, she’s evil and horrible and disgusting. Angelina is the devil and stole Brad and forced him to impregnate her two times and adopt the other three. She rules the whole house with an iron fist, Brad is so abused. I’m just sure of it, someone call the authorities. Someone needs to put a stop to this so the IT ex couple can get back together. LOLOLOLOLOLOL
    OMG……..I just had to, it’s late and I must be really tired but for those ex groupies out there wishing for the IT couple to hook up is just so funny. I’m not even sure who wrote it but really just to good not to comment on.

  97. justathought says:

    Some of the most gorgeous women of today were the tomboys of yesterday.

  98. kelly says:


    I too think it’s time that stories targeting minors in these trashy f*cking magazines should be legislated against; they refuse to use discretion and cannot recognize decent limits, and it’s time that we as a society stopped accepting this shit and started voting with our wallets. I don’t even give a rat’s arse about AJ et al; but I do care that publishing corps can make money exploiting children, whoever they are. This is down there with child porn.

    Boycott magazines that run this horrible poisonous garbage. Write to them and tell them why. I stopped buying these hag rags years ago for this very reason.

    Consenting adults who fight their whole lives to become infamous are fair game. Their children, ANYONE’S children, are not, and we have a collective responsibility toward them.

  99. Katherine Mac says:

    Little boys’ boxer shorts? Since when did little boys wear boxer shorts? LOL!

    Angelina used to always dress Shiloh in feminine things up to about the age of 3. Very stylish and lovely tops, dresses, coats. So where are people getting this idea that she was dressed as a boy from the beginning. It’s just not true. Spare us the new born’s T shirt with cross ones on it which was adorable – not boyish.

    I think theres’ a class distinction going on. K Mart mothers always overdo the princess pink clothes from hell and seem to find religious fervor in condemning mothers that ignore that kind of tacky wardrobe. I am sure if Zahara didn’t insist on all things pink her mother would prefer other things.

    Shame on this magazine for making money on the back of this child and deliberately trying to put a wedge between mother and child. Disgusting.

  100. Istanem says:

    I had an older brother. My mother was desperate to get me to wear a dress, any dress. I would have none of it. I would wear my brother’s school clothes shopping. I would go to girl’s birthdays and would be the only one wearing a tracksuit. I am all grown up now and get this – I am not a lesbian and I love wearing dresses, pants or skirts or any damn thing I choose to. Get over it. Completely rediculous.

  101. telesma says:

    Bah. I don’t believe this f*ckery for a second.

    And f*ckery like this? Is why I don’t buy tabloid magazines. I go to gossip sites and bitch about them instead. 😀

  102. jemshoes says:

    How Shiloh dresses is clearly not an issue for those of us with common sense. She’s a cute, happy, healthy kid.

  103. Stronzilla says:

    Poor kid, no wonder she carrys a sword with her wherever she goes, everyone else certainly has their knives out.

  104. Chris says:

    Well it’s obvious who’s wearing the pants in that household and it ain’t Brad it’s SHILOH!

  105. Stephanie says:

    Kaiser, you are fkn hilarious. I wish YOU would be the next Idol judge. Lol

  106. Sakyiwaa says:

    i agree with just a thought. shiloh’s gonna be gorgoeus no matter how she grows up.

  107. John says:

    I don’t think the issue is that she wears pants or doesn’t like frilly clothes. You can still purchase clothes from the girls department that are pretty plain. Tomboy or not I think her wearing boy’s swimming trunks is over the line.

  108. Statler says:

    ‘So, basically, I wish Life & Style would eat a big, burning bag of d-cks. F-ckers.’

    Sounds like there’s another fan of my beloved Wonkette here 😉

    (Yeah, *yawn* on the story itself. I was a tomboy when I was growing up too.)

  109. Kim says:

    OMG Brooke Sheilds just told Ellen that her daughter Roan likes to dress exactly the way Ellen dresses while her younger daughter likes to dress like a princess.Call CPS Brooke is a bad mom for letting her daughter dress like Ellen a butch lesbian.Another interesting tidbit Brooke is working in LA on a play for a month while her girls are staying in NYC.Imagine the public outrage if Angie left her kids across the country with nannies while she worked in LA.Brook’s husband is also working and travels from LA to NY regurlarly.

  110. Crash2GO2 says:

    “Brad is a full grown man who fell out of love, happends all the time all around the world.”

    That’s a convenient excuse. ‘Well dear, I just ‘fell’ out of love with you and ‘fell’ in love with another woman. Nothing I could do about it at all. I was helpless. The heart wants what it wants.’

  111. OC lady says:

    Yes, how dare Brad NOT stay chained for life to someone he no longer loves. Doesn’t he know that he has to live acc. to the high moral standards of some annonymous, internet critics? God forbid he change his mind, like 50% of the American population has done. Off with his head. 🙂

  112. original kate says:

    @ OC lady: no, you can’t control who to fall in love with (if we could we would never fall for the wrong person) but you CAN control who you fuck. don’t fuck someone if one of you is married; just wait until everyone is separated. if you can’t wait then it really isn’t love, it’s lust. pretty simple, really.

  113. Crash2GO2 says:

    I’m suggesting that there is more to commitment and love than a feeling. I was responding to the ‘people fall in and out of love all the time’ statement specifically and what it impies is that it’s no big deal. I don’t think it’s true that people should expect to fall in and out of love and go in and out of marriages – relationships and marriages take WORK and you are not always going to FEEL love for that person 100% of the time.

  114. supersleuth says:

    Well said, Crash.

  115. OC lady says:

    @original kate. Like you know who fucked who and when? Oooookkkkk. People amaze me in they assume they know things about celebs who are perfect strangers to them. If he did that, then it’s ugly and it’s on him/her. I don’t know what happened there, so I can’t say.

    Most of all, the judgmental attitudes are annoying. I feel people have the right to conduct their marriage in any way that they feel is right for them. I left a marriage because I was no longer in love with that man. Making it work with him was a HUGE waste of my time. And I’m SO much happier now. 🙂 It’s up to each person to forge their own happiness in life. Sometimes, that involves making painful decisions which others don’t agree with. But, hey, it’s not their life; it’s my life. You have to live with your own decisions. 🙂

  116. anon says:

    @OC lady: “I left a marriage because I was no longer in love with that man. Making it work with him was a HUGE waste of my time And I’m SO much happier now” so did I, 🙂 I just thought I was the only woman who ever did so, I have not commented; it is sad, but if you can’t look into that face any longer, all the disapproval in the world can’t make you stay. Murder is not a good option but it would seem to get more approval here than just being honest and moving on 🙁

  117. Crash2GO2 says:

    OC Lady: I also left a marriage, so don’t think I am judging those who leave. That is *your* perception, and you are the one reacting so defensively (why is that?). I am anything but self righteous, I assure you.

  118. fwozbo says:

    Next Headline:
    Shiloh’s new best friend is Warren Beatty’s daughter.

  119. Camille says:

    I agree with you OC Lady, great comments. Marriages do take some work but if things are broken so bad that you can’t go forward why put yourselves through such unnecessary heartbreak. If the feelings are gone, they are gone.
    If there are kids involved it becomes a whole different kettle of fish however. Brad and Jen did not have kids.

    Also to the comment ‘don’t fuck someone if one of you is married; just wait until everyone is separated. if you can’t wait then it really isn’t love, it’s lust. pretty simple, really.’
    I mostly agree with this, however in Brad and Angelina’s case (who knows when they actually ‘did the deed’, but whatever right? I mean this is tabloid land here..), I think its pretty obvious that it wasn’t just ‘lust’ for them as they went on to create a family and have been together for what, 6 years now? If that is just plain and simple lust, it would surely have petered out long before now.

  120. original kate says:

    “Like you know who fucked who and when? Oooookkkkk.”

    @ OC Lady: i wasn’t talking about anyone specific. it was just a general comment about love, lust, marriage and cheating. maybe you should actually read people’s posts before leaving some smug, snippy reply.

  121. Gigohead says:

    One thing I have to say about Jolie is that she opened this can of worms. For YEARS, Hollywood children were off limits, now they are fodder for discussion and I only have her to thank!! Wish tabloids would focus on the Jolie/Pitt mess and leave the kids out of it. I care less what Shiloh wears. She can wear a Barney costume all day if she wants. It’s Jolie who I can’t stand with her insatiable need to feed the media. All this is a PR machine to keep her in the press because she craves it.

  122. jen says:

    @ wonderful, #76 – EVERYTHING YOU SAID. 🙂

  123. Linna says:

    angie dressed that baby like a boy before shiloh could even walk or talk or make her own decisions, her first photo op on people she was in blue pants and a skull t-shirt. Vests, ties i don’t think a 3 yr old would think of all that really, maddox and pax and brad do not wears ties.
    Lastly man is she ugly in that veil, well she is ugly period but excetionally ugly in the black

  124. PsychicEyes says:

    I am agreeing with #54, @Holly.

    Yup, you are so on the money and thank you for pointing it out. My kid was not picking out his own clothes or let alone a full piece ensemble at that age. He was more attracted to the different colours and perhaps shapes.

    My perception of Angelina is a master of manipulation — nothing would surprise me about her, nothing. I do though have to give her credit on how well she was able to change her image to the public. The BIG question that I for St. Angie is: “how long can you keep this up to stay revelant?”

  125. Austyn-Amanda says:

    My little girl dresses similar to how Shiloh does(she’s the same age too). Although i think its because shes accustomed to watching Ellen Degeneres as well on the telly with my 15 year old sister. Either way its her style and i would never try and get her to shy away from expressing herself through clothing. Its who she is so why try to change her? She even likes to run around in basketball shorts topless on hot days!

    This being said i don’t believe that AJ is pushing her child into this. I simply believe she is just encouraging her child to be who she is. And if that means buying her boys clothes so be it. Shiloh looks happy in what she wears. Don’t people understand that if she wasnt happy in her outfits it would be written across her face?

    My little girl is never happy in dresses and skirts. God forbid i put her in one…that means its a bad day in our household.

    People really need to drop this issue. its becomming old really fast. Kids will be kids. Why not let them explore their world and figure out who they are instead of pushing them into a role?

  126. Ummm….they did do a teen big brother…a few years ago, and it was a disaster!!! Really really bad, 2 of the kids ended up having sex on camera…which lead to some very big HUGE issues for the show. Trust me…they will never do do a teen big brother again.