Exclusive: Guest on Tyra Banks’ show says she was tricked and misled

Mother goes on Tyra Banks show thinking she’s going to get modeling advice for young daughter
A few weeks ago got an e-mail from a woman who says she was a guest on the Tyra Banks show. She said that she and her daughter were tricked, misled and were left feeling used by Tyra and her staff. Claudia e-mailed Tyra’s show asking for modeling advice for her 11 year-old daughter. Her daughter, Linda, idolized Tyra and wanted to reach out to her for help after their family faced an investigation by Child Protective Services. 11 year-old Linda took modeling-type pictures that were posted on the Internet, but were not personally identifiable and did not include her name or whereabouts. Some featured the girl in a bikini imitating model stances she’s seen on television like biting her finger and laying with her hand on her stomach. Her mother honestly believed they were innocent pictures and would help her daughter find work in catalogs and advertisements.

We were able to verify that she was indeed on the Tyra show as she provided pictures and details in advance of the show, which aired yesterday.

Why they contacted the Tyra Banks show: daughter idolized Tyra and “America’s Next Top Model”
Linda was hospitalized for several weeks with an illness last year and she almost died. While she was recovering, she showed nurses photos of herself that were on a child models website. Some looked provocative and the nurses contacted child protective services about them. The mother is from Germany and although the photos might look suggestive to us she really didn’t realize that they could be construed that way or that she was putting her daughter in any danger by posting the photos online. Child services eventually closed her case and told her that she was in the clear, but said that she would have to take all the photos of her daughter off the web.

Linda was devastated that she could no longer pursue modeling. She loves watching “America’s Next Top Model” and imitating the model’s moves, so Claudia contacted Tyra Banks and asked her for advice.

Guest says producers did not give her any indication that Tyra would be accusatory
Producers contacted her and told her to come on the show and they would talk about her case. They joked around while she signed a contract for her appearance and were friendly with her. At one point they told her that audience members might question her and that she should just respond with “Who are you? You don’t know me. You don’t know my child.” According to Claudia, they didn’t give her an indication that Tyra would be accusatory or that the entire show would be so negative.

Audience member said she’s putting 11 year-old daughter at risk of rape
When Claudia got on stage, Tyra and the audience started laying into her, saying the photos weren’t appropriate. One audience member told her that she was putting her daughter at risk of rape. Claudia was caught completely off guard and could only stammer back the responses that the producers fed her backstage. A friend of Claudia’s was brought onstage after being prompted on exactly what to say. She said a few lines agreeing with Tyra and the audience.

They brought a pedophile on via satellite saying that he trolled the Internet for pictures like that and called it “bait.” When Claudia countered that the photos weren’t even in her daughter’s real name, Tyra said it didn’t matter. They brought Linda on stage and asked her why she was taking sexy pictures. She said she just loved to play dress up and pretend, and when asked where she got the poses she said from television, but was not allowed to mention “America’s Next Top Model.”

Claudia asked Tyra for modeling advice for her daughter and she said she wouldn’t help her due to those photos. Then Claudia and Linda got shooed off stage as people were booing and were put in a car to go home. They were not allowed to meet with Tyra before or after the show for a photo and Linda didn’t even get an autograph to take home. Linda cried all the way home.

A lot of you will rightfully say that this woman was naive to go on the show, and that these photos are provocative, inappropriate and she shouldn’t have posted them online. That’s true and these pictures do seem shocking at first, but she maintains that producers on Tyra’s show never gave her any idea that they wouldn’t present her case fairly. Claudia says they blindsided her, and worse, her daughter, and left them feeling used and hurt. This 11 year-old girl idolized Tyra Banks and didn’t get to take a photo with her or even get an autograph. All she got were accusations and hurt feelings in exchange for providing something to mock on television. Now Claudia is scared that 11 year-old Linda will lose friends and face teasing at school as a result of the show.

I live in Germany and I completely understand how a German person could be so naive about photos like these. I have seen nude kids on regular tv as part of some documentary and they just present it like it’s normal and part of life. This girl was wearing a bikini, and she was mimicking poses she’s seen on television. This case was sensationalized and now this woman and her daughter will have to live with the repercussions just for the sake of less than a 1/2 hour of cheap entertainment.

When Claudia e-mailed her contact on Tyra’s show saying that she felt tricked and asking for a copy of the agreement she signed, he apologized for a mix up where she was charged for her hotel and said it would be taken care of. Then he wrote “Because of some of the accusations made in your email, I have forwarded it to our legal department and can have no further comment.” Claudia was never sent a copy of the contract.

After writing this story based on correspondence with Claudia, I watched the Tyra show, below, and it seems outrageous how this woman was steamrolled by Tyra and her audience plants. Tyra called these photos pornographic and kept making comparisons to her own modeling career. She said “The only place I can see these photos is on websites catering to child pornography” and she said “you want your daughter to be a model – it’s never going to happen.” She said “the sad part is that shes a victim… from her mother.” And a lot of people feel victimized by the cheap tactics used on your show, Tyra.

Guest says she was manipulated on the Tyra Banks show Part One:

Guest says she was manipulated on the Tyra Banks show Part Two:

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  1. daisy42465 says:

    Tyra’s a legend in her own mind.

  2. Wif says:

    I hate Tyra more and more everyday

  3. M says:

    Ok so maybe the mom is in the wrong a bit, but Tyra is a B****! I used to really like her, but I think the fame has gone to her head.

  4. Bellatrix says:

    I’ve lost the last bit of respect I had for Tyra.
    I am not going to comment the story the show fed their audience but you could clearly see that the mother (and daughter) seemed very off guard and surprised, lost.

    And Tyra is not the one who should teach anybody lessons about ‘not needing to look sexy in the pictures’. She has never been high fashion and has always played the sexy female trick when she once was a model…

  5. aphrodite says:

    Tyra Banks has always bothered me in the way she speaks down to people on her show, America’s Next Top Model. She acts as though she is the only person that knows how to model – which no doubt, she absolutely can, but only with a lot of airbrushing. 🙄

    The pictures of this girl are inappropriate but there was a tactful way in which Tyra and her staff could have relayed that message. This poor girl idolized Tyra and was only mimicking what Tyra and her so called contestants do on her show.

    That’s the problem with the world today in that we accept these starving people posed in provocative ways as though that is what we want our kids and future generations to strive for. Of course the Mother was wrong for even letting her daughter watch and re-enact those poses, especially at the age of 14. Posting them on the Internet was also going too far, and you can’t blame a nationality for that – I would never want my daughter posed like that nor other people to see her like that.

    I’ve lost a lot of respect for Tyra (if that is even possible) and I hope everything works out for this Mother and her daughter.. especially Linda. The scarring that Tyra probably just did will stay with her for a long time. Tyra – get off your high horse and try doing something meaningful in the world… 😡 Just remember, Karma’s a b!tch

  6. geronimo says:

    God, how desperate is Tyra Banks for guests that she would exploit an 11 year old girl for her own ends. Ok, the mother should have had more sense than to go on the show knowing that the child porn issues would likely be thrown at her but where the hell is the TV company’s responsibility here? Banks comes across as a nasty self-rightous, self-involved, dumb bitch.

    And I know context is everything but the poses here, along with the girl’s expression, are just wrong. If she were smiling, fine, but that’s lolita-face, unintentional though it may be, and I do find it a bit odd that the mother didn’t see that?

  7. Enonymouse says:

    I though Tyra Banks was fair and necessarily straight forward. As for the pictures, they were way too provocative and very inappropriate. I do think that it was just a bad judgment in the part of the mom to take those kind of photos but now lets hope she does understands the seriousness of those pictures and should stop taking them for public use.

  8. Megan says:

    God this is awful. That stupid woman in the audience. I can’t even watch this.

  9. Kolby says:

    I really can’t understand how Tyra Banks even has fans. The main reason why this story is so believable is that this is not the first time the Tyra Banks Show has done this to guests.

  10. Cici says:

    Tyra SICKENS me. I think the pictures are completely inappropriate and the mother definitely needs to STOP, but i totally believe Tyra and her show tricked this woman. Tyra on her RIGHTEOUS PEDESTAL. UGH! I used to think Tyra was amazing – talented and funny, etc – now I just despise her more and more each time I see her.

    Another thing – Tyra is a major contributor to the media-premature-sexualizing of women and girls and here she is lambasting this woman like this? OMG.

  11. Lenitha says:

    I don’t Tyra ever really had a fan base other than twenty something blacks women. I don’t think that population segment of the viewing audience will be enough to sustain her show for much longer since that group comprises less than 12% of the population of the U.S. Everyone else has seen her without rose colored glasses on and become wise to what she is: an overinflated ego and not so nice person on the inside who is quick to rush to judgment on her guests without doing her research first. This story proves it.

  12. forreal? says:

    This would have been a great opportunity for Tyra to show this girl how to model rather than posing inappropriately provocative (for her age). I agree, aphrodite, there was definitely a tactful way to approach the situation without being harsh, rude and uncouth.

    Tyra should be ashamed talking in the way she did to a 14 yr old that was just trying to be like her.

  13. Anni says:

    so why are these pics on this website? just asking.

  14. neelyo says:

    Tyra’s in idiot, but unfortunately she’s not going anywhere. She tries to pretend like she’s Oprah, but she’s on the same level with Jerry Springer. At this rate though, there will probably be a lawsuit, or worse (remember the Jenny Jones case?) involving her show and then maybe she’ll go away.

  15. sandy says:

    tyra was harsh at the end of the show bc the mom was not changing her mind on what she deemed sexy poses were for an 11 year old.
    how is it that people called dina lohan an awful, atrocious mom,fame mongering skank,who forces her daughter to age prematurely and wear too much makeup (posts from yesterday) yet this mother TAKES and puts provocative photos of her 11 year old on the internet in hopes of becoming a model and it’s ok bc of her german cultural differences?

  16. Jack says:

    I live in the Uk and have never seen the Tyra show before although have heard of it. I am shocked. Tyra needs to get certificates in psychology and other important things like HOW to talk to people before she wades in & destroys lives like this. TACTLESS. She would not last more than a minute on tv in the Uk. She’d get torn to shreds on the forums etc and be gone by the week was out =)NO mother should be told they don’t deserve to have daughters. That’s just wrong. Shame on Tyra & her audience.

  17. headache says:

    Tyra is a pain in the ass who deliberately played mean girls with an 11 year old girl.

    AND the mother is a tool. There such a thing as allowing your child to be too sexualized at an early age.

    Tyra missed the boat, as she usually does, on this one. She could have taken the opportunity to show girls the proper way to get started in the industry, the pitfalls and pointed out ways mothers can help their children without turning into Dina Lohan.

    Instead, she used these two as cheap entertainment.

    I hate to defend Tyra even a little, but the fact that she was on the lower rung of the modeling tier had little do to with talent and everything to do with her figure. Girl has/d too much on top for Haute Couture. This is the reason why modeling is such a tough business. It’s incredibly subjective. That’s why it’s unfair to compare one model with another.

  18. Mairead says:

    Tyra can model? Two words ladies and gentlemen…

    Blue Steel…

    And it’s quite a nerve for this Naomi-wannabe who only became a well-known model for swimsuit modelling to have a go at a child mimicing her and her poor modelling advice. 👿

    The family should have gone to Janice – she’d have put them straight 😉 And the first thing she’d have done is tell her to knock off the pouty posing.

    And what REALLY gets me is that Tyra is hyping up online predators (who see children in that light, regardless of what they wear – moron) but says nothing about the insitutionalised child abuse of models by unscrupulous agents when on international fashion shows. And nevermind that most abusers are known to the victim.
    Yeah – the threat is always “out there” TyTy 🙄

  19. whatever says:

    Tyra is an egomaniac, and compared to other model luminaries, mediocre.

  20. chey says:

    It`s a shame what happend on this show. I saw it today in the internet and can`t believe how terrible it was to see Tyra treating her guests. The first step should be to stop this show and to stop Tyra. I would like to know..it she always goes the right way ?? Come back from ur horse…girl.

    I feel so sorry for that girl and her mother. They didn`t know in which bad situation they would come. Went over to N.Y to get help and at least they got blamed.

    I`m so sorry, but I don`t have respect to people like Tyra….

    It`s a shame…DAMN! 🙁

    Why you didn`t help the little girl? U don`t have respect!!

  21. forreal? says:

    “She could have taken the opportunity to show girls the proper way to get started in the industry, the pitfalls and pointed out ways mothers can help their children without turning into Dina Lohan.”

    headache – my thoughts exactly!

  22. a person says:

    hypocrite.. she’s a “do as I say, not as I do” person.. ridiculous and disgusting

  23. snappyfish says:

    I agree with bellatrix. Tyra has always been the sports illustrated swimsuit, victoria secret’s model. Never high fashion. A few time Gianni Versace put her on his runway during the George Michaels “Freedom” Video fame.

    Her treatment of an 11 year old was deplorable. I have never really liked her that much and now I don’t at all. Ratings are not worth the feelings of anyone, let alone a child

  24. kerri says:

    i love it when tyra gives parenting advice. because she has raised so many children…

  25. Blonde Ambition says:

    I always liked tyra banks….now after watching her daytime show, and how she acts on Americas Next Top Model…well I only get annoyed at how flipping retarded she acts. She over exaggerates everything, and I think she completely treated this mother and daughter like hell.
    She showed herself in the similar pose to the 11 year old, but didn’t say anything like. “oh my maybe I have influenced this girl a little bit….”

    Yeah you have you dumb bitch, girls of all ages look up to you, and you exploit a girl that idolizes you instead of helping her understand what is approriate…

    boo hiss

  26. headache says:

    Again, I hate to defend Tyra but lack of talent did not keep her from high fashion. Her tits did.

    I mean hell, you think Kate Moss has had a long career because she’s pretty and talented? The chick is not cute, bone skinny, and high off her gourd. But she has the right look and can fit the clothes.

    Tyra is a drama queen, egomaniacal, delusional pinhead but where you end up in the modeling world has little to do with talent.

  27. CM says:

    shouldn’t these pictures NOT be posted on any websites after all this? I would be horrified if my 11 year old child was displayed so sexually on the internet, whether or not from Germany or Mars it doesn’t matter. It’s pretty revolting to me.

  28. Bodhi says:

    Ditto headache 100%. For both comments

  29. elisha says:

    Good post C|B. I’m pretty sure you had a similar story to this a while back from a different guest. Tyra is trying so hard to be Oprah she’s blinded to making actual good, honest TV.

  30. katyjay says:

    How sad! I just kept shaking my head. Tyra did not give her guest any advantages of fair dialogue. All Sheila or Linda needed to say was, “I learned it from watching you, Tyra.”

    Mom was sadly naive, but Tyra and her vampire staff are culpable and I trust these autrocities will not continue long!

    Damn, what a bitch!

  31. chey says:

    Is Tyra really a top model ?? Lol I never saw her in EUROPE….beside the “tops”

    I can remember her on Victoria`s secret ..and stuff like that.

    Didn`t she play prude…before ?? lol

  32. lulu says:

    Tyra is a cold, heartless, fat bitch. I don’t know how she made it as far as she has. She definitely does not have the unique beauty that a model should have with that huge forehead of hers and those awful, tacky wigs she wears. She is so full of herself, yet she seems to live a sad, lonely life. I guess it makes her feel better about herself to treat others so badly. Someone needs to slap the shit out of her and bring her back to reality!

  33. JustJen says:

    Where was Tyra when Miley Cirus was posing in Vanity Fair?

    I don’t really disagree with her point. The mom is clueless and if being humiliated on Tyra keeps that little girl from publishing pictures like that of herself on the internet, I’m actually ok with that too. What would have happened if some pedophile would have contacted the daughter and said, “I’m a photographer. I’ll take some pictures….come with me….”? The daughter was not prepared for an adult predator and the mom just stood back and encouraged her daughter’s “dream”. How about telling her she’s 11, modeling is a job and being 11 is job enough for her?

  34. Jen says:

    What really angers me about this is the fact that Tyra and her “show” led these people to think they’d be talking about one thing and then totally pulled a sucker punch.

    @headache 1:40 – you are so right on the money. Tyra should’ve used the opportunity to show the girl a better way to get started.

    Tyra could’ve caught a lot more flies had she gone about this with some tact instead of with both guns firing.

    just my $.02 8)

  35. Cathy says:

    This is disgusting. That child is being used twice. By Tyra to get viewer’s ratings – because if she handled it kindly and showed the child what to do and what not, the show would not have been so interesting for ratings. And by her mother who turns a selective blind eye and lets her daughter be pedo fodder.
    It’s not the child’s job to know what’s age-inappropriate and what not. Things that are fine in the house are not necessarily ok to put on the internet. And it’s a parent’s job to know and teach that.

  36. Lucinda says:

    The mother made some poor choices and was very slow to pick up on what was going on. There’s no doubt about that.

    BUT, you could tell by body language, etc. that the mother clearly did not see the set-up before she came on. If she wasn’t being misled, why wouldn’t she be able to see that. She had no idea where Tyra was going with the questioning.

    And, you can tell that Tyra was nervous when questioning this woman, like she knew she was misleading her. The questions were vague, limited, and encouraged one response. She could have taken a completely different line of questions like “have you considered that these pictures could be viewed as pornography?” and would have gotten a completely different response. This wasn’t an interview. It was an ambush.

    This is the Jerry Springer approach and if she wants to be taken seriously, then she needs to change. But, on the other hand, look at how long Maury Povich has been doing this.

  37. 9 says:

    Awful, just awful.

    Considering that she hosts a show about modelling, and said show sometimes shows, say, inappropriate poses that should not be emulated by young girls, I am appalled at the way Tyra poorly handled the situation – and this is coming to you from a minor.

    Where was Tyra, as someone else said, when Miley Cyrus had nude shots photographed for Vanity Fair? Were the photos she took not “bait”? Honestly, how dare she hurt an 11-year-old like that? Instead, she should’ve guided both Claudia and Linda into what is more socially acceptable as child modelling.

    The photographs were indeed shocking (considering her age), but they are no different from the photographs taken to models older than she is or girls ranging 15-17, who – by definition of law – are still minors. ):


    I wish the best of luck to Claudia and Linda, and I hope they wisen up after this traumatizing experience. As for Tyra, loll, her pictures are not that great or inspiring, so she should get off her high-horse and get some humility (and a brain) before she ends up stomping on more 11-year-olds that admire her.

    I ain’t sayin’, I’m just sayin’.

    ETA: No one in their right minds would tell a mother they don’t deserve to be one unless the mother in question proves to be harmful. I once had a friend’s mother tell my mother that she was an irresponsible woman and ill-fit to be my mother. It’s downright horrible.

  38. notprfect says:

    Tyra sucks. 👿 I like how she says to the girl and her mom that the girl will “never” be a model. Thanks for helping to encourage a girls dream, tyra.

    Like a lot of other commentors said, she should have given the girl helpful advice and encouraged her to do things the smart way. Instead she just proved that she’s a b*tch.

  39. darkangela says:

    Tyra should have given advice on how to take the pictures and such…not jump down this mother’s throat. This young girl aspires to be a model…Tyra should have guided her and mentioned that some of her pics were wrong, but THEN give advice….
    Out of US countries have different views on riske. They are from Germany…
    It should have been explained and advised on the types of pics that are appropriate.

    Tyra is a b*tch with a huge head…ego.

    That young girl’s have just been crushed in the ground!

    I feel sorry for her.

    One question, is it not okay for these types of pics, how are pics of your family and children on the beach (that may be posted on the net on a family site, etc.), how are those types of pics appropriate. Kid just having fun…

    Maybe I’m way off base here, but it makes no sense.

  40. Lane says:

    Tyra is such a joke as a talk show host.
    I hate the way she interviewed the young daughter. She worded the questions in a way to make the daughter agree with her. She also spoke to her in such a patronizing manner. Whatever happened to Sally Jesse??

  41. cramiga says:

    So why didn’t Tyra and her producers bring Annie Lebowitz and Miley Syrus on the show to discuss those racy pictures?

  42. Ginny says:

    You know, I watched the video and looked at the pictures — and all I saw was a little girl playing dress up. The photos and make-up were amateur, and even the poses looked like someone copying someone else instead of really knowing how to do them. Maybe it wasn’t the brightest idea to post them on the internet, but what’s next? Family videos of naked children being considered child porn?

    The way Tyra behaved did nothing but make the whole thing worse for this girl. I also hate the way internet predators are way overblown…that’s not setting her daughter up for rape. If you want to go with that argument, any woman who ever posts a picture on the internet with anything other than a burka on is setting themselves up for rape, and then they deserve it when it happens? Her child’s name and address weren’t posted, but now the show HAS given a name and general location for where to find that girl, if anyone who does that sort of thing watches her show. Following their own logic, Tyra and her people put that girl in way more danger than her mother ever did.

  43. jh says:

    I remember an episode from cycle 7 on ANTM where the girls were asked to pose with Favio, one girl didn´t pose sexy, and told Tyra on the panel that she couldn´t do it right because she had never been with a man before, she was a virgin and wasn´t comfortable with that photoshoot, and Tyra told her that she, at 15, and being a virgin was posing nearly nude with men (and she made a super sexy pose)…so…wich one is it Tyra? Is it wrong or is it right??

  44. Emily says:

    My God do I hate the odious vain woman who calls herself Tyra Banks Supermodel.

  45. CeeJay says:

    This woman spouts different things out both sides of her mouth. When she’s Ms. ANTM it’s all about encouraging girls to use their sexuality and be provocative. When she’s on her talk show she’s the all-knowing judge of morality. In the photos it’s clear the girl is mimicking photos she has seen of Tyra Banks. Can’t have it both ways Tyra. At least Banks gave the woman a couple minutes of advice as to how the girl should and should not dress in her portfolio shots.

  46. CB Rawks says:

    Tyra is a disgusting human being. I hate her guts, and I hope this latest travesty brings her crap-ass show down.

  47. mollymuffin says:

    It’s sad that Tyra said this girl was a victim, yet wouldn’t take the time to talk to the girl herself, especially if she is her idol. Even if the mother did something wrong, the girl did not and even though Tyra said she recognized this didn’t act like it and broke this little girls heart.

    Nothing like realizing your hero is nothing like what they portray.

  48. a person says:

    forreal? and aphrodite.. well said!

  49. JennGush says:

    I don’t really blame Tyra for anything she said. I watched the episode on T.V. Yeah, Tyra was kinda getting heated b/c the mom was being a complete douche. I mean, seriously, WHO takes pictures of thier 11 year old daughter like that? That is disgusting. I also think that when Tyra said the girl would never be a model the little girl wasn’t on stage so, it isn’t like she said it right to the girls face. I also think I remember her saying something like, She would never be a model with pictures like that b/c no reputeable agency would sign her. I could be wrong but, I’m almost sure I’m not.

    Another thing that is strange is that on here the mom says that after she was investigated by child services they ordered her to take the pictures off the site. On the show she said that the person who operated site got in trouble for some other fishy stuff so SHE pulled them off the site. Hmm… I think this mom is an idiot.

    If Tyra did treat the little girl like that after the show I think that is pretty sad though.

  50. vdantev says:

    No Tyra…. no.

  51. KDRockstar says:

    It’s because of Tyra and all of the other models that girls think this is how to act in front of cameras. I was 12 when my friend and I took our own sex-ay photos that we were going to send to Seventeen magazine… but our poses were straight out of Cosmo.

    I’ve got to get over my ATM addiction because I can’t stand that funky haired, wonky-eared beoitch.

  52. Truth says:

    Tyra is a nasty and self-serving wanna be. But it’s all part of the game.

  53. Ninjajeje says:

    I think Tyra Banks is the gateway to hell and we should stop staring directly at it. 😆

    Remember, the crew ‘coached’ her mother on responses about what to say, so anytime they asked her what she thought she repeated the same mantra over and over. And you can clearly see that she’s just spitting it out because it’s what they told her to do.

    Now should she have probably realized that it was inappropriate? Sure absolutely. My mother would’ve sewn me into a jumpsuit with no arms before she let me out of the house like that. But that doesn’t warrant someone else telling you that you don’t deserve to even have a child. And anyway if you want to consult a graceful *truly* talented model you need to email someone like Iman, who can say some shit. Tyra hasn’t got a single thing on her, bitch is dedicated.

  54. Phat girl says:

    OMG Tyra! Shame on you. How dare you manipulate such a child. She flat out said she learned it from you, you bitch. I think you are sooooo hypocritical to put America’s next morally bankrupt moron on TV and then blame this mother for her daughter emulating it in real life. You trashed an opportunity for goodness and turned it into a Jerry Springerish fiasco. Way to go loser.

  55. sandy says:

    i think next time you should show us more pic.!

  56. I choose me says:

    *Let’s steam out of collar*

    I used to admire Tyra now I cannot stand the woman. She totally blind-sided that woman and her child. Mom needed a wake up call it’s true but that wasn’t the way to handle it. I myself don’t find the poses provocative as such but the demeanor of the little girl definitely comes across as sexy which is where the inappropriateness comes in. As headache pointed out Tyra could have taken the show in a different direction. She was in a position to help that little girl, not only did she not help her but she exploited her on national tv for ratings to the possible detrimental of the girl’s physical well being, since as ginny mentioned, we all now know who the girl is. Not to mention how she shat all over a little girl’s self-esteem.

  57. Blisterd says:

    First of all, Jerry Springer Tyra Banks is not. Jerry Springer is a genius and guests came on his show knowing messed up stuff was going to happen: We watched that program specifically to see the freak show. Tyra Banks is an egomaniac who only wishes she could garner a viewer audience the size of the Springer Show. Somebody probably told her that mentioning kiddie porn on TV gets ratings: who wants to watch some unknown kid talk about modeling when we can see her “pornographic” pictures and watch as Banks and her audience rips her mama a new one? She doesn’t want to be Oprah (that’s like praying to win the lotto) , she wants to be Jerry. It’s weird, I felt for her when I heard about her whole ordeal with Naomi Campbell and how Tyra was thinking of quitting modeling because Naomi was so mean to her; it makes me wonder if there was good reason for Naomi’s supposed animosity toward Tyra.

  58. XDKaylaXD says:

    Well I think the little girl who I’ve never met is very cute..lol..And Tyra is a puta so Ha.. 😀 🙂 🙁 😮 😯 😕 8) 😆 😡 😛 😳 😥 👿 😈 🙄 😉 ❗ ❓ 💡 ➡ 😐 :mrgreen:
    PS You told me to do that

  59. vdantev says:

    The same country that makes and watches “To Catch a Predator” fails to see the irony of allowing children to become models and to pose provocatively in skimpy clothes. We create our own monsters and fail to blame ourselves when they come back to bite us in the butt.

  60. Nechyfer says:

    Ofcourse she T. had to throw in some pictures of HERSELF- “me me me me me”
    It never fails how any story or celeb interview always turns out to be about “ME and I” with tyra STANK, the few that I’ve caaught, I’m sure the rest are the same.
    She is without doubt the biggest egomaniac I’ve ever seen ❗ 🙄
    Poor kid.
    Bad move on the mom’s part, should know better.

  61. deidre says:

    I really think that tyra has just become one of those people that think she can do anything and say anything about anyone because she THINKS she is all that..frankly I never thought she was that much of a Top Model and her Americas Next Top Model show was becoming a boring sitcom. Tyra has no room to talk about morals and standards..she doesnt have very many herself….

  62. sb says:

    Mother shouldn’t have allowed these photos to be taken but Tyra shouldn’t have exploited them over it. Reality is Tyra made money off these photos for her talk show. Yelling at a child isn’t the answer now she’s going to need therapy for all this. Hope the money was worth it Tyra.

  63. marisa says:

    I can understand the mothers situation. It’s like when parents would take photos of their babies naked, I don’t think people live their lives wondering if a pedophile will look at their children’s photos. I am a very cautious person with my niece and nephew with what they wear, who they are around, and situations I put them in and even I can understand where she is coming from.

  64. marisa says:

    And also, someone who walked around half naked since she was a teen is no role model either. The girl’s mother was just following what the trends are in fashion. There was even a rail thin 12 year old modeling on the runway for a big name last year…so to say what is right for that age in the modeling world is definitely complicated.

  65. lizzy says:

    I agree with most of the people here that Tyra could have done some good by showing the girl how to pose without seeming so grownup and sexy…In regards to Tyra, its just sad that she has to resort to unfair trickery to get a cheap entertaining show…instead of helping this woman and her daughter she only ridiculed them and maybe traumatized the girl and her self-esteem more than it would have been by her own mother…shes a hypocrate…all she ever does is relate every show to her life and what her momma would do or say…well then she should have allowed the girl to say she saw the poses on her show and relate to how slutty some of the girls in top model look and dress and how some have fainted not bc of some illness or dehydration as they like to say but bc of lack of food…she says she loves full figured models but the minute a tabloid calls her fat she wants to run to the gym n prove shes skinny… she’s a dissapointment

  66. Ally says:

    i saw the entire segment and tyra showed them what she should do to get jobs modeling however, like many people who saw those pictures was mortified and thought that the inappropriate nature of those pictures left the young girl vulnerable and that her safety was more important than modeling lessons. She also said that she would have helped more but there was nothing she could do the mother still was saying those pictures were appropriate. Also she gave advice she told her those pictures will get her taken advantage of in the modeling world and that the cute little girl and head shot pictures will get her a good job and to talk to her after they have those. tyra was not in the wrong that mother needed a major wake up call i hope she got it.

  67. drm says:

    Rubbish. The pictures weren’t even particularly shocking…European standards are very different from American… should mum have put them on the net? Of course not…but she was naive not willfully damaging and Tyra Banks is an absolute cow. If we want to talk about who’s victimising who here well its pretty obvious. I have watched her show once and that was enough for me.

  68. Holla says:

    This does not surprise me coming from Tyra. Here she had an opportunity to do something slightly credible and good, and instead turned it into trash tv. I hate seeing poor people like this mom and daughter being victims of moronic talk shows, but unfortunately, if the mom didn’t know any better to not post what could be considered provocative shots of her 11 year old on the internet, she also obviously didn’t know that going on a talk show would not bring the help she wanted. Being from Europe does have something to do with it, and is probably the reason she didn’t know that American talk shows are nothing but trash. I feel so bad for that girl, but I hope that they both have a better understanding of how easily people can take advantage of you in show business. 🙁

  69. karen says:

    This situation is the most dis-appointing for that poor little girl. I think you take a little of a child’s innocence when you make something that they see as completely harmless and make it out to be something bad and ugly. She idolized Tyra and now she even has become dis-illusioned with having someone to idolize. so sad.

  70. Jackie says:

    Poor kid. Her mother is certainly wrong. If she’s been in America for even a few months, she should have realized that these pictures are completely inappropriate. I don’t care which country she came from.

    I don’t feel bad for the mother. But Tyra could have treated the girl much better. What a cruel move. Horrible.

  71. yawn says:

    people see what they are looking for.. here is a child trying to pose like a grown up.. and the grown ups are uncomfortable because THEY see it as sexual.. they dont see the innocent child.. they see the temptation of the innocent child.. some producer of this show was probably doing his own trolling of the internet and this girl affected him.. then he realized hey she really ISN’T being exploited.. now HERE’S a story!

    the mother sees her little girl playing around.. she doesnt see sexy in it.. what parent would.. tyra’s a twat.. she could have actually tried to help teach the mother about the predators without trying to make her feel like shit.

  72. JennGush says:

    Finally Ally! I think you and I are the only two who actually watched the segment. As I said in my previous post Tyra wasn’t mean to the girl. In fact, the little girl was only on stage for about 2 minutes. Tyra NEVER said anything rude to the little girl or treated her badly. She also told the mother that she should take a nice headshot and a cute picture of her in like jeans and a tshirt or something. Everyone keeps mentioning that the mother was from a different country and the standards there are different. The thing is is that she lives in the US now and pictures like that, of a 12 year old are disturbing. That top she is wearing in the first picture I would wear and I’m 27. I would never let my child wear that.

  73. save your children!!! says:

    actually i am convinced, everybody who is here justifying the mother of the 11years old child who put sexually inapropriate pictures of her child on internet for “modelling” (and in this mail, it says the child was one year ago deadly ill and these photos where allready taken – means the sexual poses were done with the child when she was 10 year old!!!!) saw some of the reports and youtube video of childrape and childmurder victims of the audience of such a children sexual poses!!!!! or have their own children they should protect???
    children, young girls and even adult women have are facing enough sexual harrasment and abuse dangers through their life without being pimped for pedophiles as children bei their money hungry parents

    i am sure the 10 year old little girl wanted to be modell, means, beying photographed, i dont think any child at that age wishes to WORK as modell – how stupid is that, they even anybody believes this shit?? how much does a 10 year old child knows, what does it means to work as sexy modell and may be earning big money – does a child that age even care about earning money???

    it needs to stop to idealize the misbehaving and abusing parents – and puting this child in such realy sexual poses on internet for “sell” is a form of child sexual abuse – what is realy the next step – let the girl be photographed by some pedo “professional” photographer who would not only show the child how to pose but also pay for the shoots

    i am embarassed, that most of women here not even mention the child and what this act of putting her looking like a baby prostitute on internet means psychicaly and for its future psychological development (that its ok, when someone who loves you, makes you to be photographed in sexual manner and then sells you on internet and may be also in real life????)

    when she will be 14, will he mother let the child audition for porns??? or may be this dauther will want it, as it seems great and mama approves it…..

    i think this talkshow host did the right way and this mother should be charged and monitored – because she seems to not change her mind to pimping the 10 year old childs “adult posing” pictures on net was something wrong….

  74. amodelsfan says:

    Ok. This is what I saw on the show.
    Tyra put a person in the audience to be derogatory to the mom because it would make the ratings. She also played the preditor/perv card because it would make ratings. The show made the child wear show clothing and not her own, and even put make-up on the child for her 2 seconds of air time to ‘prove a point’?
    ok, now what I KNOW:
    Mom contacted the show after having a bad experience with an online modeling service. Mom wanted to help her daughter, an aspiring model, to find an age appropriate way to get started with this. The show contacted the mom back and said they wanted to help them, mom was very happy to make her daughter happy after a very long, almost deadly health experience. This little girl would never wear anything like what she had on at home or to school. In fact she was very upset that she couldn’t wear her own clothing because she had gone shopping and picked her outfit just for the show. She returned home very upset that Tyra had not bothered herself enough to even give the girl an autographed pic. The child never even REALLY got to meet her so called idol.
    This is sooo sad!
    All this little girl wanted was to play pretend again.
    Tyra made something very innocent for this little girl into something horrible for her. Anyone out there who is a parent knows how it is to want to be able to make your child happy. I know several online models and have seen many sites from the ‘free united states’ and the European countries as well. The difference between the two? The European countries see the body as what god gave us….beauty…. The ‘FUS’ sees the body as something that is ugly and horifying and should be covered to the hilt…..unless of course you are 100 pounds, with the perfect rear, and a perfect C cup… Unfortunately, there are very few out there that fit the description so the majority of the US is ugly, and obese. And people wonder why there are so many young girls out there with eating disorders and body type issues…
    That being said. Its really very sad that Tyra can only get ratings by lying, deceiving, tricking and totally demoralizing her show patrons. I feel sad for her.

    And by the way…..is it not then pornography to photograph 4 and 5 yr old little girls in underwear and bras and panties and bikinis to sell these said items to millions of others who see the local retail ads? Seems like a double standard to me.
    Not to mention that this little girl never had her name posted ANYWHERE except school, drs, hospitals, and such until Tyra sold her out.

  75. Other Karen says:

    Please–Britney Spears had a video game where you learned to dance like her. No one’s accused her or the video game people yet of child pornography. (Even though seeing a 10-year-old do those dance moves is seriously disturbing . . . )

  76. Lenitha says:

    OK we all agree Tyra Banks is a vain loser. So when we she get gone from TV?

  77. ashley says:

    i think tyra is f*****g b*tch. how could she do that to the poor 11-year old?
    i hate tyra. 👿

  78. Tamparuss says:

    People are funny. Everybody plays the victim. I haven’t read one comment where anyone assigns blame where it is due. Parenting is a lost art these days, and this child is being exploited…by her own mother! Television has not exploited anything that the mother has not already exploited all over the internet. Assign blame where blame is due….

  79. shelly munson says:

    Tyra is very hateful She looks like a witch!

  80. beunka jones says:

    I couldn’t even watch pass the first minute. The way she came off on this girl. And I DIDN’T even find the pic THAT provacative. Tara is disgusting!!

  81. moshi2 says:

    Tyra is a self centered bitch who thinks that she is the best in everything.

    If you noticed in her show, it’s really obvious that she likes to be praised. I think she paid all the audience who clap enthusiastically afterwards.

  82. Alexis says:

    Well i am however 12 years of age.
    i think a few of the photos are okay,
    i mean there not sickining but some of them are innappropriate.
    like the one with her hands behind her head with her bathing suit on.
    i somtimes dress up in cute dresses and put on makeup and do my hair and take photos..i mean thats just being a girl.
    shes just pretending and trying to have fun.

  83. emily. says:


  84. Jane says:

    I think that girl is just playing around, trying to be grown-up. But the mother shouldn’t be taking photographs! How can the mother not see that’s innappropriate?!
    I think Tyra Banks is actually a robot. Does she have any real emotions?

  85. Jenni says:

    hello what the hell is wrong with that mother. Tyra is right that girl is only 11 years old. the picture look like thing that a playboy bunnie would do.
    my name is jenni I’m 15 with a 11 year old little sister and if she even dress up like that my parent would get mad because she is way way way to young to dress or look like that. My parent are from germany too and thier sexy level is not even close to that high. that mother needs help and her daughter needs to get away from her mother and her mother sick sick mine. she make=ing her daughter JAIL BATE/PORN STAR it is sick and wrong and needs a lot of help
    👿 and it make me very mad and sick

  86. autumn says:

    i love tyra banks and i think she had every right to critisize that woman. it was at that moms own fault to have posted those pictures. how can you people even begin to say she taunted and critisized that little girl!!! she even said the girl was the victim and even sent her out of the room so that she wouldnt her the critisizm bestowed upon her mom!!! tyras whole point was to protect the girl and the help her in the modeling industry by telling her that those kinds of photos are not morally accepted for someone her age!!! she is heping this girl from being hurt!!! if anything, tyra is boosing this girls selfesteem at least 200% for the future ahead of her!! the whole point of this episode was to relay a message about perverts and and the sick mom who would let her child do that or encourage it!!!!! tyra has the respect of many teen girls incuding myself

  87. I think your all about bunch of jealous haters ..it’s always like this when a black woman makes it big. No matter if it’s oprah, tyra, or even raven simone, racists whites and jealous minded blacks will always find something to bitch about. Oprah can find a cure for cancer and there still will be haters finding something to bitch about. Who really cares what you think? At the end of the day, Tyra’s bank account is stacked to the ceiling her charities and youth development projects are helping thousands of young girls, and she is living the life you bottom feeders wished you had.

    It sounds like bitterness and jealously here. Don’t hate Tyra because your unattractive, broke, and about to have your house foreclosed.

    Don’t you realize that just like tabloids, these blogs are throwing meat at you so you can make them money with advertisers? Your just an idiot who fell for the scam, your dissing Tyra for free, and this site is rolling in the dough because they are counting on the jealous minded nature of people like you guys to make them crazy amounts of money! Pathetic! SUCKERS!!

  88. Jen says:

    First of all, comment above me, not all of us are “hating on” Tyra. Yeah, I find these photos innapropriate, but there was no reason for Tyra to do what she did. Also, I don’t dislike Tyra for being black. I don’t like her because she’s catty and rude, the same reason I hate most celebs.

  89. I’m of the opinion that the mother didn’t realize that U.S. culture is much less accepting of pictures of this nature than Germany. I also realize that some people may see these pictures as inappropriate, but that these were not “bait” photos as Tyra and others have claimed. Bait photos are the things on the Internet where you can’t tell if the girl is of legal age. What she was doing was mimicking what she’s seen on T.V. and they were looking for help to make her a legitimate model…not to be torn apart on television.

    And for those who feel that Tyra was right to attack her, consider this: The child protective services investigation turned up no wrongdoing. She was cleared of the charges that have been placed on her, and yet Tyra tore her apart for the sake of exciting t.v. Apparently, she learned nothing from the Jenny Jones incident. Talk shows were notorious for bringing people onto shows and surprising them on the air with news that would be better off told in private. A guy came on Jenny Jones’ show to find out that his gay friend had a crush on him. He was so humiliated that he killed the friend and blamed the show. The show was eventually cleared, but it was the worst of a practice that the rest of the shows got away from due to fear of legal reprisal. Montel Williams had on a woman who found out, in front of the country, that her husband was cheating on her with her sister. That woman was still trying to recover from that many years after it occurred. My point is, Tyra is going down a dangerous path by having people on her show without warning them that they are there to be ridiculed.

    She wasn’t being set up to be bait or to be a rape victim; her mother was operating under the belief that she was actually helping her daughter to try to be a model. Funny enough, I can tell you that this wouldn’t have been an issue ten years ago (or more). People are much more sensitive to these things than they used to be (If they were that sensitive in the 70s and 80s, Brooke Shields wouldn’t have had a modeling career), so I think people are getting a little too upset about this.

    And if you think they were being like the Dateline people in saying she was setting her daughter up to be attacked, keep in mind that almost all of the cases that were investigated by Chris Hanson have been dismissed because of evidence collection methods that weren’t legal.

    And I’m sickened by the thought that people think she was setting her child up to be a victim. Most molestations occur when the child knows who the attacker is, and most rapes are not “stranger rapes” but done by people who the victim knows. It’s an ugly thing when it happens to a person…so I wish people would show some restraint when they are quick to say this woman was out to make her child a victim (and inviting the pedophile to speak was just sickening and morally reprehensible on Tyra’s part). It’s hard enough when it happens to you when you have to listen to others say that a mother is setting a child up to be one as well.

  90. Marly says:

    Good golly miss molly Tyra! Why did you not rip the mic away from the woman who was insinuating that this mother would be to blame should her daughter be raped? The proper response from Tyra should have been “These photos are provocative and inappropriate for an 11 year old but should, God forbid, anything bad happen to Linda it will be the fault of the rapist. Not the victim and not the victim’s mother.” She just sat there (er, stood there) while some nut job woman blamed women for being raped (’cause, you know, what were they expecting wearing a bikini and posing like that). Way to go Tyra!

  91. Barb says:

    A 11 year old girl shouldnt be looking like a tramp. The mother should have known she was going to be getting a talking to. Its a talk show not top model

  92. jam says:

    blah blah blah boo hoo hoo.
    you know what that mother wanted tyra advice and she got it, sometimes the truth hurts and someone had too tell it too her straight. those pictures and that little girl was not getting any agencies wanting her because agencies don’t like that.

  93. Nicole Buysse says:

    Tyra is a sad sick bitch. And the hypocritical audience attending this show isn’t any better. Get a life, losers. Harassing a mom and her 11-year old daughter in front of an audience? Disgusting, and very very low level. Actually, on the same level as child-porn I would say…

  94. Nicole Buysse says:

    @Isabella Gucci: Being a black successful woman doesn’t give you the right to treat people like shit. You seem to have the same problem. Grow up.

  95. Izzy says:

    Europe and the United States are two very different places. I’ve been to Europe, and there is a different attitude toward the human body there. The mother is froma different culture, and according to her culture the pictures were fine. Tyra was being egocentric and just plain mean by attacking her, and demonizing her. 😕

  96. bubz121 says:

    Watching this has made me loose alot of respect for tyra, i dont condone what the mother was doing but the way tyra went about it was really bad she really could have taking a different approach to it instead of trashing the mother on television for everyone to see! she basically treated the mother like a piece of chewing gum under her shoe. People have feelings and maybe talking to the mother like a human bean would have maybe made her listen to what tyra had to say!

  97. Rachel says:

    I know this is an older thread, but I just wanted to say that I recently met this mom and her daughter. I’m a photographer, and I was doing a birthday shoot for her youngest daughter. She brought adorable, appropriate clothes, and her kids were really great.

    About halfway into the shoot, I mentioned that my daughter (who is the same age as the youngest girl I was shooting) poses like a “Stop Model” because she has seen a few ATM’s, and thinks that Tyra is saying “Stop Model”. Anyways, as soon as I mentioned that, the mom was instantly upset, and relayed to me what you have heard here.

    They GENUINELY were coming to Tyra for HELP. The pictures had already been taken down, and she originally had emailed Tyra for advice and maybe an autograph for her 11 year old who was a huge fan of the show…hence the sexy poses. She said it was terrible, and her 11 year old was humiliated by her idol. It was really sad.

    Anyways, I just wanted to let everyone know that yes, the pictures were in bad taste, but the mom got that and all she wanted was advice. I’m happy to report that the 11 year old is happy, beautiful, and I’m hoping to do a photo shoot with HER later this month.

    I will make it my mission to get this girl a modeling job, and tell Tyra to put that in her pipe and smoke it.

  98. Elisabeth says:

    I’m searching for things on Tyra right now b/c my husband and I were asked to be on the show, were in contact with producers for a week, then they were supposed to call us one day to give us our flight info. Well we didn’t hear from them for 2 days and finally I found an email address for the girl I talked to and I contacted her, adn she said the budget had been cut and we couldn’t be on the show. NO ONE CONTACTED US. Obviously they have no sense of professionalism over there and I am soo incredibly irritated with them. My husband had to take off work, we had to make arrangements for our child to be watched, and the day we were supposed to leave I have to contact them to find out we aren’t leaving. Thanks a lot Tyra show!

  99. Terry says:

    What? Sexy? This is just a kid. One can find photos that can be considered more provocative in a JC Penny’s catalog. Perhaps her mother should have known that Americans see many things in terms of sex that others would not.
    Indeed, a pedophile may find such photos stimulating. The girl just sitting there with Tyra and her mother may have stimulated them. Discussing this topic with the girl sitting there may have turned them on. Who knows?

    It is a sad state of affairs when a mere model plays the role of family advisor, psychologist, therapist and authority on child abuse. What are her qualifications?
    Thank God she did not decide to play the role of brain surgeon.

    It might be entertaining for some to watch such a program. I am sure many were entertained by the humiliation and mental anguish the poor child felt. It is up to us to turn this garbage off. Tyra was a photographer’s subject, that and nothing more.

  100. Angela Whitmore says:

    I was invited to be a guest on one of her shows… Now that I’ve read this, NEVER! 👿

  101. Jessica says:

    Tyra banks spoke the truth. I dont really know what to say.

  102. Very smart says:

    Every one of these statements commented on here agrees with the fact that Tyra was wrong on her approach…and so do I Tyra if you do read this or anyone ever tells you about it maybe you should think about the fact that the little girl only 11 involved in this mess really loved you and needed your advice and you shut her out instead and sent her off with nothing but a guilty consience for trying to mimic high fashion sex driven modeling ads.

  103. Me says:

    Tyra used this woman as an example, to make a point. And this woman clearly wasn’t bright enough to realize that Tyra Banks gets millions of letters, thousands of girls want to meet her and get advice.. and this kid with the inappropriate pics was the only one chosen? She should have been bright enough to realize what was going to happen.

    The mother should quit blaming others for her own stupidity. Maybe the show felt it necessary to do this to let the world know this woman is abusing her kid. Its gross.

    And yeah, ratings are important. Shes running a business.

  104. Casey says:

    I wish this woman would just go away already. I know, I know. I love ANTM, but I just can’t stand her. How dare she do this to this woman and her child?? This woman clearly thinks they images are innocent, because her daughter is completely innocent. She sees ANTM, she sees pics in magazines, on TV, in ads, etc. and she thinks this is what it takes to model. When we were all little girls we would try to look all adult and sexy and stuff. If we had a camera, we’d take pictures and do a modeling shoot. It’s all innocent. We weren’t TRYING to be sexy with that kind of intent. We were trying to look like the beautiful women in the magazines and on TV. This mom should have better sense, but she’s of a different culture. In Europe, the idea of sexual is so different.

    Tyra and her stupid “a” idols (Oprah, the Obamas) are just ridiculous. Such self-serving, self-important, and manipulative people they are. Please. I can’t stand people that use their “celebrity” status to manipulate the public for their own gain.

  105. Anonymous says:

    No one has mentioned that the woman in the audience named Donna, the one that was spewing the most judgmental venom was very likely planted there and paid by the Tyra show to say and react exactly how she did. This is why the woman was prepped to respond to these types of comments, because they knew precisely what was going to be said. It was already scripted. So disgusting. I believe in Karma and by the looks of this as well as many other instances where narcissistic Tyra goes on her hypocritical path, the boomerang will most definitely come back to “kiss [her] fat ass.”

  106. Kris says:

    This is reallyyy shocking. Like, she’s been known to help so many people, and then she does this to one of her biggest fans. I mean most of the photos were a pretty provacative but honestly, the way Tyra treated the mother and her child, is just disgusting. The young girl did say sh liked pretending, and she KNOWS the consequences of everything her mother taught her that, but Tyra seems to have a way of only hearing what SHE wants to hear.And I hate when the ‘big’ people blow stuff out of the water. Like, ““Because of some of the accusations made in your email, I have forwarded it to our legal department and can have no further comment.” Soooo dramatic. This is a perfect example of a kid with a magnifying glass torturing an ant, big people taking advantage of the vulnerable. I really hate Tyra now.

  107. Denise says:

    Oh my effing God. I used to watch this show religiously because I thought it was MORE ‘real’ and less staged than the other talk shows. I hate Tyra Banks so much now. I can’t believe I even looked up to her once.

    F**k you, Tyra. Go DIAF.

  108. Whoa, good story. I just now clicked a link to your website and I’m already a fan. 😛

  109. aly says:

    how hypocritical! tyra is a pos. her demeanor is just skank.

  110. mt says:

    Well you all should do something about your ANTM watching addiction. Boycott the whole thing! Let the ratings sink! Then it’s bye-bye for ms. I-know-it-all

  111. trh says:

    I didn’t know I could dislike tyra anymore than i already do. i know people from holland and their way of life is a lot different than ours. And this mother is from Germany…I mean things are different in other places and for tyra to attack them like that with no warning is just ridiculous. i know the mother is a little naive about the whole situation but tyra is just like her crazy “i know it all” self. I’m so glad her talk show is ending. Every episode I ever saw was ridiculous and was only about her and her “life lessons.” She can make anything be about herself. So the one episode it nots “me me me” its bashing at someone who didn’t see it coming and had no way of defending herself. I just do not see why people like her.

  112. person says:

    I honestly think Tyra was trying to humiliate Claudia for ratings, instead of trying to help her understand the problems with Linda’s photos. Sure, those photos were way too inappropriate and should have never been posted on the Internet. However, Tyra’s “advice” was degrading and cruel. I saw absolutely NO self-esteem boosting in this show that Tyra claims to be so good at.

    P.S. Tyra, you’re not Kate Moss. You had ONE Vogue Cover, and it sucked.

  113. TEE TEE says:

    I do think Tyra shouldve maybe tailored around her words when telling this women her daughter would never become a model.Over pictures she was playing dress up with,this girl is only like any other kid whos influenced by uncensored intertainment on tv who reflect what they c in videos,tv,music etc.Beyonce IN HER video put a ring on it,Tyra dressing UN-MODEST then u wonder why they only wanna be what they see around them.I feel sorry for the child cause that was unfair and totally discombobulating what theyre intentions were,How dare she demonize a guest like this who looked 2 Tyra 4 open door possiblities,shame on Tyra Banks,,u just lost a viewer smfh

  114. Melanie says:

    It reminds me of mean girls.

  115. me says:

    Tyra and the mother of the child are wrong. Tyra cannot “remove the stick out of her sisters eye, whilst there is a log in hers”.
    Tyra is setting a very bad example for young girls, what she exposes on TV is the same as porn.
    She has no grace – and is purely animal.
    As for the mother, why would you push your child that you say you love into such an evil world at such a young age.
    It’s all really sad.

  116. Lacy says:

    I’m gtlad you posted this article. If I had seen the show I would have supported the show all the way becuase I’m in Tyra’s dominion and the whole setting has that effect. However, after watching it, and knowing both sides of the story, I can clearly see that Tyra was doing all the ‘right’ things, to a public eye but if you look a little deeper at her motives they clearly were not to help the mother, or to help anyone, especially saying the daughter will ‘never be a model’…I would love for that young lady to be a model, and be one that helps others, unlike Ms. Banks who clearly deals with some type of insecurity that she deals with by intimidating others. I’m not saying the mother was right, I just know that when you truly want someone to hear your advice you do NOT attack or have an attacking tone, when you do that, you just care about the people hearing how ‘right’ you are and not about the people u r talking to. She clearly used this woman. I’ve been judgemental in my life and know when I’ve truly cared and when I’ve just argued to prove a point that was right, but my heart wasn’t really to help, so I know the difference and am willing to admit that there is a difference. Love should always be the foundation for advice or else don’t give it. If the message was not heard, was that the mother’s fault or the person that gave the message with absolutely derragatory comments from beginning to end. I used to like Trya but before this show and I’ve watched her tear people up, flirt with people and act so nasty and insecure, it’s a total turn off…sorry but that’s my two sense, i’m sure a lot will not agree, and that’s ok.

  117. Lacy says:

    Additionally, I don’t dislike Tyra becuase of this…it would be equally wrong to judge her based on an article, as it would to judge the mom off that program. However I do dislike the show and her viewpoints, in that they are presented in Tyra’s perspective and not seeminly balanced or helpful. I think Tyra’s ANTM was totally the reason for the sexiness Tyra criticizes and that makes the show a very bad platform for the millions of girls that are watching it. Tyra is beautiful but a person that does that to young women does not project a beauty I admire. I’m glad to see that the young woman is still going and that she allowed this to make her stronger. My hopes are that Tyra will also use feedback and become someone that invests time in proper counseling techniques before attempting to be a cousnselor becuauase like any counselor without training would be dangerous, a TV show host could be even more disastrous when speaking on topics that deal with any aspect of motherhood or self-esteem. I don’t think the mom was ‘right’ but her motives seemed genuinely to help her daughter, she even applauded Tyra’s advice, totally not confrontational, she didn’t back down cuz she was cornered but she was very polite. In evaluating a situation it’s important to not just look at the actions but at the deeper lines, and why and how…Tyra was clearly acting in a deregatory, intimidating way and I just hope that people do not see this type of advice on her show as something to base any life decisions. I’m Christian and I say use the Word of God, where it tells us that love, like I said before, and ‘winning a brother’ is more important than proving a point. I would like Tyra to ask herself, what is the purpose of my show and am I accomplishing it? If its ratings then probably yes, if it’s helping, probably not.