If your spouse cheated & you were famous, would you tell press details?

The woman that Shania Twain’s husband of 14 years allegedly cheated with, his secretary Marie-Anne Thiébaud, was a close friend of Shania’s family. People has a new story about the affair complete with a picture of Shania and the other woman, and says that “Shania considered Marie-Anne one of her best friends” and that their families even vacationed together.

It’s been pretty clear to me from the start of this Shania Twain divorce story that Shania’s camp is behind the leaks to People Magazine. People does not seem likely to run “insider” stories with such conviction unless they have news directly from someone’s rep. Now that they have a picture of the other woman with Shania it definitely looks like she’s the one feeding them information and details on her divorce. It’s as if Shania is holding up the mistress for public condemnation and as a comparison to how gorgeous she is, because they’re standing right next to each other in the photo.

And can you blame her? She must be livid that this was going on right under her nose. There’s been some speculation that Shania Twain and her husband haven’t had sex in some time, because she’s said to practice a religion called “Sant Mat,” that supposedly does not allow sex except for procreation. (Thanks to commenter “Other Karen” for this article, written by People Magazine in 2002.) I couldn’t verify that Sant Mat actually has this abstinence requirement of followers, though, nor is there any confirmation that Shania continues to practice it more than five years after she gave that interview to People.

If you were in Shania’s position, would you tell the press all about how your husband betrayed you along with providing a photo of his new mistress to illustrate your point? I can’t say it wouldn’t occur to me.

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  1. headache says:

    I’m sure this is making her feel better in some sort of way, but don’t they have a child together?

    If she’s willing to say all this to perfect strangers, what is she telling her child??

  2. Jean says:

    Under no circumstances would I talk about this unless I were trying to garner sympathy as a way to promote an upcoming CD a la Nick Lachey’s interview with Rolling Stone.

  3. elisha says:

    I’d like to pretend I wouldn’t air our dirty laundry, but I know I totally would. That’s why I had to answer the way I did in the poll above about him deserving the negative press.

  4. Rhianna says:

    The press is a double-edged sword. It might gut him today, but she’s using it and the beast will soon enough eat her. She’ll deserve all the nasty press she’ll get too.

    I can’t believe a mother would spread stuff like this, especially knowing that it would hurt her child. That, and she loved him at one time, better to take the high road than lie down with the slander dogs.

  5. MM says:

    I think his camp is certainly spreding things against her, so I would totally fight back, since he was the one who cheated and to add pain- with a friend.

    His camp is spreading terrible rumors about her. That is just unfair.

    Like that claim she didn’t sleep with him- which is a lame attempt to justify his infidelity.

    We do not know and cannot tell how things were in the bed room, so it’s a nasty thing to spread such a rumor (plus it’s not an excuse for cheating with one of her best friends…).

    Even if it was true- they should go to counseling not just opt for a family friend….

  6. headache says:

    Spreading things against her? Uhm the only negative things I’ve heard are about him.

  7. MM says:

    Also, they tried to portray her as an opportunist that married him just to advance her career and once she didn’t “need” him, she is divorcinghim.

    That is a big fat lie, since we now know he betrayed her trust BIG TIME and they were married for 14 years, so had she been a gold-digger, no talent, woman, she would have left him a long time ago.

    That rumor was mean because it’s also trying to take from her her talent and the fat that she made it thanks to her own charisma and abilities and give him the credit for what she has done.

    She had to fight back. I would totally, too. HE was the one who did her wrong.

  8. MM says:

    There is a difference between spreading rumors and actually explaining what happened and what happened WAS that HE CHEATED! with a FRIEND!

    I totally support her.

  9. jeannified says:

    Well, this woman is not as attractive as Shania, but if it’s true that she was practicing some form of religion called Sant Mat, where you can’t have sex other than to procreate, well then…what does she expect?!

  10. headache says:

    MM, that rumor has been around since before they married so it certainly wasn’t him spreading it around.

    And I don’t think anyone has implied they are divorcing because she didn’t need him anymore. Hell, if that were the case, they would have split YEARS ago and we’d be talking about a reconciliation to get her career back.

    He was wrong for cheating and she’s wrong for putting it out there like that.

  11. Kelly says:

    I’m embarrassed to admit that I most likely would’ve done the same thing. Okay, so her camped leaked it..it’s not like she is publicly saying all these negative things about him…at least not yet=)

  12. dora says:

    The article only states that her religion is against pre-marital sex, not sex without the intent of procreation.

  13. Wif says:

    Yep, I would totally tell.

  14. Syko says:

    I just don’t think it all needs to be made public. I’d want to keep a little more of my dignity, and wouldn’t tell the world. My divorce was during a time when dinosaurs roamed the earth, but to this day the whole world doesn’t know he was a lying, cheating ass.

    Well, I guess they do now. :mrgreen:

  15. geronimo says:

    LOL! Bravo, syko. That’s the way to do it. Dignified, brief but leaving us all in no doubt whatsoever as to where the fault lay in your divorce. Less is So more.

    Now go give master classes to the dim-witted, feeble, point-scoring celebs who wouldn’t know dignity if it slapped them across their silly, attention-hungry gobs.

  16. notprfect says:

    Hmmm, I don’t know. I think about denise richards and charlie sheen and it makes me think I WOULDN’T leak the info, cuz those two just embarrass themselves, constantly.

    Then again, cheaters are scum and need to be taught a lesson. So, I would ABSOLUTELY get my revenge somehow. I just don’t know what it would be.

    If that part about the religion, Sant Mat, is really true, that’s a bad idea, IMO. I’m not trying to rip on any religion, but it seems like one that discourages married couples from having sex, is just pushing it’s followers to cheat on their spouses. I know I wouldn’t want to be married to someone who practiced that belief. 😉

  17. cc says:

    If you’re a public figure, then I think that a little bit of info goes a long way. A little leak that he cheated, a journalist “researching and finding” a picture of the alleged mistress and nothing more, these are things that could be easily explained if you want to get divorced. I think that if she were to work it out with him, then keeping it quiet is the way to go. Also, about her child. He would find out that daddy cheated when he was older and as long as the parent’s are discreet about any animosity towards each other, then he will be fine. Like I said, a tiny bit of info is enough for someone in her public position. I wish I could say for sure I would be this logical if it happened to me, but I am more like to go after someone. 😛

  18. lola lola says:

    Oh God, I tried, I really did to vote for the ‘don’t air your dirty laundry’ but I knew I was a lie. Stick it to the bastard for not fishing in a bigger pond. That’s just lazy and evil to steal your wife’s best friend.

  19. Curly Fry says:

    Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned…

    I would like to say that I would take the high road, but when someone you trusted completely abuses that trust…I can’t say that I wouldn’t do the same.

    Then on the other hand, it most likely will backfire and the tides of public opinion will eventually turn.

    Just a terrible situation all around.

  20. gg says:

    Maybe he was just a ‘boob man’. lol

  21. vdantev says:

    Did she take a round in the face? and the doctors botched the reconstruction afterward?

    the goggles-they do nothing !!

  22. elisha says:

    That woman is so unattractive compared to Shania.

    I did a little googling of my own and it appears the no-sex rumor originated in a TIME article, not that People article linked above. As dora points out, the People article says Shania believes in no premarital sex…

    But this TIME article says Shania is “a devotee of Sant Mat, a strain of Sikh mysticism that advocates hours of daily meditation, abstinence from sex and alcohol, and copious journal keeping as the path to self-realization.”

    I also looked at the Wikipedia entries and they mention nothing about sex at all, but they DO say there is a difference between what REAL Santa Mat was (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sant_Mat) and “contemporary movements claiming a Sant Mat lineage.” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Contemporary_Sant_Mat_movements) I’d wager Shania is part of the latter.

    Further googling reveals several sites that refer to Sant Mat as a cult (just search “Sant Mat” cult). Similarly, from googling (“Sant Mat” abstinence) it would appear they do indeed believe in now sex. Which is funny because I thought most cults were about trying to get as much sex as possible.

  23. tvf says:

    Anybody stop to think that maybe Shania’s skanky ex-best friend is leaking the information, either to get paid for it or to generate a little publicity of her own?

    It’s also possible that another family member is leaking it, thinking they’re doing Shania a favor.

    As far as the “what did you expect” line of thinking, I’d expect my husband to stay faithful. Especially if I were a practitioner of the religion before the marriage.

  24. Roma says:

    Remember when the story broke, it was his side that said they had “grown apart”. Now this is all speculation, but the natural assumption would be that it was HER that had outgrown him. I’m guessing in a moment of pain she wanted people to know the truth but will be regretting it once the hurt wears off.

    But it always stings to get cheated on with someone that you’re close to – such a betrayal of trust.

  25. Angel says:

    Normally I try not to be judgmental here, because opinions are like a–holes, we all have one. However, I am disgusted by you people here, and YOU too, CB! I honestly expected more from you than this; most of you have already tried and convicted Shania of leaking this info just to get attention. Hello! Maybe it’s just me; but please, can’t you all just stop trashing her until we know more about the situation? Damn.

  26. journey says:

    and yet everyone is rushing to judge mutt. what proof do we have that he cheated? a leak to the press? a picture of two women standing together? just because gossip says there was an affair doesn’t mean there was one. if eileen would lie about being Native American, lie about nearly starving to death as a child growing up in Canada, lie about single-handedly raising her younger sibs when she was but a baby, and a whole slew of other lies just to get p.r., trust me she’d lie about her soon-to-be ex having a non-existant affair.

  27. elisha says:

    Journey, I’m no big Shania fan, but I did read about her as a result of this. From what I gathered, she did NOT lie about being American Indian. She said she was her STEP-dad’s tribe… when in actuality, she IS American Indian, just a different tribe. Aditionally, she legally changed her name from Eileen before she was famous, just like Portia de Rossi did. Again, I’m no Shania fan, I just never like to see a cycle of lies repeated.

  28. Nan says:

    I am so sick of all of these uneducated celebrities and their ‘religions’. Jeez! Open a history book people. God forbid a physics book…

  29. Mrs Green says:

    :mrgreen: Hi, I was doing a bit of research about Mutt Lange and discovered that it was he who had first started following the religion of ‘Sant Mat’and that Shania (Eileen)had taken an interest because her husband was into it.(So if the story is true about the affair what is it saying about him!)

    I think Shania/Eileen is just right to leak the story of what really happened. Afterall, how many of you out there initally jumped to the conclusion that it was naturally the beautiful Shania that ended the marriage?

    I think this guy ‘Mutt’ will regret for the rest of his life doing this on his wife who truly loved him.

    God bless Eileen…

  30. Persistent Cat says:

    She’s an insanely private person, I highly doubt she leaked anything.

  31. Mrs Green says:

    Well that is true … she may not have leaked it, but I am glad for Shania’s sake someone has spoken out about it.

  32. ayatolla_of_rocken_rolla says:

    well, she does have a nice rack….

  33. Shay says:

    If it’s the truth tell it.

  34. Micha Marx says:

    It’s not so much the cheating, it’s whom it was with. She obviously feels betrayed by two people she cared about and thought cared about her as well. I’m totally on Shania’s corner with this one.

  35. just me says:

    How could you sleep with the family friend for goodness sake, not enough fish in the sea. I’m glad she’s the one leaking things and not some jerk making up things. Wow, 14 years waisted….I would want to kick his @ss!

  36. Elva says:

    It happens to be that Shania belongs to Radha Soami Satsang Beas (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radha_Soami_Satsang_Beas), not Radha Soami, any cults of similar names. It is not a contemporary movement, nor does it have anything to do with Sikhs! It also says nothing about having sex only for procreation, just about abstaining from sex outside of a legal marriage. And journal keeping? You’ve got to be kidding me. And Nan- just because you’re an atheist doesn’t mean everyone else is. I happen to be agnostic myself, but I don’t go around forcing my beliefs on other people, or attempting to correct theirs.

  37. Dave says:

    Women just don’t get it, it isn’t that the other woman “isn’t as attractive as Shania”, it’s that SHE IS DIFFERENT.
    By the way, I would boil Shania’s panties and make tea out of the water!