Michelle Rodriguez happily posed with a Swastika, what the hell?


Yesterday, Michelle Rodriguez posted the above photo on her official Twitter page. The caption read: “Hehehhehee Only in Austin can you find such Happy Nazi flag shooters look at the holes on this flag.” Oh… the flag has holes in it. It took me a second to see that because I was so freaked out that M-Rod was smiling while posing with a Swastika. What the hell, M-Rod?

‘Lost’ actress Michelle Rodriguez poses in front of a swastika flag in this picture posted on her official Twitter page. While the screen star appeared to be mocking Nazi supporters – whom the ancient symbol is often associated with – she nevertheless angered some fans.

Posting the image from Texas she wrote: “Hehehhehee Only in Austin can you find such Happy Nazi flag shooters look at the holes on this flag.”

But one fan said: “That is NOT cool. Even if I know you’re against the Nazi regime, it is INACCEPTABLE to pose in front of a swastika flag. Sorry Michelle, but that’s over the top.”

Earlier the 32-year-old posed with a massive weapon, saying: “Love me some range shootin;)” Her new film, ‘Machete’, was partly shot on location in Austin.

[From Splash via IDLYITW]

Is it just dumb or is it offensively dumb? I think the important little fact here is that the flag had been shot to hell, although it’s difficult to notice that right away. For some reason, that makes a difference, to me at least. It’s not like M-Rod was photo-bombing Hitler, for goodness sake, she was trying to point out that Texas rednecks had shot up a Nazi flag. Eh. Still… it’s in poor taste.

44695, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Thursday September 9 2010. Michelle Rodriguez hits the launch party for Hollywood's newest hotspot, Premiere nightclub. Photograph:  Hellmuth Dominguez, PacificCoastNews.com

44701, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Thursday September 9 2010. Michelle Rodriguez outside the newest nightclub in Hollywood, Premiere, owned by actor Leonado DiCaprio. Photograph: Josephine Santos, PacificCoastNews.com

44693, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Thursday November 9 2010. An animated Michelle Rodriguez is in high spirits as she makes her way to Hollywood's newest hotspot, Premiere. Photograph:  Greg Tidwell, PacificCoastNews.com

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88 Responses to “Michelle Rodriguez happily posed with a Swastika, what the hell?”

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  1. truthSF says:

    This girl lives off of drama and excitement, so nothing she does surprises me. However, that was a dumb move on her part.

  2. Genevieve says:


  3. bizzy says:

    it is INACCEPTABLE to pose in front of a swastika flag

    it is UNPOSSIBLE for her to make that mistake.

  4. girl says:

    Yeah. I don’t get her appeal either. Although I read an article about her on Cracked.com a few days ago that was hilarious.

  5. Twez says:

    She became famous because of Girlfight. When she’s together and working well, she’s a good actress. Also, she’s sexy as hell. Unfortunately the crazy dims that shine a bit.

  6. kate217 says:

    Seriously? I’m done with this woman. I cannot fathom a reasonable defense for this.

    I guess her career is done. Please?

  7. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    I think she’s trying to make a point, but she has a way of screwing everything up.

  8. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    I think the people who got mad are dumb. Michelle clearly states there were people shooting at the flag and the flag is clearly damaged. Sooooo not sure whats to get upset about. Michelle isn’t happy about the Swastika she is laughing with the guys who shot it up. Now at the same time this picture can be misconstrued horribly, which is exactly what happened. My advice don’t ever pose by anything like a Swastika. So in that sense Michelle messed up because people are just plain dumb and hell some can’t even read…just don’t do things like this even if it was nothing as what people took it as.

  9. S says:

    I think this is dumb and getting blown out of proportion. She’s posing with a nazi flag that people use for target practice, and I get the impression she thought it was a funny thing to shoot at, and she put in a caption so everyone would know what exactly it is she was posing with. In no way, shape or form is she glorifying anything about the Nazi regime.

  10. Laura says:

    I dunno. I think she’s cool, and what’s wrong with showing that you’re amused that people are shooting a nazi flag? Nazi flags SHOULD be shot up, lol.

  11. Jack says:

    NOT OK! smiling in front of this symbol is just sick, you couldnt imagine doing that in germany, its forbidden here!

    i dont care if that flag had holes in it, what a stupid, senseless picture.

  12. Kelly says:

    @bizzy LOL

    Bitch is CRAAAAZY.

  13. LittleFATMe says:

    She is so hot it makes me dizzy!

  14. teehee says:

    Its not dumb. First of all this is a fact of history, and ignoring it or hating it doesnt change hwat happened and neither does it do anything to spread acceptance and open-mindedness, which is the best way to antagonize what ‘that symbol’ represents. freaking out about a reminder of it is pretty useless, in my eyes. Its as though it cant even be heard or seen anymore, which is almost as shameful as when people dont even believe it ever happened.
    Knee-jerk reactionary thinking or poltics have never amounted to much; that is actually one of the reasons why Hilter even came to power.

  15. PrettyTarheel says:

    Teehee, I think you’re brilliant.

  16. liz says:

    This is harmless. Chill everyone.

  17. TQB says:

    whatever, I agree with @teehee, except i think it IS dumb, for the exact same reasons. Like, just don’t, OK? It’s dumb to freak out about but likewise dumb for a celeb with oodles of twithead followers to post. Stupidity abounds on this one; I’m going to pretend I never saw it.

  18. Shanzy says:

    SPOT ON, Teehee!

  19. SammyHammy says:

    Dumb, but not unforgiveable.

  20. lu says:

    Poor Germans, always bringing up the Nazi stuff. They should ban those flags, who the hell even makes them?
    Anyways I think that if you look at the picture twice, it is inoffensive but if it didn’t have captions everyone would freak out.
    This girl is very scary in those pics.

  21. tar says:

    further proof that context is everything.

  22. elvisgrace says:

    And counting down to a statement from Michelle Rodriquez’s publicist about her long struggle with alcohol and how she will shortly be seeking in-patient an/or out-patient treatment in 4,3,2…

  23. dana says:

    ha ha ha she won….she wanted to get a rise out you all and SHE WON.

  24. Sarah says:

    I don’t see how this is even a story. She states that it was shot up and that’s what the smile is about. It’s not like she was giving the Hitler salute in front of it.

  25. aenflex says:

    texas rednecks shooting a nazi flag? sounds like an oxymoron to me…more like saluting.

  26. Miss. Thang says:

    Ugh. People are always looking for something to be upset about. Use your heads.
    I’m with Teehee and Love Angelina.

  27. Kitten says:

    It’s not like she’s posing in front of it giving it up a thumbs-up sign or saluting it. Gah. People are so reactive over every little thing… drives me nuts..

  28. Persistent Cat says:

    Is this the first time she’s been talked about and it’s not related to her drinking and driving?

    Career-wise, it’s just a stupid thing for her to do. If no one reads her poorly written Tweet, they’re just going to see an idiot posing in front of a Nazi flag.

    Full of bullet holes or not, I wouldn’t go anywhere near it.

  29. Chelly says:

    @ Bizzy:

    It could’ve been a simple typo. The u and the i are right next to each other.

    So dumb to point that out like no one else in this post noticed it…but took 1 dummy to say something about it.

  30. Maritza says:

    She thought it was sooo funny! I bet she said, “Watch this people, everyone is going to be talking about me!”

  31. a says:

    not bright…

  32. Bullett says:

    She looked really cute in Machete, but YIKES, she looks so friggin butch in these pictures! If I didn’t know who she was I might have to inquire as to her gender.

    As for the swastika photo, disappointing at best. Sure, you can rationalize why it’s ok, or what her intentions were, but the fact is that a celeb posing with a swastika is none too bright and serves to explain why throughout her career MR has been her own worst enemy. She should know much better than that.

  33. Ballas says:

    I love how some idiots are bringing up her past troubles like they’re still relevant. Her last DUI was 5 YEARS AGO. She’s been in the biggest movie of all time and a couple other hits since then. She’s moved on, grown up, and seems really fun and down to earth. She’s not Lohan and it’s not fair to talk about her like she is. She doesn’t rely on publicists and she doesn’t do stupid things anymore and even when she did it wasn’t nearly as bad as most of the other Hollywood screw ups.

    She was dissing Nazi-ism. It’s very simple. And she’s not a socialite wannabe, she’s a bonafide A-list actress now thanks to Fast and Furious, Avatar, Lost, Machete, and all of that. You guys should do your homework before attacking a legitimate actress over a twitter photo, especially when you didn’t understand why she even posted it. Idiots.

  34. Mistral says:

    I’m with those who think most people commenting on Twitter sound stupid because they can’t spell.

    I also agree with Teehee and others that this is a non-story.

    She’s obviously anti-Nazi. She is, however, very pro-gun. And that whole gun culture is pretty messed up, in my opinion.

  35. DetRiotgirl says:

    @Bizzy Don’t listen to Chelly. You made me lol, and I would have been dissapointed if someone DIDN’T say something about that.

  36. Jello says:

    Actually the reason Hitler came to power was due to Germany’s economic devastation and humiliation after the first world war. Not condoning it, but don’t I think we should over simplify it either. For thousands and thousands of people who lost family members in the Nazi genocide, the swastika is a painful and frightening symbol. I realize MR wasn’t condoning it. But I don’t think we should knock people who find the picture of a laughing Hollywood actress in front of Nazi flag, weird. Yeah there are bullet holes, yeah she meant whatever. But the first impression is so powerfully odd, I think it was kinda dumb.

  37. vi says:

    i’m not surprised by the reaction and she’s pretty dumb if she thought no one would be annoyed but people get annoyed just seeing the flag instead of really analysing what annoys them about the context. i think teehee is spot on

  38. viper says:

    I swear there is no morality anymore. What the hell do these kinds of people hope to acomplish? As if more of us young people need more reason to not care about things like geocides. Whether it’s on WW2 or any kind of mass murder; why belittle one and support another? The sheer hypocracy is a crime in itself.

  39. viper says:

    Also INacceptible…good god that is so sad. Also, utterly UNacceptable!

  40. e-non says:

    ooooooh, but she’s so badass…

    an uneducated and repulsive twit.

  41. Crash2GO2 says:

    “Poor Germans, always bringing up the Nazi stuff. They should ban those flags, who the hell even makes them?”

    Banning anything is a terrible idea, because if you ban it, then you might forget about it. Forgotten history is doomed to repeat itself. Let the swastika stand as a part of the shared history of humanity for it shames us all, NOT just the Germans.

  42. Gary says:

    viper: Judging from your post at 4:38pm, you’re not exactly in a position to mock people for their lousy spelling.

    Bizzy, on the other hand, pulled it off like a champ.

  43. spinner says:

    Geez!! People so quick to point the finger. This is a non-issue. Buck up people. Not everybody thinks the same way. History has been distorted beyond belief because of these types of reactions.

  44. archiepelago says:

    Hopefully Twitter will be the death of many celebrity careers. I love how without the PR screen and simply working to the beat of their own drum, we see how crazy most celebs are in their posts. Not to mention fame hungry.

    Yawn, is it time for my afternoon nap yet?

  45. Bee says:

    This is why celebrities need to get the hell off Twitter. They are just exposing their blatant idiocy for all the world to see. A swastika is never a potential photo op, ever. What a moron.

  46. noemi says:

    omg guys…. theres no need to blow it out of proportion im sure she doesnt mean anything by it… has anyone herd of memories i think thats why they invented cameras….sssshhhiiisssshhhh.

  47. original kate says:

    yee-haw, that blowed up real good!

  48. Sally says:

    Off-topic, I watched Machete yesterday and surprisingly enjoyed it. Michelle Rodriguez was decent (and hot), and Lindsay and Jessica Alba were awful.

  49. badkrma says:

    Lay off her haters… just because she isn’t pc enough for you…

  50. Dhavy says:

    @ Ms Thang – I second that

  51. Faye says:

    why is that offensive? It was obviously used as target practice. The only people who should be offended are nazis…

  52. Willow says:


    TY!! you gave me the best laugh of the day :)

    Here’s a hug to you *huuuuug*

  53. daluraemoviegoer says:

    do kids learn how to spell anything these days LOL well while what she did was not very smart but i see no harm in it.

  54. truthzbetta says:

    Stupid enough to end a career before it began.

    Living in Hawaii starring on Lost and let a can of beer lure her from it.

    Flea-Brain is at it again. Not cool.

  55. dbzl says:

    I think its fine she is shooting this flag.
    But she really isn’t attractive

  56. fwozbo says:

    Hey Michelle (non-Aryan) Rodriguez, they would have burned you, too.

    Too bad you don’t realize this.

  57. nickynoneck says:

    She explains why shes standing infront of it but you guys still bash wtf ?

  58. Pirouette says:

    There is a time and place for “irony” and laughing in front of a Nazi flag is probably not one of them.

  59. NatKat27 says:

    It’s no secret that MIchelle likes to kick up some $#*! . But who knows if she just wasnt thinking about the fact that people watch hers and other celwbs every move, waiting for an opportunity, such as this, to show the world how rightous and clever you are in your opinion and judgements.
    It is what it is, but dont stop spewing here, its entertaining.

    One last thing for AENFLEX, about your ignorant post with blind assumption that Texans salute natzi flags, not shoot em. Go F yourself, K?
    First, look up the word “oxymoron” you moron!
    Secondly, look up the word “Stereo-Typing”. Thats what you did, and just so you know, MORON, the core of the Holocaust was based on stereo-typing.

  60. CB Rawks says:

    There’s a *t* in Nazi? Well bugger me with a pitchfork.
    Your hyphens are uncalled for, btw.

  61. Chrissy says:

    Crash2GO2: The Nazi flag and any Nazi symbols are banned in Germany. You would be arrested if you were in possession of a nazi flag, etc. They take it very seriously.

  62. viper says:

    It says 4 pm on your side but it wasn’t on mine. And the spelling was fine it was my GRAMMAR that was atrocious.

  63. Lita says:

    I think you’ll find that it is ‘oxy-moron,’ @Natkat27 – and I hate the terrible ‘Stereo-Typing.’ Always gets ink on the CDs.

    Anyhow I am surprised at the people saying ‘get the hell over it’ – this is just not okay. I tried to think of an analogous US example. I think it might be similar to a photo of MR standing in front of a massive staged burning cross with some guy standing unobtrusively off to the side holding a hose and tweeting “I love it! They’ve erected and set fire to a big ol’ cross and are standing by with fire fighting gear – HA!!”

    Just steer clear – it’s one of those things that never gets funny. And for the record swastikas, fascist ‘zeig heil’ salute *are* banned in Germany.

  64. Gary says:

    @viper: If you can read through your posts and still honestly believe that your spelling is “fine,” then I’m afraid you’re a lost cause.

  65. Just Saying says:

    It’s possible to understand someone would get mad if they just looked at the picture. I think most people just look at the picture and never read the text because it is a symbol of great pain and horror.

  66. Nicki says:

    BALLAS – THANK YOU. There are still some smart people left in this world! Everything you said is RIGHT on point.

    People who bash her for this are stupid and ignorant and know NOTHING about this woman.

    Why is she famous? Ummm…shes an awesome actress who has been in some of the biggest blockbusters of this decade bitches, shes hotter than hell itself, extremely smart and absolutely awesome. She kicks ass on screen and does something OTHER than get naked on film.

    You dumb bitches know nothing about this chick yet are so quick to talk so much shit. Her star is only rising bitches so keep hating.

    READ the fucking caption before bashing dumb wits. Ignorance at its finest.

  67. Toe says:

    I see nothing wrong with this. People really like to over-dramatize.

  68. Horatio says:

    Man, that Mike Rodriguez sure is a funny guy!!

  69. NatKat27 says:

    Lita—You’re correct, I was clearly confused that it is indeed an oxymoron AENFLEX imposed with his objective morality viewpoint by implying Texans have some racial/political affinity to the Suastica.       
    I was blinded by that sort of accepted intolerance of a deliberately thoughtless remark, made by a vaguely aware butthead.
    I hope you didnt find my misunderstanding too terribly enjoyable.
    I know, its seriously stupid that I’m wasting my time here exercising my rusty oxymoron skills. Its been painfully fun. — OH MY GAWD, SOMEONE STOP ME!!

  70. Lisa says:

    bizzy, i love you.

  71. I Choose Me says:

    I agree with teehee and kitten. I wish people would just take a minute to look at or read the context and save their outrage for things that we really should be outraged over.

    Clever headline though.

  72. Whitey Fisk says:

    Totally unrelated to this piece, but is she officially out of the closet? Thought I read that awhile ago, but I could be wrong…

  73. Lita says:

    NatKat27 – the part I found enjoyable was hyphenating stereo-type. Due to the imagery I possibly even lolled. Thanks for asking.

    I can see why Texans would get annoyed about being considered ill educated and backwards – for example, I have made cow tipping jokes to Texans. None of the Texans I know have ever actually got upset or defensive. That said, they’re genuinly smart people. Fyi, ‘suastica’ is spelled ‘swastika.’

  74. anon says:

    Fwozbo- WTH? Your comment wasn’t necessary, relevant or funny. What, did you post before reading the story? UGH.

  75. clark went says:

    Whitey, she was never in the closet. She’s always been open about being bi and has never really hid her relationships whether they be with men or women. She just has never talked about it, and I don’t blame her she really doesn’t owe it to anybody to.

  76. NatKat27 says:

    Yee-Haw, Lita Sue! You tel cou tipin jokes to yur texas frinds??! Thets sum prety funy shit, bet u had ‘em rollin on tha flor!
    I luv to cou tip almost az much az I like to stereo——tipe!!!!

    Ur sumpen els, Lita Sue!!

  77. mumelite says:

    Arme ahnungslose Michel! Das nächste mal sehen wir vielleicht ein Bild von Dir und Osama bin Laden Hände schüttelnd. Auf die Reaktionen in Amerika bin ich gespannt! Dann ist deine Karriere wohl endgültig vorbei. Und jetzt sag blos keiner das ist History. Manches ist einfach nicht zu entschuldigen.

  78. Anti-icon says:

    I love how somebody up thread calls her a “bona fide A-list actress.” That’s a stretch, and this little stunt ain’t gonna help her get there.

    Dumb, dumb move. Forest Gump’s mother says “stupid is as stupid does.”

  79. fwozbo says:

    Anon – why so upset, I was very serious and angry, sorry you read it as funny (which I didn’t want it to be).

    yes I read the article and aside from using the incorrect word ‘inacceptable’ instead of unacceptable, there is no way to mock Hitler since he is no laughing matter. Smiling in front of the flag just doesn’t cut it for me as “making fun of them”, and that is the way Germany feels, too, and so do I. Tough noogies.

  80. bry says:

    what’s the problem with michelle? She’s a nice actress everytime I watched her there is something I can’t explain. she can play any role in any movie.

  81. Fred Neal says:

    Michelle can play any roll in the movies today. She has picked and area that gets her noticed. I think that she just loves life and is always exploring new areas.

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  86. Jimm says:

    Pigs grunt about everything and nothing

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  88. vicrob says:

    I’m NOT gay, but I AM a bigot. Yeah. that’s better.