Sharon Stone says Chinese earthquake was karma (comments closed)

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Sharon Stone continued her legacy of incredibly idiocy today. And it really is a legacy. The woman is constantly saying and doing such moronic, disgusting, terrible things that you think she can’t possibly top the last debacle… and then she does.

Two weeks ago a massive earthquake hit the Chinese province of Sichuan. 88,000 people are dead or missing. 80% of the buildings have been destroyed. Several schools were leveled, trapping and killing thousands of schoolchildren. The entire thing has been nothing but devastating. So how does lovely Sharon Stone respond? By saying that the Chinese brought it on themselves. You know, the poor villagers and children.

“I’m, you know, not happy about the way the Chinese are treating the Tibetans, because I don’t think anyone should be unkind to anyone else. And so, I have been very concerned about how to think and what to do about that because I don’t like … that. And then I’ve been, this, you know, concerned about, oh, how should we deal with the Olympics, because they’re not being nice to the Dali Lama who is a good friend of mine. And then all this earthquake and all this stuff happened, and I thought, is that karma? When you’re not nice that the bad things happen to you?”

[From WWTDD]

I’d really like to know where your karma is, Sharon Stone. Because you’re a legendary bitch. So exactly what should befall you? And by the logic that the Chinese government isn’t nice, thus bad things happen to the Chinese citizens, should bad things happen to your family because you’re one horking bitch?

Something tells me that Sharon’s “good friend” the Dali Lama isn’t her great friend right now. What with the whole “being decent to other people” thing that he’s a big fan of. Aside from her unsightly crotch flashing – and speaking of unsightly atrocities, making us look at her face on the whole – Stone’s other incredibly offensive statements include her mentioning that women who thought they might be raped should offer the potential rapist a beej instead.

I’m all for free speech. But at some point, there should be consequences for saying terrible things. I’m not even saying they should be legal consequences – but maybe everyone refuses to go to your crap-ass movies or give you a dime of their money, and you eventually end up living in a cave and being eating alive by rabid bears. During an earthquake. Because of your bad karma.

Click here for a list of legitimate websites where you can donate money towards Earthquake relief.

Update by Celebitchy: Due to the urgent need in Sichuan province after the devastating earthquake, and Sharon Stone’s highly offensive statement, along with some of the ignorant, dismissive and arguably heartless comments here, we have donated $1,000 to the Half The Sky Children’s Relief Fund through Global Giving. Please rest assured that the comments here do not reflect the opinions of the people who run this site at all. Rather than continuing to argue about this, we recommend you donate whatever you can afford, even a small amount, to Global Giving. After hearing about this horrible disaster I wanted to do something to help. Thanks to Sharon Stone and the others who called her comments justifiable for helping us remember what’s important in life.

Update: Comments are closed

Header photo of Sharon Stone at amfAR’s annual Cinema Against AIDS gala at Cannes on Thursday. Images thanks to WENN.

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  1. grace jones says:

    I think sharon stone is an old hag, but I think you guys may have taken her comments out of context just a tad on this post….

  2. shelby says:

    im sorry to say this but I agree with her, I thought that when it happened, its karma striking back at chinas horrendous human rights behaviour and I dont think the olympics should be in china based on how they treat their own people, i saw on the news a 90 year old man thrown onto the streets with no where to go because they needed to flatten his apartment of 70 years to make room for building stuff for the olympics

  3. Enonymouse says:

    She looks great and I love the dress.

  4. vdantev says:

    Seeing as China sucks up American industrial and manufacturing jobs and has become the huge new economic super power in the world- I’m not inclined to donate jacksh*t to them for earthquake relief. It’s their damn problem, they can pay for it.

  5. lena says:

    Wow, I’m really surprised at some of these comments…so people, children included, should suffer and recieve no help because of their messed government? Can someone please explain this to me cause I didn’t know that children had the chance of choosing the government that they are born into…Some of you guys sound just like those terrorists who came across the ocean to put into action 9/11…rememeber all of those innocent people who had nothing to do with the choices that the our government makes yet they decided to kill those innocent people????? Oh and there is always that little Katrina thing…yeah lets just all sit back and let people suffer because of what the government is doing

  6. Sleepy says:

    I agree with you Lena…

  7. Catlady says:

    Sorry, but you are wrong, wrong wrong and are accusing her of something she didn’t do. Read what she said. She wondered out loud “is that karma? When you’re not nice that the bad things happen to you?”
    That is NOT the same thing as saying it was Karma against China. Frankly, that was what I wondered too as have many others I’m sure. Get your shorts out of that knot they’re in.

  8. vdantev says:


    Swing and a miss. Send your bucks to China if you wish and when your factory job closes shop and gets sent there because they only have to pay laborers 10 cents an hour with no benefits of any kind, you can smile the smile of the morally superior and out of work.

  9. Catlady says:

    Lena said:
    ‘Wow, I’m really surprised at some of these comments…so people, children included, should suffer and recieve no help because of their messed government? Can someone please explain this to me cause I didn’t know that children had the chance of choosing the government that they are born into…Some of you guys sound just like those terrorists who came across the ocean to put into action 9/11…rememeber all of those innocent people who had nothing to do with the choices that the our government makes yet they decided to kill those innocent people????? Oh and there is always that little Katrina thing…yeah lets just all sit back and let people suffer because of what the government is doing”

    I don’t see where anyone said anything of the kind. The fact is that governments do horrible things and innocent people suffer. It’s not ok,and I didn’t see anyone say that it is, but it happens and that’s a fact that’s been around longer than prostitution.

  10. Other Karen says:

    Yup. Just like Katrina was God’s retribution for giving homosexual couples legal rights (re Pastor John Hagee). I hope karma doesn’t decide to punish me for the mess in Iraq. Or for America’s usage of capital punishment. Or that carbon emissions thing.

    America’s economy is still larger than India’s or China’s, if I recall correctly. And America’s economic decline also has much to do with current American policies–it wasn’t simply the result of dastardly plotting by large poorer countries striving for better economies for their citizens.

  11. Scott F. says:

    Yeah, lets please refrain from making dumbass comparisons between 9/11 and Katrina, or this earthquake.

    9/11 was perpetrated by human beings, with complete understanding of the lives they intended to take. You just can’t compare natural disasters to human-caused mass murder.

    And yeah, if they deserved it or not is up for debate. I do think it’s very coincidental that this happened right on the heals of a major crackdown in Tibet, and like most people, I immediately thought this would be a textbook example of Karma.

    Like other posters said though, I won’t be sending a dime to them. How many foreign governments sent us aid after Katrina? Welcome to being a world power China, it means you have to clean up your own messes from now on. Good luck with that.

  12. Domesticated Biotch says:

    So are we now going to say that Hurrican Katrina was Karma?? The Indonisian and Sri Lanka psunami?? Come on now! How we see China and thier government, countries all over the world see our governement. If the earthquake wiped out the intire chinese embassy but no one else was injured, THAT’S karma.
    Seriously, some of you should be ashamed of yourselves. So many children and people lost and who here has the right to sit and judge who deserves what. Get over yourselves.

  13. lena says:

    Catlady… vdantev said

    “Seeing as China sucks up American industrial and manufacturing jobs and has become the huge new economic super power in the world- I’m not inclined to donate jacksh*t to them for earthquake relief. It’s their damn problem, they can pay for it.”

  14. lena says:


    I truly hope that you and yours never need any type of assistance one day with something, outsourcing of jobs is a big problem in America and it’s not something that I support or take likely, furthermore I’m not in a position to put a stop to it. I do, however, support some humanatarian relief efforts when I can…read the above statement slowly…it’s not ones fault what the government is doing/controlling and people should not have to suffer because of it…this post is about karma so maybe you should be careful

  15. Scott F. says:

    Lena, you and a lot of other people need to wake up to the reason WHY so many Americans have this attitude.

    In the last 75 years or so, no one on Earth has come CLOSE to doing the amount of good we’ve done for this world. Just look at something like the tsunami – correct me if I’m mistaken, but didn’t we give three times the amount that even the ‘second place’ nation provided in aid?

    That was for people half way around the world, and China is right next door and didn’t do shit for those people. But we’re suddenly supposed to bail their asses out when a natural disaster hits them?

    I can’t speak for anyone else, but as an American, I’m getting really fucking tired of seeing my tax money shipped off to help countries that turn around and badmouth us all the time. Like I said, for 75 years we have been bailing out countries all over the world, and all we get are complaints.

    We rebuilt our ENEMIES after both world wars. We fed the children of Europe while our own country was spiraling into depression. We funded the Marshal plan even as we tried to protect all of Europe from the Russians pretty much by ourselves. No nation has built more schools, hospitals, and power plants. No nation has done more for civilians all over the world, be it dismantling land mines, sanitizing water, or treating AIDs victims in Africa. What has it gotten us?

    If people are going to hate us anyways, I’d much rather those TRILLIONS in aid we ship off stayed in this country and helped our own people. The Chinese, the Russians, the French, ect. They all think they can do a better job being top dog than we’ve been doing – so let them try to pick up the pieces when the world goes to shit. After all, it’s done soooo much to help our image.

  16. Bruce says:

    Scott F. said

    “Like other posters said though, I won’t be sending a dime to them. How many foreign governments sent us aid after Katrina? Welcome to being a world power China, it means you have to clean up your own messes from now on. Good luck with that.”

    Cmon Scott, at least do some research before posting a comment. After hurricane Katrina, the US government officially asked for help from the international community and recieved over US $800 million in aid. And like it or not, China was one of the countries who provided aid. So before you try to cover your selfishness and ignorance, do some research first.


  17. Enonymouse says:

    Scott F, I totally agree with you.

  18. lena says:

    I get the frustration F, I really do trust me, but you are putting America WAY up on a pedestal, as much good that Amercica has done, it’s also done some fucked up stuff too along the way, Katrina is a prime example of that…I just don’t think when people are in a position to help they should turn their backs on people who have their hands out when they truly need it…and as an American I get tired of seeing my tax dollars paying for unemployment, disability, and welfare for people who are able to work but choose not to, but i digress, I do get what you are saying, but it’s very simple to me, no BS, no propraganda, no scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours…just people helping people if they are capable of doing it..I know it’s not like that, but it would be nice if it was

  19. Scott F. says:

    Yeah, China sent us aid – valued at $5 million U.S.

    The only way I found a mention of China sending us $5 million worth of supplies was by looking on a webpage published by the Chinese government.

    Here is an exact listing of international aid for Katrina from Wikipedia.

    “Over seventy countries pledged monetary donations or other assistance. Notably, Cuba and Venezuela (both hostile to US government themselves) were the first countries to offer assistance, pledging over $1 million, several mobile hospitals, water treatment plants, canned food, bottled water, heating oil, 1,100 doctors and 26.4 metric tons of medicine, though this aid was rejected by the U.S. government. [100] [101] [102] [103] Kuwait made the largest single pledge, $500 million; other large donations were made by Qatar ($100 million), South Korea ($30 million), Australia ($10 million), India, China (both $5 million), Pakistan ($1.5 million),[104] and Bangladesh ($1 million).”

    Fucking Qatar gave us 20 times the aid that China did. QATAR!

    That’s what their Government sent. Compare that to what our private citizens gave from their own pockets for tsunami relief. Yeah, we’re real selfish and ignorant over here.

    The international community claims that we didn’t help those people because the were predominantly black – but in case you were wondering how much money we raised for ourselves vs. how much aid we got.

    The American Red Cross, Southern Baptist Convention, Salvation Army, Oxfam, Common Ground Collective, Emergency Communities, Habitat for Humanity, Service International, “A River of Hope” and many other charitable organizations provided help to the victims of the storm. They were not allowed into New Orleans proper by the National Guard for several days after the storm because of safety concerns. These organizations raised $4.25 billion (USD) in donations by the public, with the Red Cross receiving over half of the donations.[111]

  20. ddsasfas says:

    Just read comments here

    Have you ever thought about why most Chinese people called the western broadcast liar?

  21. ddsasfas says:

    I suggest that most of you guys here should visit China sometime. Thus you have the right to comment on the Chinese government, and you will find out who is the real liar. I truly hope that you guys can find out the truth as soon as possible, otherwise you are just the victims of those lies.

  22. victoria says:

    all the mean posts just prove one thing -the americans are really getting worried, scared because they know china is on the rise to becoming the next world power.
    like whatever, chinese r everywhere in every corners of the world, they dont need your pathetic donations. they can drown america with all their spit. save all your intended donations to save america instead

  23. dadfa says:

    The epicenter of the China earthquake is called Wenchuan—Aba Tibet Self-Governing State. This means most victims in the earthquake are Tibetan. If Sharon said it’s karma,then it’s a karma for Dalai Lama. Where is Dalai when Chinses government rescued those Tibetan?

  24. eerr says:

    Dalai Lama is traveling in Europe when so many Tibetan dead in the earthquake. And his friend—Sharon said it’s a karma.

  25. Godspeed says:

    Its unfortunate that so many of you American can get your head out of your ass. As individuals, how you project yourself is what you’ll receive back.

    You can be all bitter all you want about China. It ain’t going to change a thing.

    Do you know who really owns America? Its England, Japan, CHINA, Saudi Arabia and a few others.

    What are you going to do to make a difference.

  26. Harry says:

    If Chinese earth quake is karma, what about the hurricane katrina and all those tornadoes that constantly sweep over US. What about the September 11 disasters. Is the sunk of Titanic karma too. There are just natural disasters. Shame on you Sharon, you need to get a brain and a loving personality.

  27. lily says:

    all the ppl who thought its karma would go hell.stone bit*h,u even dont know there er 19% ppl r tibentan in that Earthquake area.the stupid will get karma.omg! 8)

  28. Shay says:

    Ms Stone…Karma doesn’t stop it keeps moving we’ll be waiting for it to hit you or maybe it already has..

  29. kate says:

    just a word: karma is a very complicated concept. and no, it is not the convenient “an eye for an eye” mentality that many believe it to be. in other words, you hit me and then someone hits you and that’s karma! ummm….no. karma is not about revenge or retribution….it is about learning from our suffering and realizing we must take responsibility for our actions. it is about becoming more compassionate and more enlightened, not punishment. sharon stone is an idiot.

  30. human says:

    wow, really people? (i’m looking at you, scott f and enonymouse) how disappointing and heartless…

  31. Devilgirl says:

    Thousands of INNOCENT Chinese people are killed in an eathquake and people believe that it is karma? How is the political agenda of a government the fault of the people who reside in small rural communities. That is like saying 911 is karmic payback to the U.S for whatever we have done that others disagree with. No one deserves to lose their lives tragically like that. Anyone who thinks that Sharon Stone is right is ate the fuck up. I would like to see what kind of karma awaits her down the road for many of the poor choices that bitch has made in her life. Gee, when she had a near fatal aneurysm a few years ago, was that karma paying that bitch back?When her husband left her, was that karma? She is an ignorant bitch who should keep her foolish comments to herself . Who is she anyway? A third rate actress that can spout her views because she let theatre goers everywhere get a glimpse of her crotch in a movie a hundred years ago when she was somebody.

  32. frewt says:

    Well I think the karma line is sooo trite and disingenuous. Its like, ‘I can’t think of a rational explanation so I’ll just shout ‘karma’.

    To assert a whole nation subscribes to a government’s policy is as ridiculous as saying all Americans agree with going to war in the middle east.

    I’ve just recently seen on tv demonstrations by Chinese sympathisers of the Tibetan plight.

    Therefore to connect the earthquake with Chinese governmental policy is pretty naive and frankly I’m surprised as Stone always professed to be such an intellect.

  33. bros says:

    I have been to china numerous times, taught school there, traveled around, and study china for a living. i can assure you that people like scott F and others on this site have a valid point when they talk about china donating a measly 5 million after katrina and doing virtually nothing in the wake of the burmese tsunami except facilitate the blocking of UN and other aide into the country because they are entirely in bed with the military junta there. the chinese government is pretty awful to be sure. and the chinese are a bunch of THE MOST nationalistic people I have ever met, making excuses for and buying into their government’s rationales for censorship, jailings, killing protesters, etc. they are drinking their own koolaid in that country. I am a left-leaning liberal who has tons of problems with our american governments lies and poor policy, etc. but everyone here is entirely naive about China. the earthquake hit and killed thousands of innocents. and the government is thanking god (or chairman mao) for the earthquake because all it did was refocus media attention off their ridiculous torch relay, the tibetan issue, the mass killings in Xinjiang of muslim uighurs, and the jailing of hundreds of dissidents. stone is right. this is some sort of karma but not because innocents are dying-

  34. poodlehopper says:

    Why would anyone care what opinion a sleazy actress espouses? There were scores of innocent children, etc. killed by this tragedy. Her cavalier attitude is outrageous.

  35. J says:

    Maybe President Bush was karma?

  36. roy says:

    If she is right ,what about 9/11 and Katrina?

  37. drm says:

    Many of these comments remind me of the opening line from the first Star Wars movie in ’77..”A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away…” Nice to see so many Americans living up to their reputation as out of touch ignorant loudmouths. You can get that anywhere but no where in such vast numbers as the US of A.

  38. ayatolla_of_rocken_rolla says:

    She is an azzhole all right. China, New Orleans, etc does not deserve what has happend to them! They should ban her from opening her shyte hole in the future. She sounds like an uneducated waitress at a truck stop! Expensive frock, cheap SLU$!

  39. rose says:

    I just finish watching The Patriot and right about now I am feeling damn proud to be an American.So,I just want to say to the commenters who are talking about “karma” and who deserves your help and who does not,you guys are really,really f*cking up my good vibes.

    We should all hope and pray that none of us,or our love ones will be place in a position where we will need to count on the kindness of strangers.

    Good Night.

  40. velvet elvis says:

    Karma causing an earthquake??…that’s so retarded. I seriously doubt if the Earth’s crust even knows or cares anything about Buddhism.

    And if people are worried about helping innocent disaster victims they might want to throw a few dollars to the Katrina victims who are still living under the I-10 bridges despite all the “help” from the Bush administration.

  41. HongFeng Yan says:

    I don’t wanna say about politics .
    But I know all the movies that has Sharon Stone in will be refused by All Chinese.

  42. peacesofme says:

    i’m sorry but i can’t believe how stupid she can be in making comments like that to the public. she really does sound ridiculous. “when people aren’t nice, bad things happen to them?”
    We are talking about innocent people, children, babies, mothers.. fathers.. etc.
    It doesn’t matter where they are in the world.. this is a tragedy, a major tragedy. AND FOR SOMEONE TO SAY SUCH THINGS LIKE THAT I BELIEVE YOU HAVE TO HAVE NO HEART. No appreciation for others but yourself.

  43. sharonstonesuckmydick says:

    Well, Tibetan accounts for 0.2% of Chinese population, in Sithcuan earthquake, 14% of casualties are tibetans. Karma? for whom? Do your math! your fvcking blonde public hair idiot!

  44. sb says:

    Well, if there is karma than her face has got to fall off sooner or later.

  45. CeeJay says:

    Hate it, hate it, hate it when people use Wikipedia as a reference!! Wikipedia is a community generated “encyclopedia” that is capable of changing daily based on community input and OPINION. It is not proven to be factually based nor is it required to be held up to any kind of standard. If you want to do research, do it properly. Yes, you can read Wikipedia for opinions but you should not and cannot use it as a reference for factual and confirmed, correct information. There’s a reason professors at universities do not accept Wikipedia as a verified reference source people!

  46. Fact says:

    IS earthquake in China is a Karma, let’s take a look of some facts:
    1) The earthquake epicenter in China is a race mixed area where over 50% of the resident are Minority Chinese, ie those who are tiben and Qiang, they are the people Dalai Lama want to take away from the Chinese government.

    2)To F Scott: A)Your right on that Chinese government made a donation of 5MM USD to Katrina relief, what you don’t know is that the public companies and many citizens in China made more contribution. Do you know how much US government pledged to the earthquake victims in China? 0.5MM USD. I am so proud of our generous government after we spend much of our money on the war.
    B)China does not need US government donation for rebuilding the homes lost due to earthquake, althought it helps a little. We have no rights to call the unfortunate human being tragic a “Karma” and to make fun of those who lost their loved ones.

    3) to bros: If you have been in China so many times to teach and learn Chinese, perhaps you can tell me what school you went to and what have you studied there? If you were really learning and study China for a living, you obviously should know Chinese government has no army reside in Burma and nor does it has rights to enter it unless invited.
    When a citizen loves his/her country, in China it is called Nationalist in US it becomes a Patriotic. Let’s pray you are not study China for a living……

  47. Mariana says:

    Her brain hemorrhage seems more lika a Karma, but the earthquake was not.

    The Heartless Stone!

  48. nom de plume says:

    For anyone to say that the Chinese people deserve to suffer through the atrocity of a major earthquake because of an awful government policy is outrageous. I was travelling in China just a couple months ago and spent a few days in Sichuan province (this was about 6 weeks before the earthquake hit). I don’t profess to understand how the people think and what their opinions are of their own government policies after spending only a short amount of time there, however, I did see many Tibetans in this area, many of whom will have died. I only got to know a couple of people in the area but I am sad to think that I will never know if they survived or not. So to hear people on this board say things along the lines of “they don’t deserve our help because they steal our jobs” or “because they didn’t donate much when Hurricane Katrina hit” it appalls me. The people in China are people like you and I, who unfortunately live under a government that is improving but still oppressive. Their lives are difficult enough without suffering through an earthquake.

  49. Scott F. says:

    “Do you know how much US government pledged to the earthquake victims in China? 0.5MM USD. I am so proud of our generous government after we spend much of our money on the war.”

    Seriously, if you’re going to claim to be American, at least be believable. Switching names constantly doesn’t hide your broken understanding of the English language. See, if you were an American, your spelling would be as awful as your syntax. When we fuck something up, we fuck it up completely.

    Bros didn’t say China had an army in Burma, but if you don’t believe that they have bought and paid for that entire regime, I’ve got some beach front property in Colorado for you.

    Seriously, how the hell do these guys go around doing every bad thing we get accused of, totally blatantly, and no one calls them on it?

    We get accused of meddling in the affairs of small countries – they basically call the shots for North Korea, Burma, Vietnam, ect.

    We get accused of being aggressive Imperialists – they just walk in to Tibet and occupy it, and the world forgets until the Olympics rolls around.

    We get accused of raping the environment – It’s widely believed that the Chinese are already outproducing us in the pollution department, since they don’t allow UN energy inspectors free access, and we pretty much just have to take their word for it when it comes to their emission levels.

    We get accused of exploiting third world economies for cheap labor – their OWN PEOPLE are virtual slaves, making less in a month than I can dig out of my couch cushions. The products these indentured servants produce have the odd habit of containing shit that can kill you or cause brain damage. Oh, and that little hiccup about having no freedom of press, religion, expression, due process, ect.

    We helped them kick the Japanese out of their country, and how did they repay us? By supporting our enemies in every war for the next half a century! North Korea, Vietnam, Cuba.

    Yet, for whatever reason, we just need to forget all about that and toss the olive branch out whenever one of their cities get leveled? I just don’t agree with that.

  50. anon says:

    Lena said:
    ‘Wow, I’m really surprised at some of these comments…so people, children included, should suffer and recieve no help because of their messed government? Can someone please explain this to me cause I didn’t know that children had the chance of choosing the government that they are born into…Some of you guys sound just like those terrorists who came across the ocean to put into action 9/11…rememeber all of those innocent people who had nothing to do with the choices that the our government makes yet they decided to kill those innocent people????? Oh and there is always that little Katrina thing…yeah lets just all sit back and let people suffer because of what the government is doing”

    I don’t see where anyone said anything of the kind. The fact is that governments do horrible things and innocent people suffer. It’s not ok,and I didn’t see anyone say that it is, but it happens and that’s a fact that’s been around longer than prostitution.

    i agree with you 100 percent.

  51. stupid Ms. Stone says:

    Ms. Stone is brainless and ignorant. Is it what Daliar Lama taught her?

    Ms. Stone should just shut up. She stinks when she speaks out. 🙂

  52. Jude Lee says:

    Sharon Stone is a trash.

    The earthquake-hit areas are called Ethnic Tibetant Autonomous Region, which is near to Tibet. In March, this region was hit by riots organized by Dalai Lama’s organization. In May, it was hit by natural disaster.

    Many Tibetant people died in the earthquake.

    According to Tibetant religion, Lama should hold some ceremony for the dead people; now Panchen Lama is leading all the lamas to pray for the dead people in China. Panchen Lama is another spiritual leader for Tibetant people, a highly respected Lama in China. He lives in China now.

    But Dalai Lama is visiting Europe to enjoy his political life and also meet Sharon to tell her the earthquake is a karma.

    Sharon is an American trash. Dalai Lama has such brainless friend,so what kind of man he is!!!!

  53. an american says:

    Stone thinks out of crotch.

  54. Jude Lee says:

    I strongly suggest that Dalai Lama should break up with such brainless girlfriend!!! Well, Dalai Lama is foolish and hypocritical. When Tibetant people are suffering from the earthquake, he, as their spiritual leader,just travels here and there. Now Chinese army is sparing no efforts to save these poor Tibetants. So I believe, Chinese army is Tibetant’s spiritual support. 😯

  55. Tina says:

    Im suprised at the amount of ignorant dumbasses there are here.
    To even THINK that China deserved this in any way whatsoever is disgusting, and people who think this way should be ashamed.

  56. Jude Lee says:

    Some Americans are so sick mentally.

    But there are more Americans like Tina are have sense.

    I think, Chinese must be very happy to see Americans are sick mentally,that means,America is rotting,which will give China a chance to rise.

  57. Tina says:

    Im NOT American.

  58. sup says:

    If it was “karma”, it would involve the people in the government who are involved in the Chinese treatment of Tibet. Not thousands of innocent schoolchildren.

    Methinks some of you need to read up on the definition of “karma”.

  59. Andrea says:

    It’s not as easy as saying that American’s have done so much good for the rest of the world so why do people hate us so much. I live in Europe and many of the people that I’ve talked to believe that anything we do is justto expand our globalization. There’s truth to it as well. Self preservation rules even governments and as a result they do what it takes to ensure they can take care of themselves and benefit. Yes, I believe the US is in a lose-lose situation a lot of the time. If we don’t do soemthing, we’re evil, if we do something, we just want to take over the world. Again a simplified view, but that seems to be more the general opinion. And citizens of a country will generally get more offended by foreigners attacking them/their government than if they are debating with their own countrymen. It’s not characteristic to Americans; it happens everywhere.

    Recognize the earthquake as a tragedy where thousands have lost their lives. Why is there a need to make it political?

  60. Celebitchy says:

    I find it ridiculous and so heartless to say “your government didn’t give money, so we’re not going to give you money” where a humanitarian crisis is involved. I gave some money to Global Giving for the Chinese earthquake victims. The money goes directly to organizations in the country that are pre-screened and give aid where people need it. It’s not going to the government, it’s going to people who need food, water, shelter and a little comfort after losing their loved ones in an horrific natural disaster.

    I heard a story on NPR this weekend about a Chinese mother digging through rubble crying and screaming for her 2 year old boy, who was not found. Those are the people who are affected by this crisis who need our help.

    Tallying up spreadsheets where people are dead and homeless and suffering is the type of behavior by their governments, including Myanmar, that some of you claim to be against. Yet in the same breath you say you’re not going to give money because their governments didn’t when there was a crisis in America. That’s outrageous. It’s going to the people who are suffering, not their governments.

    Re: Tsunami aid: The US government did give a lot, but not 3 times the aid of other countries at all. In fact Japan gave $500 million to the US’ $350 million.

    But if you compare Tsunami aid to the GDP of each nation, the US donation of 350 million is near the bottom of the list.

    If you’re talking private donations from US Citizens to tsunami victims, this was hard to find, but was around $400 million at the end of January, 2005 after the disaster.

    German private citizens donated 400 million Euro, which is worth more and they have a population of 82 million as compared to 300 million. Even if the final numbers weren’t in for the US donations, there are EU nations that gave about the same amount with less than half of the US population. The US does not have a monopoly on charity, nor are Americans more charitable when compared to people from other countries.

    Again, why we would even tally up this shit is up to question. People died in a natural disaster. As an American my first thought goes to if they’re ok and how I can help, not how their government behaves. In fact they’re probably faring worse because of their government and need help more. Some of your opinions make me very sad.

  61. geronimo says:

    CB, thank you for a grown-up response. It saves me the need to post on this. That said, have to say I am incredibly depressed by the lack of compassion for lost lives in horrendous circumstances and how, for some people, it comes down to keeping score. Beyond sad.

  62. marfa says:

    I am completely shocked as knowing Sharon Stone’s comments to the Sichuan earthquake. It is a first time I hear an ideas that someone described the temblor happened in China is very interesting thing. When asked about the Sichuan quake in the Cannes Film Festival, Sharon Stone didn’t express basic sympathy to death and hurted people instead of responding delightfully,“well, you know, it was very interesting… ” She talked and talked and talked all about her good friend, Dalai Lama. “I am not happy about the ways the Chinese were treating the Tibetans because I don’t think anyone should be unkind to anyone else.” I can’t help to ask the idiot “Don’t you treat tens of thousands of innocent people including kids ,who never had a chance to make a choice died in this natural disaster, kindly, ah?”

    Then ,she said continuously “And I had been this, you know, concerned about, oh how should we deal with the Olympics”I suppose most western think the Olympics is a trump to deal with Chinese government. But why don’t you consider the passion for Chinese hold a celebration successfully. Why don’t you take a look at the efforts what Chinese make for the celebration. Yes, absofuckinglutely you concerned about not the human rights, not the lifestyles, just politics.

    The worst and shameless part yet to come.“And all these earthquake and stuff happened and I thought: IS THAT KARMA… when you are not nice that bad things happen to you?” How could you say that ignorantly? Is this heavy lost of lives and a humanitarian disaster as a “Karma” for Chinese? If so, are all the quakes, fires, droughts and mudslides in California Karma too? it’s okay for people to say US deserved 9-11,right? You are well-dressed and as like your own political ideas. But please kindly point to government, the people of China don’t deserve the tragedy.

    We deeply moved by Premier Wen ’s presence and words of encouragement reassure victims. We deeply moved by troops fight against time and difficulties to save lives. We deeply moved by tens of thousands of people make donations, not only money, insufficient supplies, but also the blood and love. Sharon Stone You just cried for a letter, from the Tibetan Foundation that they want to go and be helpful.

    Having said this karma is a bitch, Sharon Stone ,you should suffer AIDS at first.

  63. hairball says:

    #5 lena, agree with you 100%!!!

    VERY well said.

  64. olivia says:

    How insensitive can Americans get?!?!

    You guys also deserve BAD KARMA for all the atrocities you have brought to this world…

    Just because your country is rich doesn’t mean that you have the right to bully other countries smaller than you are…

    KATRINA was a natural disaster… Dont you think that was KARMA as well? Imagine that: the world’s biggest superpower could not stop a HURRICANE with all its sophisticated weapons and advanced aircrafts!

  65. Elle says:

    I’m deeply saddened by some of the devilish & heartless comments that believe more than 80,000 innocent civilians died/missing as a result of karma. Many are babies & children whom have done nothing to deserve karma.
    Sharon Stone comments are beyond not nice, it IS cruel!
    I wonder what will happen to her?

  66. Saxman19 says:

    Quite frankly, earthquakes have nothing to do with politics, and anybody who has the energy to gossip about the opinions of a star should put that energy into aiding the earthquake instead.

    Talking about Stone, I don’t care how, makes you as bad as she is. The worst thing to do to celebrities is to ignore them completely and go do something else.

  67. Tania says:

    I sincerely hope that her comments were taken and then printed out of context.

    If they weren’t, then she needs to just shut the fuck up already, and stay home to raise the three sons she adopted!

  68. bmzasp says:

    Karma? 53% of the population in the most affected quake area is of Tibetan ethnicity. For someone who’s apparently deeply concerned with the welfare of Chinese Tibetans, she sure knows a lot about Tibet and China.

  69. Yardbirdonfire says:

    To Scott F:

    I was so shocked by your lack of knowledge about politics and history. You should get yourself educated a bit more, or at least do some research, before you start talking anything about China. I bet you have never been to China/Tibet and can’t even locate Tibet on a map! Here is a Chinese history and politics 101 for you!

    As long as someone, hopefully not Americans, is still trying to use our neighbors to impair our state interest, we will never stop “paying for that regime”, just like what your government did for both Iraq and Iran, two regimes you call “Axis of Evil” now. Ironic, isn’t it? So be politics smart. As a Chinese saying goes, nobody would allow a stranger to sleep by the side of his bed. You Americans are smart. We Chinese are not fools. We know what we are doing! We use them, but that doesn’t mean we are their friend.

    “They just walk in and occupy it”? Come on, Tibet has been part of China since 13th century, when “they” have not existed yet. We have never occupied Tibet, Tibetans requestd to form alliance with China in the first place in as early as 821 !!! By the way, guess who was behind the curtain and incited Dalai Lama to flee Tibet to India (the communists did not force him)? CIA! You don’t know all these truths, do you? Sure you don’t, ’cause CNN won’t tell you and your government won’t tell you. So, who should get accused of meddling in the affairs of other countries? I don’t even want to meddle in your domestic affairs here by mentioning how your ancestors just walked in and occupied the land that belonged to the Native Americans. A little killings, I guess? Learn some American history before pointing finger and try not to get amnestic.

    If it wasn’t those “virtual slaves and indentured servants”, you wouldn’t even have been able to make ends meet. Also, be thankful to Chinese who are “raping the environment” so that you Americans can breathe cleaner air and enjoy the more inexpensive goods that you otherwise would not have deserved. I dare you to stop buying any “shit” from China from today on and see what will happen, you hypocrite! Without all the “Made in China” you might not even be able to get online and see my post today!

    Yes, you Americans helped Chinese kick the Japanese out of China. How did we repay you? We, specifically, those in Taiwan, have been thanking you by purchasing your weapons worth up to billions of dollars every year since 1949. I don’t think you should complain anything about that.

    That’s your choice to donate or not. I did donate to the Katrina victims, though. If you do, I would appreciate it. If not, who cares?! China is no longer the one 32 years ago when the other earthquake killed 240,000 people. We got through without any international aids even then. No big deal!

    Birds of a feather flock together. Forget Sharon Stone and Dalai Lama! Even if it’s a Karma, So what?! We can stand it.

    I am not trying to change you in any ways because we are allegiant to different countries. I like Americans in general, anyways. Instead of enemies, U.S. and China are and should be rivals, and China is just trying to be a more qualified one. Before you can eliminate it, face it and take it!

    By the way, people obviously don’t have to be born, live in America, or even speak English to be an American. Learn some American politics too!

    Language? Duh!

  70. Enonymouse says:

    To be fair NO ONE has actually said that the earthquake victims deserved what they got because they absolutely DID NOT and they were just the innocent victims in this natural disaster and everyone can sympathize with them. However, the issue here is about the Chinese government and their lack of sympathy and support for their own people and if they are not in position to offer help then who is? China has become very strong and economically stable and they seek to lead the world but that comes with responsibility of actually helping others/ other countries, so why are they not offering more help to the world and especially their people? This goes for Russia as well.

    All of the leading countries seek to gain something when ever they offer their help to other countries but to be fair, America has, most of the time, put it’s opinions aside (even when it came to helping hostile to US countries) and has actually been there to help whenever it has been required.

    Scott F does have some very good points about this and although some people might find offense with some of these issues, the point still remains that this are the cold hard facts. All countries, small or big, rich or poor have put their own input into continuing to damage the world and in the end, it is always the innocent public that always suffers but with this big and powerful countries like American, China Russia etc there is more damage to be made if they are not careful, so they need to be responsible and able to be as neutral with all countries as possible if they are going to run the world.

    I think America has done a good job (not perfect obviously but still..) at being the leading country but I do not know if China and Russia can do the same if they are in that position.

  71. David S. says:

    How do you know that Dalai is a good man?

  72. zdy says:

    I am from north China, I was really shocked by the american words posted here. Amercians are really not so civilized as I thought.

  73. A Chinese says:

    Chinese maybe hate their government but don’t hate their people,including the Tibetan.
    You said it’s karma?
    OK,it happened,we survive.
    Now,your turn…

  74. Ron Jones says:

    Sharon Stone, an employee in an industry whose employee pool is renowned for their lack of academic prowess…comes up with this, and you folks are surprised?

    I think the more appropriate question should be…Is Sharon Stone related to Jerry Falwell (who made a similar comment, only he substituted “Gods judgment” for “Karma”)?

  75. DogRunner says:

    I am embarrassed that she made these remarks. The timing and the intent are thoughtless, cruel and unhumanitarian.

    Her words and thoughts represent her not Americans.

  76. John Yao says:

    Sharon Stone is a has been that just wants some attention. Too bad the old YT Hollywood producers don’t give a rats-arse about an old prune that no one cares about and can’t recall when she was last seen in the movie theatres.

    And for those people who commented that that China is being punished or that they “deserved” this natural disaster, all i can say is, “what goes around, WILL come around to you”.

  77. s says:

    what a shame for americans, even for the westerners!!!

  78. pennie says:

    so based on her logic,

    1. what China had done to tibet was some kind of Karma too… the tibetains deserve this???

    2. she was suffering from brain cancer, wasn’t she? maybe god found out that she has done no good to the planet with 154 IQ… so better took away and made her a monkey

    3. 9/11… American people deserve this???

    4. massive killing in Africa…. all the people living there deserve this???


    nearly half of the population in Wenchuan and other part of sichuan are from Tibet and other ethic minorities.. she is an idiolt to make some comments like that.

    “I’m actually a friend of Dalai Lama.. ” this makes me laugh a lot…

    Stone, stay away from Alchole and drugs, and retire gracefully !!!!

  79. headache says:

    I would seriously encourage everyone commenting to research the former Theistic government that ruled Tibet before Communism came to the area.

    It’s hard for anyone to say if the Tibetans were better off under the priests than they are under the communists. Both systems greatly restricted the freedoms and quality of living for the Tibetans.

  80. vivian says:

    I love china!China is a beautiful country.Especially in Sichuan.In this disaster,Chinese people united as one, common in disaster relief who harm the people.

    A normal IQ of the Chinese people will not hate the Chinese Government.If there are no Chinese government’s timely rescue,The number of dead and missing would be far greater than 88000

    by the way “stong” the Chinese pronunciation is the meaning of fornication

  81. Lin says:

    Such a jerk. Should I say that it’s karma when US was attacked by terrorist in Sept 11, 2001? Such a disrespect to the deceased and injured. She should apologize for what she’d said.

  82. wordless says:

    – New Soul, Yael Naim

  83. Marshall Ma says:

    It took me nearly an hour to read through the comments above and now feel quite uncomfortable.

    Why on earth are people always fighting rather than caring each other?

    There are people and people. There are governments and governments. There are policies and policies. No one is perfect. No government is perfect, either.

    I am a 26 year-old Chinese from Guangzhou who has a western-oriented mind. I love jazz music, espresso, and “Prison Break”. However, I will NOT accept any discriminating or prejudiced critics about China based on groundless stories.

    It is true that, to some extent, we still have large room to improve, to catch up with the world trends. Nevertheless, please do not overlook our efforts and sincerity. It really takes time to make something different, to make things better. But please do take note that we are doing it.

    I do not wonder why so many Americans like Scott F who criticize China like that. Just as no wonder why so many Chinese criticize the US more or less the same way. Well, we all have something to be criticized, which is more than natural. You do not know us as we do not know you. If you paid a visit to China, you would have found a lot more truth. For us, if we paid a visit to the US, we would have seen a lot more things, good or bad.

    On my stand of point, most Americans and Chinese are good people, not necessarily being smart or objective. Governments are governments. Officials are officials. People are people. Let’s make it clear.

    As a human being, no matter what your nationality is, what your color is, what “-ism” you support, what religion you believe in, who your enemy is, we have got to be humane. You are not cold-blooded, are you?

    “I don’t think anyone should be unkind to anyone else. “—said Sharon Karma Stone(-hearted)

  84. Li Qian says:

    I am so surprised to read these comments from your American guys. We (Chinese) all cried and felt sorrow for all the victims and families in 9.11. No one said in China that 9.11 is a karma due to American international policies at that sorrow moment! 80,000 people (they are children, mothers, teachers) are died or missing here in Sichuan.

  85. bros says:

    to the chinese person posting about chinese versions of history in tibet: its absolutely false and incorrect and as I said before, you are all drinking the chinese government’s koolaid. pick up a real history book before you start talking about how long tibet was part of china. it was a sovereign nation before it was invaded by china. East Turkestan is another story-wasnt part of china until it was annexed in 1884 by military interventions and even since then, it has had periods of independence only to be crushed by the PLA. to the other chinese person who was questioning my credentials oin china: I taught at beijing university, majored in chinese language and literature and speak the language. i now study china’s media system and do research on the beijing olympics. so I can safely say, with a high degree of certainty, that China is pretty much a big asshole of a nation, raping the earth, funding military juntas, genocides in Africa, polluting its citizens with environmental degradation, censoring the press, jailing journalists and torturing Uighurs and any other person who dares disagree with the CCP. there are millions of innocents in china who disagree with the government (but cant say so otherwise they will be trouble) and millions who are educated and see the larger picture of what the government is doing to them couched in the language of “harmonious society” and “developing nation status.” please. your country needs to wake up.

    the earthquake is separate from politics, but I can guarantee you the government is only too happy to have a diversion of this magnitude to shore up world opinion before their ridiculously overmanaged and military-state olympics takes place.

  86. noipe says:

    Karma must be friggin’ AWFUL at its job if it kills 60,000 people who were suffering from the lack of human rights it set out to punish, and can’t quite simply strike the disgusting leaders who are responsible, with a few choice bolts of lightning. It’s like employing Spade Hands McGinty to be Pianist in a Piano Concerto.

    And the whole, ‘she was asking a question for God’s sake!’ argument goes to the very top of the stupidest-things-I’ve-heard-in-my-life pile. The raised inflection, y’know, like, is rife in that part of the world among those vapid souls, and doesn’t change, like, her ignorant, egotistical opinion??

  87. GEC says:

    Scott said, “In the last 75 years or so, no one on Earth has come CLOSE to doing the amount of good we’ve done for this world.”

    I’m guessing you’re an american?!

    We’re all human beings; stop being so small-minded.

    Children in China, or anywhere else for that matter, are just as important as children in America.

    Plus, it goes both ways:

    In the last 75 years or so, no one on Earth has come CLOSE to doing the amount of harm America’s done for this world either!

    Perspective’s a funny thing…

    (And by the way, there’s no such thing as Karma!)

  88. youless says:

    At first, she was already unkind to say these words. Is this something interesting? That’s so cruel to the people who died and suffered in the earthquake. As I said before, if you don’t try to help them, it’s OK. If you don’t pray for them, it’s fine, too. Then please keep your mouth shut. It’s the basic respect to all of those innocent people.
    There are many kinds of natural disasters in the world, how you can say that it’s the karma? And actually when all of us were busy to help Sichuan people, Dalai Lama visited UK at that time. I don’t think it’s the right time for him to have a speech during this period. He looks kind and his smile is charming, but please stop lying and do some practical thing for the peace and help the earthquake people.
    Chinese and Tibetans are a whole family. Sharon Stone, please understand that all lives are the same. This is the common sense.
    Chinese and Tibetans are a whole family. Sharon Stone, please understand that all lives are the same. This is the common sense.
    I would like to remind Dalai Lama and his followers: You may fool all the people some of the time; you can even fool some of the people all the time; but you can’t fool all of the people all the time.

  89. kalaya says:

    To bros:
    you taught chinese in beijing university? dud com’on, you had to be a superman to teach chinese chinese in the most freaking esteemed chinese uni in China! never heard of an Amerian taught Chinese in Beijing Uni. its just too bizarre to be true. plus I have firends there and they never told me this.
    provide more credibility on this subject if u bothered to be believable and before u think urself entitled to call any nation in the world a big asshole.

  90. bros says:

    to kalaya: I never said I taught Chinese there. why in the world would I go to a chinese university to teach chinese? what a dumb thing to say and perhaps you should read my postings clearer. I taught a course in the journalism school conducted in the english language. I majored in the chinese language at my own university in the US. two separate things. i hope thats enough ‘proof’ for you so that I can call a nation an asshole. I think the US is an asshole country as well, but just because i have been to china numerous times and speak the language and have many chinese friends doesnt mean I have to like or have respect for the country. it is one thing when ignorant people comment on china and come to uninformed conclusions on the country, but I am not in this position.

    china is trying to get away with murder, justifying it at every turn with ‘developing nation’ rhetoric, the rhetoric of never getting involved in another country’s internal affairs, etc. which is totally rubbish and an outright lie. and before you go telling me how biased I am, until your country lets you read history books freely and newspapers freely without censoring them first, please dont pretend you have all the information and facts on any topic, especially things that need historical accuracy.

  91. bros says:

    oh, and before all the chinese reading accuse me of hate and unkindness, please know that my finace’s business partner is from chengdu and through our fundraising efforts, we were able to raise over 200,000 USD in donations from people in the community for people affected in the province because he has family there and is close to our family. i consider this totally separate from china’s asshole nation status. its about suffering people who dont have to ability to hold their government accountable, including having some of the poorest construction and building standards.

  92. Jenny says:

    Is Sharon Stone an American? Are all American so stupid? Let’s wait and see what Karma the USA will get?

  93. Yuhui says:

    To Mr.”bros”,
    Thank you very much for helping the people who are suffering now in Sichuan. Your kindness won’t be forgiven. However, no matter how good you are at Chinese or how many times you have been in China, as long as your parents are not Chinese, and as long as you were not born in China, then you don’t totally understand China and Chinese people. Therefore, it’s very hard for every Chinese to agree what you think and said about China. Even many young Chinese students who have studied in North America for many years don’t even think so. If you are really good at Chinese or Chinese history, you should understand that any issues related to China will be more complicated, because China is a so complicated country. Then, it’s not as easily as you concluded here. Please study harder, and I will study harder about China,too.

    Thank you for your time.

    Many thanks to ‘Celebitchy” for providing this post.

    No matter who we are, we all have warm blood and want to survive.

  94. Lisa says:

    Sharon Stone is sooooooo stupid with a cold blooded heart. Stone thinks the nature disaster is a “karma” to more than 60,000 innocent Chinese people who died in the quake including children. I think she got water in her brain. Shame on you Stone………

  95. I am obviously not american says:

    Americans are fucked by their government and corporations and not the chinese worker toiling at less than 10 USD a day. Americans do not do the world any good. They just fuck up places they don’t like and pretend to rebuild. Dun bloody invade in the first place! Americans sit on their fat arses eating their supersized burgers and have to drive their big fat cars to the local store 10 mins walk away to get coke. America had never seen a war on their soil since the civil war. Your enemies are the people you invade and they have every right to hate you. I will go into your house and smash up the place, take valuables, kill your mom and dad, and buy you cheap Ikea furniture and expect you to be grateful.

  96. Usnel says:


    Agreed with your comment about this event being totally separate issue from China’s government. It is simply a tragedy.

    However, Scott F’s comment below is basically mixing the two issue together.

    “And yeah, if they deserved it or not is up for debate. I do think it’s very coincidental that this happened right on the heals of a major crackdown in Tibet, and like most people, I immediately thought this would be a textbook example of Karma.”

    Sure, he did not say specifically that those victims deserved it, but his reference to “textbook example of Karma” does imply that this thought did cross his mind.

    Furthermore, I don’t understand bringing up how much “GOOD” U.S. had done to the world have anything to do with how much he would help, if any, to the victims in Sichuan. To me, his comments implied that there is a quota of “goodness” each person should do, and he has done enough.

    Anyway, he is entitled to express his opinion, and I can only shake my head and close the browser.

  97. Devilgirl says:

    I am always amused how a topic like Sharon Stone’s moronic comments can lead people to spout off on how they hate the U.S and all that it stands for. Don’t come to visit, don’t immigrate, don’t buy our products, don’t help us, stay/ move away. I made an earlier post about SS and her ignorance regarding her comments, so I don’t think it will be necessary to attack me for defending my country. There is no country on earth that is politically and socially perfect. Outsiders can criticize all they want, disillusioned residents, move elsewhere. The beauty about this country is that you are free to come and go as you please, so for all anti-American’s, including those that hate and mock their own country, go elsewhere and see how Utopian it is in another country. Don’t torture yourselves in a country that is so selfish and wrought with imperfections. The U.S does help other countries and the people in them, that is a fact. Now the amount of help may not be as grand as Germany or another country, but the way that I see it ANY help should be welcomed help. I feel badly for those of you who live in this country and despise it so, because being an American or a resident must be so shameful for you. Way to commemorate the Memorial Day holiday.

  98. ihavenoheart says:

    What a Poor bitch! why don’t you just bury your ass making porn movies? Thus you will be able to finance the DL. The hellish shit you poohed has already spurred on your Buddhist firend

  99. CeeJay says:

    Sharon Stone speaks for no one but her herself. Her words are calculated and self-promoting. I’m so sick of Hwood celebrities superficially jumping on to the band wagons of various “causes” simply to appear “proactive” and “caring”. She cares about her perception of Tibet and most likely knows little of the actual facts. When I saw the areal photos of the enormous damage done to the province of Sichuan I was shocked and saddened. That sort of natural devastation will take years to repair. Please people, instead of debating your political views on this forum, take a moment to closely view images of this disaster. If that does not incite concern and compassion in your heart then you are heartless and I don’t care what your political views are. Sharon Stone should be ashamed of herself. Karma is indeed a bitch, and she for one should remember that when the next unpleasant thing happens in her life.

  100. wayne says:

    That’s exactly what she learned from Dalai Lama’s philosophy besides her basic instince of being a porn star. No wonder so many Chinese dislike dalai lama. Karma? that probably also explains 911 and Katrina. Well, let’s see what karma will fall upon her for her bullshit.

  101. Drake says:

    To Scott,

    Don’t you really think the U.S. is the leader of the world? Don’t you really believe the U.S. is the biggest contributor and the saviour among the world? That’s is why american don’t really understand histories and truth.

    75 years ago? Where was China? There was no China at that time. The modern China was established in 1949.

    Another question to you, do you think american people’s lives are more valuable than anyone else in the world since America supplies more goods to the world? well, your point makes me shame for you. according to what you said, when disaster happens, children are all supposed to be ignored, given up. why? because they are ZERO contributed to the world. their lives are ZERO value.

    Please never overlook lives by any kind of reasons, you don’t have the right to judge lives. and please never think you are the one that all people need you to survive, if U.S. doesn’t exist, trust me, the world will still go on.

  102. kate says:

    Cut it out Grandma Stone, perhaps you have the hots for dear old Dalai, That does not mean you can insult people as you like. Karma? so was it karma too that you had that problem with your brain? Open your eyes and learn from people like angelina Jolie,learn from Celine dion, whose half your age but at least knows what compassion is.

  103. stone says:

    What a pathetic bitch! Why don’t you just bury your ass making porn movies? Thus you will be able to finance the DL. The hellish shit you poohed has already spurred on your Buddhist firend
    1)Earthquake is natural disaster. Don’t be so stupid and ignorant.
    2)If you want to get attention. I suggest you do more porn movies like what you have been doing. Don’t get people’s eyeballs by showing your lack of humanity.
    3)By the way, you said you are the Dalai Lama’s friend, then you may have already heard that Dalai is showing his humanity when coming to the Sichuan earthquake.
    4)You are so ugly not just on your aging face, but also in your soul and your instinct.
    5)If you are not totally out of your mind, I suggest you take back what you said and make an official apology to those victims of the earthquake
    6) Human kind would never describe an earthquake as “interesting”. Only those sick will feel that happy and amused.

  104. Liz says:

    I hate Americans.

  105. X says:

    Sharon Stone is unbelievably unkind and no sympathy for the victims of any natural disasters. I don’t think she is worthy to be a representative for any products. I don’t think she should be hired to be an actor. She can only be a very bad politician with all of BS views. I would say she is an extremity that should not be counted as a human being that with a good heart.

  106. notprfect says:

    I’m an American and I am disgusted by what sharon stone said. 👿 She’s an idiot and she does NOT represent ALL Americans with her views. Neither do any of the commentors on this page.

    News flash: Every single individual on this planet is an individual with their own experiences and opinions. If you say that you hate “all _______ people” then you are ignorant. How can you hate someone that you know NOTHING about except for the stereotypes that you’ve heard? ❓

    I don’t hate EVERYONE in ANY country. How can I hate people I have never met? I’m sad for the people of China and any other country that experiences a horrible disaster like this. People are people. We’re all different but we’re all the same. Stop hating. 🙁

  107. Tedina says:

    If I remember correctly, Sharon Stone is American.

    So by giving such a heartless comment, what other Americans have to suffer when the Karma strikes back?

    I am worried.

  108. cat says:

    sharon stones a fuckin bitch. can someone please tell her that her time is up?

  109. annoyed says:

    Sharon Stone is a bitch! What goes around comes around, and she’ll have hers coming!
    SHELBY – Have you actually lived in China? Are you a Chinese native? I’m stick and tired of all the self-righteous Westerners pretending to know so much about China and its policies just because they flip on their local 6 o’clock news every once in a while. Sure, it’s news worthy to report about a guy’s house being flattened to make room for the Olympics campus, how is that different from the US government taking your house so they can sell it to the new big commercial developer in the name of creating better local economy? – it’s call EMINENT DOMAIN! If Sharon Stone is right, then all the disasters that are happening in the US are saying what? That the US’s going to hell because of Karma? Are you serious?

  110. DJ Solace says:

    Maybe if that talentless waste of life had HER children crushed to pulp by a falling building, she’d understand the callousness of what she’s said.

    Gotta love the name-drop of “the Dalai Lama, who is a good friend of mine.” Good for you, you vapid piece of Hollywood trash, but its too bad your “friend” wasn’t able to teach you anything about human decency.

    Sharon Stone’s character would be immensely improved by a boot stomping on her face.

  111. Liz says:

    For Scott, vdantev, shelby:
    You talk about Americans donated $4 billion for tsunami. Oh yeah, Americans were nice to them, but you guys are SO MEAN to my country. Look at these people who are talking bullshit about my country. Fuck that! Many Americans are cold hearted or so easily look down on other nations while pretend to be a gentleman and nice person. Give me a break, we do not need any donation from you. Should you be proud of the $0.5M donated by your country? Oh, do you know how much others have donated to China:
    Saudi Arabia donated $50M in cash and $10M relief items; Japan 500M yen; oh, I’m sorry, on the list for foreign countries’ donations, actually US is the last fourth. And I am afraid it will also be the last if put on the list of individual companies’ donations. Not only numerous companies donated more than a million; Jacky Chan, Jet Li, and Yao Ming and many many other celebrities each donated more than the amount from US. Our national donation event, a show put up by Chinese singers, raised a total of 15 billion from our people alone. Do you know how much love we Chinese people have for our country and people when such thing happens?

  112. Scott F. says:

    Wow, I guess that whole ‘posting to agree with yourself under multiple nicknames’ thing only applies if you disagree with the author.

    I can see how my attitude is judged as cold-hearted, but that’s exactly how I view China. Our nation has it’s flaws, our government makes many mistakes, but at the end of the day we are free – and that makes all the difference in the world.

    You can justify your country’s bullshit by spouting the Party Line all you want, but it won’t change the facts. China is an oppressive party dictatorship, and all the tragedy in the world won’t make me forget or forgive that.

    You ask us to separate our feelings for the Chinese people from our feelings for the Chinese Government – yet in the same breath nearly every representative of China in this thread (God knows how many there really were, I’m pretty sure more than 10 are the same person) back their government’s bullshit to the hilt.

    You can’t defend denying your people basic, fundamental human rights. You can’t defend massacring anyone who disagrees with the party line. You can’t defend supporting a regime like North Korea while they allow millions of their people to starve.

    I will not help support a regime that does these things, even in a time of crisis. That might be heartless, but like I said, so is China.

  113. Liz says:

    Let me tell you the stories about the earthquake. Yes, when such unprecedented disaster happened, we are heartbroken and weeping when seeing our people lost lives and family; volunteers are in tears, reporters are, celebrities are, news presenters are, even our soldiers. And we are helping, donating money,blood,and food; an uncounted number of police,soldiers,who already lost their family or worrise so much, are unhesitantly working on the
    first font helping victims without a rest. There are over ten teachers during the earthquake who have lost their lives because of saving children. Becuase of working too hard to save people,there was a volunteer died; a pregnant nurse who lost her carriage; a doctor who got heart-attack and almost die; a police officer who passed out not only too tired but also heartbroken because she lost her family includig her two-year old daughter as well. And too many stories to tell here. To help those people who suffered and lost lives, our people showed the greatest care and humanity ever, ever!

  114. Yardbirdonfire says:

    To Bros:

    I don’t doubt about your credentials on China. It is true that the more one knows about a country, the more dark sides he could dig out, which, I guess, led you to all the hatred and bias. That happens to me too. I have lived in the States for 7 years, but the difference is I like the people here. However, that you have been to China numerous times, speak the language and even make living with it doesn’t justify your comments on China. I don’t care what you call your country, but if you don’t stop calling China an asshole country, I don’t see any difference between you and SS, and you waste all your time in China – seems living in China didn’t change anything in you. You speak Chinese but still think in American way. Go to a country only to hate it. Why bother? Oh, I almost forgot you make living with Chinese! Earning good money from China but badmouth them fanatically on the other hand. That’s the hypocrite I hate the most.

    You know why people hate Americans; because you try to put your darn finger on every pie – wherever there are interest and profit there are Americans, followed by misfortunes to the locals (history has proven this and are still proving it. Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Iraq, you name it); and because you Americans are too darn arrogant and conspiratorial – yes, you do help, but with all the supremacy and conditions. You think Burmese is so stupid that they will accept your aids with all those malicious motives behind? Iraqis did accept it, what’s happening there now? It’s easier to invite a god than to send him off. Since you are good at Chinese, you know what I am saying. Stop trying to play savior to the rest of the world and maybe we will all feel comfortable. As for you, don’t pretend you know everything about China and play judge here just because you have lived in China for some time. I have lived here for 7 years and I don’t feel that I can say a word about this country. How dare you!

    I would admit that China (including government and people) is not perfect and that some of your denouncements on China are true. I came to the States partly because I disliked the government. But remember that every single thing you accuse us of doing today you Americans have already done before and are still doing for some of them. You know my story; I know yours. Your ancestors founded the country with all blood in hands. When you were writing your postings, you probably have already forgot how many murders of the Native and African Americans you got away with, how many military juntas and regimes CIA has funded, how people were terrorized during the McCarthy Era, and how many Iraqi and Afghani detainees G.I.s have tortured. Have Chinese said anything, or expressed a bit anger about that? Something just makes you history-blind; you are either too ignorant or too amnestic. Maybe you just drink your cool-aid too much. That we call “flashlight effect”. It sees everything but itself. I am not saying Chinese government is doing all right, but it just doesn’t make sense to me how you could get so enraged about China.

    China government is not E.T. descending from other planet over night. It’s a historical selection, chose by Chinese themselves in a long process, and it is all made of common Chinese, all sons, fathers and husbands of others, just like your government. Nobody has forced this government to us. So, whatever, including all those you condemned here, jailing, tortures, poorest standards, whatever, happen to us we pay a price and learn a lesson. It took your country more than 200 years to develop to what it looks like today. So, we are just a little behind you, good and bad, and will eventually get to a point where everybody is satisfied. But before that, let us still drink our own cool-aid and you drink yours. It’s our earthquake, our misfortunes, our “Karma”, our government, our choice, and JUST get out of our way!

    Finally, Tibet is ours, just like Texas, NM, and CA are yours. That won’t change a bit as you choose! Invasion? Like in Mexico, Vietnam and Iraq?!

  115. Liz says:


    Lol, for such indecent person like you, I don’t need to argue with who knows nothing about the truth of my country. Defend what? those? You know nothing and I don’t need to explain.

  116. Yardbirdonfire says:

    To Scott F:

    Oh? It’s easy to say “our nation has flaws, our government makes mistakes”, I can say that too. Yes, but at the end of the day, you are free, you are so free to kill people in Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Somali, Iraq, and even Native and African Americans in your own country, and that DOES make all the difference in the world. Every time you have a flaw and makes a mistakes, millioins die!

    You will not help support a regime? Your government have supported Iraq and Iran regimes before. Yes, you will not help, ‘cause you have not been born yet!

    Your government didn’t bother to stop killing in Iraq even in a time of Katrina crisis, and your government didn’t bother to support N.K. and leave millions of their people to starve (we feed this country). That’s definitely heartless to me, so is your government.

    You are so heartless ‘cause your media like CNN feed you too much American cool-aid, like Bros said, that makes you just stop thinking and seeking truth.

  117. goodman says:

    what a cold-blooded garbage-fulled moron!

    since she mentions that she is ‘good’ friend of dalai, she should surely be ‘well’ influnced by him. but why those two animals have different point of view on the earthquake? or she just speaks out the implicit words dalai intends to say?

    btw, for those who think dalai lama is a saint, just look back what this ‘saint’ did in his early time!!!

  118. Cecile from China says:

    Sharon Stone, when you are called cold-blooded, I think that’s the right word for you. I have been searching for your blog or website or something just to find a place to pour the shit on you. You are not only a whore depending on strip dances in movies but also a totally asshole.

    You know nothing about China, but just make your dog nose follow the lead of the stupid american media. I can’t say they are always wrong but they ARE mostly wrong about China. No matter what our government did to Tibet or Falungong, the people died or badly injured in the earthquake are purely innocent and miserable. I bet you never saw the horrible scene there because you are a heartless cold-blooded jerk! All you can do is to take the ice piton to kill the men who you sleep with. I feel for you, bitch. I also feel ashamed to watch your movies which is absolutely not worthy of our appreciation.

    Shut your stinky mouth up and take back your cock-like attitude. If you dare to say the earthquake is the Karma of Chinese, what do you say to 911? Funny! But I don’t think I am like you.

  119. Scott F. says:

    Oh come on, you can do better than that!

    You dare bring up Vietnam? Just who was providing all those AK-47’s to North Vietnam? Who supplied them with those anti-aircraft batteries that dropped our planes out of the sky? China.

    You dare bring up North Korea? That regime wouldn’t even be in power if YOUR government hadn’t launched a massive attack on UN (Not just US) Forces in Korea. But it’s only the US that interferes in other nations right? Somehow we’re responsible for feeding a regime that wouldn’t even exist if not for China’s interference?

    Yeah, we invaded Iraq and Afghanistan, and the peoples of both of those nations now enjoy more freedoms than the Chinese do. They hold free elections, they have civil rights, they have free presses. What good has come from the Chinese invasion of Tibet?

    We’re evil right? But when our citizens march against the war in Iraq, they aren’t crushed beneath our Army’s tanks.

    We are the world’s architect of death right? Then why is it that every tinpot dictator in the world’s armies are all carrying AK-47’s manufactured by China and Russia?

    Why is your country providing arms to African regimes that are turning around and using them to ethnically cleanse their people?

    Seriously, there is more than enough evil in the world to go around – and China needs to take as much responsibility for it as we do.

  120. Fucking White Evil says:

    1. Tibet is histrical integral part of China, Westerners are the history ignorant.

    2. Stone is laughing many ethnic Tibetan dying in Sichuan Earthquake.

    3. 911 is a natural disaster.

  121. Liz says:

    Your government sent solders to Iraq more for oil than saving the world. This world does not need to be saved by US at all. Every country has its way of living, without US, everything is fine as well! Do you know that because of US’s intrusion in those oil-producing middle east countries, what a life people there are leaving? You don’t know, don’t you? Oil is their blood, and being banned by US, they are living a very poor life there.

  122. Scott F. says:

    Uh actually Liz, I’m an ex American Marine. I served in Afghanistan and Iraq, so I know exactly how these people live. I also know from their own mouths how they USED to live.

    You know, no freedom to speak their opinions, no freedom of religion or of the press, the government showing up in the middle of the night to round up and shoot ‘dissenters’. In fact, it sounds like the kind of place a Chinese citizen would understand very well.

  123. bros says:

    to yardbirdonfli or whatever the hell your name is: I dont make money doing business in china buying or selling china’s cheap crap made with poisons and no quality control. Im working on my PhD on china issues so I STUDY china, not PROFIT from it. its hilarious you are spouting information off the stupid youtube propaganda thing about the tibet issue and comparing it to the native americans. the funny thing about china is that it wants to excuse itself from all the wrong it does by pointing out how the US and Euope did a bunch of bad things. EVERYONE knows that. and these nations all admit it. it doesnt justify what china is doing in the world. you all think you are justified to repeat the world’s mistakes for some reason, like china is entitled to go through whatever growing pains it needs to right now as it develops. I call some serious BS on that logic. and for people who left their country for one reason or another to come to the US, pick up a book, any book from the US, europe, australia, argentina, anywhere on tibet. its the same story over and over by every single historian, and the only histories that deviate from these histories are the books from China. that is some serious rewritting of history. and please, headache, seriously? you usually have much smarter things to say on here. thats like saying the barbarians in peru were better off once the spaniards got there because their civilization placed limitations on the people who lived in it. at least it was theirs. or like india should be grateful that the enlightened whites got there to show the indians the wrongs of the caste system and free them for it. stop being an apologist for colonialism and imperialism and cultural genocide. i seriously doubt you could say what you said with a straight face if you ever set foot in Lhasa and saw the immense cultural degradation going on there by massive Han cultural hegemony. its not a pretty picture and its heartbreaking.

  124. Sharon Stone Sucks! says:

    Sharon Stone is an old bitch who has nothing in her mind but foolish and ridiculous ideas and a smelly,big mouth! The one dead in the earthquake should be you but not chinese people!

  125. Jude Lee says:

    Hi bros,

    It is a pity that you even claimed that you study on China issue. Where did you study China issue? in the basement of your home!!!

    Shame on what you said!!!


  126. Jude Lee says:

    Hi Bros,

    Obviously, you know nothing about China. It is a pity that you even claim that you are working on PhD on China issues!!!! Shameful!!!

    Ha,if in USA,all the people working on China issues just have such low ability as you have; such limited knowledge can enable them to get Phd degree. Well, it isn’t a bad thing for China.

    Hope your study well!!!

  127. William says:

    You Bitch ,Sharon Stone!

  128. William says:

    We Chinese share great sorrow when the States was attacked by terrorists. Though, We strongly disagree with what your government has done in Iraq. We did not say anything about so-called “Karma” . Basically, life of civilian is first and formost.

  129. elle says:

    One quick question Bros.
    why do you study something you obviously dislike? Seems like a pretty painful job to have. I hope you find more joy in life.

  130. Anben Mily says:

    Did the hurricane Katrina disaster was the karma to America ? As to Sharon Stone’s opinion ,the hurriane katrina was the karma for America’s hegemonism.
    Thoudsands’ of Iraq’s people died feom the guiltiness war , so there must been the equal American should die .
    I think a karma will happen in Sharon Stone herself ,she should be pulished for her wrong talk . there will be an another hurriane katrina or earthquake ,to happen in America ,in which Sharon Stone die . So foolish Sharon Stone is !

  131. lily says:

    sum1 became excited when desperately try to be political correct.who do u think u r? am a chinese citizen
    tears for victims

  132. Joe says:

    To Scott F.

    Here is an exact listing of some comparission of international aid for Katrina from Wikipedia.

    People’s Republic of China
    On September 2, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that it will offer $5 million along with emergency supplies, including 1,000 tents, 600 generators, bed sheets, immediately for disaster relief. China also offered to send medical care and rescue workers if they were needed.[5] This aid package consisting of 104 tons of supplies later arrived in Little Rock, Arkansas.[6] A chartered plane carrying the supplies arrived on September 7.[7]


    On September 4, US authorities formally requested French assistance. France offered disaster relief stocks prepositioned in Martinique (600 tents, around 1000 beds, 60 electrogenic groups, 3 pumps, 3 water purification stations, 1000 folding jerricanes and other material)…. On September 7, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs stated that an Airbus Beluga from Toulouse with 12,7 tonnes of supplies flew to Mobile, Alabama, after a brief stop in the UK to load more food.[9] Two Casa airplanes from Martinique landed in Little Rock, Arkansas, ferrying tents, covers and 1000 rations of food for 24 hours.[4][10][11]


    Italy offered to send two Hercules C130 cargo aircraft fitted with emergency aids, including 300 Adult camp beds, 300 blankets, 600 sheets, 1 suction pump, 6 lifecrafts, 11.200 chlorine tablets, 5 units of large first aid kits, baby food formula pumps, tents and power generators. Italy also offered to send some experts of the Protezione Civile to help coordinating relief efforts in the damaged area.[4]

  133. xxy says:

    The Chinese government itself donated $5,000,000 to the Katrina, not mentioning private donations from the Chinese. *WHILE the US government donated $250,000 to the 5.19 quake!!*

    Don’t ever brag about the money from the US Red Cross. Most donations come from Chinese overseas. And the US Red Cross keep 20% of the donations to themselves. We understand that they have to save for karmas for morons like Stone in the future.

  134. Yardbirdonfire says:

    Why we were providing weapons to them? Before asking this question you should ask yourself why you are still providing weapons to Taiwan and your troops are still stationed in S.Korea, Iraq, Japan, and a lot of other countries. Has China send any troops to any other countries? Now that Iraqis have already had all the freedoms, why don’t you just bring your troops back? People don’t need freedom at gunpoint.

    Why do I not dare bringing up Vietnam and N. Korea, I am actually proud that we didn’t lose these two wars. Just imagine what if you had won the wars and imployed the troops along China’s borders. That would be a real disaster even bigger than the earthquake and I wouldn’t have been able to sit here peacefully today to argue with you. What if we sent troops to Cuba, Mexico, or Canada or flew along California shoreline? When enemy at gate, we just can’t sit and watch. Have you ever thought why your government is always so interest in sending troops to China’s neighboring areas and flying spy planes along our borders everyday? You’re probably thinking of freedom, but I am thinking something bigger. As long as China stands united and strong, your government will never stop trying. CCCP was communist. Now that it collapsed, are Americans and Russians friends yet? You really think you government send troops to Iraq and Afghanistan for freedom? Then why don’t you send troops to Somali again? People there need freedoms too. If Iraq didn’t produce oil and Afghanistan was not adjacent to China, they probably have been forgotten by your government a long time ago. I don’t like the communist government in some aspects, but I have a zero tolerance to a superpower imploying troops right on China’s borders. It has nothing do with what kind of government it is. That should answer why we were providing weapons to Vietnam and N. Korea.

    Yes, we sell AK47’s, you sell missiles and subs, something more expensive and destructive, and send troops directly whenever necessary.

    I don’t know how you learn about China/Tibet. Have you ever been there? How do you conclude that people in those countries enjoy more freedoms than us/Tibetans do? CNN probably feeds you everything.

    Honestly, every country has a dirty history of development. We are nothing better than each other. Like I said to Bros, we are just a little behind doing all these things you Americans have done a long time ago. Yes, your people aren’t crushed beneath your army’s tanks. They were shipped from Africa and hung in the air. People kill people with all means. What I don’t like here is not your remarks on China government, or Chinese people (that’s your freedom to like and dislike whatsoever), but the way you speak. Stop talking about China like nothing has ever happened in your house, and presenting yourself like a saint or savior, pure and clean.

  135. justme says:

    Does Sharon Stone really believe that bad things don’t happen to good people? Even good things happen to bad people. With her way of thinking I wonder what terrible things she is guilty of that caused her to get divorced so many times and to have a brain hemorrhage. In her own words – she must then be a really bad person.

  136. Scott F. says:

    I am finished with this crap – congratulations Yardy, you can officially spout your government’s propaganda at an astonishing level.

    “I don’t know how you learn about China/Tibet. Have you ever been there? How do you conclude that people in those countries enjoy more freedoms than us/Tibetans do? CNN probably feeds you everything.”

    Ever heard the saying, ‘those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones’? When your TV networks are literally government propaganda mouthpieces, it’s a bad idea to rip on us for CNN.

    It’s not just Americans that believe what you’re doing in Tibet is wrong, or did your government just fail to report on all the incidents with the torch relay?

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what kind of ‘freedom’ those of you in China enjoy – you need look no further than the hundreds of students imprisoned or killed for speaking out against their government.

    You talk about us interfering in Korea and Vietnam, but both times we arrived AFTER the Communists you guys supported in the North invaded. Ever wonder why the South Koreans fought so hard, and sacrificed so much to remain free of your special brand of oppression? Yeah, lots of people are just dying to live in your Communist Utopia – after all, that’s why Russia is in such good shape these days.

    Oh, and next time you want to reminisce about ‘winning’ in Korea, you might look at the living conditions in the North vs. the South.

  137. anon says:

    God gives us free will to do as we think is moral.. or immoral in some cases for twisted people and events like these gives all of us an eye-opener and reminds us to value those who are with us because very often, we tend to forget.karma doesn’t work that way. if karma were to happen it would reciprocate onto the chinese government and not the people of china. every human being has the right to life and freedom and it is not up to us to give judgment on their value or in this case to say that they were the victims of bad judgement, miscommunication or unrest between two parties. we should do for others as we would like them to do for us… seeing people in crisis our intention should be inclined to help them, and not be selfish n not help n on top of things make trashing disrespectful comments. to all fellow americans hating on china i would like to see china stop manufacturing goods for the U.S and observe their drastic declination in economic prosperity in the U.S. its pathetic to use “attack on man” as an argument like saying how people deserved to die to lower the population . its pathetic to use “argument by half truth” as the media always does to us by screening and censoring a lot of the reality. its also pretty pathetic that people change the subject. we’re talking bout all the innocent people who have died and people start bringin in other political occurences that have no relevant connection to this earthquake whatsoever to make it seem to others that because of one group of people the entire group of people are all half-assed. 😥 why can’t people in today’s society attempt to see beyond what is in front of them and be more empathetic instead of ignorant? so why don’t you negative people shove your fallacious arguments down your throat and be ashamed your selfish heart.

  138. kalaya says:

    to bros: I truly thank you for doing the donating project. and dont take it personal for what im about to say.
    I do agree with you on the matter of history education in China. however its a pointless joke to make historical reference here. in case it escaped ur notice, its POLITICS is what we talking about on the Tibet issue. what used to be what DOES NOT matter at all and everything stick to the current international rules. china used to be numeric smaller countries and why dont u say something about that? Or why shouldn’t USA be a part of england? Or why shouldnt england be a part of Rome? or should i say Macedonia instead? it is a matter of CURRENT NATIONAL territory and SECURITY. we cannot just hand it in and be vulnerable to other nations and hope for the best simply because there’re nice people like you out there who’s willing to help and donate money and do things…..that’s no how the game between nations is played.its just plain naive to say that ‘rhetoric’ thing. china emphasizing internal affairs is nothing but a country suffered the western civilization for an entire century being protective. the historical issue is way to complicated for any simple conclusion and that is, at least to me, why most Chinese being so so-called ‘Nationalist’–we now have our own country and we dont need anyone else to pull shit on us again.
    my grandfather, a rare man in that country who possess a very political open and sober mind, once told me u dont love ur own country if its good for nothing. but he told me too that when he went to school in his childhood, the entire class burst into tears while learning modern history. can you even image how sad is that? a country is invaded and humiliated so badly that it made its children cry? and that aint no propaganda from ccp at all(as far as i know they barely exist back then). It is the nightmare of humiliation from outside and deep self-regret that the whole nation bears as torturing memory-which hurts so much i doubt any other nation ever came close to teste it, especially USA- and that’s the main reason the country operate the way as today, although insufficient and irrational as it is.
    the very basic fact is whoever does best represent the best of its race. hence i dont share the opinion that USA is a big asshole too simply because its not good enough yet-nothing but assholes are left on the earth according to that funny logic. that word is far to intense to be used on anything doesnt fully deserves it. may the same apply to china as well. the country is doing a half decent job(or worse than that if u wish), but were u really so different? if one have to be so harsh to everyone, maybe he/she should grow out of his/her adolescence first.


    Hey Scott, So Does these country already achieved their American so called freedoms? Vietnam, Korea,Afganishan??? Iraq??? since US stepped in? Who got the most weapon os MASS DESTRUCTIONS?

    yardbirdonfire!!!! I might not be Chinese, born in China or what ever. But i love history, who got the most other contries history and their goodies? USA. but Its about the TRUTH!!!!110% Supports!!! You go Brother!!

  140. Alvin says:

    If the earthquake is karma, is it really a karma to the Chinese government but not to Dala Lama? One of the flattened towns is also a Tibetan habitation, but Dala Lama is blind to it, talked to Sharon Stone the earthquake is karma and ask for her for support. Sharon is such an idiot to follow Dala Lama’s suit.

    Also if Sharon believe such a catastrophe is just a karma, why don’t she say 911 a karma, Katrina a karma??? She will be never be forgiven by her God, or probably she never has God in her heart!

  141. WHO says:

    The existence of Scott F. is a Karma…

  142. Steve Cheng says:

    Her comments is outrageous and sadistic to say the least. It’s all rubbish and not worth a cent! I wonder whether she really understand what is karma in the first place.Anyone who has a basic understanding of Buddhism would know how ignorant she is!
    And about Tebatan and human rights. A lot of people just follow the herd and shout to the tune of some politically motivated , self fished snubs who always think that whatever they do is right, and all the others are wrong. Please be very objective and before you know the facts, please reserve your comments.

  143. Tina says:

    Totally agree with what Yardbirdonfire said.
    Have many of you guys been to China? How many of you guys understand China really? How do you know Chinese people are not happy under ridiculous, so-called autarchy policy? what is your understanding of happiness? Are you guys happy with your current government?
    Have you ever experience such feeling that all your families left you in one night? Have you ever experience feelings that what you own by hard work are destroied in one night and you have to start from the very beginning?

    Life is valuable to every one of us, no matter which country s/he lives in, what kind of skin s/he has, how many money s/he has.

  144. Yardbirdonfire says:

    I was already finished.

    Again, I am NOT a communist and I do NOT agree with communism. I said everything here just because I am a CHINESE!

  145. charlie says:

    Stone has no brains and should be doing what she is at best, making porn movies, rather than puking shit from mouth. Fucking cunt!

  146. Jason says:

    that is a messed up thing to say. If the earthquake was because of karma? i would like to see her opinion to 9/11,hurricane katrina and the tornado over memorial weekend. she needs to actually thinks before she opens that nasty old sh** hole she calls her mouth.

  147. Fact says:

    Nobody want to pick up a fight with you. But your own imperialistic attitude and your twisted mind is the reason bothers you. Go back to your first post and read it yourself, you are the one to agree with Sharon Stone’s statement of “karma”, then you deny that 9.11 and Katrina is not a Karma. Let’s face it, you do not like people to think Katrina or 9.11 as Karma to innocent US citizens for obvious reason. However, your disagreement with other government’s policy should not support your idea that earthquake is a Karma to Chinese. If any Chinese who does not support US government’s policy, or who simply hate an stupid ass like you who happen to be an American, he or she can get the conclusion exactly as you on 9.11 or Katrina. Do you see my point here? As an old Chinese saying goes, if you do not wish it happen to you, do not wish it happen to others.
    To bro: 你要是北大的你就用中文和我辩, 别来骗人这套把戏。

  148. Sophia says:

    The existence of Scott F is a Karma…for all the dead Indians, killed by Scott’s great great grandfather?

    Scott, when you were in Afganistan or Iraq, did you talk to the locals in THEIR languages or did they speak to you in English?

    Do you speak any other language at all?

  149. Somnilocus says:

    To the people who agree with Sharon: karma does not punish innocent people. This is not karma; it’s a tragedy. Instead of sitting back and saying “they had it coming,” realize that the people who are affected by this are people who have nothing to do with the decisions of their GOVERNMENT. Would you like to be left alone to die in a time of need like this? With others saying it’s karma, thereby implying your little children deserve this too? Because of the decisions of your government? Look past their countries political decisions and realize that they’re PEOPLE who are SUFFERING.

  150. Big Quake “Guaranteed” to Hit California by 2037. Let us pray for this Kama caused by Sharon.

  151. Big Quake “Guaranteed” to Hit California by 2037Alicia Chang, AP Science Writer, in Los Angeles
    Associated Press

    April 14, 2008
    California faces an almost certain risk of being rocked by a strong earthquake by 2037, according to the first statewide temblor forecast, released today.

    New calculations reveal there is a 99.7 percent chance a magnitude 6.7 quake or larger will strike in the next 30 years.

    Enlarge Photo

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    Big Bay Area Quake Likely Within 20 Years, Experts Say (October 11, 2005)
    Southern California Long Overdue for Quake, Experts Say (August 13, 2007)
    “The Next Big One” in National Geographic Magazine (April 2006)
    The odds of such an event are higher in southern California than northern California—97 percent versus 93 percent.

    (Related: “Major Quake May Strike Bay Area Next Year, Experts Say” [December 12, 2007].)

    The last time a jolt this size rattled California was the 1994 Northridge disaster, which killed 72 people, injured more than 9,000, and caused $25 billion (U.S.) in damage.

    The analysis, titled the “Uniform California Earthquake Rupture Forecast,” took three years to complete.

    It represents the first comprehensive effort by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), Southern California Earthquake Center (SCEC), and California Geological Survey to calculate quake probabilities for the entire state using newly available data.

    The report “basically guarantees it’s going to happen,” said Ned Field, a USGS seismologist based in Pasadena and lead author of the study.

    Wake-Up Call

    California is one of the most seismically active regions in the world.

    More than 300 faults crisscross the state, which sits atop the meeting of two of Earth’s major tectonic plates, the Pacific and the North American.

    About 10,000 quakes rattle southern California each year, although most of them are too small to be felt.

  152. TIM says:

    人权 美国就有人权?


    傻逼女人都讲这种话了 竟然还有人也跟着起哄 我操了。

    美国老 妈的比!

    911 是报应!!!



  153. ginger says:

    To those who agree with the dumb cunt’s words: I’m an Englishman working in Cheng Du and have never seen such terrible carnage inflicted on such wonderful people in such a beautiful part of the world. I read your words with shame.
    Thankfully it seems that most people around the world also think you’re a bunch of pond-life red-neck wankers.

  154. plamaple says:

    fuck u those morrons who agree with her!!!
    the epicenter of this earthquake, has population of 54% Tibetans, 26% Hui and 25% Hans. If Ms. Stone’s theory of Karma stands, would that suggest the Karma is for blaming Dalai Lama lying to the world and Tibetans rioting and killing innocents

  155. D. Yung says:

    People need to realize that China is a populous, developing nation whose people have lived under a communist government for a long time. Even here in America there is a wide range of opinions, some which may be considered closed-minded and ignorant. Just because you’ve had some experience with some people in China that do not agree with your point of view is not justification for hatred directed to ethnic chinese.

    Also, I believe that America can lead the world in a way that is more important than military or economic might. I am referring to open-mindedness, enlightenment and compassion. I see alot of that here and it is what I am most proud of. Don’t let actions by others, which you feel are wrong, be justification for you to do the same

  156. liana says:

    following her line of reasoning…so we should blame the Tibetians for “bringing this upon themselves because it’s karma”?

    obviously not.

    some of the commments here have been downright ignorant and heartless.

    chinese or not, they are still people. they have the same blood as we americans do, the same feelings, the same hurt, the same tragedies. have you no concern for human lives? these are not objects, these are PEOPLE, families, children. dead.

    we help because we CARE for other people. it’s called HUMANITY.


    To Scott F.: Unfortunately for you, most other compassionate people don’t follow your line of reasoning.

  157. No biggie says:

    Most of the deaths from the earthquake in china were due to corruption by Communist party officials. lets not kid ourselves about it. Time to overthrow the communist party!. Long live Chiang Kai Sek!!

  158. Astounded says:

    Some of you should be ashamed of yourselves. Regardless of the actions of the Chinese government, Sichuan was absolutely devastated by this earthquake; thousands of people died.. schools were completely flattened. So please, by what authority do you claim that the Chinese people deserve this because of the behaviour of their government..? There are numerous occasions of the US government authorising things that American citizens would disagree with. Enough with all the ‘the USA is constantly saving the world’ shit. You guys are lucky enough to have been born into a country whose government is stable and whose people are NOT persecuted or repressed. Give that a thought and know your place before you begin suggesting that the Chinese people somehow deserve the disaster they’re living through. You’re in a position where you can actually do something to help those less fortunate than you – stop moaning and do something about it.

  159. Bao bao says:

    Hi Scott and Bro:

    I am a “nationalist” and “brain-washed” chinese. I come here to enjoy my “freedom of speech” for the first time!!!


  160. G says:

    To those who agree with Sharon Stone : Do you even know where Sichuan is ? Do you know there’re many tibetan living there ? You guys believe in Karma ? Okay, let’s what will happen to Ms Stone.

  161. li qian says:


    You are clearly another PHD idoit whom I saw many in this world. You can not survive well in anywhere no matter this place is USA or China because you are just stupid extermist.
    If I find you in China, I will report to the security authority for cancelling your working permit.
    You don’t need to show off your experience and education in China. I received law degree in USA.

  162. Craptastic says:

    You know what helps innocent people after a disaster?

    Well, it’s obviously NOT sitting on our asses, talking on Cele|bitchy about an idiot’s view of karma and how superior/inferior our governments are.

    Great way to help our fellow man.

  163. Celebitchy says:

    Again, tens of thousands of children, mothers and fathers died in China. Please stop arguing or giving anyone who someone is trying to justify their heartlessness any more attention.

  164. SharonBitch says:

    By the same tokens, is 911 a karma? how about Katrina? Sharon is a bicth,
    movie theater in china is boycotting her movies, the dior products she represents, no apologies accepted!!

  165. Bess says:

    I’m sick and tired of Americans whinning about Chinese stealing their manufacturing jobs (I know it’s not related by someone mentioned it earlier). Most of the stuff u buy was probably made in China and you wouldn’t be able to afford it if it wasn’t. If you want to get angry about it complain to the big American companies that set up production over there rather than the Chinese workers who are trying to feed their families. The world is always changing and some jobs become obsolete entirely – we have to change, re-train and find new ones.

    Maybe they didn’t give a huge donation to Katrina relief but although they have a big economy in absolute terms just remember that there is over 1 billion people that contribute to it and the average income in still quite low.

    And American didn’t give over 3 times the amount of any other country to Tsunami relief. It prob gave the most overall but is the richest country in the world when u consider the % of GDP given the amount was quite low (18th in the world and little more than one 10th of Australia’s %GDP amount).

  166. Filiani Sur says:

    Sharon Stone is a disgusting moron, I hope she’ll get killed in an earth quake someday

  167. Drake says:


    I think you are exactrly representing the minor stupid americans. I can’t believe you really think Iraqis are ENJOYING the freedom that U.S gov created for them!! Are you the same kind as Sharon Stone – the ass is smarter than your brain?

    Go to Iraq, please, see how many people say we love americans, we love the freedom that U.S. gave us.

    I’m sorry to be a little more aggressive. you keep saying China has no democracy, China is evil to the world. The reason for this is you know nothing about the world, you know shit about the reality.

    You’ve never been in any of other developing countries, don’t you?? don’t tell me you’ve been Europe before, that’s bullshit. Those are not developing countries. Why do I mention “Developing” here? it is important because these countries have their special civil characteristics. They can’t organize the country exactly the same way as most of the western developed countries did. Why? read more books, learn more histories. But with your IQ, I am a little worried about you won’t understand it.

    Well, let’s say this. You now started a new creative business. Don’t you think you can make this business as large as Google is? NO WAY! Why? Two results, 1st, before you’re getting strong enough, your core employees have been acquired by other big corporations. 2nd, if your business seems to be a threaten to them (those big corps), they will absolutely acquire you before you become powerful.

    The same logic to politics. if the developing countries open their door of “freedom” (the one you know), their countries will absolutely become colonies!!!

    Againd, your IQ is limited, so learn more histories before you argue with me.

  168. a beast of prey says:

    vdantev you better shut your @ss up! who the hell you think you are!

  169. aj says:

    I believe sharon Stone is a new breed of sesimologist whom is mentally retarded ugly old slut hag with no panties.I believe im right, well so i strongly believe so. AND I BELIVE EVERYONE AGREES WITH ME!!! RIGHT?

  170. a beast fo prey says:

    😈 vdantev you fuaking ass made me wanna kick your freaking ass
    son of a bitch are you still fit to be called as a human i doubt so. you are worse than sharon stone.

  171. Tabby says:

    In some areas almost an entire generation of children have been wiped out as their school collapsed.

    Just STFU a minute and think about you would feel if it were your kid.

    To hell with politics, this is about people.

  172. W says:

    Instead of having gotten her face lifted, she should have tried it with her brain.

  173. Freddie Ta says:

    Many westerners are very gullible and used by politician easily. Sharon stone is just one of them. These people do not know the culture of China and being cheated by lot of Media. God, forgive them.

  174. asian says:

    Relax and easy, you will be losing out. Please do not blame the chinese for them to work their way up. Blame yourself being lazy and catch up by Chinese.

  175. Leona says:

    I cant believe wat u said.Sharon Stone is a bitch!

  176. Ky Fan says:

    I agree with Sharon that if you cause harm it comes back to you. The comment made by Sharon was politically incorrect but true.
    China wants to show the world how advanced they are. They are democratic and respect human rights.
    The most talented people of China leave the country and go to US mainly. I wonder why they do not stay in China if the claim is a country of opportunities.
    The reality is that run away from an oppresive system. They live in US hating US but will never come back to China since they are not stupid.

  177. Liz says:

    Because of US’s invasion, Iraq enjoys more freedom than Chinese. That is a total crap! No country wants to be invaded by others! As for the earthquake, like other people have mentioned, a large portion of those victims are actually Tibetans. For Sharon Stone and those who are talking about we Chinese are not treating Tibetans nicely, that is also a total crap! You don’t know about my country. China has 56 ethnic groups, with the majority being Han, like me. I swear that in China we never tend to look down upon other ethnic groups, or treat them not nicely. We actually love to go visit and see their special cultures,and nobody wants to talk bad about them. And our government already respects them a lot, give them those “Autonomous Zone” to let them govern themselves. But I do know discrimination in US against black people is deep rooted and will never disappear.

    For those Tibetans who want to form an independent country, I guess they are those who don’t like to be governed by a bigger ethnic group, and they are actually not very nice people. For the most recent turmoil in Tibet region, those guys were destroying every store, every building, including those belonging to Tibetans. They are nothing but like gangsters, they love violence, and they are going toward terrorism, claiming that they will make a homicide terrorist attack against China someday. They are just very annoying! But still, to normal Tibetan people, we never think about oh because they are a small ethnic group, we should blahblah…people are people, we are in the same country.

    And since it seems like you Americans love democracy and independence without reason, why not just go ahead tell Bush ” hey, I love freedom, can my state go independent starting next month?” What Bush will say? What others will say? They may say: common! We are a family, don’t go independent. Then what? Are you gonna claim US is not a democratic country? Explain.

  178. Maybe Da Lai’s Fuking cold blooded Sharon Stone satisfied her deeply. Otherwise she deserves 2000 bulls’ 5000 mad horses’ fucing her in her rest life. those dead in the quake are chasing her for her rest life.

  179. ImChinese says:

    Being a public figure, I think she is brainless to say something as offensive as that. Using the word ” interesting” is already retarded enough, but she had to add “karma” at the end? Not to mention her tone was showing the least bit of care for the 68,000 people who died, most of them being children.

    Those of you who think that China shouldn’t be doing Olympics because of what they did. Screw you. Mind the business in your own godamn country, and let China deal with their own. You have no right to give any comments about what the hell is going on between China and Tibet. Don’t give me the whole crap about human rights. You don’t live there, you don’t know what the hell is going on. Your opinion is based on what the media display to you in a selective manner. So spare us all and shut the fuck up.

    And yeah, no country likes to get invaded. So are you saying since you Americans invaded Iraq, you too, deserve bad karma? Perhaps another 9/11 will shut you guys up.

    So ….yeah Sharon Stone, you saggy tits ugly bitch, are a dumb ass for making enemies with all of China. I sure hope you go there one day and i personally like to see what kind of karma you’ll get from us “unkind” Chinese people.