Amy Winehouse has plenty of songs for James Bond soundtrack

Amy Winehouse’s longtime friend and producer, Mark Ronson, told reporters that she was in no shape to record the soundtrack for the upcoming James Bond film Quantum of Solace. However Winehouse is claiming that she’s got enough material – good material – to fill up the entire soundtrack. But 007 film bosses still aren’t sure if they want her tunes.

Fiery Amy Winehouse last night told James Bond film bosses to “put up or shut up”. She has been shaken and stirred by claims she has abandoned plans to record the theme tune for new 007 blockbuster Quantum Of Solace. Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star Sunday, the troubled singer said she was delighted with the result of her recording efforts – believed to be without top producer Mark Ronson. And, barely disguising her annoyance at 007’s movie bosses, she said it was now “up to them” if they want the sure-fire hit songs or not.

It is also believed Bond bosses fear using her music in case it detracts from the movie, even though star Daniel Craig recently said: “It would be amazing if she could.” Amy, 24, whose family say is now on the road to recovery, said: “I’ve done loads of Bond songs, there are loads of good ones I’m really happy with. I don’t know what is wrong with them or what the problem is, to be honest. It’s there, ready and done, and it’s up to them if they want it or not.”

Pals say the main track up for consideration is a big Shirley Bassey 60s-type number. Record company bosses are pleased with the “surefire hit”. But Bond chiefs are still dithering. And a source said: “It’s at a delicate stage. Amy is still seen as damaged goods – she will have to prove she’s on the road to recovery before she’s signed up.”

[From the Daily Star]

Several media outlets are reporting that Beyonce has already been tapped to replace Winehouse as the film’s songstress. Though frankly I think her music could detract from the film much more than Amy’s.

I find it curious that the “Bond chiefs” are saying Amy would have to “prove she’s on the road to recovery” to sing the film’s songs. It’d be one thing if they had yet to be recorded, and thus studio bosses were afraid she couldn’t follow through. But Winehouse is claiming they’re already done. So unless the studio doesn’t like the music, I can’t see what the problem is.

I guess it’s possible the studio might want Winehouse to perform a few songs from the soundtrack to promote the film. That could be problematic. Either way, it could only help Amy to be on the “road to recovery” as they put it. She sounds pretty annoyed with them, and it sounds like it’s quite likely her songs will never see the light of day… or the darkness of a movie theater.

Here’s Amy, answering her door to sign autographs barefoot and wearing only a bra on Friday. Images thanks to WENN.

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  1. Trillion says:

    Amy would be a great addition to the roster of Bond theme singers. I hope she gets it.

  2. nope says:

    She should be euthanazed.

  3. Jaundice Machine says:

    Maybe she thought she recorded them, but in reality ended up getting so blazed that she sang them into an empty roll of toilet paper.

    Kidding. I love this bitch. But why don’t she just act right?

  4. Anna says:

    I wish Amy would just go away, get help and come back in a few years’ time when she’s better and not torturing mice with Pete Doherty. Or not, I don’t really care if she comes back, I wouldn’t mourn losing her talent as others have done/are doing. But these constant tabloid speculations are leading nowhere really, are they?

  5. malcolm says:

    this bitch need to be in a straight jacket in a rehab. they don’t need to reward madness. she need to get clean before ppl give her jobs. if she do the song she cant promote it she’s ban from the U.S jut look at those pics you can’t trust a crack head because the only thing they care about is the drug .

  6. Kenny D. Page says:

    Well, Winehouse figures by doing a marathon of crack and then recording, is enough work. However, she didn’t figure whether or not the Bond folks could use it.