Who’s lying, Charlie or Denise? ‘Extra’ may have the answer

The problem with being stupid, a liar and an attention whore is that you aren’t smart enough to know when to keep your mouth shut, nor are you smart enough to realize that people might actually look into the so called “facts” you impart on national television. Such seems to be the case with Denise Richards, who has been hitting all the talks shows over the past week to promote her hideous E! reality show, “Denise Richards: It’s Complicated.” Denise did an interview with “Extra,” in which she claimed that she is doing this sham of a show because she is a single mom and “has bills to pay like everyone else.” Extra did a little investigating and found out she’s not in such bad financial shape after all- show or no show.

Denise insists she’s doing the show because she’s a single mother. “I’ll be honest with you — I need work,” said Richards, “I need to support my children. I have bills like anyone else.”

Denise could make nearly a half-million dollars from her new show! “Extra” also uncovered recent reports showing the actress is pulling in more than $40 million for less than three years of marriage — which includes a $7 million divorce settlement, $20 million in syndication royalties from Sheen’s “Two and a Half Men” TV show, and nearly $10 million in tax-free child support over the next 15 years.

But the inconsistencies in Denise’s story don’t end there. The so-called actress has gone on record several times talking about how she is a full time, hands-on mom. But once again, Extra found that to be not quite true as well:

Although the actress says, “I’m a good mom — I don’t want nannies raising my kids,” Richards has two nannies for the girls, plus one full-time assistant, one full-time pet caretaker, and one full-time live-in housekeeper!

And finally, Extra dug around after the whole “tranny infested sperm” incident, in which Denise claimed that an e-mail sent to Charlie Sheen’s new fiancee was doctored.

Denise also talks about the e-mail making news everywhere, which she allegedly sent to Charlie’s fiancée Brooke Mueller, asking for another baby from Charlie. The email reads in part, “I was strictly looking for a sperm donor if it’s any of your business. This wasn’t to have sex with him, it was him donating.” Denise claims the e-mail is doctored, telling Extra “This is garbage… this is not an e-mail I sent to anyone – period.” Charlie plans to have a computer DNA expert analyze the e-mail to prove no part of it has been altered

[From Extra]

Sheen wasted no time shooting back at Denise through a statement released by his rep. While Sheen has been far from a saint throughout this entire saga, he has definitely come across as the one showing the most restraint in public. Which is weird, considering he’s, you know, Charlie Sheen. It is rumored that Sheen has approached ‘Extra’ to hire a third-party computer forensics expert to examine the validity of the “Tranny Infested Sperm” e-mail. If that happens, Denise could be seriously screwed.

“Her claims that her e-mail has been fabricated or altered in any way to create this story are absurd. The mere fact that she continues to publicly discuss and harass both Brooke and me three years after our separation, which for the record is longer than the actual length of the marriage, is beyond desperate and speaks volumes.”

[From Contact Music]

Meanwhile, all the PR in the world can’t seem to save Denise’s reality show- which has been ripped by the critics. Entertainment Weekly gave it a grade of D-, while the Boston Herald dubbed it a ‘Steaming pile of pig poop.’

Denise Richards is shown outside of MTV’s TRL on 5/21/08, thanks to PRPhotos.

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  1. mamalicious says:

    “Pig Poop” could be a really cute name for someone like her. Pig Poop smells just like Bull Shit.

  2. Julia says:

    I am not sure I understand why the controversy about her working for money. While I realize that her child support and divorce settlement is huge… her shelf-life is likely to be very, very short, if it’s not already over. She needs to milk what she can out of it… even this “steaming pile” show…it may be the last “entertainment” money she makes for a long while.

  3. Sparky says:

    Awwww. Poor baby. God! With one million bucks (5% of what she’s getting) I could pay off my mortgage, all my debts, build up the kids’ college accounts and stll take time off to go back to school.

    I really feel for her.

  4. mclark says:

    She is the ultimate “gold digger”.I doubt if she loved him whwen she married him.

  5. luigi says:

    all hollywierd actors and actresses stayed married at the average of ten years or more divorces and marries someone else’s spouse ,so who hell do i care about those jackasses divorced or not

  6. nope says:

    I don’t care how dumb she might be but please, don’t praise Charlie!

    It’s so not cool to wish for someone to die from cancer!

  7. vdantev says:

    Can she not do anything or go anywhere without the name ‘Charlie Sheen’ falling past those collagen injected fake-*ss lips of hers?

    Poor baby millionaire- won’t someone pleeeeease help her? 😥 😥 😥

  8. Dee says:

    Chemically imbalanced or just a Liar to get attention. Charlie should have some say so to were his daughters are concrned regarding this “REALITY” show and how it could effecthis daughters. AT LEAST HE’S SHOWING HE’S TRYING TO BE AN ADULT.

  9. Silly Lilly says:

    Hmmmm…gonna have to ask the age ole question…wait…what was the question? Oh yeah… Charlie is a womanizer no doubt…but she.. is delusional and pathological. Delusional because she thinks she is THAT special and pathological cause we all know she is lying all the time! She gets 50K a MONTH… a MONTH!!! She doesn’t need money…. she has an attitude problem because she is…a liar

  10. lola lola says:

    Maybe the media is ‘targeting’ her because she’s a woman. (right Mrs. Lohan?)…..

  11. Persistent Cat says:

    Hard to feel sympathy for someone crying poverty when that is the second picture I’ve seen of her in the past half hour where she’s wearing a different pair of Louboutins.

  12. elisha says:

    Uh, nice hat.

    I like how a TV entertainment news programs are finally grabbing a slice of the snark pie. All of them are too nice to celebrities. But I think they’re now seeing how successful gossip blogs are and want a piece of the action. Way to go, Extra! I used to have a teacher who directed that show for years.

  13. Nan says:

    Feel bad for her. Stupid MW girl who fell for The Marquis de Sade.