Sister Wives “devastated” that husband Kody kissed fourth wife before wedding

I have to admit I really like that new TLC show Sister Wives, about a polygamist family in Utah with four wives, one dad, 13 biological kids and 3 step kids. The family, run by dad Kody Brown, is really likable and gives polygamy a kind of rosy, upper-middle class glow. (Which I am in no way claiming is typical, read our earlier coverage.) We did a long recap earlier this week, when the show premiered and the news came out that the Browns were being investigated for felony bigamy as a result of their new fame. One thing I mentioned in our last story on the Browns is the fact that third wife, Christine, (who is currently pregnant on the episodes airing now but has since had the baby), was the most openly jealous of the fact that Kody was “courting” another woman, a 31 year-old divorced single mother with three kids. Radar Online has a sneak peak of this week’s episode, airing Sunday, and Christine says that she’s very upset that Kody dared to kiss the new woman, Robyn, after he proposed marriage. Christine said that since Kody was a married man when she met him, she didn’t kiss him until they were married and she expected the same from Robyn. You know, I don’t get the distinction at all. Here’s Radar’s coverage:

The complicated balancing act Kody Brown must do to keep his wives happy hits a snag in the upcoming episode of Sister Wives and in the sneak peak, Christine is upset when she learns some shocking news about the potential new wife.

“I found out that Kody sealed the engagement with a kiss,” Christine said about his proposal to Robyn, the soon-to-be fourth wife.

Describing her own relationship with Kody, Christine said “We didn’t kiss until over the alter [sic] because I didn’t feel right about kissing a married man.”

“It was devastating,” she revealed.

Robyn is equally emotional about hurting her future sister wife. “I got really upset because I knew I’d hurt you,” she said to Christine.

In tears, Robyn says, “I knew it would be complicated, but I didn’t know it would break my heart as well.”

[From Radar]

Kody was married to three of his wives well before any of them had kids, and I got the impression that they’re all good friends and are very comfortable with each other and the well established roles they serve in the household. While both Janelle and Mari, Kody’s first two wives, said on the last episode they would welcome another woman as it was getting a little boring for them, Christine said that she liked the way things were and that she didn’t want another woman coming in. Christine stays home with the children (who are no longer home schooled) and would probably feel the disruption from another woman and three more kids the most. It’s a complicated situation made even more so by bringing in yet another woman with her own kids. A few of you commented that it seems suspicious that Kody is adding another wife at this point, right when they’re filming a reality show, and that it could be a pre-arranged plot twist that they used as a selling point. I’d like to think that they wouldn’t do that to their family or their kids, but you never know what people are capable of, especially when fame and cash are involved.



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  1. Vicki says:

    In every picture and screen cap, Kody looks like he’s scowling.

  2. Michelle says:

    I don’t know where they get the religious/moral “principals” that they live by. Polygamy is condemned in the Bible by Jesus. Even though King Solomon had a large harem, there were consequences to his sinful lifestyle in that his sons eventually turned against each other and the kingdom fell apart.
    I can see that as a good analogy for this family’s likely future.

  3. NayNay says:

    Are you kidding me with this show? They all need to be thrown in jail. I do not understand this kind of relationship, nor do I care to understand it. In my eyes, it’s sick and weird.

  4. bizzy says:

    Christine said that since Kody was a married man when she met him, she didn’t kiss him until they were married

    Head. Desk.

    what really intrigues me, is what happens when one of these women decides to up and leave. will they fight the courts to have their ‘marriage’ recognized in order to obtain a divorce? or will they just declare themselves divorced, with the same cavalier disregard with which they’re declaring themselves married?

    also. as a lesbian, i resent kody for hogging all the marriages, as i expect this is why my partner and i cannot get one.

  5. mln says:

    I think I get it the first two wives have been through this before, but the third who may have accepted the “senior” wives has a problem adding a new one and no longer feeling like the special “newest” wife.

    I watch alot of Big Love. I am not in favor of polygamy and I don’t plan on watching this show, but as long as there is no abuse why judge the way someone else lives their lives?

  6. Whatever says:

    Hmm, husband kissing another woman is outrageous, but him f-ucking two other women on a revolving basis is fine? Yeah, that makes sense.

    All I can think is where the hell is the father of the three other kids? If I wanted to marry a man who already had three wives, it would take my husband about 35 seconds to file for custody. And he’d be right to do so.

  7. bizzy says:

    @mln: why judge the way someone else lives their lives?

    because if we don’t, they’ll have to close the internet down for lack of use.

  8. Whatever says:

    I am not in favor of polygamy but as long as there is no abuse why judge the way someone else lives their lives?

    I think the man in charge, woman must obey and deal with his bullshit lifestyle is inherently abusive to the women involved. The mere fact that he’d take a fourth wife when a current wife is not in aggreement is proof that this is the case in this marriage. Kody gets what he wants and too bad about the woman’s feelings. That is abuse.

  9. KittyKate says:

    My biggest issue with this is that Robyn is the one who started to cry when she found out that Christine was so upset.
    Kody was the one who kissed Robyn before marriage which is what made Christine so upset. Shouldn’t HE be the one to cry and apologize to both?

  10. gillie says:

    Read “Under the Banner of Heaven” by Jon Krakauer if you’re interested in learning about what polygamy is really like in the western US. Because this? This is cottoncandy covered whitewashed nonsense. these people are lunatics.

    @Michelle– a lot of fundamentalist Mormons believe in plural marriage. That is, in order to go to heaven, a man must have at least three wives.

  11. crazymary says:

    Wow. He must do very well. They all seem “well-fed”. Let the flaming begin… Sorry, I just had to.

  12. icthingsclearly says:

    If I can’t have more than one husband..They can’t have more than one wife..

  13. PrettyTarheel says:

    @ Bizzy, you made me laugh twice in one thread. I fully support your stance-I think next time I protest or write to support marriage (which shouldn’t require the moniker “Gay Marriage” or “Same-Sex Marriage” because after all, the whole point is marriage is marriage. Legal status, “Married” doesn’t require a qualifier, sorry got off track), I’m going to have a placard against plural marriage, since they’re hogging all the resources. I love it.

  14. bubbles says:

    holy cow. these twisted sister wives need to get their heads examined. WTF?
    I want to know if they are all doing each other and if Cody sits back and enjoys the action. I also want to know if he would be opposed to them bringing in multiple husbands as well. wait … my head is spinning.

  15. keen says:

    I will be thinking about him “hogging all the marriages” for the rest of the day! lol (I think this falls under the ‘funny bc its true category’)

  16. Megan says:

    all reality show relationships are cursed (this is fact) so we won’t have to worry about these crazies too much longer

  17. grazi says:

    are these women allowed to establish relationships with other men? because if they are not, then i cant help but think they are subjecting themselves to a very sexist way of living, that focus primarily on the will of this man.

  18. chasingadalia says:

    I have to echo the “Bizzy is awesome” sentiment.

    I could never get involved with a plural marriage. I’m way too jealous. And thinking about the sexual aspect of it makes me throw up in my mouth a little.

  19. Praise St. Angie! says:

    bizzy, you made me laugh twice, too!

    ““Married” doesn’t require a qualifier”

    oh, I LIKE that way of putting it…I hope you don’t mind if I borrow that, PrettyTarHeel!

    yeah, got no sympathy for this woman. you enter into a “marriage” with a man who’s got two other wives, you set yourself up for jealousy.

  20. Moreaces says:

    In every picture and screen cap, Kody looks like he’s scowling
    If you had four wives and all of them were fug, you would too

  21. Kelly says:

    @bizzy, LOL. LET them hog all the marriages – if that’s what marriage means, who needs it!

    @Whatever “Hmm, husband kissing another woman is outrageous, but him f-ucking two other women on a revolving basis is fine? Yeah, that makes sense.”

    I totally agree with this – can’t imagine this moron Christine getting all wound up about a kiss, and then the three of them sitting like stooges on the couch while he’s “visiting” his new bride. WTF?

  22. aenflex says:

    it’s the dude always getting the benefits in this situation. i’m sorry i just cannot see it any other way. i’m not gonna say these are bad people, sick and twisted. but i am saying the man is getting the benefits and the women are letting him. i am not the type of girl who thinks the male is the ruler of the roost, tho…

  23. PrettyTarheel says:

    Praise St. Angie: Borrow away! I get frustrated with the idea that there’s a difference between “gay” marriage and “straight” marriage-shouldn’t everyone have equal rights to dutch ovens, snoring spouses, and fights over whether to remodel a kitchen or buy a boat? (Married 18 months-It’s a learning experience!)

  24. Anastasia says:



  25. Samantha says:

    I don’t know why people get so fired up over this. Its their life choice. I hear about how some of you could NEVER share your man, but you can’t tell me there has never been a time when he wanted some and you didn’t feel like it. I saw a comment before, “I could never know that I would have my husband every third night.” Yet how many women sleep with their husbands once a WEEK? I mean seriously. Of course there will be those who say, “I sleep with my husband every night, our sex life is fantastic blah blah blah” but the reality is a lot of women don’t. If you aren’t caught up in the idea that you have to own your spouse, then it isn’t such a big deal anymore. “It’s disgusting.” Why is it any more disgusting than when the man goes behind her back? At least this way they all know and agree. I just think that if he is able to give attention to them all, and they are all okay with it, WHY is it such a big deal? To each his own. They aren’t forcing you to let your husband take another woman, they are just living how they want to live.

  26. Moreaces says:

    also. as a lesbian, i resent kody for hogging all the marriages, as i expect this is why my partner and i cannot get one.
    I concur

  27. Moreaces says:

    I want to know if they are all doing each other and if Cody sits back and enjoys the action.
    Id rather be glued to a tree, with honey all over my body and thousands of ants crawling all over me, than to see that.

  28. gg says:

    This is such utter bullshite. The whole arrangement is for HIM. It’s probably how their wack faith got people in, pander to the narcissistic men who want all the women for themselves. This very story is why this psycho arrangement is ABUSIVE. Put em all in jail I say. Especially for genetic pool defect reasons alone, this goes against healthy society, not to mention messing with their heads. I want to shoot his horny balls off.
    And shave his idiot surfer boy hair off. Egomaniac, he is.

  29. wonderful says:

    Again I implore all of you to email your thoughts to the discovery channel. Just how much blatant misogyny are we going to allow in the mainstream media?

  30. Juruz says:

    After watching the first episode, I was shocked that everyone on the show is so damn likable and normal. Meri(The first wife) states that she wanted sister wives right from the start, as does Christine. Janelle is a career mom, who has the benefit of having her sister wives help raise her kids while she’s gone all day working. Kody also works, and is very very sweet with his whole family. All in all, I was really shocked with how sweet it all was. I know it’s not typical of plural marriages, but all seem like genuinely nice people and all the kids seem well adjusted(How long will that last with the cameras following?) The point is, Kody isn’t the only one benefiting from the situation. While I would never choose that kind of life style, it’s not fair to say that they’re sick and Kody’s in it for the sex. Then again, my (Extended family, I should clarify)family are fundamentalist mormons so plural marriages aren’t so far fetched to me.

  31. mary jane says:

    bizzy is hilarious

    At least on Big Love, all of the children were Bill’s. That made it somewhat civil. It made sense.

    But when you bring in a new wife AND a new set of children oh what a potential mess.

  32. mary jane says:

    @samantha I’m going to assume you’re very young.

  33. original kate says:

    these women need to get a life outside their husband, i think.

  34. minnie says:

    i know i’m going to be absolutely slaughtered for this, but here goes…

    i would think that those pushing for gay marriage would the FIRST to support this sort of arrangement. afterall, the polygamist argument is based on the same logic as the gay rights arguement: who is the state, or anyone else, to tell me that my relationship isn’t valid because it doesn’t involve the traditional “one man and one woman”? i’m surprised that bizzy, as part of a lesbian couple who wants to have the right to a recognized marriage (which i think she should, btw), would want to exclude this man from making legal his own definition of marriage. i mean, aren’t those for gay marriage saying that the rest of us are unfairly judging their relationships invalid because they don’t fit the “traditional definition” of marriage?

    i know i’m not explaining this as well as i could have, but just think about it: who are the gay rights people to decide they can now draw the line at a marriage involving only one man and one woman, two men, or two women? it seems that, in doing so, they are doing the exact thing to the polygamists that they are complaining was done by the “one man, one woman” people, to them. no?

    and bizzy, he isn’t “hogging” all the marriages because he is in the same predicament that you are in: the state won’t recognize his relationships as “legal” any more than it will recognize your own relationship as “legal”. if its not fair to one of you, then its not fair to the other, either.

    let the outrage begin.

  35. Jeannified says:

    This is just so f’n ridiculous!!!

  36. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    @ Kelly and Bizzy.. I agree totally..

    Seriously, did Kody and the other wives #2,#3 and soon to be #4 and go, (for their ceremony)

    We’re married, We’re married, We’re married? And that’s it?

    Cause your not. End of story.. He is legally married to one woman, the rest of you are just mistresses that live off him. Done. Acknowledge it and get real.

    Gay marriages should be legal. Period.
    Polygamy should never be. Period.

  37. lola lola says:

    Polygamy will go on until women make it stop.

  38. anon says:

    @bizzy:@mln: why judge the way someone else lives their lives?
    “because if we don’t, they’ll have to close the internet down for lack of use”
    exactly! 🙂

  39. belle epoch says:

    #36 Love everything you said except “mistresses that live off him.” Isn’t he living off them?

    Have not seen the show and don’t want to. But how many of the women are working? Is #4 going to be a breadwinner too?

    Unfortunately I don’t think women will ever make polygamy stop. They are brainwashed and think it is God’s will or whatever.

    If this guy were not a polygamist, I bet he would be a huge cheater. This is basically God-endorsed cheating, since no actual marriage is involved with wives 2-4.

  40. PrettyTarheel says:

    @ Minnie:
    I never thought of it quite that way, but they are consenting adults. It’s kind of screwy, but they’re all legal, if they want to be married to each other and are happy…well, good for them.
    I guess the definition of legal “marriage” is taking a beating. “One man, One woman” “One person, one person” “How many people can we fit in the certificate?” I draw my line at “One man, One sheep,” though, since the sheep can’t give consent. “Baaaahhh?” Now I’m *sheepish* for bringing that up.

  41. skibunny says:

    These women must have very low self esteem and Lord Fauntleroy is a control freak. They are using religion to justify the way they live. I dont really believe these women are “ok” with the way things are. They’re basically believing they’re own bullsh*t. Just my two cents!!

  42. TQB says:

    @Samantha, I don’t completely agree with you, but I think you are on to a concept here that’s overlooked. There are thousands of women in this country who essentially accept that their spouse, or BF, or baby daddy, runs around on them. When compared with that lifestyle, and it’s attendant health risks, yes, this is better. It’s open, it’s discussed, and there are boundaries.

    However, I’m sure Mr. Kody here would be the first one to tell you this isn’t about getting to have 3X as much sex. Being married is about much more than how many nights a week you do it. So no, despite the fact that I generally do not make use of my husband’s penis every night of the week, I would still have a pretty big issue with someone else using it.

    @Minnie, to you I say, why is it then that the Mormons are the leaders in the fight against no-qualifier-required-gay marriage?

  43. Shannon says:

    I actually wouldn’t call them upper middle class. Aside from Kody’s BMW, they don’t appear to have very many luxuries. The wives all drive 2000ish model suburbans. Their clothes look like they’re from Walmart. Their house is nice, but it’s pretty spartan in terms of decor and furnishing. Because they have so many kids, it appears that the wives sacrifice a lot to pay for all the stuff those children need. I mean at this point there are 3 people working, and 13 kids. Excluding Robin and her 3 kids.

  44. Jeri says:

    Would they all chip in for child/spousal support if there was a divorce?

  45. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    @Jeri, Good question!

  46. Samantha says:

    mary jane: You assume wrong. Just because I don’t agree with many of you doesn’t necessarily mean I’m “young”. If anything you are making it seem like all older women MUST have the same mind set, again wrong.

  47. Samantha says:

    TQB: I wasn’t insinuating that if you aren’t doing every night, might as well share the stick 😛 I was just saying, biggest complaints I’ve seen deal solely with sex. “How do they do that? What do they do when their waiting for their turn? Oh he’s a horny bastard” etc etc. Of course I realize there is way more to marriage than just sex. Which is why I don’t get what the big deal is. If that whole situation works for someone, let it be. Doesn’t make them crazy, or mean they MUST have been abused at some point, or anything else. Maybe they just don’t have the same hang ups about it as apparently a lot of other people do.

  48. Alecto says:

    @mln: why judge the way someone else lives their lives?

    @bizzy:because if we don’t, they’ll have to close the internet down for lack of use.

    bizzy!!! bwahahaha!!! that was awesome!!!

  49. notsoanonymous says:

    I really don’t condemn anyone for their lifestyle, even if it is something I don’t understand or agree with. Based on her beliefs, the third wife felt betrayed. It may not be what you or I consider ‘cheating’ but I think everyone has their own definition within their relationship of what exactly constitutes cheating. I feel for her – there she was, hormonal and pregnant with her husband possibly adding another wife against her wishes. She’s upset.

    On the flip side, I find it interesting that she is third wife and yet when she is no longer the ‘last in line’ so to speak, she has a problem with it. She seems to feel replaced by a younger, thinner lady – and it suddenly doesn’t sit well with her.

    I’m usually one for snark around here, but I’m kind of surprised this is getting the type of negative comment/coverage it has been so far.

  50. lio says:

    I’m joining bizzy’s fan club!
    Also, if those people where muslims instead of mormons, how long do you think it would take before they would all be put in jail/deported?

  51. Lucky Charm says:

    “We didn’t kiss until over the alter [sic] because I didn’t feel right about kissing a married man.”

    She apparently doesn’t see the irony in that statement.

    Regarding the whole “polygamy should be allowed for the same reasons as gay marriage” argument: NO, that’s comparing apples to oranges. Marriage is a legal contract between two people (it should not matter whether those people are two men, two women, or one of each), committing themselves and their lives to each other. Polygamy is just a man promising to share some of himself and his life with several people without having to commit to any of them, basically leaving the door and options open for more as long as he wishes (in effect, pulling a Tiger Woods without all the hiding and skulking around).

  52. PrettyTarheel says:

    @ Lucky:
    We’re getting into the legal vs. spiritual definition of marriage. This whole thread is an eye-opener for me (20’s, Southern, straight, monogamous, Libertarian, in case anyone wants to throw me into a stereotype pool). Personally, I believe that you can have legal definitions of marriage that extend beyond the traditional, spiritual definition. Churches have the right to refuse a church-based marriage based on their views. However, government right and protection of “married” status shouldn’t be based on what any one group defines as marriage, but should be a legal protected status. If everyone’s cool-let them get married. It can be a legal binding Agreement. In effect, Kody married wife 1. They became one legal entity, Kody and Wife, LP (with Kody being the General Partner and decision maker who signs the contracts for the LP). Then, that legal entity married wife 2, a sole proprietorship, making her part of the legal entity, Kody & Wives, LP, a Utah limited partnership licensed to do business in all 50 states (biznatch). Then Kody and Wives, LP, signed a legal binding Agreement with wife 3, a sole proprietorship, making them Kody and Wives, LP, Kody still being the GP who can sign a legal document for the LP. Finally, he’s negotiating to take over Wife 4 & Kids, LLC, and make them part of the Kody and Wives, LP, a Utah limited partnership, with Kody remaining the General Partner and decision maker for the whole legal entity.
    See, it all makes friggin sense when you pretend it’s corporate America instead of relationships. And since they’re on reality TV…isn’t this really what they’ve become?

  53. kellogg says:

    @bizzy love both comments. too true.

  54. Leticia says:

    They’ve got their own personal cult leader and he’s got his own little harem. Fun!

  55. gg says:

    I’m with Belle ^^. I think 3 of the women work fulltime and one of the ladies is the babysitter and stays at home with the smaller children.

    @ samantha and minnie – your comments completely ignore the need of two people to have each other exclusively, til death do they part, etc. Samantha, your comments focus on sex only, which is not what marriage is about. Anybody can have sex, but pledging a bond of trust with another person is what a marriage is, and should be sacrosanct.

    Passing a man around and having four different body chemistries is also very unhygenic as he can pass STDs around.

    And it appears he’s still wide open to get yet more women if he chooses another younger model, at HIS discretion, but the women aren’t even allowed that freedom. These women are cheating themselves of a REAL marriage and relationship and it exposes them as very insecure.

    Let’s call a spade a spade here – this is nothing more than male-oriented, misogynist, church-sanctioned cheating.

    Bigamy and polygamy are illegal for many damn good reasons, including screwing up the gene pool in their town. This leads to serious birth defects, including missing and/or deformed limbs and digits, retardation and incurable diseases because of similar DNA weaknesses.

    Why are they allowed to flout the law on TV like this? These are felonies.

    And GOOD QUESTION, Jeri – what happens when somebody wants a divorce?

  56. PrettyTarheel says:

    PS-I feel the need to drag politics into this-our government is too quick to make morality laws, and like it or not, outlawing plural marriage in and of itself is a morality issue. I don’t support the abuse of children or forced marriages, but I do believe that legal adults make their own decisions. I don’t believe we have the right to morally police anyone. Neither does the government. Therefore…live and let live…and marry…and marry…and marry…If it’s not infringing on my constitutionally protected rights, I’ve got no problem with it. 🙂

  57. dorothy says:

    I’m still waiting on the show that has one woman with 3 husbands. Wheres that one?

  58. hmm says:

    The man doesn’t even have a permanent bedroom–he alternates nights between “their” bedrooms. He mentioned not being able to find clothes, and how he has to use a calendar to keep track of nights with his wives. Why any male would actually CHOOSE that lifestyle is beyond me…

    (and don’t even tell me the bedroom activities make it worth it–those women cannot be all that)

  59. Mistral says:

    I’m with everyone on here who sees through the bullshit and realizes that gay marriage and polygamy are completely different things. Quite a few LOLs on this thread.

  60. Kelly says:

    I agree, @mistral. This cultural relativism of “Don’t judge, just because it’s different than you doesn’t mean it’s bad” thing is BS. I know patriarchy and hypocrisy when I see it!

  61. Me says:

    They made a choice. Noone put a gun to their head. If they want to live a somewhat open relationship, which loosely defined this is, and they choose to keep the restrictions on them, well that’s their decision. If the children are all taken care of…..then all I can say is good on them for making it work. Some two parent households aren’t able to adequately take care of their kids due to many reasons, but because it’s the norm it’s accepted.

    I don’t care what they do in their bedroom(s). If it works for them, so be it. If they aren’t happy they are within their right to change their situation. Ultimately they have to look themselves in the mirror and live with it, not you.

  62. momma bear says:

    I agree with Whatever’s comments #6 & #8. Man, this dude is a “piece of work”. He doesn’t love any of those girls or he would’t be making the remarks he does on this video. He doesn’t care who he hurts as long as he gets what he wants. Kody is all about Kody. What a looser! I would be interested in what the ex-husband thinks about his kids being involved in this situation. It’s funny that he’s never mentioned in any news posts about this.

  63. truthzbetta says:

    Why this sexual slavery is not being prosecuted I don’t know.

    Just because the women have Stockholm Syndrome doesn’t mean the enslaver shouldn’t be prosecuted.

    If they were his personal house cleaning slaves, no sex involved, we’d all be judging this for what it is. But because they also breed for him and have sex with him, the sexual slavery in addition to being his house cleaning brood is okay?

    People are messed up with how they view women. But remember, only single digit to ten per cent of the producers behind the scenes of our media are women, and it shows.

    This is slavery, Frederick Douglass said even being a “lucky” house slave was still pure hell. Even working for a “good” master was still pure hell.

    Free your minds ladies and see this total bull for what it is. And we say nothing as it’s paraded on t.v. as “entertainment.”

  64. freckles says:

    I am very live-and-let-live, in general. But I have to agree with most everyone on here who points out how wrong this is. Yes it’s sexist. But beyond that, you have to understand that polygamy isn’t always (or even usually) between consenting adults. This documentary, uploaded to Youtube in chunks, is a very good example of what CAN (read: does not ALWAYS but very often does) result from polygamy:

    It started as just having at least 3 adult wives… then it progressed into having younger and younger brides, until young girls were married off after their first period (some as young as 9!!) Not only that, but because all these women are expected to stay home to watch their kids, the entire community depends on welfare and food stamps… costing the government (aka you and I, the taxpayers) millions upon millions of dollars annually. Polygamy is a problem. I’m not saying being polyamorous should be illegal or whatever. Although I personally do think it’s sinful, I would never try to force my religious beliefs on someone else. But in my opinion, based on the facts of polygamy (and not this overly optimistic TV program), it should not be made legal.

    *EDIT: Not that I really see how it’s relevant, but just in case you were wondering, I am all for the legalization of gay marriage!! :o)

    ANOTHER EDIT: Soo anyways, how dumb is this chick for getting all mad about her husband kissing the fourth wife before they were married, yet meanwhile she’s sharing his peen with the others?? Baffling

  65. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    bizzy, you can take mine as a freebie. That’s a plank I don’t want to walk.

  66. Rosanna says:

    @Samantha @Minnie and @PrettyTarheel I am with you!

    If marriage needs to be redefined as being something different than “one man one woman” because love between (or among!) consenting adults isn’t the gvt’s business, then polygamy should be legal for whoever wants to practice it.

    To all the persons in favor of gay marriage but against polygamy: please, realize that allowing polygamy doesn’t mean that YOU will be prevented from having your “one person, one person” marriage. It ONLY means that persons who define it in another way will be able to decide of THEIR life.

    It’s absurd to see people so accepting of gay marriage and so dead set against polygamy. To each its own, folks. You do your thing and don’t dare judging somebody’s else choice or orientation. THIS is freedom.

  67. lila says:

    Samantha you are a man, isn’t it?

  68. Whitey Fisk says:

    There are practical reasons to limit legal marriage to two partners. The whole point of marriage (legally speaking) is to allow partners to share resources and benefits, and to designate each other as legal “next of kin.” That becomes virtually impossible to do with more than one partner.

    Legally speaking, “gay” marriage and “straight” marriage are identical. There are no practical reasons to limit this right to partners with different genitalia.

  69. albeli says:

    This cultural relativism of “Don’t judge, just because it’s different than you doesn’t mean it’s bad” thing is BS. I know patriarchy and hypocrisy when I see it!


    This. Bunch of misogynistic BS.

    And he’s really creepy looking.

  70. Diva says:

    LOL… most of you haven’t watched the show, huh?

  71. Jag says:

    Hmm, husband kissing another woman is outrageous, but him f-ucking two other women on a revolving basis is fine? Yeah, that makes sense.
    ^ This

  72. jc126 says:

    Polygamy IS abuse.

  73. mia says:

    Don’t know if anyone noticed but the kids don’t really get to voice any frustration with the adults’ decisions.
    When gathered for the news that another woman was being added for Kody’s sexual pleasure, the kids were given “the look” and “the explanation”. If your parents have never given you a load of crap and called it truth then you won’t understand my point!

  74. cantbelievethis says:

    “Legally speaking, “gay” marriage and “straight” marriage are identical. There are no practical reasons to limit this right to partners with different genitalia.”


    I don’t get the comparison between same sex marriage and polygamy. That is like comparing apples to oranges.

  75. Shannon says:

    To the people arguing that this is ok because it’s between consenting adults: I’m sorry but that’s a very ignorant way of looking at it. What about consenting children? These kids will now have 15 siblings each. How is that fair? They’ve been raised like this and it’s all they know, so of course they won’t publicly denounce it. But the kids get shafted in institutionalized polygamy. The moms get worn out, live in poverty and there isn’t enough love or attention to go around. Starting around age 12, the girls (NOT CONSENTING ADULTS, 12 YEAR OLD GIRLS) are married off to old men who already have 9 wives, and the little boys are literally left in the middle of nowhere in the desert with nothing but the clothes on their backs, due to being “excommunicated” from the church for ridiculously minor infractions because the pervy church elders have realized they must do this if every man is to have multiple wives.

    12 year old boys living on the streets, kicked out of their families and not allowed to contact anyone they know. And because they have most likely been homeschooled with an inferior education, they cannot support themselves by finding a job.

    The assertion that this is nobody’s business to judge because it’s about consenting adults is absolutely the most idiotic argument I’ve ever heard, aside from the “but we need 2789758923 wives to get into heaven!” excuse.

    THINK people. Use your BRAINS. How the hell could a society in which every man has more than one wife possibly ever function? We already have more males being born than females in the world. You think skewing it more is going to end up well? The answer is, it can’t work. And you would realized how messed up this is if you would read a freaking book about the subject instead of being an uneducated ass about it.

    The comparison to gay marriage is so off base I’m not even going to comment on it, except to say that gay couples cherish their children, they don’t throw them out into the streets to be taken advantage of and starve the way these monsters do in the name of God.

    Here’s proof:

  76. original kate says:

    “I hear about how some of you could NEVER share your man, but you can’t tell me there has never been a time when he wanted some and you didn’t feel like it.”

    @ samantha: yes, but that doesn’t mean it is okay for him to go outside our committed relationship to get some tail. if that were the case then why not just send your man to a hooker when you are too tired for sex? for me -and i am speaking only for myself- a committed relationship is about much more than sex or housekeeping or whatever. it is about forming a bond between the two of us that neither of us has with anyone else – it is what makes it special. if others can find happiness in polygamy then that is their choice. it just wouldn’t work for me, the same way a 2 person relationship wouldn’t work for polyamorous people.

  77. Yasmine says:

    @minnie: You’ve got it all wrong. Same-Sex marriage isn’t about redefining marriage, IT’S ABOUT EQUALITY. Equality both legally speaking (same legal rights and responsibilities as straight folks, including pre-nup LOL) and figuratively (equal chance at being legally miserable with someone LOL). So, polygamy and same-sex marriage are not both oppressed by heteronormativity, only the latter is. We want same sex marriage as a right under the law, to be EQUAL with straight people and their marriages. Polygamy is something entirely different.

    I personally don’t get it, this whole polygamy thing, and I find it really problematic and patriarchal. And anyone who says that this family shouldn’t be judged for an ‘alternative lifestyle’ choice must be kidding. These people are wanting to be judged, why else would they appear on reality television? How else would they be making the big $$$$$?
    And @lio, totally agree, very smart comment.

  78. Sarah says:

    Did you notice how Meri admitted that she is jealous, but she thinks about her committment to the marriage and her kid (paraphrase).
    It seems she’s been threatened to either put up with the new fourth wife or risk losing her daughter.

  79. KristyLynn says:

    People, correct me if I’m wrong (which I’m not) this guy is guilty of nothing but Hugh Heffner Syndrome, he is only married to 1 woman with 3 girlfriends. If memory serves me correctly (which it is) Hugh just divorced his 2nd wife last year(after how many girlfriends)? And let’s please not forget the children, well at least these women wear clothing (they run around the Playboy Mansion naked in the presence of children everyday) just ask Hugh’s 2nd wife. And the adult knowing what they are getting into isn’t holding water either, Hugh put’s all of his so-called cards on the table up front to.

  80. Debbie do right says:

    Oh get over it folks…people should be able to love and marry whom ever they choose. I honestly think it’s more natural for a man to marry multiple women than for 2 men to marry. Funny..

  81. CB Rawks says:

    Geez, better not mention that he also got the leg over.

  82. TeeTee says:

    I still can’t believe that this garbage is on tv, smdh!

    ps. Kody cannot WAIT to get his hands on his new wife, you can see it on his face…hmm, and the “courting” is taking away time from his other wives and children..


  83. Dean Miller says:

    Is anybody else seeing how the media is getting you fired up about issues that are about controlling people that have nothing to do with you?
    I propose a new show, about the people who don’t actually earn the money they are getting and are in the highest tax bracket possible. Investigate This. Find out how they are screwing you, right now, where you sit.

  84. Dean Miller says:


    There are a whole lot of people making money by continuing war.

    I want to see Their personal lives magnified, scrutinized, and judged. How much better are they living than I? How is America’s bestest greediest Bastards’, today?

    Those who make these, hard not to watch shows, could turn their attention to people who actually effect how I live on a daily basis.

    These producers have talent, but who has the balls to produce, this, show?

  85. KLG says:

    This show utterly disgusts me! Those poor women are completely brainwashed and I hope they find the strength to leave this douche! This man is using those women as nothing but whores for his amusement. I hope he gets thrown in jail. This is not what a committed relationship is about.

  86. Mary says:

    I watched this show in utter amazement. How could these women be so stupid? He is a likable idiot, but if you research the culture, this is abnormal. Many of the situations are far more hostile and controlling. There is NO relationship between polygamy and same sex marriage. Two consenting adults are really just that, no one is brain washing the other, they have an honest relationship. So…. what do we do with all the extra men? Like an earlier post described, they cannot be tolerated for long – there are only so many women to go around. On a sarcastic note: At what age does Cody start mainlining viagra?

  87. Elton Tupos says:

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