Owen Wilson “pretty upset” over Kate & Lance’s relationship

According to OK Magazine, Owen Wilson isn’t handling his breakup with Kate Hudson very well. The actor tried to commit suicide last summer after the pair broke up for the first time and Wilson saw photos of Hudson kissing Dax Shepard. He went through a lot of treatment and stopped drinking and seemed to be doing really well. Needless to say, their friends and families weren’t so wild about the pair rekindling their romance. When it fizzled out again a few weeks ago, everyone seemed optimistic that the pair could handle it well.

However Hudson immediately started dating Lance Armstrong, who was one of Wilson’s good friends. Owen has recently been spotted drinking heavily in several clubs, causing those close to him to worry that he’s slipping back into his old habits.

Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong are still going strong with their new romance, but one person who’s not as happy about it is Owen Wilson.

The actor, who went officially off-again with Kate a few weeks ago, isn’t taking his ex’s rebound relationship too well, according to clubgoers who spotted him at club G in Philadelphia.

“Owen looked pretty upset,” an eyewitness tells OK!. “He was drinking and sulking until last call.”

Besides drowning his sorrows in alcohol, the 39-year-old, who attempted suicide in August following his split with Kate, has turned to little brother Luke for support.

“Owen’s been spending time on the phone with Luke,” a Marley & Me set source tells OK!. “There are a lot of people making sure they’re there for him.”

[From OK! Magazine]

Several of their friends have said they assumed Owen would break Kate’s heart, and were genuinely surprised that it was the other way around. It makes you wonder if Kate is dating one of his friends out of spite. Though considering their past, let’s hope that’s not the case. By all accounts Owen has a great family and really close friends. It’s good he’s leaning on them. Hopefully they can get him away from drinking and back on the straight and narrow quickly.

Photo Kate Hudson (on the set of her upcoming new movie ‘Bride Wars’ filming in Manhattan yesterday) and Owen Wilson (on the set of ‘Marley and Me’ in Philadelphia) on May 14th. Images thanks to WENN.

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19 Responses to “Owen Wilson “pretty upset” over Kate & Lance’s relationship”

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  1. Devilgirl says:

    He should be glad he got rid of the nasty slut. Both of them!

  2. Little Hutt says:

    I hope he’ll heal very fast, and I wish him well. He’s got family and friends caring for him fortunately.

    I’m still keen on marrying you and having your children dear Owen.

  3. Donaldo says:

    This is all a publicity setup, I think. Wilson faked suicide to get some press…and then followed it up with a BS photo shoot on a beach with Aniston.

  4. velvet elvis says:

    Owen must have fallen for her way harder than we thought…a bummer for the Butterscotch Stallion

  5. Larissa says:

    I don´t think Wilson needs any press. He never been the A-listed nor the media whore type.I think he NEVER wanted to be one of those to say the least! And even tho he always get his roles!

    He has always been very low-key kinda guy…with a few issues! Having your personal life exposed to the media is already bad enough, but its inevitable in the business…now
    saying he faked suicide to get some press attention is a bit too much isn´t?

  6. Pete Tubalz says:

    Lance must believe he is now only half a man, so he is trying to make up for it by banging as many nasty skanks as possible.

  7. So true says:

    Damn Owen, get over this dirty pus skank already and be glad ur d/i/c/k didn’t fall off!!!

  8. PJ says:

    Sounds like Kate broke up with Owen in order to date Lance. It does seem like she and Lance are very close, very quickly–and very publicly, all over New York, Texas & Cannes. Why make such a public show of it? Isn’t that a little sadistic, considering Owen’s previous history of suicide attempts?

    It’s painful enough to get dumped, but to get dumped for someone you thought was your friend is especially painful.

  9. Ashley says:

    Didn’t I read somewhere that they didn’t have a monogamous relationship. That Owen didn’t want to settle down yet. That’s probably why she’s no longer with him. She’s probably like well screw you then, I’m going to go out with Lance Armstrong.
    So what if he’s upset about it, too bad. He can’t have it both ways.

    That’s what I heard, doesn’t mean it’s true, but I think it’s wrong to start attacking Kate Hudson before you know all the facts.

  10. Ron says:

    Kate’s kind of a skeeze…..

  11. kimmi says:

    two sketchy Hollywood ho-bags. :evil:

  12. TPVERO says:

    It just seems odd to me that you come from nowhere, achieve a dream millions would ‘die’ for, (try to kill yourself) you piss away money while people are starving right there in your own county and you do it all on a grand public scale. Perhaps those who succeed in show biz have something in common. They are all born without the ‘shame’ gene, but they do have the ‘dirty-laundry-in-public gene’, which I guess is good for other people’s business. Maybe it all is for publicity stunts and they are really well adjusted business people who know how to manage their lives….NOT…

  13. lola says:

    Kate is a lose girl. These men are firends maybe she has three somes with them. She seems like the kind of girl who has one night stands and adult relationships.

  14. Devilgirl says:

    Donaldo, WHY WOULD ANYONE FAKE A SUICIDE ATTEMPT? Especially someone in the public eye, who gets plenty of press as it is. At the time of his attempted suicide, he, as now, had a career that was doing just fine without a so-called “p.r induced suicide drama” I doubt seriously an actor wants additional attention from the press from an attempt to end his life. As for the bogus beach shots of him and Aniston on the beach, they were photos shot on the set of his and Aniston’s new movie, Marley and Me. Suicide is NOTHING to joke about, nor is it remotely human to think that he tried to kill himself so he could garner extra publicity. People, even in the public eye, suffer from the same depressions and insecurities as the rest of us, maybe even more so. Just because he is an actor doesn’t take away from the fact that he wanted to end his life and people should remember that. Suicide or thoughts of it, is a selfish way out of your troubles. It is harder on those that you leave behind. No one should ever be dismissed when threats or attempts are made, as they are cries from a damaged heart and head for help. :(

  15. Rick says:

    What did he expect. She cheated on her husband with him when they were filming together. Once a pig always a pig. I hope she gets aids

  16. iowa girl says:

    i find her disgusting

    i think she is the definition of a heartless bitch. I mean, yay for a chick not feeling that she needs to be the typical chick. But for fucks sake he tried to kill himself, i think she is doing it because she feels “she can”

    she is filthy

    the only thing good about her is that light blue in the hair. that is the best i have ever seen her look. to bad it’s as fake as she is

  17. Ron says:

    To TPVERO–it’s a case of be careful what you wish for you might get it. Hollywood can be an amazing ride, but it’s not an easy one all the time. Imagine people 500 yards from your house up in the Hills with a telephoto lense taking your picture all the time. And there is alot of pressure to carry mulitmillion dollar projects and to have a hit every time when you are at the caliber of actor. It’s a tough business. Everyone seems to think it’s red carpets and parties all the time but that’s not the case. When you are that famous you have to be “on” all the time and it’s exhausting. I could go on and on abut this, just chalk it up to the guy has had a bad time recently and move on. I hope he gets better.

    and to RICK–never wish AIDS on anyone. That’s incredibly cruel.

  18. Daniee says:

    This is absolutely ridiculous!! You cannot “blame” outside people for one’s mental health conditions. It’s just completely ignorant. Discuss the real issues of the stigma attached to addiction and mental illness or read a book.

  19. SERBIAN GIRL says: