Jamie Lynn fighting nonstop with Casey

According to the National Enquirer, Jamie Lynn Spears and fiancé Casey Aldridge are fighting like cats and dogs. They can’t agree on simple things, from where to eat dinner to what to name the baby. The Enquirer makes it sound like Casey is pretty shrewd. Apparently he wants to marry Jamie Lynn before the baby is born – but not for any traditional reason. If he does that, he can have more control over the baby’s first photos and general press.

The couple is battling over everything from what to name the baby to what kind of wedding they’ll have. The “Zoey 101” star wants to name the baby girl “Cailynn” (pronounced Kay-Lynn) and Casey wants “Cassie,” a derivative of his name, according to an insider.

“Jamie Lynn is living in a state of fear over not knowing what to expect after she becomes a mother, but luckily she has her mom to lean on for support,” continued the insider. “Still, when Casey doesn’t give Jamie Lynn her way for even simple things like where to eat out, she starts crying and shouting at him, and it almost always turns into a war of words. Their ongoing battles have taken their toll on Jamie Lynn and have pushed her to a near-breaking point.”

Jamie Lynn’s most recent wave of fighting with Casey, 19, comes just after the two sealed the deal on a Mississippi country home they’ll share with their new arrival. But right now, they can’t even agree on a wedding date.

“Casey wants to marry Jamie Lynn before the baby is born so he can have some control over the rights to the baby’s first photos that will be sold. He wants to be in on any money deals that are made by Jamie Lynn and her mom,” said the source.

[From the National Enquirer, June 9 2008 print ed]

The Enquirer also says that Jamie Lynn doesn’t want Casey in the delivery room. Instead she wants her mom there, and she wants Lynn Spears to cut the umbilical cord. Their source goes on to add that Jamie Lynn is really stressed and unhappy during what should be one of the happiest times in her life.

I’d argue that if you’re a pregnant teenager, it’s not supposed to be the happiest time of your life. Maybe if she were ten years older. But being pregnant at 17 tends to make for a lot of stress and arguments. Jamie Lynn has got it much better than most girls in her situation. Either way, it seems pretty clear that she shouldn’t marry Casey Aldridge.

Jamie Lynn and Casey are shown on 4/4/08, thanks to Splash News.

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  1. Ribbit Ribbit says:

    Sorry, but Casey gets first dibs at cutting the cord. This girl is a spoiled brat, and when the paternity test reveals that Casey ISN’T the father, the $hit’s really gonna hit the fan.

  2. Jody says:

    This is why teenagers shouldn’t be having sex. They sound more like spoiled siblings than people who are about to be parents. sad. sad for everyone involved, but especially this child.

  3. AC says:

    i say if she doesn’t want the man around for the delivery she should get her way. Birth is very exposing and invasive… she should get whatever makes her more comfortable.

    Of course most men are pretty humbled when witnessing birth. Perhaps he could use a dose of reality.

  4. Scott F. says:

    I can’t help it, every time an article starts with “According to the National Enquirer”, all I can think of is standing in line at the market with my mother 20 something years ago and reading all about the 3 headed spawn of Satan and Danny Divito. Seriously, when did these people become reputable enough to repeat?

  5. mercedes says:

    scott is right.
    rags like the Enquirer shouldn’t be considered as legitimate sources.
    I only believe people magazine; they are always right. Their informations are always sanctioned by publicists and spokepeople since they don’t want to annoy celebs. This sometimes prevents them from getting exclusives or explosive news but at least everything they publish is true.

  6. KateNonymous says:

    mercedes, how does it make their information true? It means that they print what the celebrities want them to. I guess the Enquirer is better than Weekly World News, though.

    Regardless, I find it entirely plausible that they’re fighting, considering the circumstances, and I suspect that they shouldn’t get married. I can’t imagine why it would last, anyhow.

  7. Ron says:

    Come on, take Britney’s advice and get married right away, then text message break up, and shave your head, then beat a car with an umbrella–ella–ella It’s all about being an entertainer Jami Lynn! Pleeeeeeeease.

    Oh yeah and you know your are right in the middle of the trailer park when both names are dervitive of the parents Cai-lynn and Cassie. They must be using the One Life to Live baby name book!

  8. lola says:

    With Britney for a sister, Jamie for a father and Lynne SPears for a mother,it is no wonder this poor girl ended up like this.

  9. sandy says:

    that is what you get for getting preggers!! 😐

  10. Leah says:

    so… how reliable is the “National Enquirer”, again?

    Because I remember a headline:
    “5,000 year old PREGNANT mummy found! School janitor claims HE’S the father!”

    That [and others] just kind of ruined their credibility for me [not that I wouldn’t doubt that this report couldn’t be real].

  11. Nova says:

    I agree…the National Enquirer??!? not exactly reputable!

    Plus…a week or so ago other outlets were reporting that Casey and Jamie Lynn had decided on the name Emma Jean…after her grandmother.

    Who knows what’s true anyway. All media is shady.

  12. Enonymouse says:

    I believe it because as shocking as it sounds the National Enquirer actually has been more often then not right about this things but with the celebs, of course, they tending to deny it. The best advise Jamie Lynn Spear’s parents can give her at this point is not to marry this Casey guy. She would be much better of if she is not with him at all and just concentrate on her child and if Casey wants to be involved, then they could first build up a friendship and try their best to be the best parents they could be. This could be the best thing for both of them at this age.

    On the other hand, this Casey guy does in did seems like the typical self absorbed frat boy who wants everything his way. That is the vibe I get from him anyway.

  13. vdantev says:

    17, apparently jobless, and pregnant by a guy who won’t marry you- I’d be pissed at him too.

  14. czarina says:

    Frankly, I feel a lot of compassion for Jamie Lynn. Easy to say “Well, you shouldn’t have gotten pregnant”, but she is hardly the first or last teenager to get pregnant and I deeply respect her for choosing to have the baby.
    The poor kid is 8 or 9 months pregnant (give or take), she’s probably terrified of what labour will be like (lord knows I was, and I was 28 when I had my first!!), shocked at losing her body, feeling out of touch with her friends who are still living the life of unencumbered teenagers…
    I BET she’s fighting with Casey (and it really burns my butt when people act as though the 16 year old girl is somehow more responsible for pregnancy than the 18 year old guy!!!).
    She should have this baby any way she’s comfortable. She is just a kid–of course she wants her MOTHER when facing something frightening. What child doen’t?

  15. daisfly says:

    That fetus should start therapy now. Get a head start on what will only be a pretty shitty life, considering who her parents are, her aunt is, her grandmother is, and where she’ll be living. Money can’t buy you happiness, and it definitely can’t buy you common sense, but it can at least pay for the anti-depressants that this kid is gonna need in oh, say 6 months.

  16. CandyKay says:

    Chloe Sevigny, the star of Big Love, was recently asked about the veracity of the Enquirer. “Everything I’ve read in there about people I know is pretty much true,” she said.

    I’ve also been reading the Enquirer for years, and notice that they’re often ahead on big stories that hit the general press weeks later. Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy was one of them: they reported this last summer and got a nasty letter from Jamie Lynn’s lawyers, and it all came out in the press in the fall.

    On the other hand, I’ve also noticed that they often write a story around a picture, making up the quotes like cotton candy. I’m a professional (financial) journalist myself, so I can see how they go right to the edge with libel law.

    For example, they can get away (and do) with saying running a thinly-sourced piece about a promiscuous celebrity picking up a stranger for a night of sex – a celebrity who has given on-the-record interviews about having an open sex life or has highly sexual image.

    If they’re running a piece about Miley Cyrus picking up a stranger for sex, on the other hand, they have it incredibly well documented.

  17. Natasha says:

    Oh gee who’d have thunk it?

  18. CinPin says:

    JL should have whoever she wants in the delivery room, and she should name the kid whatever she wants.
    why? Because most likely daddy won’t be around for the 2am feeds,and the tantrums,and so on. People wo have kids this young rarely remain together, and the daddy rarely has much to do with raising the kid. Also,I totally think Casey is in this for the $$, I actually hope this kid isn’t his, so he gets squat.

    Oh,and to everyone who says “well she shouldn’t have gotten pregnant”–I’m pretty sure most of you people had sex as teenagers, and using protection is not 100%, so you are just lucky this didn’t happen to you.

  19. Ack! says:

    A baby is not the exclusive property of the mother. There’s a father involved, too. I hate it when mothers act as though their baby is just that: theirs. Ms. Spears is just experiencing the first pang of realization that she is no longer going to be the center of her universe. The baby is going to take center stage. Her mom, frankly, should butt out. If Jamie Lynn and Casey made this baby and decided to go forth and become parents, then the delivery room would be a great place to get started on their joint venture. They need to get over themselves and get on with it.

  20. mamalicious says:

    Hey, do you think the National Enquirer will have an “inside source” present at the birth?

  21. poopie says:

    PEOPLE Magazine kisses butt with celebs; you can see it plainly in their glossed over stories, total butt kissing; the ENQUIRER tells it like it is- and i too, think they are more often right on cue -as far as trailer trash J.L. WHO CARES? of course they are fun to watch- let’s toss brit, J.L. and her slut boytoy, mom, lynn all in together for a GREAT reality TV Hit ! leave brit’s ugly spawn in LA.

  22. Devilgirl says:

    My mom and I used to give my grandmother a lot of flack for reading the NE, but over the years we started to realize that they basically were right on the money about a lot of their stories. I agree with Poopie, People kisses butt with the celebrities and I often have found a few things in articles that were untrue, Usually about a non-celebrity realted story. I also agree with CandyKay’s comments.

  23. Lumi says:

    This guy sounds like an asshole, she should definitely not marry him. Having a baby doesnt mean you must marry the father! Especially when you are only 17 and have the means to care for it without a man. He’s dead weight! Don’t marry him Jaime Lynn, you’ll find someone better!!

  24. Predatory Cougar says:

    Their fights probably are over who is gonna eat the last Moonpie and drink the only Pepsi left in their trailer, oh, I mean, house!

  25. someone says:

    The national enquire is not reliable, but i am not surprised becoming a teenage parent is both stressful and frightening. I hope that none of her young fans think that being sixteen and pregnant or being a teenage dad is cool. Since when are babies exclusive property of the mother, fathers’ have rights also and no person should be considered property to begin with.

  26. class2009 says:

    this is one reason why my parents prob don’t let me go out on single dates. for fear that some dumb a– will get me knocked up. but alas, i have more common sense than 99% of my school to keep my legs closed til marriage

  27. Jaundice Machine says:

    I’m sincerely concerned for the mental welfare of her unborn child. The poor bastard doesn’t stand a chance.

  28. Scooter says:

    Jamie-Lynn needs to dump this guy…he can be a part of the child’s life without being a part of hers. Marriage is not the right choice in this situation. I honestly place some of the blame on Jamie and Lynn Spears. My parents talked to me very, very young about the birds and the bees (as well as all the other biggies like drinking, drugs, etc.). As a result, I am the only young adult I know making responsible choices and who has a promising future. I wish the best for JL, but she’s got a rough couple of years ahead of her, not only dealing with being a new mother but with the loss of her teenage freedoms.

  29. poopie says:

    WHY is everyone talking about this trailer trash who is preggers like SHE IS GOING TO CARE FOR HER SPAWN????? PEOPLE wake up : NANNIES for gosh sakes.. she won’t be sittin’ around the trailer wondering who to call to go and pickup her food stamps and how she’s going to get by….look at her sister and how GREAT she cared for her spawn pre ‘loss of mommy crown’– J.L. isn’t going to be ANY different- and let’s HOPE lynn doesn’t ‘try again’.. she didn’t do so great first go around!!

  30. Kellz says:

    Whatever… that’s what the little slut deserves. I have a feeling all that “planned” talk was BULLSHIT in order to not lose her deal w/ Nick and other kid-theme ventures. If it wasn’t… she deserves the shit more because who the fuck goes around as an example of a PLANNED teenage mother? Bitch go read a book and learn how to be a REAL role model!

  31. Jen says:

    I in no way feel bad for this slut. She had unprotected sex, now she has to face the results.

  32. Codzilla says:

    I thought some suit at Disney knocked her up?

  33. kay says:

    Cailynn Casey Aldridge.

  34. Jaundice Machine says:

    But given the family history, she’ll fire her nanny as soon as it’s evident that the baby has a stronger attachment to her (the nanny) than the mommy.

  35. Green Is Good says:

    Cassie-Lynn Spears Aldridge. That covers all the Hillbilly bases.

  36. Brent Patton says:

    Very good article thanks for sharing

  37. alison says:

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