Solange calls Katy Perry’s music videos ‘porn’ that’s ‘polluting children’

Remember Solange, Beyonce’s less famous sister with more attitude? She recently tweeted that her son Daniel, who turns six on Saturday, was bragging that he got a peek at Katy Perry’s “California Girls” video on YouTube. Solange then went on to call the video “porn” and complain that Perry was “polluting children.” Then she tried to play it off that she was making a joke and mocked the fans who were flaming her for it. Here are the relevant tweets.


twitter_solange [From Solange Knowles’ Twitter]

Why is a six year old using the Internet unsupervised? I have a very tech savvy six year old, and we have a website for him with icons linking to the sites he’s allowed to visit along with Net Nanny installed. Little kids should not be surfing the net without filtering software and/or an adult with them in the room at all times. Sometimes kids videos on YouTube have “related videos” across the bottom that are inappropriate, though, in which case it’s up to an adult to make sure they only see kid-friendly content.

Solange sounded serious in her complaint against Katy’s candy-filled but adult-themed video but then she tried to take it back and got defensive about it. There are a ton more tweets from Solange in between the ones I posted. She’s one of those twitter-obsessed celebrities that seems to be sticking her foot in it. I don’t like Twitter. There are very few celebrities using it constructively to communicate with fans, like Kellie Pickler and maybe Kate Walsh, and way too many using it to broadcast TMI about their lives and have public conversations that should be conducted in one-on-one text messages. Solange probably doesn’t mind the backlash, though. It’s the most publicity she’s received in months if not years. I tried to look up some of Solange’s videos to see if they’re similarly too sexy for kids, but she has precious few to chose from and the ones I saw looked pretty tame.

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  1. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    LOL Solange was joking. I think the recent attention Katy got because she dressed like a skank on a children’s show and her stint on SNL caused such a big stink Solange was just making a little joke about it. If Solange makes a big stink about Katy she would have to make one about her sister so I am pretty sure she was just joking. You know how people comment on controversy and pretend to complain. People do it all the time.

    Speaking of Katy Perry and S. Street I didn’t like that she wore that skank top. Its a children’s show and no body has ever gone on that showing practically nude, why the heck did she think it was ok to do so? I don’t like Katy Perry.

  2. Shay says:

    And when her sister Beyonce shakes her punani and gyrates to draw attention to her vadge, then what is that?

  3. cheeche says:

    she blames katy because his son got a peek at the video? is it only me who thought katy didn’t do anything wrong?stop blaming others like this just because you face trouble as a mother. this world has lots of temptations.
    by the way, katy-beyonce<<<<<<<<<<<solange

  4. olivia says:

    Next time she tries to get publicity for saying something controversial she should really use proper English. She sounds like a moron…

  5. trollydolly says:

    Don’t know why people get in such a rage over a pair of breasts!
    Pity they don’t worry so much about all the barely disguised violence in kids shows…

  6. Shay says:

    I don’t get the furor over Katy Perry on Sesame Street. Seriously, how prudish is that? It wasn’t as though she looked like Dolly Parton, with her mammaries running over her bodice!
    Not meaning to be rude, but in America, even public breastfeeding is considered sexual – and now that has to be attributed to the viewer not the breastfeeding mother.
    But a group of young five year old girls gyrating like Beyonce is considered normal in America. Weird indeed.

  7. santacruz says:

    Katy Perry is a novice compared to Beyonce.

  8. weslyn says:

    her sister isn’t any better..

  9. Po says:

    Everyone, this girl knew exactly what she was saying and she was simply trying to get some attention. I think her career is not what she hoped it would be and the album that was supposedly coming soon hasn’t panned out. If you read other sites you’ll see that she is now doing the celebrity dj thing to pay the bills and or get attention. Well she just got some attention and I’m sure by today she will be going off on all the twitter “haters” who called her on her comments and the obvious hypocrisy. Wow, I am so tired of twitter and I’m not even a subscriber.

  10. bb says:

    Kaiser said it perfectly. What is a six year old doing using internet unsupervised? Parents nowadays prefer to buy violent video games and let the kids use computers unsupervised in order not to be bothered. It is easier to tell a kid to go play a video game or use the computer than to actually sit down with the kid and read a book to him. Parents need to stop blaming media and take a more hands on approach with the context of what their kids watch. By the way, what about Beyonce’s dance moves and lyrics? I think Katy Perry is tame compared to her.

  11. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Uh Shay no body in America considers breastfeeding sexual and we don’t care if women breast feed in public, well I don’t, I think most people don’t wanna see a woman breast feeding without a cover over them. I have seen plenty of breast feeding but they are always covered. No body says anything to them or looks at them weird but we all know whats going on, I live in a major city too. I couldn’t imagine just whipping my BARE boob out and feeding my baby on a city street.

    Dolly Parton show a generous amount of cleavage and thats fine, but Katy Perry was wearing a gold triangle bustier of some kind and it was showing far to much boob, from the top and the sides. Barely covered her breast. Barely. Appalling.

  12. L says:

    Wait a second. Didn’t Solange get pregnant at like 16 or something? And 2 years later married the father? I’m not looking to that nobody for my moral advice.

    And Kaiser’s right-what 6 year old is watching tv/internet with no parental supervision?

  13. Mrs K 2 be says:

    Whatever about the boobs, but Katy Perry is lying on a pink cloud, licking a sucker(!), with NOTHING on…her butt is up in the air with clearly no panties on…. This is not appropriate for kids to see.
    I don’t think Beyonce has ever appeared nude in a music video, while squirting cream from her boobs.
    Maybe Solange should be supervising her son’s internet use more, but that doesn’t make her wrong for calling out Katy Perry.

  14. MSat says:

    I do agree that Katy Perry – along with Kesha, Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears – ARE marketed to little kids and they shouldn’t be. The things they sing about, and their images in videos, aren’t for little kids, yet they turn up at the Kids Choice awards, appear on Kids’ TV shows, etc. Why??

  15. Mistral says:

    She has a point about Katy Perry’s vid. Ramped up sexuality wrapped up in all of the seemingly childish images.

    Of course, her sister’s vids are no better in terms of selling sex, but at least it isn’t feeding kids boob and penis-shaped lollipops.

  16. OtherChris says:

    I can’t even bring myself to care about Katy Perry. If she’s around in a year I’ll wear a whipped cream shooting bra to the next PTA meeting.

  17. michael says:

    no shit! what’s so different from when her fat sister does it?? i mean REALLY? she’s just upset she sucks & not even close to the popularity level that katy perry has reached.

    p.s. i don’t care to much for katy perry either, but this solange bitch is just annoying.

  18. MissVJJ says:

    They are all hypocrites. Katy hates Gaga for the christianity b.s. Beyonce once said that she was a Christian, and would never be half-naked on a stage. And of course Solange wont mention her sister, because she’s her sister. All female pop stars are marketed to be sexy. SEX SELLS.. duh!

  19. Scarlet Vixen says:

    @ LoveAngelina: Lots and lots of people in the United States have an issue with public breastfeeding. You must live in a magical major city bubble if you think ‘nobody’ does! Plenty of people have even posted on this blog saying they don’t like when women nurse in public. I am always super discreet when I nurse in public and try not to, and it still never fails that I’m met with at least 1 look of shock/disgust/etc.

    I completely agree with Kaiser–keep your kids offthe internet unsupervised! I’m a librarian (and worked in a video store for years before that) and it never ceases to amaze me how many parents simply don’t feel like taking the time to ‘parent’ and let their kids watch horror movies, play violent games, etc. I have noticed that parents always seem more okay with violence than nudity, tho. They’ll let their 9yr olds play ‘Grand Theft Auto’ but then complain about a little boobage.

  20. Amee says:

    as much as i dislike beyonce i have to agree with solange on this one. yeah beyonce does sell sex-but shes not doing it in the guise of childish things-i found katy perrys vid a bit disturbing and in this respect solange does have a point.

  21. Liana says:

    reading the tweets, I couldn’t help but wonder “what in the hell is she saying???????” Honestly, a little literacy never hurt anyone.

  22. lu says:

    @Scarlet Vixen
    I also agree that in America people don’t like women breastfeeding. I always see people freak out when women do it.

    Also why is the kid surfing the internet, mothers now a days are so lazy and just to not argue with the kid they let him/her do whatever they want. I have even seen this in my family. So kudos to the good moms, they are also going extinct.

  23. Ligeia says:

    thats rich coming from someone who is only famous because of her sister. shes just bitter she let herself get knocked up at a young age and ruined her chances of getting a meaningful career.

  24. Persistent Cat says:

    There should never be any comparisons made between Beyoncé and Katy Perry. Two different leagues. Solange is also a million times more talented than Katy Perry.

    Sadly, Solange doesn’t help her argument when she writes “dat” instead of “that.”

  25. Jover says:

    Otherchris, the way pop music is KP just may be around next year. Look, the real offense isn’t KP’s outfit and the tired progressive/prudish debate its: KP’s singing was awful; her acting was awful, and she couldn’t even go on Sesame Street without using it as a tool to market herself. Is there any venue she won’t use to market herself – totally manufactured, brainless (if you’ve seen one of her interviews)artificial. Solange scores but it would be more effective coming from someone else.

  26. Leslye says:

    It annoys the hell out of me to intentionally mis-spell words just to be cute. This person is just trying to start something for publicity. Maybe she should parent more and Twitter less.

  27. Weeble says:

    She does have a point, and Katy Perry was dressed a bit racy for Sesame Street. Solange is a talented songwriter and singer, but she’s an amazing mother who’s well within her lane to say what she said. Perhaps her past has helped her become a better more grounded parent. Plus, since when does having a not perfect past bar you from having opinions? Plus the twitter talk she’s using is for fun, it’s not really the way she communicates — good grief, take it easy.

  28. Bubbles says:

    Brought to you by the sponsors of Brittney’s VMA snake ritual, Miley’s pole dancing, Madonna’s wedding ritual w/ Brittney & Christina, and Gaga’s all over strange showiness.

    Look at the visual symbology – its like Harry Potter or something.

    The Hansel & Grettel story.

  29. hellcat says:

    RE: Sesame Street, I seriously doubt that she chose that outfit herself…although it does look like something she’d wear, I’m pretty sure they have costume people that make those decisions. Plus even if she did pick that out, shouldn’t we then also blast Sesame Street, as they filmed her wearing that and were all ready to air it before parents started complaining?

  30. Dhavy says:

    Katy Perry is doing the same thing Solange’s sister does:

    They display their assets based on the audience -one shows ass, the other shows boobs. We all know who likes what better.

    Why is she making herself out to be a saint? Her mother dressed Destiny’s Child like hoochies and they were teens back then. What a hypocrite

  31. truthzbetta says:

    Yeah, why do we let them market all this sexed up stuff to kids. Disney’s the worst though. With Perry what’s weird is then she gets so hypocritical about it.

    But Solange’s siter Bey Bey’s boody shaking for kids wasn’t any better.

  32. Amy says:

    Why is she complaining. Her big sister’s video’s are equally raunchy.

  33. EMV says:

    is someone jealous bc they aren’t famous?

  34. Danny says:

    Lol and Solange was pregnant at what age?
    your a real Mutawa for someone with no room to talk home girl…

  35. secondandy says:

    She is just jealous! kate perry is hot, and her video clips aren’t even close to porn. They’re erotic, nothing more!