Someone stole Kurt Cobain’s ashes

Just three months ago Courtney Love revealed that her late husband, Kurt Cobain, had his estate plundered by identity theft. She claims $72 million was somehow stolen as the thieves took out multiple credit cards, lines of credit, and even bought a house using his name and social security number. She said that she knew the fraud was happening back in 2003 but that “nobody believed me until now.”

Now Courtney’s LA home has been robbed, either recently or some time in the past – it’s hard to tell with her, and she found that not only were thousands in jewelry and clothing missing but that someone had taken Kurt’s ashes. She claims she’s suicidal after finding the ashes missing, and that she “used to take them everywhere with me”

She had kept the singer’s ashes in a pink teddy-bear-shaped bag along with a lock of his hair.

But a couple of weeks ago, she was horrified to discover them gone, along with thousands of pounds worth of clothes and jewellery.

Courtney said: “I can’t believe anyone would take Kurt’s ashes from me.

“I find it disgusting and right now I’m suicidal.

“If I don’t get them back I don’t know what I’ll do… They were all I had left of my husband. I used to take them everywhere with me just so I could feel Kurt was still with me.
“Now it feels like I have lost him all over again.”

[From News of the World]

It may be true that the ashes were all Courtney had left of Kurt. She sold most of his clothing at auction last year, saying “We’ll make a lot of money and give a bunch of it to charity.” She claimed her daughter, Frances Bean, 15, didn’t “need to inherit a giant hefty bag full of flannel f***ing shirts … A sweater, a guitar and the lyrics to ‘Teen Spirit’ — that’s what my daughter gets.” And she got the ashes and a lock of hair I guess. I would rather hang on to some clothing and personal items, but that’s just me.

Courtney Love is shown leaving the Groucho club with Noel Fielding on 4/17/08, thanks to WENN.

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  1. Mairead says:

    I’m assuming that the ashes were in a container within the (I’m having trouble getting my head around this..) pink… teddybear-shaped…. bag? 😕

    It is beyond disgusting to steal someone’s ashes – especially if they plan on profiting from them. The work of the Resurrection Men has long been illegal for good reason.

  2. CandyKay says:

    How does somebody take out credit cards, loans, etc. in the name of Kurt Cobain and not get noticed? It’s not an everyday name, and yes, people who work in banks have heard of Nirvana – I’m one of them.

    I find Courtney Love not particularly credible. There were some never-substantiated rumors that during one of her many times of financial stress, she claimed her engagement ring and some other jewelry had been stolen in order to collect the insurance money. I have no idea if this is true, but it is not beyond the realm of imagination.

    Then again, she appears so disorganized that perhaps she merely misplaced Kurt’s ashes.

  3. Mr. T says:

    She snorted the ashes with Keith Richards.

  4. Kevin says:

    Thnak you Mr T…someone had to go with the obvious and trite.

  5. elisha says:

    Hmm, these are incredibly famous flannel shirts we’re talking about here. I mean, they’re “the look” of an entire music movement that changed the face of popular music culture.

    On the other hand, I would NEVER keep my loved one’s entire wardrobe around. I know exactly what she’s saying about the “hefty bags.” That’s what I would donate them in.

    I think she doesn’t realize the signifgance of those flannel shirts because of her proximity to the situation… and got rid of them the way many people would get rid of loved one’s clothes.

  6. devilgirl says:

    She is so spaced out on drugs still, I am sure that she has put them somewhere on a coke induced high and they will turn up in her underwear drawer in about two years or so. Like anyone would break in to her home and just take ashes (stored in a pink teddy bear shaped bag, isn’t that where everyone stores ashes?) and clothing! She is delusional and obviously higher than Amy Winehouse. I am sure Amy wouldn’t lose track of Blake!

  7. Snowblood says:

    I despise this shifty, whorish ugly hag, of all the celebrities on this planet I do believe I loathe her the very much. She’s coarse, selfish, and 99.9% of the time she is transparently full of shit. Identity theft, my left tit. Someone “stole” Cobain’s ashes? Yeah, right. What a foul person this woman is, I have always fucking hated her lying, greedy, junkied-up fugly ass. Always.

  8. journey says:

    maybe frances bean got tired of her mother dragging her papa’s ashes around in a little pink teddy bear. maybe, as the more mature of the two, frances decided the time had come to bury her papa’s remains, or scatter them somewhere that had significance.

    what bothered me about courtney’s statement about what frances got to keep of her dad’s, was that it sounded like she didn’t give frances a choice, that courtney just threw everything out, and decided what four items frances was allowed to keep. sounds pretty control freakish. of course toting her dead husband’s ashes (who was planning to divorce her butt) around with her in a pink teddy bear sounds pretty control freakish too.

  9. kate says:

    god she’s so pathetic.

  10. cc says:

    I think that what she is handing down to Frances of her father is more healthy than bags of flannel shirts. The sweater could have been his favorite, the guitar (well, duh)and the lyrics to the song are a big deal. The shirts are for the fans that understand he was a music icon, not his daughter who would want part of his everyday life, the most personal aspect. Courtney Love may be one hit away from mental collapse, but I think what she did was smart. Notice, the smart comment had nothing to do with the rest of her life, ashes included. Seriously? A pink, teddy bear bag? wtf 😆

  11. velvet elvis says:

    She probably mistook them for the ashtray and put her cigarettes butts out in them…then the maid dumped them. Doesn’t that seriously sound more reasonable considering it’s Courtney Love.

  12. Virginia says:

    I feel really sorry for Courtney. I think she and Kurt really loved each.
    I remember reading an interview in 2004 I think, in Rolling Stone, and she was talking about how she knew someone was using Kurt’s name to get money. The journalist made some comments about how she was paranoid and imagining things and stuff.

  13. lola says:

    She is obviously pathetic. Of course she sold those ashes and snorted the rest in a drug binge. Weren’t there rumours that she killed him? That is her next move, confess to killing him, write a book, make money, go to jail come out and do a reality show. What does she do again? Z lister, off with you. Waste of space.

  14. Trillion says:

    She’s suicidal because now she can’t sell his ashes – that was her retirement fund for when she’s done going through all the rest of the money she’s made off him. (should be any day now, if not already…)

  15. fee says:

    Obviously she sold off his ashes for a hit…..poor Frances, this woman is an embarassement for a mother and to the memory of her late father.

  16. Other Karen says:

    Courtney’s a little flaky. Some of us (including me) are like that. But she really should get a reliable financial advisor to monitor everything for her.

    Frances Bean has a strong sense of fashion and a great willingness to raid her parents closets. I’m sure if she wanted more of Kurt’s shirts, she’s already have taken them by now.

    Didn’t she do an adorable photoshoot with his pajamas?

  17. Other Karen says:

    Ah, there we go. Complete with cardigan.