Avril Lavigne is semi-topless in Maxim: do men want to see this?


I want to say on the onset that I am in no way hating on small, petite women. You petite bitches are beautiful, and God bless. My compliant is Avril Lavigne-specific. Are there really lots and lots of men out there who look at Avril and think “Oh, yeah, I wish I could see that girl topless.” It’s not that she’s very small, it’s the way she acts, the “drunk child” way she’s styled, the general “not sexy” vibe I get from her. But maybe that’s just me – I can’t stand her and I don’t understand why any man would find her attractive. She seems like one of those petite girls who thinks it’s “fun” to climb on people like a little monkey. The kind of girl who thinks she can get away with anything because she’s “forever cute.” Eh. Beyond that, the styling on this Maxim photo shoot sucks balls too. Here’s Maxim’s behind-the-scenes clip:

She may not dress the part, but punk princess Avril Lavigne is really an old-fashioned girl – when it comes to relationships.

Does beau, Brody Jenner fit that bill? Lavigne tells the November issue of Maxim, on sale Oct. 12, “I like a classy man, a gentleman who opens the door and gives flowers and always puts the lady first. I’m a little old-fashioned like that.”

The singer, 26, who recently divorced Sum 41 frontman Deryck Whibley, 30, is ready to release a new album, which she admits is inspired by her personal life but, “is the first that is not boy bashing.”

Not that her life is drama-free. A regular target of the paparazzi, Lavigne has been snapped leaving nightclubs with Jenner, something she says she rarely does.

“The only time I really ever get photographed is if I decide to go out with my friends to a bar or club, so … it kind of looks like I do that more than I do, ” she says, “The majority of the time I stay in.”

Lavigne does take tabloid reporting in stride saying, “You can only laugh at it and roll your eyes because it’s like, “Really?” They usually just pull that stuff out of their ass, but I think people know that.”

When asked how she stays out of trouble amidst some of the notable teen star meltdowns, the Canadian native credits her roots, “I got here on my own. I came from a small town and grew up in a regular home. I know what I’ve worked hard for. I’ve seen a lot of people who have gone a little crazy and who are really into the Hollywood scene. I don’t really like to hang out with people like that.”

[From People]

Um… remember when Avril spent like a year of her marriage getting absolutely wasted out in public? Yes, she’s such a lady. So old-fashioned. Her idea of “classy” is the dude holding back her hair while she vomits in a driveway.

Photos courtesy of The Superior Pics Forums.

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  1. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Her body looks like a pipe cleaner or those things that were fuzzy and we would make stuff out of them, bend them and stuff. IDK, she looks a hawt mess. OMG. I was like this is all kinds of “I am on heroin fugly.” Hawt mess. Oh and men love looking at boobs. Small ones, fat ones, boobs that grow on rocks…they will be looking at them. No matter what they say, a girl is showing her boobs, a guy WILL look. They 9 out of 10 like the boobs they see.

  2. Katie says:

    I don’t think the photos are that flattering to her face.

  3. DetRiotgirl says:

    Yeah, I saw this cover this morning in the train station and had to make about ten “wait, what? Really?” faces before I could comfortably move on.

  4. omondieu says:

    On behalf of Canada, I apologize for Avril.

    Those spiked gloves are INSANE, though! I may secretly want a pair.

  5. ses says:

    In that last (gross) pic, does she really have a tattoo that says Fu**? That alone screams “old-fashioned.”

  6. GatsbyGal says:

    I always thought Avril had the prettiest face. Her lips and nose are just so gorgeous and classically pretty. But she screws her look up with terrible hair and thick eye makeup. I’d love to see her with very natural-looking makeup, or with none at all.

    Her personality really is crap, though.

  7. Pont Neuf says:

    More than seeing her, I have to wonder: WHO ON EARTH BUYS HER RECORDS?!!?!?!?!!?!!! I never knew that there were so many masochists in the world but, apparently, they walk among us and they are legions.

    She always looks horrendous, artificial and dull, so these potographs aren’t particular in any way. The only particular characteristic in her entire persona is that she is SO annoying it’s unbelievable… And wouldn’t be able to carry a tune even if it had handles.

  8. lilred says:

    Yes ses, old fashioned and classy!

  9. vbn says:

    Is she still alive?

  10. chasingadalia says:

    Is that nipple in the second photo?

  11. Sigh. says:

    I look at these pics and all I can do is imagine that rising up from a construction site dumpster then scaling the nearby scaffolding.

    Sexy? No.
    Slightly scary? Yes.

  12. Daysma says:

    More than anything else I just want to hand her some shampoo and a brush really bad.

  13. Jacquie says:

    Until she looks older than 12 half naked pictures of her will always make me feel like I’m looking at something illegal.

  14. brin says:

    @Daysma….some soap wouldn’t hurt, too.

  15. Squirrel says:

    Have they photoshopped her torso that long in the first picture or does she really have a mile north and south of her navel? Looks very strange.

  16. Kitten says:

    She’s about as punk as Raccoon McCiggies.

  17. RHONYC says:

    @ Jacquie:

    you took the words out my mouth.

    double ew. 🙁

  18. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    Ew. Going to go take a really long hot shower. She makes me feel dirty. Every time I see her, she looks like she rolled out of bed, put on makeup on top of the last nights makeup and strolled out the door in her pajamas.

    Just yuck.

  19. telesma says:

    Did anyone read The Death of Bunny Munro, by Nick Cave? Yeah, some men definitely want to see it. :/

  20. Rita says:

    When I showed the pics to my hubby, he said “No, try Jesse James” but now I’m wondering where Celebitchy got the photo of my hubby in the red outfit just below the thread in the featured links section (lol.

  21. Dizzybenny says:

    no thanks!!
    Is Maxim running out of babes cause thats scraping the bottom no?

  22. She is hot the pictures don’t do her justice she looks way hotter in the clip. She is actually a very good musician too, she may not be the best singer but she has something especiall when it comes to the ballads she writes.

    Can’t wait for her new album ^_^

  23. Roma says:

    @Squirrel: They may have photoshopped her, but I have a really long torso like that as well. That being said I’m around 5’9″ and she’s at least 6 inches shorter than me, so who knows.

  24. K-MAC says:

    I love it when someone who grew up in a good home and privileged attempts to come across as hard and damaged….the vibe is off, way off.

  25. rudy5 says:

    everytime i see her all i can think about is that tmz clip of derek whibley saying she “doesn’t spit she swallows” lol

  26. Jim says:

    Wow, what a bunch of haters. Yes, she is hot. Men find her attractive.

  27. connie says:

    in her defense, she said she was old fashioned in the types of guys she liked, nothing more

  28. Liana says:

    oh, is she still around?

  29. Zelda says:

    Avril Lavigne?
    Maxim magazine?
    Who let 2001 out of its cage?

  30. December says:

    This shoot looks exactly like the one she did for another magazine a while ago. Her posing in the first photo is nearly identical.

    I would think Avril pretty, if not for her bitchy attitude and her narcissism.

  31. Sakota says:

    Well now, now she can’t insult the other pop stars for being the way she’s acting, including her blonde hair.

  32. jover says:

    Yes Maxim scraping the bottom and I also am baffled as to who buys her cds or would pay to see her play. If you read her bio on wikipedia, she’s contrived and largely studio created. Why is the term “punk” insulted by linking it to Avril. I was unaware true punk rockers shilled for zit cream companies.

  33. Sophie says:


  34. Jackson says:

    Every time I see her I always see Tonya Harding. Fug. And unfortunately there are a lot of pervy guys out there who like chicks that look underage.

  35. The Bobster says:

    If she lost the panda-eyed look, I’d find her smoking hot.

  36. michael says:

    why is she on the cover? she should just stay in the dark. she’s such a poseur.

  37. Anna says:

    The missing Olsen triplet!

  38. Jeri says:

    Not an Avril fan. I remember seeing her on The View years ago & her sneer at the idea of going back to school.

    Yeah, education is a waste of time Avril, ask Lindsay or Paris.

  39. 6 says:

    I really shouldn’t admit this but there was a true hoolywood story done on her and her mom said everyone was always jealous of Avril, she was alwayas so beautiful or so much more than anyone else. I thought that alone made me ill. I don’t see how she can ever be smoking hot or beautiful. She isn’t unattractive but I wouldn’t use either of those adjectives to describe her.

  40. kim says:


    she got one of those generic star tats!!!

    that’s so funny!!

  41. Fire says:

    I think there is something really fishy about the last two pics. Look at her “fuck” tat – seems like it’s in two different places….

  42. KellyBrynn says:


    avril lavigne is forever stunted maturity wise at about 17 years old. i’m surprised how coherent most of those exerpts were. usually she can’t get through an interview without a million ‘umm’s, ‘like’s, and ‘ya know’s. NO I DON’T KNOW THAT’S WHY YOU’RE BEING INTERVIEWED.

    with that said, she is mildly talented (that’s generous) but kind of an unprofessional brat. anyone remember the chantal kreviazuk scandal?

  43. Kate says:

    Haha, ok “Jim”… if that IS your real name! Nice try, Avril; you’re not fooling me!

    Now put those little boobs away; no one wants to see that!

    Get thee back to Hot Topic!

  44. Mingo says:


  45. nickynoneck says:

    As a guy i have to say avril would be cute if she didnt have the stink face , You gotta give it to her for not having fake tits and she doesnt go around flashing your vage.

    But I dont want to see her no .

  46. nofreelunch says:

    Also with @Jacquie. This feels too much like kiddie porn for me, even though she must be now middle-aged, by Hollywood standards.

  47. Dannii says:

    hold on-didnt avril use to badmouth britney and xtina for doing these kind of sexy shoots? shes really gunning for the biggest hypocrite in the universe award here.

  48. Kel says:

    She gives punk a bad name.

  49. GT says:

    As a fellow Canadian I think she’s gorgeous! Of course men want to see her, she’s hot!! Love the cover!

  50. Scott says:

    Look at her right arm in the cover photo. A little bit too much photoshop, I’d say.

  51. dennise says:

    speaking for myself i will want her anytime any day……………..

  52. Sara says:

    She never got over being 14. She grew up but her music is still about stealing your bofriend.

    Actually, I think all she ever sang about was stealing your boyfriend but I never liked her music.

    I did like her acting in “the Flock”. Of course, she plays a dumb brat who gets killed but it was convincing. And I think she was supposed to be 14 🙂

  53. Kat says:

    Yeah, sorry, I can’t get past the TERRIBLE PHOTOSHOPPING OF HER RIGHT ARM on the cover. HOLY CRAP WHO RELEASED THIS

  54. original kate says:

    i always harsh on avril, so today i will say something nice. hmmmm… ok. at least she isn’t orange.

  55. Gabriela says:

    Did anyone else notice her right arm?

  56. Fire says:

    What the hell is up with her right arm? Her arms are skinny enough – why the need to photoshop them??

  57. abby says:

    That bottom pic where it says “fuc” just seems too clear to me. I would think that the tattoo would be a bit blurry, or at least not as perfectly clear, like it was added on after the pic was taken…

  58. AvrilLOVER says:

    you are all haters! you are all probably 300 lbs and have moustaches! avril always has been and always will be the hottest rocker chick alive!

  59. ashley says:

    Okay. I understand where some of you are coming from. I consider myself to be an old fashioned woman. I go out and party with my friends, and I drink as well. I don’t understand why anyone would want to put this woman down for expressing herself in the way that she wants. She didn’t edit the pictures. She posed. It is not her fault that they messed up on the editing.
    I find that a lot of people who are somewhat inferior about their own selves, tend to lash out on the people the wish they could be. Even if they wouldn’t admit it to themselves, subconsiously, they wish they had a certain small quality in that person.
    Maybe you are not happy with your body type. Maybe you are too involved in making other people happy, and having to form fit into their strict criteria of what they think you should be based on the standards of society. Whatever the case may be. But, each person has their own life. Each person has their own definition of what, for instance, ‘classy’ really entails. For some, it might be no sex until marriage. For others, it might be no sex on the first date. It’s all a matter of personal perception.
    She has her own style, which of course has changed throughout the years along with her personality and her view on life. I mean, do we all carry the same opinions that we did when we were 18, 19? So to say that she is a hypocrite BECAUSE she is acting the same way as Christina or Brittany, would be an irresponsible remark, in my opinion.
    I am sure that with age, and experiencing, through trials, and errors, and drunken fits, and mistakes, that she has learned lessons, that has changed her personal beliefs, views, or opinions. But does that make her any less than human? That is what we do. we evolve as individuals with age.
    I will agree, she does have a very feminine, baby face, which in my opinion, is why she tries to give off the badass look in pictures. So that she would look less young. Have you ever watched her behind the scenes? She is a very family oriented, fun loving, woman. You will always catch her behind the cameras laughing and smiling.
    If people can learn to appreciate people, you don’t have to like, or love, but just accept, and move on, then the world would run so much smoother, rather than stopping and criticizing people as they go.
    I don’t know. I am in no way trying to step on anyone’s opinions. Simply trying to slip mine in there as well.
    Hope you all take time to think about what I have said, and if your opinions are withstanding, then I applaud you for your opinionated personality, and if your opinion is changed, then I commend you for your open mindedness.
    Have a great Holiday this year!!!

  60. Steve says:


  61. Alyssa says:

    Well, I know where alot of people come from when they say she’s a bitch and I can see where that happens but, just because she takes inapropriet pictures doesnt mean shes a bitch or maybe things wernt right with Derek and she wanted to feel right again who knows but if I were a celebrity I know i would sure get tierd of people always taking pictures of me at bad times and asume im doing something wrong! I love Avril Lavigne as well as alot of people and in some of her songs youll hear her say she doesnt realy give a shit what people think and what they do and belive and so maybe you should put yourself in her shoes, always being followed around, always being bagered for photos and always being spied on! Think about it!