Perez Hilton swears he’s not a bully and is not going to be mean anymore

Perez Hilton has recorded an emotional video and has gone on The Ellen Degeneres show to swear that the recent spate of gay teen suicides has so affected him that he’s no longer going to bully celebrities on his blog. Hilton has been instrumental in outing several gay celebrities against their wishes and regularly mocks celebrities in a juvenile fashion. It’s hard to imagine how he’s going to proceed and continue to write if he’s trying to be “nice” all the time, or as he explains it “sassy”. When pressed about this by Out magazine, he said that he would still publish what is possibly his most egregious privacy violation, the private sex photos of gay Oscar winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black. There’s no way this guy has suddenly grown a conscience and gotten a clue. That was the worse thing he’s done and he says he wouldn’t change it. Gawker has a very good overview of Perez’s promises, and I guess we’ll soon see if they’re empty or not:

Blogger and face scribbler Perez Hilton is taking to Ellen DeGeneres, YouTube, and Out magazine today to say that he’s not going to bully celebrities on his website from now on. Is he serious or is this a PR stunt?

Perez Hilton (AKA Mario Lavandeira) claims that he will no longer bully famous people on his eponymous website, which became popular thanks to Perez drawing semen and cocaine on stars’ faces, calling them names, and generally defaming anyone famous that he didn’t care for. From the various statements he’s made so far, here are the changes we can expect:

  • No more mean names for celebrities (like calling Jennifer Aniston “Maniston” or Sienna Miller “Sluttienna”)
  • No more making fun of children
  • No more “cheap jokes”
  • No more outing gay celebrities
  • No more drawing inappropriate substances or phrases on people’s pictures

    The impetus for the decision, he says, is the media attention that’s been given to gay teen suicides following incidents of bullying. Perez has been speaking out against the bullies who caused these tragedies, although critics have pointed out that he is just as much of a bully as the people he decries. (That just shows how popular a bully can be.)

    I’m not that cynical to suggest that Perez is manufacturing his emotions to generate some publicity. But it certainly won’t hurt his image. If he makes changes to his website, he’ll likely engender a lot of good will from the gay community and from media outlets that have dismissed him as nothing but a name-caller with rudimentary Photoshop skills. And this is the perfect time to make the switch, when he can get the most attention (and get a talk show appearance) out of his actions.

    But what happens after this initial wave of attention has passed? Perez says he doesn’t care if his traffic goes down, but will anyone want to read his website when he’s not exercising his patented brand of school yard “journalism?” Will he start to freak out and go back to his old ways when his traffic (and his ad revenues) start to dip?

    Perez tells Out that he will no longer out gay public figures who are in the closet, like he did to Lance Bass once upon a time, but that he also would have still run pictures of gay writer Dustin Lance Black having unprotected sex with another man. How is outing off the table but posting private pictures still within the boundaries? It’s OK to post those pictures because he’s already out? Just what are the rules, Perez?

    He also says that from now on he’s not going to be “mean,” but he’s still going to be “sassy” and “have opinions.” We guess the only difference between “mean” and “sassy” is how an opinion has been expressed, but it is sort of an invisible and subjective divide.

  • [From Gawker]

    I don’t think he gets it. It’s like he realizes he has to change for his image, but can’t even form the words to explain himself and has to resort to platitudes like “I have to be the change” and “I want to be part of the solution not part of the problem.” At least he realizes that there’s a problem, but he still says he doesn’t see himself as a bully and that there are things he wouldn’t change. It’s more like he wants people to stop ragging on him, and is trying to establish that he’s not a creep that would drive someone to suicide. However I distinctly remember him saying on The View in early 2008 late 2007 that if Britney killed herself it wouldn’t be his fault. Barbara Walters asked him iif he ever feels bad for ragging on celebrities, and he said “If Britney committed suicide tomorrow and died, she would be the only one to blame I think.” Perez wants to seem like a decent guy, but we already know how he is, he’s shown us for years, and it’s going to take a lot more than talk to redefine himself.

    44786, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Saturday September 11 2010. A colourful Perez Hilton bares his legs after his VMA pre-party at the Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles. Photograph: Greg Tidwell,

    LOS ANGELES, CA - SEPTEMBER 11: Perez Hilton speaks onstage during Motorola at Perez Hilton's 'One Night in Los Angeles' at the Wiltern Theatre on September 11, 2010 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Motorola)

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    1. LOVE ANGELINA says:

      LOL I was just sad about one change he is making, his nicknames were hilarious and he should keep those. I do enjoy his more positive attitude and so I am proud of him. I think it will be good for him but I am gonna miss alot of the old Perez.

    2. Hautie says:

      I have always seen him as a malicious pr*ck. He has done alot worse than just bullying.

      How long will he be able not to say something derogatory about Alexa Joel or Rumer Willis? He has tormented both those girls for years.

      So no, I do not see him being anything but the same malicious pr*ck he has always been.

    3. krissy says:

      Seeing him in that suit reminds me of an episode of South Park where Eric Cartman tries to be nice to his friends, he shows up at their house wearing nice clothes with his hair combed and Stan says:

      “Putting on a nice suit is not being nice”
      and he replies
      “It’s not?”

    4. Joan McCarthy says:

      My gut response: when pigs fly! Am not buying it and, quite frankly, have never bought into the Perez Hilton franchise. He is a vile creature (was going to say bottom-feeder but there’s a pun waiting to happen there) who gives gays — and gossip — a very bad name. The phrase “too little too late” also comes to mind… Am about to take my morning shower: I think I really need it after reading this load of hooey.

    5. guesty says:

      never read his site…never will. he’s so overrated.

    6. Westcoaster says:

      Once a bully, always a bully
      Does Perez plan on saying sorry to all the celebrities he made fun of? In particular the children?
      He is probably doing this because he has lost readers of his site to Celebitchy and D-Listed

    7. flourpot says:

      I’m sad people give him air time. Especially Ellen.

    8. Tess says:

      Crystal ball time:

      He’ll fall off the wagon weight-wise (unless he’s had his stomach stapled) and he’ll fall off the nice-person wagon, as well.

      Too many issues and too little self control dominate this sad, twisted, and tormented soul.

    9. Praise St. Angie! says:

      “I have always seen him as a malicious pr*ck. He has done alot worse than just bullying”

      yeah, that pretty much sums it up for me, too.

      with all the funny blogs out there (this and and Dlisted come to mind) it baffles me as to why THIS guy got the recognition he did. he’s really not that funny, and his blog is LAME.

    10. BB says:

      Actually his traffic may improve. I think a lot of people have moved off his site lately because he has been overdoing it. I for one couldn’t bear the constant bullying and making fun of celebs’ appearance and especially making fun of children.

      I don’t mind some harmless fun like Dlisted, where it doesn’t come off as malicious or bullying, but yeah, Perez… his site left a total bitter taste on me, so I stopped visiting it.

    11. sisi says:

      Before the summer blogposts on PerezHilton got hundreds of comments, now the average post gets 15-20 comments. I expected him to do something to generate publicity soon. This must be it.

      I stopped visiting his site regularly a long time ago. His site is boring. And I prefer bloggers that write in an amusing way and use proper sentences, like this site!

    12. Me says:

      I love gossip sites, but stopped reading his ages ago. I also change the channel when he is on TV. He is a poor excuse for a human being and will say or do anything for a quick buck. There are lines and he thinks he is above them.

    13. embertine says:

      Oh my god, why is this person famous? Is that how it works, you just act like a spoilt, bitchy twelve-year-old on a poorly-made website and you get to be a celebrity? ARGH MAKE IT STOP

    14. Johnny Depp's Girl says:



    15. Roma says:

      @krissy: I was about to post about the exact same South Park episode! Perez always gives me that Cartman vibe, except without any redeeming qualities.

      Do people still read him?

    16. Malice says:

      Shall be interesting to see if he actually carries this promise forward.

    17. spooge says:

      It’s pretty obvious this guy has mental problems.
      The first year or so I used to think he was great… unfortunately he quickly degenerated into a female bashing, homophobic, power tripping bully.
      It makes me nauseous just to look at him now.

    18. waldemar says:

      Hasn’t he promised Tyra that he wouldn’t talk about children anymore? I think this was last year or two years ago. As a reward he would get a spot on ANTM.

      And now he is promising it again.

    19. Riley says:

      This ain’t no lie, I quit looking at Perez as soon as I discovered the Celebitchy blog and I have not looked at his blog since. That has been over a year ago. Kaiser and Celebitchy write much more insightful and smart posts and can do so without including penis and sperm illustrations. Perez is lame.

    20. Samigirl says:

      It makes me sad that Ellen had him on her show. Ellen is SUCH a nice woman, and I LOVE her. Perez is a slimeball, a waste of space. Still dislike him, always will.

    21. Ycnan says:

      Ok, I admit I read his site, but mostly because he updates it so often that you really get all the gossip info really quickly. I most often skip his commentary.

      It’s pretty obvious he is an insecure guy lashing out at the world because he was picked on or whatnot in life.

      But I have noticed a change on his blog in the past few weeks, I even made a mental note about it and wondered what was going on.

      Listen, sincere or not it’s a good thing, so lets wait and see.

    22. Nanea says:

      Can a leopard change its spots?

      Same goes for that vile creature that is PH.

    23. sisi says:

      @ Riley Exactly! Insightful is exactly the right word, the one I couldn’t think of at the moment that I posted.

    24. james says:

      he has no talent. this site is funny and opinionated and i enjoy it so much, micheal k. is the funniest person on earth. he is just a great writer.perez on the other hand has nothing to say but bitchy, unfunny comments. i can’t believe anyone cares at all about his site and his new anti bullying stance.

    25. Anne says:

      He makes my skin crawl. I won’t go near his site as I am afraid of catching something.

    26. Praise St. Angie! says:

      “Perez always gives me that Cartman vibe, except without any redeeming qualities.”

      Cartman has redeeming qualities? 😀

    27. RHONYC says:

      oh puh-leeze!

      # 1. who the f*ck is Dustin Lance Black?

      # 2. who gives a sh*t about his sex life?

      # 3. i’ve been going on his site for years and the ONLY thing that made it fun WAS the making fun of celebrities.

      i been going to it increasingly less because of his very ‘PC’ commentary which is boring!

      guess now because of the millions he’s raked in through advertising dough he doesn’t feel the need to be his original ‘controversial’ self.

      i swear to Durga that self-righteous bullcrap act of his is gonna keep me right off his site.

      this ALWAYS happens when fatties lose weight and get popular. now he wants to be ‘cool’ with the popular kids and doesn’t want to ‘offend’ anyone. stfu.

      give me a f*cking break Pretzels!

      i’m staying my a*s on dlisted where they keep it raunchy, real and UNAPOLOGETIC. 🙁

    28. GatsbyGal says:

      I’ve acted worse online than Perez Hilton has. I’ve been a troll, I’ve mocked and harrassed people and participated in raids. I know I’m breaking the first rule of the internet here, but I used to be a hardcore /b/tard on 4chan, if that means anything to anyone here.

      Only difference between me and Perez is: I did my trolling anonymously. I said awful (and hillarious) things, but never told anyone who I was or showed a picture of myself. I was a part of Anonymous. Perez has learned that, yes, trolling is fun, but when people know who you are, you’re going to catch a whole lot of shit for it. He should’ve just stayed a faceless gossip blogger, then he could’ve continued making fun of kids to his heart’s content.

    29. jen says:

      He sounds like a politician. A bunch of empty promises.

    30. LOVE ANGELINA says:

      LOL @RHONY Dustin Lance Black wrote Milk which won Sean Penn an Oscar and also DLB won an Oscar for writing the movie. He is also the head of the Trevor Project, which helps Gays, Lesbians, Transgenders, and Bi-sexuals. Perez also posted personal pictures of him on his website with his ex boyfriend and they were explicit pictures. I am sure you don’t want anyone exploiting you in that matter to post intimate pics like that, even though I viewed them, and I am sorry about that.

      I care about him.

      Also I understand being skeptical but are you going to give the man a chance to prove himself or are you just gonna write him off before you have anything to write him off about?

    31. devilgirl says:

      He is a disgusting swine and that will never change.

    32. Mia says:

      Whatever Perez. Only reason he’s doing this is to draw attention to himself, not to truly be a force of good in the world.

      He’s a douche. Give me MichaelK anyday of the week.

    33. Allison says:

      I’m impressed- thats a huge change for him. His site was all about the vulgarity, and he knows he could lose viewers this way. It is clear that he does want to change and make a difference and I applaud him for that. You might not want to post this though celebitchy you might have some competition now though :p lol jk. Celebitchy will always be the first page I check when I’m online.

    34. Susan says:

      I’m gonna call BS on all of this.

      I have read his blog from time to time. The content on it is not my cup of tea, mostly because its subject matter isn’t always current and I don’t find his brand of “humor” that funny.

      He has the Coco Perez fashion spin off and now a Fit Perez spin off of his site. If anything, knowing this guy’s MO, he’s most likely looking to cash in on a reinvented “Perez” persona. He’s a lame copycat (hence the name “Perez Hilton”).

      What I want more than anything is for this guy to just go away. His “gossip” is trashy and so is he.

      Don’t let the door hit you on the way out Mario.

    35. RHONYC says:



      i hear you, LA. 🙂

    36. michael says:

      ugh he is just such a loser. a turd cannot be polished, but whatev. perez hilton is just fat blob that really won’t amount to much or catch anyone’s attention if he quits the “humorous” poking at celebrities. he is a complete hypocrite & lowlife. he’s all sweetness & starstruck. i could’t believe that celebrities were actually even giving him the time of day way back when & people like nicole richie were actually insulted. i mean…. just look at him. (i’d rather not.) i actually saw him in austin once. he was riding a bike in austin all by himself. i sure as hell didn’t bother wasting my time by glancing at him, but just goes to show you what a loser he is.

    37. Clementine says:

      It’s funny because when I was watching his apology video, the one word that came to mind for me was also “platitudes”, as Celebitchy said above. I truly think that Perez has painted himself in the corner with this one and this could be the final death knell for his site. There’s no way a blog based on making fun of people can continue if the “making fun of people” part ends, especially because there isn’t any shred of quality writing or real humor to back it up. I think that after the first bump in hits that this apology gets, his traffic will fall dramatically and hopefully this site will be gone forever. I too used to actually read his site until the writing got so mind-numbingly stupid that I couldn’t stand it anymore.

    38. Chelsey says:

      You know I used to read his site a LOT a few years ago because he USED to be the site that got all the scoop FIRST. I found out Heath Ledger died on his site, among other things, before any other news outlet put it out there…so back then I could kinda stand the stupid drawings, the catty attitude…but now I skip going to his site because he publishes stories so much later than other sites like TMZ or Dlisted, or this site, and acts like it’s BREAKING NEWS! He’s gotten lazy, and full of himself, and he’s STILL doing the drawings and nasty comments, so it’s just so not worth my time, and looking/listening to him has just become an annoyance. I want to say I feel bad for him because he clearly has had issues with self-confidence, and has to focus on making others feel bad to compensate, but I just can’t force myself to feel bad for such a bully.

    39. Patricia says:

      His website was the 1st celebrity gossip site I started reading years ago. I loved him in the beginning but over time he became more and more negative and malicious – so much so that I stopped reading him entirely. Soon after that he became very popular. That was nauseating to watch. I think he’s a complete jerk. I hope he means what he says. There is no justification for tearing people apart like he does – even celebrities. We’ll see what happens…good luck Perez.

    40. hatsumomo says:

      In all seriousness though, there are alot of people who contribute to cyber bullying, including people of this very site. Everyone is part of the problem, even if they say ‘Oh Im just stating my opinion!’. Get real people, I never had a thing for Perez, I didnt like his posts or found any of them interesting, but he was doing his thing. So I could have really cared less. And trust this, from someone who pokes around the darkest part of the internets out of curiosity, there are MUCH worse things out there.

    41. Jazz says:

      I went to his site for the first time in ages and I noticed there were hardly any comments on the posts. There used to hundreds, mostly of people telling him what a fat piece of shit he is. The guy ain’t no Michael K!

    42. MyCatLoves TV says:

      What kills me is his constant referrals to himself in the first person plural like he were royalty. “We” like this song and “we” believe whatever whatever. Now presenting King Perez of Doucheland?

    43. Kitten says:

      Never read his site. I am “Celebitchy Only” for my gossip. I have always heard this guy is a d-bag though.

    44. Sassy says:

      PH is a disgusting, vile man who can barely string a proper sentence together. Don’t believe this new turn-around will last.

      Remember when he called a fucking f*ggot? Yeah. Total douchebag hypocrite.

      And he’d still post those private sex photos of Dustin Lance Black? I think that’s pretty telling right there. He’s going to continue to be the piece of shit he is now.

      I love Ellen, but I’m pissed that she would even have him on her show.

    45. guilty pleasures says:

      Can’t stand this POS. How DARE he out people against their wishes??!! I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, people’s sexuality is none of anyone’s business but their own, and should be OFF LIMITS, along with the children of celebs.
      He is a moronic writer, nothing original or funny about him, he cannot spell, or punctuate, and slaughters grammar in every single sentence.
      He makes the world a ‘stupider’ place. And more evil.
      I refuse to give him any hits, ever.
      Team BEP bodyguard.

    46. redlips says:

      All I have to say is, “a day late and a dollar short’! The only reason, and I do mean “only”, he is doing this, is due to the suicides and bullying being front and center in the media. He knew he would be gutted by the media if he did not turn over a new leaf. Will he actually do it? For awhile, and then I predict he will go back to his vile ways.

      I would not click on his site for anything. He is a disgusting and vile pig, not to mention two-faced!

    47. Amy says:

      So… he’s going from a cut-rate, witless Micheal K to a cut-rate, witless Trent from Pink is the New Blog?

    48. filthycute says:

      I’m proud to say I’ve never read Hilton’s site. He’s disgusting, contemptible.

      And I hate his voice and his stupid, stupid face.

    49. i used to like his blog but he became an absolute c**t, his constand XTina bashing and every 3 out of 4 posts being on how “AMAZEBALLS” Lady Gaga was finally drove me away.

    50. Sns02215 says:

      No talent piece of SHIT. Disgusts me as a gay man that he is even of the same sexual preference as me. I would put him in the same league as a slug or a cockroach. Wait…that’s not fair to slugs or cockroaches!!!

    51. lu says:

      I stopped Perez, a long time ago and then I discovered this site and Lainey. You guys are funny without being mean or hurtful.
      I do believe him somehow, people change you know.

    52. Jeri says:

      Read him when I was new to the internet but his cruelty directed toward young women turned me off. He is way over the line & is more cruel then funny. Haven’t been to his site in many many years.

      He believes he is a celeb & when I saw him on Chelsay Lately he made a fool of himself. It was like he expected applause every time he made a remark & would look around expectedly. As far as I know he hasn’t been on there for ages either.

    53. bagladey says:

      Perez Hilton. Ugh. Yuk. PH is a mean-spirited bully. I deleted PH a long time ago and I never read articles about him, including this one; only read the headline today and came on to say what a scumbag he is. Yuk.

    54. sisi says:

      @ FUTURESTARdelux
      That’s what made me stop the site permanently. The xtina bashing was appalling, and boring to read in every friggin post.

      Awesome that Michael K and Lainey are mentioned so often here too. Together with Celebitchy and Kaiser they are the best gossip bloggers in my opinion.

    55. Liana says:

      Perez Hilton is not one quarter as funny as he thinks he is, and is just a vile individual. He’ll never really change.

    56. Melanie says:

      he was also in this anti bullying music video with Ellen DeGeneres so maybe he is being serious.

      it’s feasible to assume that the recent suicides have touched him. i’m sure he was bullied when he was younger.

    57. KellyBrynn says:

      i’ll admit, i used to ONLY read perez. granted i was 19 or 20 (not like i’m soooo much older now) but i’ve matured a lot since then, enough to know he’s just a classless person who sits behind his computer and berates people. he stopped being funny a while ago and just became a hater.

      the final straw for me though was when he had that feud with and called a FAG. yup, this guy who claims to be a role model and advocate for gay youth used a homophobic slur in the heat of the moment. i’m sorry, even if he tried to make that okay (which he tried SO HARD to do) the basic intent was to make someone feel angry or ashamed by insinuating they were attracted to men. ever since then i could not listen to his self righteous bullshit.
      a real advocate for gay youth would A) not out people against their will and b) not use language that is SO destructive. he always said he was outing people to reveal that more people than you think are homosexuals and try to remove the ‘closet’ all together. but when you OUT people, you’re reinforcing this closet. WHO THE FUCK CARES who you want to rub your genitals on? i for one think he has done a disservice to the progression of the acceptance of LBGT persons.

      he’s so vile. i’ll take my irreverant michael k and my educated/insightful celebitchy ANY DAY.

    58. Mika says:

      Too little too late Perez.

      I don’t support his website now & never will. There are too many other gossip websites out there that are ALREADY clever, and funny with out being malicious and cruel.

      It is not funny to “out” someone who is not ready to come out of the closet.

      It’s not funny to mock someone’s looks- famous or not.

      His jokes are cheap, mean and below the belt.

      I HIGHLY doubt that Perez has the talent to actually BE clever or BE funny with out putting someone else down. It’s been his bread and butter for 6 years.

      Once cruel words are said–they are out there forever; wounding and hurting the receiver.

      If Perez does change, I still won’t read his site. But maybe he will set a better example
      and less feelings in this world will be hurt in the process.

    59. LBees says:

      Here’s an interesting article I read yesterday: (basically, Autostraddle called Perez out on the hypocrisy of doing a PSA to stop gay teens being bullied into suicide, while he is and remains a BIG BULLY himself). Great read.

    60. Kate says:

      Not buying it.

    61. Confuzzle says:

      This is just a publicity stunt to draw back in the traffic.

    62. Dee Vine says:

      Can’t stand him and his site. Extremely juvenile and I particularly hate his mission to out people. Also hate the way he kisses asses of people like Gaga and Paris. Cant believe he even has a fashion site. Just look at him! Would you take advice from a man who appears to be color blind?

      He can change but sadly don’t think he is witty enough as a writer to keep his site going if he doesnt resort to drawing penises on celeb pictures (which probably appeal to 14 year olds).

      This site and Michael K are the best!

    63. truthzbetta says:

      Why did he post sex pics of the director of Milk?

      I think a person should legally own the rights to their own nude image. Period. Female and male, no exes or other people, or molestors or Perez’s should have the right to put your nude pics on the internet.

      All Perez did was let me know he’s been even lower than I knew.

      He can’t climb up to human if he is this
      low to start.

    64. tired of rumers says:

      @MyCatLovesTV omg finally someone else whose biggest problem with him is when he calls refers to himself in the royal “we.” self-important!!! i used to go to his site, just out of habit because it was one of the first celebgoss sites i ever went to. and the ms paint coke/penis shit wasn’t my last straw, it was the constant drawing of fucking halos on angelina jolie. i’ll take michael k’s st angie jo and twin messiahs snark over that bullshit any day of the week.

    65. Chelly says:

      Sadly, I will never visit his site again because he’s never been funny anyway and I hate his little drawings. I will always be faithful to this site since you guys actually take time writing and you even read the posts so that people don’t spam hate like his site does.

    66. buckley says:

      Go to hell.
      Also, you look like Herman Monster.

    67. Javagirl1 says:

      I agree, it’s CB and D-listed for me too. I don’t know what was funnier: Kaiser’s blow by blow of the Levi Johnston video, or Michael K’s story of hooking up with a guy who had a large dog.

      Perez just isn’t very entertaing or clever.

    68. Meanchick says:

      Wow. Nice try PH. Famewhores will say & do ANYTHING! Where was this sensitivity before his site became a joke? Bashing women & children? There are criminals who wont even harm women & children, so save the drama for your u-know-what!

    69. DiMi says:

      My main source of irritation is that he is distracting from this very important issue of bullying and suicide and trying to make this whole issue about HIM. Narcissistic and pathetic.

    70. Christina says:

      I always thought of Perez as a bully.He would trash people who are trying to live their life well and good,something that not everyone can do.Now, he’s realizing his mistakes were bigger than he thought.All I have to say is that nobodys perfect.We all make mistakes but thats life.learn from what you have did in your past to become a better person.You cant change your past but you can change your future

    71. Lori says:

      His “meanness” is not the problem.

      His blog has gotten unpopular because he CANNOT WRITE. Period. Scribbling on a photo is not funny. Nor does he have the financial resources, like Radar Online or TMZ, to get real scoops.

    72. gg says:

      A few of the above comments are very disturbing to me, the way they encourage profligate debauchery. Do you have a soul? If so, this is bad for the soul, not seeing how harmful this can be. And, newsflash — doing it anonymously is NOT BETTER than sticking your actual face on your words.

      It’s not okay to bully people or to worship Childish Class A Hypocrite A-holes like PH. Never read his site and never will.

      If he completely does a turnaround and starts a charity for bullies and stops with the bathroom wall style “journalism” he pretty much started on the internet on a global scale, then I will give him some brownie points. But when he’s excited and in attack mode, the true douchey self comes out. See his attack on Will.I.Am. Disgusting. The gay community does not condone this ass or his juvenile twattery.

    73. skeptical says:

      ha! i’ll believe that when he goes through every old post and removes the lesbophobia.. stops calling women names like “saMANtha” and “lezlo” and “saMAN” stops bashing women for actually having sex drives,
      stops drawing slobber/drug use/ genitals on people

      and stops releasing other people’s private photos online.

      i will stay with my Celebitchy and Dlisted.

      PH is just doing this for publicity, total PR stunt.

    74. alejandro says:

      Just another desperate attempt for attention and to drive up hits to his site. Can’t believe Ellen fell for this and gave him a venue.