Charlie Sheen says current union feels like his “first real marriage”

Charlie Sheen seemed to be ready to stop all the angry, public bickering that went on between him and ex-wife Denise Richards over the last two weeks. Richards dredged it all up again in an attempt to promote her craptastic E! show, Denise Richards: It’s Complicated. And Charlie Sheen, being Charlie Sheen, took the bait too many times. But he’d stopped responding by last week, apparently focusing on better things – his Friday wedding to Brooke Mueller. The couple gave a long interview to OK! Magazine, and Charlie managed to slip in a few quick back door insults aimed at Denise.

On a beautiful spring day set against the backdrop of a sprawling Beverly Hills estate, Charlie Sheen and his lady-love Brooke Mueller said ‘I do’ in an intimate and romantic ceremony surrounded by family and close friends, and only OK! was there!

On May 30… Charlie,42, and Brooke,30, exchanged vows under a low hanging canopy in front of 68 guests including Sheen’s parents Janet and Martin Sheen, brothers Ramon and Emilio Estevez and three daughters Cassandra,23,(from his first marriage) Sam,4, and Lola,3.

Celebrity event designer Yifat Oren incorporated nature themes for the couple’s wedding theme and reception, using bowls of pears, oranges and chocolate-hued candles to adorn the dining tables. At one point a beaming Charlie grabbed the microphone and told guests, “I would like to introduce you to Mrs. Charlie Sheen. We did it, didn’t we?” Later a 14-piece rock band played as everyone danced at the groom’s request.

“I was telling a couple of friends last night that this feels like my first real marriage, Charlie confessed to OK!. “The first one was a show, the second one was a con, and this one is the real deal.”

[From OK! Magazine]

Ooooh, snap Denise Richards! Actually the former couple were so similar in their lowbrow behavior that the really seemed perfect for each other – even more so after they divorced and the rest of the world had to witness their constant spectacles. Charlie is now supposedly on decent (and quiet) terms with his first ex-wife Donna Peele, so it seems like that comment was more aimed at the brevity of their marriage, which lasted less than a year. But calling his second – and very public marriage – a con is quite the slap in the face.

Brooke has been widely rumored to be pregnant, which she denied in the OK! story. However the couple confirms that the next thing on their to do list is each other: they’re trying to get pregnant right away. Somehow Charlie Sheen having more kids to fight over just doesn’t strike me as a good idea.

Here’s Charlie and Brooke “soaking up their sun while enjoying a romantic honeymoon in Costa Rica,” yesterday, according to Splash. Images thanks to Splash.

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  1. kikkui says:


  2. nena says:

    He enjoy that con!!! but he denies it!

  3. kate says:

    he seems sooooo high maintenance i wonder why any woman would want to marry him?

  4. Curlyfry80 says:

    I can’t wait for this quote to resurface when he experiences another very real divorce.

    But, hey…maybe the third time is a charm.

  5. CJ says:

    Why don’t Charlie just shut the hell up?

    IF he would shut up about his life then everyone would shut up about Denise Richards too.

    Who even gives a crap about either of them?

  6. Cici says:

    i used to feel sorry for denise, i really did. but after watching her show, i’m left speechless. she’s a laughing stock and she doesn’t even recognize it. she and charlie deserve eachother.

  7. Kat says:

    Wonder how long it will take for him to get bored with this first real marriage ?

  8. Missy says:

    This guys a real jerk, if he feels truly happy with your current wife, why is he taking the time to be negative, granted Denise is just as wrong. That is not the way you start off a marriage

  9. Haystacks says:

    This will be a great thing for his children to read from his first 2 marriages. Stay Classy, Mr.Sheen