Author who claims John Travolta is gay had his car run off the road twice

Note: the cover image is not a still from any alleged tape and is just from a paparazzi photo
The National Enquirer is running with yet another John Travolta cover story, this time claiming that his “gay affair” was “caught on tape.” That sounds really juicy, only no one at the Enquirer has actually viewed the tape and they’re relying on the account of a guy who has a book to promote and just swears he’s seen a 2004 tape featuring John getting a BJ from another guy. The Enquirer’s source passed two polygraphs, which is something, but not enough to convince me this story is real. Also, this is the same guy who started the latest round of “Travolta is gay” rumors and received another cover story in the Enquirer for it last month.

The author, interior designer Robert Randolph, offered up an e-mail to the Enquirer from the wife of a man who claims to have had sex with Travolta at a gym and a motel. It’s all a lot of hearsay, but it could be true. If this is the case, and Travolta has had over 50 gay lovers as this guy claims, why has no one spoken out about it until now? We may have the answer in the form of some scary run-ins that Randolph had recently while driving. His car was chased by two different vehicles one day, with a black SUV ramming into him at a red light and attempting to run him off the road. Randolph believes its reprisal from the “Church” of Scientology for his claims about one of their most famous members. Here’s more:

Randolph writes in his upcoming memoir “You’ll never Spa in This Town Again” that Travolta is among a number of male stars who regularly engaged in gay sex in Hollywood steam rooms and health spas.

Now in another blockbuster, Randolph tells The Enquirer that a security camera videotaped the “Pulp Fiction” star during a gay hookup at a spa.

“I’ve seen the X-Rated videotape that clearly shows John Travolta having gay sex!” Randolph declared.

“On the tape, John is seen receiving oral sex from another man.”

“The tape was recorded in 2004, and I know for a fact that a copy of the master tape was made,” said Randolph. Two independently administered polygraph exams showed that Randolph is telling the truth about Travolta having sex with men.

“I’d be amazed if this video isn’t made public at some point,” he said…

Randolph’s car chased and run off the road
“My book takes on John Travolta and the Church of Scientology. Both are incredibly powerful, and I fear their supporters may be out for revenge.”

Both incidents unfolded on Oct. 7, according to Randolph. In the most frightening, a black SUV with a man at the wheel followed his Mercedes down the highway and chased him for miles, he said.

According to an L.A. Police Department report, the SUV “rammed [Randolph's] vehicle twice at the red light” and “attempted to run his vehicle off the road.”

The SUV then raced off, Randolph said.

Earlier that day, Randolph claims he was followed by a different car and was forced to swerve when the other driver tried to overtake his vehicle.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, October 25, 2010]

This guy should be scared. The man who tried to extort money from Tom Cruise over unauthorized “wedding photos” was found hanged in an apparent suicide while he was on house arrest. Only in order to hang himself he would have had to lift his knees up underneath him.

Is John Travolta gay? I could believe it. We’ve heard rumors, we’ve seen one kissing photo and now we have one guy who is making a lot of claims. It could be true, but if there are over 50 guys who claim to have slept with him, again why is only one guy who never slept with him coming out with this? So far all we have is hearsay and most of it is secondhand.

ITAR-TASS: MOSCOW, RUSSIA. SEPTEMBER 29, 2010. Hollywood star John Travolta launches a new model of Breitling iconic Navitimer watches, the Blackbird Red Strike Limited Edition watch. He is on a world tour to promote the Swiss brand. The actor has been endorsing the premium aviation watch company for the past five years. (Photo ITAR-TASS/ Vladimir Astapkovich) Photo via Newscom

ITAR-TASS: MOSCOW, RUSSIA. SEPTEMBER 29, 2010. Hollywood star John Travolta launches a new model of Breitling iconic Navitimer watches, the Blackbird Red Strike Limited Edition watch. He is on a world tour to promote the Swiss brand. The actor has been endorsing the premium aviation watch company for the past five years. (Photo ITAR-TASS/ Vladimir Astapkovich) Photo via Newscom

LOS ANGELES, CA - AUGUST 07: Singer Elena Roggero, actress Kelly Preston, actor John Travolta and singer Michele Henderson attend The Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre 41st Anniversary Gala held at the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre on August 7, 2010 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for COS)

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  1. Anti-icon says:

    I believe this. I like Travolta, I hope he comes out himself and denounces his “church.” I hope no more gay people ever die over their sexual orientation. It is 2010 not the dark ages. I do not believe people are so backwards in their thinking that they cannot handle knowing that major Hollywood heart-throbs are indeed gay. It just isn’t so important that lives are continuously lost because of homosexuality.

  2. DrM says:

    Even if he is…lets say for a moment its true…WHO CARES! Its between himself and his wife…

  3. KJ says:

    I think it’s true and I also think that the Church of Scientology killed the guy who tried to extort money from Tom Cruise and are trying to kill this guy. Scientology should be banned like it’s been in France. I’m all for freedom of religion, but that’s not a religion. It’s a cult and a ponzi scheme, and also has really questionable tactics when it comes to anyone who denounces it or its members. Something’s definitely not right there.

  4. guesty says:

    if this guy’s account is true…how freakin scary.

  5. tiki says:

    if the man were as promiscuous as he’s portrayed as being, in this age of camera phones, there would be photographic evidence galore. i’m not a travolta fan. i can take him or leave him. but fair is fair. pony up or shut up.

  6. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    Dude needs to be seriously scared. I would shut the hell up if i was him.

    besides, who cares if he’s gay, i dont!

  7. la_chica says:

    Who knows if this particular story is true, but I believe that he’s gay.

  8. Jeri says:

    Xeno Rage!!! Not funny though, these people need to be exposed & prosecuted.

  9. Merry says:

    @KJ. I agree. Scaaary cult.

  10. Westcoaster says:

    Would the Church of Scientology be that ruthless that it would attempt to kill someone? Why would John Travolta being gay be such a threat?

  11. Bubbles says:

    Has anyone else seen this BBC documentary ?

    COS and JT really tried hard to get John Sweeney, the reporter, fired after he did this documentary…

  12. Praise St. Angie! says:

    while I think that a star as big as Travolta coming out would help to continue to remove the stigma of being gay…

    …I don’t believe in outing people against their will. Travolta, if he is gay, should come out when HE wants to, IF he wants to.

    I also think he is gay, and I just wish that he felt comfortable enough to come out, and to denounce the Cult…I mean “church”…of $cientology.

  13. cprincess says:

    “Is John Travolta gay?”
    Duh-is the pope catholic?

  14. bagladey says:

    Robert Randolph had better seriously watch his back because, while I’m a big Travolta fan (I love John), I believe that there’s truth to this story and I believe that those Scientologists are rich and powerful and dangerous and ruthless. The Enquirer knows a good scandal and this JT outing will be a big one and they want it. The fact that the Enquirer has been pushing/investigating this story for years, in the steadfast, yet cautious way that it has been says to me that they are convinced; they know something.

  15. angel says:

    What he does privately and sexually should not be news unless he is running for a public office and is running on platform of hypocrisy, which as far as we can see, he is not. Shame on the scum for bringing more salacious material to public arena.

  16. Cheyenne says:

    Maybe he’s gay and maybe he isn’t. So what?

  17. AJ says:

    Im friends with one of the members of Limp Bizkit. I was told years ago that Fred Durst was in a club in LA one night and John Travolta was there as well. Apparently John Travolta was buying Fred drinks all night and basically trying to get him drunk. Finally at the end of the night John asked Fred if he wanted to go home with him. Fred turned him down (supposedly lol) so I DEFINITELY buy this story. The Church of Scientology covers for all its members, including Tom Cruise, who I also believe is gay.

  18. Catherine says:

    It would not surprise me one bit if it were true.

  19. dread pirate cuervo says:

    Last weekend I watched Saturday Night Fever for the first time in a while. I think it is an excellent, moving, classic, & utterly fabulous movie. It brings back fond memories of the Dance Fever lunchbox I had in Pre-K. But anyone who’s seen this movie & thinks JT doesn’t like dudes is either blind or on the $cieno payroll. He’s not that good an actor to pull off that kind of sweetness if he wasn’t born with it.

  20. Jenny says:

    I believe this, too! I used to work at a top agency in Hollywood, and it was a well known “secret” that Tom Cruise and John Travolta are gay. usually the rumors are true. I wouldn’t be surprised if Will Smith is, too- Jada is a well known lesbian.

  21. filthycute says:

    Travolta in a gym? I don’t believe it.

  22. devilgirl says:

    Scientology and Travolta money buys a lot of silence, but maybe not everyone can be bought, so that is why one guy, maybe hoping for a bigger payout, is talking.

    I would not take on that church. They are scary from everything I have read from former members.

  23. PsychicEyes says:

    Meh, gay or not who really cares? Besides, Randolph is such a prick for talking to the tabloids and making $$$ from the stories.

    I would not be at all surprised if he finds himself hospitalized.

  24. Eden says:


    I just watched the 2010 follow up of “Scientology and me” and am going to watch the initial 2007 one later today.
    Based on what I saw it is 100% probable that they would do something like this to protect John’s totally aligned with the tactics they use to manipulate and instill fear.

    A few high level members had defected from the church by the 2010 documentary and they provided a lot of interesting information and insight into the cult and also shed light on the truth of what was happening behind the scenes during the 2007 filming.

    The part I’m confused by is seemed that the celebrity’s interviewed in the 2010 doc.had no clue that this trapped warlord was a part of their belief system,it was really weird.
    I think they were acting as though they didn’t have a clue what the interviewer was talking about, but one of the defectors said that no-one learns about Xenu until they reach the highest level and can “handle” the information…??
    So they don’t know about Xenu or they do know and they pretend not to in order to protect the cult??

  25. dorothy says:

    I believe he’s gay. I think in years to come we are going to find out it’s true; much like the Rock Hudson revelation. I believe that Scientology “sets up” alot of these marriages/pregnancies. Weird, I know..but you have to wonder.

  26. Jenny says:

    Back before John Travolta had his second career renaissance in Look Who’s Talking, John felt up my cousin – my male cousin. Creepy because my cousin was a teenager at the time.
    I can’t find the article but there is Operation Clambake that has pretty extensive archives on all things Scientology. They had an article in the 90′s that detailed how people were killing themselves after they lost their homes, paying Scientology to be freed of the Thetans. As for John, it was said that when the rumors of his homosexuality got too loud, he was given a wife, Kelly Preston, who was also a member of Scientology. According to a friend in the biz, his homosexuality is one of the worst kept secrets in Hollywood. His contracts state that his boyfriend gets to be on set with him whenever he is filming. Kelly has had a long term male partner as well so it sounds like they have a nice arrangement in place.
    Other websites have noticed that Kelly is not pregnant and is wearing padding. If you look at her face and boobs, she has no added weight. Even the skinniest of starlets gains a little weight around the face during pregnancy but not Kelly. Rumor is, she has a surrogate doing the work.

  27. OhCamille! says:

    I read “Andy Warhol Diaries” cover to cover and AW outed him many times throughout the book. Apparently, JT made the Studio 54 scene often and during that time he was “dating” Marilou Henner, she dumped him because he wouldn’t give up the boys.
    I’ve believed JT is gay since that book and I’m still a huge fan.
    Luv him – luv everything he’s ever done
    No one cares JT…..good luck to you

  28. Lynda says:

    I can’t think of anything I care less about…

  29. grumbles says:

    One of the draws of this cult is the entitlement aspect to membership. They all feel they are entitled to freedoms and behaviors the rest of us do not enjoy-or bear. The fact that they would kill an expose on their enterprise doesnt suprise me and it isnt musch of a stretch to believe they would kill the messenger

  30. Rob says:

    This sounds far-fetched to me. It would be more believable if we could see a copy of the police report to back him up.

  31. Anne says:

    I’m pretty sure he is gay and bearding.

  32. Marjalane says:

    I can’t believe there’s anyone left in this world who DOESN’T think J.T is gay.

    Having said that, I think it’s really pathetic and sick that we have teens committing suicide over being gay, and the celebs all come out to make PSA’s about it, but we have the same celebs refusing to come out of the closet and say, “Hey, I’m gay, deal with it”. (Yeah, I’m talking to you Anderson Cooper) and now you have continuing allegations against this cult that will do everything in it’s power to “shut people up” about gay members and it’s all about MONEY! I hate that this cult is allowed to continue under the guise of being a “religion”. Seriously sick.

  33. daisyfly says:

    I’ve seen what Co$ can do to families of nobodies.

    This sounds like par for the course.

  34. bb says:

    For those who doubt about what a dangerous cult Scientology is,Google “the lonesome squirrel’s” account of the time when he was a high ranking member of the “church”. He even gives a list of people who died misteriously or “committed suicide”, after trying to defect or tried to expose the cult.

  35. Jenny says:

    Found it:
    Sometimes even the church’s biggest zealots can use a little protection. Screen star Travolta, 37, has long served as an unofficial Scientology spokesman, even though he told a magazine in 1983 that he was opposed to the church’s management. High-level defectors claim that Travolta has long feared that if he defected, details of his sexual life would be made public. “He felt pretty intimidated about this getting out and told me so,” recalls William Franks, the church’s former chairman of the board. “There were no outright threats made, but it was implicit. If you leave, they immediately start digging up everything.” Franks was driven out in 1981 after attempting to reform the church.
    The church’s former head of security, Richard Aznaran, recalls Scientology ringleader Miscavige repeatedly joking to staffers about Travolta’s allegedly promiscuous homosexual behavior. At this point any threat to expose Travolta seems superfluous: last May a male porn star collected $100,000 from a tabloid for an account of his alleged two-year liaison with the celebrity. Travolta refuses to comment, and in December his lawyer dismissed questions about the subject as “bizarre.” Two weeks later, Travolta announced that he was getting married to actress Kelly Preston, a fellow Scientologist.

    Read more:,9171,972865-11,00.html#ixzz12T4KD8J6

    Read more:,9171,972865-10,00.html#ixzz12T3ylgZp

  36. Celebitchy says:

    @Rob – there is a copy of the police report of the car incident in the enquirer, so that evidence is there. Thanks to everyone who dug up information and shared stories!

  37. Ron says:

    I have been in LA for awhile and I am gay. There are quite a few gay celebs that are not out that I have first hand knowledge of. However, I hate the idea of outing someone. If you are going to come out it needs to be in your own time. I have a friend who is quite obviously gay and has lived with the same man for 15 years and still has never told his parents about his “roomate”. Although I personally do not agree with this and think you should live your own life, that is their choice and I have to respect that.
    It is said by most publicists that you have truly made it when the gay rumours start. Speculation amounts to nothing.

  38. Lukie says:

    I believe there were also old rumors that John Travolta was a gay make escort before hitting it big.

    Is he gay? Who knows but is he straight? My gaydar says no.

  39. Lukie says:

    I believe there were also old rumors that John Travolta was a gay male escort before hitting it big.

    Is he gay? Who knows but is he straight? My gaydar says no.

  40. PrettyTarheel says:

    @ Westcoaster
    Bless your heart! The Church of Scientology claims to “cure” homosexuals of their preferences and turn them straight. They’ve made billions from this claim, and 2 of their most famous members (Cruise and Travolta) are well-reported closeted homosexuals. They’ve also gone after Will Smith (rumored to be gay). Reference: Every story about Tom Cruise that didn’t come from People magazine.

  41. aenflex says:


  42. Shay says:

    I believe many of the top Hollywood earners are gay. So what if they sell the image in a film? But once they are outed as being gay, the unfortunate thing about visual media is that there is no way they will ever be considered/cast as romantic leading men, so they would lose many roles. I don’t care what anyone says. No woman thinks of a male actor the same way after they are outed. If, hypothetically (and I really mean hypothetically), Brad Pitt was outed as a gay man, no woman could view him as a romantic lead in a film.
    So it wouldn’t be a huge surprise. Rock Hudson hid his sexuality for decades. He didn’t come out until he was on borrowed time from his HIV.

  43. PrettyTarheel says:

    @ Shay
    You have an excellent point; however, I think Neil Patrick Harris would beg to disagree. He plays a skirt chasing hound on HIMYM. (Granted, he’s a TV star vs. film, but still.)

  44. Crash2GO2 says:

    I like Travolta well enough, and hope him and his family well. But I simply could not give a hoot about his sexual orientation, and I don’t understand the obsession/need (to say nothing of risking your life) to expose him.

    W.T.F. Seriously, don’t these people have their own lives to attend to?

  45. original kate says:

    whatever gym john belongs to he should get his money back. as for him being gay, i don’t care, and i think “outing” people is reprehensible.

  46. DiMi says:

    The Church of Scientology is ruthless. I put nothing past them. Even celebs are scared of them.

    Tom Cruise still plays romantic leads. Rumors of him being gay came out LONG before Jerry Maguire, but he was still effective as a leading man.

    I guess when the rumors are confirmed, we ladies have trouble maintaining the fantasy.

  47. Taurus says:

    @Marjalane, I couldn’t agree with you more! Some of these celebs are quick to tell these young kids to be proud of who they are, when they themselves are hiding who they really are. As far as JT, I do believe he is gay especially after seeing that kissing pic awhile back, but what goes on between him and his wife is NOBODY’S business. I think its gross that there are people trying to out him as being gay. No one has the right to do that, especially for their own financial gain. He needs to have his car ran of the road. People need to mind their own business and leave peoples families alone.


  48. Lady LaLa says:

    I don’t believe it, my Gaydar just aint

  49. Pia says:

    Shay, I think you’re absolutely right. An example; In 2009 the UK’s Daily Mail ran a story wherein Brit actor Rupert Everett was quoted as stating “coming out as gay ruined his career”. I found it a bit startling at the time.. it might have influenced his ability to score those lucrative leads in the rom-com game, but “RUINED” his career? Well, he said it nonetheless.

    On another note, I’ve noticed a few commenters have mentioned JT being seen involved in gay activity “in a gym”. Everything I’ve ever come across stated he was seen, filmed, etc.. in either a “steam room” or a “bath house”… furthermore, all locations were well-known meeting places for gays seeking that environment. Besides, by the look of him.. I’d doubt JT’s seen the inside of an actual gym for at least 10+ years.

  50. 田伯光 says:

    哈哈 我是来看评论的

  51. Linda Guest says:

    Kelly Preston is definitely pregnant “for real”. She does have some noticeable weight gain in her pictures. Just because she is 47 doesn’t mean she can’t get pregnant. I am in my 40s and hope to one day get pregnant.

  52. judy says:

    So for all these years NO one has ever gotten a photo or a cam recording of John with another man??? Even his wife said he is the type that kisses people. Like the photo someone saw of him kissing his friend. I don’t caqre if he is bi sexual or not, it is his business and all if these people declaring that he is gay with noproff I hope someone starts that rumor about you lol Lets see how well you handle it and try to prove youre not lol

  53. Rose says:

    It would not matter to me in the least if John was gay or not…I will still love him….as a great man and actor…but I do not beleive this story is real…just someone trying to get their 15 minutes of fame…..

  54. MooHoo says:

    Bubbles – here is the continuing story of what happened to Jon Sweeney after that first scientology report – see link below. it is scary that this organisation can act like this – doorstopping, bullying. check out the interviews with hollywood celebrities who are members.
    the travolta rumours have been out there for years and years. yes, it is between his wife and himself, but to be gay and belong to an organisation that tries to ‘audit’ gayness out of you is strange and unhealthy. there is a bigger story here i think than just travolta being gay. it involves scientology, cruise, kidman etc. eventually, it will all come out.

  55. MooHoo says:

    In this day and age, it is sad to say it but i do believe that admitting that you are gay would undermine a male actor’s career. it will take away credibility from him playing roles where even a tiny modicum of romance is concerned as everyone in the audience will be sitting there saying – yea, yea, he’s gay so he can’t possibly be in to her. Imagine any of the current crop admitting they are gay. Say Matt Damon or George Clooney. What roles are they going to get in future if everyone knows they are gay? Macho roles? Spy thrillers? Yes, if the films arty, interesting and probably a french production where they have no issue with portraying fascinating gay characters – but how will that go down in mass market middle America or China? It won’t.
    Other actors will be cast for those roles and Matt and George will be forever defined by their sexuality.

    Unless, someone in Hollywood has the courage to just take a punt and cast openly gay actors in heterosexual roles where after a while, it will be acceptable to see gay actors in those roles and no one will question the character’s sexuality anymore.

    Bisexuality would be more acceptable for conservative audiences than homosexuality – hence you can have gay rumours swirling for years, but hey, you are married with a few kids so that is okay (if you can call that bisexuality). what do you think?

  56. Me says:

    No one in Hollywood owes the public an explanation of their orientation.

    I actually respect Anderson Cooper for not addressing it, but living his life the way he sees fit, as shown in the pap pics with his rumored BF. He’s not a hypocrite, he lives his life as any straight person does.

    How many straight people normally announce their bedroom proclivities? Until everyone lists it on their FB page, which will soon be their latest non-opt out application, I’d leave him be. He’s not hiding it.

    As for Travolta, while speculating is interesting, it’s speculation. Also how is it any different then cyberbullying, if he doesn’t want to come out or if it isn’t true? He’s in the public eye, part of a cult, but some things should be off the table…..even if there is proof, unless perhaps a crime is committed. I don’t need to know exactly what my favorite stars are doing in theirbedrooms. Just my two cents.

    I’m a hypocrite though. I admittedly do read these stories, but more because I’m interested in the commentary. I’m also concerned how far people will go to make a buck. The Travoltas seem likable, but they try to hard. I guess it works for them regardless of what is true.

  57. sasha says:

    I wonder if john travolta ever boned kinickie during Grease. That would be kind of hot.

  58. the emperor's new clothes. says:

    i believe this story is true.

  59. Bill says:

    Shay, i would have to disagree.

    The movie “X-men” was a huge megahit, and it has two gay/bi leads (Anna Paquin; Rogue, and Ian Mckellan; Magneto).

    I can’t really immediately think of anyone who was a huge success before coming out and then flopped afterwards.

    Some celebs, like Richard Simmons, have never actually said they were gay but gone to great lengths to demonstrate it. He flew into the letterman show on wires and offered to bear a child with Mr. Letterman.

  60. Anti-icon says:

    #42 Shay: Sadly, your argument is the exact “program” that $cios use to keep actors/actresses who are gay in the closet. It is their power over them; that they as a whole person, with talent in acting, would not be accepted by the “public” who the leaders can mysteriously speak for. It is brainwashing that they are doing, on the rich celebs, and on the poor beaten and abused members of the cult who work for cents on the dollar. It shames.

  61. sparky parker says:

    I heard this author interviewed on the radio. He sounded so vendictive and like someone who wants his moment of fame. He was horrible. Is Travolta gay? Who knows? Who cares? He is a talented actor who has brought a lot of joy to the world. I don’t understand people who seem to be set upon destroying people.

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