Donnie Wahlberg dumped his “secret mistress” when she got pregnant


In September, Donnie Wahlberg’s two-year-long divorce proceeding with his wife Kim Fey finally drew to a close. Donnie and Kim split up in 2008, and there were murmurs at the time that Donnie had left Kim for his jumpoff, a Canadian model named Michelle Tomlinson. Apparently, since the 2008 split, Donnie continued seeing Michelle… until just recently. When Michelle came to Donnie and told him that he had gotten her pregnant, Donnie dumped her. So says the National Enquirer. Damn, Donnie. You break up a nine year marriage for a jumpoff and then you quit your jumpoff when she gets knocked up? That’s BAD.

Blue Bloods star Donnie Wahlberg’s secret mistress has dropped a bombshell – she’s pregnant!

Gorgeous Canadian model Michelle Tomlinson – who broke up the New Kids on the Block hunk’s nine-year marriage to Kim Fey – is due to give birth to his love child in March, say pals.

Donnie, who stars in the new CBS cop show Blue Bloods, isn’t exactly thrilled with the news.

He “freaked out” and dumped the 27-year-old stunner when she told him she was expecting his baby, sources say.

“He told her then and there it was over,” a source said.

[From The National Enquirer]

I will confess to having a soft spot for both Mark and Donnie Wahlberg, just because I like them both as actors. But Donnie sounds like a major tool (Mark does too, all too often). Like, this is a Swizz Beatz-level of douchebaggery. I can’t believe that his girlfriend was all “I’m pregnant” and without even taking a few days to process it, Donnie was all “Smell you later, ho!” Such a gentleman. I bet he kicked a puppy on the way out.

Here are some photos of Donnie running away from contraception:



Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Maddie says:

    Well really what do these “jump off” think when they start shagging a Married Man who is already lying and cheating on their wives, why do they always acts surprised when he turns out to be a lying cheating sack of dog poo?

    I really do hope the kid is his and he has to pay out every month for the next 18 years.

  2. Hautie says:

    And once again it goes to prove getting knocked up… will not earn you a husband.

    But I suspect it will earn her a DNA test and a possible child support check.

  3. Vee says:

    If this story is true, it’s pathetic behavior by both parties. She tried to trap him and it failed. He was a douche by screwing around on his wife. The poor kid!

  4. Meaux says:

    Sounds like a typical Irish Catholic American douche from Dorchester. I see dozens of them everyday. Nice one Mrs. Wahlberg, charming boys.

  5. Samigirl says:

    @Meaux, you cannot blame the MOM for these kids running away from their responsibilities. I know several guys who are douches, regardless of the fact that they have great mothers, my brother in law for one.

  6. jennifer says:

    Both him and his brother come across to me as major douches and bullies. So, this is really no surprise to me.

  7. mln says:

    I agree with Jennifer that both brothers always seemed like jerks eventhough they are both talented actors I have always gotten the vibe that they are chauvanists.

  8. happygirl says:

    “Donnie was all “Smell you later, ho!” Such a gentleman. I bet he kicked a puppy on the way out.” ….OMG Kaiser…coffee almost came flying out of my nose on that one. Hilarious! Although, I like both Mark & Donnie, too, and I hope this isn’t true.

  9. Courtney says:

    please this stuff has gone on in hollywood for decades it’s nothing new. both Elizabeth Taylor and Mike Todd were married when the got involved and she became pregnant with their daughter Liza and was three months along when they got married february 2nd 1957 as she was born August 6th of that year. but unfortunately Mike died March 22nd 1958. same with Paul Newman though he & his first wife were seperated and divorcing when his live in girlfriend Joanne Woodward became pregnant with their first child in October of 1957 his divorce was Finalized the day before their wedding in Las Vegas. but sadly she miscarried the day before valentines day and he had to leave her on valentines day to do the rehearsals for the film Cat On A Hot Tin Roof. and him being the sweethearted man he was was torn to pieces because he longed to hold her and grieve for the child they lost.

    when she arrived home from London two weeks later he cuddled her close and struggled to soothe her anguish a mother is never supposed to lose her child before birth a lilly budded within her only to bloom in heaven and for that he hated the world for his dearestest ones most precious dreams had been painfully shattered.

    can you say DNA test to prove this whore’s child is actually Donnie’s

  10. mslewis says:

    Well, does anybody want to blame the model for getting pregnant by a married man with children?? Sure, Wahlberg is a douche but what about her? What did she expect exactly? Flowers? Candy? An engagement ring? What a fool!! I say she deserves what she got and he deserves to be slapped by his Mama!! They are both low class pieces of sh!t and not worth talking about.

  11. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    Hey, Mark should hit up side his big ass head. I dont believe Mark is as bad as Donnie when it comes to kids.. He has a dozen of em I think.

    Take care of your kid, douchebag and get a clue.

  12. Kelly says:

    I always forget that he exists.

  13. lilred says:

    Lol,@ Kaiser but he’s not running from contraception, he’s running from commitment.

  14. nycmom10024 says:

    You peeps are a hysterical bunch. Love the way the word whore is thrown around. Apparently anyone who as sex without being married or sex with a married man is a whore as defined by many posters on this list.

    So I can only jump to one conclusion, you are all virgins, unless you are married or previously married, right?

    I am still striving to live a virtuous life, but it encouraging to know that so many of you are already there.

    re: Wahlberg and his mistress, they have been together for anywhere between 2.2 and who knows how many years – I’m sure she (incorrectly) thought they were the real thing. After all he stayed after his divorce.

  15. Jezi says:

    Oh please say it ain’t so!!!! I was a complete New Kid fan for most of my young life. I’m soooooo disappointed. Donnie was my future husband when I was 13. I’m glad that never happened ;)

    Just another dirtbag I guess. It never ceases to amaze me how many trashy people are out there. To the mistress well that’s karma for you. Idiot! To Donnie, you’re obviously just another tool.

  16. mln says:

    @Courtney to be fair back in the day it could take YEARS to get a divorce, someone had to be at fault and both parties had to agree to sign the papers.

  17. Manda3 says:

    Hahaha kicked a puppy on the way out. YOUR GREAT.

  18. Mrs K 2 be says:

    Who says the kid is his??? Ya sleep with married men, ya deserve what ya get.
    If it is his I’m sure he’ll support it, but he probably doesn’t want to be tied down and married again.
    Maybe, just maybe, he told her he didn’t want any more kids and she thought he’d change his mind. Maybe he called her bluff.
    Some women do that.

  19. PrettyTarheel says:

    @ Courtney, you know so much about Old Hollywood-that’s the second post I’ve read of yours that referenced classic stories (the other one being about the Oscar winner whose husband clapped the loudest to show his pride).
    Stream of consciousness writing kills me, but I love your posts.

  20. really says:

    You are too funny Kaiser!!!

  21. Scarlet Vixen says:

    Sorry, but I hate the term “got her pregnant”–it’s one step away from “knocked her up.” It’s not like she didn’t have anything to do with it. Unless he sneaked into her bedroom in the night with a turkey baster he didn’t ‘get her pregnant.’ In fact, at least 50% of the responsibility lies with the woman–to either get pregnant or not. If anything SHE got herself pregnant.

  22. JC126 says:

    @4, maybe those Irish Catholic boys in Dorchester just don’t like you or your friends. I doubt they treat all women badly.
    And he filed for divorce back in 2008 – is he supposed to remain abstinent while the process drags on? They were separated, not a married couple, and I bet oh, 100% of separated-but-not-yet-divorced-officially people have sex with a new partner if they get one.
    Now as for Donny – if true, not cool to run upon news of a pregnancy. He should’ve told her he didn’t want kids and let her make her decision to stay or not, then gotten a vasectomy.

  23. cantbelievethis says:

    ‘And no… I aint having no babies. ;)

    That’s what Donnie W wrote on his twitter, so we’ll see.

    I really like him in Blue Bloods. I didn’t think I’d like the show, but it is one of my favorites now.

  24. Feebee says:

    WHOA! These nothing in this story from the girlfriend so where’s the proof she was surprised when he did this? She might have just rolled her eyes with a “fucking typical” muttered under her breath.

    I didn’t see anything about her wanting to trap him into marriage either. If he didn’t want to be “trapped” he should have thought of contraception or maybe not boned her in the first place, ditto for her. When will chicks realise that while it takes two to tango it will always be the female who needs to take responsibility for avoiding pregnancy.

  25. jen says:

    Since when does a story posted in the National Enquirer have any actual merit? Oh please…before you blame anyone, have your facts straight. Did the journalists even BOTHER to do any kind of investigation or research? Because if they did, they would’ve known what all the NK fans know, that Donnie’s actual girfriend is an Italian model named Natalia. Morons!

  26. jc126 says:

    So he denies it on Twitter – maybe she’s lying about the pregnancy because he dumped her, trying to make him look bad, and then will claim to have miscarried.

  27. I Choose Me says:

    I’m taking this one with a heapful of salt. And not because I had a major crush on him a thousand years ago. Aside from some stupid shenanigans when he was a young New Kid, I never heard anything bad about him. Anywho, I better facebook a friend of mine who is up to the minute on all things NKOTB to see if this is true. :D

  28. Meow Mix says:

    Kaiser thanks for the laugh!

  29. nj says:

    I have zero sympathy for women who conduct themselves this way. It’s okay for her to play a part in breaking the hearts of his family, but now we’re supposed to feel sorry for her now that hers is broken? No.
    Furthermore, I believe that accidental pregnancies do occur to young women, poor women, women who do not have access to birth control. There is NO WAY a woman who is dating a wealthy actor can wind up accidentally pregnant. These people can get ANY prescription they want, at any hour.
    There is NO excuse for them. None.
    Donnie must have the brains of a starfish. Get the vasectomy, you idiot! It’s no big deal. My husband got it in December- no more worries for us.
    I am very disappointed in Donnie, but he is getting what he deserves after dumping a wife and children for this conniving trash. But I don’t blame him for dropping her. Why would you stay with someone who set you up to have a child you don’t want? You can’t trust her, and where there is no trust…well, you know the rest.

    She was hoping he’d be thrilled and put a ring on her finger. Girlfriend gambled and lost…

    He’s embarrassed himself and hurt his children further. Have fun trying to explain this to the little ones, Don.

    What a great situation to bring a baby into.
    AND WHY WHY WHY is there not a male birth control pill on the market???
    Because men won’t take a pill? Bullyouknowwhat. I bet the NBA would buy out the entire stock. This is a fortune waiting to happen. I dont understand how they can develop a pill that makes old men’s **cks stand up but they cant find a way to disable a sperm.

  30. Jeri says:

    Well, I’m sure Gloria A will help her. Gloria’s always up for a press conference with a mistress.

  31. AD says:

    Wahlberg should shoulder most of the blame on this. Poor excuse of a man. But mistress needs to know this was always gonna end in tears since he left his wife and broke up his family for her.

  32. Mairead says:

    Another Wahlberg brother is a utter gobshite. I’m shocked, I tell you, SHOCKED!!

    I know what Mieux is getting at. “Irish” mammies can breed a special type of self-important pillock, who no woman is ever good enough for :roll:

  33. MacLipliner says:

    How does Wahlberg manage to find the time for a girlfriend, a mistress, and all the ‘special’ friends he’s messing around with on Twitter. He’s a complete douche, leading gullible women on and telling them that they have a special relationship with him, then ignoring them when they show up to his TV set. (Not me, I’d never fall for a sleaze like this). He’s hurting a lot of people, but karma will surely take care of him.

  34. Carebear says:


  35. notnaive says:

    Donnie’s been dating Nat for awhile now (she’s not a model). Michelle was a side piece for a long time while he was married. Not saying she’s pregnant because I do not know, but he has most definitely kept her as a side piece since the divorce. He’s just added a few groupies to the mix now.

  36. dorchestergurl says:

    guys, guys, guys……… really just read all of your comments and all i need to say is……. donnie is a sweet, caring, sensitive guy if you were true nkotb blockheads and read his twitter page you’d understand the person he is would never do that to any woman. donnie loves his children more than life it’s self.. so i find it hard to believe he would hurt someone in that manner. donnie has said in past that he loves women…. i mean he’s surrounded by them 24,7 and would not dis respect anyone, end of the day you should never believe what the papers say because 95% it’s fiction. Honestly not guilty until proven, but personally for me donnie just ride with it cos it’ll blow over soon…. concentrate on what’s most important to you and ignore these ridiciless rumors and claims.. hope Edub and Xdub are ok? and congrats with blue bloods hope it airs in the u.k. soon. p.s. your not a douch!!! haters feeling jealous because you didd’t give them a twug!! :) love ya homeboy!!! Rise and Grind x x

  37. JoJo says:

    I love how everyone believes everything that’s printed….what fools!

  38. Nameless says:

    Dorchestergurl sounds like one of cult members. Does he follow you on twitter? did he tell you that one of the songs he’s written is secretly about you? Did Joe give you a cell phone number that you can send text messages to, but no one answers when you call? Dream on honey, read the groupie reports. Wahlberg is no different than the rest.

  39. says:

    hey nameless: take it easy on dorchestergurl she sounds like she has’nt seen dw’s real colours yet she sounds young…. bless her :( dont worry dorchestergurl men like dw like to manipulate people especially the early age to think their everything and make you want them…. my advice hunny! what nameless and others said is a fact… people with power think they can do and treat you like what they want darlin… don’t take to heart what nameless said she speaking the truth but only you can decide whether to keep on liking someone that treats women like trash… friendly advice hunny!! concluding- donnie stop being a idiot, do the right thing and take responsibility for your actions. non related but has anyone heard the new travis mc coy song!!…..quite catchy yall :)

  40. lola says:

    I know Michelle Personaly, she is NOT pregnant! get your facts straight national!! for being due in march she sure is skinny!!!

  41. Jamie says:

    Sorry #14, but knowingly having sex with a married man DOES make someone a whore. I think people have a right to call her one. If the shoe fits…

    #25, since they’ve actually been right about a number of things over the past year or so (Jon Edwards, David Boreanaz’s affair with Rachel Uchitel, etc. among others).

  42. Cheri says:

    Seriously???? I love how everyone believes that the National Enquirer is reporting the truth!

    I try not to comment on crap like this but some people on here are cracking me up.

    First, no one making comments on here has any proof that this has happened. I don’t care who you think you know or what you have heard, unless both parties come forward to discuss the matter it is all heresay!! For the girl who thinks she knows Michelle….I’m sure she’ll be thrilled that you were on here discussing the matter instead of just keeping your mouth shut!!!

    Second, I love how people seem to think they know everything that is going on in Donnie’s life. There have been rumors and speculation about who he is dating or screwing for years! Again, if he hasnt come forward to talk about it then no one knows for sure what is going on. I have followed him on twitter and seen the stuff that he puts out there and still no one knows if he is telling the truth or just throwing out a bunch of b.s. because there are fans that hang on his every word!! I have been a fan for years but I am not about to waste my time worrying about who Donnie is sleeping with or knocking up….I mean if it’s not me then who cares :D …Just kidding

    Really with all that is going on in the world…is this the kind of thing that we need to focus on???

  43. during Valentines Day, i always give my girlfriend some roses collection for her to enjoy `

  44. LaStrega says:

    Seriously… whoever said that this can’t be true because he has Natalia is living under a rock and should eat a big slice of please-come-out-of-your-state-of-denial pie.

    He was cheating on his wife, the mother of his boys, with that hoe (because yes, I do agree with whoever it was that said sleeping with a married man makes you a hoe). Do you think he would think twice about cheating on Natalia? Oh please.

    And do you think it is at all surprising? A man who is good looking, who is in the spotlight, who has money and who has chicks throwing themselves at him is still a MAN. Meaning, their brains are located in their shorts, NEWSFLASH. And that does not come out of the NE, that’s a fact of life, people.

    Back to the real topic, if he really did that, then he’s a prick. But both he and the hoe should have thought of the possible consequences before getting jiggy with no glove. I don’t pitty any one of the two more than the other, ha.

  45. Blu Angel says:

    I do have a friend who used to work for Donnie himself. She clearly confirmed to me that this story is 100% TRUE. He and his current girlfriend Natalia have broken up on and off for awhile, because she caught him flirting with other women.
    Some people need to get their pretty heads out of the sand and realize, just because he says he’s a cool guy and how much he “loves” his “soldiers” he’s really just a moody, selfish, and self centered player.
    My friend who worked for him told me the man is not the same in person as he plays himself out to be. His “kindness” is an act.

  46. sable says:

    actually, having seen pictures of michelle when this rumor started “growing”, i can see where it started… she’s a model and a few of her b-t-s shots showed her a little puffier in her middle, so that’s probably how it started… as for donnie… he and kim were together for more than their marriage, she was with him during his New Kids days… he has 2 (two) kids with her… they decided to get married in ’99 but the reasons for the divorce are not public… most people confuse the actor with the person, who they play on tv/movies with who they really are… and don’t be fooled with anything from gossip rags… the only reason this was even put in them was because Blue Bloods is a hit on TV right now… this bull sells rags…