Madonna goes clubbing with her new boyfriend Brahim


There was some confusion the other day about whether Madonna had a new boyfriend named Brahim, and which Brahim was actually her “boyfriend.” As it turns out, there is one guy named Brahim Zaibat who is a 24-year-old break dancer and back-up dancer. Zaibat was photographed with Madonna several days ago. And then last night, Madge was photographed with the other Brahim, Brahim Rachiki, or at least that’s how WENN identifies this guy. Although… he looks a lot like the guy X17 identified as Zaibat. This is so confusing! Let’s just say that Jesus Luz is officially over, and that Madonna has a new boy-toy who is either 33 years old or 24 years old, and that she went clubbing with her new guy last night in London. I think we can also safely say, trend-watchers, that Dudes Named Brahim are officially “in style”. Take notes.

Brahim is being identified as this dude, in black:


I will also say this – Madonna’s face has settled in very well, at long last. I’ll also say that the bitch needs to get her roots done.



Photos courtesy of WENN.

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24 Responses to “Madonna goes clubbing with her new boyfriend Brahim”

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  1. Alice says:

    Cougar on the loose! Does he look scared or what? Madonna is teaching us all a thing or two….

  2. Canuck says:

    I think she actually gets her roots done that colour so that it looks like they are growing out dark rather than the grey they probably really are.

  3. Alexa says:

    omg – she looks SO GREAT! She looks to be – at the most – in her late 20’s!?!! As far as these “boyfriends” go, I’m sure they’re not serious romances. Madonna is extremely physically fit and needs someone who CAN DO the kinds of things she likes to do (dance, run, hike, keep busy) to keep her company. Most available men her age can’t keep up with her or are @$$wipes; hence, the very young companions.

  4. guesty says:

    she is such a cougar…lol.

  5. Maritza says:

    He just her new flavor of the month.

  6. waldemar says:

    What I find amazing is that a man only has to attach himself to Madonna for two nano seconds and everyone with the same name is being hounded by press.

    Madonna only does her roots when she is on tour, although the theorie from Chanuck is a very good one.

    Love her.

  7. Lway says:

    It’s Lourdes’ time now …….. move over grandma!

    I cannot imagine Madonna still “going-at-it” – she looks so old and frail – i’ll leave it at that because the images in my head just makes my stomach churn …… blegh! 🙁

  8. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    Awww c’mon everyone needs a little bit!! Anyway, men at her age have lost some of their stamina… you definatly want a guy to be able to keep up with you.

    Go for it Madonna!

  9. Chelly says:

    Old and frail? Madonna??? She’s so fit and toned. Are you kidding!! She’s 50 and FABULOUS!!!! I only hope I can look THAT good & have THAT kind of energy at that age…pls. U sound a bit jealous to me. Lourdes is definately gonna be a handful though & equally gorgeous.

  10. jr says:

    go on mama.

  11. Tess says:

    Good for Madonna. I hope I’m able to hook younger guys when I’m her age. But I hope she doesn’t keep on like this for too long. Pretty soon she’ll be a replica of Meryl Streep’s character at the beginning of Death Becomes Her. At some point in the future these young men will only want to be with her strictly to further they’re own ambitions. And that’s just humiliating.

  12. cprincess says:

    She looks like shes in her 20’s????
    Shes like 53 years old and thats how old she looks-a fit,toned version(although if youve seen the non retouched version of recent ad campaigns-maybe not so toned) and there are PLENTY of women who look as good and better than her…
    She has an incredible discipline and she evolves-that I will allow-her ‘music’ has been crap since the 90s and she if wants to prey on these young guys, who cares-plenty of men do it and nobody says a thing although baby Jesus was a little bit too young I think…
    One last thing-her hair ALWAYS looks like crap-the color is terrible -why?
    Surely she could have her own personal colorist on standby??

  13. Bailey says:

    Madonna is no way old and frail
    she is not slowing anytime soon.
    you should see her in concert, she is super fit and talented!

  14. skibunny says:

    old and frail??? Bet she could kick your butt!

  15. animac says:

    she is gorgeous

  16. Brooke says:

    @Alexa; late 20’s? get your eyes out of your ass please.

  17. BabyCakes says:

    She is my idol.

  18. HBIC says:

    She looks to be in her 20s????? me thinks someone’s overdue for their annual vision check. She looks like a very toned, cosmetically enhanced middle aged woman. Please, adulation doesn’t have to equal delusion.

  19. birdgherl says:

    Too distracted by the roots. And who goes “clubbing” at 53??

  20. truthzbetta says:

    How much do I love a 50 plus year old woman clubbing. Go for it, iron lady.

    Love. Mama Do Preach.

  21. Poodlemom says:

    Since the Yankees lost tonight..and A-Rod is apparently on the outs with Cameron Diaz…Maybe Madge will start hooking up with him again??? This dude looks a lot like A-Rod, dontcha think?

  22. nag says:

    With all her surgery and bits that keep her young, her eyeballs look 50. She is looking old.

  23. mystified says:

    Why is Madonna lately always wearing horribly unflattering hair and makeup colors? She has obvious cool natural coloring, but she insists on warm hair and makeup. Is she so powerful that no one will tell her it’s all wrong?

    That orangey lipstick and eye shadow are just too hideous on her. She looks like a corpse. Her too warmly toned hair also looks bad, but at least it’s not the hideous Titian hair that she wore when she was married. With all her wealth she can’t afford a 20-year old second hand copy of Color Me Beautiful?

  24. paranel says:

    She looks 60 even though she has tried every plastic surgery known to man already. Wow, she must have crappy genes.