Jon Hamm loves to let his junk swing & his lack of underwear is causing problems


A little while ago, we had some new Jon Hamm photos, and as an after-thought, I noted that Jon Hamm’s bulge was looking particularly glorious in his jeans. This item was picked up by Gawker, who ran a “photographic investigation” into the state of The Hamm’s package. Turns out, there’s lots of Hamm Bulge photos, and there is much visual evidence to suggest that Our Beloved Hamm is well-endowed. Now we have another piece of evidence – the National Enquirer claims that The Hamm hates to wear underwear, preferring to let his large dong fly freely. God Bless America.

“KEEP your junk in your trunk and stop going commando!” That’s what the cast and crew of the Emmy-winning series Mad Men are saying about star JON HAMM’s bizarre “no underwear” rule!

Hamm, who’s notorious for skipping skivvies, even has bloggers going nuts over his not-suitable for- work attire, an insider told The ENQUIRER.

“Jon refuses to wear underwear and there have been so many close calls on the set that someone finally had to tell him to secure his goods,” a source confided.

“During filming, his character has had to wear some very short shorts, and that’s when everyone’s especially on edge. Some of the actresses and crew members wouldn’t mind a sneak peek, but the majority of the cast and crew don’t want Jon to accidentally expose himself.”

Hamm – who plays brooding ad man Don Draper on the hit AMC series – is “getting a kick out of all the fuss,” says the source. “Jon thinks it’s hilarious.”

[From The National Enquirer]

Yes, it’s so hilarious that I’m drooling. It’s so hilarious that I’m going to fly to LA and apply for a job in Mad Men’s costuming department. Sweet Jesus. I’ve heard many well-endowed men claim that they hate wearing underwear in general, and anything tight or restricting in general. You would think that boxers would be the obvious choice for the well-endowed man, but I guess when you’re Jon Hamm, you want to share the bulging goodness with everyone. The Hamm really is an American hero.

By the way, I was just trying to find some good shots of his bulge. Your eye is drawn to it, right?




Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. roguesiren says:

    And why would this be a problem?

  2. citysuede says:

    OMG!! I can’t get my eyes back in my head!

  3. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    OMG!!! I was looking to the right before you even mentioned it Kaiser. He is NIIICCCEEEE. I am now anti-undies for all men…well the beautiful ones anyway.

    Now I want to fly with you to LA…

  4. Moi says:

    Holy Hamm, it’s huge!

  5. Riley says:

    The jeans picture looks like the cover of The Rolling Stones’s album, Sticky Fingers.

  6. Sophie says:

    good lord. I…there are no words.

    the look on his face in the first photo is hilarious.

  7. Riley says:

    But the picture with the blond woman, his balls look like Michael Lohan’s— kinda gross.

  8. Shay says:

    I find guys who don’t wear underwear slightly strange. I’ve dated a few, and I’ll just say that they tend to veer toward the freaky-pervy side of the fence. When I think about it, it makes some sense. No underwear means being able to ‘whip it out’ in a flash, without the fuss, and freely engage.
    On the other hand, it’s quite off putting. Imagine the summers, when butt sweat prevails.
    Anyway, it’s a horrible look to be male, wear jeans without underwear and have their junk hanging on one side. Ugh…

  9. brin says:

    Well it is now!

  10. Samigirl says:

    Now, every frickin time I see a pic of the Hamm, I’m gonna stare at his crotch. Ahh well, I can think of worse things.

  11. mln says:

    Wow Jon Hamm really is perfect isn’t he.

  12. texasmom says:

    THIS is the kind of story I like to read!

  13. TQB says:

    OK, I don’t personally have a penis, but query: do boxers really do much to “secure” the package? I don’t see how they would obscure a large bulge in jeans or anything, it’s just another layer of fabric. And I am staunchly anti any sort of restrictive male undergarment, so if this is an issue where they’d prefer him to wear tighty-whiteys, well, suck it. Don’t fence him in!

  14. Po says:

    I like the Hamm but I’m going to go with the rest of the cast on this one. I don’t want to see is stuff hanging out of the bottom of his shorts. Gross!

  15. Taurus says:

    Hhhmmmmmm (Licking my lips)


  16. yummy says:

    The only word I can come up with is….yummy…..

  17. Mia says:

    Ha! That is hilarious and kinda yummy. I remember back in the day when James Marsters used to go commando on the set of Buffy. Not a problem for Spike or the fans, but when the show ended, he had to lock up the junk for other shows. Pity.

  18. bros says:

    hah great post! you never know though—he might be a show-er and not a grower.

  19. OtherChris says:

    Thank God I’m here to answer your large dong questions. The problem with boxers is that the dong just goes down one leg or the other. I had a boyfriend who couldn’t wear certain pants with boxers because it was obscene. I miss him sometimes. Anyway, briefs take care of the problem, but large wanged men do have some comfort problems that smaller guys don’t.

  20. poopie says:

    I like my ham swingin’, danglin’ or tied up in a neat ham sammich. just gimme my HAMM !

  21. MSMLNP says:

    I don’t know what I laughed harder at…the “show-er vs. the “grow-er”, the lopsided junk, or that someone has written with authority on Michael Lohan’s balls.

  22. Hautie says:

    Wasn’t there an episode in the first season of Mad Men… where Draper is in a doctors office in his tighty whitey’s?
    Having some kind of check up? I just don’t recall being that impressed with that moment.

    But I am impressed as hell with the pictures above. 🙂

  23. poopie says:

    Just blew coffee out my nose thinking of michael lohan’s junk

  24. Westcoaster says:

    Great way to end the week!!!

  25. Aqua says:

    Now that you mention it…I do find myself looking.As far as I’m concern he could keep it hanging ,he could do no wrong in my eyes.

  26. angela says:

    Not sexy. I prefer boxers.

  27. Stronzilla says:

    America, land of the free and home of the brave! I’d rather work in waredrobe than the drycleaners though. Just sayin’.

  28. ThirdChris says:

    How did this go unnoticed for so long?! I am all about his comfort.

    Good point, Stronzilla.

  29. Stephanie says:

    Delightful post Kaiser!!!

  30. Feebee says:

    Kind of makes asking the question ‘how’s it hangin’?’ a little loaded. Most of the time he’d have to reply, ‘to the left’.

    I know, I’m old, people probably don’t ask that any more.

  31. esblondie says:

    Good God, it just keeps getting better and better with the Hamm. That Jennifer Westfeldt is a lucky, lucky bitch.

  32. Crash2GO2 says:

    @OtherChris: “I had a boyfriend who couldn’t wear certain pants with boxers because it was obscene. I miss him sometimes.”


    Re. the Hamm, if he were a gentleman, he would put his cast and crew’s comfort above his own, so I’m calling bullshit on this story, ’cause I really do think he is a gentleman (from what I have heard and read).

  33. Jesscia says:

    I feel dirty now 🙂

  34. jen says:

    He’s a true patriot!

  35. Stubbylove says:

    Holy *hit that is amazing!!! My heartbeat just went up about 100 beats.

  36. El Predicto says:

    Hilarious comments from all you women! If you have anything going on down a man, briefs are horribly uncomfortable.

    Boxers allow everything to hang naturally. And yes its going down one pant leg or the other. Tailors allow for this when making you a suit…they ask which side you prefer.

    How funny that some of you seem offended by Hamm’s choice for comfort. Maybe he should wear a jock strap to keep it all in one nice lump for you all!

  37. Maritza says:

    Yuck! Men with underwear are much sexier.

  38. K-MAC says:

    I love him!

  39. Laura says:

    YES. This is probably one of the best posts ever. More please!

  40. Ron says:

    Unless you have a ginormous wang, and I mean huge, there is not issue wearing tighties. Boxer brief would seem to be the answer, but let’s just let the Hamm swing freely for all to enjoy.

  41. Anna says:

    oh my lord, love it. what a way to start the day!

  42. NancyMan says:

    This is hardly a problem! I think there is nothing more charming than a man with a vpl. Always goods except perhaps at dance recital or funerals.

  43. Bella Bella says:

    thank you.

  44. Jo says:

    Love the way it looks like it’s always angled towards the ladies – lush!

  45. original kate says:

    tighty whities are NOT sexy. but boxers….grrrr! especially flannel ones in winter.

    as for hamm, normally i think commando is icky but in this case i am willing to make an exception. he should let what nature gave him fly free.

  46. Kitten says:

    Free-ballin’! How fun!

  47. Alicia says:

    Nice post and ahhhhh beautiful pics!!!! Keep ’em comin’!! (eh, no pun intended!!!) lol

  48. Lardy Chops says:

    Great post Kaiser; you delivered the goods Hamm-wise. God bless America indeed.

  49. anon33 says:

    I’m with Otherchris and El Predicto. My fiance is pretty well endowed, and uncircumcised, and he has the same “comfort” issues that they discussed. I personally do not prefer boxers because I feel like they hide too much-maybe that makes me freaky, I don’t know!!!


    Now I can go on with the rest of my work day. Great post as usual Kaiser.

  50. Newyorking says:

    Love it! I hate it when my hubby wears underwear at home – I really do. I keep telling him to let it free a bit lol.

  51. JulieM says:

    I love me some Hamm but it does seem a little bit of his ego is starting to show (you should pardon the expression) along with his junk. The proof is in the pictures and in the fact he thinks it funny that others on the set are nervous. Can’t deny he’s doing it; it’s right there for one and all to see. The man is glorious but just a little bit lower in class, I’m afraid. Home is one thing, good for him. But in publicity shots, Hmmm.

  52. The Hamm is My Dream Man says:

    My name says it all but thank you Kaiser. Thank you for this post. My day will be filled with random bouts of giggles.

  53. Rachel says:

    “Most of the cast and crew don’t want Jon to accidentally expose himself”

    WTF is wrong with them!!!

  54. a says:

    hot guy friday just got exponential!

  55. fizXgirl314 says:

    lol omg are you kidding me? How is life fair… this guy is good looking AND well hung… lol, so much for distributing the wealth :-p

  56. Tazina says:

    Just curious but wouldn’t it chafe on the rougher fabric of the pant material? Anyway, I’m glad I’m not a guy. I’d hate to walk around with stuff hanging out of me like that all the time.

  57. BW says:


    Tailors ask, “Do you dress left or right?”

    Looks like he dresses left, which is a shame, because I was hoping to make a “Looks like he dresses right to me” joke.

  58. SuperSleuth says:

    This is my favorite post to date! Wow. I am in a state of euphoria right now. I think I’ll just stay here. 🙂

  59. Pat says:

    @JulieM: It’s the National Enquirer,the story is 100% false. Jon would never do that on set. It’s just a fun read.

  60. Winny says:

    Sweet Hamm..Dear lord, nice work. XD

  61. bettie says:

    No undies eh? Sounds good to me! Him, naked in a room with candles… Ok, ok I’ll stop. 🙂

  62. JulieM says:

    Unfortunately, Pat @59, the National Inquirer, when they’re not doing all that 3 headed Martian baby crap, has a fairly decent accuracy rate. See John Edwards. Maybe this particular story is garbage and the entire Mad Men cast can’t wait to see the Hamm’s sausage and meatballs, but the pictures of him not wearing skivvies do not lie. I think (my opinion only) it lowers his class a little. And I’m a big Hamm fan, so it really pains me to say that.

  63. KellyBrynn says:

    the real question i want to know with all these pictures is…is he a shower or a grower?

  64. Dannnii says:

    They’ve messed up the whole story.

    The real one is that he and most other guys on the set wear boxers usually and have been told to wear briefs (not just Hamm…all of them!) because of the way the trousers of the sixties were tailored which makes their package more obvious. If you watch the show more carefully, you will certainly note that when the guys are sitting open legged, they often put their hands in the view of the camera that covers the whole crotch shot.

  65. curiousgirl says:

    Am I the only one who doesn’t think it’s all that huge in these pictures? As someone pointed out, he’s probably a shower, as opposed to a grower, which means that’s pretty much as big as it gets…not all that impressive. Just sayin’…

  66. sickofit says:

    cough cough cough omg and those pics are no photo shop thing? had an ex boyfriend with about this size, very long ago, and he was uncomfortable too with his boxers, did never wear underwear too… but he did not end well…

  67. misty3k says:

    Oh, great. Now I will NEVER be able to NOT look at Jon Hamm’s crotch! It’s hypnotic!

    I imagine being a well endowed man is like being a woman with big breasts. I know I hate anything constricting like underwires, so I guess guys with big packages feel the same.

  68. Sumodo1 says:

    That was my thought last week with the jeans picture, he dresses to the left. Left. Left. Leffffffffffffftttt, mmmmmmmmmmm.

  69. Secret Identity says:

    I dated a guy who, oddly enough, looked a lot like Hamm in more ways than one apparently. And he did wear boxers, but they did little to conceal things. When he did try briefs the “problem” just… well augmented itself higher up. It’s hard to explain, but I guess when you’re that large you either hang noticably low, or project outward.

  70. truthzbetta says:

    This is hilarious. Also, an unbelievably great day all of a sudden.

    *Things are looking up*

    Tha Hamm could swing that thing and lasso any filly alive.

  71. launicaangelina says:

    “The Hamm really is an American hero.”
    Preach sista!

  72. Poodlemom says:

    Now we know why his girlfriend is always smiling! Now you will have to bring us many Hamm-dangle updates!

  73. I, for one, applaud the abandonment of underwear as a fashion statement. Let your freak flag fly, and let your pair swing with the undulations of natural movement.

  74. Lynda says:

    My man goes commando and sometimes just the thought of it makes me happy. However, Hamm can go full hog as far as I am concerned any time at all.

  75. candy says:

    Tacky. I personally do not care to see a man’s junk bulging like that – unless he’s my man and has me in a compromising position. Is he some kind of pervert? I’m embarrassed for his girlfriend.

  76. bored says:

    Well… I am not convinced he has a big one. What is the definition of a big one? Before its hard or when its hard? My husband’s a grower 😉

  77. mirror says:

    Boxer briefs. And a bit of respect for coworkers. Srsly dude, my guy is hung too, and he’s way more comfortable with everything “packaged”, as it were–kept up out of the way so the crotch seam doesn’t bisect his nuts when he sits down. This is not about comfort, it’s about ego. WTFever, Jon Hamm. You’re good-looking, but in that way of guys who know just exactly how hot they are and are obnoxious about it.

  78. for the photos…God Bless you!!!!

  79. db8ng1 says:

    That’s Hamm-tastic!

  80. we'll see says:

    wow I cannot unsee that

  81. Henriette says:

    Hahahaha. His strange-looking girlfriend does often have a delighted look on her odd face and now we know why. But seriously… he generally sounds like a classy, thoughtful guy who’s devoted to his woman and articulate in interviews; if not wearing undies is his biggest scandal then I think that’s pretty remarkable.

  82. skibunny says:

    Maybe his nickname should be Woody.

  83. katie s. says:

    my husband just came over to see why i was giggling so much at my laptop, and he reports if he had wiener like that, he wouldn’t wear underwear either.

  84. Jamn says:

    Anyone want to make a Hamm sandwich with me?Yikes!

  85. crab says:

    Even though that part of the man usually gives the most pleasure to his partner doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the most attractive part of his body! I prefer him wearing underwear.

  86. Harry Balz says:

    I am well-endowed myself–not bragging, just stating fact. Boxers provide no support or concealment. Briefs are the only way to go.

  87. joyjoy says:

    “If I had a penis,
    I’d still be a girl,
    but make much more money
    and conquer the world!”

    — Uncle Bonsai

    That is some sweet Sugarberry!

  88. canada goose says:

    The post are attracted me. It’s interesting. I like read it.

  89. armaman says:

    OMG he’s a rightie! I’m a rightie too. Everyone seems to be lefties!

  90. Ohio45242 says:

    I have been watching the show on Netflix and I kept noticing that he did not wear underwear. I personally know a person who is even more endowed than Mr. Hamm and prefers to wear boxer, which does not secure your package; and I think he get’s a kick out of people staring at his junk! I found it unprofessional in a business setting and just disgusting to be out in public like that! Buy some boxer briefs with the contour pouch; which will support and give you some freedom!