Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez sex up their first red carpet as a couple


Okay, I was going to make this post about Jennifer Lopez, and then I saw these photos of Halle Berry. Halle, Jennifer and many other celebrities came out last night for The Carousel of Hope Ball. Halle looked amazing in this gorgeous Yves Saint Laurent, even more amazing than she’s recently been looking, in my opinion. What could be the reason for her excessive beauty and hotness? This guy:


DAMN HALLE. This isn’t just sex, y’all. Halle actually has feelings for her Frenchman. That sex must be so good, I can’t even imagine. There must be a lot of biting. And spanking. And handcuffs. I mean… THIS is the sex tape I want to see.



On to Jennifer Lopez. I actually think Jennifer looks really pretty here. Good hair, good makeup, the dress is… not my style, but I think she looks really sexy in it. Marc even looks nice. I’m glad he’s not wearing his sunglasses.


One question though: did Jennifer get something done to her lips? Or is that just a really great lipstick? It feels like her lips are slightly enlarged from collagen or something.


Other stars at the event – Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. Don’t even ask me what Rita is wearing. I think Rita is so pretty in such a “normal” way, you know? She’s like your boyfriend’s totally attractive mother with great skin and you ask her what kind of night cream she uses. My point? Rita is way prettier than this outfit.


Paris Hilton looking like watered-down Pepto-Bismol.


Sela Ward, who I love, looking underdressed but pretty.


And last but not least, Adrian Brody… looking okay. I don’t hate this facial hair, but he should try to not look so smug.


Photos courtesy of WENN.

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59 Responses to “Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez sex up their first red carpet as a couple”

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  1. Shay says:

    Whenever I look at Brody I think, ‘nose job’. He looks smug, I”m guessing, because of the way his nose ‘sits’ on his face.
    Paris Hilton’s dress brings those toilet paper doll covers to mind.
    Halle’s dress is the best in this set.

  2. Henriette says:

    Halle is a pretty woman and I hate when she does her hair like this – reminds me of a crested cockatoo! Her boyfriend Martinez is baaaaad news. He’ll hurt and disappoint her like he did Kylie and Mira. Sela Ward still looks amazing: gorgeous and sexy and elegant. Is it true that Tom & Rita have an open marriage?

  3. bagladey says:

    Do Olivier Martinez and Gabriel Aubry greet each other and speak in french when they meet up at Halle’s house? How awesome is that, those two gorgeous guys speaking french in Halle’s driveway? Is JLo doing something to her face? She’s starting to look like someone else whose name I can’t put my finger on. While Rita Wilson’s wardrobe makes me scratch my head lately, Mr. and Mrs. Hanks are aging very gracefully and it’s classy.

  4. Scout says:

    Halle, Seal and Rita have normal, natural smiles and facial expressions. They do not seem to be trying to be anything than who they are! Very nice indeed!

    On the other hand, we have Jennifer and Paris who feel the need to do the stupid parting of the lip thing and don the vacant stare look in, I suppose, a feeble attempt to look sexy or mysterious or both. How old are these women!!!??? They are so self involved and self conscious and they look ridiculous with those faces on!

    As to dresses, love Halle’s and actually sort of like Jennifer’s. I cannot even comment on Paris’ pale pink prom dress WITH A TRAIN!!!!!! There are no words!

  5. launicaangelina says:

    i am not a fan of j-lo but i don’t think she has had much done to her face surgically. her lips look normal with natural creases. very pretty. the lip liner is beyond her lip line so that may create the illusion of something being done to her lips.

    oh, and i love halle’s short hair. makes me want to chop mine off again!

  6. SoulLovah says:

    I agree w/Henriette on Halle’s hair–I know there aren’t many options with short hair, but I also know there are other sleek styles!

    The color of the train on J.Lo’s dress looks dingy like she’s been stepping all over it (which she’s actually doing in the picture). I’d like it more if it wasn’t that shade of gray.

    And lastly…poor Paris. Just…poor Paris.

  7. Lissa says:

    Does anyone else feel as though Halle Berry is starting to look her age? Just a tiny bit?

    Paris Hilton just reminds me how money cannot buy you style. J-Lo is just ugh…

  8. Aqua says:

    Love Halle,she is just gorgeous.and has amazing style.I love the red dress it suits her to perfection.I really like Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson(doesn’t she write articles about fashion in a magazine?)Sela Ward is dressed understated here but she’s such a classic beauty she could get away with it.As for J Lo and MA. I’m not a fan of either one but they both look good here.Paris well I wish she would just disappear I can’t stand her and your right the dress looks like PB.

  9. bubbles says:

    the fourth picture of Halle and what’s his name – oh yeah, bad news is absolutely adorable and I hope she enjoys “it” while it lasts. and .. her hair looks fantastic. not the run of the mill coiffed and poofed version of what holly-would (no typo here!)demands.
    now on the flipside, WTH is Paris Stilton (that’s what I imagine her smell to be, now bottled and preserved)in this A/B list line up? Kaiser?! and Rita Wilson .. oy veh! always ready for Halloween.

  10. Kimmm says:

    Damn , Olivier looks good . Halle can teach a thing or two to these young women on how to age gracefully .

    Is ” Martinez ” a common last name for a Frenchman ?

    We share the same last name , cool .

  11. Ann says:

    Halle should trade him for a younger model.

  12. la chica says:

    Halle is flaunting this relationship too soon. I think she got dumped and this is her revenge. But Oliver is going to break her heart. You can see it coming a mile away. She is such a fool when it comes to men.

  13. I don’t think JLO had her lips done, i think she looks great too i prefer her dress to Halle’s and i wish Halle would try some new hairstyles out.
    she looks hot though.

    Paris?………….. #Fail

  14. normades says:

    Did Paris and whatshisface break up? Why do I care???

    I don’t think Martinez is bad news, he seemed to have a pretty mature relationship with Kylie (but what do I know?). At least she always defended him. And he is hot, oh is he hot!

  15. audrey says:

    I wonder if Adrian Brody tried that kiss on Halle here…

  16. nnn says:

    @ 10

    Is ” Martinez ” a common last name for a Frenchman ?

    We share the same last name , cool .

    No it’s not french origin related. Olivier Martinez is French, born in France from a Spanish-Moroccan father and a French mother, hence his spanish last name.

    He dated Mira Sorvino three years and Kylie 4 years. I don’t think that qualifies him as a player though he is not perfect.

  17. serena says:

    Nah it’s just lip gloss. The nude tipe that make your lips look bigger -so it seems-
    Anyway I agree, Halle is amazing, I’m happy that she’s having a new story with a hot guy.

  18. lisa says:

    I agree Halle is showing age a bit.. not in her body..but her face has this ash quality to it.. I can’t put my finger on it.. that glow she usually has is gone..

    But she is still in my top five all time beauties..

  19. Mouse says:

    Halle always seems to need to be hanging on a guy. Does she ever spend any time single? I have a feeling this is a fling for Olivier, not a long term thing, but I hope they’re both happy for as long as it lasts.

    I think she looks healthy, but her hair looks like she combed it with an egg beater and red is not a flattering color on her eiher.

  20. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Go Halle!!! Ride that Frenchmen. I will ride Adrian Brody. If his nose is that big can you imagine what he is packing? I can!!! I just like that guy so much.

    Jen Lopez’s dress is adorable. Love the see through thing happening.

  21. Lola7 says:

    JLo looks like hillary duff to me…..she also needs to fire her make up artist. The shading on her nose is poorly blended..

  22. roguesiren says:

    Halle and Olivier look great in those pictures. And then I saw JL with Skeletor. She is starting to look more and more like Kim Kardashian. Sela Ward looks classy and elegant, as always.

  23. Carrie says:

    Damn Halle!

    She’s all loved up and glowing about it.

  24. skibunny says:

    Yeah Halle is aging. Arent we all? Still one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. She looks gorgeous here!

  25. photo jojo says:

    Does Adrian Brody ever NOT have a doucheface?!?!

  26. Liana says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’ve worked with Adrien and I actually know him. He’s nowhere near a douche. Just a guy with no fashion sense and mostly horrific taste in women. I mean, he bought a woman he really loved a castle, and she dumped him for Olivier Martinez. Wonder what happened between Elsa Pataky and Olivier…

  27. cee says:

    Not impressed with the Halle and Olivier union. Seems pretty contrived to me. Why is Paris Hilton even there? I will never get these types of RC’s.

  28. Marjalane says:

    I think Halle looks pretty darn good for 44, but you wouldn’t mistake her for anyone under 40, and I also think she needs to keep her hair short- she has such a beautiful face and neck that the heavier, long hair just ages her and looks fake. (as it is)

    I also think this creepy frenchman is going to leave her in the dust sooner or later. I don’t know much about him- does he have money? That seems to be an issue for Miss, “dump the hot, but poor model” Berry.

  29. lrm says:

    oh, glad to hear Brody is not a douche.
    I never understand why people say he has a smug look or is a douche face?????

    He just looks kind of goofy and uncomfortable in the spot light type of person/guy, honestly.

    I think he’s a great actor and seems like a fun guy to chill with. He doesn’t evoke strong enough feelings in me one way or the other, to bother calling a ‘douche’.
    I am not getting that visceral intensity in the comments that regularly come out about him.


    As for Halle-she does look older lately-maybe cuz she is dating an older looking guy, and/or living a different kind of lifestyle than normal.

    plus, it’s that transition-you want your prebaby self back in a way, even tho’ you love being a mom…something in your psyche has changed. but when you try to go there, you end up looking older, single nad middle aged. lol

  30. PrettyTarheel says:

    The tulle is white, but looks gray in photographs. [EDIT: The more I look at it, the more I think it might be gray. Either way, I would have liked this better if it was a warmer white or ivory.] This happens a lot with multiple layers of white tulle (bridal veils are notorious for this problem). I used to recommend brides consider diamond white or ivory if they wanted multiple layers of tulle, to avoid that grayish look that comes from layers of cool white. The warmth of ivory or diamond white kept the tulle from washing out to gray.

    I can’t get into Halle and Olivier. He’s just a douche, and she loves douches, so it makes sense. I just don’t find them attractive together.

  31. sassenach says:

    There is NO WAY Halle looks her age. Not even a little bit. 44 does not look like that. I know people don’t like her but give her credit where credit is due.

  32. coucou says:

    Man, only my second hit today on the CB and i find three chicks out there just reeking of ageism, all talking about how she’s “showing her age…” Obviously, are you girls are in your late teens to early 20′s?

    When i see her, as i did with Cameron Diaz, all i could think was “beautiful,” but you chicks are like all over the place with body/neck/skin tone ratios…SO WEIRD – please feel free to explain why you are so obsessed with picking apart these gorgeous lovely women who just happen to be in a higher age bracket than your usual Hills or Twilight generation?

    Totally boggles me mind…and it makes me SO curious to know exactly how you look and will look one day when you reach the “advanced” age of the 40′s…oooh, darlings, get help soon before you turn into vapid, uninteresting shells of your former youthful selves!

    My tone is humorous here, so please don’t read anger into the exclamation points…just find it so strange is all…i realize i could be wrong, and perhaps you’re not superficial 20-somethings, and if that’s the case, it’d be even worse, as there’d be no hope for you.

    As for J-Lo’s lips, she’s totally got the Pam Anderson lip liner maneuver down for the evening.

  33. 2outOf5 says:

    Yup, was thinking the same thing…Halle looks like she aged a bit.

  34. Lynda says:

    What is with Rita Hanks? They have more money than God and she dresses awful. And Halle’s friend used to be SOOOOO much hotter. Maybe if we could see his chest, but I don’t think that would even help.

  35. Kiska says:

    Rita needs to switch her lipstick. Bright reds don’t suit an older woman well.

    Sela – gorgeous as always.

    JLo looks luminous. Not a fan but she is a beautiful woman. However, it looks like she is wearing a wedding dress.

    Halle and Olivier and a HOT couple. Maybe its just good old fashioned rebound sex. Friends with benefits.

  36. tango says:

    Well I hope Halle is having a good time. I know she usually goes for jerks so maybe after Gabriel being too nice of a guy, she was ready for some bad boy action.

    Rita Wilson is proof that money doesn’t buy taste. She could look so elegant if she dressed better.

  37. Aries says:

    Wow! Halle looks flat-out amazing! The dress fits her like a glove and the colour and style are exquisite, but the way she hold herself says it all. She confidant and that’s always sexy.

  38. lucy2 says:

    Halle looks gorgeous as usual, she is a truly beautiful woman. He’s hot, but her ex is more to my liking.
    Sela is so gorgeous too – ages ago I saw her in person and she was so pretty.
    I notice Lopez’s lips right away, but on the closeup it looks like it’s just the makeup, not anything surgical. I hope.
    Rita’s outfit and lipstick are not flattering, but I like the two of them. Tom looks very trim in his suit.
    I have never thought AB was attractive at all.
    LOL Shay, at the toilet paper doll comment, I think you’re right on about that.

  39. RHONYC says:


    to parade around with a new guy after publicly ending it with your baby’s daddy is…tacky.

    i hope she hasn’t had him around her daughter…it’s too early for that, and i’m sure that would burn gabriel’s butter 4 sure.

    single mother rule numero uno:

    #1. don’t parade dude/s that are NOT your new husband/fiance b4 your kid, etc….ESPECIALLY a young child of TWO.

    duh. :-(

  40. Daisy says:

    French men love their chocolat! I think Halle is a masochist but hey, to each his/her own. Jennifer is muy fabulouso, her dress is sexy as hell. Motherhood really suits her. Adrian Brody. yes. more..nose and all.

  41. Henriette says:

    I love the fact that Halle is showing her age a wee bit. Isn’t that so much more beautiful than getting pumped with plastic like Jocelyn Wildrenstein or Meg Ryan?

  42. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Oliver Martinez is not a douche and not one of you saying he is has a shred of proof he is. Meanwhile his ex Kylie said he was a great guy and helped her while she was sick, and even came to his defense amid cheating rumors or rumors that he was a d-bag, yea that sounds like a total douche. *sarcasm*

  43. Dee Vine says:

    J Lo’s lips look the same, just lipstick effect; nose def been done. Halle Berry also had a great nose job done ages ago.

  44. bellabella says:

    Meow! What was in the baby formula say about 20 years ago? The women on this board are all about talking smack about other women..What is up with that? Is it jealousy? Cause these women have worked their behinds off to make a career that is anything but glamorous in the beginning. As an actor, you take the rejection long before you get to work regularly or even consider you will be able to make a viable career in the industry. Only 2 percent of the actors who are members of SAG (Screen actors guild) actually make a full time living out of acting. The rest work enough to survive and others occasionally get an acting job. Which means if you are part of that 2 percent, you have worked very hard off to get there. So it boggles the mind that young women who are working perhaps at jobs they hate wouldn’t recognize the hard work another woman has put in to be successful at her job. Halle initiated the breakup…Gabriel is ten years younger and unless he is very mature, I think there were probably real difference in lifestyle. Though he seems to be a great dad. Olivier Martinez is not a womanizer..he is a single man.. I think they make a great couple, same age, both of them have had success in films and both have survived life experiences. Halle says she doesn’t ever plan to marry again. Why should she? she is rich and gorgeous. And in the end its her life. Not one of the women catcalling Halle’s age on this board…could stand next to her today and compete. Imagine them at age 44 …holla!

  45. Chelly says:

    Whoever says Olivier is “aging badly” really needs to get off it. He looks sooo amazing & is STILL HOT. So is Halle, geezus so many frkn haters. I’d like to see what you and your husband look like at age 40+!!! I could only imagine :-/

    I’d love to have me some of him, just for a little while of course…ok, maybe forever =0)

  46. Sakyiwaa says:

    umm…i can’t believe Halle and Olivier are actually…TOGETHER. can’t wrsp my head around it. what an odd pairing.

  47. Lway says:

    I am still upset about Halle splitting from Gabriel. He is so hot, he makes ice cream melt just by walking past it.

    Not so sure about Oliver – he is okay but no eye candy as far as i’m concerned. He is a little old now.

  48. Gemini says:

    IA, Bella and Chelly….

    Halle still looks amazing. And maybe she and Olivier have off the chart chemistry and didn’t want to deny it so they are going to see how long it lasts…6 months or 6 years. Better to have HAD IT than to have REGRETS later.

    Always loved Marc and Jen. They look great together.

  49. Camille says:

    I feel like I am looking at different pics here than everyone else (and no doubt I will get called a ‘Jealous Hater!’ for it), but I really don’t think that any of these celebs look all that great in these pics. Apart from Sela who looks nice, everyone else either looks dull or meh or fug.
    I also don’t see any ‘hot chemistry’ between Halle and that french guy either. Meh.

  50. Dannnii says:

    Halle sure likes French dudes.

  51. spinner says:

    No hating here…Halle is definitely showing her age but aren’t we all?? The odd thing about this is that it reveals a youth worship & fear of death culture. It shows through in the way we regard & treat the elderly. Come on people…we have to do better. Getting older is a privilege not a crime.

  52. Mandy says:

    I think Halle & Olivier make a great couple. They look veeery happy & comfortable together – good for them! Olivier isn’t a player though. Sure he’s dated a few women but what guy hasn’t by that age? Several were long term relationships. Maybe Halle can be happy with a regular guy, which is what he is. Acting’s a job that lets him lead a life he enjoys, but that’s it. Doesn’t like the fame angle at all.

  53. Lila says:

    Halle showing her age??? Lol! There isn’t a wrinkle present on her face. Not one. Tell me where and make a believer. She’s flawless.

  54. Newbie says:

    Halle is beautiful. Another one of those women who are over 40 but look younger than other women in their 30′s. And wow. Didn’t think I’d be saying this but Jennifer Lopez looks stunning. I’d never wear that dress myself but she pulls it off quite well. And I like her hair. Rita Wilson–WTF?

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