Did George Clooney dump his girlfriend over a boob job?

Ever since George Clooney and former Las Vegas cocktail waitress Sarah Larson broke up, rumors have been flying. Did they break up because of her oversharing in Harper’s Bazaar, or did she leave him over his hot-and-cold romance techniques? And why did George suddenly go out and get new chompers? Well, the latest rumor to add to the pile is that the couple split over a disagreement on Sarah’s breast augmentation surgery.

Could Sarah Larsen’s newly-enhanced breasts have prompted her split from George Clooney?

The former Vegas cocktail waitress underwent breast augmentation in May this year, and a U.S magazine suggests that the actor just isn’t a boob man.

“George really didn’t want her to get the boob job. She asked George if she could do her recovery at his house and he agreed,” an insider tells In Touch Weekly.

As for the break-up itself, it appears that George let the press do his dirty work for him. What a gent!

The source adds, “They had a huge fight and he left the house. Sarah read in the media that they’d broken up and freaked out because George hadn’t told her anything.

“He had to explain himself because she’d found out with the rest of the world.”

At least Sarah still has her new curves to fall back on.

A friend says, “She likes her new body so much that she would consider posing for Playboy. Now that she’s famous, she’d never go back to cocktailing.”

[From Entertainmentwise]

Even if it’s true that they disagreed over her surgery, my guess is that he was looking for a reason to dump her anyway. And as for Sarah – she’d better be careful about using words like “Famous” and “Never.” I’m sure that there are women who were a lot more famous than her who ended up going back to waitressing. Or reality show whoring. Or stripping. Or whatever it was she was doing before George made her his arm candy du jour.

Picture note by JayBird: Here’s Sarah Larson post and pre-boob job. Header photo of George and Sarah in happier times. Pictures thanks to WENN.

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  1. Anon says:

    …they look really bad on her

  2. anon69 says:

    I think there are probably a few reasons George dumped her-What was that blind item not too long ago about someone who “forgot” to take her pill and then told him she was late? That and being chatty with the media, she played a dangerous game and George wasn’t having it.
    “She likes her new body so much that she would consider posing for Playboy”–anything to stay in the public eye, huh Sarah? That being said, the new boobies look like the bolted on half grapefruit variety-ick.

  3. Syko says:

    It’s possible that Mr. Clooney is indeed a boob man, just not the fake half-cantaloupe variety.

    I would also think that before you can plan to pose for Playboy, that Playboy might have to ask you to do it. Like, don’t call us, we’ll call you?

    Talk about fame whores! :roll:

  4. devilgirl says:

    Yes, because she lied and said she was having a sex change getting him all excited. Once he learned that it was really a boob job, that is when things went to hell in a hand basket!

  5. Alexis says:

    I bet her breasts are not the only thing that’s changed about her since they started dating. On a side note, George Clooney always struck me as kinda a jerk. The kind of guy who thinks he’s really impressive, so smoooooooooooth. Men like that are never satisfied in love because they are egomaniacs.

  6. Jody says:

    I thought famous was underlined because it had a new definition or something.

    Guys that aren’t into boobs seem odd to me, not that boobs have to be their favorite, but guys love boobs, don’t they?
    I’m not even going to start in on the real vs fake, because she was a surfboard before– her torso in the black dress looks like that of a 17 year old boy (sans the sparkly black cocktail dress of course). I don’t fault her for wanting her’s augmented, and if he made her feel like getting them would ‘rock the boat’ with him, than fuck it.

    side note: I saw a car a while back with an enormous decal taking up the entire rear window that said: I HEART BOOBS
    I kid you not.

  7. headache says:

    Famous is not infamous. When will these hookers understand that?

    As for the break up, George stayed with her for a long time for a reason. He liked her. If she was no longer the girl he’s liked, of course she would get the boot.

  8. Hollz says:

    She looks like she got more done then just her boobs. Her chin, cheeks and eyes all look like they’ve been “touched up”

  9. Kevin says:

    He dumped her because the sound of her fake boobs and his new fake teeth together made the sound of someone rubbing an inflated balloon….and it made his hearing aid make that squealing sound.

  10. kate says:

    those boobs look hideous. and i also thought her face looked different. time for this chicky to go back to vegas.

  11. Ashley says:

    Gosh she must be really insecure. I mean, she had George Clooney interested in her, obviously he didn’t care that she was flat chested. Maybe she has a fake personality and that’s why he dumped her?

  12. Bob says:

    I guess once she got the boob job George could no longer fantasize that she was a young boy.

  13. lola says:

    If I had such a flat chest, I would get a boob job.

    Celebitchy, there is a new Angelina interview, boy oh boy, a leopard never changes its skin. Who talks about how they have sex in an interview?

  14. Mairead says:

    :roll: :roll: :roll:

    Personally I think that smaller boobs look better in many of those very low-cut even dresses. She had a good figure before, so why on earth wreck it with those bolted-on jobbies? Looks like she’s got more money than sense. :?

  15. gg says:

    I am weary of seeing battleship tits on every skinny female between certain ages. It’s refreshing to see someone who is fit and has a smaller bustline. Fake boobs just look all the same and it’s gotten boring.

    It’s a very painful mode of vanity, breast augmentation.

  16. velvet elvis says:

    Holy crap look how big her teeth are.
    I almost called my bookie and bet a sawbuck on her across the board before I realized who she was.

  17. trvlbug529 says:

    I think George appreciates natural beauties who can keep their mouths shut. With all the large, plastic mammaries in Hollyweird…..he’s been there, done that and moved on.
    Sarah messed up BIG TIME. I’d rather sleep with George than 2 fake melons to boost my self esteem. Too bad!

  18. countrybabe says:

    It’s not the best job, but What’s she supposed to do. She is very flat.

  19. elisha says:

    Wow they really dress up to go to Baja Fresh. :wink:

    Flat chests are so much more high-fashion. I’m suprised at all these women commenting they’d get boob jobs if theirs looked like that too. Obviously, George Clooney liked them, why would you change them? I’ve never met one single man who preffered large fakes to small real ones.

  20. jess says:

    Reply to Elvis Velvet 1:17:

    Holy Crap, you got us all laughing hysterically over here with your comment. Everybody went to bed and I’m still laughing. GREAT HUMOR!!

  21. AC says:

    i love the elegant flat chest look she really ruined herself! ew!

  22. saintdevil says:

    She killed the last bit of “class” she still had by stapling those cantaloupes to her chest.

    Now she is just an average inflated whore inside and out.

  23. Kat says:

    Guess he will have to seek out another flat-chested waitress, at the local bar/diner.

  24. CM says:

    are we positive that she had a boob job? paris hilton can look totally flat chested one day and the next haev some crazy cleavage….they do make a LOT of push up bras these days…

  25. Jessica says:

    How smart can she REALLY be that she is a cocktail waitress? I am sure she knew it was over hence the boob job. They are job security and George isn’t that shallow. SO walk on gold diggin sista friend!

  26. elisha says:

    I just wanted to point out one more time how shocked and dissapointed I am about all these commentors saying how bad her flat chest looks. She looks great in those before pics.

    But CM has a point, I thought the same thing about Paris.

  27. Carrie says:

    The boob job….is that really the best the surgeon could do? I could have done better myself with a sharp knife and an orange sliced in two.

  28. ss says:

    A little bit in her defense— she still has a few months of ” settling ” of those bolted on canteloupes. I know from experience. Am SO glad though that I went as small as I did, judging from every one’s opinions of hers, and fake ones in general!

  29. Sandra says:

    She Looks like E.T. she needs to Fly back to Vegas.

  30. Rita says:

    Well, when she has a baby. She will not be able to breast feed. But she does not seem, that she would be that kind of a mother. Having her boob job and being with George has helped her career.

  31. Jean says:

    They actually look pretty dec… better than the small tits she had for sure…