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32 Responses to “Kanye West gets booed for delayed Bonnaroo performance”

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  1. Kevin says:

    WHAT!!!!!! They threw stuff on the stage and he didn’t stop the show and put the spotlight on the culprits and have them removed. Man Kanye, where is your integrity? Guess what Mr. West, the fans is where the money for your Bentleys, over priced champagne, and gold grills come from. If you act like a no class jerk most of the time, people will be less inclined to cut you some slack when things don’t go your way. Ask Tommy Gal Cruise.

  2. gg says:

    shoot, I live just down the road from the festival and you could not pay me to go over there and be abused by shouting rude twits like Kanye.

  3. elisha says:

    Maybe if he relied on his talent instead of elaborate sets it wouldn’t have taken so long to set up.

  4. Jana says:

    When your arrogant, people tend to be less understanding. He should have been ready for it.

  5. lulu says:


  6. Bodhi says:

    Oh those trustafarians… :shakeshead:

    I love festivals & dancing around barefoot in the grass, but I wouldn’t be caught dead at Bonnaroo either. Too many damn people

  7. mollination says:

    Haha bodhi

  8. Mike says:

    i was at bonnaroo and was 20 feet from the stage and everyone was so mad. everyone was booing him. he cut the act short too. everyone was so angry and the crowd actually broke one of the t.v’s on the set. kanye did dodge some glowsticks but overall the show was awesome. if it wasnt for pearl jam he would of been fine….

  9. JimmyTheFoxx says:

    Doesn’t surprise me at all. This guy has such an inflated view of himself and his music it’s laughable. Say hello to the reduced bin, joker.

  10. Jessica says:

    I was there and approximately 20 feet from the stage as well. The show was delayed due to circumstances byond his control however, the way he handled the delay was ridiculous and showed his lack of appreciation for his fans.

    He (or another Bonnaroo official) could have easily come on stage and explained the delay to us, his fans who waited for his performance until the sun came up. He never once aknowledged the delay, apologized, or even thanked people for waiting for so long.

    His show was mediocre. He acted like he didn’t care to be there, cut his set short, and left the stage without a word. He NEVER once addressed the fans.

    As it is understandable that he was upset about fans “Booing” and throwing things, breaking some of his set, the way he reacted to this circumstances was disprespectful to the people who stood outside all night waiting what was supposed to be an epic performance.

  11. G says:

    I was at Bonnaroo when this happened, and it was NOT because of Pearl Jam’s extended set that Kanye was late. His stage was already set up at 2:15am when we got there, 30 minutes before he was supposed to have started. Everyone knew that Kanye wanted to be the only person performing, so he waited for Phil Lesh’s set to end before he took the stage. It was rather convenient that 10 minutes after Phil Lesh stopped, Kanye’s set began. He’s a prima donna and he completely disrespected his fans, and because of that he’s now dead to me.

  12. phishfannola says:

    I was at this show as well, not 20 feet away like a few others but I was there for the entire wait and about 4-6 of his songs.

    There was most definitely a problem with his stage set up, more specifically the TV directly behind him. They eventually put on the show with a monitor that had an obvious malfunction. It had red LED lights that were on the entire show, even while the monitor was suppose to be black.

    His show was like a bad broadway play or some TV movie. He was shown up by virtually every performer at bonnaroo. I was looking forward to this show from a casual fans perspective. I wasnt pissed at him for the wait because it was obvious there was a problem with his equipment and those workers were working FRANTICALLY. What I did find offensive is that he didnt acknowledge the crowd OR the incident? He simply started his obnoxiously loud show and was determined to stay in character. I swear virtually any other performer at bonnaroo would have done SOMETHING (play acoustic, tell stories, connect with fans) during that huge 1:45 hr break. Nope not Mr. West .

    I suspect that this will hurt his career. The fans that attend bonnaroo are very music savvy. His “cool-ometer” or “street cred” has taken a hit. If he is truly talented he will survive, if he is not then he will have peaked.

  13. Mairead says:

    His set doesn’t sound very suited to a music festival to be frank.

  14. Jay says:

    Hey yall,

    I’m not a Kanye fan and purposely missed his show to sleep an extra hour or two so I could be up for Widespread with Robert Randolph. All the talk in the morning was how much he sucked. Yes, yes, the youngens were pissed and they should be. Lupe and Talib were fantastic, by the way! Kanye’s a poser and Bonnaroo brass should think hard when they introduce MTV talent into a live music festival. Keep Kanye on MTV; keep Bonnaroo alive!

    Peace yall,

  15. alex says:

    All u people who say kanye suck are stupid. It was not his fault pearljam played late. Not his fault dam set people took so long. To the guy who said kayne took the staged 10 minutes after phil ended you are either retarded or took some really good acid. It was well over an hour after phil stopped. i was pissed it was over 2 hours late. But the show was worth it. It was tight as hell. Its a dam music festival the late night show. If you cant stay up all night take some drugs to help you. The reason people are pissed is beacause their buzz ran out. he could have addressed the fans at some point in the show but he was probably as pissed as the crowd.

  16. Maul says:

    First of all, Kayne along with most of the hip hop artists dont care what the fans think, as long as they get their money. Work on your music, not effects of a show. Your talent as a songwriter is overrated and your fans are posers. Take the time slot you’re given, I heard he wanted PJs timeslot. Cmon, PJ is one of the greatest/most influencial bands to walk the planet. You have NO PURPOSE even performing at the same festival as them, and then you treat the fans as if they are dead because they got pissed that you and your crew suck, You have no hardware to set up, No drums, guitars, amps, soundcheck. Kayne is and will always be scum. Connect with the fans dude, Thousands of fans to connect and you cant say anything? Figure out what music is about before you claim yourself an artist, typical of the average hip hop act(all of them). You need a magical setup cause your music cant hang.

  17. Jimmy says:

    Actually, Rolling Stone is reporting this a bit more accurately “According to our source, Kanye didn’t want to go on until Phil Lesh and Sigur Ros had finished playing their late-night sets on Bonnaroo’s other stages; he also had an enormous stage production.”
    AND BECAUSE of Kanye’s demand to be the only one playing during his set, Phil Lesh not only didn’t play past over his scheduled time (as per usual), but acutally cut his set short at 3:30a (instead of 4a). I can handle a show that starts at 4:15, but I don’t want to sit around waiting for other shows to finish when I could be watching these other shows (including Lupe Fiasco, Talib Kweli, Chali 2na, Phil Lesh, etc.). I should also point out that because he delayed for so long, the GLOW IN THE DARK show lasted well into sunrise. On the bright side, the dialogue between him and the spaceship was unintentionally HILARIOUS!

  18. Scooter says:

    Haha, it’s funny how the press edits everything…the crowd wasn’t yelling “Kanye sucks”; they were yelling “F*ck Kanye”. I don’t care how famous you are, you don’t show up two hours late to perform without a legitimate excuse.

  19. BpG says:

    Kanye Sucks!

    Dead – To – Me

    I waited 2 hours for nothing, I left, he lost a lot of fans who didn’t really like him much anyway.

  20. Lyndsay says:

    I was there and am a Kanye fan. I understand his stage took awhile to set up but the fact he never apologized to the fans or said anything in regards to the wait or even being at bonnaroo was upsetting. On top of it all, it apeared as though he might have been lip-synching.

  21. boonan says:

    wake up mr. west…wake up mr. west
    f*ck kanye

    at the portables at bonnaroo, someone drew on the door a star and underneath it it said: Kanye West Dressing Room.
    the end

  22. Ryan says:

    While not his fault that the other concert ran long, the fact that his show only lasted less than an hour and he never acknowledged the crowd at all. The show was flawless though, he is truly perfectionist, i just wanted something different then the exact same thing I hear on his cd that ive already played out

  23. spoonman says:

    Prima donna bitch!!!!!

    Your a rapper with no clue. Who in their right mind would want to follow one of the greatest Rock’n’Roll bands, Pearl Jam.

    Duhhhh! Figures all your rap fans would be gone after a 2+ hr set of rock n roll music.

    Loser! Go on at your scheduled time of 8:45PM-keeping people awake with your no talent rap music is merciless!

  24. EJ says:

    I was at Bonnaroo this year and waited over an hour for Kanye to come on stage. I am one of the people who thinks Kanyes music is decent but can’t stand his attitude. I was hoping that he would prove everyone wrong and show me something about him I could like. He didn’t do anything to prove he is worth while. And I have to say after Bonnaroo made accomodations for his show, it was ridiculous that he was so late.

    And I am so sick of hearing that it was PJ’s fault for going an hour over set time. If PJ was ONE hour over their time that meant that Kanye should have been ONE hour over his time. Not only that, but Bonnaroo fans were there to see bands like PJ, not second rate acts like Kanye.

    Maybe Kanye is getting a bad deal because of his notorious attitude, but I say he deserves it. If he had a better attitude from the get go then it wouldn’t have been an issue. And the crowd is owed something other than lies about the tardiness of the show. It is just in bad taste.

  25. Jen says:

    I was very impressed with the amazing job that Bonnarroo did over all. The West incident was the only mishap, and I think it’s noble of Bonnarroo spokesperson to assume some of the blame. There were so many incredible performances and the entire experience of Bonnarroo (coming in as a Bonnarookie) was super positive, it’s a shame that the hate and mud-slinging has to be the main topic of media attention. Media piranhas love disaster. I had an amazing time, was blown away by Gogol Bordello and danced my bootie off to Widespread, Stephen Marley and Backdoor Slam. Thanks Boonarroooooooo! See you next year!

  26. Wes says:

    Kanye is beast and will stay beast, and no drugged out hippies will change that

  27. Phil Gates says:

    2 hour deley….with no explaination to your fans?….what is he stupid? your fans are THE most important element to your career…with out them…you have no career…they are who keeps you in that fancy mansion…and drivin that Bently…an apology was needed at the time when you got on the stage….not after when your in the confort of your home reading about how you gettin blasted..and all because of your ego and your dam props..real rappers dont need that crap…hollywood has deffinately gone to this man’s head..i dont care if my artists have to perform in the rain wit 5 people in the audiance….the show will go on when schedualed… check us out!

  28. I was there says:

    DISCLAIMER: KANYE IS A FUCK, NOT BECAUSE HE WENT ON LATE BUT BECAUSE HE REFUSED TO GO ON WHILE PHIL LESH WAS STILL PLAYING. Phil is a legend and if Kanye has so little respect for a far more talented and devoted human he doesn’t deserve to be a performer

  29. I was there says:

    Oh, and “Wes”: Kanye is like 5’4″ and would get his ass kicked by a 12 year old girl, he’s about as far from “beast” as you can get. (he’s also about as far from “good rapper” as you can get too)

  30. CitizenTruth says:

    Anyone who loves the intelligent beautiful music of Phil Lesh would not waste their time on Kanye West, anyway.

  31. Kanye West says:

    yo, bearsharktopus, im really happy for you and imma let you finish,but manbearpig was one of the scariest combo monsters of all time!!!…this is at

  32. eddie says:

    People like Kanye West will never get it until people stop buying his crappy music. He’s an insult to the entertainment industry. Get your sh#t together, Kanye….