Marc Anthony’s ex Dayanara Torres talks about staying in bed for days after he left

In 2004, Marc Anthony secured a quickie divorce in the Dominican Republic from his wife of over three years and mother of two of his children, former miss Universe Dayanara Torres, 33. He was married to Jennifer Lopez within a few months. When Anthony left Torres amid rumors that he was cheating with his former girlfriend Jennifer Lopez, with whom he was collaborating, Torres says she was devastated and couldn’t get out of bed for days. Torres refuses to talk poorly about Anthony or to denounce his behavior in the press. She has a new book out, Married to Me: How Committing to Myself Led to Triumph After Divorce, in which she chronicles her recovery from the pain of an unexpected split and divorce. In an interview in this week’s People Magazine she discusses the very difficult time she went through when Anthony left her, but doesn’t address the story that he was cheating on her with Lopez or bad mouth him in any way:

[Dayanara Torres’ story] is a fair tale with a happy, if hard-earned, ending. Now living in L.A. with the sons she had with Anthony, Cristian, 7, and Ryan, 4, Torres has rarely spoken publicly about the split. “You get mad,” she says. “But I took the high road.” As she reveals in Married to Me, the new self-help book she cowrote with her sister Jeannette to inspire divorcées, the journy hasn’t been easy. “You want to move on as quick as possible… But you realize time is your friend. You have to get through to the other side.

She went through more than her share. After Anthony left, she found herself barely able to get out of bed. “You go through hell,” she says, her blue eyes soft. “I cried until there were no tears left – until I was numb. I didn’t want to eat; I didn’t care to get dressed or take a shower. I just wanted to like there.” But after a few months, she got a wake up call from another man in her life. “One day Cristian walked in and said ‘You’re crying again?’ I felt embarassed that they saw their mother being weak. I woke up. I realized I’d been crying for all the wrong reasons.”

She pulled herself together and tried to make things right. “I didn’t want them to choose sides,” says Torres, who keeps photos of Anthony throughout her home for the boy’s sake. “He’s not someone we need to hide – he’ll always be their father. And to this day, I don’t think they’ve seen our divorce as a bad thing.”

[From People Magazine, print edition, June 23, 2008]

People has details of Torres’ book, and say that she advises women fresh out of a divorce to “Let yourself feel the pain, Let go of regret,” and not to rush into another relationship until they’re ready. As for her husband’s new marriage, Torres talks about how happy her sons were to learn about their half-brother and sister, twins Max and Emme, nearly four months. She says “They love them! It’s cute to see.”

Torres is moving on with her life and says she’s “happy, and I don’t pin my happiness on anybody else.” She used to date Amaury Nolasco, Fernando from Prison Break, but they are “taking a break” now and she says he’s “a great guy.” She calls her life a new adventure and says she’s got healthy kids and great friends.

She deserves a lot of credit for not talking smack about Anthony or Lopez after they so obviously hooked up while he was still married with kids. She’s getting her digs in subtly by just focusing on how she suffered but not discussing her husband’s infidelity. And she continues to look like the more responsible, and wronged, party. Hopefully her new book will be a success.

Dayanara Torres is shown at “People en Espanol Celebrates its 12th Annual ’50 Most Beautiful’ Issue” in NY on 5/14/08, thanks to WENN.

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  1. crys says:

    good for her cause she’s a beautiful and a nice woman.that stupid lost a lot when he left her for that bitch jlo 😈 👿

  2. Andrea says:

    I remember seeing some show on TV about celebrity weddings and Marc Anthony was talkign about marrying her and how he cried as she walked down the aisle because of the love he felt for her. Guess that didn’t last too long 🙁

    Good for her for getting through it and realizing that she controls her happiness.

  3. Grandizer says:


  4. lola says:

    Andrea, that was so funny. These celebrities are sure weird. One moment they love someone to death, next they are splitting. Take Sienna Miller, last week she was saying she is glowing because she is in love like never before, a week later she has split with him.

    Is there something in the hollywood waters tha makes one a roller-coster?

  5. Pipps66 says:

    She should have been jumping for joy when his scroungy ass left! She’s much better off without him.

  6. Leandra says:

    Life is too short my dear. Don’t even look back. Just look forward and get on with it. You’ll be much better off. No man is worth the time you waste on what if’s or should haves.

  7. Banana Boat says:

    She could have taken the ghetto road and trashed him like other ‘celebs’ but good for her. Anyone who can do something positive out of something like this is to be applauded. I’m sure her book will help a lot of people too.

    I didn’t know how quickly her ugly ex married after their divorce. Looks suspect. And Amaury- WAAAY better looking than Mark Anthony. HUGE upgrade.
    Her kids will have less issues with relationships when they are older thanks to her not villifying their dad; she sees the picture.

  8. abc123 says:

    She should be glad she got of that skelator in her life. She is way way too good for ugly little mr lopez. she is smoking hot and all the best for her future!

  9. Her not handsome ex-hubby is stupid/moronic thing that ever
    happened to her life. Thank God,
    she’s truly a survivor.

    Please, do not link Yari to Amaury Nolasco. Perhaps, you are a big fan
    of him. For the record, Yari and Amauary are nothing but good friends,
    and will be forever, no lie, please..
    Yari deserves a much better man who
    is professional, good natured, kind,
    real macho, etc. It will equal to her honor and dignity being an ex-Miss Universe, who is kind/loving despite being famous. I firmly believe,
    she is better off with a good 😆 Canadian boy, yahoooo, of course!

  10. Hmm says:

    Maybe Angieloons can start making JLO their hereo too.

  11. :( says:

    I feel bad for her. I think she really loved M.A. and his betrayal hurt. He isn’t attractive, but he is pretty talented and a huge star in the latin community (he is also supposed to be…well-hung). Good for her on being able to put aside her personal feelings for the sake of her boys. He shouldn’t have married her in the first place, because he was always in love with JLo– she, however, was busy with all of her tabloid loves (Puffy, Ben, etc.), so he probably didn’t hold out any hope for the two of them.
    People, don’t get married if you’re still carrying a torch for someone else. It isn’t fair to the person you made a vow to.

  12. Just Desserts says:

    Kudos to her for learning to move on after her slut husband left the family unit. However kind she seems I’m sure that she would be secretly overjoyed if Jennifer blimped out like no other. Tabloids say that Jennifer has slimmed down but from what I’ve seen she has a LONG way to go. I’m not saying she won’t get back down but she definitely has a rounder figure.

  13. Anne says:

    After he left her didn’t she nickname Lopez ‘El Porko’ or something? I remember reading about it – when he first left she was not quiet.

  14. Janna says:

    HE got a quickie divorce alright-and got married FOUR days later!! Someonne had sticky fingers and insecurtiy! Afraid someone would change his mind and return to his babies and wife? NOw who could that be?? Dayanarra cannot talk about HIM or JLO-They fixed her good after she cried and spilled beans on Cristina a spanish talk show. She gets fined 10,000 each time she says anything negative. THat was JLO alright cause she pays media sites BIG like showbiz headline too-to talk so good about her all the time. SHe is a phoney and he is too-Looking for money he was. He said Dayanarra was a burden to him. HOw? HE needed a wife with a career and making big bucks that’s why. ANd a boss wife-he is after all-MR Jennifer Lopez. WOnder if Dayanarra Still gets a measly 45,000 a year alimony. While he lives a life of luxury. Well his sons from Firt marriage will get older in time and he will have to answer lots of quetions from them.

  15. rozhanda says:

    whatz up people.. : ) ok… marc anthony is a huge star & jlo too but they are ment to be together .. they are
    both divas and those ugly twins they have will be little spoil brats.. i feel sorry for them one day.. ” every pig has their sunday” and jennifer & marc will have theirs.. what he did was truly f’ up just like brad pitt now he caught out having so much kids too raise.. if anyone knows what happen to mia farrow & woody (that producer guy ) it can happen with angie & brad & to jho & skelton man .. they will go bankrupt cuz they dumb & greedy .. lol i did’nt spell ck. so whatever

  16. yolanda says:

    Jlo will never ever be even half the lady that Dayanara is. I don’t care what any paid tabloid show says. Dayanara will always be our Puerto Rican Queen. Good for you Dayanara. Much luck and happiness to you and your boys.

  17. paula says:

    i totally agree with Yolanda, J.lo is ghetto and nothing can compare to Dayanara!! she is way better than J.lo, in every aspect!! and the fact that M.A. left her to marry this @#$@# just makes me say auughh!!!! she’s better off with out him!!she is a true lady!!!!

  18. Alexandra says:

    Dayanara is 1110% better than J-Ho..And MA looks like a stupid boy,and he is a stupid to leave such a beautiful girl..J-Ho will never ever be such a beautiful,imprssive,intelligent lady..Good for you Dayanara!Be proud to raise your kids alone..Single moms power.!

  19. tania says:

    hey mujeres ok. ok. ou gays are right
    dayanara she is the best no como esa sucia puerka dela lopez y el marano ese
    ojala dayanara pueda algundia no muy lejano con su esfuerzo lograr un oscar y ensenarle a esa puerka sucia jlo lo vuena actriz q ella es ademas de vuena madre y esposa q fue un dia la belleza ;la tiene so pa q aprenda la perra esa y la lombris de marc q vea un dia lo k perdio

  20. tania says:

    so yari mi nina sigue palante lucha como as seguido asta ahora honrrdamente y decentemente y como un dia te dijo critina saralegui en su show no me llores dyanara pues como fan tuya te pido please no llores en camara fuerte firme bella asi asi le demuetras
    aesos 2 puercos lo grande q tu eres para tu publico soy tu fan n-1en mi pais nicaragua te amamos so suerte y recuerda estas palabras no llores ok sonrie q tu sonrisa es bella ….bye suerte……………………………

  21. dina says:

    all that talk about jlo. she did not break that marriage.he had an afair with a woman named Elizabeth Leyva and she said she had his baby and after the paternity came out he was not the father. she always knew he cared and loved jlo since they dated yrs ago. also he has another kid with someone else(his first daughter) named ariana and dayananra even said she always knew about marc feeling for jlo.
    also, she should have married her phillipino boyfriend she was engaged to and left him to ron after marc anthony cause he is loaded. marc anthony makes milliones with his concerts. so all u haters go and make more

  22. Prudence says:

    DAYANARA= CLASSY LADY, she’s not Miss Universe for nothing

    JENNIFER LOPEZ= TRASHY, talentless hack

    Marc Anthony= MORON, go have a drink with Brad Pitt or something, talk about what scumbags you are and then get on your expensive cars and drive off a cliff

  23. Latin says:

    Hate on JLO if you want but this Dayanara is FUG, JLO is the true latin queen!

  24. Athena says:

    Torres will come good 😀

  25. Tish says:

    It’s funny that now after all the dust has settled Mr. and Mrs. Lowdown Lopez are not together. So much for love Hollywood style.

  26. vand pret says:

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