Jessica Biel never believes any of the Justin Timberlake cheating stories


Yesterday, Us Weekly released part of their cover story, all about Justin Timberlake cheating on Jessica Biel with Olivia Munn. Allegedly, Olivia and JT spent three days in NYC, blissfully shagging, until JT was all “You know how I said me and Biel were over? I totally lied about that.” And Olivia was all “I can’t believe I’m dumb enough to go for your stupid line. Oh, wait. I can believe it.” Anyway, People Magazine has the official denials from Camp Timberlake and Camp Munn, although I don’t know who they think they’re fooling. Camp Munn’s source says:“Justin and Jessica are doing fine.” and “There is no truth to the reports. Olivia Munn is not that type of girl.” Camp Timberlake/Biel sources say things like “They are really affectionate and really seemed to be happy.” It’s rote at this point. JT needs to keep his junk more down-low to avoid these kinds of complications. But I’m not going to let it ruin my fun. I’m reading the full print copy of Us Weekly, and there are some interesting pieces of gossip that we haven’t covered yet.

How JT pursued Munn: JT immediately started chasing her, and “talking about how she was really smart and he wanted to be with her.” When Munn said no, “JT pulled out all the stops. He was texting her A LOT… Olivia believed their relationship might develop into something serious. I think she thought he was single.”

On the sex: “They had amazing sex. He was enamored of her.”

When Jessica Biel is away “they see each other when their schedules permit… JT has told people that he and Jess barely communicate when she is away, and texting had been their main form of communication.”

Back to Munn: “It became increasingly obvious that Justin might be using her.” When Olivia confronted him, the lies continued: “JT said he wants to be sure to let Jessica down gently.” He also implied that some Biel family drama made it an inopportune time to split.

JT’s player game: “He plays girls and tells them things are over with Jessica to get them hooked. But as soon as they put the pressure on, he has to admit that he’s still with her.”

The Mila Kunis incident: JT and Mila worked together over the summer, and sources say he tried to seduce her, “but she wasn’t interested in someone who was already attached…she knew he had a girlfriend, and she made it clear that it was not going to happen.”

JT’s friends call him “Trousersnake”. Ugh.

The Cameron Diaz incident: “Jessica wasn’t very happy about the Cameron Diaz costar thing.” Biels visits were scheduled to avoid a run-in with Diaz, says the industry source.

Why doesn’t JT just dump Biel? “He loves her. He doesn’t want to hurt her.” But another source says “I wouldn’t be surprised if they broke up. I got the impression it’s headed in that direction. I think he’s just bored.”

Why doesn’t Biel just dump JT? “She is totally in the dark [about his flirtations].” But sources say she isn’t desperate. “The second she has undeniable proof, she’ll breka up with him. But Jess doesn’t believe Justin has cheated on her.” Also, Biel is currectly filming in Canada, and a source says “As far as we know Justin is not going to be visiting.” But a Biel source says “She’s a tough girl. She doesn’t need him.”

Back to Olivia Munn: “He lied to Olivia and was not single. Olivia feels used. She’s a good girl and wasn’t expecting someone to openly lie like that, especially when it was so easy for her to find out the truth.”

About that Oscar nomination for The Social Network: JT “really wants that nomination… he’s using his press tour as a platform to make a push for it. He’s desperate to be taken seriously as an actor.” His costars are pissed about it too: “JT is annoying them. Everyone else is so grateful for the opportunities coming to the, but Justin is cocky.”

[From Us Weekly, print edition]

So… I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Olivia Munn was dumb to believe JT’s dumb line, and then the dumb girl decided to get revenge, and she leaked this story herself. Too many of these quotes are WAY too pro-Munn, and some of them don’t even make any sense! “She’s a good girl and wasn’t expecting someone to openly lie like that, especially when it was so easy for her to find out the truth.” Um, really? Because she didn’t bother finding out “the truth” before she spent three days boning the guy. Also – I love that Mila Kunis didn’t fall for his line. LOVE. And I don’t think Biel will ever dump JT. Ever.



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  1. Jean says:

    Is Olivia Munn secretly one of the Patridge bunch? Or maybe the ceiling-eye-look is universal to all aspiring famewhores?
    Jessica Biel’s a beautiful girl, she could do much better than a guy who capitalizes on singing like a chipmunk.

  2. mln says:

    I actually think that eventually Biel will be dumb enough to give some sort of babies and marraige ultimatum and end up out on her rump. She isn’t Cammy Diaz she’s the kind that wants to procreate. And as long as he doesn’t marry her he isn’t going to face any backlash for breaking up with her.

  3. jc126 says:

    Jessica Biel strikes me as a clingy type of person who will hold on to JT like a barnacle.

  4. jackie says:

    But isnt Mila in a relationship too – like for years with MAC?

    I think Justin is a spoiled child, I get such a negative vibe from him, selfish, cocky, self-centered.

  5. Kaboom says:

    She sounds like the perfect girlfriend.

  6. malachais says:

    These sources need to have their cameras ready, photo proof? I don’t really believe all of this nonsense w/ Olivia Munn. I think he has cheated, just not with this tanorexic.

  7. Riley says:

    The most sad thing I read in this article was that there is talk JT will be nominated for an Oscar. That will be a real shame if it happens.

  8. gabs says:

    I believe it all. I really thought that the source for the leak is munn. She got angry and this was her revenge. But then when it said that his social network costars are annoyed it got me thinking maybe it was one of them. I soo hate that he stole the spotlight from my boo jesse eisenberg. JT is a douchebag, known cheater and a horrible actor. Of course Biel wont dump him, hes her meal ticket and she wants to go to the oscars this year

  9. a says:


    1) like it matters to him;
    2) last report I’ve heard, her relationship with MAC was over. I think US said they were over. Plus, she was not with him on his birthday.

  10. Janine says:

    I’m not buying it. No real details- no confirmation from the hotel, no receipts, no photographs, so it probably never happened. Why would olivia deny it happened if she got played? It makes no sense. If she’s going to be painted as the dumb slut anyway, why would she help him save face.

    I call bullshit on the whole story.

  11. Marjalane says:

    #1 Jean!

    That’s so funny! That’s exactly what I thought when I saw that picture- “Wow, there’s another one of those “ceiling eyed” starlets”

    Yeah, I have no doubt that Jessica will never uncling from JT, and you know what? meh. A lovely, boring match. You know- Dlisted always infers that she’s gay, so maybe she’s just his beard barrier to keep the other babes from getting clingy.

  12. Jamie says:

    Of course she doesn’t. That would mean she had half a brain and some self-respect, which she doesn’t. Dating Justin is the only way Jessica can stay relevant. These famewhores are so pathetic. She isn’t even attractive.

    #3, she strikes me as clingy as well.

    #8, same here. Jesse Eisenberg was great in The Social Network and I was also really impressed with Andrew Garfield’s performance.

    Yeah, sorry. But, I have to disagree with the above comment. It’s Hollywood. Lack of photos or receipts or confirmation from the hotel does NOT mean it didn’t happen. Please. Do you realize the lengths these celebrities will go to in order to cover shit up? Just look at John Travolta and Tom Cruise. I mean, seriously. As far as Olivia denying it if it happened, um yeah. It makes sense. The more she denies it, the juicier the story becomes. If she admitted it, nobody would really care about the story anymore. It’s all about publicity in this game. Years of cheating stories floating around JT cheating on JB tells me this is most probably 100% TRUE.

  13. guesty says:

    justin’s no prize imo so idk what all the fuss is about.

    & of course jessica doesn’t believe he would ever cheat on HER. lol.

  14. a says:

    he was just a guest on the daily show recently too… yuck.

  15. devilgirl says:

    That Munn chick is just right for Halloween. Pumpkin orange.

  16. Janine says:

    Uh, I disagree Jamie. This story will be forgotten by next week. If Olivia admitted to being the other woman it would boost her name enormously. Right now she’s just the weakest correspondant on the daily show and some chick who posed for playboy.

    All she’d have to say is that he told her that they’d broken up. He’s be the jerk, Jessica would be the sap, and Olivia would be in the clear. And hell hath no fury and all, so why wouldn’t she?

    And side note: why are the women always portayed as sad, desperate, pathetic and clinging? And the guys are all said to look ‘unhappy’ with their partner and just looking for an exit? It’s never the other way around, and it really bothers me. Seriously, look at the homepage, and count how many of the stories are spun like that.

  17. Shy says:

    Have you noticed that Justin wears those stupid glasses to EVERY event about Social Network? And when he is not promoting – glasses disappear. It looks like he thinks that those glasses make him look smarter and serious 🙂

  18. YOYO99 says:

    WTF- Do women like him???

  19. Jamie says:

    Janine, nothing involving JT will ever be forgotten. Why? Because, more cheating stories will pop up in a couple of months anyway. Because, that’s what’s been going on for years.

    Because, this way she looks like the poor woman who’s being falsely accused of breaking up his relationship with Jessica Biel when she ‘really didn’t.’ It’s positive press, rather than admitting she’s a slut who screwed him.

    Um, maybe because Jessica doesn’t have much of a career these days. Without Justin, nobody would even give a shit about her or know who she was. She IS clingy. That’s why people say it. The day it’s the other way around, I’ll be the first to say it. But usually, when the man’s more famous, you’re going to get the ‘she’s clingy’ and ‘he’s so unhappy’ stories. A lot of times, they end up being true. And, come on. Justin and Jessica ALWAYS look miserable. Sorry, but they’re not fooling me with their showmance. I hated Justin and Cameron, but at least he looked somewhat happy with her for 2 years before they started looking miserable. Can’t say the same about these two.

  20. danielle says:

    I’m re-remembering the gossip that Jessica is gay. There have been a few very strange photos of her, one of a chick fondling her butt, another of her kissing a girl. That would make sense – he’s bearding for her so that he can look like a “good boy” in a relationship when really he’s out getting it on with lots of girls. Munn, wow, dumb girl.

  21. Jamie says:

    The rumors of Jessica being gay have been around the majority of her career. I remember that pic of a chick fondling her butt and there was speculation it was Justin’s cousin/assistant Rachel. Don’t know how true that is, but from what I understand, it’s been well known in Hollywood ever since JT and JB started dating in 2007 that their relationship was a showmance. Apparently, it’s a well-kept secret that they have an ‘open relationship,’ which allows Justin to screw whoever the hell he wants because he’s ‘bearding’ for Jessica. Sadly, I can actually believe it.

  22. Moi says:

    Jessica is gay, Justin is a man-whore. Danielle is right on. Case closed.

  23. B says:

    He is putting Sexy in reverse, yuck. Unattractive, cocky manchild.

  24. Janine says:

    Ok, I knew who jessica Biel was before she started dating Justin, so I don’t think she’s with him for relavance sake. I agree that his career is going better at the moment, but she’s got quite a few projects lined up too.

    They’ve been together for ages now, and they don’t really take advantage of their ‘showmance’ if that’s the reason they’re together. The whole gist of the cheating argument is how much time they spend apart, how they seldom walk the red carpet together, nothing but texts etc.

    Your thoughts regarding Olivia’s motives doesn’t hold water. She’s not being shown as the poor woman caught up in some bad gossip, she’s the bimbo who fell for his lies.

    That’s if you believe everything you read, which I don’t. But please don’t let any logic get in the way of your rabid hatred of people you don’t even know. I just don’t care enough to continue arguing.

  25. AlaskaJoey says:

    @Jean- holy cripes, I never noticed before how much she looks like Audrina Patridge from the side! Wow, Chris Pine sure has a type, doesn’t he? Vacant eyed brunettes.

  26. Carrie says:

    This whole thing only makes me think more highly of Mila Kunis- becoming a big fan of that woman!!

  27. Laura says:

    JT REALLY needs to dump those pretentious nerd glasses. They make him seem like a bigger ass than he already is.

  28. Bodhi says:

    Actually, Mila & Mac are just fine. They have been dating for 8 years & keep everything super low key & out of the spotlight

  29. Hold up! Three days of screwing around and he was suppose to declare undying love for her?! I can walk away from anything that lasted for only three damn days!

  30. mln says:

    I am so sick of the gay rumours, according to the internet Justin is gay too, if that’s the case then he didn’t sleep with Olivia Munn, or Rhianna, or any of the strippers yadda,yadda,yadda.

  31. Jamie says:

    First of all, Jessica’s projects don’t do that well. It’s not like the girl could open a movie if left to her own devices. She sucks as an actress, always has and always will. People knew her from 7th Heaven and taking her clothes off for a photoshoot when she was a teenager, sure. But, she’s not a household name. Most people I talk to are like ‘Huh? Who is that?” when they hear her name. So, yes – I can believe she’s with him for relevance sake. And, I do. Get over it. Don’t take it so goddamned personally. Geez. You’d think you were related to her or something.

    They so take advantage of their showmance. Jessica is always talking about Justin and every time there are cheating rumors, all of a sudden candids of how ‘happy’ they are pop up. Convenient. And, there’s more to the cheating rumors than just them being apart. But, nice try.

    You just proved my point. It makes her look like the wronged party, because she fell for his lies rather than the slut who screwed him knowing he was still with his girlfriend.

    Oh, please. Yeah, you don’t care enough to keep arguing. Yet, you keep responding to my comments. Okay, sure. Get off your high horse. What are you, their publicist? If you don’t get the logic behind my arguments, then that’s your problem. Not mine. It’s not about rabid hatred, considering I can’t stand him either. So quite frankly, whether or not they stay together isn’t an issue – they’re both famewhores. It’s about taking off the blinders and seeing how this industry works. Come off it. Thinking celebrities have never had showmances is incredibly naive. It happens all the time.

  32. Michael says:

    I’m pretty sure Mila and Mac are still together. US weekly just made up the On and off angle because her reps wouldn’t comment on the story. Their was an articelt that said he had been visiting her on set a lot.

  33. TG says:

    @notpretentious – I am still laughing about your comment about 3 days. I think it is called being in lust!

    I don’t get what JT would get out of bearding for Biel. I don’t care whether someone is gay or not but how comes it seems everyone in hollywood is said to be gay. It used to be just the men, but now all the women too?

  34. Jamie says:

    Well, JT would be able to keep up that ‘good guy’ appearance of being in a ‘committed relationship,’ while secretly being able to screw however many women he wants and nobody being the wiser for it. Although assuming the newest cheating allegations are true, it does kind of make him look like a hypocrite for publicly crying about how Britney cheated on him when he’s supposedly doing the same thing to Jessica. I agree with you that it does seem like everyone in Hollywood is said to be gay, but the JB gay rumors have followed her the entirety of her career. At first, it was just based on the fact that a lot of people found her very ‘butch’ looking. Then, people started actually coming up with ‘reports’ of her being with women and seeing her with women, etc. Then again, according to most blog sites, the majority of Hollywood is gay. I remember reading a comment by someone on a TWOP discussion thread a few years ago, claiming SMG was gay. It was the only time I’d ever read or heard anything like that about her before, so it just made me laugh my ass off hysterically. LMFAO

  35. Johnny Depp's Girl says:


  36. Beck says:

    I don’t like Justin or Jessica. Both are way overrated. I have never found Justin attractive. I never understood the crazy love for him when he was in the boy band. He’s just gross to me. I will say that he can sing/dance but I think he needs to give up on the acting. Plus, he has the biggest ego. (Dude, you sing and “act”. You’re not curing cancer.) If he ever gets nominated for an Oscar, he will be totally unsufferable.

    I get the gay vibe from Jessica, and I think Justin is bi. So, I totally believe it is a showmance.

  37. jc126 says:

    I don’t believe JB is a lesbian. I saw those pics where her friend cupped her butt, it was probably just goofing around. No reason for JT to go along with being a beard, and no, I don’t think he’s gay, either.

  38. Jamie says:

    Not saying I believe the lesbian rumors necessarily, but there’s always a good reason to go along with being a beard in Hollywood.

  39. Ruffian9 says:

    “Dating Justin is the only way Jessica can stay relevant.”


  40. Lilly says:

    I think she’s way too good for him. He always strikes me as a wuss. And, not because he looks like one. I just remember how he blaned Janet Jackson for that Superbowl strip thing. He said he felt used and violated. That always struck me as a cop-out.

  41. mandy says:

    Sorry but at the time this supposedly happened Timberlake was out straight promoting the Social Network. He certainly didn’t have time for a three day affair with Munn. This is a totally made up story once again by Us Weekly because Justin and Jessica are just too boring a couple for them. They hate couples that are happy so they try to stir up trouble.

  42. Camille says:

    Riley: IKR! I totally thought that too 🙁

  43. lisa says:

    Justin needs a woman who will remain an enigma to him, someone he’ll have to chase with flirtations and hidden contexts for years. He’s still caught up in the allure of pure lust, and he can’t resolve that curiosity with a stable relationship, as wholesome as it is. He obviously has some growing up to do…

  44. TG says:

    But JT doesn’t need to have a good guy image, it’s not like he is on a disney show or something. He is a hip hop/pop star (not sure what category he is excactly), but anyway that group doesn’t need to appear wholesome.

    I see where people see the masculine appearance in Biel, but she can also be very pretty to bad she doesn’t ditch that squeaky guy. He reminds me of those losers from high school and I have felt that way from the moment I ever heard of him.

  45. bitca says:

    Timberlake is so evidently a slut that it is not even interesting anymore. As for Biel… yeah, she MIGHT be gay; who knows? —or cares? Her ego & unjustified ambition drove her to behavior in the ‘7th Heaven’ days so obnoxious as to be inexcusably unprofessional. Tho mainly because she had no depth of talent to justify any of the crap she pulled.

    But… when there are recurring stories over the course of almost a decade—or longer—you have to think. For example, Travolta, Kelly McGillis, & Jodi Foster were widespread subjects of gossip in the 80s gay community. I used to think, ‘oh, please; my gay-ette friends just <3 to think everyone else is gay, too’).

    The stories often come from 1st-hand sightings in gay bars, tho. So, many years later, I suspect it’s more likely that my “out” friends felt betrayed by these actors’ secrecy & accompanying implication that there was something TERRIBLE about being gay.

    Unfortunately, I also get why Rupert Everett regrets coming out publicly—cause in the early 80s he was still in the closet, young, beautiful, exceptionally talented, & on the verge of A-list. Jodi Foster was smart to wait, yet not lie outright, & allow her talent to do the talking before she let down her guard a bit. IMO, Travolta might be ready to do the same were it not for the dirt Scientologists gleefully collect during “audits.” Not like he’s living on rom-com roles these days; who’d freakin’ care?

  46. alejandro says:


    That’s a typical response to sort of lay blame on the women he’s with for not being intriguing enough. If only Jessica Biel was ‘alluring’ enough she wouldn’t bore poor Timberlake and get cheated on. Hmmph

    There have been cheating rumors for as far back as Britney Spears and Cameron Diaz. He has been rumored to have cheated on both of them with groupies and the like.

    It’s not about them, it’s about him just having lots of available tail thrown his way and him hiding behind a fake “i can only be in relationships i can’t be single” spiel in order to not appear like the manwhore he probably is to his mostly female record buying fan base.

    The reason he can’t just George Clooney his way to just being a bachelor is because he built his career on being “the long suffering boyfriend who was unjustly cheated on.” That’s his angle and that’s why he hides behind Biel.

    Hopefully one day he’s caught with his pants down and he makes up for building his career on the back of his ex while he was doing the same sh!t he was accusing her of doing.

  47. Chris says:

    I simply do not get Justin Timberlake.

  48. Johnthing says:

    He is so ugly!

  49. AD says:

    Jessica Biel does not strike me as a clingy person. She kinda strikes me as a gay person or at least bi. I have never totally bought this JT pairing as the real deal but I don’t know exactly what JT gets out of it. Considering he enjoys being a man about town and he’s still young. It doesn’t add up.

  50. DSM says:

    The only thing cool about Justin Timberlake is that he resembles a real life Beavis of “Beavis and Butthead” fame. But by saying so I feel this is clearly an insult to Beavis because Justin is a “Buttknocking- Assmunch!”…… 🙂