US Weekly: Kate Gosselin ruins Halloween

Kate Gosselin looks tired but forces a smile after leaving Regis and Kelly in NYC, NY on September 10, 2010 where the outspoken mother of 8 continued to badmouth her former husband. Fame Pictures, Inc
We recently saw photos of Kate Gosselin taking her kids out to a corn maze on Halloween – and making them leave half way through. I hate those hedge and corn mazes, mainly the ones you can’t see out of, and get panicked that I won’t be able to find my way out. That wasn’t the case with Kate, though, she was wearing spike heels and bitching loudly that everyone was moving too fast for her. Then once the TLC crew was done filming in the maze she made the kids leave without doing any of the other activities at the pumpkin patch, like marshmallow roasting or face painting.

US Weekly has more on how Kate’s unbridled narcissism “ruined” Halloween. They claim that she took her kids trick or treating, and then proceeded to sleep in the car while her “bodyguard”/lover drove. She snapped at them to keep quiet so mommy could get her beauty rest. She made her eight kids keep quiet on Halloween!

What scared the eight Gosselin kids most this Halloween? Their own mom! On October 31, Kate Gosselin, 35, and bodyguard Steve Neild took her brood trick or treating – but “Steve drove the van while Kate slept in the front seat,” and insider tells Hot Stuff [US Weekly]. “The kids were told to be quiet so they wouldn’t wake her!” The source adds that the kids are “sad all the time” and one of the sextuplets “was suspended from school for two weeks for hitting another child.” (An insider says Gosselin yelled at the girl, “You’re embarrassing me!”) And the TLC star – whose Kate Plus Eight viewership has plunged almost 50 percent since June – doesn’t reserve her anger for her kids along. The first source says she’s hounding ex Jon Gosselin, 33, for child support: “Kate told Jon she’ll sue until he signs over full custody. She wants him out of her life for good.”

Inset text: Gosselin has hired a live-in nanny, “spending even less time with her kids,” says a source.

[From US Weekly, print edition, November 15, 2010]

I can’t blame Kate for telling Jon to pay child support or sign over custody. It’s not like he’s gainfully employed and earning even a fraction of what she makes, though. He’s eating at Taco Bell with his girlfriend and then complaining when he gets recognized. (No aspersions on Taco Bell here, it’s my favorite fast food.)

Kate’s show is being tromped in the ratings by polygamists and she’s about to lose her main source of income. It’s a shame she’s such a piece of work, or maybe the public would have some good will left for whatever future endeavors she gets into. As it is, we’ve seen how she treats her kids and how nasty she was on Dancing with The Stars. No one buys her “working mom” act anymore.

Kate Gosselin looks tired but forces a smile after leaving Regis and Kelly in NYC, NY on September 10, 2010 where the outspoken mother of 8 continued to badmouth her former husband. Fame Pictures, Inc

LOS ANGELES, CA - AUGUST 29: Kate Gosselin arrives at the 62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards held at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on August 29, 2010 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

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71 Responses to “US Weekly: Kate Gosselin ruins Halloween”

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  1. Happymom says:

    Those poor kids. I could go on and on about disgusting Kate Gosselin is-but we all know that. I hope there’s a lot of money put away by those famewhore parents for future therapy and rehab.

  2. Stronzilla says:

    I hope she’s putting aside some of her earnings to cover the kids’ therapy. They’re gonna need it.

  3. guesty says:

    she’s probably the only person in the world that would wear heels to a corn maze with eight kids.

  4. Lola7 says:

    Since when did she become so “glamorous”? If you watch the early episodes, she wore flip flops and sweats! Make her go away!

  5. lilred says:

    Who wears heels to a corn maze/pumpkin patch…what a complete waste of space.

  6. brin says:

    Kate Gosslin….the real Debbie Downer.

  7. Atticus says:

    I used to feel the need to defend her, but she really was awful on DWTS. It was her golden opportunity to change the public’s perception of her and she blew it big time. It wasn’t even about not being a good dancer, it was about what a wank she was to her pro partner Tony. I watched the first couple episodes of the Kate Plus Eight show but gave it up months ago. Not even the cute kids can make me tolerate watching her for 30 minutes.

  8. Marjalane says:

    Meh. I hope there isn’t some hideous picture of eight little sad faces somewhere.

  9. Whatever says:

    Seriously, who wears heels to a corn maze? I’ve only seen a handful of episodes of their show, but I saw one where they went to the Crayola Factory and she complained that the kids were getting dirty. She has no common sense about taking day trips with the kids and making life easy by planning ahead.

    On the other hand, Jon is a douche and a deadbeat dad. I’d let him off paying support to go the ef away, if I were Kate too. He’s useless.

  10. lucy2 says:

    She’s just terrible. What else is there to say?

  11. mln says:

    I have to defend Jon I think he is trying to get a job but isn’t allowed to do shitty reality shows because of his TLC contract and isn’t able to find work because of his reality show infamy. I don’t think he is perfect but can you imagine what being married to a bitch like Kate would do to your head.

  12. OtherChris says:

    Remember when they were all bible reading, sweatpants wearing, frumpy husband and wife. Just look at those a$$holes now. I feel for those kids.

  13. texasmom says:

    Big news. As far as I can tell, she ruins EVERYTHING. Poor kids.

    I actually am getting more sympathetic to the dad. He certainly behaved disgracefully for a while, but he stopped doing that. In the meantime, the mom keeps getting crazier and crazier and greedier and glitzier. I think that if the kids were raised by their dad their lives would dramatically improve, if only from getting out of the public eye.

  14. BW says:

    I find it amusing that she’s being trounced in the ratings by a guy with multiple wives. See Kate? you should have married 4 men instead of having 8 kids. Cue Octomom marrying 8 men in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1

  15. dorothy says:

    High Heels in a corn maze? Can we say dumb as dirt? I wish she would fade away…then maybe the kids would have a shot at a decent life.

  16. Jen says:

    So, was she a five-dollar hooker for Halloween, or is that her everyday mom wear?

  17. terryo says:

    Am strangley sexually attracted to her! Bet she is a real hottie in the sack!

  18. junk573r says:

    lol I think this is the first bit of spam comments I’ve seen on this site….and it’s almost illegible. C’om-a?

  19. Obvious says:

    @mln I agree. He was married to that harridan, and when escaped he went hog wild-I can’t blame him. I think that h went overboard, but I don’t blame him.

    And who would WANT Jon to work for them? Reality is one of his only options and TLC (prolly at Kate’s urging) has put a kibosh on that.

    Kids would be better of with Jon and having Kate pay child support I think. he was and always will be their only REAL parent. (i refuse to believe that shrew loves them for anything more than the fame they bring her)

  20. REALIST says:

    Very sad for the kids. She is such a ‘ho.

  21. Feebee says:

    Someone needs to put her out of her misery. It’s not like she’s a vapid 20 something who’s been in heels since she was 14 to whom wearing heels to a pumpkin patch would make sense. She’s a mid-30s former nurse and mother of eight who knows exactly what she should wear to a pumpkin patch. But we all know why she didn’t. The eight most important people in her life are Kate, Kate, Kate, Kate, Kate, Kate, Kate and Kate. Even Steve is down there with the kids, but probably before the one who EMBARRASSED her so badly.

    I hope the courts under no circumstances grant full custody to her. You know she’ll cut Jon out of their lives and for better or worse they need him, even if it’s just to know his address for when they run away from home in a few years.

  22. Sassy says:

    Heels in a corn maze? Yeah, totally practical.

  23. Novaraen says:

    No big surprise here. She has always been the hugest of b*tches….even waaaay back when she and Jon got their first show. She was always complaining about everything and Jon was always just standing around saying nothing and contributing nothing. Just makes me feel terrible for their kids…:(

  24. Johnthing says:

    She’s so full of herself. Ick.

  25. Whatever says:

    I have to defend Jon I think he is trying to get a job but isn’t allowed to do shitty reality shows because of his TLC contract and isn’t able to find work because of his reality show infamy.

    1. He has been released from his contract. Nobody wants him, not TLC or any other network.
    2. He was offered a job by a Harrisburg IT company last year and refused. There was a story with quotes from the company offering the job. He does not want to work, quit his job the second they started making money off the show and never looked back. He has no interest in real employment, which is why he is a deadbeat, just like he was before the show, after it and always will be.

    And to those claiming Jon is a great parent, get a grip. I haven’t seen many shows, but Jon didn’t look at all engaged with those kids and seemed not to want to be bothered. After the split, it was pictures with ho after ho, interrupted by short visits to the family home where he posed in the yard, smoked cigarettes and talked on his cell phone or talked to the paps at the fence, while the kids played alone. I must have a radically different definition of a good father than some.

    Kate is a bitch for sure, but Jon is a worthless sack of crap.

  26. Cleo says:

    Hello, Collin and your beautifully large forehead!

  27. dholmas says:

    Last year I worked the Pumpkin Patch and wore hiking boots, jeans and warm clothes. Not a place to be dressed to the nines with heels. Please get a grip, you have 8 children you need to run after. Albeit you have the nannies to help, on that note, you had 8 children and you need to take responsibilty for them.

  28. alexandra says:

    Although Jon is a tool now. He was a berated husband. She was and is the biggest c%nt. She constantly put him down. He broke free and rebeled as a teenager. I do not agree with blaming people for your actions. However, she was awful to Jon in front of the cameras. Imagine how real life looked like for him, and the kids. She is a selfish monster. Look how she drinks water herself and denies water to Mady.

  29. mln says:

    @ Obvious exactly
    @ whatever actually Jon settled with TLC but under the settlement he cannot appear on a competing network until his contract expires AND I never said Jon was a great parent but I think he is better than Kate I do believe he has made major mistakes but he has good intentions and is a better bet for those kids than Kate who is a shrew.

  30. Popo says:

    I hope the kids will realize how lucky they are to have each other, as long as they dont turn into either of them. I sure hope the older girls dont grow up to torture the younger kids. The older girls are certainly old enough to see the changes. She needs to wake up, cause one day its going to be WAY too late.

  31. Jazz says:

    She wore heels and a skirt when she went hot air ballooning with the kids for the show. WTF!

  32. GrnMtGirl says:

    She would rather put up appearances and keep the kids clean than have some good old fashioned fun by playing. How Sad!!

  33. Sammy says:

    No sympathy at all for that neurotic, self absorbed, square shaped, nagging fame whore. Nope.

  34. RhymesWithSilver says:

    Those pictures! Whoa! She’s turning into a mutant hybrid of Cruella DeVille and Tara Reid!

  35. Heavenbound says:

    Are we sure she is 35? She looks a lot older. look at her hands how the skin is kind of saggy, it must be all that tanning. I think she is hideous.

  36. georgiagrl says:

    Why would you agree with her suing Jon until he signs over full custody??? That’s their father and they need him in their lives and so what if he doesn’t earn as much as her? If he is in their lives and contributing what he can to their expenses, that’s good enough!I would never give her full custody if she is really as bad as portrayed in the media.

  37. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    Raise your hand if you are surprised.

  38. bellaluna says:

    Just a little FYI for those considering having children (how many at a time doesn’t matter – this rule will ALWAYS apply):

    DO NOT HAVE CHILDREN IF YOU DON’T WANT MESSES! Having children is messy! If you want to dress nice, wear heels, have long nails, spend more on your hair than most people spend on a car payment – DON’T HAVE KIDS! It’s really quite simple.

    Jon & Kate are both assholes. They should have been sterilised for the sake of the safety of society. Neither one of them deserves those children.

  39. natalie says:

    She is so nasty!!
    How do you wear heels to go to a corn maze with your kids?!?!?!?! She has issues and when the children are in their teens it is going to be disastrous. :(

  40. Sugar & Spice says:

    Is it just me, or does she look like Dina Lohan in that top picture?!

  41. Amanda says:

    I have followed this family since they started their show in TLC. Over the past 2 years ago, a few really good blogs have popped up that take TLC to task and are trying to shine a light on what’s going on with these kids. I caught up on these blogs yesterday, after I read a piece that one of the little 6 year olds was suspended from school for 2 weeks for fighting and hitting another child. Unfortunately, the story is true.

    I read about this corn maze story on a blog by someone named Werny Girl- she lives in the same town as the Gosselin family, and she advocates for child labor protections through her blog and in her state legislature, etc. The corn maze was very sad. Kids being directed to run through the maze, then captured on film, then told to go back and do it again. THe kids weren’t allowed to finish the maze nor do any of the other activities there- hay ride, hot chocolate, etc. Kate followed along behind the kids wearing all black in tall stilleto high heels (a REAL Halloween witch). They finished filming, the kids were tken out of the maze, and they packed it in and left.

    Another blog entry discussed how ALL outings are flmed and that there is no evidence that the kids do anything with Kate without the cameras. It made me think – what is their life like? THey stay at home all the time, until the cameras arrive and its time to film a “fun outing”. Except that the outings aren’t fun, they aren’t “real”, the kids are working (in that they are asked to do take after take), and the actual participation in the activity isn’t important. This feels like some sort of creep show to me. I am SAD for the kids and SAD that no one can do anything to intervene.

    Jon went to court last month to try to stop anymore filming and the judge denied him. Sick.

  42. melinda says:

    Her choice of shoes is the least of the problems I see here.

  43. Alexa says:

    I’m glad to read that people see through her pretty pearly white smile and know that it’s not all warmth and love and nurturing in that family. Kate reminds me so much of my mother, and it killed me when acquaintances would say what lovely parents I have and that obviously we (my sisters and I) are well cared for because we’re always SO CLEAN and DRESSED SO NICELY! (And boy how my mother would lay it on thick when someone was watching . . . it’s the only time she showed me any affection and it made me so ill.) Ya – it was fun growing up as someone’s show doll accessory!

  44. Kiska says:

    As the children get older you’ll see some big time rebellion coming out. What will Kate do then? I have no doubt that karma will be visiting her very soon.

  45. bluhare says:

    Kate Gosselin is mad her 15 minutes are up and she’s in overtime. I don’t recall everything, but I was under the impression Jon receives a check from TLC for not being able to work due to that contract, and Kate does get child support (around $22K a month??) but I’m not sure how that works. Someone else will know.

    But what the heck can a 6 year old do that justifies a 2 week suspension?

  46. GatsbyGal says:

    The source adds that the kids are “sad all the time” and one of the sextuplets “was suspended from school for two weeks for hitting another child.” (An insider says Gosselin yelled at the girl, “You’re embarrassing me!”)

    She’s going to end up with eight serial killers on her hands if she keeps being such a god-awful mother. Seriously? “You’re embarrassing me”? I don’t think my parents ever told me that. Way to give a kid a complex for the rest of his life.

  47. Lia says:

    I’m thinking Jon Gosselin got a bad rap in all of this. Maybe he isn’t the most ambitious person on earth, but it looks like living with Kate would have been a nightmare beyond belief. The social workers should take those kids away from her and give them to someone who will actually love them for who they are, and not just for how much fame and fortune they can bring to their disgusting mother.

  48. Kelley says:

    @ 35 Heavenbound … was thinking the same thing … for a woman that young she looks like a well-preserved 50 if you ask me. She’s a bigger asshole now than she ever was, and that’s saying something.

  49. Maritza says:

    No wonder the kids prefer to be with their dad and his girlfriend. This woman needs therapy, all she thinks about is herself.

  50. Westcoaster says:

    Kate will end up being a bitter and lonely old woman. As all her children will resent the way she treated them and will want nothing to do with her.

  51. wunderkindt says:

    Wow, long gone are the days of sweat pants and sensible shoes.

    What we’re seeing now: Mommy Dearest obviously RESENTS her kids!

    The kids are little ‘money makers’ to be sure, and but now they are also just damn inconvenient for Mommy Dearest’s new ‘shi shi’ celebrity lifestyle. (I mean, how can she and the body guard get thier freak on with all those screaming brats in the back seat of the van and the cameras rolling?)

    Right now, ‘Fake + 8′ would ditch those kids in a NY second if only she could. But she cant.

    She has to keep them working so Mommy Dearest can buy more stilletto heels, fancy clothes, and hair weaves. Those workers/kids must generate a decent income for ‘Fake’ so she can afford all her new luxuries.

    Prediction: Maddy/Cara are going to be ‘hell on wheels’ sooner than later. They will probably try to get emancipated so they can move out of corporate headquarters (aka, the family McMansion) asap.

    Miley/Lindsay will pale in comparison to Maddy/Cara! It will be payback big time directed towards the lousy, narcissistic parents! A whole other show idea, no?

  52. OXA says:

    Why are kate and TLC allowed to use these kids, what kind of a judge would allow them to be pimped out and abused this way? Get them off TV and give them back their childhoods, they are too young to work anywhere else, so too young to support her attention to addiction.

  53. Majosha says:

    Wait, she’s 35??? She looks terrible!

  54. Tawana says:

    She’ll end up on welfare when it all dries up or go back to nursing.

  55. Jan says:

    Why would anyone feel sympathy for that worthless tool? She got about $15,000 each episode she was on DWTS, not to mention whatever she gets for the other show she does. I feel sorry for none of them, and I make sure I do not contribute to any of those shows. Never watched it, never will.

  56. Mizz Tickles says:

    Jon Gosselin should get the kids and the house so they won’t be uprooted. If Kate has a nanny and there is a parent available to raise them then Jon should get full custody. I’m sure he would give his children a better upbringing than is happening for them right now. Kate can go live in a cheap motel with Steve.

  57. Insider says:

    Jon is still under contract to TLC.

    This little leak is only a small sample of how bad things really are.

    If the public knew how bad things are Kate would actually NEED security.

  58. pa-n-proud says:

    Ya know what, TLC and every other media outlet this women uses should have to go to court along with the nannies and film crew that have to sign “gag orders”. I mean this is a supposed “reality family show” which means they sign on to be real, isn’t that what Kate always has said that “everything you see is real” well it isn’t and these kids are going to and are suffering at the hands of her egocentric behavior and TLC is letting it happen as long as Kate is happy..Well let me tell you she doesn’t care, she will write a book and tell the public “If I only would have listened to everyone” and then everyone will pity her and the nation will pay for all the kids to go to therapy because believe me people I’m from Pa. and I know people she did very wrong and believe me Miss Kate is always thinking ahead…she even says it in a number of interviews!!

  59. daisyfly says:

    Everyone keeps ragging on Jon, but unless people forgot the first four seasons of the show, he was the sole breadwinner in the family. And on top of that, he was the one who woke the kids up, got them their breakfast & ready for school. He was the one who, upon arriving home, gave them their baths and put them to bed. Then he’d help Kate clean up – she admitted as much in many interviews.

    Was he a douchebag after the separation and subsequent divorce? Yeah. I chalk that up to him tasting freedom for the first time in what, 12 years?

    Kate’s an attention whore and her kids are paying the price for it. Jon’s profile has been quiet for the past few months while Kate’s been flashing her weave everywhere.

    And I love how people keep saying Jon should just get a normal job while not saying the same thing about Kate. Parenting is a two way street, and it’s not as if Kate’s the hands-on parent. That was always Jon. As dumb as he was and as incompetent as he was in other areas, he was always good with the kids.

  60. Insider says:

    Jon has been interviewing for work. I know he will land on his feet.

  61. val says:

    This just in….. Kate Gosselin ruins everything

  62. Kim says:

    The public should also be bagging on TLC for contuining to air the show/pay her exploiting the entire situation.

  63. Lucy says:

    @Daisyfly: Great post! I saw the exact same thing. Jon is definatley the more caring parent. Sometimes he looked like a broken horse. He looked spaced out because he just gave in and gave up. I know that look, seen it with my own Dad. My heart goes to Jon and the kids. I hope things work out for them.

  64. nonny says:

    In the second picture I thought she was Rachel Zoe. The woman just looks down right spiteful. I wish her children were taken care of by people who would give them a caring and nurturing home. But everything just seems to point the opposite of that. – Not judging just sayin’.

  65. Jag says:

    All I can hope for is that she gets a great nanny that the kids love and she spends all her time away from them. Then, maybe, they’ll have the love and consistency that they need to grow into stable adults. Those poor kids.

  66. desiree says:

    Kate is desperate for ratings so she is leaking all kinds of nonsense to get viewers tuning in for the Alaska episode. Vote with your remote! Don’t watch this trainwreck.

  67. Turd Ferguson says:

    Such a nasty, self centered evil woman. She never holds her kids, speaks normal to them, parents them, or cares for them. And that’s what we see on camera – cant imagine how bad she is when she isnt being paid to be their mother.

  68. maria says:

    I have to defend Jon on this one all this time she belittled him in the marriage and outside of the marriage i don’t blame him one bit. She’s a control freak and cares about nobody but herself. Kids acting out and she says they embarass her? Those kids need attention and the only way they will get it is to act out since mommy isn’t there for them anymore.

  69. maria says:

    Jon should have taken them out for Halloween at least they would have had more fun. I didn’t know Halloween came with instructions.

  70. ang says:

    Kate needs to put her children first and hand custody over to Jon. The kids will have a full time parent and Kate will be free vacation and chase stardom.

  71. hjsplit says:

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