Charlie Sheen and Brooke Meuller fought most of their honeymoon & cut it short

Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller may present a united front against his mentally challenged harpy of an ex wife, Denise Richards, but the National Enquirer claims to have insider information that the cracks have already started to appear in their marriage. Charlie calls his marriage to Brooke, his third, his “first real marriage.” His partner may have changed, but the negative dynamic he fosters in his relationships probably hasn’t.

According to the Enquirer, Charlie and Brooke fought most of the time on their honeymoon in Costa Rica and decided to cut the vacation short by five days. They supposedly locked heads over whether to start a family, and Charlie was so focused on his bitterness toward Denise that he was unable to relax and enjoy his honeymoon. It sounds like their relationship isn’t all that different from Charlie’s last marriage.

It was the honeymoon from hell for newlyweds Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller! The couple squabbled nonstop over starting a family and cut their two-week holiday at an exotic Costa Rican resort short, sources say…

“They bickered and argued and ended up coming home five days earlier than planned.” [says an insider]…

The two began butting heads over starting a family even before the plane touched down.

“Brooke wants kids and Charlie doesn’t,” the insider said. “As far as he’s concerned, the joys of parenting have been tinged with misery…

“And when they weren’t battling over the baby issue during their honeymoon, Charlie was complaining about Denise, instead of concentrating on Brooke.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, June 30, 2008]

The Enquirer says they contacted Charlie’s rep, who said they didn’t come home early from their vacation and that everything is fine between the couple. It wouldn’t be surprising if they were fighting given Charlie’s history. Although Brooke suffered a miscarriage right before the wedding, according to the Enquirer, Charlie was said to have been supportive but firm that he didn’t want to give it another chance with Brooke. You can’t blame him given all the crap he’s still going through with Denise, but that’s a huge issue for a new couple to argue about and if they don’t work it out there’s probably not a lot of hope for them.

Charlie and Denise Brooke are shown on their honeymoon on 6/2/08, thanks to Splash News.

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24 Responses to “Charlie Sheen and Brooke Meuller fought most of their honeymoon & cut it short”

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  1. Jessica says:

    Dont you mean Charlie and Brooke on their honeymoon 6/2/08???

  2. lola says:

    I can see his speech for hi snext wedding, ‘the first was a sham, the second was a con, the thrid was a lie, this is my first marriage…..’ and the cycle continues. I am tired already. :roll:

  3. ak says:

    I think you’re actually supposed to talk about kids before you get married. Brooke might want to note that for her next marriage.

    Not that I have any sympathy for her. He’s Charlie Sheen. Geez.

  4. Amy says:

    No kidding, ak!

    Have that discussion BEFORE marriage. Oh, and don’t marry a drug addict with a penchant for prostitutes. Not the marrying kind, Brooke. Big red flags. :?

  5. Dingles says:

    Amen, ak. This might explain why the vast majority of celebrity marriages fall apart after just a few years- these idiots are so concerned with GETTING married that they don’t think about the ‘being’ married part.

    And marrying Charlie Sheen is just a fail move to begin with.

  6. UrbanRube says:

    Judging by how he treats servers in restaurants, he’s had serious anger problems for literally decades.

  7. vdantev says:

    *Initiating countdown to explosive divorce/quickie annulment*

    Seriously, if I had a whackjob ex-wife making my life a living hell, like he does I’d be hard to deal with too.

  8. A.J. says:

    …and so the groundwork for another embarassingly public knock-down-drag-out battle has been layed.

  9. Enonymouse says:

    Oh please vdantev. Yeh it is always Denise fault for Charlie’s long time anger issues (reported had anger problems way before Denise), drug and prostitute addiction and fail marriage (the first one). People might not like Denise that much and I surely to not care for her either but I can obviously see who had the biggest issues and faults and that was/is Charlie Sheen and I actually sympathize with Denise for having to put up with this man even now. If people are calling Denise a bad mother then can you imagine what a terrible father Charlie might be, if I was Denise I would not let my children near this man.

  10. Leandra says:

    The chances of this working are pretty slim. I can’t imagine day to day living with this man-ho who’s used to variety, not just one. He’ll probably take out his unrequited desires for the seamy life out on the new bride.

  11. velvet elvis says:

    How long ’til somebody files a restraining order?

  12. devilgirl says:

    It’s not as if Brooke went into this union unaware of who and what she was marrying into. I have said this before, women always think that they are going to be the ones to change a guy from a cad to a fab person. People are who they are at the start. No sympathy for her , if the story is even true.

  13. Bellatrix says:

    It is true, as devilgirl said in the above comments, that Mueller knew what kind of man she was marrying.
    She must have seen him getting angry about his ex-wife. And that is the best way to discover how a man deals with women in his life. Even the bitchiest ex-wives can’t be the right excuse for somebody having major anger issues every time they are mentioned.

    In some “real” news, Denise Richards was seen out with her and Sheen’s daughters who were… are you seated because this is going to be a huge shock, I can tell… SMILING.
    Yes! Really! I know you don’t want to believe me but really… :-)

  14. Joe says:

    Charlie knows that the puta gets all loose after the baby comes out.

  15. alex says:

    heheheee….yeah, it’s not denise :)

    can’t blame you…they’re all the same to me too :D

  16. Bobafet says:

    Yeah because god knows you dont want to discuss a thing like having kids or not before getting married. Stupid wanks.

  17. oxa says:


  18. MISSY says:

    Poor Brooke, Dating a jerk is way different than marrying one. This man’s scars have not healed, and has decided to rush into another relationship. He will make some lawyer lots of money

  19. JoGirl says:

    Seriously, Brooke could star in another installment of that great old SNL skit “Bad Idea Jeans.”

    Who marries Charlie Sheen and thinks it’ll work out???

  20. Mandy says:

    :roll: I have no pity for any woman who marries Charlie Sheen.

  21. Leah says:

    I used to say that I wanted to be Michael Jackson’s defense attorney, but there seems to be more money in being Charlie Sheen’s divorce lawyer…

  22. Judy says:

    Denis likes to feed those anger issues and trys to make herself look like a victim and it backfires on her. She is a B actress looking to make it big and thinks she can do it by “poor me” and trashing him. She was a nobody before he married her and no is an ex wife no body. Charlie is no saint and everyone who knows him knows that. You get involved with him you get no pity here.

  23. Judy says:

    Charlie needs to get “fixed” sounds like another Denise..get married pop a couple of kids and get 35 K a month from charlie for the next 18 years. Geeze Charlie. go get clipped!!!!!!!!

  24. Sarah says:

    Actually, Judy Denise HAD to file a 12 page letter to the judge to protect her children. She had no control over if that letter went public or not.
    It was filed under oath. And she never said anything negative about Charlie until recently. and only because Charlie kept releasing statements every-time Denise tried to promote her show. Charlie is an abuser, who hides all abuse tell he gets married.He has threatened to have her killed, and has been extremely emotionally abusive.
    Who cares what kind of actress she is, it has nothing to do with this.

    She tried her best to make things work, I remember in the beginning she refused to say why she filed
    for divorce. Trying to protect him, but then she had to protect her girls from him. So she wrote the letter and now everyone acts like shes mudslinging, everyone blames
    her, just wait, he will start abusing Brooke in no
    time flat.