Eddie Cibrian & LeAnn Rimes might be engaged, according to sources

Eddie Cibrian & LeAnn Rimes.at the Academy Of Country Music Awards 2010.MGM Grand Arena.Las Vegas, NV.April 18, 2010.2010 Kathy Hutchins / Hutchins Photo.... Photo via Newscom

Ugh, I had already a story about Brandi Glanville and her appearance on The Talk when this story popped up, so you’re getting everything in one post. According to E! News, LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian are engaged. E!’s sources say, “though it didn’t happen on Halloween, [Eddie] indeed popped the question recently and the duo are engaged.” But LeAnn’s rep didn’t have a comment. Do you think this is for real? I don’t… just because I don’t think this is the kind of engagement roll-out that LeAnn would have wanted. We’ll see.

Anyway, onto to Brandi Glanville. She sat down yesterday for an interview on The Talk, CBS’s budget version of The View. The topic: why her life sucks! Pity poor me, LeAnn is a bad person, et cetera. As much as I am truly tired of LeAnn Rimes’ smug overshare, I’ve also gotten very tired of Brandi Glanville and her “LeAnn and Eddie are the root of all evil” act. She even basically blamed them for her DUI, claiming that ever since her divorce, she’s just been so lonely that “one to two glasses of wine is now three to four.” So why not just sit in her house, drinking alone and watching Miss Marple like all of us fancy respectable alkies casual drinkers? Why does she have to go out driving like a drunk maniac?

Get ready for fireworks: Brandi Glanville, Eddie Cibrian’s ex-wife, says she is finally “going to go and sit down and talk” to LeAnn Rimes. She made the announcement Thursday on the new daytime chatfest The Talk, USA Today reports.

During her chat with Sharon Osbourne, Leah Remini and Julie Chen, Glanville said she thought she had “a great marriage” to Cibrian, 38. “My marriage – in my head – was not in trouble,” she said.

That’s why she was so caught off-guard by Us Weekly’s report that Cibrian and Rimes, 28, had an affair shooting a Lifetime flick last year.

She said it’s been tough adjusting, especially now that her two boys are living with Rimes and Cibrian.

“I’m used to having my kids all the time,” she said. “Now I have them part-time. I don’t have a nanny. I don’t have help. When they’re gone, I’m alone.”

What’s worse, she added, “all my friends are married.”

So she is usually left nursing wine alone. She said what used to be “one to two” glasses “is now three to four.”

But Glanville, who was recently arrested for DUI, insisted, “I don’t think I have a drinking problem. I think I had a problem the other night when I made a bad choice to drive.”

[From Us Weekly]

I don’t get that complaint/statement: “all my friends are married.” So… none of her friends have time to hear her complain about Eddie because they’re married? Or was that the excuse her friends used as a way to cut her off? Is Brandi upset that she doesn’t “fit in” with the gang anymore? Is this middle school? Ugh.

Oh, and LeAnn tweeted this: “@lilkaraokediva @brandiglanville @eddiecibrian completely agree all of our communications have and will remain private. I can speak for Eddie and me and hopefully everyone involved. Their boys first” I love how she tweets about keeping things private.

35026, WEST HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - Monday October 19 2009. LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian have a very public dinner at West Hollywood's Katsuya restaurant. The couple had reportedly tried to leave the eatery via a side door, but changed their minds to come out via the front. Cibrian recently refused to speak out about his tangled love life with Rimes because he believes publicity only leads to more problems. Seems a shame he didn't know that Kastuya is a regular haunt of LA's paparazzi! Both stars were married when they met and have both since started divorce proceedings to end their respective marriages. Photograph: © Hellmuth Dominguez, PacificCoastNews.com

Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes arrive on the Orange Carpet at the Academy of Country Music (ACM) Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada on April 18, 2010. UPI/Alexis C. Glenn Photo via Newscom



Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. brin says:

    OMG….Kaiser, I was just going to comment on that quote…..since when has she been private? The only true part was the “I can speak for Eddie and me”….duh. I also don’t think she is engaged….all she was commenting on was a “turd burner” (Eddie?).

  2. PrettyTarheel says:

    If they get engaged, the press will be unbearable. I will have to boycott the internet for a week.
    And can you IMAGINE the wedding drama? With her demanding the boys have a part in the ceremony? And Brandi drunk as a skunk? She and her first husband Deane were in a wedding magazine, she and the E-bag (enema bag-it works with Eddie better than douche), will have a 10 page spread in People or US Weekly or InTouch or whoever ponies up the most cash.

  3. brin says:

    According to E online….a source says they are engaged & will make a formal announcemnet soon…sheesh, what are they, royalty (Lord & Lady DoucheBag”)?

  4. Rita says:

    Let’s recap the last 24 hrs. Brandi goes on CBS’s The Talk with Sharon Osborne to discuss the Love Canal that is her world outside of LeAnn’s snow globe factory. LeAnn is so filled with anxiety that she becomes deathly ill and cancels her concert last night. With an iphone in each hand, LeAnn is puking her guts into the toilet while twittering with one phone and places a call to Sharon with the other. LeAnn is either sharing her recipe for pumpkin pancakes with Sharon or is trying to persuade the gullible and weak-kneed Sharon to make Brandi look bad (LeAnn had little sway with a woman whose husband made his living biting the heads off rats and now cowers before his wife).

    But today is a new day and life begins again. Tonight LeAnn is scheduled to perform at a high school (yes, high school) and ticket sales are lackluster. What to do, what to do? After the last several engagement announcements failed to launch, LeAnn decides the real deal will boost sales at tonight’s homecoming dance. So, with the echoes of the toilet bowl resonating in her phone, she places a call to a tabloid website and announces her engagement to her white knight. Let the trumpets sound and the tears of joy flow.

    Foot Note for snow globe residents: Love Canal- Upstate NY environmental disaster 1976.

    Why do I think this story isn’t over?

  5. Brittney says:

    I know I commented on this post, but… does anyone care at this point? What I mean is, how much press would a confirmation actually get? The rumors have been off and on for months, and they’re as good as married now anyway.

  6. malachais says:

    UGH – You know I truly feel some sympathy for Brandi, but I wish someone in her life would tell her to STFU. SO so Brandi’s friends don’t listen to her problems, so she’d rather go on live television to vent? …. Being married, I think every woman wonders ‘what if’ things fall apart and you have to deal with custody issues. It is difficult, especially when the husband/wife has already moved on and your children are getting used to another parent in their life. It is probably one of the most difficult things Brandi will go through, but she should really stop talking about it to the press. I think everyone would like her more if she would just stop.

    I get that she perhaps feels better going on shows trashing them….but in the end how awkward is it for her to have to see Leann/Eddie in person? I dunno what’s worse. Someone should just put these drama queens in a boxing ring and let them duke it out.

  7. Jacq says:

    Brandi’s friends are probably just tired of hearing her bitch. She gave interview after interview, can you imagine how obsessive she is in private.

  8. Rita says:

    Don’t forget that all this is punch and counter punch. LeAnn and Eddie talk publically about their former marriages and their former spouses make public statements that basically retort “Shut the f up. You blinded sided me.”

    Even Dean who has shown nothing but class publically told LeAnn to STFU because she didn’t speak for him about his marriage. He did it again the other day when LeAnn tweeted about “peace and privacy”. Dean tweeted “Actions speak louder than word”.

    I do agree and hope that this story is about bled-out.

  9. lilred says:

    Brandi didn’t think her marriage was in trouble…Brandi didn’t/doesn’t think she has a drinking problem…seems to me she doesn’t tend to think much at all.

    Don’t misunderstand I think all three of them are idiots.

  10. brin says:

    Does the 3 strike rule count for phony engagements?

  11. DD says:

    The real problem here is not that they cheated, it is that they all have a problem with twitter and tmi. She’s giving all people with twitter accounts a bad name.

  12. Samigirl says:

    I bet she has another big ol’ fancy princess wedding. She can enjoy paying for it. And the divorce as well, when he does another (crappy) lifetime movie and cheats on her with another (richer) lady.

  13. Roma says:

    No one really cared about LeAnn until this affair. You bet that when an engagement happens it will absolutely be for public consumption. She’s loving the spotlight too much.

    Oh, and Brandi? Shut up. Elin, Sandy… learn from them.

  14. brin says:

    Hey Rita….maybe leann & Eddie will tie the knot at Christmas & her snow globe will explode from all the sparkling white joy & happiness (yuck).

  15. Jezi says:

    First of all let me get this right out there, Leann can get interviewed and talk about her affair and her love life and all that good stuff but Brandi needs to just keep her mouth shut? Many people would love to hear her story and she also wanted to set the record straight about her recent DUI. Which I think was appropriate. Obviously people are still interested in talking to her or she wouldn’t have been asked on the show. I think she was completely honest and I understand what she’s saying. It’s very hard when you are used to having your kids around all the time and then lose them 50% of the time. I know that I would go nuts if I couldn’t see my son for an entire week. I also know what it’s like when your friends are married and you are single. It is a very lonely life and no her friends are not tired of hearing her bitch. She’s got a lot of support and a lot of friends. I also know that I’ve been known to sit and watch a movie and sip on a few glasses of wine. Does that make me an alcoholic? God I hope not. She was obviously out with friends and stupidly got behind the wheel. She is aware of how dumb that was and will never do that again. Brandi isn’t looking for pity, she is a very strong woman for all she’s had to put up with. And if any of us had to deal with an immature a$$ like Leann in our lives and in our kids lives then I think most of us would probably be either locked up in jail or we would be sitting at the therapists office at least twice a week. I think Brandi handles all of this with class.

    As far as Leann’s engagement, well I guess she couldn’t deal with the fact that the attention was on Brandi and had to either quickly get engaged or send out a fake story to get the spotlight back on her. I guess so much for it being all about her music. It’s very pathetic that she felt the need to phone into Sharon Osbourne the morning before Brandi’s interview. Total insecurity!!!

  16. Kitten says:

    She strikes me as an extremely vapid individual that really needs a good hobby. All three of them are trash and I’m not sure why people think this crazy chick is any better than the other two.

  17. Jaded says:

    Hahahaaa!!! To BRIN – Lord & Lady Douchebag – love it! Now I wish they would srsly go away. Forever.

  18. devilgirl says:

    Eddie must like women with messed up eyes. Brandi has a wonk eye and well we know Leann’s problem: SQUINTY!

  19. Hautie says:

    They all need to hire new Manager/PR people… who would tell them all to… Shut Up.

    Brandi needs to more than any of them.

    Had she hired a decent manager she could have turned this divorce into her own money making career out it.

    Therefore not having to rely on an ex-husband to pay her bills.

    But instead she has turned herself into a DUI driving drunk who has no friends.

    From the looks of it she really has no desire to work. I could have kept some sympathy for her had she took a couple positive steps to stay above the crazy behavior surrounding her.

  20. guesty says:

    they are so skeezy, sketchy & squinty.

  21. Marjalane says:

    @ “Respectable casual drinkers” Love that, admit to being one, and don’t want that whiney Brandi, (with an “i”) in our club. For someone that’s going head to head with one of the most obnoxious women on earth, Brandi is killing herself with her own mouth.

    Since Eddie, (what grown man goes by “Eddie” anyway?) doesn’t have much going on, are they going to become Mr. and Mrs. Rimes?

  22. Happymom says:

    I bet they are engaged. I think in Leann’s mind she wanted her wonderful interview to air to “set the record straight” and regain her lost fans. She probably thought that once everyone is on “her” side, everyone will be happy she’s engaged rather than focusing on the negative. The three of them need to go privately live their lives without sharing every thought and grievance. Those poor little boys!

  23. JJ says:

    I watched a tape of Brandi’s interview yesterday and thought she came across well. When the psychologist was speaking about how to talk to kids about divorce, you could see she was upset with tears. Naysayers will say it’s an act. I choose to see real emotion. LieAnn is one crazy chica and The Douchebag has his sight set on her $$$$. Sounds like a match to me. Sit back and watch kids, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

  24. brin says:

    Sorry I’m posting so much but Page Six had an item that Leann missed her Shape Cover party last night because of the flu & under Dr.’s orders she can’t go out & travel….how convenient.

  25. Moreaces says:

    Eddie and LeAnn could be brother and sister,, they look exactly alike

  26. alejandro says:

    Brandi’s nose and botox work are atrocious. She gets no pass from me, she is just as immature and into the drama and publicity as the other two.

  27. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    I would drink (more) if my name was always being tweeted, my kids are at my stinking ex’s GF’s house.

    Brandy, get off your ass, get a hobby, job or shopping obsession and quit whining, we have all been there, show Ms Leann she cant hurt you anymore.

    Now bring on HGF!!!!

  28. PsychicEyes says:

    Eddie’s got that “Exit, stage left” look in his eyes. Nope, he’s going to sabotage this relationship and then bolt. I don’t feel he wants to commit or stay with LeAnn longterm.

    And my sympathy goes out to the little ones who were brought up in this f-ked up mess. Having such an idiot of a mother certainly does not help their situation.

  29. Stephanie says:


    Brandi needs to stop the plastic surgery posthaste and get into therapy. Having gone through a divorce, my heart goes out to her, but there’s a time where you need to step back and just stop to re-evaluate.

    LeAnn and Eddie need to disappear for a while. A long while. This is a circus but LeAnn is probably too enamored with the limelight to see that or care.

  30. deb says:

    Let’s see Leann tweets what seems like 24/7 but heaven forbid Brandi goes on The Talk and is honest. I watched that interview and I didn’t hear Brandi bash either Eddie nor Leann. What I heard was a mother who wants a peaceful co-parenting for HER boys. Brandi has already apologized and admitted she made a bad choice by drinking and getting behind the wheel. Where in that interview did she say it was Eddie and Leann’s fault? I sure didn’t see it.

  31. MarenGermany says:

    Actually I dont give a crap about either of them. But I need to post this:

    Both of them disgust me in a way I cannot even grasp.
    Just looking at these pictues, their faces make me sick. Seriously. It´s like looking at them is all I need to know.

  32. giRLYgiRL says:


    Who the fuck cares? these two are boring pond scum

  33. Relli says:

    I got to admit i only read the post now about LeAnn for the Rita Report………. SHE is awesome!

  34. irena NL says:


    Heya! There’s a pair of “duck lips” on Brandi for your vid.

    BG came across well, though there were a few inaccuracies. 1) her best friend is Jennifer Gimenez who is not married 2) another friend Cari Sladek (Hurricane Cari) I don’t think is married either.

    I won’t believe any talk of engagement until issued by LeAnn.

  35. brin says:

    This engagement had to happen after that tv interview…Leann had to save face (insert joke here)and Eddie’s only steady paying acting gig is Leann.

  36. Shelley says:

    Ppl let this go…let’s hope these 3 adults get their
    lives together and find contentment…and that above all, they all put those little boys first in all regards. Zero bad-mouthing, let the past go, move forward, be civil and work well with one another: if they do this – and if they all 3 quit with the alcohol – then the boys will be fine.

  37. Eileen says:

    I rarely disagree with you Kaiser but I thought Brandi did a great job with her interview! She actually said she wishes them well and when asked about all the flack Leann and Eddie have been getting she said they should just concentrate on loving each other and everyone else will see it too.
    And with the drinking thing-she quit modeling full time to concentrate on raising her boys and being a wife and then BOOM that was all taken away from her and she lost her boys half of the time…I can totally see how you have a glass of wine to relax, then it goes up from there. Shoot, when i have just ONE stressful day I go through a bottle without even noticing until I’m uhoh-buzzed.
    When they were discussing the boys she almost welled up-but she stayed classy and well spoken the whole time.

  38. icantbelievethis says:

    “During her chat with Sharon Osbourne, Leah Remini and Julie Chen, Glanville said she thought she had “a great marriage” to Cibrian, 38. “My marriage – in my head – was not in trouble,” she said.”

    Umm, wasn’t there another woman before LR? And wasn’t that a year long affair? Why does LR get all the heat for ruining a “perfect” marriage?

    Does Brandi not work? How does she take care of her kids?

  39. Jezi says:

    @icantbelievethis She didn’t find out about the other woman until after she found out about the affair with Leann. That other woman came out after it all blew up about Leann. That was a 3 year affair, not a year. She didn’t know because her husband was not around so much, it’s very easy to hide an affair when you’re not at home because of your job. Brandi does get jobs here and there and probably has a lot of opportunities coming up. However, when you are a model and you quit to be a stay at home mom and your husband has supported you for 8 years, it’s not that easy to find a job. She does what she can and I give her credit for what she does do. She gets child support and alimony which is how she tries to care for her children.

  40. icantbelievethis says:

    @jezi My point is that alot of people call LR a “homewrecker” and act like she ruined their marriage. LR didn’t ruin that marriage, it was ruined long before she came along whether Brandi knew it or not.

    LR ruined her own marriage.

    “However, when you are a model and you quit to be a stay at home mom and your husband has supported you for 8 years, it’s not that easy to find a job.”

    Right now it isn’t easy for anyone to find a job, model or not. And yes it is tough after a divorce, but it can be done and it is more fulfilling to fill your days, when the kids aren’t there, with something more than drinking/socializing (I know that from experience).

  41. Jezi says:

    @icantbelievethis I know what Brandi is talking about, any person who is in a relationship and finds out that their SO was cheating is blindsided. I’m sure her marriage wasn’t the most ideal but I’m sure she didn’t expect to get creamed like that. We all don’t want to believe that the people we love and build a life with is cheating.

    You’re right it’s not easy for anyone. I’m pretty certain she does do things besides drinking but I understand her reasoning behind it. Is it the best thing to do…NO, but I think she’s realized that.

  42. Rita says:

    Last night LeAnn cancelled a concert in New York due to illness but the editor of Shape (yes, the one who said she didn’t mean to say LeAnn was a husband-stealer) said LeAnn couldn’t make the party last night because of illness. WTF is going on? Two events on opposite coasts scheduled for the same evening? The answer: Eddie is now scheduling her events.

    By the way, I see the editor and LeAnn are teaming up to do something about cyber bullying. I wonder if she’s going to stop or hire more people.

  43. brin says:

    @Rita….lol! Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush (he’s a tool but even he had a comment)said “40 people complaining about a magazine cover is not cyber bullying”…even he thinks she’s nuts.

  44. Lady D says:

    @ Relli, cosign.

  45. betty says:

    I can empathize with Brandi.No matter how you bash her Brandi is an attractive woman.Leann is only inheriting Brandis leftovers and problems.Men like Eddie never change he will just be more careful. Once they marry he will show his true colors. Love and marriage nowadays means nothing. Both both should be getting what they want Leann a companion and Eddie a meal ticket.

  46. Sarah says:

    I literally cannot look at them, they are so smug and smarmy. God, what did we do to deserve this?????

  47. AnnieB says:

    #2 PrettyTarheel
    Thing is, this is Leann Rimes. No one will be paying for “a wedding exclusive”, she’ll decide the mag she wants to cover it and be paying THEM for the article she wants. This trick doesn’t get anything for free…husbands, friends, family, positive publicity. All bought and paid for. Desperate homely thing.

    #4. Rita
    She cancelled her Fri, Sat, Sun shows. Thu night was her to be victorious, “Leann is the champion!” party extravaganza (or, small 1.5 hour cocktail reception) Shape threw for her. She bailed on that also due to her near death illness. She cancelled Friday’s show, which was to be held in the coat check room at a casino, due to her debilitating illness (low ticket sales). Out of curiosity I checked her Saturday venue, which was at the high school auditorium (not kidding) the Fan Circle tix were SOLD OUT, but you CAN get 60 tix in Level A & B (per purchase) if you’d like. Not sure if you get a free signed 8×10 glossy or “Leann Rimes, 1995″ button or something if you make a 60 ticket purchase? Doesn’t say.

  48. Megan says:

    Open your eyes!!

  49. anoneemouse says:

    I’m sure she bought herself a very pretty ring.

  50. DKO says:

    I like Brandi a lot and respect the fact that she won’t roll over and play dead for the washed up child yodeler, LeAnn Falcor Rimes.

    I know what Brandi means about all her friends being married. Couples tend to hang out with other couples. When someone gets divorced or widowed, they’re seen as an outsider for a little bit. That will all work out eventually and she’ll be dating again. It’s going to take her awhile to get over the trauma of what Eddie and LeAnn did to her. She also has her boys to think about.

    As far as the engagement goes, who cares? I think the bigger story is that LeAnn was a no-show at the Shape party if it even existed. Guess she’s scared to show her squinty face in public knowing how much she is despised.

  51. DKO says:

    Oh and Leann? If you want to stop cyberbullying, how ’bout you stop tweeting about Brandi and her kids, and stop making up fake twitter accounts to follow Brandi’s every movement you sick piece of pond scum?

  52. Rita says:


    Thanks for the clarification. You know how badly I feel spreading “inaccurate information”.

  53. AnnieB says:

    Actually, the only reason I pointed any of that out is to just to further clarify the ridiculousness that is Leann Rimes, that you point out so well. :) Wanted it to be known that there are blocks of 30 tickets available…in a high school auditorium!!! So I guess that means that…10s of tickets were sold? What a superstar Leann is. lol

    And I was wondering the same thing as you. So is Leann going to contribute to a Shape article on how to cyberbully, while keeping to her stance as the ultimate victim of everything in every situation? Give out pointers? Is it going to be a general bullying article or specific to bullying ex-wives you’ve homewrecked?

  54. brin says:

    @ Annie B. I agree about Leann paying for everything. It seems like she has to pay to get out of relationships as well as into them. Maybe that’s just how she’s always lived, kinda sad.

  55. brin says:

    E News is now reporting that the Rimes are pissed that they broke the engagement news because they were going to announce it through another media outlet for $$$….HA HA!

  56. fizXgirl314 says:

    man people can never get enough of trash talking can they? Aren’t we over this by now? All these people I’m sure have problems… but then again, so do we… that doesn’t make them “pond scum” or “sick and sadistic”… just makes them people… I’m so over this… *eyeroll*

  57. Maudie says:

    Watching Miss Marple ….how did you know?

  58. Crash2GO2 says:

    Well she certainly is full of angry denials on her Twitter page (hey, it’s a slow Friday). In fact methinks she doth protest too much. Like – she really wishes they were engaged BUT THEY’RE NOT GODDAMMIT.

  59. Rita says:


    She loves the publicity from planting these sorts of stories. It’ll be a big yawwwwwner when she does get engaged.

  60. too true says:

    I really admire Brandi think she showed a lot of class in that interview My opinion is LR cancelled all her tour dates for the rest of the year because her record company is not going to release her album no artist cancels 2 months worth of dates when they are trying to hype an album ubheard of especially if she just has flu 2 months is a long time to get over the flu seems like she always has something wrong she is a 27 year old hypochontriac

  61. why? says:

    Where in that interview on The Talk did BG say that LR was a bad person and that her life sucked?

    Other than saying that she wasn’t supposed to contact EC and LR when the kids where with them and that she didn’t have their address or their phone number, she didn’t say anything bad about LR and EC.

  62. betty says:

    These losers need to give it a rest.You’d think that Leann was a sought after performer and Eddie was a popular actor. They are not even d listers. Leann acts as if the public is clamoring for news about them. Leann can’t sell a record and Eddie in need of a job. That interview with Robin made them appear as has beens. Leann with her diva act is hilarious and all this tweeting while having the flu. PULEEZ!! As far as them selling their stories the publication buying it will wind up in the red.She was talking about their fans,what fans? Leanns aren’t showing up for her concerts and does Eddie even have any? I wouldn’t want to advertise that I am supporting my unemployed man and his children.She paying a big price for being madly in love.

  63. why? says:

    Okay, first of all, Brandi didn’t trash LR and EC at all when she was on the Talk. Where is all of this “BG trashed EC and LR” coming from? Is this yet another attempt to whitewash LR and EC actions by trying to make BG look like the villian?

    When BG said that her friends were married, I thought that she was saying that she didn’t want to feel like she was imposing on their relationships when she hangs out with them and their husbands.

    BTW, BG meeting with LR was in regards to HER kids, so why wouldn’t she sit down and talk to Leann about how she has been conducting herself with and in front of her kids.

    I think that this engagement story was just another attempt to push her album and single. Notice the timing. Last night it was reported that Taylor S sold over a million copies of her album in just one week. And the next thing we know, Leann shows up the next day with reports that she and EC are engaged.

    I also think that this engagement is just another attempt to make us believe that EC loves her because their ABC interview did little to convince people that he loves her.

    Leann is doing a story on cyberbullying, really? Does Shape mag know about the account that Leann opened under the name of WEWENLOVE? Does Shape mag know that Leann continues to tweet those posters who harass and stalks BG and even goes so far as to write “lol” to them? That article with Shape mag is a disaster waiting to happen because Leann has left behind too much evidence that shows that she is the number one cyberbully. What person keeps tweeting about another woman’s kid AFTER she was asked to stop? Perhaps these are the issues that Shape mag should address. Why a mistress feels the need to constantly taunt another woman if she has “won” the man.

  64. why? says:

    You can always tell when things have worked against Leann because someone thinks that slamming Brandi’s looks will somehow make things better for Leann. It doesn’t.

  65. brin says:

    All this pretense about being angry at the “false reporting”of their being engaged makes her look even crazier….she loves any kind of attention, good or bad.

  66. Rita says:

    @too true #60

    I think she canceled just 3 performances this week due to the flue. Why do you think she canceled all her concerts?

  67. Anti-icon says:

    The reason I follow this “triangle” is because of Brandi, who is like many, many people who don’t know the other spouse is cheating. The marriage breaks up and the married couple is OUT. So, if you only have married friends, they don’t want to hear about marital friction/endings/cheating because it is too disturbing (and it is.) So, a newly divorced people is truly ALONE, because families also blame the one who couldn’t keep the marriage together. Marriage is Really Hard Work. Divorce is Hell. My money’s still on Brandi.

  68. too true says:

    because it was on her page that all her concerts up to Jan have been canceled Makes me think they are not going to release her album becus no artist cancels 2 months of concerts if shes trying to hype an album

  69. brin says:

    She cancelled her concerts but she’s going to the CMA’s.

  70. why? says:

    Well Leann doesn’t love the bad attention too much, notice how she mysteriously gets the flu or a stomach ache when she can’t handle the backlash?