Sarah Jessica Parker says she feels old & tries every face cream

Sarah Jessica Parker, 43, looked fabulous in the Sex and The City movie, in my opinion. I don’t understand the ire for this woman. She’s not a traditional beauty but she’s attractive, fit as anything and is outspoken without being obnoxious. She’s also open about her insecurities and her personal life. She is quoted as saying that she feels old and will try any face cream, but isn’t going to have surgery.

She said: “I feel so old and tired – I look around and everyone else seems so much younger! I buy face cream. I’ll try everything.

“Who knows if they work but I can’t help thinking the more money you spend, the better it must be!”

Parker – who has a five-year-old son James Wilkie with husband Matthew Broderick – recently revealed becoming a mother made her more romantic.

She said: “I surprise Matthew all the time with stuff. I buy him presents and leave him notes. And having a child makes a marriage much more romantic because you have this thing in common that you love in a new way.”

[From Bang! Showbiz via Gossip Rocks]

This quote is not dated or sourced, so it’s unclear how old it is, but it’s new to me. Last week we covered a story that Cate Blanchett said that people get plastic surgery out of “self-obsession and fear.” I mentioned that Cate also raves about an expensive wrinkle-reducing mask, and said that while facelifts and skincare are quite different, it didn’t quite seem fair to denounce people who opt for surgery. Good for Sarah Jessica Parker for admitting that she’s striving to wipe away those wrinkles, but for not going the surgical route. Given the latest story that she’s a smoker, though, she may as well give all the cash she’s wasting in the department store cosmetics department to charity where it will do some good. Nothing quite causes free radical damage and premature aging like cigarettes.

Sarah Jessica Parker is shown at the MTV Movie Awards on 6/1/08, thanks to WENN.

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  1. cmoody says:

    Well, since she didn’t actually denounce people for having plastic surgery but said specifically that people who feel the need to erase every tiny line don’t look sexy, I see no difference between what SJP is doing and what Cate was doing.

  2. Jess says:

    I just love SJP – have ever since the Square Pegs days! She seems incredibly down-to-earth, open, and sweet. And I’m with her – I turn 35 in a few weeks and I’ll buy any cream if it promises to slow down this aging process!

  3. Bellatrix says:

    I think the huge difference between Cate Blanchett’s statement and that of SJP is the way they address people…
    To sum up the main messages:
    – CB said: “Other people who feel self-obsessed and fear aging get surgery. Not me.”
    – SJP said: “I fear aging but am not getting surgery.”
    There is a major difference there although both ladies spend a lot of money on creams (just like my mother, by the way: it’s a very common phenomenon and I’m rather proud my mum takes such a good care of herself).

    Cate Blanchett somehow accused those who get surgery done to take away the signs of aging, whether she wanted to or not.
    SJP only commented her own and invidual state of mind.

    As for Sarah Jessica Parker, I absolutely adore her. She seems very honest yet private and doesn’t suffer any “stardom syndrome”.

  4. MR says:

    That’s what I don’t like about these actors. They don’t care about how their face is plastic or how they ruin their body and health-

    as long as on the exterior they are “thin”, tan and wrinkle free.

    Instead of focusing on health- they smoke to stay super thin.

    Some of them become obsessed with plastic sergury and change their face comletely.
    So, yes, they are wrinkle free, but they look weird and unnatural.

    and yes, they look thin, but unhealthy and at a cost of their health.

  5. Banana Boat says:

    I like her too. It’s beyond nasty when I read what some people write about her. Yet she must have some people she appeals to; she would not be the lead in SATC for so long if she was truly hated. It’s such a weird contradiction. I saw the movie last night and she looked awesome. She has always been low key and even in her 20s nothing about her coming unhinged and getting trashed every day.

    Kirsten Dunst is another actress who people love to hate.. not sure why but it’s like everyone I know hates her with a passion.

    Oh and for expensive face creams- my mom is a derm and it isn’t necessary. Diet, lifestyle and sunscreen.A decent cram from a drugstore (most of them now are better than years ago)is enough. Genetics for most of it.. but sunscreen, daily, even if outside for a few minutes. Even if you’re gonna be in the car. Sun damage is a bitch.

  6. Christina says:

    SJP is getting better with time!

  7. Uh oh! says:

    Hey! This chick shills for “Nutritioniste” by Garnier on the boob-tube. So she tries all the creams huh? Aren’t celebs supposed to actually USE the things they say they do on TV? Just a thought… 🙄

  8. geronimo says:

    She said she tries all sorts of creams and products, including those presumably in the Garnier range. I’m sure her contract doesn’t tie her into ONLY using Garnier products.

    I like her very much, I love her look, her outlook and her sense of style. Keep on marching to your own beat, SJP.

  9. cmoody says:

    Actually Bellatrix,

    What Cate actually said was:
    “For me, I think what will be sexy in 50 years time will be wrinkles. Look at a man or a woman in their 50s and all I see when they have brushed their years away with surgery is self-obsession and fear. That’s not particularly attractive.”

    No denouncing of everyone who has plastic surgery. No saying that everyone who does is self-obsessesed and afraid. No saying that its for the self-obsessed and not for me.
    Just how she sees certain people who have had plastic surgery.

    And I simply don’t see how her having a good skin care regimen should some how be seen as a contradiction to that statement. As I said, I see no difference between SJP’s behavior and CB’s behavior.

  10. Ron says:

    Here’s the thing–i turned 43 yesterday and my skin looks great. I agree with banana boat here SUNSCREEN is your best friend, and start to moisutize your skin when you are young, I started at 20 after I talk to my incredible looking Grandmother about it. Pay attention to your eye area, neutrogena eye cream is the best. No one ever guesses my real age, and I have no issue telling people how old I am. I don’t think I will ever have surgery for wrinkles men who do just look weird ie Burt Reynolds, Kenny Rogers, but I would never rule out something completely, you never know what tomorrow holds….

  11. bros says:

    whatever. SJP has obviously had some eye work done. it was glaringly apparent during SATC during the end of the 3rd season. her eyes got much squintier and narrower at the outside. and its been well documented that her nose has undergone several surgeries over the years to refine it.

  12. vdantev says:

    Big nose! Where is she from, Nose City ?

  13. Anastasia says:

    Well, I mean in all honesty, she IS kinda old. I say kinda because 43 isn’t exactly packing for the nursing home, but she’s no spring chicken either.

    I also say that knowing that IT’S OKAY TO GET OLDER. It really is! I’ll be 38 on my next birthday. I just keep getting better with age. My life keeps getting better, I care less what other people think about how I look, I have more fun than ever, it’s great! What’s not to like about it?

    (Ok the popping knees, sagging breasts, alright alright. There ARE some things that suck, but that’s true for any stage of life.)

    That being said, she does need to cut out the smokes. That would help a lot, SJP. You could put the essence of baby foreskins* all over your face for $50,000 an ounce and it won’t combat the smoking wrinkles, hon.

    *I didn’t make that up. Hospitals sell infant foreskins to cosmetics companies. Oprah even did a show on it. Ug, gross.

  14. Mr. T says:

    My little pony, how sweet she is! Say goodnight Wilbur.

  15. DLR says:

    Well, thanks a lot SJP, I was using the Garnier Nutritionist stuff she is supposedly the spokesperson for. I guess it don’t work then if she is not not crowing about it and talking about using all sorts of face creams. 🙄

  16. karla says:

    Nothing is worse for skin than SUN and STRESS and GENES!not cigarettes

  17. EdTheTalkingHorse says:

    Clearly the creams are not working.

  18. RAN says:

    I think she’s got a stunning and unique face. Do wish she’d drop the smokes though…can’t help her health or her appearance in the years to come.

  19. Leandra says:

    Face creams won’t help her. Quitting smoking may do some good.

    There is continual puckering from drawing on a cigarette and squinting in reaction to the cigarette smoke which creates deeply wrinkled skin around the eyes and mouth – classic signs of ‘smoker’s face’…Plus the cigarettes deplete the body of Vitamin A which protects the skin from aging.

  20. keller says:

    Maybe if sha had stopped smoking in her twenties she would not be so wrinkly in her forties.

  21. blabbermouth says:

    Why are we taking beauty advice from someone with a face like a foot?

  22. hello says:

    I don’t know about the claims of her having surgery. Taking into consideration the improvement of styles in fashion, make-up and hair, I think she just found something that looks best on her. In the beginning of SATC her hair was a yellow blonde and curly, rather than the wave she has going on now. Her look (and everyone else’s when compared to their past) is just more pleasing to the eye now. And I personally think she seemed more confident post baby, eve in her acting in the show, and maybe that’s what shows the change.

    And did LaMer or La Prairie exist back then? I got some samples of both of those brands and WHOAAAA did they work.

  23. Because I say So says:

    Awww…Is my little pony feeling her age? She should chew on more carrots

  24. paris herpes says:

    IT really depends on how much you smoke though. It does age your face in the long run but if you have good genes as well your face might wrinkle less over time. In her case, it might be the her fashion sense that ages her. She looks good in the pic though and has a young body at least. We can’t have it all!

  25. karla says:

    I smoke 4-5 cigarettes a day and at 33 i look younger than non smokers of 20-25,but i live in the north pole:) so i don´t expose my self to the sun,UVA rays are the ones who penetrate deep into your skin and destroy the structure of the cells,that´s why people who use a lot the solariums have the face of an old leather bag,i´ve seen girls at 18 with deep wrinkles under the eyes,from using the sun beds 3-4 times a week for a prolong time.Make your math.

  26. shayla says:

    I just love her. She seems to be such a great personality. And she is beautiful and looked great and young in the movie. I hate when people talk so much bad things about her. I think that SATC wouldn’t ever be what it was or become that popular if she wasn’t on it.

  27. Starla says:

    Ron, yes, Neutrogena eye cream is the best. I’m 41 with not one wrinkle in sight–so far. Was thinking of trying the Garnier cream she was advertising but having second thoughts now. Maybe she should cut out the freakin cigarettes but the damage has already been done. That said, I do think she’s a great actress. My favorite is still “Honeymoon in Vegas”.

  28. Nan says:

    Chantecaille, people. Their eye cream numbs you so you can’t make faces. Proof is getting carded for cigs when you are 37. The cost is like $190 a small jar. Garnier skincare is decent but their haircare line is all off & wrong. La Mer is pretty good but NOTHING & I mean NOTHING can beat out Chantecaille. Bergdorff’s sells it. The bottom line comes down to this: It’s not HOW old you are, it’s WHO you are.

  29. CeeJay says:

    Sorry Celebitchy, while I’m not a proponent of smoking, I know a hell of a lot of women who smoke regularly and most of them are women who look younger than their age. Maybe it’s just the crew I know, but it’s true. Nevertheless, if SJP really wants to try a great skin product that reverses sun damage and general aging effects to the skin, she needs to spend some of that SATC cash on Obagi NuDerm. It isn’t cheap, but she can afford it. I don’t own any stock or portion of the company, nor do I sell the product. I am, however a use of the Obagi skin care system and it does miracles. I used it for two years about ten years ago and got such great results I made the mistake of thinking I had won the war on aging and could save some money if I stopped using it. Unfortunately my sun spots returned and light wrinkles began to appear. Recently I admitted that I’d been wasting tons of money on drug store crap and over priced, fancy packaged stuff that did nothing more than take my money. I coughed up the $300 and went back on Obagi NuDerm. My great skin is back and I’m never going to stop using this stuff. You’d think someone in SJP’s position would have an informed dermatologist who would have recommended this stuff to her?

  30. Nan says:

    CeeJay, you are full of holes. If it was so fantastic, why’d ya leave it? You think we are stupid on here, loser?

  31. sue mac says:

    Get a little plastic freshen-up….I did and no one noticed but me…All they said was you look so happy,did you go on vacation-blah,blah…The key is-never let anyone touch your eyelids or cheeks….thats it!!! Oh yeah-go to Brazil….americans docs are hacks.