Jennifer Lopez tries to get store shut down for her, demands 50% discount

Jennifer Lopez is richer than just about everyone, but the NY Post claims she still had the gall to demand 50% off at a boutique store in Long Island. She also tried to get the place shut down so she could try on whichever items she wanted to buy at a deep discount. The staff balked at her request, and she left a pile of clothing on the floor in the dressing room and didn’t buy a single thing. What’s more is that she had eight people with her including bodyguards with guns showing:

JENNIFER Lopez was a diva with a capital D shopping last week at the Catherine Malandrino boutique on Manhasset’s Miracle Mile, near where she lives with hubby Marc Anthony. “She demanded the store be shut down for her to shop alone, but they said, ‘Absolutely not,’ ” said our spy. “Then one of her eight-person entourage, including two bodyguards with their guns showing, was yelling at the clerk that Jennifer gets a 50 percent discount. Jennifer also tried on about a million outfits, then just threw it all in a pile in the dressing room and didn’t buy one thing.” J.Lo’s rep did not return a call.

[From NY Post]

It’s a good thing her mom is home to watch her four months old twins or J.Lo wouldn’t have the opportunity to terrorize small stores. She scared away her last nanny and has to rely on her mother to take care of her newborns, even though her husband Marc won’t acknowledge that his mother in law is staying with them and taking care of the twins.

This isn’t the first time Lopez has been known to be demanding. She regularly sends lists of items to hotels and recording studios so that they may better prepare for her arrival. Some of J.Lo’s food preferences include Skittles, Dentyne Ice Spearmint gum, and sour cream and onion potato chips. She also likes soft lighting and white roses.

Lopez performed a surprise concert at the graduation of a group of 10-12 year-old autistic children last week in Staten Island. The class wrote her a letter that they loved her hit “Let’s Get Loud,” so she showed up in person and performed it at her insistence. That makes up for trashing one boutique, but she doesn’t get a pass for any future diva behavior. Maybe if she did more charity work she would get enough good press to balance out all the stories about her sense of entitlement.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are shown at the Christian Dior Cruise 2009 Collection on 5/12/08, thanks to WENN.

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  1. devilgirl says:

    She shouldn’t get a pass for any bad behavior. So what if she sang for a group of autistic children, she should. I don’t understand why people in todays society not only get away with bad behavior, but usually are rewarded for it. Why on earth should she get a 50 off discount when there are people who can barely afford to drive to work each day. It doesn’t benefit the designer in anyway, seeing as how people cannot afford to buy designer duds in the first place, much less care that JHo has been seen wearing the clothes.

  2. aury says:

    what a bitch. she thinks she’s too good for everybody.

  3. Banana Boat says:

    No, a token appearance at a school for PR sake (gimme a break if anyone thinks there is an altruistic bone in her body) will not give her a pass to be a bitch. No one should get a pass. Basic courtesy should be a reflex..that is, for those with a good upbringing. I’m the first one to applaud someone for rising above circumstances and making the most of their talent, etc. People who come from nothing who make something of themselves, etc. – that’s great. But this harridan needs to be reminded of WHERE SHE CAME FROM. She acts like she came from money, is royalty, etc. and she’s from the damned Bronx. Are you kidding me? And it’s not like she lived in abject poverty either…but she acts like she has a complex and a chip on her shoulder and wants to prove how important she is. She’s a joke and has not been relevant in years. Let’s hope she fades into obscurity and with each year she keeps piling on the makeup and acting more eccentric.

    Ever notice how she ‘wasp-ified’ her look? Straightened and lightened her hair, wears a lot of neutrals now, and that nude makeup, she looks blanched out. So not what she used to.

  4. vdantev says:

    She’s just Jenny from the Block, y’all.

  5. rushu says:

    She’s a total diva bitch. She comes off like that in interviews as well.

  6. devilgirl says:

    @Banana Boat- love “harridan” great word!

  7. Frenchie says:

    Not surprising to me
    – she is famous because she is not altruistic like Banana Boat said, otherwise she wouldn’t put herself on a scene
    – she is rich because she earns AND doesn’t spend money therefore she ask for 50% off or she doesn’t buy
    Simple as that !

  8. Marlene says:

    I’ve always thought she was OVERRATED!

  9. Kevin says:

    DANG! V,,you beat me to it!
    She’s Jenny from the block,
    She used to suck a little now she sucks a lot.
    She used to be smoking but now she’s not!
    Yeah she’s just Jenny from the block.
    Puffy used to be on her right hand, till Ben Affleck hooked her up with a superman.
    The paparrazi couldn’t get enuff, but then Ben went and ditched her fat booty muff.
    She went back to dating Skeletor,,traded her smoking hot carreer just to be his wh–e.
    Thinks the world is her 50% off store, but the clerk said “OH NO! Not anymore”
    I think I’m gonna sell this ditty to Ice-t so he can have a hit again. Even mixed in a superman reference for him so Soulja boy don’t diss his ol ass again.

  10. Granger says:

    I guess I really do live in a different world than J-Lo, because what I don’t understand is why she needs roses and white lilies in every hotel and dressing room she enters. I mean, I love lilacs and gerbera daisies, but when I go somewhere and there’s a big vase of roses on the table instead of lilacs or gerberas, do I really give a shit? No, I just sit back and smell the flowers. It just boggles my mind that someone could actually reach such levels of self-importance as to truly believe she NEEDS her favourite flowers around her at all times, and — more importantly — that every peon of the world must make it their top priority to find and display those flowers. I bet she’s already working on the City of Long Island to implement a bylaw that all of her neighbours must plant white roses and lilies in their front yards!

  11. Roma says:

    There are rampant rumours that her and her hubby are starting to hit money issues due to her lavish spending (very inside source). Expect to hear the details hitting the mainstream soon…

  12. Frenchie says:

    I would add she is a compulsive maniac for acting like about favorites flowers

  13. Ron says:

    Alot of stars pull this sh*t. The Wayan brothers are the worst offenders. The want discounts etc etc. Please. Pay for the sh*t so the people who work there can put up with your sh*t. I once was working when J Lo came in after hours about 10 years ago now, she was plesant enough, but did require the diva treatment. The funny part was she didn’t want to be bothered and needed her privacy. She had the run of the entire 5 floor store for about an hour, then AMAZINGLY when she was done and ready to leave the paparazzi showed up. Hipocrite.

  14. Susana says:

    You would think that her shameful actions would slap her in the face and humble her. Here is a woman that has no sense of commitment, cheats and dumps her 2 previous husbands, steals someone else’s husband and most embarrassingly gets dumped days before her wedding by Ben, because he came to his senses, thanks to his buddies (Matt) that she is Flake Diva so self centered thus has no respect for the institution of marraige much less a relationship. Some people just never get it, she will be shallow till the day she dies.

  15. MISSY says:

    Wow, You would think marriage and motherhood would humble her. Im starting not to like her

  16. Laci says:

    Why in the world would she get a discount? She’s a multi millionaire and small businesses are suffering right now. How shameful, wasteful, and rude.

  17. Kay says:

    Kevin wins at life 😀

  18. Anastasia says:

    Ok y’all, here’s my Master List of People for the Death Bus to the Grand Canyon:

    1. Paris Hilton
    2. Tom Cruise
    3. *Jennifer Lopez*
    4. Jessica Simpson
    5. Denise Richardson
    6. the entire Hogan family
    7. Heidi and Spencer or whatever the hell their names are
    8. any other names you’d like to add?

    Personally I’d put Jennifer Aniston on there because she bores me to tears and I’m so sick of hearing about her.

    I used to have Britney Spears on the list, but she’s stopped bugging me so much since she calmed down a bit.

    Oh the Death Bus to the Grand Canyon is driven by Rush Limbaugh (he doesn’t get to get off, either) and it’s a one-way ticket. We never have to hear from or see these people’s pics or hear of their stupid foibles again.

  19. Janna says:

    She insisted on peforming for publicity purposes. Then had her good deed ha ha -publized even on Oreilly! He opines celebs who do so want publicty and exposure because some are have beens, etc. Her PR people are not familiar with the way OReilly and many olthers do. He smiled and was gentle on her but I know his smile and what he thought. You dont SING and perform, Madonna got it right when Lourdes was a baby. Some celeb backed out, and Madonna volunteered. SHe sat with Baby Lourdes for severl hours with children around. NO PERFORMANCE_no press releases to news shows. THat is pure Narcissim. I dont believe those kids lover her song. Publicty Relations got that. Performing, sending out press releases, how tacky. SHE is desperate and still believes she is a talented singer, actor etc. what a joke, People mock her, and she ignores but gets her PR people to pay and have showbiz tonight and other gossips shows to kiss her not so big ass. She is obnoxious. And soon to be washed out in looks department too. Pounds of makeup over the years, and hair pieces, wigs etc. have taken a toll on her as her Jetsetter style before babies born. She can only be a Jetsetter and blow her money on High priced clothes for her and Skelator. What a live!

  20. Janna says:

    What will she do next??

  21. sassyspank says:

    Kevin, I appreciate your genius. Holla.

  22. poopie says:

    when i think of her, all i can recall is that Selena movie. Big Whoop. guess ho’in round brings in the big bucks. YES.. PUT HER ON THAT BUS

  23. Silly Lilly says:

    First, she was like this before she was famous. Right around the time of SELENA, she was asked to be in the Hispanic Pride Parade in Hempstead. She DEMANDED to have a room at the Garden City Hotel, specific flowers, and specific perks that would have cost the town about 10K to have her in it. NOT SING…just be in it. The town OBVIOUSLY could not afford that. I know this is true because I knew the Mayor’s niece. We worked together and she was SO upset because she suggested her in the first place.

    Miracle Mile… I shop there at a store called Oilily and because Crate and Barrel is there. She must be crazy because she is not the only ridiculously wealthy person in that area and, she is not the only celebrity! Not even close!

    They do not shut down that strip for ANYONE. It is an outdoor mall of upscale stores and salons. VERY upscale. Boutique style. It is the North Shore and in the heart of Long Island’s “Gold Coast” which translates to more mansions than you can fathom.

    For the record, the heads of some of the largest stock firms LIVE and SHOP in that area and they have much more money than her. The children in those areas generally get BMW’s for HS graduation.

    Sounds to me like Jenny from the block needs to step off. Cause in that area, honestly she is nobody. This isnt LA sweetie.

    Oh yeah and I am not rich… lol…I love sales though!

  24. Lisa says:

    I concur!

  25. Kevin says:

    Jus a lil sumpthin sumpthin fo my peeps.

  26. I'm Amazed says:

    I absolutely adore Oilily! I never live near a store so I order via the Internet and Ebay.

  27. I'm Amazed says:

    I absolutely adore Oilily! I never live near a store so I order via the Internet and Ebay.

  28. xx says:


  29. Savanah Anderson says:

    I’m sorry (to all the J. Hoe fans) but I cannot stand Jennifer Lopez! 😡 SHe is really out of control with her boojy attitude! I never supported her or nothing that she sells with her name on it. Back in December, I heard that the rumors of her pregnancy was true so since I love babies, I purchased a bottle of her perfume. I think it was called live luxe or something. Anyways, I only wore it one time and I was forced to take an immediate shower to get the smell of of my body because it smelled just like her attitude; it stanked ❗

  30. madeline7 says:

    (With credit to Tennessee Williams:)
    That is the odor of mendacity. It is one powerful smell but, fortunately, it’s easily recognized because it is high in envy and low in respect for its readers.

  31. lista disco says:

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