Exclusive Brandi Glanville interview: she’s talking to LeAnn & Eddie soon (update)

Brandi Glanville
Brandi Glanville Cibrian reached out to us and we were able to confirm that it was her through Facebook. She took the time to answer some of our questions and was open and gracious with us. I would encourage everyone to watch Brandi’s interview last week on The Talk. If you’re in the US you can view it online here. She came across very well, and she took responsibility for her DUI and explained how it happened. She also said on The Talk that she doesn’t have a home phone number for Eddie and LeAnn and had to resort to contacting LeAnn through Twitter, which she called “silly.” Brandi clarified that for us, and let us know that she does have a cell phone number for Eddie but that she doesn’t talk to him directly. She also confirmed that she’s sitting down with LeAnn, Eddie and a mediator to discuss custody issues next week. Overall she sounds like she’s handling a very public divorce with grace and a sense of humor. Here’s what she told us.

LeAnn has a new song called “Crazy Women” that actually sounds sympathetic to women who are cheated on. Do you find this song ironic at all given your situation?
I don’t listen to her music and have no plans to start, but nothing she does surprises me.

Did you see Eddie and LeAnn’s recent televised interview and would you care to comment on it?
I saw the interview, it wasn’t anything different than what I see and hear on the soccer field- no biggie, sooo over them all I care about is my kids

How many days does Eddie get with your boys each week/month?
Eddie and I share 50 50 custody

Are you and Eddie on speaking terms about your boys and do you discuss important information?
Eddie and I generally don’t speak, I reach him through his assistant, or sometimes a text message

I recently read a blind item in Star Magazine about a TV star who had his cellphone number changed at the insistence of his new girlfriend, complicating things with the mother of his children. Is that possibly about Eddie?
Eddie hasn’t changed his number since I made him do it a year and half ago so that LeAnn couldn’t bother him any more – joke’s on me!

Are you concerned that Eddie would ever try and use your DUI against you in regards to custody and visitation?
My DUI didn’t fall on my custodial day, my children were never in any danger because they were not in my care. He could not legally use it against me (trust me I checked).

Does the sheer volume of LeAnn’s tweets ever amuse you?
I don’t follow LeAnn on Twitter. I’d never have a second to get anything done if I did, from what I hear.

Do you and Eddie now have a rule that if one of your sons ever has to go to the emergency room, both parents should be notified immediately?
It has always been in our divorce agreement that either parent notify the other in case of medical [issues]. The problem is that no one polices divorce agreements and it would cost thousands to do it myself.

From what I understand, LeAnn recently tweeted that the three of you should sit down and talk through your issues. Do you think this will happen? Has it already happened?
It was my idea to sit down and talk with them about what is ok for my kids. We are sitting down with a middle man next week.

[From Brandi Glanville Cibrian received via e-mail, with minor edits for text speak]

Brandi also told us that she reads Celebitchy and appreciates how sarcastic and honest we are. (We aren’t always on her side and we did rip on her following her DUI.)

Brandi has spoken her piece, and she could be rallying against how ridiculous LeAnn and Eddie are acting, but she’s not and is focusing on what’s best for her kids. If I had an ex who was carrying on with a fool like LeAnn and my children were involved I can’t say I’d be as calm about the whole thing. We’ll have to see if Brandi makes any progress with her ex next week. There’s obviously still a lot she has to deal with.

Update: Brandi wrote me that some people are speculating on Twitter that she was paid for this interview. She was not paid at all, and she just wanted to set the record straight.

Brandi is shown on 8/13/10 and 10/11/10. Credit: PRPhotos

Brandi Glanville

Brandi Glanville Cibrian

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  1. BIte me says:

    Bless her heart, but look at this way Brandi he has to wake up to horseface Every morning shiver at the thought, and Brandi you could teach of some these hollyweird aves how to move on with grace and dignity

  2. GeekChic says:

    That’s nice that she didn’t endanger HER kids when she drove drunk, she just endangered everyone else’s kids. I’m sorry, I’m sure she’s a perfectly nice person and this was a nice interview, but the DUI thing bothers the hell out of me.

  3. Rita says:

    I am astonished that Brandi and Eddie do not talk. Eddie has to be the biggest coward with a peen and LeAnn the biggest coward without one.

    Brandi has been through hell and lost everything except her self respect and dignity; something Eddie and LeAnn have never had and never will have.

    Kaiser, because of this thread LeAnn will probably call you after cancelling three more concerts (no lol-seriously)

  4. Heavenbound says:

    She is an attention seeker as much as the other two idiots, LR and EC. She should just keep it classy and keep mum about her personal life. She is just seeking sympathy from strangers (pathetic). I’m sure she enjoys the Leann bashing as much as Leann enjoys The Brandi bashing. They all deserve each other.

  5. Henriette says:

    How can unemployed Eddie afford “an assistant?” But anyway, Brandi – as much as Leann needs to STFU, so do you. All of you ought to stop embarrassing those children and keep quiet and work out your issues behind closed doors.

  6. Allison says:

    Leann and Eddie sound like major a-holes. Brandi is beautiful and seems to be a great mother. I hope she can work on freeing herself from Eddie’s sh*t, maybe through a good therapist. I would be going to one every day if I went through what she did…

  7. Just a Poster says:

    I just wish her some kind of peace.
    Thats all.

  8. happygirl says:

    I feel badly for her. I can say I’m officially Team Brandi. And….I wish I could be a fly on the wall during their “talk” [that will lead to Brandi snatching the hair off LeAnn's head and maybe pulling a Naomi Campbell and beating her with her own cell phone, yelling "Twitter THIS!"]….evil grin =)

  9. LeeLee says:

    She’s way better off without him. He and LR deserve each other.
    Move on Brandi. The best revenge is living well.

  10. devilgirl says:

    Are those stains on her pink skirt?

    ITA GeekChic.

  11. tootrue says:

    I see a gracious woman who has been through a lot . Her ex has no respect for anyone and he is the one who chose to have kids with Brandi. Brandi will be in Eddies life forever because of the children and Leann will be a faded memory in a few years just as soon as EC can find someone to hire him until then he has to stay put because Leann pays for everything and he probably even gets an allowance Love you Brandi and Leann”s new song is justly titled because she is one crazy woman

  12. nnn says:

    For me there is no grace whatsoever when a divorce is public and when you invite the public in it through interviews, talk show, ect..

    I really hate that new tendance that began like a decade ago. Marriage is personal, divorce should be and should be dealt privatly too.

    I hate when celebrities feel the urge of sitting down and talk about their failed marriage like they are in a conference and need some audience to tae part in it.

    Inviting the public to take part in your personal business is like inviting them to take place in your bed.

    I really appreciate what the former first lady of the late french president françpois Mitterand, Danièle Mitterand replied to one of the journalist who dared to ask her what was her feelings about the president’s former affair and the discovery and public acknowledgement of his loved child. She look at him coldly and say to him ‘what has happened bewteen François, his former mistress and myself is none of your business. It’s between me and my husband’ and nobody else. he is the french president i will replied to any question concerning his job. But our personal life is personal and belong to noone but ourselves’.

    He appologised and no questioned was ever asked to her ever agaion about it.

    NOW thta’s what i call : CLASS with a capital C.

    You just don’t go on and on about your dirty laundry publicly. You always open a Pandora Box by doing so and set an uncomfortable norm for others to get their nose in something as personal and intimate as your couple.

  13. deb says:

    @nnn hmmmm funny how you don’t mention LeAnn’s non stop twitter finger why is that do you suppose?

  14. Salina says:

    If leann can go around playing the victim, brandi can say her piece. I think both should let it die , starting with leann crack tweets about bathing and feeding and snuggling brandis kids. If Leann truly wants peace she should concede that at the very least.

  15. Rita says:

    This is a bit off-thread but perhaps the twitter-gurls can help me understand Eddie’s infatuation with toilet paper dispensers.

    Eddie posted a twit-pic of a bathroom and was fascinated that there were two dispensers (travel much?) He always seems to have a look of bewilderment, example:

    Northern Lights Act 2 Scene 1
    Actor 1: Hands in heavy coat has expression of total bewilderment
    Actor 2: Looks loving in response to Actor 1

    Bubble-thought actor 1: “Is that a moose?”
    Bubble-thought actor 2: “No my sweets. That’s a St. Bernard

    If they honeymoon in Paris I hope the concierge explains the bathroom is not equipped with two commodes; one is for going #2 and the bidet is not a drinking fountain.

  16. anon says:

    agree with nnn, Leann is the outsider, the children belong to Brandi and Eddie. Both of them, for the sake of the children need to keep their marriage and its end/disolution private. Right now Leann is not in the family. Divorce is not pleasant. I don’t know why the public must know details. Celebs need to stop all this airing of dirty laundry now.

  17. Jezi says:

    I think Brandi will let it die once Leann stops her bullsh!t. I don’t think she’s giving interviews because she wants fame & to have people in her business. She’s making it well known what kind of crazy she deals with day in and day out.

    @happygirl….love it, you have me dying over here.

  18. tootrue says:

    Rita, you totally crack me up Also remember when Leann tweeted while on car ride with Eddie he farted big time and how it was lingering Don’t you just know she was inhaling as deeply as she could so she could feel the true essence of probably grabbed a baggie and tried to catch as much of the fragrance as she could

  19. Persistent Cat says:

    I agree wit nnn. And she likely didn’t talk about LR because the post is about BG. Everyone in this nonsensical drama needs to stfu.

    Brandi also needs better fashion sense. The dress in that top pic is beyond awful, add the orange skin and hard melon breasts and it’s a minor tragedy.

  20. Me1st says:

    this was a PR stunt because lets face it, did any of us even know this woman existed before this whole affair even started??? sorry, i’m not on anyone’s team but they are all childish. I am a stepmother to two boys (they are grown now) and me and my husband and his ex didn’t post billboards or tweet our every move or get/give interviews every 10 minutes…PRIVACY is what your children need, not airing out your dirty laundry in public. Show some class cause frankly, all 3 of you need it

  21. nnn says:


    Why should i mention it ? I didn’t mention Brandi in my post either in case you didn’t noticed.

    I wrote a general peice concerning anyone who invite the public in their dirty laundry….and fact is, i didn’t even think about those two when i wrote it but about this tendry they embody that has been going on and on for the past decade.

    Anyone who invite the public to take part in their failed relationship is taking an UNCLASSY route all the way to win some kind of public umbrella (I call it EGO RESTORATION PROCESS)instead of dealing with their personal problems with maturity and privacy while risking that the same public take part even when they are not invited anymore in their personal FUTURE business too, like it belongs to them with no stopping on their part.

    Noone should get into anyone bedroom business, which is by essence intimate and personal to the core. Not even siblings or parents do that to that extent.

    Nothing more nothing else.

  22. Bailey says:

    I agree Me1st that this is a publicity stunt. I didn’t know her till this affair.
    she feeds of drama, she just comes off as desperate and bitter, and her children should be her priority.

  23. Heavenbound says:

    Typical Hollywood… Brandi is doing the rounds on the talk shows and giving interviews, because she probably wants a “reality show opportunity”. Would not doubt to see her next season on one of those shows, like dancing with the stars et al.,

  24. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    OMG So you guys conducted the interview. I kept wondering this kept getting pushed up. How cool. Congrats for getting the scoop CB!!!

    I just wish everyone the best in all this. I don’t think there is a villain or anything but of course the kids should be everyone’s first priority and as long as thats the case everything else will work themselves. Things will get easier for Brandi at some point, a single mom can have a fulfilling life and find love again.

  25. happygirl says:

    @Jezi ~ Thanks! :) I had the entire WWE Smackdown visual going on…entertaining myself over here today :)

  26. icantbelievethis says:

    I agree with @greekchic and I don’t know who Brandi’s getting advice from but it can absolutely be used against a person in custody issues. If my ex got a DUI I would’ve used it against him in a heartbeat.

    If she doesn’t speak to EC directly then how did he try to blackmail her as she posted on Twitter?

  27. Bodhi says:

    I feel for Brandi, I really do, but lets face it, she hasn’t lost everything. She still healthy, her kids are healthy & I’m sure her bank account is healthy too. And she has gone from Who? to Oh poor thing over night.

    That being said, I really do feel for her. As far as I can tell, Eddie & LR’s affair came out of the blue & there is no way that something like that can be easy to deal with.

  28. Tammy says:

    Brandi – Live Again, Love Again, Forgive and Never Give Up. Life will get better in the days ahead. Time heals all wounds.

  29. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    Hold on to your Ass Brandi, you are in for a ride next week. Good Luck!

  30. Jezi says:

    @icantbelievethis, she said she did have a cell number for Eddie but she can’t get in touch with him through it, he has his assistant call her back. She obviously gets his messages. I’m sure she’s checked with her attorney on whether it can be used against her when it comes to the kids. With custody, unless she directly put her kids in harms way, they will not take her kids from her.

  31. dread pirate cuervo says:

    Why is LeAnn going to their custody mediation? They are not her kids. I live with my BF & therefore spend alot of time with his kids but they are not mine & the drama between him & his ex is not my business, regardless of our living arrangements. Even if we were to marry, they would still not be my kids & it would still not be my business.

  32. Joyce says:

    People talk about putting your private business out there. LeAnn Rimes is the one that tweets everything that goes on with her, Eddie & the boys. She tweets 24/7

    I think that Brandi does show class. She has never bashed LeAnn like LeAnn does her. At every turn LeAnn tuants Brandi and I think that Brandi has handled it very well. Eddie Cibrian has been a a**hole through out this entire mess. One would think that he would have the decency to talk to the mother of his children about things that affect the boys, but of course, LeAnn would never give him permission to do so. She doesn’t want Eddie talking to Brandi at all. Eddie Cibrian treatment of Brandi is beyond words. He was married to this woman for 8 years & has to children with her, yet, he has treated her like dirt. I think that he is the lowest form of a human beeing. When the time comes, I hope that he pays royally for the hurts he has caused Brandi all that he has put her through.

    I think that Brandi has handled all of this with class and dignity. I wish for her the best.

  33. Obvious says:

    Congrats to CB for scoring this. However anyone who drinks and drives should have to face severe consequences. I lost a dear friend to a drunk driver. She was 22, a nursing student and pregnant with her fiance’s child. She could have been the girl Brandi hit when she drove drunk. I’ve never been on Team Brandi-though timesz I wanted to, but driving drunk has taken removed all sense of remorse, sympathy or anything except for deep loathing towards her.

  34. Eileen says:

    I think its ridiculous that once again Brandi was asked for an interview and obliged and gets ripped for it. Do you have ANY idea how much millions is spent from stars for reputation damage control? Leann -I can’t even imagine how much work she creates for her PR worker bees. Brandi has worked in modeling since she was young and has to get back to work and if you think all this lingering public humiliation and Leann Tweet Idiocy didn’t effect her -you’re wrong. But she doesn’t have a team of people to fix it for her.
    I think its nice of her to grant an interview to the one cite she reads because she was just like us, but married to an actor. Now she’s thrown in to this sh!t she didn’t ask for and now people know her name because of the selfishness of EC & LR parading their asses all over the place and Leann’s Twitter addiction. Brandi: get every penny you can out of this debacle because you know Eddie isn’t going anywhere in acting and who knows how long his sugar-mama will be around!

  35. Rita says:


    Since you have such a “deep loathing” (incredible choice of words) for Brandi you must deeply hate LeAnn who had a hit and run accident last year after boozing with Eddie. Also, Eddie was last video taped hitting several shots of tequila before stumbling to his car with LeAnn and driving away.

    Yes, Brandi was wrong. She owned up to it, took responsibility and apologized for it, and will pay the legal consequences of her actions. She is also performing voluntary community service because of it.

    Brandi’s actions could have had bad consequeunces but compared to LeAnn’s actions that have had devestating consequences for numerous people, including two small children, your comment is obviously meant to antagonize the thread.

  36. Obvious says:

    Actually no it wasn’t Rita. Thank you for bringing to my attention the hit and run with LeeAnn. I honestly didn’t know about that. That firmly pulls me off of any Team and I hope that both parties get fed to the wolves. I have no patience for anyone who drives after drinking.

  37. Cath says:

    Whatever. I am so over Brandi. Homewrecking shows that you are a bitch who doesn’t care about a wife and a couple of kids. Drunk driving shows you are a bitch that doesn’t care about anyone. Anyone’s wife. Anyone’s kids. Anyone’s mother, father, sister, husband…

    Whatever LeAnn has done, Brandi needs to stop playing the victim card. It’s getting pathetic.

  38. Geesh says:

    Oh there will be mud slinging for years. Look at Brad & Angie & several other celebs. Two sides or three sides to every story & somewhere in the middle is the truth. I would have preferred she not say anything for awhile actually till kids etc are settled. Right now its not a good call.
    I agree it is totally stupid there is no interaction between these parents of these children. I mean an assistent seriously are these adults or children themselves & while I am not on either side to blame Leanne about phone calls is pretty dumb. Who’s to say Brandi is not the one doing that.
    Marriages break down all the time & several issues are usually why. Its not easy but for god sake for the children get it together people & stop the media crap. years from now media will have twisted the actual truth so bad that the kids will have to read it all over the place. Think of Brad & Angies kids & what they will be reading. STOP IT & go private. BE ADULTS.

  39. icantbelievethis says:

    “Since you have such a “deep loathing” (incredible choice of words) for Brandi you must deeply hate LeAnn who had a hit and run accident last year after boozing with Eddie.”

    Where is the proof of this? All it says it that she was questioned for a fender-bender and no citations were issued. She wasn’t charged with a DUI, nothing was said about her drinking.

    I’ve noticed anything LR does there are alot of assumptions made.

  40. Carrie says:

    @Joyce “LeAnn would never give him permission to do so. She doesn’t want Eddie talking to Brandi at all.”

    “Eddie Cibrian treatment of Brandi is beyond words. He was married to this woman for 8 years & has to children with her, yet, he has treated her like dirt. I think that he is the lowest form of a human beeing. When the time comes, I hope that he pays royally for the hurts he has caused Brandi all that he has put her through.”

    You’re kind of contradicting yourself.Eddie is a grown man.If he wants to talk to Brandi,he will talk to her whether LeAnn wants him to or not.She’s still their mother.But obviously he doesn’t give a rats a** about Brandi anymore.LeAnn may have a lot of money,but no one is THAT powerful in controlling everything that goes on.I guess this is why most people blame LeAnn for everything that’s happening,while Eddie is just her ‘love slave’and the poor victim of her seduction of him *rolls eyes*
    Eddie knows exactly what he’s doing and he doesn’t need LeAnn’s help or input in doing so.He clearly approves of LeAnn’s every move and IMO I think he’s worse than she is.

  41. icantbelievethis says:

    @jezi you can’t lose your kids over one DUI but EC could make her life more difficult. The way my lawyer explained was that getting a DUI raises many issues. I could request the court order a “no drinking” policy (there was one at one point, no drinking w/in 24 hrs of visitation). Also if he lost his license then the issue of child safety can be raised. He wouldn’t be able to take the child to school, doctor, etc. So while he had a suspended license I could have his visitation reduced b/c I would need to be the driver.

    While you can’t lose custody over one DUI, you would give an ex the ammunition to make things more difficult.

  42. Carrie says:

    @icantbelievethis Can you please provide proof that LeAnn was drinking when she had those hit and runs last year during the day?Doubt it!

  43. Eileen says:

    @obvious: I am SO sorry you lost your friend and her baby. That is such a horrible thing to go through and I can understand how you can feel animosity about drunk drivers as a whole now. I unfortunately am guilty of driving past the legal limit -I wasn’t DRUNK but legally I was. I never got caught or thank GOD hit anyone, and I think about it all the time. As human nature is-we think we know whats best for us more than the laws do.
    Brandi wasn’t drunk-but she was past the legal limit and of course there’s no excuse for it. I’m glad she’s taking responsibility and I’ve seen how the aftermath of this effected her, she has already begun working and donating her time locally because she feels so horrible.

  44. deb says:

    @carrie Can you provide proof that she wasn’t

  45. Carrie says:

    @tootrue LeAnn NEVER said Eddie had farted.Get real!She said someone had been smoking weed in the car right before handing it over to them and the smell of it lingered.You people just love to twist her words don’t you?

  46. Whitey Fisk says:

    “That’s nice that she didn’t endanger HER kids when she drove drunk, she just endangered everyone else’s kids.”

    Well said.

    I hate to jump back on my drunk driving soapbox, but back in the olden days when I used to have the energy to go out and drink, I mildly inconvenienced myself sometimes by calling a cab when I didn’t have a sober driver. I spent the extra ten bucks to prevent the possibility that I would hurt or kill any of my fellow human beings. Why this is so difficult for some people is absolutely confounding to me, and I find it personally insulting when I hear someone made the choice to drive while drunk. Driving drunk says, “I’ll risk your life to save myself ten bucks.” What selfish ignorance.

  47. gloaming says:

    @ Carrie et al. (I don’t mean to single you out, there are others here supporting LR so this is to them too.)

    But. As far as I’m concerned, someone who plays a major part in breaking up a family and more importantly, one who tries to come between a Mother and her children is fair game.

    She’s abhorrent, so Is the repugnant douche that’s boning her.

  48. brin says:

    Brandi isn’t playing the victim, she IS the victim of a couple of selfish lowlife cheaters.Why shouldn’t she be able to talk, that’s all Leann does is talk/tweet all day.
    This situation was not of Brandi’s making, and all she wants is what’s best for her kids.

  49. littlebit says:

    Brandi has moved on from Eddie a long time ago. That being said, do not expect her to back down where her kids are concerned. If bringing this out in public, is the only way to get through to Eddie and Leann, then so be it!

  50. deb says:

    @littlebit…I agree with you 100%

  51. Crash2GO2 says:

    Brandi, Eddie and LeAnn all need to take a backseat to the kid’s best interest here and I frankly don’t see that happening. And it’s not going to happen as long as mudslinging, public or private is going on. They need to know that they have two parents who love them. Period. The grownups need to put their egos in the backseat and say no to the publicity, public fights, communicating through assistants, and interviews having to do with the divorce and custody issues. Because as long as these things remain in the public eye and are put on display by the players, it is all about the players, and not at all about the pawns – the children. And that is WRONG.

  52. Rita says:


    Before this thread dies, I want to send kudos to your twitter mate Dawn for changing the name of her twit page and sending LeAnn apologies for the mean things she said.

    Dawn is a very good person and recognized the negativity was harmful. I hope she doesn’t feel enough guilt so as to buy LeAnn’s music but all of you show wonderful character towards LeAnn’s good fans and strength in defending Brandi against LeAnn’s twitter predators. Kudos to you all.

  53. Green Is Good says:

    The only time Brandi should be talking to her ex-husband and the FATHER of her 2 children is through her attorney. His weasel-eyed girl-friend should have NO input whatsoever.

  54. icantbelievethis says:

    “@icantbelievethis Can you please provide proof that LeAnn was drinking when she had those hit and runs last year during the day?Doubt it!”

    Whoa, I never said she was drinking. I said she wasn’t cited for a DUI.

    “Brandi wasn’t drunk-but she was past the legal limit and of course there’s no excuse for it.”

    How do you know that? And why is it that Brandi wasn’t drunk, but Leann was boozing (even though 1 was cited and the other wasn’t)?

    I don’t think any of these people are perfect. I think LR has done alot of tacky things and what she did to her ex was awful. I don’t think she broke up EC’s marriage. EC was cheating way before LR came along. I think it is tacky the way LR talks about those kids, BUT from experience it could be WAY worse. As far as “step parents” go, LR isn’t bad. I’ve seen bad step parents, having someone like LR as a step parent would’ve been a blessing. That doesn’t mean I don’t disagree with things she says and does, but a kid could do ALOT worse.

  55. cici says:

    um. Brandi reached out to a gossip site? lmFREAKINGao. 1. no one can STEAL a husband. it’s Eddie’s responsibilty to be committed to his family, PERIOD. and 2. Brandi needs to reach out to a psychologist instead of a gossip blog, so that she can STOP MESSING WITH HER FACE. ew.

  56. Grace says:

    I really wish the judge involved in this case had slapped a gag order on all the adults involved, like what happened in Sara Evans’ divorce. Does anyone else remember that – there was mudslinging going on with both sides and then the judge put a gag order on everyone and if I remember correctly whoever talked would be penalized by losing some visitation time with the kids. I think all celebrity divorces should be conducted that way and in this case the gag order should extend to all significant others as well. And there should be a twitter ban as well.

  57. TXCinderella says:

    LeAnn acts very immature. Yeah, she got a prize alright…a guy that cheats on his wife and leaves his family. Karma LeAnn, karma.

  58. DiannSteph says:

    Quote: “Why is LeAnn going to their custody mediation? They are not her kids.”

    Because the man is currently unemployed and living in his rich girlfriend’s house. You guys didn’t buy that “Eddie moved in Leann’s because she has a bigger house?” PR item did you? Please.

    Leann is a major third party in all this because she is currently supporting Eddie Cibrian. I’d bet money on it.

    Brandi, keep your head up! Lesser women would’ve went nuts on Leann “can’t take a step without tweeting about everything” Rimes.

    Leann has been totally despicable in her tactless PR photo ops with Brandi’s kids, the tweets about Brandi’s kids after Brandi kindly asked her to stop, the TV interviews saying “I have no regrets”. I’d do the same thing as Brandi right now whether the public agreed or not. I’d tell my side.

  59. littlebit says:


    LeAnn and Eddie were with someone who was smoking weed in their car? And LeAnn went to twitter with that information? If that’s true, sounds to me like LeAnn was putting out a fire, before it even started. A little preventive measure, to cover their butts in case she was pulled over???

    I think sticking to the passing gas story works in her favor.

  60. KJ says:

    All three of them are attention mongering assholes. I’m sorry but (I’m not sorry at all), as much as I think Eddie and LeAnn are garbage, this woman is too, and I think the only reason this post reflects on her positively is because she reached out to the site. I’m so sick of hearing about her, her beef with LeAnn and Eddie, her kids, all of it. None of them are handling this with class, and for anyone to say that, you’re clearly biased in one direction. I hate that Brandi got cheated on, because I’ve been there, and I’ve been completely blindsided by it as well. I also understand that when you have Thing One and Thing Two constantly talking about their lovey dovey shit to anyone who will hear it, you want to get your side of the story out, but Brandi – honey – stop talking. She has not shut up for one second since this thing erupted. Ranting to anyone within earshot doesn’t make you look any better. It makes you look like whiney and irritating. Move on with your life and find someone better than Eddie. I guarantee that finding a better guy is no harder than throwing a rock at the first man you see.

    God, all three of these people just need to go away, but they won’t because none of them can let the other one get the last word. That’s all this is. It’s a media game to see who can get the last word. It doesn’t matter, take care of your kids, don’t get behind the wheel when you’ve been drinking and stop giving so many fucking interviews. It’s really annoying.

  61. dre says:

    OMG!! STFU – gez, let it go!! You all sound like a bunch of old ladies at the card table. ITS BEEN over A YEAR, get the F&*K over it already.
    Apparently, both marriages sucked, or they would not have cheated.
    And who is looking for attention? It isnt leanne wearing dresses 5 sizes too small – too old to dress like shes 16.
    EC & LR seem happy, very happy actually.
    I think its hilarious all you uneducated moms sitting at home act like you know these people personally. GET A LIFE!

  62. Eileen says:

    @icantbelievethis: Don’t mix MY posted comments with others who say LR was boozing it up-I never said that. Add names to the people your talking about. Brandi wasn’t wasted DRUNK but she was over the limit drunk. I know what I know and that’s all that matters. For someone who doesn’t want Brandi to explain herself and leave things alone-you certainly want everything explained if its not to your liking.

    Rita-I will tell Dawn what you said. There are some twitters out there that do get very upset with the whole LR thing and express it, then feel bad at themselves for getting over-involved. She’s one with some others that I know directly-when you have the LR Crazies constantly twittering you its hard not to get on the defense. But a lot of Leann fans have separated themselves from them and we talk to them frequently. Of course NOW they are getting harassed from the LR crazies that if you talk to one of us there’s some mutiny involved. Its so ridiculous how much of a backlash you get for just not liking Leann. I don’t tweet Leann or any of her crazed twittering fans, but they actually do searches for us and then start harassing us. You wouldn’t BELIEVE what a friend of mine got emailed to her on her own personal blog that isn’t even involved with Twitter. They said the most vile and disgusting things about her son and her. All this for just expressing an opinion between to friends on Twitter.
    I wish you’d come out of the closet and get in contact with me and you prob know who else of us are always wondering who you are! lol

  63. Jezi says:

    I don’t think we would hear about these 3 anymore if those poor kids weren’t involved. I’m a mother and the claws come out when my children are involved. If I had to deal with my ex who lacks any kind of respect for me and doesn’t acknowledge the importance of my role as a mother, then has his girlfriend talking about my kids, using them for PR and tweeting about where they will be so that any psycho can find them, well heck, I would be all over talking about it so that I could stop it from happening. It’s sad that their own father lacks any kind of common sense and dignity and can’t seem to put his foot down because he’s too worried about his meal ticket going bye-bye. Hopefully after this meeting, which annoys me that Leann has to even be involved, things will get better.

  64. joedee123 says:

    OMG!!! Leave it alone! None of us know the circumstances of their relationship and it is not our place to judge them!!!!!People cheat everyday. It’s not right, but it’s over and done. Yeah they went about things the wrong way, but it has been a year and a half. And Brandi is still acting like a jealous witch!!! You can tell by the way she answers the questions. She needs to get a life and move on!

  65. Jezi says:

    @dre how do you know we are all uneducated moms with no life?

  66. TG says:

    Eddie is a loser and Brandi should thank her lucky stars she is rid of him. He is busy gold-digging I guess it is similar to when a young woman hooks up with a disgusting old rich man the physical things she has to put up with must be unbearable so now Eddie is busy doing that with that ugly horse he took up with.

  67. Anti-icon says:

    Since this is an exclusive, I’ll just say Bravo! to Cele/Bitichy and Brandi Glanville. Getting “inside” a high profile divorce to bring REAL WOMEN the REAL LEGAL MESS we are all in vis a vis divorce agreements. They are a legal nightmare and no one really explains what they’re about. Meanwhile, both parties are accumulating thousands in legal bills and each person is furious. And look, they don’t even CALL the MOTHER when HER CHILD is injured. That’s insane. I am glad that they are mediating where it counts: rules, strict rules, about HOW THE CHILDREN ARE PARENTED in each home. And guess what else, STEP-PARENTS (or hopefully not, in this case) MUST STAY IN THE BACKGROUND. This has been a public service from someone who knows. Those little darling boys will know that Mom is doing great when she is relaxed and confident that she is in charge of the divorce. Looks like she’s gonna take the reigns.

  68. icantbelievethis says:

    “For someone who doesn’t want Brandi to explain herself and leave things alone-you certainly want everything explained if its not to your liking.”

    I never said I didn’t want Brandi to explain herself. I asked a legit question, I was just curious how you knew she wasn’t drunk. Brandi can talk all she wants and I do agree that she should get all the $$ she can out of this.

    What I’ve said was I didn’t understand the level of hate (on either side) and that wasn’t aimed at BG, EC or LR. That was a geniune ? about commenters.

    I apologize I mixed up with your comments and Rita’s.

  69. Eileen says:

    @joedee123: seriously if you’re done talking about all this then don’t click on this thread and MOVE on with your bad self. Some people are still interested in this and how its going to play out. Why crucify someone for that?? I think abt how Looooong the Angelina/Jennifer thing was dragged out and still is being dragged out (not me). People are interested. Period.

  70. Rita says:


    It’s so warm and comfy here in the closet so I think I’ll stay. Anyone whose life is being negatively impacted by this needs to step away but for me….

    The next time I consider LeAnn’s music I’ll be buying mittens for Satan.

  71. lilred says:

    Dre:Speaking of getting a life, yours must be coming in the mail.

  72. lucy2 says:

    Charming, dre.

    ITA about DUI, GeekChic.

    While I firmly believe LR and EC have acted very poorly and very publicly, I also think that Brandi needs to keep it more private, for the sake of her kids and herself. Take the high road, don’t engage in the nonsense, and try to move on as best as possible. No one is going to “win” this – it’s a sad situation caused by 2 people who didn’t respect their vows and families, but that doesn’t mean everyone involved has to stoop to their level.
    No question LR over-shares on twitter and is probably enjoying all this sick attention, but she’s shooting herself in the foot by doing so – MANY people’s opinion of her has been changed, and her PR, image, and career have all suffered for it. Let her dig her own hole, be the better person, publicly and privately, and respect the kids enough to not air their family’s dirty laundry to anyone who will listen.

  73. Eileen says:

    @icantbelievethis: I don’t HATE Leann or Eddie. I don’t hate people. I dislike them for how they have conducted themselves and the choices they’ve made with the attitude that I can do what I want publicly and hurt other parties involved and not have to answer to that. As a mom (happily married btw) with two kids, honest to God I have no idea how Brandi didn’t blow shit up like the Godfather on these two for Eddie just sitting back and letting Leann tweet where BRANDI’S kids are going to be for the day, or how they are such a cute happy family all in bed together or how Leann put her serious sickness on the back burner and gave the kids a bath. OMG-a mother is hurting enough to have to now share her kids with a woman I’m sure she dislikes immensely and now has to read or have people tell her about what they are doing over there while she’s in an empty home she created for what she thought was a happy family. That would SUCK no matter how you try to get over it-I’m sure Brandi is getting over it, but the public tweeting about her kids is WRONG and just opens up old wounds.

  74. Eileen says:

    Darn it Rita! ;) As long as you continue to hang out on here I guess I’ll just have to deal-right?

  75. Jezi says:

    @lucy2 yes I agree she shoots her own foot. However, the reality of it is if Brandi didn’t bring this to the forefront with all the media attention, then Leann would’ve gone on using those kids to promote this happy, homemaker image she’s got going. Eddie would continue to disregard her if the boys were injured and they both would try their darndest to push Brandi out. Brandi seems to be cornered here. She wants this all to go away but the only way she seems to get anything done is when she has to publically call out Leann or Eddie. She asked Leann two times before through twitter no less to meet up with her. The first time Leann ignored her, she got a huge backlash from it, she knew that she had no choice to do it with the second request. The fact that Brandi has to even go that far speaks volumes about her ex and his girlfriend.

  76. dre says:

    lilred: really, thats the best you got….lol
    Thanks, I needed a giggle today :)

  77. icantbelievethis says:

    @Eileen I know why Brandi didn’t blow up like you described, b/c in reality it doesn’t do any good to do that. Before I went through it I ‘knew’ what I would do. But the reality of the situation is alot different and definitely more complicated. While I would have loved to have strung my ex up by his penis, he was still my sons father. I had no love for his girlfriend but again I couldn’t do what I wanted b/c of my son. So I had to bite my tongue alot more than I wanted to. And in the end it paid off taking the high road.

    My lawyer advised me to stay calm and collected b/c losing my cool would only make me look worse in front of a judge.

  78. Jezi says:

    @icantbelievethis…haha strung him up by his penis. AMEN to that!!! I’m sure Brandi would love to do that, I think things change when you are dealing with a “celebrity” who thinks their shit don’t stink. Makes it tougher to take the highroad when your kids are thrust into the public because of the girlfriend’s inability to protect their best interests.

  79. Persistent Cat says:

    @69, who exactly qualifies as a real woman? I have all the required parts so do I? Because this story brings nothing to my life and even if I were going through something similar, it wouldn’t help at all. Or give me insight or help in what to do.

    If we stopped paying attention and if they stopped talking, they’d go away. So we will get more unnecessary interviews and more posts because of all the attention it receives. I guess I’m guilty of that just by posting.

  80. Eileen says:

    @icantbelievethis your right-blowing up doesn’t help. That’s why she had to handle things publicly to get their attention because everything else was failing. What LR is doing isn’t just wrong its dangerous for those kids. I’ve been on the end of the crazy LR fans and have seen what happens if she goes a week without tweeting them-some literally get suicidal. She might think she is doing a great service staying in contact with her fans and that’s her right to do so, but if she handles this wrong, who knows what could happen. What if one day one of her more deranged fans snaps, or is mad she’s with EC, LR tweets we’re going to Disneyland today! Some crazy comes after her when she has those kids?? If I was a mom I’d be creating a public shitstorm too because so far, that’s been the only way she can get through to them.
    Someone sent me a photo LR took of herself on the cover of a magazine and it had an address label on it! WTF is she thinking? She cares deeply for the kids, but mom’s think of the things others dont-LR isn’t acting this way with bad intentions, but she’s ignoring the wishes of the mother who is concerned for her boys safety. That’s why I decided to get involved in this. There’s a tragedy in the making if she doesn’t wake up and realize that Brandi’s is OVER the cheating -she is not creating news to get at Leann, she doing it to make sure her boys’ safety is maintained.

  81. Jayna says:

    LeAnn needs to shut up on twitter about the boys and keep that part of her life private. I do believe it shows no empathy towards the wife, which I guess she doesn’t like. One day if she has a child and Eddie leaves her for someone else and LeAnn loses 50 percent custoy and that new girl tweets ad nauseum about the child, she will feel the pain. Plus Leann is killing her career. Most of her fans have children and don’t approve of cheating. She needs to be classy like Vince and Amy Grant. They weren’t out there carrying on and Amy was respectful to the wife, not tweeting on and on about the ex-wife’s child. They lived quietly for a while knowing people will have feelings about hearing about how in love you are off of an affair. Leann seems to have no smarts and is destroying her career in a conservative music industry. Eddie is dumb not to put his foot down about her tweeting about his children. He doesn’t talk about his private life,really, and people leave him alone. LeAnn should learn from him. But his career is a mess, too. Give people time to accept it and not be in their face.

    Secondly, I’ve lost sympathy for Brandi. Here she is going to a mediation and still fanning the fire with these gossip sites with some snarky comments. She does want publicity. Her child support matches Eddie’s income. She is not helping her children by being so public and having Eddie’s career suffer, as that affects how much child support she gets. Not too smart on her part. She needs to get a job and get back into life.

  82. Salina says:

    Jetzi is right. Leann is putting out happy families tweets about another womans children yet brandi shoud just take it? If she had leann money u know this would play out in court. Leann can afford pr people.

  83. la_chica says:

    The headline on this is hilarious. Breaking news! Brandi is going to talk to Eddie and Leann! Get it first here! Exclusive!!

    These people are so minor no one will remember it in a year.

  84. DKO says:

    I like Brandi – a lot. I’m glad she’s not rolling over for LeAnn Whines. She’s got her kids to consider. I also hope the mediator forces psycho LeAnn to stop her inappropriate tweets about the kids.

  85. Jayna says:

    I like LeAnn and think she is beyond talented. I’m not even judging the affair. That’s the past. They are together for a year now. It’s time to move on. But I am turned off by her immaturity and lack of class the way she is tweeting on and on about the boys. She has no insight nor seems to care how much pain she caused to another woman. She doesn’t have to like Brandi, but she should be smart enough to realize how she comes off, after breaking up a marriage and family, to then act like these children are hers or looks to me like she enjoys rubbing it into Brandi’s face. All this is doing is hurting Leann’s career bigtime and she doesn’t seem to get it. Turn your private life private. People will accept your relationship in time if you show some class. I hate to see someone who worked so hard for her career to do this to herself. Brandi needs to shut up, also.

  86. Megan says:

    don’t worry Brandi… there is a thing called karma and it will slap that bitch Leann when the time is right :D

  87. Rachel says:

    Celebitchy, I have to say that I am extremely disappointed that you would give a complete nobody a platform like this on your blog. Not only that but you keep moving it up so be your top story. Bitch got behind the wheel of a car while drunk and drove. Beyond that she was married to a nobody actor, why should any of us care? All parties should be ignored equally!

  88. Crash2GO2 says:

    @Eileen: “OMG-a mother is hurting enough to have to now share her kids with a woman I’m sure she dislikes immensely and now has to read or have people tell her about what they are doing over there while she’s in an empty home she created for what she thought was a happy family.”

    Yes, I hear you – BUT here is the thing. Brandi has NO CONTROL over what LeAnn and Eddie do with their 50% custodial time. Just like I have no control over how my ex and his new wife parent my daughter. The only thing I have control over is how I parent my daughter.

    And may I gently remind you that Brandi has a choice as to whether or not she wants to read the constant tweets, or have people tell her what is going on with Eddie and LeAnn and the boys.

  89. Laura says:

    Oh, now I understand why you always post so much about this pathetic story, disappointed in you CB. All three of the adults in this situation are pathetic losers.

  90. Carrie says:

    @Rachel I see what you’re saying and I agree,but the fact is stories about LeAnn,Eddie and Brandi get tons of hits everywhere.I’m sure CB is very aware of that,too and intentionally ‘pimp’ their stories and comments whether people like them or not.JustJared does the same thing,posting their every move.He knows people pretty much spend 24/7 visiting his site,commenting on stories about them,so why would he ever stop?People can say ‘please stop posting about them’ and ‘who cares’all they want(btw if you read and comment you obviously do care),but as long as you keep commenting in the first place they will never go away.This is business after all.

  91. brin says:

    @Jayna….After all the things you wrote about leann (all true)and you say you like her? It’s all those things that make me not like her.

  92. tootrue says:

    Carrie aka Leann Rimes I saved that perfectly wonderful tweet from LR about Eddie farting in the car and it was when they were driving to their retreat in wyoning or somewhere to do fishing so don’t try and pretend you didn’t tweet that because you did Just another one of your backtracking and lies shouldn’t make rude comments about someones farting ,thats a sacred thing

  93. Carrie says:

    @tootrue Please retweet it to me now then

  94. Debra says:

    If Eddie was still a ‘man’ he would go to mediation with Brandi alone but a puppet must have a puppeteer to function, hence the reason Leann will be included in the meeting….mediation between EDDIE and BRANDI should have happened long ago and Eddie should have set rules to Leann about what was allowed and not concerning their children, but evidently Leann holds not only the purse strings but the puppet strings as well

    I don’t feel sorry for Brandi at all because she is, in the long run, better off without this loser…but since they do have children together, she will always have to deal with him in some way…it would just be easier if he had a backbone

    just my opinion

  95. Jayna says:

    @Brin, I have watched her since she was young and really felt for her the kind of life she lived working throughout her childhood working nonstop. She is an amazing singer. I feel she is handling this badly, but it seems to really stem from immaturity and she is only hurting herself careerwise. But that’s one part of her. I feel she is so in love that she is blinded by her actions. Unfortunately, I have worked with people who had affairs, and they acted the same way, wanted to bask in their newfound love, not realizing maybe we were judging and didn’t necessarily want to hear it given how it started. So I don’t like how she is acting re the tweeting of the boys’ lives, but that’s not all of her. She is a hard worker, who supported her family throughout her teens and instantly settled down and supported her husband, who didn’t work, who seemed gay to me. I think one day she will look back, when she matures, and see she handled some things wrong. I think Eddie will cheat on her anyway, so she will gain a new understanding.

  96. brin says:

    @Jayna…I appreciate how you feel and as a fan you must be disappointed in the way she is handling the situation.
    I honestly don’t understand why she doesn’t get it, she is getting enough backlash from it.

  97. Rachel says:


    You are completely correct. If I hate reading this garbage I shouldn’t click on the story or comment on it. The truth is I rarely read stories about any of these 3 losers because I just don’t care. The only reason I clicked on it is because I came to Celebitchy a couple of times today to read my usual fun Gwynnie/Jennifer Aniston/Brangeloonie stories and have been bombarded with this as a top story. You are also completely correct in saying that these stories get multiple hits and comments and judging from the comments on this board people are very invested in it. I guess different strokes for different folks.

  98. Julia says:

    I feel like Brandi has handled this situation as gracefully as is possible under the circumstances. I can’t imagine going through what she’s going through, especially while in the public eye.

    Also…I find that the people who go on and on about how happy they are in their relationship (via Twitter or anywhere else), usually AREN’T. It can’t be easy being in a relationship with a man that you know is a cheater.

  99. Jayna says:

    @Brin, when I read somewhere all about her tweeting, I didn’t believe it and went and followed it, and it blew my mind. All the over-the-top tweeting about the little boys, really rubbed me the wrong way. It was, obviously, insensitive and a dig at Brandi. What stuns me is Eddie is ten years older than her and why he hasn’t put his foot down, seeing that it rubs people the wrong way and hurts her career. Or her managers and such have to be telling her or should be. She never seems to express herself well on soundbites that could allow people to move on. Re the Shape, poor judgment, on how came across in that interview re how she used exercise during stress, since she’s having a torrid passionate affair and the real pain and stress was on the betrayed husband and wife. Hers paled in comparison. Someone is not guiding her career right and helping her to keep this stuff out of the limelight since she obviously doesn’t get how she comes across. She never seems to say the right thing. People fall in love while still married. It happens. And many go on to marry each other and stay married and happy and better suited for one another. Look at Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. They had an affair but have had a long, happy marriage. It’s how you handle it publicly, when you’re celebs, after leaving your spouses which dictates how soon people accept you and don’t judge too much. Unforunately, Leann can’t seem to shut up and Brandi keeps it in the news. Eddie is the only smart one. LOL

  100. Rita says:

    STOP, STOP, STOP this madness!!!! I beg of you. In a few hours it will be sun-up in Sydney and our Aussie friends will join in. DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT THAT MEANS?????

    It means this thread count will exceed that of most “hot guy Friday’s” thread count. We should all be ashamed of ourselves. (Sorry about the shouting)

  101. icantbelievethis says:

    @Crash2Go2 I agree with that. I couldn’t force my ex to parent a certain way and it just worked out better to focus on my parenting and not focusing on the frustrations of the situation.

  102. OXA says:

    Brandi should be quiet and let Leanne have him. Once they marry she can go for more child support as the courts will take both of the couple’s income into consideration when figuring out the child support.

  103. Lady D says:

    “she’s abhorrent, and so’s the ugly douche that’s boning her”. Concise and to the point. I like it. You could add repugnant to her description too. And I am not talking about Rime’s looks. She actually thinks it is a game when it comes to taunting Brandi about her and Eddie’s boys. She only wishes she had half the grace and dignity Brandi has displayed. Can’t wait for the home-wrecking ho to get hers. Karma, Karma, Karma. It’s costing the spineless, won’t protect his children, coward his career, hopefully Rimes goes with him. It also works in a good way too. Enjoy Brandi, and good luck. I admire your grace under fire.

  104. Jezi says:

    @Jayna it’s very true what you say. The affair was horrible but in comparison to how she’s handled things thereafter is what has rubbed us all the wrong way. I was bothered by the affair when I first read about it but thought it would die down. When I found out about how she would use twitter to throw digs at Brandi well, it just pissed me off. Even today she tweeted about how it’s funny people who lived the same situation view it completely differently. What is that supposed to mean? She makes everything public and then wants to say it’s all lies. But it’s her own words, you can’t twist your own words on twitter. Not to mention she’s still attacking E! about the story. She’s the type of person who just likes the attention, whether it’s good or bad. At some point you have to grow up and realize how your actions affect others.

  105. Masala says:

    I’ve got it!!!

    icantbelievethis is actually LeAnn and Rita is Brandi!

  106. brin says:

    @Jayna….glad you put the lol on the end because Eddie is not the smart one (well, he’s smart enough to keep his mouth shut). Maybe Leann just isn’t listening to the advice…she seems very strong willed and probably is used to getting her way. I agree with you that she handled this very badly.

  107. Me1st says:

    OMG…nothing better to do all day but defend why you are all obsessed with these losers lives??? go back to work LOL

  108. la_chica says:

    @Lady D

    “Half the grace and dignity” of someone who recently got pulled over for a DUI? Wow that’s low

  109. Heavenbound says:

    Yes Masala!!

    I have been saying this all along Rita is Brandi! I discovered this a while ago :)

  110. Obvious says:

    lol Masala it would make sense.

  111. Rita says:

    @Masala, Heavenbound, Obvious

    You guessed it, damn. I’ll bring you all back a handfull of blonde hair and veniers after we meet.

  112. Darla says:

    If Rita were Brandi, I think Kaiser may have said something, especially when Rita says she is not. Brandi actually has posted before, but she flat-out says who she is.

  113. Jayna says:

    Lucy2′s comment:

    “While I firmly believe LR and EC have acted very poorly and very publicly, I also think that Brandi needs to keep it more private, for the sake of her kids and herself. Take the high road, don’t engage in the nonsense, and try to move on as best as possible. No one is going to “win” this – it’s a sad situation caused by 2 people who didn’t respect their vows and families, but that doesn’t mean everyone involved has to stoop to their level.
    No question LR over-shares on twitter and is probably enjoying all this sick attention, but she’s shooting herself in the foot by doing so – MANY people’s opinion of her has been changed, and her PR, image, and career have all suffered for it. Let her dig her own hole, be the better person, publicly and privately, and respect the kids enough to not air their family’s dirty laundry to anyone who will listen.”

    I agree with this. Brandi continually on gossip sites isn’t doing her family any good. Brandi has already hurt herself. A lot of the public back and forthing cost Eddie his high-paying job on CSI. Who did that hurt ultimately? Brandi and her children financially. If Brandi doesn’t zip it herself, Eddie’s career will stay stalled, and what good does that do her or her children? Brandi’s need to be snarky in comments like here isn’t helping. The Talk Show was fine. I got that. She had a DUI and wanted to address it.

  114. icantbelievethis says:

    “icantbelievethis is actually LeAnn and Rita is Brandi!”


    Not LR. I have never cheated on a husband, not even when ex cheated. Plus my singing is so bad my kids cover their ears and beg me to stop.

    Brandi doesn’t strike me as the type to use a different name to post. If she posted here I think it would be obvious who she is.

    Rita and I have different opinions on some things (we both agree cheating is wrong), but I don’t think either of us are pretending to be someone else.

    And really when did I EVER say LR was right for cheating. Also I have NEVER said LR was right for how she’s handled things.

  115. deb says:

    1st off LR must have let some of her sheeple out of the pasture to post. Brandi bashing hasn’t worked for you in the past. What makes you think it will work for you now? Rita honey you stay in that “closet” If for nothing else just to drive us crazy ;0). You are becoming an Urban Legend!!! Love Ya

  116. CB Rawks says:

    “back in the olden days when I used to have the energy to go out and drink, I mildly inconvenienced myself sometimes by calling a cab when I didn’t have a sober driver. I spent the extra ten bucks to prevent the possibility that I would hurt or kill any of my fellow human beings. Why this is so difficult for some people is absolutely confounding to me, and I find it personally insulting when I hear someone made the choice to drive while drunk. Driving drunk says, “I’ll risk your life to save myself ten bucks.” What selfish ignorance.”

    Damn well said, Whitey Fisk.

  117. CB Rawks says:

    “Not LR – my singing is so bad my kids cover their ears and beg me to stop.”

    That’s not helping your case. ;)

  118. Chelly says:

    I think LeAnn should stay out of any custody thing/agreement/meeting, it’s not her kids! Brandi, good for you for caring about the kids. They are the ones who are most hurt by things like this.

  119. Eileen says:

    Oy vey: Rita is not Brandi! lol How f’ed up would you have to be to do an interview on here and then comment about it under someone else’s name? You guys crack me up!

  120. Jezi says:

    icantbelievethis is definitely not Leann, she would be justifying the affair if it were her….lol.

    Rita is definitely not Brandi either. I think Brandi says enough herself she doesn’t need to create fake accounts.

  121. Relli says:

    Wow Celebitchy, you really got everyone riled up and going today.

    I have to agree with Jayna, i could care less about these people and this situation, but the way that LeAnn has chose to act and re-act to all of this nonsense is probably the most entertaining aspect. Don’t get me wrong i am no fan of Ms. Rimes, but i grew up where country ruled the radio waves so i know of her and her music and i do feel for her because she like Britney was a child star, except she was often ridiculed for her awkward looks and weight.

    I once read a quote that stated Hollywood was a lot like high school because so many of these women and men never attended and therefore lack the maturity that one may have gained in their adolescence, this situaiton truly proves that point. LeAnn is acting like a 15 year old, rubbing it in the face of his EX. Its as if LeAnn feels the need to PROVE to everyone that we are wrong. This is LURVE and completely legit. Eddie loves HER, he never loved Brandi like he cares for her. Its just all very bizarre. Really. Why all the need to prove it LeAnn? Are you trying to convince us (the public) or yourself? Because if its deep and genuine as you say it is, you would not feel the need to constantly prove it.

    In the end i feel the worst for Brandi, not because she lost Cruddie, but because her children have been dragged into it the mess. Made as pawns for LeAnn’s game of winning Cruddie’s love. Seeing as she was exploited a child, i think this is why she doesn’t see anything wrong with her actions in regards to using them.

  122. Mistral says:

    Good luck Brandi. Your husband is an ass for ruining your family, but you’ve got your beautiful kids. Focus on them and avoid the whole “Hollywood thing” (i.e. DUI’s, cough cough). Good luck dealing with that obnoxious crazy. I doubt she’ll be around your kiddies for the long haul, so just ride it out…

  123. original kate says:

    “My DUI didn’t fall on my custodial day, my children were never in any danger because they were not in my care.”

    no, it was just other people’s children who were in danger when you were driving around drunk. stupid twat.

  124. Eileen says:

    What I want to know is Where in the hell is DetRoitGirl and her vicodin altered summation of all this? That was hands down some of the funniest shit I’ve read in a looooong time.

  125. Iggles says:

    I don’t drive, but living in a city where public transport and cabs are taken by most of the population — it don’t understand why drunk people would even try to drive themselves. It’s way too dangerous. Just call a friend or a cab. Life is too short.

  126. la chica says:

    she had me until the DUI and dressing like a fricking 16 YO tween. grow up Brandi. move on. be responsible. act responsibly.

  127. Obvious says:

    @iggles, my friends routinely call me a 2 or 3 am. I am happy to go pick them up rather than let them drive. I figure me losing some sleep is better than someone losing their life.

  128. csol says:

    when my husband and i got married…LOOOOONG after he divorced his 1st wife so there was NO CHEATING n affairs just to make that clear….I stayed OUT of all negotiations concerning his custody agreement with his ex and daughter!! My place, AS HIS WIFE, was only to be supportive of him if he needed support-NOT to be involved in any proceedings!!Leann Rimes is not even ENGAGED (if she is to b believed-which i think we ALL in the universe have discovered that she is NOT to b believed!)so WHY would she be involved at ALL???Her place should be Eddie coming in n telling her what he and HIS EX WIFE , mediator decided and she just support him!! However, because of the way he and Leann got together, SHE doesn’t trust him…and RIGHTFULLY so…he’s a LIAR who very evidentally when he did not want to be caught cheating, told his wife Leann was a stalker….hence the NUMBER change on his part a yr n a 1/2 ago!!!! Can’t have your cake and eat it too, Leann. You are a BITCH who needs to butt out of this and let the PARENTS of these 2 kids work it out!!! P.S. can’t wait to read your book Brandi!

  129. csol says:

    and p.s. there was a video online not long ago of Eddie and Leann VERY CLEARLY being compromised by alcohol n pix of the 2 of them drinking that very night and then getting in their car and driving…its not OK for anyone to do it….but, on the DUI its a case of the pot calling the kettle black. I would use that video to your advantage, Brandi should the HEWOLF (leann) convince Eddie to use that againstyou during yalls sit down with the mediator!

  130. KatScorp says:

    “Someone sent me a photo LR took of herself on the cover of a magazine and it had an address label on it! WTF is she thinking? She cares deeply for the kids, but mom’s think of the things others dont-LR isn’t acting this way with bad intentions, but she’s ignoring the wishes of the mother who is concerned for her boys safety. That’s why I decided to get involved in this. There’s a tragedy in the making if she doesn’t wake up and realize that Brandi’s is OVER the cheating -she is not creating news to get at Leann, she doing it to make sure her boys’ safety is maintained.”

    Crikey Eileen. If LeAnn endangered my children that way I would go off like a small yeild nuclear device. Brandi is being admirably restrained compared to how some moms would rightly act at this point. LeAnn’s blaise behaviour regarding the safety of the children – ESPECIALLY in light of the unbalanced LeAnnFans twitter freaks you’ve described – must be a constant stress for Brandi. She can’t protect them when they’re with LR and EC, and the way Eddie lets LeAnn tweet about the boys’ whereabouts is him failing to protect them too.

    I also see what you mean about the LeAnnFans and I’ll use joedee123,
    dre and Bailey as examples. It really doesn’t matter how many times we repeat ourselves, it appears some people lack the cognitive ability to grasp the SIMPLE fact that the LR/EC/BG story is no longer fuelled by the affair. YES, it was more than a year ago. JoeDee, Dre and Bailey, I congratulate you on learning how to state the obvious and the no-longer relevent. The continued debate is because of LeAnn’s tweets and behaviour… something that has been repeated ad nauseum to you people and yet you still lack the ability to see these two sentences. IT ISN’T THE AFFAIR! IT’S LEANN’S ACTIONS AND TWEETS SINCE THE AFFAIR! Why is that so difficult for LeAnn’s more rabid followers to comprehend? You keep asking why we still talk about it, and you keep ignoring the reply. Instead you just keep asking the same thing, like a parrot. Have what I caps-locked tattooed into your retinas, because you look like idiots when you keep bleating “the affear was yeers agow!!1!! Git ova it!!!111!!!”

    @Jayna: Thankyou. Despite the fact you’re still a LeAnn Fan (perhaps you and I used to chat at RimesTimes?) you are also well spoken (typed), reasonable and you try to contribute constructively to the debate. But please also think about Brandi’s position; late child support payments rom a man employs an assisstant and frequently takes plane trips/holidays, rabid LeAnn Followers on Twitter who cyber bully and harrass (in the full sense of the word), her kids endangered by LeAnn posting a pic with her home address and also tweeting where the kids are during the day, and the fact that she wasn’t informed her baby was in the E.R. getting stitches for the first time. You said that you were sick of Brandi talking and that you want her to shut up, but can you imagine how helpless she must feel?

    Brandi can’t afford shark-like lawyers. I don’t think she has assistants. Brandi also doesn’t have PR people to rehearse with her what she is going to say in interviews. Instead, Brandi has to speak to Eddie through his assistant and has no power to have the divorce agreement enforced; so she is on the losing end either way.

    If Brandi never spoke publically – nor tweeted her side of the story, all we would know about her would be the image LeAnn Rimes and her more psychotic fans encourage. A mother who didn’t rush to her baby’s side when he was in the E.R. A women who endangers her children (even when they were fobbed off to their paternal grandparents that weekend).

    I don’t believe that Brandi has much of a choice here. If she never spoke publically to defend herself, people might actually believe LeAnn’s lies, i.e. that Brandi absolutely, positively and HONESTLY knew her son was in the E.R. but decided to waste an hour going to the soccer game, trying repeatedly to call Eddie about their whereabouts – as surely witnessed by the other parents – and then taking off when a friend saw LeAnn’s tweets that the little boy was in the E.R. THAT is the image LeAnn and her more insane fans (the one’s who Eileen was talking about upthread) convey. Brandi has a right to defend her reputation, especially when she is being DELIBERATELY portrayed by certain parties as an unloving or unfit mother.

    My $0.02 about this interview is that Brandi was sympathetic and very restrained. She didn’t attack LeAnn like she, herself, seems to be daily attacked daily on Twitter. She didn’t list the ways LeAnn and Eddie have endangered the kids these last 18 months. She wasn’t frothing at the mouth; she was giving her side of the story, and rather bravely considering that Celebitchy/Kaiser have torn her a new one on at least one occasion. While LeAnn has PR people select interviewers and have contracts signed where she get to decide the questions and contributes in how the piece is edited, Brandi is just Brandi and has no background in public image management. I can think of many ways she could have used this and other interviews to make life painfully hard for LeAnn and Eddie… but she doesn’t and I don’t think she ever has in the last year that I’ve been online and following this story closely. Brandi DOES take the higher, and despite the constant bitching by the LeAnn fans that Brandi should never talk in public and should just let LeAnn and Eddie have the final word on how she looks. I have no problem with her, not even after the DUI – because Eddie was seen driving drunk and didn’t take responsibility, instead keeping quiet whilst LeAnn fed the trolls. So I’m nonchalant.

    And regarding LeAnn’s hit and run: The point of fleeing the scene of a car accident is to PUT OFF getting breath tested until you’ve spent a few hours in your sauna, sweating out what your liver can’t process fast enough. An Australian football player – Ben Cousins – took off when he got pulled over by a Booze Bus (a mobile police setup that tests drivers for alcohol and drugs). He went into hiding for I think two days – as an Aussie celebrity with all the cops and media after him, that took considerable effort.

    He finally showing up at Police HQ with his lawyer a few days days later to face a “fleeing the scene” charge, but by then, the evidence was no longer in his blood to explain why he took off like there was a gun aimed at him. He’s a known drug addict but I think the PR story was that he’d been drinking and “was worried that he might have been a little over the limit”. *rolls eyes*. Driving a little drunk is culturally acceptable for a well-loved Aussie football star. Cocaine use (which he was later hospitalised for) is the career ender… except that as per normal for Australia, Ben got signed up with a diffent football club less than a year after his drug use got him thrown out of the Eagles. How long between LeAnn’s hit and run and when the cops tracked her down? And isn’t reckless driving and leaving the scene of an accident also bad? Not as bad as DUI, but still “disappointing” and not excusable with a “God Bless You”? Oh who am I kidding? LeAnn’s fans will still defend her.

    #104… gee mate, I love you to.

    P.S. sorry for the length people. I just hate that by the time I wake up, most of you are gone.

  131. Cruisin Through says:

    Honestly, I think the 3 of them are like a classless convention! I do feel for Brandi out of all of them though. It must be hard to go through a public divorce, especially when he was clearly lying to her for quite some time.

  132. KatScorp says:


    Whilst I applaud you for being a good friend… are you aware of the statistical dangers you inflict on other road users when you drive whilst tired?! In Australia there was a safety campaign two years ago about how getting behind the wheel when you’re tired is just as likely to cause an accident as being just over the blood alcohol limit. Google it.

  133. Jaye E says:

    @dre…why so butt hurt? Everyone has the right to leave comments on these blog posts. Even ad naseum comments that, in the grand scheme of things, don’t matter to the people commenting or the folks being commented about. If you find the comments bothersome, don’t read the comments section. Easy, right?

  134. betty says:

    I think Brandi is doing the right thing by allowing Leann to sit in on this hearing. that way she can confront Leann and Eddie personally about the things she dislikes and clear the air. Eddie is a coward and he does not want to mess up his meal ticket arrangement..But since he is unemployed and living with a girlfriend does make him look favorable to the court.Also Leann will find out exactly what her role is in this and isn’t MOTHER!!!

  135. Franny says:

    137 comments! i’ve never seen this many!

  136. Debra says:

    Well…The Hollywood Gossip site has taken this story and somehow come up with Brandi Glanville is fighting Eddie (or Cruddie…i like that one) and Leann for custody of their kids

    can people not read and comprehend?

  137. Steeze says:

    franny, are you posting from the future? ITS ONLY 8:37…

    EDIT: oh wait i guess im posting from the future too? oh… daylight savings.

  138. Samigirl says:

    Csol is hitting the nail on the head. I share joint custody of my child with my ex, and while my fiance’ is absolutely supportive of mine and his relationship (our split was amicable, and for the most part, we have little disagreements on how our son is raised), he doesn’t put his 2 cents in-EVER. He absolutely loves my son like he is his own, but he realizes Emerson has a daddy, and it isn’t his job to act like that is him. LeAnn needs to take a page from my guys book and take a step back, be the fun step parent that lets the children have Dr. Pepper and M&M’s for dinner (true story) and shower them with love and affection, but do it quietly without bringing attention to yourself (GOSH I’M SUCH A BETTER PARENT THAN THEIR MOM-I CAN TAKE THESE KIDS TO DISNEY WORLD, hint hint PAPARAZZI!) Maybe we wouldn’t be so damn critical if she could just slow her roll.
    Also, if my ex’s gf showed up for a mediation hearing, I would prolly snatch hair out of her head…because it’s none of her DAMN business!

  139. Nutsocray says:

    @Rita: The bidet is perfect for horseface to wash her mugshot face. And the plunger is to pluck her booger from a full night of snoring and neighing.

  140. Kbomb says:

    Lol @ Franny I was thinking the same thing! If all posts from now on were about trampy cheating horse faced ex country stars, philanderer b-list actors and a sad ex’s, no one would ever get any work done. They’d all be posting here!

  141. Jayna says:

    I think LeAnn is a cute girl with a really cute figure. I don’t get the knocks on her looks by some. Brandi is also a pretty girl but too thin. Her legs looks like they’re going to snap. A few pounds and she would look great.

  142. icantbelievethis says:

    @betty ITA with your comment. I think it will be good for all to have a neutral (private) place to air their issues.

  143. jemshoes says:

    Hello from Australia everyone!! :)

    This has been epic – what a thread … reminds me of the post on Gisele and her remarks about breastfeeding, and that was the first time I really took an interest in this site and the posters who make up this e-community.

    My 2 cents? I hope the talks go well and that Brandi, Eddie and LeAnn will be able to co-parent the kids as long as there are 3 parents involved. Brandi is doing the best she can, Eddie does as little as he can and LeAnn does as much as she can … if they all met in the middle and put the kids first, there’s a chance things might get better for everyone. But I’d secretly miss Rita and Eileen’s posts if it did! Kidding … :D

  144. JJ says:


    ” Plant your own garden and decorate your soul,
    Remember you do have self worth and you learn,
    With every goodbye you learn”

    Stay strong.

  145. why? says:

    Obvious and chica,

    Eddie drinks and drives, there is even footage of him doing that(see x17 and Leann’s twitpic where she and EC are holding alcohol in their hands). So then Eddie should be held accountable for getting into a car AFTER he had been drinking, right?

    So wasn’t Eddie also endangering the lives of other people’s kids when he got into a car after he had been drinking with Leann?

    Or are you saying that drinking and driving is only bad when someone gets caught or pulled over by the police?

    Wasn’t Leann also drinking when she was involved in a hit and run?

  146. why? says:

    Wow, where did all of these “LR supporters” come from?

  147. why? says:

    I liked your interview with Brandi and it was a great follow up to your post about her interview on Talk.

  148. Jennifer says:

    I firmly believe that Brandi and LeAnn comment on these BG/LR/EC posts.

    What I find interesting is after Carrie goes off on some pro-LeAnn rant, there are at least two “ITA CARRIE!” posts that soon follow. Things that make you go hmm…

  149. SFS says:

    You people are SO Fing Stupid! Eddie & Leann have never had DUI. Just because they have a picture with drinks and then drive does not mean they had as many drinks to put them over the legal limit. There is no info that alcohol was involved in Leann’s accident that wasn’t even proven that she was at fault in an accident. Stop twisting it to save face for Brandi. She is the only one that drank so much that she was drunk and over the legal limit. It is a proven fact. Eileen – drunk is drunk! Why do you think there is a legal limit? You people will try to justify anything. Amazing.

  150. why? says:

    So what you are saying is that drinking and driving is wrong ONLY when a person gets a DUI?

    It doesn’t matter if you are over the limit or not. Drinking and driving is wrong. Alcohol impairs one’s judgement and you don’t have to be above the limit for it to do that. If you get pulled over and don’t test over the limit but still smell like alcohol, do you think that a police officer is going to let you get back in that car and drive?

    Did you watch that video of EC and LR? It is very clear that both of them were wasted. Leann was slurring her words and EC was so drunk that he forgot about LR as he made his engagement joke to the paps.

    No one is making excuses for Brandi. She was wrong.

    But it was EC and LR who made such a big issuse of it, EC telling BG that she had to admit that she had a drinking problem and then LR getting on twitter and writing that she was disappointed in BG. So you can not get mad when people point out that EC and LR are guilty of the very thing that they are criticizing BG for doing. The only difference is that they had MONEY to make theirs go away. Leann was involved in a hit and run, isn’t leaving a scene of car accident a felony or something? Yet she was allowed to walk away. MONEY. BTW, I thought that the reports did say that LR had been drinking with EC that day she had her accident.

    No one is twisting anything. Leann is just stupid enough to keep providing the evidence that supports what we are saying. Maybe next time LR shouldn’t post photos of her and EC drinking shots of tequila and then tip off the paps so that everyone sees that she is so drunk that she is slurring her words and EC is so drunk that he can’t even think straight enough when talking to the paps.

  151. KatScorp says:

    G’day Gemshoes! I’m south of Perth. Where you at?

  152. Amy says:

    I absolutely hate celebrities that tweet the minutia of every single second of their day (I’m looking at you Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore UGH). Leanne always tweets the stupidest things, seriously there are some people who should not be on Twitter. When Miley Cyrus shut hers down (along with her entire family) it made me realize she had matured (in a way, in a lot of ways she is not) and realized her fans did not need to know what she was up to every single minute. Leanne should do the same, then she wouldn’t have to do stupid things like clear up the fact she is not really engaged or whatever misconceptions she spreads through her tweets.

  153. jemshoes says:

    Hi #158 Katscorp! I’m north of Perth!! Separated only by a strip of freeway and we have to find each other on a site like this!!! LOL. EPIC!!! :D

  154. Rita says:

    To all our Aussie Sistas I want to reassure you that us Yanks return to this site to read every one of your comments…sometimes twice.

    After all, where else can we learn about good writing and great perspectives?

  155. brin says:

    @Amy…I agree & I think that’s what has people so annoyed with all of this. If leann would just stop tweeting she wouldn’t have to spend so much time defending all the nonsense she tweets.

  156. devilgirl says:

    People care about these 3 this much???? Who knew?!

  157. KatScorp says:

    LMAO Gemshoes! This is so awesome; we could totally have shared a table at the IKEA dining room once. Or walked past each other in AQWA at Hilorys Boat Habour. I love it when things like this happen. If we could just find out where Salem is from, we might have ourselves a West Aussie Hat-Trick. :-)

  158. brin says:

    Wild, completely random speculation:
    anyone think Cruddie & Cruddette might elope? I know it’s low-key for LR, but she could still get plenty of press if they did….thoughts?

  159. Missy says:

    I think Brandi has handled herself very well thru this, aside from the DUI of course but as far as LR making a public spectacle of her kids. I dont think LR has any business being in that meeting, its not about her. I cant believe EC isnt man enough to stand up to her just to keep the peace for all parties. LR is a nut job, plain and simple. No way would I want her anywhere near my kids and I would have already had a court order in place to prevent her from tweeting publicly about them. There is a major safety issue with that.
    Good Luck Brandi!!

  160. Jayna says:

    Missy, she’s in that meeting, because Brandi asked to meet with her, as Brandi stated on The Talk TV show. It then changed to include all three, with a mediator, which is smart to have an objective party focus you on the issues. So this is happening because of Brandi. If Brandi didn’t want her there Leann wouldn’t be there. Leann is with the children 50 percent of the time and Brandi wanted to meet with her to discuss things.

  161. Rita says:

    God help me but this is my last post on this thread.

    Brandi, you must clearly understand that when dealing with LeAnn and Eddie you are dealing with two pathological and compulsive liars. They are not going to adhere to any agreement unless there are punitive consequences for breaking it. Look how many times Eddie has already violated the divorce agreement.

    Here’s what you do. Agree that for everytime and for any reason (twitter, photo-ops, christmas cards, ect)LeAnn makes the children, their activities, names, ect. public there will be a $5000 penalty payable to you. If they won’t sign an agreement so stating, get them to agree to it before the mediator. That’s a verbal contract with a witness. Then haul her ass into small claims court every week.

    Any agreement you reach with these two pukes is useless unless there are contractual consequences to them for violating it.

    Be well sweetheart.

  162. Jezi says:

    @KatScorp you and Rita have now become my bestfriends ;)

  163. KatScorp says:

    Awww, Jezi! *hugz* If I knew how to use Twitter I’d sign up and friend (follow?) you.

  164. Jezi says:

    @KatScorp it’s very easy once you get the hang of it & yep following is what we do…lol.

    Your insight was much appreciated because that’s exactly how it is. Brandi has taken a lot of hits and just because she doesn’t roll over and play dead for Eddie and Leann she gets all this backlash from Leann fans. Not all, because some are very neutral on the subject. But Leann and Eddie do a very good job at making her look like a “bitter” and “crazy” ex. Which she’s not.

  165. Sandy says:

    Quit rippin her about the DWI for god sake. It surely could happen to anyone you know and love, but you wouldn’t know about it because your bleepin life isn’t in a gossip column everyday. Mistake made. over and done. Lighten up or go look in the mirror.

  166. Eileen says:

    @KatScorp sorry to miss you! Did you see my message in the other LR thread to you about when I was with an Australian rugby/golfer and almost moved to Australia? I LOVE Aussieland!

  167. why? says:

    If Leann had been conducting herself properly or like a decent adult, like not allowing the 3 yo to watch himself while she took a nap and then being stupid enough to tweet about it or talking about how she is in the same bed with another woman’s kids, this meeting wouldn’t be necessary.

    If Leann wasn’t so bent on convincing people that EC loves her that she tips off the paps just so that the can see her and EC with “their happy family” at the kid’s soccer game or school with EC, this meeting wouldn’t be necessary.

    Leann seems to think that those boys stop being BG kids when they enter her home. That is wrong.

    Now why is Leann so afraid to allow EC and BG to parent those kids? Is she afraid that EC is going to cheat on her again with BG?

  168. Crash2GO2 says:

    “Also Leann will find out exactly what her role is in this and isn’t MOTHER!!!”

    No – not technically. But it can be whatever Eddie deems it to be. Because he is the boys’ father and he has 50% custody and when the boys are with him, he may leave them in her care, and do things all together as he sees fit. These are the cold hard facts of divorce. I have 50% custody, but because my child is only 6, the court recommended that she have a primary residence. Since my daughter’s stepmother doesn’t work, they decided father’s would be her primary residence. That means that for all intents and purposes, another woman is raising my child. And there is not one single thing that I can do about it.

    It is a hard fact, that the state of California does not view your children as your own and will do with them as they see fit. The sooner everyone in this scenario realizes that and starts to work together for the benefit of the children, the better. AND LeAnn’s twittering is not going to influence any judge’s decision. But Brandi’s DUI just might.

  169. Jezi says:

    Well they aren’t going to be talking about custody. Custody is not the issue here. It’s sitting down with mediation to figure out how to co-parent and do what’s in the best interest of the children. I think it’s a very healthy and mature way to do things.

  170. icantbelievethis says:


    I admire your openness in explaining things. I am sure this has been extremely hard for you and I really admire your maturity. Your son is blessed to have you.

  171. betty says:

    @Crash2Go2 This is a co-parenting mediation not a custody hearing.Brandis DUI has no bearing as Eddies unemployment and living with his girlfriend. This mediation hearing is to discuss the best interest and welfare of the children. Who told you the state of California does not view the kids as your own. Leann has no imput in what decisions will be made she is not a parent. Leann role is be supportive in decisions made by the parents. Not interfere.

  172. kristin says:

    I always chuckle at the idiotic mantra of “No one can steal a husband” that gets trotted out on every LeAnn/Eddie and every Brange thread.

    While the cheating husband also has quite an important role in the whole affair (obviously, duh), a woman who actively seduces a married man (or even one that allows herself to enter into a mutually sought-after affair with one) certainly can also be said to be morally reprehensible.

    Personally, as someone who has never and would never so much as hold hands with a married man (ESPECIALLY one with children!), I feel perfectly justified in judging those who find this type of behavior acceptable.

    That’s not saying that Eddie isn’t equally reprehensible. It’s just saying that in my book, LeAnn is disgusting too.

  173. Jezi says:

    @kristin AMEN!!!!! I agree!!!!

  174. Obvious says:

    @catscorp, if by the time I got to leave the house I am not fully awake I then generally call a cab. But normally, i get an adrenaline rush when the phone rings at the time. =)

    @Why? did you not see then I responded to rita when she brought that up? I hadn’t seen that video, and I expressed my chagrin at that.

    I know this probably won’t be read but I wanted to address both comments. =)

  175. Crash2GO2 says:

    @betty: I realize that there is no custody hearing pending. My point is simply that Eddie could well make trouble for Brandi using the DUI as a basis for saying she has a drinking problem, and challenging the current custody arrangement. My husband did it to me and I didn’t even have a DUI. But guess what? All it took was him throwing that in there, never mind that it is HE that has a history of alcohol drugs and rehab (not me), for me to lose primary custody of my daughter.

    California is tough on mom’s for custody.

    @icantbelievethis: Thank you for the kind words. At this time in my life it is hard to believe that I will ever be fully happy again. The only time I feel *ok* is when my daughter is with me and that is heartbreakingly seldom now.

  176. Rita says:

    I’m breaking my promise not to post anymore because you’re breaking my heart. I so wish I could reach through this keyboard and hug you. Tomorrow, find just one thing that brightens your day. If you need to talk, there are some real fine ladies here. Let us know what we can do.

  177. Eileen says:

    Awww Crash: I am tearing up over here. I can imagine how hard that would be and I’ve seen it happen to friends when there was no alcohol problem. My husband and I went though a very big rough patch where I thought we might divorce and I was praying that if we did, he wouldn’t turn into a dick about our kids.
    I am feeling for you! I hope you can get through it and I hope you gain back your rightful primary custody.

  178. Obvious says:

    @Kristin, I don’t think anybody disagrees that LeeAnn’s acitons we’re great, people are mianly saying, that Eddie should get some blame also. He had a history of cheating and I highly doubt LeeAnn had to seduce him with more than a raised eyebrow. That’s just my thoughts on the matter, I just get tired of her being blamed for “stealing” eddie. you can’t “steal” a person.

    @crash2go, rita is right. we may all just be posters on a site, but we can also be fantastic moral support. no matter how often we agree or disagree.

    ps. rita, i don’t know if you saw, but i wanted to thank you for pointing out the leeann and eddie driving under the influence thing earlier. i hadn’t seen it-i think i must have been on vacation or something. I find their actions equally reprehensible, NOBODY should get behind the wheel after having a few drinks.

  179. Crash2GO2 says:

    @Rita: Thanks so much – really. I just want to grab Brandi and tell her that she could lose her boys – please be careful and don’t misstep. It can happen, even if she’s a good mom and even if she hadn’t done anything wrong.

    That’s all. I should probably stop posting too. :)

  180. betty says:

    @Crash2GO2 I can’t speak for your case but it takes more than accusations to win in Family Court. Cases have to be proven as in any court. Undoubtedly you are not disclosing all of the details.I am familiar with Family Court in the State of California and you are wrong.No recovering addict is given primary custody over a mother accused or having a DUI. I live in the state and I know.That child would be placed in foster care before being released to either parent. Eddie and Leann both are boozers.There is video and pictures showing them drinking in public and Eddie getting behind a wheel. You must be Racy using an aka because you are never factual. You never get your info straight.Most women have custody of the children so where did your info come from.

  181. Crash2GO2 says:

    @betty: Good Lord. I am being honest. And I never said he has primary custody, we have joint, with me getting her ~ 40% of the time.

    And I don’t have a DUI – never have – I don’t have a drinking problem. Honestly, I don’t think you even read my post.

    My court case was real I can assure you, as was the outcome. Certainly it was a surprise to myself and my attorney that the decision came down the way it did. But you would have to ask the court investigator why she recommended what she did.

    I don’t even know who ‘Racy’ is. And I think most here will vouch for the coherency of my posts in general.

  182. KatScorp says:

    I’m still reading @Obvious! I hope your friends pay for that cab, or you’re in the same situation as I was a few years back. Deatbeats just walked right over me.

    Hey Eileen babe! I think I responded about your trip on the “LeAnn’s new single is crazy thread”. Or the “epic of a twit storm denial of engangement”???

    Jeez, I’ve only had two moutfuls of one of the two cups of freshly made coffee in front of me. I’m not gonna check my spelling today.

    @Betty: aren’t judges the one with final say so? Here in Australia, the law doesn’t matter in court; judges make “interpretations” that go against the law. In 2000 a pedophile who took hundreds of pictures of himself raping children on an asian trip appealed his sentence (just 7 years I think). His lawyer claimed that the little girls CONSENTED!!

    Girls sold/kidnapped/forced into sexual slavery! Australia has age of consent laws but although these were obviously children (and obviously forced to work in the sex industry) it was still sexual assault and statutory rape.

    The appelate judge accepted the defences’ argument of ‘consent’ and reduced the mofo’s sentence to about 3 years.

    So I’m saying that if Crash’s ex got a mysogynist judge, or one of those “fathers are more important than mothers” judge (soooo many kids have been killed in their dad’s custody in my country; moreso since laws enforcing shared custody no matter what the father’s abuse history – thanks to John Howard), then perhaps slandering Crash would work. Judges have the power, and at least in Australia, get away with giving equal and unsupervised custody to men who have already threatened to kill the kids. At, in Australia at least, there is NEVER a backlash against the judges; I sometimes feel like I live “Rand McNally”, except for the whole hamburgers eating people thing.

    One coffee down. Starting the next.

  183. Heavenbound says:

    @ Crash2Go2

    I think that Betty meant “Racy” because of your “name”, Crash-to-go-too. It really is heart breaking your case. It al depends on the judge and if you have a good lawyer. (i’ve gone thru a divorce as well, so I know).

    Maybe you can find a different lawyer and check if you can re-open or amend your custody. Good luck.

    As far as Brandi, I too was recommended by my attorney to keep calm, cool and collected at all times. I really think she should stop talking to the media and the public in general of her divorce situation. It may all hurt her in the end. Let the other two hang themselves by their stupidity. Their is light at the end of the tunnel. And it does not matter if you are famous or not, divorce is painful even for a private citizen, and either way the dirty laundry should be washed at home.

  184. Eileen says:

    @KatScorp yep I went back and saw it once I figured out which post it was on! lol I SO miss the potato wedges with that chili sauce and sour cream and the Lobster Mournet (sp?) I had on Boxing Day! Sooooooo goood!
    My ex lived on Black Beach I think its north of Sydney.

  185. betty says:

    Here in the USA judges have the final say and rulings are based on evidence and the law not interpretations thats why we also have an appeals court if the ruling is not favorable. They are having a mediation not a court custody hearing regarding co- parenting.The custody has already been decided so whats with the discussion and Brandi can talk to the media all since Leann is tweeting she can talk all.she wants @.Heavenbound I meant what I said I can read and I know who I was referring to and so does she.

  186. Heavenbound says:

    Wow!! Calm down Bitter-Betty. No one said you could not read, chill out!

  187. anon says:

    this thread has officially beat any crazy thread about …… yeah them :-) everyone take a deep breath and a time out.

  188. CB Rawks says:

    “Here in the USA judges have the final say and rulings are based on evidence and the law not interpretations thats why we also have an appeals court if the ruling is not favorable.”

    We actually have that here in Australia too. I don’t know what the hell Katscorp is talking about, but it isn’t reality.

  189. Crash2GO2 says:

    If you happen to have unlimited funds for attorneys, sure you can continue to drag things out in court forever and a day. I don’t have that luxury.

    @Betty: Look, I can’t believe I’m having to defend myself against a lunatic like yourself after what I have been through. I simply wanted to give my experience as an example of what can happen if you are not extremely careful and not extremely rich. My husband put his life back together enough to look good to the court and then he took it upon himself to take my daughter. After the first round of him calling the police when I came to get her and subjecting her to that, I did what my attorney advised, and let hang himself on his own rope. Except it backfired. She got used to being with him, and got adjusted in school (big points for him). The court investigator was also concerned about my mental state. You know – I was a little depressed about the fact that my daughter was gone and my ex was only allowing very limited visitation – our custody agreement was forged in Colorado where they never even mention the word ‘custody’. Hence the confusion in the California courts and my inability to call the police and get him to let me see her more, with any effect.

    There, are you fucking happy now? Those are the ‘circumstances’ I didn’t go into. Go screw yourself.

  190. jj says:

    Kudo’s Rita, it is a genuine pleasure to read your comments. But pretty please gotta hear what you think of the SnowGlobe Princess “outfit” at tonite’s CMA’s… trashy sure comes to mind.

  191. KatScorp says:

    How dare you redicule me like that! You ‘don’t know what I’m talking about, but it definately isn’t reality’? And you blatantly dismiss me because if you don’t know what I’m talking about – on a subject I presented a paper on for my political studies major – then it therefore proves that I DON’T KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT?
    If you’d even bother to use google scholar before you backhanded me like that, perhaps you and I could have had an adult discussion before you suggested that I don’t have a grip on reality. Let me get you started. I’m currently fascniated by neurobiology, cognitive behaviourial therapies and the new wave/pop culture interpretations of “quantum neural entanglement (sic)”. As you’re a noob, try Dr H. Bennett’s paper on the influence of “judicial neurobiology” in the Markarian v The Queen (2005) 228 CLR 757; follow it with Justice J.A. Dowsett’s counter-piece “Prejudice – The Judicial Virus”… which I’m currently rereading in a different tab. Relevence? The later is a judge discussing if Australian judges and the Australian judicial system (i.e. the appellate courts you claim protect against bias) are immune to – or effective in countering – judicial bias in court rulings. An actual judge discussing judicial bias and its affect on their rulings.
    But you know what? Just forget it. Never mind that you just said that judicial bias doesn’t occur in Australia because the appelate courts act as a fallback… after the ******* example I gave was about an APPELATE JUDGE in a damn APPELATE COURT reducing a pedophile’s sentence by agreeing with the defence that because the underage girls were in the sex industry, the pedophile did in fact have consent. No, just bloody well forget that and just dismiss me – a women who obsessively followed the issues surrounding judicial interpretations in sexual assault and family law EVERYDAY from 1999-2007 – as me just making **** up.
    What I said about Crash’s experience still stands. But as the LR/EC/BG issue here is a mediation and not a custody hearing, I wont waste another minute on your offensive dismissal of me as not knowing reality, after you didn’t even notice the word APPEAL in my post. I won’t bother trying to dig up all the names of the murdered kids I used to spend hours obsessing over. Apparently, you can see ‘reality’ more clearly from your vantage point on Olympus. So I won’t waste another thought on you, period.

  192. Eileen says:

    @Crash- You absolutely don’t have to explain yourself and I think it was uncalled for her to even comment about something she has no clue about. My friend went through a divorce from a guy who was abusive to his kids but got away with it because he went to Stamford and made MILLIONs-just sounded like he was SO educated and calm. He ended up with split custody and then one day she left her tennis lesson and met him at Starbucks to pick up her boys for the weekend and he attacked her right in the parking lot in front of the kids. Tried to kill her. He’s in prison now. What I mean is for over a year she had been saying he was dangerous but he’d show up like he’s on top of his game and made her out to be a bitter exwife who just wanted to ruin him, when really she just wanted to keep her kids from being slammed up against the walls and hit. Courts can’t REALLY judge a person, just their appearance.

  193. KatScorp says:

    @Crash: Honey I am so sorry about what you’ve gone through. I read between the lines in your previous posts and understood what had gone down between you and your douchenozzel ex and now I realise that rather than waste 20 minutes defending myself against Rawks’ insult, I should have let Betty have it with both barrels. For someone who claimed she was experienced enough to know what she was talking about, Betty didn’t get what was so obvious to me and I don’t even have qualification or personal experience in judicial administration. That I have studied custody cases independantly for years is part of why I feel so sympathetic to Brandi, and now also to you.

    EC and LR violated the divorce agreement but got away with it because no one will enforce the divorce agreement and BG doesn’t have LeAnn’s wealth and therefore cannot afford legal sharks. BG was screwed from the beginning; LeAnn endangered those kids by twitpicing her address and the kids every move outside the house, and she did so even with Brandi begging her to stop. But no judge is going to take THAT into consideration, nor the fact that EC was a deadbeat because he let LeAnn pay for his assistant and monthly holidays, whilst not getting the child support or alimony in on time.

    LR and EC have the power to have Brandi’s DUI brought up constantly by their connection in the media, but no matter how loud we get, that vid by TMZ of EC driving drunk wont be taken into account. How many other ways can her money and lawyers make life even more difficult for those boys’ mothers? EC got 50% custody despite LeAnn endangering the boys, despite LeAnn’s unbalanced behaviour by STALKING him, despite LeAnn tweeting about having the boys in bed with her and despite to fact that she would not put the damn phone down and stop exploiting the kids in spite of Brandi’s pleas.

    I believe that just like how unfair it is that the court gave 50% custody to EC even though Brandi was a stay at home mother with little to no job prospects (and despite the fact that he was a deadbeat who obviously had access to wealth but still dragged his heels on child support payments), it is also shocking that Eddie makes the mother of his children talk to him through his assisstant; that’s why Brandi has had to schedule this sit-down with a mediator in order to talk face to face.

    What kind of a man has his girlfriend employ a personal assisstant so his ex wife can’t reach him or talk in person about their kids? Apparently, the same douchnozzle who violates the divorce agreement by not informing a little boy’s mother that the kid is in the E.R., getting his first stitches. I’ll bet you my right lung that the little kid was crying and asking for his mom, and LeAnn was cooing at him and saying “I’m right here baby”. Brandi shouldn’t have had to organise a mediation to speak to these two; Eddie should stop LeAnn’s insecurities running his life and he should man-up and pick up his damn phone when the mother of his children is trying to call him!

  194. betty says:

    Crash2GO2You don’t owe me any type of exclamation Your comments were based on your personal experience my comments were based on what I know .Judging from your hostility I can see your mental state might have had something to do with it.Your decision to detail your information is your choice. We all have different comments and experiences on this subject. All experiences aren’t the same.and I don’t need Heavenbound to defend me.I will not tell you to do what you told me to do because it appears you have enough problems to deal with.

  195. Eileen says:

    @betty your behavior is disgusting. I have no clue how Crash’s comments have given you this conclusion, but her hostility towards you was justified. You need to take a step back and read how your comments come off to people.

  196. humpybunny says:

    hey, there are new photos of leann on just jared. when i saw the photos i was like whoa fugly chick and when i realized it was leann, i laughed so hard. is it me or did she get uglier?


  197. betty says:

    #Katscorp Why don’t you let me have it with both barrels.I am sympathetic to Brandi also but everyone situation is different.

  198. Heavenbound says:

    I was doing homework and decided to take on last peak at this thread. Man, Batty-Betty you are just letting all your crazy loose tonight, leave Crash alone.
    And just FYI … I have NOT been defending you. Crash is a regular to this site and I like her.
    And judging from your poor grammar you must be an illiterate twat.

  199. Anti-icon says:

    Man, I wish I would have had you ladies on my team when I went through my divorce. It was awful. I was Brandi, but my “ex” was not a public figure. His “new piece” claimed to be a lawyer, but it was her FATHER, a criminal defense attorney, who was running my “ex’s” legal strategy, which was to ENGAGE in a little program called “Parental Alienation Syndrome.” Look into it, Brandi, because by now, California Law should be aware of it. Eddit and LeAnne, in their complete inability to understand how children form bonds, are alienating her children from her. It will stop, because Brandi appears to be managing it now. But, as one poster so brilliantly recommended, the arrangement needs to be SPECIFIC, so that EC (DICK EXTRORDINARE) and his new piece, will have to SUBMIT to being decent. Shame that Eddie never learned how to be a father, just a man-whore with a taste for someone else’s money.

  200. brin says:

    @humpybunny…it’s not you, she is one fugly she-man. And she looked like a re-cycled mess. If she has a stylist, she needs to fire him or her.

  201. Crash2GO2 says:

    I apologize for losing my temper. Betty, until you have lost a child the way I have, you have no right to judge the appropriateness of someone’s reactions to discussing it on a blog, or to cast aspersions on my mental state. That is heartless and out of line.

    Thank you the rest of you. Very very much.

  202. betty says:

    Crash2go2 No apology needed,but you chose to disclose personal info I empathize with your problem but we all have had issues or losses and this blog was not about you. I gave my comment as you did it was not meant to be offensive but to correct comments I know were not facts. It was not a judgement but an opinion as we are all giving. We can all agree to disagree and the best to you.

  203. betty says:

    @Heavenbound@Eileen I don’t give a rats ass what you think. Your opinions are like mine OPINIONS!!!! I don’t owe you any explanations or apologies. This illiterate twat has enough intelligence not to be name calling. and furthermore this is not an English blog that I get points for good grammar nor am I trying to impress the likes of you.If you wish to get personal we can do that too.

  204. Crash2GO2 says:

    @betty: Sure, you can now say we all have opinions and that’s fine, but originally you were accusing me of withholding information or of even lying about my identity because you didn’t believe my story. That was incredibly offensive behavior on your part.

    I’m sorry for the foul language. But you are a piece of work indeed and I won’t bother replying to you again.

  205. betty says:

    Crash2GO2 I don’t try to offend others with my opinion.But if that happened it was not intentionally ,thats why I don’t post personal info on these sites that way your info won’t be critique. I have no problem by you not replying thats your choice.

  206. CB Rawks says:

    I didn’t post any insults, Katscorp. I did disagree with you when you said “the law means nothing in an Australian court”. Courts DO follow the law in Australia. And we can appeal. You were wrong in your statement. I said it was not reality.
    If you think someone disagreeing with you is an insult against you, that’s a psychosis all your own.

  207. Salem says:

    Hi Katscorp, also another Scorpion here! Unfortunately, no hat trick. I’m S.E Queensland.

  208. Salem says:

    Kristin, of course anyone who goes after a married man is immoral. But seduction does not in any way equate to ‘stealing’. And it still doesn’t change the fact that it is not actually even possible to ‘steal’ a husband. It is idiotic to say you can. They can’t be stolen like a wad of cash, or stuffed into a pocket. Of course you can try to seduce them, but what you said doesn’t in any way disprove the absolute fact that you cannot ‘steal’ a human being. Saying a grown human being can be ‘stolen’ as if he were a Cartier Watch is simply not rational, nor normal. Its plain common sense.

  209. Salem says:

    To those questioning why LeAnn will be at the meeting, I think its because the meeting is mainly about LeAnn tweeting about Brandi’s sons. It seems to me that Brandi wants to confront LeAnn face to face about her tweeting about her boys all the time. I agree with the one who said make them sign a contract or verbally agree to pay her $5000 each time she tweets about them. That will (hopefully) shut LeAnn up. What LeAnn is doing is spiteful and disturbed. It is wrong and she needs to be made to stop. Legally, if at all possible.