Heavier Matt Damon with his shirt open on set

Matt Damon is filming The Informant, a movie based on the commodities price fixing scandal in the mid 1990s. He plays ADM president Mark Whitacre, who was an FBI informant on the case, the highest level undercover informant in an organization ever. Whitacre played a valuable role in helping expose the massive fraud, but was found during the investigation to have embezzled money from ADM. He served eight years in federal prison as a result.

It looks like Damon gained some weight for the role. Cut his hair and mustache and put him in some normal clothes and he’d still look hot. His wife, Luciana, is currently pregnant with their second child, and he may have gained some sympathy pounds as well. The couple also has a two year-old daughter, Isabella, and Luciana has a 9 year-old daughter, Alexia, from her first marriage.

According to the photo agency, Splash, Damon is working on the last two days of filming in Hawaii. The film is due out in March, 2009.

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  1. Jack says:


  2. chamalla says:

    Hehehe! He’s still hot! He looks like Ned Flanders, and the man is still hot.

  3. Bellatrix says:

    Oh no, no, step away from the movie set, Matt!
    His new looks are hurting my eyes (and, honestly, they’re destroying his hotness factor).
    Whoever said acting was all glitter and glamour is definitely proven wrong by these pictures.

    I’m sorry but if I really had to pick between Matt Damon dressed and styled like that and Ned Flanders, I believe I would sincerely run away very fast and very far.

  4. Kaiser/ Hippacrat says:

    Howdely-doodeley, Matt. Perhaps another Bourne film after this, please? I like my Damon cut and clean shaven. :(

    (although, considering the transformation, I bet he gets an Oscar nod for this role)

  5. Tammy says:

    Makes you want to go out and find yourself a goofy looking man and give him a makeover if he can turn out looking like Matt Damon!!

  6. I choose me says:

    I’d still do him. :mrgreen:

  7. velvet elvis says:

    What’s the deal with his chest hair??

  8. Kristin says:


  9. Carena says:

    Ha ha! He does look like Ned Flanders. Gross though…but hey, he is completely getting into his character and that is what makes him a decent actor.

  10. Tabby says:

    Come on you guys, this is just his mild-mannered alter-ego. Soon he will nip into a phone booth, spin around three times and come out as ‘Jason Bourne – super-action-hero’ ;)
    I’m ashamed that even with the ‘tashe I find him rather yummy. God, where my hormones at these days!?

  11. Bling says:

    I must say its impressive that the actors choose to fatten up that much for one role – as you never know if it will be successful or not or if you will be able to get the excess lard off or not :)