John Travolta is blasé, unconcerned about Kelly’s imminent arrival


This week, several tabloids have “WTF?” stories about John Travolta. JT flew to Australia, you see, for a days-long trip to promote something or other. Quantas, I guess. The thing is, Kelly Preston is due any day now. Or should I say “due”. You see, I kind of bought that Kelly was/is pregnant. I thought many of you were conspiracy theorists, spinning a tale of Xenu’s pillow baby. Now I’m starting to agree with you – because Travolta is being relaly blasé about Kelly’s imminent “delivery”.

John Travolta and Kelly Preston have begun the final countdown to the birth of their new baby, a boy they’ve already named Benjamin.

“I can’t wait to meet Benjamin,” Travolta told Extra in an interview airing Thursday. But he says that might happen sooner than he planned.

Confirming Preston’s due date is Nov. 26, Travolta revealed his wife, 48, has had some dicey moments lately — but even though he’s in Australia to celebrate the 90th Anniversary of Qantas Airways, he’s ready to rush home.

“When I left, she was having what they call Braxton Hicks, the fake labor, and we were both a little worried,” Travolta, 56, says. “But then the doctor said to drink more water, more liquids and that stops that.”

“I think she just had a little talk with Ben and said, ‘Look, let’s wait till Dad comes home and deliver then,’” Travolta adds. “But I’m ready to go at any minute. If she started having labor now we would leave and take 22 hours to get home, but I’ll get there.”

The actor also revealed the family, including daughter Ella Bleu, 10, will spend the holidays on the east coast, and plan to head “up to Maine for Christmas.”

[From People]

What. The. F-ck? “But then the doctor said to drink more water, more liquids and that stops that.” So I guess John figured he was good to go, after he put a glass of water beside the bed. His wife is “due” in a couple of weeks, but the Australian bathhouses were calling, so Travolta was all “smell ya later, bitch.”

So I’m including Star Magazine’s cover, because they (and the Enquirer) aren’t buying Travolta’s “the baby will come when I’m ready” talk. In fact, Star reports that Kelly is “on edge” about the whole thing. A source close to her says “She doesn’t feel well, and she could really use the love and support of her husband right now.” Oh, and she’s been put on bed rest!! What the hell? So here are the choices: either Kelly is actually pregnant, and she’s due any minute, and Travolta doesn’t give a sh-t, OR: Travolta doesn’t give a sh-t because he knows that Kelly removing her pillow isn’t that arduous a process. Either/or.

ITAR-TASS: MOSCOW, RUSSIA. SEPTEMBER 29, 2010. Hollywood star John Travolta launches a new model of Breitling iconic Navitimer watches, the Blackbird Red Strike Limited Edition watch. He is on a world tour to promote the Swiss brand. The actor has been endorsing the premium aviation watch company for the past five years. (Photo ITAR-TASS/ Vladimir Astapkovich) Photo via Newscom

ITAR-TASS: MOSCOW, RUSSIA. SEPTEMBER 29, 2010. Hollywood star John Travolta launches a new model of Breitling iconic Navitimer watches, the Blackbird Red Strike Limited Edition watch. He is on a world tour to promote the Swiss brand. The actor has been endorsing the premium aviation watch company for the past five years. (Photo ITAR-TASS/ Vladimir Astapkovich) Photo via Newscom

U.S. actor John Travolta waves as he walks with Qantas Chief Executive Officer Alan Joyce (R) as part of Qantas 90th anniversary at Sydney Airport November 6, 2010. REUTERS/Daniel Munoz (AUSTRALIA - Tags: TRANSPORT BUSINESS ENTERTAINMENT)

Actor Kelly Preston arrives for the world premiere of 'Casino Jack' at Roy Thomson Hall during the Toronto International Film Festival in Toronto, Canada on September 16, 2010. UPI/Christine Chew Photo via Newscom

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  1. pebbles says:

    I never bought the pregnancy thing.
    Benjamin is probably due any day now and will be adopted by the Travoltas.
    I guess I don’t understand why they just won’t ‘fess up to adoption or surrogacy. There’s no stigma attached to it, for Heaven’s sake.

  2. Rita says:

    I’m with John. Millions of babes are born everyday….it’s been done to death but a Quantas Airline anniversary comes only once a year.

    (WTF John, get home and take care of Kelly…The peen will always be there….well at least until you’re 65 or so.)

  3. Jazz says:

    Of course he’s blase, she’s only giving birth to a pillow! Someone else is doing the hard work of birthing the baby.

  4. Tess says:

    Hmmmm. Something is rotten in Denmark.

    Maybe Zenu Boy is going to Australia to get the little bundle from its birth mother and bring it home to Ms. Braxton Hicks.

  5. devilgirl says:

    I still say they would have no reason to lie about her being pregnant.

    This stuff was said about Jolie as well, that she “faked” her pregnancy. What would be the point? No one cares if you actually give birth or adopt.

    I doubt they would run the risk of anyone spilling the beans, and there is always someone who knows the truth and can be bought for a price. The end result would be far more humiliating than the admission of a surrogate.

  6. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Any body can have Braxton Hicks no matter your age, Kelly will be fine and she is being doing really well so far. Kelly is also a very healthy person and takes good care of herself and I strongly believe thats what helped her through this pregnancy. If John says he will be home in time for the birth then he will be. He is a good man and loves his kids. He isn’t gay either.

    People are ridiculous with the fake pregnancy thing, like seriously, nobody cares what you think that much to fake a pregnancy.

  7. madylane says:

    It’s really easy to spot a Travolta baby. Jett and Ella are both so striking and look like their dad. I don’t doubt that sometimes work has to come first but as he can hop in his jet and get there himself he opted to go ahead. An early birth is not what they want so he is hoping for the 26th.
    Can you tell I like this couple? They seem to be the only “normal” Scientololoonies.

  8. Stronzilla says:

    How appropriate, fake labor for a fake pregnancy. I guess her little chat with Ben would be considered…pillow talk?

  9. RHONYC says:

    it’s probably not that he doesn’t care & is blasé, but more that he is very sure that he is control of ‘all’ aspects of the universe.

    i mean come on…they’re scientologists, remember?

    they control everything.

    *eyeroll* 🙁

  10. Lardy Chops says:

    WTF – he’s 22 hours away but that’s plenty of time to get back if something happens? Not in a normal labour it’s not. And if she were REALLY pregnant, her doctors would be scheduling a C-section anyway because being 48 puts you in a high risk category.

    The parts of the whole do not add up.

  11. Delta Juliet says:

    If he thinks he’ll get there in time with a 22 hour flight…well that is unlikely as this would be her 3rd time giving birth. But whatever.

  12. shayrlmj says:

    I really don’t want to believe all the bad things that are said about these guys. I really like them and hope that this baby will help bring healing to them. That would be more devasting than I can imagine to lose a child. They both look great in these pictures! He would never leave for a trip like that unless the Dr’s told them it was ok.

  13. omondieu says:

    Like I’ve said before, in the eyes of Hollywood, they’d HAVE to lie about Kelly being pregnant. Admitting to adoption or surrogacy would be viewed as “proving” that John is actually gay, and doesn’t have sex with his wife. And with all of the rumors of John’s boy toys popping up again this year, this “natural” “pregnancy” is their attempt to quell them.

  14. anoneemouse says:

    His wife is “due” in a couple of weeks, but the Australian bathhouses were calling, so Travolta was all “smell ya later, bitch.”

    Frickin hilarious! There is definitely something very suspicious about her whole pregnancy thing. I believe they are adopting but covering that up with the “pregnancy” belief.

  15. anoneemouse says:

    Let’s all remember too that this is the same family that did not want the public to know that their boy was autistic. Even if the world believes there is no stigma attached to adoption it doesn’t mean their crazy religion believes the same.

  16. paranel says:

    Are they ashamed of the fact that they are adopting a child ? Why pretend to be pregnant then ?

  17. The Truth Fairy says:

    One more bit of proof that this whole pregnancy is a scam.

  18. Diane says:

    I can’t stand pictures where people have their fist under their chin, thumb out. What a smug look.

  19. Feebee says:

    ha, fake labour is right, put a ring around that one.

    If she’s not pregnant then he has nothing to worry about. Maybe he’s forgotten he’s an actor and needed to get into the concerned husband character.

  20. Darlene says:

    There is no way she is really pregnant. I will never believe she birthed Ben…I think they used a surrogate with an already-fertilized egg, so it’ll BE a Travolta, but she didn’t have to CARRY a Travolta.

  21. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    @omondieu I gotta prove you wrong here. There are plenty of men, plenty of men who are gay but have manged to not only father children but marry a woman and stay married to that woman while still producing children and the wife could be none the wiser that the guy is gay. Like that guy who was a Governor or something he was married and gay and had fathered a child with his wife. Yea.

    Lets not forgot the this thing called being on the down low where men have sex with men but still manage to have sex with their wives and have children. However they don’t see it as being gay.

    Its like in that movie with Julianne Moore, if you haven’t seen it you should, its called Far From Heaven. Its very true about this sorta thing.

    I don’t think John is gay BTW but just to disprove your theory of Kelly needing to fake a pregnancy.

  22. MSat says:

    As someone who lost a baby at 39 weeks, I am kind of freaking out over this pregnancy. I had a hard time believing that she got pregnant normally at age 48. I am 40 and since our stillborn child have had 2 miscarriages. I’ve been told it’s because of my age. So when I saw Kelly’s announcement, it sort of gave me hope. But now…I don’t know. I just hope that nothing bad happens. I have learned that you cannot take one second of your pregnancy for granted and a “normal healthy” pregnancy does NOT guarantee that you get to take a baby home with you. John is an ass for leaving her at such a vulnerable time!

  23. Kim says:

    This is silly there is no stigma to adoption in Scientology Tom Cruise adopted twice and he is their poster child. As for 48 yo getting pregnant she probably used donor eggs.

  24. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    Im sorry, I just think its all too much for it to not be real.

    They have always been real private but I am sure they would not cover up an adoption, hollywood wears this as a band of honor and the travoltas would be right there in it.

    I think she’s pregnant people!

  25. whitedaisy says:

    People. People. People.

    Stop drinking the kool-aid. The woman is NOT pregnant. If she admitted that she wasn’t pregnant it would underscore the fact that her gay spouse doesn’t like to have sex with her.
    Scientologists don’t believe in gay like they don’t believe in autism.
    Cover-up is all they know how to do.

  26. Novaraen says:

    A high risk pregnancy, bed rest, fake contractions…but yet John just HAS to be in Australia for a stupid airline???

    Yeah…it’s a pillow baby.

  27. Carrie says:

    Well, we’ll all know soon enough- both of the Travolta kids looked EXACTLY like mini-John clones.

    Baby Ben will either look like a Travolta, or he won’t.

  28. Anti-icon says:

    In Grief Therapy, they (almost across the board in the school of literature) recommend to NOT do any major life changes following the death of a child.

    So, I’m not surprised at the seemingly different responses each is having to this “strange in every way” pregnancy.

    It is so weird. And yet, babies do heal families.

    And yet. Elizabeth Edwards did get pregnant following the death of her son.

    So it is something that couples do. Hmmmm.

  29. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    I am like super confused. So people are bitching that he is in Australia for an event that lasts a day and he says the baby is due on the 26th of Nov and my calendar says that today is the 12th. How does this prove the baby isn’t real? He will be back home before the 26, he will be back home before Tuesday, jeesh. Kelly and HER REAL HUMAN BABY are fine.

  30. normades says:

    I think the pregnancy is real but it’ Kelly’s way to blackmail John to stay in the marriage. I think he is the one leaking the gay stories and that he wants out.

  31. Louwho says:

    Devilgirl, you’re forgetting that the Sci-bots would literally hunt down and kill anyone who spilled the beans. I’m sure the contract is iron clad, anyway. If Brad and Angelina can use her assistant Holly as a surrogate for the twins, then John and Kelly can pull this off.

  32. Kim says:

    After losing their son I wish them all the best but there is something so creepy about their fake marriage. He is gay – everyone knows this & i that this has been an arranged marriage all along. As long as he gave her kids/money she was ok with his lifestyle. This sort of arrangement is pretty common in Hollywood which i dont get. Its the 20th century. People for the most part, and for sure in Hollywood, are accepting of homosexuality so gays have zero excuse to be in the closet if in the entertainment industry. Maybe it isnt accepted in blue collar or other jobs but its the norm in entertainment industry so i dont get all the hiding?

  33. Samantha says:

    Maybe he still isn’t over the death of his son (which he seemed to take pretty hard) and is feeling a little off in regards to how he should be feeling about a new kid. Especially with some disgusting things Ive read over the course of the pregnancy (replacement child?) Tom adopted two kids, no one gave a crap about that. I don’t think their adopting, and I don’t think its fake. I think what they’ve been through (hell and back) is enough of a reason to act however they want to, and I think its gross that so many people judge him for acting a certain way when they have no idea what its like.

  34. Jessie says:

    If I were Kelly (if this isn’t a pillow baby) I’d be mega pissed. I’m due in 3 weeks, it’s a high risk pregnancy and have been on bed rest since week 33. My husband was just offered a job flying back and forth to Canada every week from Chicago–it’s like a 2:50 flight–and he’s already considering turning it down because of the distance and risk etc. It’s not like JT needs the money for the Quantas promotional appearance, why does he need to be so far away from her now?

  35. PsychicEyes says:

    Guys, women can and have conceived in their 40’s or 50’s without artificial means; albeit a small percentage.

    I think this rumour of Kelly not being pregnant is just that, A RUMOUR. I truly believe that she’s pregnant — probably through fertility treatments.

    I wish her a fast and safe delivery.

  36. bagladey says:

    John might be the sperm donor but Kelly is not pregnant. No way. What is this never never land? At 48 she got pregnant just like that (what was her birth control method before?) and gained no weight, made an actual world tour in “her” sixth month without ever looking strained, then she retired from the public, and at the very end of what is a high-risk pregnancy, because of Kelly’s age, John is literally flying around on the other side of the world. John has had two children and he thinks a baby who wants to be born is going to wait 22 hours? The whole thing is bogus.

  37. Crash2GO2 says:

    Although it is frightening to admit, Love Angelina is absolutely right. Braxton Hicks can happen at any time during a pregnancy and are not a sign of trouble.

    @whitedaisy: I think YOU are the one drinking kool aid buying into the conspiracy theories. 🙂

    @MSAT: I’m very sorry to hear about your miscarriages. I wish you future success!

  38. Miss Bitch says:

    Stronzilla FTW!

  39. Kiska says:

    I know of a woman who had an accidental pregnancy at age 50. She thought she was going through menopause and didn’t need birth control anymore. Bingo bango she got preggers.

    However, Travolta should want to be by Kelly’s side for supportive reasons. Especially with all they have gone through with losing Jett.
    Shame on John!

  40. Malorie says:

    ‘Look, let’s wait till Dad comes home and deliver then,’” Travolta adds…

    But of course, Dad went to Australia to pick the baby, so there´s no way it comes before he arrives back!

  41. Anaya says:

    It is possible for a woman to conceive a baby naturally in her late 40’s or early 50’s. I know of someone that experienced that. So I don’t really know what to make of the controversy surrounding Kelly’s pregnancy. I only wish for John and Kelly’s baby to be 100% healthy regardless of the maternity debate because that is all that’ll matter once the baby has been born. 🙂

  42. 4Real says:

    Funny he doesn’t seem to care about the “stigma” attached to balding men?? Oh wait! Nevermind…

  43. bros says:

    i also think she is not really pregnant. nothing in her face or arms have changed. she doesnt look like anything except a thing has been strapped around her waist. angelina definitely had pregnancy face, as did JLO, as did just about any of the other celebs the cameras follow around constantly. they are very obviously PREGNANT, and its a look you can’t fake and its a look everyone gets in the last trimester, and I would expect it to be worse for a woman who is 48. these people are weirdos.

  44. anti says:

    notice he said “meet” benjamin… what expecting dad says they can’t wait to meet their kid?


  45. Maritza says:

    48 yrs old does seem pretty old to get pregnant although it’s not impossible, woman can get pregnant during their menopause. I just hope the baby comes out normal. As for the face, well Nicole Kidman’s face didn’t change and Katie Holmes didn’t either.

  46. Novaraen says:

    Don’t forget the picture of Kelly pushing her pillow belly into a counter top like NO REAL pregnant woman I know would do.

    Here’s the pic:

  47. Crash2GO2 says:

    @bros: Seriously? You can’t see the weight gain in her face especially in the last photo? Really?


  48. Delta Juliet says:

    Not to play devil’s advocate, but I never had “pregnancy face” with either of my kids. I only gained 9 pounds with the last and still had twiggly arms. Just a big ole belly. So that means nothing.

  49. Rita says:


    That’s a very interesting thought. John flies his own jets so there won’t be any paps at the airport. In three years if the baby keeps saying “G’day mate”, we’ll know you were right.

  50. Nanea says:

    Good thing they put Kelly on bed rest. So she doesn’t need to go out and do some last minute shoe shopping like Kate Cruise did hours before “delivering” Suri.

    @ Love Angelina: JT will be in Australia for 10 days. How’s that for a supportive husband!

  51. Po says:

    I have always thought that John seemed really cute and nice ut I have always believed the gay thing also. I also find the whole pregnant Kelly thing a bit suspicous. This doesn’t mean that I don’t think he is probably a nice person, I just think he is a bit misguided. I say all of this to make the point to those who like John, you can like him and at the same time believe that he goes to gay bath houses and wouldn’t touch his wife with a ten foot pole.

  52. lio says:

    This is mean and gross. You don’t have any thing to prove that it is a “fake pregnancy” (except that you don’t like those people that you don’t even know). They just lost a child. Can’t you show a little respect? How does that you make fell when idiots claim that no plane crashed on 9/11? Can’t you see it’s exactly the same thing: anonymous people behind their screen spreadind mean rumors just for the fun?

  53. Trillion says:

    9/11? What’s next, a Hitler comparison?

  54. notsoanonymous says:

    I don’t really know what to make of the whole is she or isn’t she theory – but to the previous poster who used Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes as examples of not gaining weight/looking pregnant – those two are both widely rumoured to have faked their pregnancies as well.

    Just saying.

  55. LindaR says:

    I think John Travolta is a really nice person and that it is none of my business whether he is gay or not. He is a great actor, a loving father and, by all accounts, especially Kelly’s, a good husband. No matter what anyone thinks about not declaring to the world their son had autism, it is no one’s business and we have no idea what went on with the boy behind closed doors but he looked happy and loved. I hope they find a measure of peace and happiness in the rest of their lives. It is a parent’s worst nightmare to have a child die.

  56. beckymaesyd says:

    I hate to be pedantic but it’s QANTAS…there’s no U as its an acronym….oh a Preston totally is gonna pull out a pillow, not a baby…some other Bitch is pushing out Benjamin…

  57. Crash2GO2 says:

    @LindaR: ITA.

  58. girl says:

    If my husband left me for 10 days after I had been put on bed rest at the end of any pregnancy, especially a high risk one, I would be ever so pissed. He did not HAVE to go, he wanted to.

    I’m not buying into all this fake pregnancy stuff. However this child came into being isn’t any of my business. I just think I would be putting foot to ass the second I saw my husband again after he pulled a stunt like that. That is a horrible thing to do to your wife. They are having another son after their older son died.

    Sorry, I don’t see this as evidence of him being a “good husband”.

  59. photo jojo says:

    Oh yeah. Kelly Preston is faking her pregnancy is *totally* the moral equivalent of 9/11 was an inside job. Excellent analogy.

    I don’t think she’s pregnant.

    But if she is, and I highly doubt it, I think it’s totally irresponsible of him to leave, and frankly I think it’s totally irresponsible of a 48 year old woman to attempt a pregnancy, on purpose.

    And, in summary, I’m an evil hater. 🙂

  60. bubbles says:

    excuse me? what’s his excuse for leaving his wife at the end of a high-risk pregnancy? QUANTAS? hahahahah! even the Koalas are roaring.

  61. Ruffian9 says:

    How old is that pic of Travolta with the blue tie? Johnny hasn’t had a head of hair like that for a decade or more.

    Also, obviously, Kell isn’t pregnant = unconcerned.

    LOVE ANGELINA: 11:10am…..Are you gonna share whatever it is you’re smoking?

  62. Deeana says:

    To Msat: So sorry for the loss of your baby at 39 weeks. Do not give up. My neighbor had several miscarriages, then had first child – healthy – at age 42.

  63. icantbelievethis says:

    ‘What. The. F-ck? “But then the doctor said to drink more water, more liquids and that stops that.” ‘

    Okay am I the only one not getting what the upset is about?

    1. Braxton Hicks are totally normal, especially in a 3rd pregnancy. My last 2 pregnancies I had BHs starting in the 1st trimester.

    2. OBs can do tests now that determine if you are going to go into labor within a certain time frame and from what I’ve read it is pretty accurate. I don’t know how accurate it is this late in the pregnancy, but usually there are signs ahead of time. I assume if Kelly had signs labor was coming John would hightail it home.

    Besides why does she need John there? Not like she’s allowed to make noise during labor or delivery. Is it going to be that helpful to have another person there being silent?

  64. Belle Epoch says:

    NOT PREGNANT. No way, no how. When the birth mother has the baby, the pillow will come off and JT will “meet” baby Ben.

    Will they force the surrogate mother to have a “silent birth”? I hope she screams like hell.

    You really have to be an idiot to be a Scientologist. How anyone can believe ANYTHING from L.Ron Hubbard – a science fiction writer and former Satanist who wanted to make money – is beyond me. Religion is free. Cults cost money.

  65. Newbie says:

    she’s pregnant, people. wtf? and holy bOObs in that last photo.

  66. Jennifer says:

    I can’t get over those tig ole bitties and those twig arms. I really can’t. If it was just a belly with moderate gain in the boobies, fine.

    But those are huge!! and those arms are tiny!! WTF? Sure, it could be natural.

    Or it could be a pillow.

  67. poopie says:

    PEOPLE ! COME ! ON ! don’t you know that XENU will help to propel John back to the states in LESS than 22 hours ? ZAP BATMAN ! and he’s back in L.A… just like that..

  68. Stephanie says:

    MSat I am very, very sorry for your losses and I wish you the best of luck in the future.

  69. bellaluna says:

    MSat – I had our “surprise baby” at 40, after 14 years of infertility (our oldest are now 20, 16, and 14). Do not give up hope – my prayers are with you.

    (Just also be aware that our “surprise baby” nearly killed me during labour and delivery. You are correct: never take for granted you will take home a healthy baby. My husband almost ended up taking home our healthy baby as a newly widowed single father.)

  70. bubbles says:

    here is a thought: since Michael Jackson actually named his kid BLANKET (WTF), maybe the Travoltas eventually come to terms with the name PILLOW and then some time further down the road Pillow and Blanket could advocate for … let me stop there.

  71. Lindy Guest says:

    Yes, she is “really” pregnant. And no, its not wrong for a woman her age to have a baby. Nobody is criticizing older men who become fathers. Why the double standard?

  72. nofreelunch says:

    I don’t think it the adoption that is being hidden, it’s the surrogacy aspect.
    I’m pretty sure it’ll be “their” kid (the other two look a LOT like their parents, even scientologists can’t buy that kind of designer embryo)

  73. travotafans says:

    Okay, let’s say it’s all a fake. Let’s say John is gay. So what? They lost their autistic son? Have some damn compassion! Be happy for them. Can U imagine losing a child? A child that they obviously had loved and had tried to help? Who can imagine the pain they have suffered? Or the things they have had to think about? Imagine the horrors of waking up and hearing that your autistic son just died when he fell from a seizure? My God people, does it even matter if he’s had gay affairs? Does it matter if she’s pretending she’s pregnant? I don’t care. They are trying to move on from what anyone else would never be able to move on from! Wish them well. Wish them peace, love, joy and happiness!

  74. bubbles says:

    wow, there is a lot of ignorance and double standards out there:
    @71 personal friend of the Travolta’s?
    @72 I’m not quite sure if you understand how surrogacy works it can be her egg and his sperm, meaning she just can’t or doeasn’t want to carry the child. most likely it is his sperm and some other woman’s egg because her eggs are too old. like Sarah Jessica Parker. so hence — absolutely you can buy yourself a designer embryo. also when you buy yourself an embryo you can pick the donor by race, body type , hair color, GENE POOL. a lot of them do so that “their” children” look like them.
    @73 where was the compassion when they refused their son the treatment that he really needed? compassion is not denying the fact that your child is having a handicap because your religion and hiding him from the public because it’s not photogenic.

  75. Amy says:

    JT was in Australia promoting QANTAS (it stands for Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services) but he also came to Perth to be the major guest on our Telethon – a charity event to help our childrens hospital. It would be nice if Celebitchy actually did a bit of research before they wrote off Travolta.

    On the flip side, I don’t think she is pregnant.