Uma Thurman gets engaged

Anyone who thinks Uma Thurman’s still pining away for her ex and the father of her two children while he cavorts with their former nanny is dead wrong. The actress just confirmed her engagement to millionaire/hedge fund financier Arki Busson. Take that, Ethan!

Uma Thurman is engaged to her Swiss multimillionaire boyfriend, Arpad “Arki” Busson, her rep confirms to PEOPLE.

“I can confirm she is engaged,” Stephen Huvane said on Friday.

In return for saying yes, the actress received some serious sparkle: an 8-plus carat center stone surrounded by 20 smaller stones. “It’s the most beautiful piece I’ve ever seen,” says a close source of the diamond ring. “Arki did a wonderful job.”

The pair began dating last summer after attending a private dinner together in Milan. Since then, their relationship quickly heated up despite the fact that the couple lived on different continents (she is based in New York, he in London).

It would be the second marriage for Thurman, who has a son and daughter with ex Ethan Hawke, whom she divorced in 2003. Busson has two sons with former supermodel Elle Macpherson, from whom he split in 2005.

No wedding date has been set.

[From People]

Actually, this would be Uma’s third marriage – before Ethan, she was married to actor Gary Oldman from 1990-1992. Congrats to the couple, and let’s hope this marriage works out for Uma.

Picture note by Celebitchy: Uma Thurman and Arpad Busson are shown at Nelson Mandela’s birthday dinner on 6/25/08, and at “Wings Worldquest 2008 Women of Discovery Awards Gala” on 3/5/08, thanks to WENN. Uma did not appear to be wearing the ring on Wednesday night, and just had a simple band on her left ring finger.

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  1. Kaiser/ Hippacrat says:

    Honestly, I thought she was still dating that hotel guy, Andre Whats-his-guts.

    But, anyway. Congrats, Uma!

  2. snappyfish says:

    wow, Elle Macpherson is going to be pissed. She mentioned in the beginning of this relationship that Arpad would not marry Uma so if that is what Uma wanted she was barking up the wrong tree.

    could it be he just didn’t want to marry Elle? I think Uma is just beautiful. She seems like a good mother and a nice person. She never badmouthed Ethan Hawke when he was being rude about her. Class and elegance she exudes.

    Good luck to her.

  3. daisy42465 says:

    “According to Macpherson, Busson is so devout a Catholic he decided he couldn’t marry a divorcee, despite having two children with her out of wedlock and despite Macpherson herself being Catholic.”

  4. Betty says:

    This could very well be THE ring, probably turned backwards so as not to blind onlookers. What do 8+ carats look like anyway? I heard she can’t get her hand through her coat-sleeve for the size of it.

  5. snappyfish says:

    Daisy…In catholicism you only get to marry in the ‘church’ once. Elle was married before as a catholic to a catholic, so without an annulment she can not be married in the church again. Which is why Busson would not marry her.

    Uma Thurman is buddist, so even though she has been married before she is not considered to have been married before by the catholic church. silly but true.

  6. daisy42465 says:

    Thanks snappyfish! You reminded me one of the many reasons I am not a Catholic anymore.