Coldplay on The Today Show

Coldplay’s fourth album, “Viva La Vida” premiered at number one on the Billboard chart and is getting high praise from critics and fans. The band was on The Today Show this morning and performed for a huge crowd.

Chris Martin: “Ryan Seacrest designed our outfits”
When asked by Ann Curry how they achieved such success, lead singer Chris Martin quipped “Well, we took on a big team of financial advisers and marketers and stylists and Ryan Seacrest designed our outfits… No no what we tried to do is make everything as homemade as possible.”

Drummer Will Champion “It’s a nice gesture” to give away music
Meredith Viera asked why they started giving away their music and doing free concerts and drummer Will Champion explained “We’d been away for a while and we didn’t expect anyone to have to pay for our music without any encouragement, so we think it’s a nice gesture. ‘Here you go, have it for free.'”

Ann asked “Guy, you said it was the boldest and most confident record you’ve done. Would you say that?” [hands mike to guitarist Johnny Buckland]

Johnny got a little nervous, and said “Yeah, I dunno… We just had a great time in the studio recording it. We worked with incredible people… Brian Eno, who’s our hero.”

Bass player Guy Berryman added “I don’t think it really sounds like our last three records… there’s going to be a few surprises.” [audience screams when Guy starts talking]

Chris Martin: everyone wants to see our “handsome bass player”
Chris Martin joked “Most of the audience comes to see our handsome bass player, Guy. The music is secondary.”

Anne Curry concluded that “There’s something real authentic on this album and it reaches out deep into all of us.”

Here are the videos. The music starts in the first video at 2:40, and Chris Martin has a rough start and laughs during “Viva La Vida,” saying “I messed up the beginning but that’s ok.”

Interview and “Viva La Vida”



“In My Place”


Thanks to WENN for these photos, many of which were taken during the live rehearsals.

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  1. Scott F. says:

    Sometimes I hate my wife’s obsession with Steve Carell. For the rest of my life I will never be able to see anything about these guys without thinking: “You know how I know you’re gay? You listen to Coldplay.”

    Not that I necessarily disagree, but Pavlovian responses like that always irritate me.

  2. lulu says:

    i love coldplay!!

  3. Celebitchy says:

    I had soured on Coldplay for a while when they got really popular, but they deserve their success, they’re incredible.

  4. Bellatrix says:

    I still find it so odd that a British band would put France’s pride, the Marianne of the Revolution of 1789, on their album.
    Album which has a Spanish name…

    I guess Europe is the new big thing.

    I have to admit I had expected something worse with their latest CD but it sounds rather good and I’ll probably be buying it.
    Yeah, shoot. I will definitely be buying it.

  5. CandyKay says:

    These guys always remind me of Echo and The Bunnymen, who did the big-wall-of-sound and vaguely impenetrable lyrics back in the 1980s. They had a less schlumpy lead singer, however.

  6. Nan says:

    Please give me a lists of all of your favorite artists (including classical)so I just know it is not me. Did you not play an instrument as a child? I don’t get it. I just hear a U2 copycat. These tunes aren’t that great, not even good. I really tried to see it. Crono just does not have the mojo going on, like his wife. Damn, am I going to have to go on IM video w/each one of you? The weekend is here, so that means everyone will be here. Catch you on monday. Please leave a list, you Coldplay fans & those who are not. I’m very curious.

  7. Katherine the Great says:

    I am not familiar with this band but I know they’re quite popular. The crowd in NYC this morning to see them was enormous. But, what really struck me as add, is that the crowd was so sedate! No screams of excitement, no dancing, they were like zombies! Very weird!

  8. Trillion says:

    That’s cuz Coldplay is a soccer mom band. A safe, carefully crafted and talented soccer mom band.

  9. AP says:

    Oh… that pic. Apple really has her father’s eyes.

  10. Canadian cutie says:

    Coldplay has fantastic lyrics – the words actually have meaning. Maybe that is the problem – Coldplay bashers like angry, meaningless music. I love British men; so refined, so polite. Pink Floyd used to get bashed back in the 70’s. Now PF are legends – especially David Gilmore. Sorry these polite, humble & incredibly talented gentlemen offend you.

  11. CandyKay says:

    Canadian cutie, your comment made me laugh. Have you ever been to Britain? Lots of lovely men, to be sure, but plenty of drunken yobs as well. Check out the crowds at a football match sometime.

  12. velvet elvis says:

    Yea, I would’ve picked that over Brad Pitt too.

  13. Bellatrix says:


    I find it rather insulting to see you tell the Coldplay appreciators on this blog that they ought to give you a list of their musical tastes and capacities just so you could verify your little theory (that Coldplay listeners do not know much of music, apparently).

    I was born and raised in a family of musicians. I’ll give you one single example : my mother. She plays the classical guitar and the harp. If that’s not enough for you than I’m afraid I can’t help you much more.

    As for a very brief overview my musical tastes in classical music: I’m an enormous Beethoven listener. For the symphonies, I’m definitely a Furtwangler lover and not a Von Karajan fan at all.
    Regarding the contemporary conductors, I am unconditionnally betwitched by Herreweghe’s work.

    That’s just a tiny piece out of my personal musical record. I do not need you to IM me and I have no interest at all in hearing someone blame people’s tastes.
    Although I am personnally no U2 fan at all, I have no problems admitting that they are/were amazing. I don’t click particularly with their music with one or two exceptions. That’s a fact.

    I don’t let my personal judgment step onto the side of “who’s-talented-who’s-not”.

    The Coldplay listeners are not (necessarily) people who have no musical background. On the contrary.
    If you want to appreciate music with an ear for classical harmonies, then that’s fine. But don’t call bands untalented so quickly.

    Des goûts et des couleurs, on ne discute pas. Of tastes and colours, there’s no discussion. As we say in France.
    I agree that some music is crap but Coldplay is not untalented.

    Also, you only mention how much Coldplay annoys you for the musical part of their songs. Maybe you should give their lyrics a try. I am not saying you will appreciate them, but a song is still a combination of words and melody (plus arrangements etc).

  14. kate says:

    hate those outfits….they remind me of tap-dancing class.

  15. Nan says:

    Yes! Echo & the Bunnymen. Now that’s what I mean about talent, They never ripped anyone off.

    Faith, up against your will, you will wait until…you give yourself to him. Through the thick & thin.

    Now that is TALENT! Get the cd of songs to learn & sing & then tell me Coldplays better. Echo, different, better.