J-Lo’s dog may cost her $5 million

Jennifer Lopez’s domestic bliss has been shaken. Or bitten, rather. J-Lo is being sued by a former flight attendant after Lopez’s German shepherd guard dog bit the woman on the leg while on a private cross country flight two years ago. The flight attendant twisted in an attempt to get away from the dog, falling hard to the floor. She ended up with such bad back injuries that she eventually had to have surgery. She can no longer spend hours on her feet as a flight attendant and had to quit her job.

Lisa Wilson, 40, filed a suit in Brooklyn Federal Court Thursday, alleging the attack caused her to fall and suffer back injuries that prevent her from working anymore.

Wilson says Lopez boarded a Gulfstream IV jet at Republic Airport in Farmingdale, L.I., with Floyd, a German shepherd described in the manifest as “a well-behaved guard dog.” Just in case, Wilson, of Mary Esther, Fla., says in the court papers, Lopez gave her some instructions on how to act around Floyd. But the suit alleges that 90 minutes into the flight, Wilson walked past Floyd, and he responded by “attacking her and biting her pant leg.”

In an attempt to get away, Wilson says she “twisted and fell,” injuring her lower back so badly she had to undergo surgery last year and no longer can work – “at great economic loss.” The suit contends Lopez, who has an estate on Long Island with hubby Marc Anthony and their twins, is “absolutely liable for all injuries” because she “should have known the dog had vicious propensities” and kept it muzzled and leashed.

[From the Daily News]

I’m sure this varies a bit from state to state, but my understanding is that an owner is generally legally responsible for the behavior of their animal. That doesn’t mean if your dog kills someone you’re put on trial for murder, but you’re certainly not without legal culpability, and could be held in a lesser charge.

This doesn’t strike me as a frivolous lawsuit. Lisa Wilson’s lawyer said they have tried to settle the case over the last two years and have been completely ignored by Lopez. And it doesn’t seem like she is sensationalizing the events, which is part of why I believe her story. She’s not saying the dog attacked her, but that it bit her pant leg and she fell as a result. It’s purely instinct to twist and try to get away when a German shepherd is biting at you.

The dog is a guard dog. It’s obviously capable of biting and severely hurting someone if it wants to. Most German shepherd guard dogs are trained not to bite without prompting, but clearly something went wrong, and it’s Lopez’s responsibility to bear the financial burden, not the woman who happened to be walking by.

Here’s Jennifer Lopez shopping in Madrid Madrid on Wednesday. Images thanks to WENN.

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  1. RAN says:

    Really… who does Jennifer Lopez think she is? A guard dog? Clearly the intent is to use the dog to attack people if JLopez feels “threatened”. Therefore, in all reality, she could be charged with assault with the intent to inflict bodily injury – although it doesn’t seem as if the dog was sicced on the attendant – it’s still reckless. The dog should have been muzzled in a situation like that.

  2. Silly Lilly says:

    she has that…. in cash. Maybe she would not feel “threatened” if she tried being NICE to people. Wackjob. I think she should pay up. Maybe the attack itself wasnt so bad, or as bad as it could have been, but they SHOULD force celebs to pay for their outrageous behaviors and decisions.

    Could you imagine Tom Cruises bill if someone really made them pay for the divatude?

    Tee hee hee

  3. Tracy says:

    ok, 2 years later-really? I don’t buy it.

  4. devilgirl says:

    I wish the woman would get 10mil. I am so sick of JLowlife and her beyond diva behavior. The woman can’t act, can’t sing and isn’t that attractive. Why does she think she is better than everyone alse? She deserves to be taught a lesson, and a very expensive one!

  5. elisha says:

    I dunno, as JB pointed out, many shepards aren’t trained to bite without prompting. It’s like the woman saw dollar signs and had to do some quick thinking as to how to get them. I am inclined to think this is totally a frivolous lawsuit. She fell down for goodness sakes, it’s not like the dog bit her face off. I fell just the other day pretty hard (thatnks to my own dogs actually), and don’t have a 5 million dollar back injury. I know, she had surgeries and doctors say she can’t work. Believe me, there’re sketchy lawyers and doctors eager to get a peice of the lawsuit pie and are willing to fabricate things.

    She probably deseved maybe 1 thousand at the most. NOT FIVE MILLION. Why do lawyers aim so fwacking high? Is it because they know they can? Because they know the actual settlement will always come out lower, so they start with a big number that can be bargained down?

  6. elisha says:

    For the record, I’m the biggest JLo hater on the planet. But I think frivolous lawsuits are ruining this great country of ours. Seriously, they’ll be the downfall of our empire.

  7. daisy42465 says:

    “Lisa Wilson’s lawyer said they have tried to settle the case over the last two years and have been completely ignored by Lopez.”

    That’s why it took so long.

    My sister was a flight attendant for a major airlines for 30 years and was injured by a drink cart when the plane ran into turbulence. She had to have spinal fusion surgery and has not been able to work since. She can barely walk.
    Yes, some lawyers are cheating jerks, I know that first hand. But could you survive on 1K to support yourself after an injury such as this?

  8. Codzilla says:

    I am also sickened by baseless lawsuits — not saying your sister’s case wasn’t legit, daisy — but in this instance, I hope Lopez has to pay up no matter what. She’s a horrible bitch, even by Hollywood standards, so any turds life throws in her path are OK by me.

  9. Hollz says:

    i don’t by it either- 2 years? even if Lopez ignored them, the press would have been all over that shit!! 5 million seems excessive- i would say 100,000 at most

  10. elisha says:

    Daisy – I have no doubt that your sister suffered very serious injuries. Those drink carts look so big and clunky. But it sounds like being flight attendants are the only thing you sister and this woman have in common. If this account is accurate, it sounds like this woman just fell down. It doesn’t say she fell onto anything other than the floor. As I said, I took a really bad tumble the other week and really banged up my knee. I fell onto solid concrete, not a plane floor. My knee hurt for a few days, but I worked the next day and am now 100% better. I couldn’t survive on 1k the rest of my life and neither could this woman, that’s the point. She should have to work the rest of her life just like everyone else.

  11. madeline7 says:

    I found this informative


    “Well, since one of my sons was biten severely by a pitbull and we sued, I can tell you that the case is not worth more than 80 to 90 Thousand dollars! Five million sounds more like I want to rip off a celebrity! The bite itself is worth about 20K and the rest would be for time lost from work. Unless she can prove that she is more than 50% incapacitated for life, she should not get a dime more than that! I´m sure the Judge will reduce her claim substantially. So don´t worry J-Lo about this claim but definitively get rid of the dog! – Posted by msalles on Jun 27,2008 9:45 AM – N.Y. Daily News.”

  12. sassyspank says:

    what most of you fail to recognize is that due to this injury, she can NO LONGER WORK doing the same type of work as she did before. That’s without even discussing medical expenses, and paying for health care while unemployed. Also, if your health records show that you will now suffer chronic problems due to an old injury, you’re less likely to get full coverage by health insurance – which translates as requiring access to more funds (usually liquid) now that you are undesirable candidate for good coverage by a health insurance company.. When you add ALL of this up, and the money that you should have on reserve should you need immediate medical care — this sum seems absolutely fair. Also, people should be penalized and be forced to learn a lesson from ignoring things such as these. I hope this woman wins – it doesn’t sound in the least like a frivolous lawsuit – but a rare case of it being entirely legitimate.

  13. daisy42465 says:

    Thanks sassyspank.

    The airline fought my sister even though the accident was clearly negligence on their part. Only then did she file a lawsuit to get the airlines to pay for her medical bills.

  14. elisha says:

    Sassyspank – I AM taking into account the fact that she CLAIMS she can no longer work. I simply don’t believe that. My whole point is that it would have to be a pretty hardcore fall to be incapacitated for the rest of her life.

    I don’t care what her doctors and lawyers say. This woman CAN work and SHOULD HAVE TO WORK. Falling down after provoking a dog that you know belongs to a celeb shouldn’t get you a free ride. After I was in a car accident once, my chiropractor had no problem whatsoever treating me for a preexisiting condition and charging the boy who hit me’s insurance. There are numrous docotrs and lawyers willing to exagerate things, as long as they get a piece of the pie.

  15. vanessa says:

    wow i knew dogs coast a lot of money but 5 million dollar is like 5 expensive house :o

  16. Danice says:

    You people are totally stupid! She is 40 years old and cannot work again – with an anticipated work like of 25 more years, and you want to give her $100,000? How will she support herself?

    As for taking 2 years, you all have no idea how long it takes the court system to do anything, especially since JLO is ignoring the suit and offers to settle. I hope it goes to court and the diva has to pay 10 million dollars!

    You don’t put an attack-trained dog on a flight with strangers and expect it to behave. The dog will take any strange movement and react.

  17. daisy42465 says:

    ‘This woman CAN work and SHOULD HAVE TO WORK.’

    Now I get it Elisha, you’re a doctor,a lawyer and a mind reader, how silly of us to disagree.

  18. Savanah Anderson says:

    Elisha you need not get emotional about this because it really didn’t happen to you. Now if it did happen to you, than I am willing to bet 1 million of that 5 million that you would be expecting the same amount if not more. J.Lo is a freaking out-of-control DIVA and she needs to pay every red CENT of what she’s being sued for. Just who in the hell does she think she is bringing a vicious animal near strange people? If it was me I would sue the pants off her behind, and tell her that she has beautiful twin babies afterwards. :wink:

  19. Alison says:

    Lisa Wilson deserves this and more…..if u knew the whole story and Lisa Wilson and JLO…then u would understand. Its not just the dog bite that this is covering…poor girl also hurt her back-4 discs’ to be exact..and % million is nothing once the attorney takes his share…she pays her medical bills that insurance (workman’s comp) did not pay..and then has to figure out what she is going to do now that she cannot sit for long periods or stand for long periods. She has lost her career due to medical reasons because of this..and she did not WAIT 2 years then go after JLO…she has asked to be compensated for medical bills only.
    and no one is important enough to carry a guard dog on a plane..give me a break!

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