Mel Gibson admits that he slapped Oksana, but says he didn’t punch her

38094, WEST HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - Friday February 26 2010. A sombre-looking Mel Gibson shows up at the BOA steakhouse alone. Following an eight-year absence, the actor recently turned to the big screen with the thriller Edge of Darkness Photograph: David Tonnessen,

Shock of all SHOCKS, Mel Gibson has admitted in a sworn declaration that he slapped Oksana during an argument. This should be enough for all of those drinking the “He never hit her and if he did she deserved it” Kool-Aid, right? Nope. Because Team Glum C-nt is still splitting hairs – Mel claims that he only slapped Oksana because she was shaking baby Lucia, and Mel also says that it was just a slap, not a punch, as Oksana has claimed. Because slapping the sh-t out of a woman is so much more socially acceptable.

TMZ has obtained Mel Gibson’s sworn declaration in the custody war with Oksana Grigorieva, in which Mel admits slapping Oksana because he says she was so hysterical she was endangering the baby … but he denies hitting her.

Mel is referring to the explosive argument between the two on the night of January 6, 2010, which triggered the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department domestic violence investigation. Oksana claims Mel punched her in the temple and in the mouth, knocking out two teeth.

But Mel tells a very different story. According to his declaration, dated June 23, 2010 and filed with the court, Mel says he and Oksana were having one of their frequent arguments at his Malibu home, when Oksana grabbed Lucia out her of bassinet, brought her right in the middle of the argument and screamed, “Stop yelling or you will make her into a retarded brain damaged idiot!”

Mel says Oksana then “spun around,” ran into her older son’s room and then out into the backyard. Mel says the yard is dangerous at night, set on different levels and dimly lit. Mel says Oksana ran across the various levels for about 75 yards, near thorny trees.

Mel says he implored Oksana to bring Lucia back inside, and that’s when Oksana ran back into her older son’s room, and “started swinging Lucia erratically in her arms, jerking her body from side to side to keep Lucia out of my reach.”

Mel adds Oksana was “hysterical” and her “rapid movements were causing Lucia’s little body to be flung from one side to the other, her head shaking violently.” Mel says he feared Shaken Baby Syndrome.

As she refused to hand the baby over and continued with “rough and erratic movements,” Mel says, “I slapped Oksana one time with an open hand in an attempt to bring her back to reality. I did not slap her hard, I was just trying to shock her so that she would stop screaming, continuing shaking Lucia back and forth.”

Mel’s story could establish a defense to a domestic violence charge — using reasonable force to protect a child from injury.

As for Oksana, Mel says, “I did not hit Oksana with a closed fist, as she alleges. I did not ever punch her in the face or in the temple or anywhere else, not then or at any other time.”

Mel admits, “While I do not believe I handled the situation as well as I should have, I was worried about the rough way Oksana was shaking and tossing Lucia around,” adding, “My hand never touched any part of Lucia.” As we’ve already reported, the pediatrician who examined Lucia the next day saw no evidence of injury.

And Mel says, “There was never any blood on Oksana and none of her teeth were ‘broken,’ although one of the false veneers from a tooth apparently did come off, I did not see that occur at the time.”

[From TMZ]

Yeah… I still don’t believe Mel’s version of events, I still think Oksana’s version is probably closer to the truth. But even if you take Mel’s declaration at face value – will his defenders still be crying and whining about how he was never violent? Will they make this all about Mel trying to help his poor baby? That Oksana “deserved” it? Probably. And that’s sad.

As a personal note, I’d just like to add something – there are several commenters who consistently bitch and moan about my anti-Gibson opinions, and even take to mocking me and abused women in general. For those people, I’d just like to say this: I’m not Team Oksana, I just think that even with all of her faults as a person, she’s still a victim of a violent, nasty piece of sh-t who physically and emotionally abused her, and the fact that she’s going to war with him publicly makes me respect her. She’s not laying down and taking it. She’s not keeping her mouth shut. She’s bringing the fight to the man who treated her like sh-t, and she’s hitting him where it hurts: his wallet, his career, and his reputation.

PARIS - FEBRUARY 04: U.S Actor Mel Gibson poses during a photocall for the 'Edge of Darkness' film at Hotel Bristol on February 4, 2010 in Paris, France. (Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)


Mel Gibson continue to film scenes for his upcoming movie, 'The Beaver,' currently on location in the Bronx, New York, on October 20, 2009. Fame Pictures, Inc

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  1. Dorothy#1 says:

    He is a dirt bag, why doesn’t everyone see that???

    I will NEVER see one of his movies again!

  2. icantbelievethis says:

    Very well said, Kaiser.

    I don’t see how anyone can defend him now. I am sure TMZ is already defending him (I refuse to go look).

  3. Cheyenne says:

    Oh please. Next he will admit he punched her but he didn’t actually knock her through a wall.

  4. mln says:

    I do think of myself as Team Oksana not because she is a good person per se but because she is the right kind of person to take down Mel and give him his just desserts.
    BTW if he says he slapped her then what he really means is that he punched her in the face just like she has been saying all along.

  5. CathyT says:

    Oksana isn’t just going to war with an ex-boyfriend. Mel is the father of her child. Oksana is not acting in Lucia’s best interests, and that is why so many of her lawyers have jumped ship.

  6. bellaluna says:

    Ass. Hole.

    And while I don’t care for Octo-sana either, I believe I’ve made my feelings about abuse perfectly clear in previous posts.

  7. DrM says:

    Kaiser – well put. Gibson is a disgusting,violent scumbag. Domestic violence is never “ok” under any circumstances. I hope she and the bub get a truly epic amount of money…and he keeps digging himself that hole.

  8. nnn says:

    Lucia best interests is for her mother to fight tooth and nail to put this violent man where he belongs : in therapy and if he doesn’t comply behind bars. He has behaved like a wild animal on the loose in those tapes.

    He is UNQUESTIONABLY dangerous.

    He already verbally violently abused her mother and half brother, tell her he want to burry her, had loads of guns and now admitted that he did use physical violence too. There are probably more evidences and he was forced to admit it but still belittle and travesty the reality.

    Until that man isn’t treated and acknowledged his problems and nasty behaviour, Lucia is not safe since her mother and brother aren’t and you can’t pretend being good for your child if you mistreat her mother and only sibling she lives with.

  9. Str8Shooter says:

    Can’t wait to see Jodie Foster defend her beloved BFF…the most ‘beloved’ man in showbiz.

    Barf. She probably will, guaranteed. Man could say he hates lesbians, she’d still fall all over him.

  10. guesty says:

    in his deluded mind this is a justification. & we should all understand the difference. gawd.

  11. Praise St. Angie! says:

    I suspect this “explanation” of “I only slapped her and never punched her” is that thing that guilty people do to minimize the severity of what they REALLY did.

    admitting to something less than what you’ve been accused of to make it look like YOU’RE the honest one and make yourself more believable in general…to make people think “well, he DID admit that he slapped her so he’s probably telling the truth about everything else, too.”

    I’m sure there’s a legal (or psychological )term for it, but I don’t know what it is.

    I would also think that a slap wouldn’t be enough to dislodge a tooth veneer so I still think he punched her. repeatedly. and yeah, I hope this shuts up the “there’s no evidence that he was ever physically abusive” crowd.

    EDIT: cheyenne, EXACTLY the tactic I was talking about. well said.

  12. Kim says:

    So you slap a woman holding a newborn knocking out a veneer Oh yeah because that’s how you calm down a woman at least in the movies ,it is. GMAB. Oh yeah TMZ is defending him saying he slapped her to protect the child from being hurt(shaken baby syndrome)

  13. Mairead says:

    “Jaysis. I didn’t murder her – I only killed her!”

    🙄 If someone had given him a good wallop, he wouldn’t split that hair so finely.

    Kaiser, on his defenders having a pop at you. That’s how bullies work. They only pick on those they know they can get away with bullying.

  14. lena80 says:

    I know I might get some slack for this but IF and I repeat IF she was shaking the baby and acting erratic like he’s stating, I would’ve used some force with her to….Again I’m saying IF…and it’s a big if at that.

    I honestly don’t think he’s wrapped to tight and I don’t think she’s wrapped to tight either…so when two people like this get this together insanity will ensue and it honestly makes it hard to believe either one of their stories.

  15. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    This is the kinda story you tell when you wanna downplay something wrong you did. “Mom Gary was the one smoking pot and then he asked me to hold it while he did something, yea I did sniff it to see what it was like and then I inhaled some more but like I totally didn’t smoke it or anything.”

    This just reeks of that kinda lie. Like Mel totally hit that woman in the face but instead of the telling the truth he is lying like HE was the one trying calm down a crazy woman, when we all heard those tapes and we know who the crazy one is. I believe maybe Oksana did run from him and was trying to keep the baby from him only because he was acting like his nutcase self. I would grab my baby and run from a man who just popped me in the freaking face. What an ass.

  16. krissy says:

    I don’t see why he should care about his reputation……look at Charlie Sheen; the highest paid actor on television!

    (I only wish I was being sarcastic)

  17. aenflex says:

    Kaiser go on with your Mel-hating self. Personally I think he’s a giant, walking, talking penis with the intellect of a teenage boy. With or without the gold digger.

  18. Lenore says:

    So the story is that poor Mel was sitting quietly with his spectacles and cocoa, making notes in a well-leafed copy of Walt Whitman, when this crazy lady comes into the room screaming (for no reason, as you do) and starts bouncing his baby around like a basketball, and then runs away from him in hysterics (for no reason, as you do) into the horrors of the backyard of their house, which is so huge and so dark she might run out and be lost forever, and so unevenly-floored that she might trip and crush the baby, or drop the poor kid into one of the World War One trenches that apparently litter his tremendously unsafe backyard and which, to hear Mel tell it, one might assume he keeps brimful of used hypodermics and broken glass (for no reason, as you do), which is why he was so afraid for his baby (and not at all motivated out of anger) that he did the only thing poor beleaguered Mel could do to protect his child: slap his girlfriend hard across the face, hard enough (apparently) to break her tooth.

    I buy that. It’s happened to me a hundred times.

  19. Tanya says:

    Oh, so it was just a slap? Well, if that’s the case, Mel is off the hook because slapping a woman is totally cool with me! Seriously, anyone defending this despicable creep at this point has lost their effing mind…

  20. alex says:

    another Mel hating post.

  21. mln says:

    @Lenore that is the funniest post.

  22. Obvious says:

    I think that *if* his version is true than I would have done the same. I believe they truth is more down the middle than one side or the other claims. And that NEITHER of them should have Lucia.

    And Oksana now has her Letterman interview airing tomorrow-with pieces of the tapes playing. I’m sorry didn’t a judge tell her she cannot speak out right now during the investigations? and Aren’t those tapes supposed to be sealed from now on?

    Her acitons make me suspect she’s not being truthful, and as much as I loathe Mel, why does Oksana’s story keep changing (it has from the beginning), why do all of her lawyers quit, and why is she claiming that Lucia was injured by Mel, but doesn’t mention it to the pediatrician the next day, who btw says he didn’t see a mark on her?

    I wish i could have been a fly on the wall that day to trudge through the mes.. We’ll never really know the truth, but I think BOTH Oksana and Mel should be locked up. But we’ll throw away the key on Mel.

  23. Cheyenne says:

    @Lenore: Dammit, you owe me a new keyboard! You made me spit out my Pepsi all over this one! ROTFLMBAO!!

  24. Jason says:

    Only reason he’s admitting to the slap is because he admitted to hitting her on tape – this is a wild leap at damage control, but the truth be told, you do not calm down a woman with a BABY by slapping her. He’s admitting to using phyisical violence to control her – plain and simple. His lawyers must be smoking crack if they think this tatic is going to work – morons!

  25. Embee says:

    @ Lenore
    Thank you. Wow–I needed a laugh.

  26. CathyT says:

    @nnn…Gibson is seeing a shrink. It’s not as if his mental health is improved by Oksana continually tearing him down in the press. Nor does it make the judge inclined to give her sole custody. Just the opposite in fact.

  27. nnn says:

    In one of the tapes when Oksana tells him :

    What kind of man hit his woman TWICE in the face ?

    He replied : YOU DESEEEERVE IT !!!

    So does that means he slapped her TWICE ???? And where does fit this second time in his fabricaed scenario ?

  28. Cheyenne says:

    @CathyT: Maybe she wouldn’t have ripped him a new one in the press if he hadn’t beaten her up. Ever think of that?

  29. Kim says:

    Note to self : If a woman is hysterical just slap her because that will calm her down. FYI Mel has been seeing a shrink for years, Oskana is not responsible for his mental health/substance abuse issues.

  30. Heather Munro says:

    If your wife is behaving erratically b/c she is terrified of you chasing her, trying to hurt her, and/or trying to grab/hurt her baby, the solution is obvious and easily executed. STOP CHASING HER AND TRYING TO GRAB HER BABY!

  31. nnn says:


    So what if Oksana tear her abuser down in the press ? His fans, himself and high profiles colleagues tear her much more anyway in full force mode, belitteling her victim status even stripping her from it, even admitting loudly that she deserve any harm coming at bher, including death while adding some racist connotaion in the process because she is a foreigner, hence she is not worth it.

    He is a 52 years old powerfull man who abused his woman and put two children in danger. He didn’t use the proper way to manage the crisis. He was forced to see a shrink because things became to heated for him, because she fought with the weapons she had someone whose status gives him some impunity and immunity the average joe wouldn’t enjoy for the same criminal act.

    If he did adressed his problems before the news leaked, If he had admitted it from the get go as soon as it did, say sorry and that he has a problem instead of lying and feeding a campain on the “he said, she said” mode, using his Goliathic power against the Samsonish one of Okasana, things would have died already.

    Instead he first refused to do, let his fans, his friends in the business launched a despicable nasty camapaign on his victim, the mother of his child…And yet he is supposed to be the better parent for this child ?


  32. CathyT says:

    TMZ just posted emails from Oksana to Mel months after their breakup. She explains the real reason she is angry at him (hint: she says it’s not his violence or his rages).

    “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

  33. happygirl says:

    @Kaiser ~ Couldn’t have said it better. Agree 100%.
    @ Lenore ~ Priceless! Thanks for that!

  34. Someone Else says:

    Kaiser & Lenore get the extra big, extra shiny gold stars today!

  35. CathyT says:

    @Lenore…Mel didn’t claim to be blameless.

    @nnn…Mel has been in therapy since January.

    Go over to TMZ and read the emails that Oksana sent him. They explain a lot of her anger toward him. Oksana wrote that Mel’s wife Robyn and daughter Hannah always hated her and Mel was influenced by his family after he grew tired of his mistress. Oksana blames Mel’s daughter for spreading bad rumors about her and complained that she couldn’t win against his family members because there’s “just too many of them.” Oksana also called Mel’s wife “your mommy Robyn.”

  36. Moreaces says:

    Im not going to hurt you Oksana, Im just going to bash your brains in.

  37. Green Is Good says:

    @Lenore: Ha ha ha! You slay me! Epic win in the comment department.

  38. katyalia says:

    Now, can we expect that apology from naynay #43
    or do we still have to wait for the data from Oksana’s computer to be evaluated by the court?

    I think I need a good slap too, because I’m shaking my head very hard right now that there is STILL an ongoing debate and the victim is still called derogatory names.

  39. icantbelievethis says:

    @CathyT I read the emails and I don’t see how the prove anything. She said several times she recorded him so he could hear why she’s scared and he could hear his violence and rage.

    He hit her, admitted hitting her. I hope she gets a ton of $$$. If she just wanted money why didn’t she sign the $15 million settlement? She knew he would drag her name through the mud, I think if she just wanted $$ she would’ve signed back then.

  40. icantbelievethis says:

    @Lenore That was great!

  41. Johnny Depp's Girl says:


  42. teehee says:

    Oh Wow, and that is so EXACTLY what my dad said to me abotu my mom—- he told me “I may have hit her, but I never beat her”
    And I was an eyewitness to the time he punched her across the kitchen and then began to strangle her.

    Yep…. I understand exactly what Mel is confessing to ….

  43. Lenore says:

    @CathyT: My post was intended to be humorous. I never said he claimed to be blameless, I’m just hugely amused by the idea that his “defence” is basically “If I hadn’t slapped her she’d have gotten hurt”. And that his garden is so terrifically perilous that a smack in the face is the better option.

    Generally speaking (not aimed at Cathy, this), let’s face it, both these people are – as far as this whole affair goes – behaving quite poorly.

    When Mel Gibson screwed around on his devoted wife – after marketing himself as a good Catholic boy for the last twenty-odd years – and ended up with this plasticated mail-order model-singer-whatever, the whole world cried as one, “you bloody idiot, she’s a gold-digger, what have you done?!” I don’t like to bandy words like golddigger around, and maybe she loved him as well as his money, I don’t know. But I think the whole world was, shall we say, suspicious as to her motives.

    But she ends up pregnant and Mel’s life is… somewhat altered. (Maybe the settlement with Robyn is the reason he apparently can’t afford a motion-activated yard light, for those pesky occasions when your babymama runs out hysterically and crushes the child for no reason at all.)

    Mel Gibson went out and got himself in trouble with a woman who couldn’t have been a more obvious golddigger if she’d had a credit card reader in her cleavage. And NOW he’s trying to badmouth her? NOW he’s trying to say she’s the crazy one, the lying one, she’s after his money? NOW he’s angry that she dresses in a less-than-modest fashion? After he sleeps with her behind his wife’s back, NOW he complains that she’s a tart? Everybody else knew all this already! It’s not news to anyone but Mel. It’s like ignoring all those people offering you their umbrellas, then complaining that rain is wet. Bluntly, he wanted a whore and he got one.

    She’s the one who is acting like the golddigger everybody always thought she was, trying to smear him, trying to ruin him, trying to take him to the cleaners – all reprehensible, certainly, but he can’t say he didn’t see it coming if everyone else did.

    Whereas he’s the one threatening (and committing) violence, and denying it, and then trying to justify it when denial no longer works, and screaming the most frightening abuse.

    I don’t think anyone supports Oksana except as a victim of abuse. We all know what she’s after, same as we always did. But anyone who seriously thinks that her behaviour is a justification for his, should get their head examined.

    Team Lucia. Apologies for the long post.

  44. kiki says:

    Wait. He admits to hitting, ummmm “slapping” her, which he has PREVIOUSLY DENIED by the way, thereby proving himself a liar. BUT the SAME posters are STILL defending him???

    What does this man have to do before some people hold HIM accountable for HIS ACTIONS? Geez Louise. How people can defend this guy is beyond me???

  45. OhCamille! says:

    His career is over
    Men are so stupid
    He should have bent over, especially at his “Hollywood” age
    Greedy, egomaniacal, Napoleon complex, zealot, short man complex, lost your reputation/audience, abuser, inept parent, hater, bigot, little, little, little man…..
    Shame on you
    I’m so embarrassed for your children
    You are a teeny tiny little turd
    And you ought to do somethin about that hair….

  46. Lady Lurker says:

    I’d like to slap her.

  47. icantbelievethis says:

    @kiki but according to TMZ Mel didn’t hit her, he just slapped her.

    I can just hear Whoopi now, “well, he didn’t hit hit her”

  48. TaylorB says:

    That dude lost my respect long ago, I can’t remember if it was the anti-semetic rant or the ‘sugar tits’ comment that came first but either one was enough for me. He has behaved like a violent jackhole, a bigot and a misogynist, and defending that because he was ‘drunk’ or having a difficult patch at the time is nothing more than excuses to make yourself feel ok about enabling very bad behaviour…

  49. Meanchick says:

    Well, I see that MG still has defenders. Anyone who thinks that slapping a woman for any reason is full of it. If she was shaking the baby, you don’t strike her, which may cause her to then DROP the baby, you take the baby out of her arms and to a safe location. How is this story believable on any level? She became hysterical for no reason? Ran out and then back into the house? If this is true, why didn’t he say it from the start?

  50. Camille says:

    @Obvious and Lenore at 4:32 pm : I agree. The truth is in the middle of this mess somewhere. The only person I feel sorry for is the baby. 🙁

  51. original kate says:

    jesus, are the mel defenders STILL drinking the kool-aid? seriously, what amount of abuse is okay with you people? hitting? punching lightly? how about a kick or two? less than a dozen slaps while holding a baby?

  52. Mistral says:

    Often, what they admit to is the barest minimum…So, he probably did do more than “slap” her… Not cool. Mel needs intense therapy…

  53. Statler says:

    Interesting. I’ve noticed this before: to spousal abusers, a slap = anything less than a tightly clenched fist. This isn’t hyperbole, I’ve really seen them go through some amazing verbal contortions trying to define a closed fist hit as a slap when called on out it.

    What do you want to bet that he trots out the old ‘I blacked out/blocked it out’ excuse quite a bit too?

  54. Debbie says:

    Oinky is as much to blame as Mel, She isn’t innocent in all of this.
    Ok so Mel slapped her, It wouldn’t surprise me if she did take Lucia and threaten or shake her.

    I wonder what any of you would do in that situation.

    Remember she said Mel used her as a “punching bag” beat and beat her there was blood everywhere!
    She released dodgy pic’s of damage to her teeth and damage to Lucia Which the Doctor denied in a statement to the authorizes, Claiming no damage at all in any way to Lucia and I’m sure if Oksana’s teeth ere that damaged as she claimed after the incident Don’t you think it’s funny how that was not picked up in the Doctors statement as well..
    I mean you couldn’t exactly miss that could you.
    Point is is Oinky went to the Doctor the day after the doctor would have seen the trauma to her mouth and teeth, but noticed nothing If if teeth were broken chipped as she claims any Doctor examining Lucia would has seen the damage to her mothers teeth.
    I do not condone violence but the problem is Oksana’s story’s are differing every time she opens her mouth

  55. Cheyenne says:

    Debbie: I do not condone violence but the problem is Oksana’s story’s are differing every time she opens her mouth.

    And your point is?

    I don’t care if she lied like a rug. It is not okay to for a man to beat up a woman under any circumstances.

  56. Lylo says:

    It’s really disgusting that people STILL defend him and blame her. I only hope that these people are trolls and don’t really condone his behavior. But it’s hard to tell, because their posts show a serious lack of feeling???

    While she’s no saint, NOBODY deserves to be abused. It’s a sad world when we say it’s ok to abuse someone because they are not pure as the driven snow.

    It’s sad that people will stoop to defend someone so foul–all because he’s a celebrity. When will people ever get over that? Just because someone is rich, famous and talented–well, that doesn’t make him a good person. AND, isn’t being a good person MORE IMPORTANT? SAD.

  57. Heather says:

    I think she deserved it. They’re both pieces of shit.I feel for that baby. Poor thing doesnt’ stand a chance with those 2 assholes as parents.

  58. Hmmm says:

    Your last paragraph just made you awesome in my books.

  59. Debbie says:


    So what would you do if you were in that situation and a baby was being threatened or shaken?

    I suppose you would just sit there and do nothing?
    So in other words it’s OK to do this to a child, You are OK with that.

    I could imagine her getting hysterical and pulling of a stunt like this

    The point is she never rang any emergency services when this happened left if for several months. because Mel dumped her and she didn’t get what she wanted . Out come all the differing versions of what has happened. If you go back and read all her interviews in people mag and other interviews she’s done, they don’t add up.

    If you go to tmz you will see they have released a letter from her to Mel were she blames Robyn and Mel’s Daughter Hannah for everything, from ruining her reputation, ( she has never had one to begin with ) to ending there relationship. and much more

    Talk about a Delusional piece of work.
    And when you all r4ad that letter you get the feeling Clearly this is in NO WAS A ABUSED VICTIM BUT A CALCULATING WOMAN WHO IS HELL BENT ON REVENGE AND AFTER $$$$

  60. Whatever says:

    So what if Oksana tear her abuser down in the press ?

    Um, because at some point she has to start caring enough about her daughter to let go of her revenge crusade. I can sort of understand the first leak or ten, but we are at nearly SIX MONTHS of continual Oxsana leaks and interviews with no end in sight. In fact, she is ramping it up. Enough already. Mel’s done. She’s hurt him as much as possible at this point.

    From here on out, she is only hurting her daughter. I agree with whoever said that maybe neither should have her. Oxsana is creating a poisonous environment for her daughter’s childhood. Some will say that is Mel’s fault, but at some point, the ongoing bitterness, rage and constant revenge seeking behavior is Oxsana’s fault. I still think she is responsible for her behavior, regardless of what happened. Anyone who did not grow up with a bitter, angry, spiteful mother will not get what I am saying, but it is no way to grow up.

  61. Lylo says:

    Debbie, you are obviously hell bent on blaming Oksana for Mel’s actions. Mel abused her, and he ADMITTED to it. What part of that do you NOT understand?

    NOTHING MAKES THAT RIGHT. I don’t care if she is a gold-digger rifling through his pockets late at night. What he did was WRONG–period.

    You obviously don’t have any concept of the law. He will, more than likely, I hope, be charged because ABUSING people is against the LAW. And no whiney, “she made me do it” excuses are going to fly. So, suck on that one for awhile.

  62. nnn says:


    When will people ever get over that? Just because someone is rich, famous and talented–well, that doesn’t make him a good person.

    Until Oksana join Nicole Simpson in the Rose Garden…and even then some will blame her for that.

    Notice that Nicole was also accused of being a gold digger, ect…and warned the police countless times as well as the media and anyone who would hear her but everyone were deaf and blind and thought she was a crazy.

    Go Oksana, fight like a tigress to protect your own integrity and those of your two children.

    I personnally have not a shred of respect for individuals who are physically stronger and use their physical, mental superiority and SOCIAL STATUS to perform criminal acts with impunity because they have a name and an army of admirers and some powerful colleagues who relentlessy and shamefully blame the victims for HIS CRIME using the victim pedigree as a justification to absolve the abuser of his own criminal act.

    Disgusting !

  63. icantbelievethis says:

    @Debbie I didn’t get that impression from her emails. Also, you left out the part where she says he was violent, full of rage and scared her. She was also afraid he was going to try to take the baby and drag her name through the mud.

    The argument that she was only after $$ rings false for me b/c she refused to sign a $15 M settlement AND Lucia is part of the Gibson kids trust and worth a ton of $$.

    Do I think she wants $$? Heck yeah, but I think she wants everyone to know what he did and is capable of doing. And I do think if she hadn’t released these tapes he would tried to take custody.

    Oh and Debbie, if the peditrician said “yes, I saw an injury on Lucia” s/he would be in big trouble b/c doctors (especially when it comes to kids) are required by law to report abuse.

    “Ok so Mel slapped her, It wouldn’t surprise me if she did take Lucia and threaten or shake her.”

    Really? So why didn’t MG call ’emergency services’? Isn’t that your reasoning for saying Oksana is lying? But yet MG didn’t call 911 and report it, instead he HIT her. How come he is a paragon of virtue for HITTING her (while she’s holding a baby), but yet she’s “Oinky” and a liar?

  64. Debbie says:

    She Used him, and used his child against him, this has NEVER been about DV It’s been about her and what she can Get what she wants.

    If you read her letter and e-mails which have been on other sites this does not in any way sound like a victim, SO WHAT YOU are saying again it’s alright for a woman with no repetition at all, in her adult life, just read all about her past and all the rich men she has used. To threaten or harm a baby, shake her and use her against Mel.

    If she was so terrified why does she continue to stay in that house, Why does she keep saying it’s never been about the money! And continue to use her daughter and her son in the media to try and get the public to go on her side. It’s very interesting to see the other day her Lawyer claiming Domestic Abuse agency’s were wanting her to speak on there behalf and to see one of the longest and highly regarded Organizations come out and say with the public outcry over Oksana working for tthem they want nothing to do with her.

    And if she is so innocent in all of this why has yet another one of her Lawyers dropped a bomb shell and left her suddenly, as I said previously They are both to BLAME Faults on both sides, and yet again how would any one of you react to a situation to were a defenseless child or baby being shaken?
    I would believe her with out a doubt if her story’s from day 1 stayed the same, had she contacted the police then and there and done things by the book.

    She has contradicted herself so many times and continues to do so

  65. Cheyenne says:

    @Debbie: You still don’t get it. So I will type this one word at a time and make it easier for you:


  66. Maria says:

    Debbie, give it up. You are embarrassing yourself at this point. Mel should be in jail–period. Nothing she has done is against the law. The only thing they can point against her, if it’s true, is extortion. But there’s no evidence of that just yet.

    BUT, there’s plenty of evidence that Mel abused her physically, emotionally and otherwise. He even threatened her life. The man is an ABUSER–period. It makes me sick that you are willing to go so far to defend an abusive person. He has a track record of doing this to others, too.

    You are making apologies for a mentally-unstable, nasty, abusive person. Isn’t there something better you can do with your time? I mean, really.

  67. Debbie says:

    Maria I am going on the fact what the Doctor said in her statement the DAY AFTER Mel,according to Oksana broke her teeth and left her “battered and Bruised”.
    The Doctor did not notice any injury’s on either baby or mother.
    This is a specialist with 20 years plus experience
    I am saying if they were there she stated she would have recorded them and contacted the appropriate Departments.

    Certain information Oksana is telling Media and interviews does not add up.


  68. Laura says:

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say that assuming Mel is being 100% truthful, and that he slapped her, lightly, once, because she was jerking the baby around so that he couldn’t grab the baby, to protect it, that he was in the right.
    However, knowing this man’s history, I’m guessing he slapped her…and then beat the crap out of her to boot. I do believe that Oksana was a golddigger, but that doesn’t make it ok for him to abuse her, which he obviously did.

  69. Crash2GO2 says:

    “you do not calm down a woman with a BABY by slapping her.”

    Of course not. The most idiotic explanation for the physical contact on earth. If anything, he might have tried to restrain her. Belting her while she held the baby in her arms could very well have made her drop the child.

  70. viper says:

    scum ass dirt bag. All those yeahs he was a monster, I just cannopt believe hwo he fooled us all, and he’s stiff so smug.

  71. euroschmuck says:

    This man is pure evil.

  72. theoriginalsisterkitty says:

    I’m team neither BUT I would have slapped or punched my husband if he was hurting the baby. A little slap could have been just the thing to get that baby away from her. I think she set him up because she knew he would freak out like this. He had issues before she had the baby and she effing knew it.

  73. trollydolly says:

    It is truly terrifying how many people excuse violence against women. This is exactly like the whole Rhianna/Chris Brown debate. Those of you who think it’s excusable and reasonable to slap a woman holding a baby need to have your heads examined. You are clearly mad.

  74. Lynda says:

    I woulda left afteer he called me a c_nt and then demanded oral sex. Stupid ass.

  75. Salina says:

    So its ok to lie to police, lawyers, judges etc if someone hits you? If he is guilty so be it but so is she when it comes to milking it.

  76. sapphire says:

    @Lenore-right on. No angels, no innocents in this one-except the child.Mel belongs in therapy and in the courtroom. Oks belongs in therapy and away from two children she put at risk-her motive? Her e-mail states it quite clearly “Nothing for me”.

    Kaiser, I think it sucks that anyone abused you for your opinion. Your blog and as I recall, the First Amendment is still good law.

  77. Lori says:

    Go Kaiser! And to you Oksana haters: if she weren’t cunning, Mel would still be beating/screaming at her. No way would any one believe her claims. In fact, no one believes her claims w/proof! And regardless if she is a gold-digger, she is raising his child. Do you expect that Mel who is worth at least $500 Million to give child support of <$10K/month so Lucia can raise Lucia in a schluppy home in the burbs while she visits her dad in some Beverly Hills mansion? Completely unrealistic!

  78. Meanchick says:

    Un-effing believable. Never mind what she is and what he is, HE HIT HER! What part of that is okay? If these were your next-door neighbors, would you still defend him or is it just okay for rich celebs to punch out women?

  79. Meanchick says:

    Nicole Brown-Simpson is spinning in her grave right now.

  80. Kim says:

    I think some of these defenders may be victims of domestic abuse and they are rationalizing his behavior like they do w/ their spouse/partner. I noticed with my family the female relatives that defended Chris Brown are currently in violent relationships. IMO slapping, punching, spitting on …are all abuse and unacceptable.It saddens me that others disagree.

  81. original kate says:

    @ debbie: just curious, but is there ever a time when a man hitting a woman is not okay with you, or do women always “ask for it?”

  82. Eve says:

    Oh, dear…he’s indeed a big pile of (useless) shit.

    @ Cheyenne:

    Oh please. Next he will admit he punched her but he didn’t actually knock her through a wall.

    The sad thing is that that’s their (his defenders/fans/employees) exact logic — “Oh, he slapped her but it wasn’t that hard!”, “That’s not an actual beating, come on…”, “Real abuse is not like that…”, “She probably deserved it”…and so on.


    “you do not calm down a woman with a BABY by slapping her.”

    Of course not. The most idiotic explanation for the physical contact on earth.

    Idiotic arguments brought by Gibson’s defenders? Nooooooooooo! I mean, that’s so rare, you know…

    If anything, he might have tried to restrain her. Belting her while she held the baby in her arms could very well have made her drop the child.


    P.S.: I was going to call him a pig but then I remembered pigs are cleaner, smarter, kinder and a lot more beautiful than the blow-job-addict, foaming at the mouth abuser Gibson.

  83. Diane says:

    I can´t stand this abusive pig.His story is total BS.This piece of shit just days after 6 january said that Oksana is “a wonderful mother” and would “make anyone a wonderful wife.Now-she is crazy baby shaker.Gibson is stupid LIAR!