Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias were married

Enrique Iglesias has admitted that he is/was married to Anna Kournikova, but he doesn’t seem too sure about how his relationship is going. The two dated for five years, splitting in May 2007.

Speaking exclusively to us at his Malta gig for MTV, he said: “Oh I’m not married, no. I mean I was married. I was married, ­seriously. I was married a year ago to Anna and I don’t know what ­happened.

“We’re not married any more but we are kind of still in contact.”

Daily Star

I know that the Daily Star is not the most reputable of sources, but this seems to be a very strange thing to make up a year after the couple split, which makes me think it could be true. What does ‘still in contact’ mean? Are they still in contact through divorce lawyers? Are they already divorced? Was it a cheesy fake wedding in the Bahamas? Or is Anna Kournikova a douche, as US tennis player Justin Gimelstob claims.

He branded Kournikova, whom he trained as a junior, a “bitch”.

“I have no attraction to her because she’s such a douche,” he said. “I really have no interest in her . . . I wouldn’t mind having my younger brother nail her and then reap the benefits of that. She has a great body but her face is a five.”

London Times

That Justin seems like a top notch fellow.

In the past Enrique Iglesias has claimed he has a small penis, although he later tried to say it was a joke.

Picture note by Celebitchy: Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias are shown at Shaquille O’Neal’s Super 60 party on February 3, 2007. She was wearing two bands on her left ring finger at the time.

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  1. RAN says:

    Translation of Justin Gimelstob’s comments: She turned him down.

  2. Lola says:

    LOL RAN, That is what I was thinking. Then again she seems like a class A bitch.

    Those two seem a bit weird. It is one thing to be mysterious, it is another to sound like your source of info is enquirer, and this is your own life we are talking about. He always sounds a bit off when it comes to his private life. Like he doesn’t know as well.

  3. Because I say So says:

    Ana was notorious on the WTA for being a prima donna. At one point she was the highest paid tennis player simply due to her endorsement deals, even though she never won a singles title. Gimmelstob is an idiot and he was roundly thrashed for his sexist comments about her.

    OT: what a strange couple!

  4. vdantev says:

    Sounds like Gimblestop (what a name) never had a chance with Anna, no wonder he’s bitter.

  5. headache says:

    I’ll never understand why we keep referring to this chick as a tennis player. She’s a model who occasionally played a couple sets of tennis.

  6. Kaiser/ Hippacrat says:

    Isn’t she really well-connected to the Russian mob? That Gimelstob is going to get radiation poisioning, mark my words.

  7. Persistent Cat says:

    She also once went on and on about how she never wanted to be old like Elizabeth Hurley, or something like that, when Liz was in earshot.

    I agree with that guy, her face is not all that great.

  8. Dingles says:

    headache: agreed. If she didn’t look like a Barbie doll she would’ve been laughed off the court years ago.

  9. Felix says:

    I think the comment she made about Liz Hurley is hilarious – Liz is a class A bitch and deserves a bit of dressing down! Anna Kournikova is definitely someone I’d like to fuck but provided I wouldn’t have to speak to her before or afterwards. She’s totally sexy, it doesn’t matter how pretty she is. And as for their relationship, it has just never really rung true to me. I always suspected he might be gay and she was his beard. There’s defintely something fishy about it anyway, and its not just her… SELF-EDIT BUTTON PRESSED.

  10. anpanman says:

    Trashy family. When I was in college, his brother was drunkenly speeding down the narrow main street of campus and killed a campus cop. He sped off and tried to get the car fixed out of town, but the car shop turned him in. At the trial, the father was looking for sympathy saying that Josh didn’t stop because he didn’t realize he had hit someone. 👿

  11. jcmjr says:

    I have a 2005 Calendar of hers and she is incredibly hot. As far as her face, there seems to be something of mystery in that she looks totally different in many of her photos; some she looks to have a beautiful face and others she just looks ok…hard to tell in her photos!

  12. Bossy says:

    1) Enrique is a known jokester. He’s always saying all kinds of random shit so that he doesn’t have to give real answers about his personal life. He’ll say they’ve broken up, or that he’s single, or that he doesn’t know who “anna” is, etc. So take nothing he says as real.
    2)Totally agree that she’s a model who occasionally plays tennis (and poorly) adthe face is brown-bag compared to the body. Though, her waist is kind of wide and non-existant but I guess noone can have it all, it was either long, lean legs or a waist and we know which one she got.

  13. elisha says:

    Bossy, I also have long lean legs and a boyish waist. I’ll keep both over having a narrow feminine hourglass waist and short stubby legs.

    But I digress… I never knew these two were broken up. I can see them being married I suppose.

  14. Dinkie says:

    jcmjr: the “mystery” of which you speak is called “photoshop” (or “Aperature” if you’re a Mac fan). She’s very hard in the face. In person, she looks like a person who needs to quit drinking and stay out of the sun, like, STAT.

  15. liddy says:

    I live in Miami (where they live) and saw them out at dinner about 6 weeks ago, at a restaurant called Soyka. They were sitting by themselves in a back corner, and left together. So I guess theyre still together.

  16. Momcat says:

    To Those of You That Are Clueless: Anna Kournikova won several titles as a Doubles player. Though she did not win a major singles title, she was an accomplished tennis player.


  17. Mairead says:

    But she never did live up to her early promise – from 12 she was “one to watch” – but all the modelling distracted from her training and she was never as good as she could have been.

    As for Enrique. He always seems nice enough in interviews, if a bit away with the fairies. 😆

  18. Trillion says:

    My favorite reason to dislike A.K. is her quote about the Williams sisters, who she thinks “don’t know how to win”. She’s eaten those words many many times since she made the mistake of saying them. Love it.

  19. bubbles says:

    Momcat: I’m a longterm tenns fan who had the misfortune of seeing her play many times and, while she had some barebones abilty, her dedication to winning a match, shot selection and focus were sadly lacking. She was never a major player on the women’s scene.

    As for their marriage? Enrique is a notorious joker — I agree with others here who say they are still together!

  20. devilgirl says:

    Her tennis abilities were marginal at best, and to my knowledge hasn’t played for quite some time now. The deal with her was her looks, that was what got her noticed, not her playing abilities. She and Iglesias have always been coy about their relationship and I say who cares? What have either of them done lately? Seems this is a way to get themselves noticed.

  21. Celebitchy says:

    I saw Anna Kournika play doubles at the US Open, she can really plan tennis. Yes people were hooting and hollering because it was her, but she is an accomplished doubles player. Momcat is right.

  22. Kayla says:

    No News, they married for a long time.

  23. arieschaos says:

    actually she made it to #8 in the world at singles including making the semifinal at wimbledon. Also was #1 in the world in doubles at one point and won 2 grand slam doubles titles the australian open along with 2 mixed double grand slam titles; one at wimbledon and one at the US open

  24. Gustav says:

    Justin Gimelstob is a dog and that girlfriend he has is even uglier. Who’s he kidding, speaking that way about Anna. In his dreams mate. Pathetically bitter. Guys like that who attack gorgeous women and date only dogs are usually gay. Cheers all.

  25. Sara says:

    They are the hottest couple on the planet.

  26. arta says:

    they’re great.I love them especialy Enrique.He is KING for women

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  28. Kate says:

    Two words anna is {ugly Bitch }…!!

  29. Kate says:

    Two words anna is {ugly Bitch }…!!!